Mike Vick
01:04 08/12/2017


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Tim Dannels
Alex Viña
Amber Harris
William Harris
James Hall
David Lewis
Ramsey Rico Orr
Travis Rothert
Bryiana Williams
Dustin Terry
E.p. Walker DiJohn Wright
Stacy Brunson Cokley
TA Thompson
Alicia Harper
Joycelyn Young Early
Bee Jay Early White
Daniel Hurtado
Fernando Garcia
Bitania Yemane
Tiffany Zoe
Jeff Blunt
Why did this even cross my news feed, pretty sure nobody cares!

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Jonathan Sell Mike Daniels underrated???
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Roy Manfredi Adrian Amos is so underrated. I'm glad people are starting to notice
Russell Kean Zach Ertz doesn't start his season until week 13-14 when the eagles are out of playoff contention every year. As a huge fan of the team, I would say he is one of the most overrated players on the team. If I were to classify the most underrated player ...

Quick hands

The NFL’s Most Competitive Wide Receivers Of The Last 10 Years
The NFL’s Most Competitive Wide Receivers Of The Last 10 Years

There are some HOF worthy names on this list!

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Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Wil Gee Steve Smith!
Buck Byrd Steve Smith
Brandon McMullen No Chad Johnson & Calvin Johnson
Russell Simms TO embarrassed people

Fantasy football is back...it's time to bring daily fantasy to live drafting! Play against me and one random person who beats me in my week 1 contest wins this ball! GO Sign up at : playdraft.com/MV7

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Robin Gagné Mike Daoust
Niko Blaze https://www.facebook.com/Black0utnow/videos/371780329905687/
Brian Schreur Let me get in on your league Mike!
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Aaron Vibbard My team name is send Vick pics.

Mike Vick

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Matt Brown Vick the goat David R. Johnson
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Etray Bridges Coon
Afran Love 👊
Sylvia Cook This was a game to watch 😄😘

Profile Pictures

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Sylvia Cook Always number one
Nedline Oreste Thank u. Sis
Christi Harper Dowie RiseUp!!

"looks at memes"...😂

The Most Hilariously Legendary Little League Names And Facts
The Most Hilariously Legendary Little League Names And Facts

Hold onto something before your burst into laughter.

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Dan Lewis Christina Marie
Gerard Chinatown Robinson Andrew Jorquera Michael Cadigan Hero
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Kris Smith Let's go Jackson NJ little league!
Larkin Stone Samantha Lee please read all of these


15 Of The Rarest Incidents That Occur In Professional Sports
15 Of The Rarest Incidents That Occur In Professional Sports

Every single one is more rare than a no-hitter in baseball.

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Nuccio Tae Thomas !

What's the best fantasy name you've heard?

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Dan Lewis Matt Spina Michael Farley Chris Smith Dave McColl
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Kyle Whitmer 2Gurleys1Cup
Cory Tolliver Kyle Rudolph haha


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Nuccio Tae Thomas !

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Sports Signs That Will Have You In Tears From Laughter
Sports Signs That Will Have You In Tears From Laughter

Creative sports signs have revolutionized fandom...

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Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Natalie Oyoyo Too funny

1.2k reactions 0 comments

‪E:60 on The Enforcer ✊🏿 #respect ESPN HokiesFB 🦃 ‬

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Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Kris James Worthy 💯
Kalvin Martin 💯
Marquel Quel Granger When?
Shane Francis Who got a Vick rookie card? Anyone ?

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Brent Holness Never even seen Gump get touched let alone get tackled. I say gump goes to the house. Boucher also has never had to deal with the superior blocking of a school like Alabama
Logan Shreeve Absolutely! Forrest was a speedy noodle neck with no juke. Bobby would show no mercy! Give him a power bomb, complements from captain insaino.
Scotty Curran Brian Curran this argument is totally garbage everyone knows that Forrest was only a returner and Bobby was on defense. There's no way a coach would put a DE/LB on special teams in order to try to stop the top returner in the SEC. The coach the puts ...
Bobby Romero No way
Rob Metcalfe If Forrest is just running in a straight line home, Bobby's gonna knock him into next week. But if Forrest throws a stutter-step on him, he's probably carrying Bobby all the way home with him, where they bond over shrimp while Bobby teaches Forrest all ...

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Andrew S Holt Super Bowl
Aaron Charles It's still the browns.....
David Popielarz Jr. Preseason. Lol
Godfrey Walker He look like a Jason campbell
Jon St Flicked his wrist and it went 50+ yds!


NFL Trades That Almost Happened That Could Have Changed NFL History
NFL Trades That Almost Happened That Could Have Changed NFL History

Every team believes they were doing their best until proven otherwise.

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LeBron, Melo, & KD all in the same summer pickup game 🔥 (via @...

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Casey Mejia Christian Johnson
Kevin Colvin Andrew Fisher
David Purple Darien Armstrong-Dotson
Mike Pruitt Billy Williamson
Adam Meyers Ben Pucel


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Charles D. Calvin God Bless
Grady Hook Dowell Prayers up🙏

1.9k reactions 52 comments
Corey Hill 💯mv7!!!
David Freeman NO DOUBT 😎
Linda D Whitaker-Cunningham True.......!!!!!...FACT....!!
Hesy Ra Sambo
Bobby Skinner Truth. Nobody is as good as it seems

Caption this..

Caption this..
Caption this..


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Darryl Wiggins Suggs took Vick back then
Dylan Camaro Nixon Suggs: go play in the retirement home and get out my face!
Scott Michael Pannier "You mad bro?"
David Adams Bro your deodorant is failing!
Jeremy K Ridgell Oops......upside the head, I said oops upside the head

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Michael Stulb Geez watch some of LSU's big cat drills compared to this- https://youtu.be/4EjgdvTULP0 Men compared to boys
Richard Lee Harbert Richard Harbert James Harbert
Adam Burnett Brad Cox Chad Cox
Et Gonzalez Michel GR
Josh Weltzin Kevin Schubert

6.1k reactions 932 comments
Filip Ringström Jonas Edlund-Kiviluoma Hahaha kan relatera till denna, oavsett spel 😂😂
Kolby Brubacher Sage Malouff Clayton Brubacher Sterling Noecker
Amber Ramsay You've still got me Dylan Ramsay
Michael Brett Bowen Maral Najjarian see if one day you don't feel the wrath from all your comments 😂
EJ Scott Lison Miller and another 😂😂😂😂😂


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Patrice Daniels Love your family n ppl condemn others not realizing God is the judgment that counts
Tracey Hodges Love you gentleman scholar and BEAUTIFUL star QB. Let you haters be your motivators!!! Atl loves Mike Vick!!!
Calvester T Rekrap HE SAID THAT HE WAS WRONG. How long is she going to badger Vick? Vick apologized!
Linda D Whitaker-Cunningham We are not Perfect..I feel you.. You dudnt mean it in a Bad Way. You Are Human..Only God Perfect...!!!
David Pryor The NFL Misses You Your Game Plan, And The Way You Changed The Game As A Quarterback Was Amazing


70 reactions 5 comments
Derek Girouard Who?
Khristi Nicholson Exactly, Shawn. You are vile MV.
Xavier Woolard why aren't you still in the NFL
Shawn White Hurt Because of this: http://blogs.bestfriends.org/index.php/2017/08/15/saying-goodbye-to-willie-boy/

811 reactions 162 comments
Max Hulett Soccer is still the biggest sport. All the green put together is why FIFA is so corrupt.
Rajan Sharma Where would WWE be on this ?
Nick Franklin Where's golf
Marc Spears Two things One, some of you need to look up the word " revenue" , and Two, remember the NFL's number, cause I got a feeling that's going to change
Benjamin Franz Goebel Justus Kampert roger goodell's fines make up at least half of the revenue

2.5k reactions 183 comments
Thomas Carter Rob Vogel the media wants us to believe this guy sucked.. that's some true fake news
Daniel Bender 😂😂this looks like a RB reel, I bet there are WR's that have thrown more TD's than he did
Michael MizMugga Lee And y he still not in nfl? Theres worst qbs playing and he the one not playing? Something wrong with that
Bryan Jackson Remind me why he isn't in the NFL still. A W is a W no matter how it happened
Mackie Adams Denver didn't appreciate his extraordinary talents, commanding field presence, if anybody should have recognized Elway should have


537 reactions 66 comments
Garland Moore Cameron Walker Bryant White Kirk Walker 😂😂😂 i can hear that money talk voice
De'Sean Malone Jay King😂😂
Matthew Liebman Rob Hall
Corey Bray Bilal Ben Rahal u already know
Xavier Mclin Dontell Penny Aaron King 😂

217 reactions 123 comments
James Dujardin Salt...just use salt
Dale R Worrell Jr. Baking soda dude lol.
Ray Rayy why cant we post pics?
Mary Pannazzo Prob boiling puppies in that pot
Jahari Ft Mozzy Brown Funny

Top 5 Left Handed QB's 😣🤔 ...

1.4k reactions 144 comments
Chris Moss Vick would of definitely been #1 had he not went on that "Leave of Absence" from the NFL for a while
Ty Andrews Vick has to be # 2. Clearly he's not Steve young but. If they used all purpose yards and impact to the NFL Vick is second
Christian Bishop They got number 1 right and that's no disrespect to you but I dnt see how your not number 2 smh
Dustin Maxwell #4 on the list but #1 in our hearts Vick! You were the greatest of all time
Daniel Byrd Mike Vick you should be switched with third and the rest of the list is where it needs to be

He Ready Odell Beckham Jr 😳 ...

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Harold E. Wilson Uh oh Lonell Riddick...whatcha think?
Jake Wisdom Horrid defending, guys feet were made out of concrete, he broke late, didn't play obj right, and never located the ball. It was a nice catch, but it was setup by bad defending...
Kaprice Williams Austin Huggins I can't lie this dude. Right here best hands down
Kim Mason Ok this has nothing to do with this post but I just watched ballers wives reality show and Mike why are you allowing your wife to be on that show? It is a classless show that's going to ruin the good image of her that I had. Don't understand
Carlos Balams Ian Thomas Barrett, you have made the most sense of the comments.It's even more about how remarkable his catches are considering the rotation of the ball and the speed on it. Some people just like to be in opposition even when they see it with their own ...
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