Mike Huckabee
19:00 11/13/2017

Let's make them famous... for all the wrong reasons.

All But 3 NFL Players Showed Respect to the Troops on Veterans Day Weekend

All But 3 NFL Players Showed Respect to the Troops on Veterans Day Weekend

Three NFL players knelt during the national anthem on Sunday, despite a specific request from the players association for all players to honor veterans during Veterans Day weekend. The Associated Press reported that Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin from the San Francisco 49ers and Olivier Vernon from…

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Patsie Polfliet
Elizabeth Maul
How dare they! A special kind of insults to veterans for preserving their freedom to kneel.
Greg Garmon
Fire Them !
Nancy Hendrix
These idiots do this for attention, why give it to them?
Sharon Morgan
Better watch out Karma is right around the corner just wait and see. All your actions have consequences.
Eleanor Manzione Franklin
bunch of thugs who have no real idea of what the hell they are protestinb about- stupid non educated millionaire thugs
Bill Huetteman
figures be from the forty whiners
Ingrid Lindquist
Yo, Goodwill lost a child a few hours before this game! It is in my opinion that he gets a pass for yesterday.
Sam Smilie
I have dropped the NFL, so I don't care what they do. No longer watch at all
Tami Durcan
They should never be re-signed a contract again!! THUGS!! 😡😡
Richard Jo Ann Winstead
You cannot hide class, even when it is LOW....RAW
Amy Prather
Stop giving them the publicity and they will disappear. Boycott the NFL and ignore the disrespecting, thugs and it will end
Sandra Durham
They should be ashamed but they haven’t got the decency to be
Carolyn Ogden
Don't you mean infamous!
Jenny Burgess

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

I update.

Judicial activism in Hawaii hits brick wall
Judicial activism in Hawaii hits brick wall

How far did a liberal judge in Hawaii overreach his powers in yet again blocking President Trump’s travel ban from nations that are hotbeds of terrorism with no ability to vet residents?

146 reactions 74 comments
Darrell DYe Excellent!
Ricky Camp He should be removed from the beach.
Maureen Parry Short and sweet! Thanks!
Gae Calarco These liberal judges need to be permanently stopped.
Philip Frady "We now live in two Americas. One—now the minority—functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other—the majority—is retreating from a reality-based world into one of false certainty ...

The culture wars continue...

Federal judge dismisses an atheist group’s lawsuit
Federal judge dismisses an atheist group’s lawsuit

A federal judge dismissed an atheist group’s lawsuit against the Mercer County, West Virginia, school district for offering an elective course in the Bible that’s existed since 1939.

276 reactions 57 comments
Leslie DelaVergne Downs Atheism is a religion!
Vonnie Speck We need to go after these devil worshippers and bring case after case against them! Amen
Natti Durante Fire all liberal and . Muslim judges
Mary Biel Hope the trend continues.
James Michael Simmons But every step closer to civil war.

Last chance to vote on my website: Should Roy Moore drop out of the Alabama Senate race? http://www.mikehuckabee.com/index.cfm?p=roy-moore-poll5

229 reactions 933 comments
Annie Steadham No
Kip Carroll No
Julie Long Hawkins No !
Cheri Nugent No
Jeannie Marshall NO.


Sexual harassment claims reach Congress
Sexual harassment claims reach Congress

The flurry of sexual harassment allegations this week reached Congress. That was hardly a surprise...

525 reactions 387 comments
Debbie Muneio Creep
Kathleen Vargo Steiner Loudmouth Frankel
Peggy Chappell Heidenreich DO SOMETHING ONCE!!!!! KICK HIS AS S OUT!!!!!!!! VFEELY JERK

My thoughts on the Party...

Senator Johnson says he is a "NO"
Senator Johnson says he is a "NO"

And here we go again… Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin became the first Senate Republican to announce he’ll vote against his own party’s plan for tax reform.

737 reactions 509 comments
Lynn Smith Blokzyl Amen, Mike Huckabee..so tired of hearing " well, it's not exactly what I want..nothing ever will be..so here we sit..
Jean Moody-Putman If I were a violent person, I would be looking for a hit man. But I am not, so we are left with voting, revolution or a Convention of states.
Russell Anderson If I lived there. He would never get my vote
Kathryn Stotts Pathetic
Polina Yerkhov Follow The money. It's not ideological. Somebody paying for it.

Let me start the ball rolling...Al Franken.

Graham Calls for Names of Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Harassment:
Graham Calls for Names of Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Harassment: 'Name Them'

"Lay it out. Change the rules so people can come to work without being harassed."

1.0k reactions 242 comments
Brenda Sillinger Good one Huckabee..... Al Franken. Why hasn't Graham called for him to resign.
Shari Asbill Hernandez And quit using MY tax money to pay off this BS!!!!!
Tony Vaticalos I'm pretty sure Lindsey has never sexually harassed a woman
Sherri Smith This is getting absolutely delicious....
Peggy L. Murphy They’re all disgusting! If it’s indeed true!!

Only 10 cabins left! Learn more about this exciting trip!

The Mediterranean Experience
The Mediterranean Experience

You have not because you ASK not,” says the Scripture. Well, you have asked us at Blue Diamond Travel to put together a cruise and now you have it! Blue Diamond Travel has partnered with Educational Opportunities Tours and SilverSea Cruises to bring you The Mediterranean Experience.

25 reactions 4 comments
Pichira Sophia Khem Jesus, I ask you grant me the opportunity to be in cruise trip, I want to experience the amazing snd most spectacular sites from the Bible.
Kathy Cruthirds I think you are an absolute disgrace to offer this to anyone who gets your fb notices. Some of, if not most of, us are poor. How in the world would you expect anyone to be able to afford such as this? I will take you off my facebook feed! So, you can ...
Janet Adams Stone Wish I could!
Lorri Rouse On my bucket list Mr Huckabee!

Please consider making my website www.MikeHuckabee.com your home page!

How to Set Your Home Page to Your Favorite Web Site
How to Set Your Home Page to Your Favorite Web Site

Browsers will give you the option to set your homepage to any website you want to see first. Learn how to change the default in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

29 reactions 0 comments

Good story.

83-Year-Old Veteran Keeps Promise He Made to Fellow Marine in Vietnam War Bunker
83-Year-Old Veteran Keeps Promise He Made to Fellow Marine in Vietnam War Bunker

Almost 50 years later, Cox and Hollingsworth kept their promises.

4.0k reactions 116 comments
Martha Macon Janet Mobley
Deborah Baldridge Semper Fi, thanks for your loyal service.
Wendy McCarthy Beautiful
Tony Lobo Lopez Semper Fi
Carol E Donaldson What Makes America Great!

Sarah Sanders Only Needs One Word to Describe the Six Dems Trying to Impeach Trump

Sarah Sanders Only Needs One Word to Describe the Six Dems Trying to Impeach Trump
Sarah Sanders Only Needs One Word to Describe the Six Dems Trying to Impeach Trump

It's disappointing that extremists in Congress still refuse to accept the President's decisive victory in last year's election.

1.9k reactions 163 comments
Donna Hammock Kruse Embarrassed for Houston, first Crazy Sheila Jackson Lee and now Al Green. Houston isn't all insane people they just elect some... where's the embarrassed imogi 😔
Judy Maria We love ❤️ Sarah!
Jeff Moore Bingo bango boingo. Is she reading my post? Lol, just kidding. Sarah Sanders is awesome, love her. Liberal extremists, spot on. I invite you all to read my latest post, The President of the United States of America. Donald J Trump. As well as my ...
Dan Truff Love Sarah,, she doesn’t put up with their crap and nails the trouble makers every time!! Hilarious to watch her in action!
Tracey King Drain that swamp! Sarah your one tough lady. Keep it up and #MAGA

After Rioting for Police Body Cams, Liberals Now Say They're Racist

After Rioting for Police Body Cams, Liberals Now Say They
After Rioting for Police Body Cams, Liberals Now Say They're Racist

After rioting in the streets, demanding that police wear body cameras, liberals are now saying that body cameras are racist and can alter a police officer’s memory. According to a new study by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights called “The Illusion of Accuracy: How Body-Worn Camera…

1.9k reactions 378 comments
Leona Brown Well sure, because they show the truth.
Judi Spon Typical
Floyd Knapp You never can please a liberal
Donald Weaver Everyone knows that a Video of an incident is Not Reliable. You cannot believe what you see or hear.
Betsy Stevens Ever think liberals just like to protest, argue, fight, and riot? There's a reason behind the madness.

David Clarke Wants Media To Ask NAACP A Brilliant Question About Trump's Rescue Of 3 College Students

David Clarke Wants Media To Ask NAACP A Brilliant Question About Trump
David Clarke Wants Media To Ask NAACP A Brilliant Question About Trump's Rescue Of 3 College Students

Lib media should shove a mic into the face of the NAACP, Black LIES Matter, Al Sharpton, DNC’s Keith Ellison ...

1.0k reactions 53 comments
Becca Walker This man has more common sense than an.anyone I have known in years. Respect!
Leticia Munoz-Kaminski Right? Crickets...
Albert Giovino III I was waiting for someone point this out, about racism, well done
Bill Moroney Always spot on David....please take up an official position...you are one of the badly needed people..
Carol Cook Never happen..not from the media either..

400 Students Take Matters Into Own Hands After Atheists Tell Coach Not to Pray

400 Students Take Matters Into Own Hands After Atheists Tell Coach Not to Pray
400 Students Take Matters Into Own Hands After Atheists Tell Coach Not to Pray

When the atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to Georgia’s East Coweta High School warning them that a tradition of coaches leading or participating in prayer with student athletes was impermissible, they probably thought they had already won the battle. In a way, they did: T...

3.9k reactions 159 comments
Michael Valdivia Praise God!
Jason Benjamin GOD IS GOOD. Dont give up on Him and He will not give up on you. In Jesus name AMEN
Jason Benjamin It is not wise to underestimate the power of prayer..there are very big psychological benefits to prayer. Simply taking your reliance upon something human and placing it upon something outside yourself has wonderful mental health benefits
Irene Johnson Phillips Oh yea!!
Diana Goetsch Thank you for standing up for your faith and shoving it to these nerf herders!

She's speaking out about training, morale and whether Trump's words help or hurt the patrol officers.

1.2k reactions 28 comments
Pat Roberts We need more posts like this one. With all the negative publicity regarding President Trump iyt is so good to actually read something positive.
Beth Clayton Great!
Cheryl Bender Jongeneel She is a;most as good as Sarah in keeping the questioner at bay! :)
Sara Mitchell Edwards My kind of Wonder Woman!
Gail Paulson Godspeed and thank you Ms Provost and all our Border agents. Be safe. As for that acting DEA , he was I believe an old O guy so he needed to go anyway...DRAIN THE SWAMP

I’ll add a recommendation for the new album “Sing Noel” by some great harmony singers and my longtime friends from Arkansas, Point Of Grace. You might have seen them recently on my TBN television show. The album is available exclusively through Lifeway, or you can get an autographed copy at the group’s website.


With faith filled, and passionate lyrics, their memorable melodies and soaring harmonies have inspired generations to live boldly and keep Gods love as the foundation of their lives.

110 reactions 7 comments
Tim Webb OBU
Rebekah Ann I love ❤️ Christian music! I will check it out.
Vonnie Speck Amen
David Fuller Hucksterbee... you are a Dishonest Harmful Hypocritical Fetid pile of Pied Pipering Garbage
Zebt Aflec https://www.facebook.com/blackwellohio/videos/1742341819173544/

He should know...

Clinton crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate"
Clinton crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate"

If you’re frustrated about the double standard that’s always been applied to the Clintons and to Democrats in general, join the club...

3.4k reactions 361 comments
James Daugherty But she still walks among us!
John Bucher Lock her up!
Joni Preuss Lock her up! Treason. Capital punishment
Charlene Lane So true.
Allen Campbell Then indict her!

Others are starting to come around...

Trumpism on the merits...
Trumpism on the merits...

I’m not the only one comparing political delusions to reality these days.

1.0k reactions 40 comments
Joe DiPalma I am not a fan of President Trump, but I see things much the same as the writer here. I didn't care for President Obama either, but I still gave him credit for some positive results. Name calling doesn't make it true, but a lie repeated often enough ...
Susan Roehm Shaw You also make excuses for a child predator. Perhaps you should concern yourself with your own credibility.
Connie Kelly Except the Democracts would never come around. If he discovered the cure for cancer the Dems would bemoan all the jobs lost in cancer care
Philip Frady Charles Blow: The “religious right” as an idea is dead. There are religious people, and many are on the right, but the idea of religiosity as an organizing principle for conservatives has passed. Trump helped kill it. This incarnation of conservatism ...
Linda Van Natter This shows that many republicans do not actually care about the citizens of the USA. They care only about what they can take away from the American people and place in their own greedy, self-absorb, self-indulgent, prideful lives. God have mercy on ...

Good luck with that...

Dems Introduce 5 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump
Dems Introduce 5 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

Given the magnitude of the constitutional crisis, there's no reason for delay.

2.5k reactions 784 comments
Gayle Canfield Regret he is from Tennessee.
Judi Roberts I thought we were paying them to work on tax cuts and health care.
Fred Koenig Dems.that introduced these ridiculous charges should be charged themselves. It's an example of the swamp refusing to be drained.
Stephen Szantai lololololololololololol
Anna Warrington Where do these devilcrats come from? Send them back.

NFL's 'Most Recognized Sponsor' Papa John's Apologizes

NFL's 'Most Recognized Sponsor' Papa John's Apologizes

We should have followed our gut ...

1.4k reactions 563 comments
TomandLisa Clem Gutless wonder!!
Jay Ellisor Ok, thats easy.. Uninstall app...why yes, I think I shall!
Susan E. Capps Hit him where it hurts...don't buy what he is selling.
Tim Weinstock Their pizza sucks anyway
Kathy Donellan Taylor Biiiiiiig mistake, Bubba!

My thoughts on yesterday's hearing.

Jeff Sessions tells the truth, very slowly
Jeff Sessions tells the truth, very slowly

When Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions sat for questioning by the House Judiciary Committee, it was a study in contrasts.

910 reactions 118 comments
Donna Nobles Belote Send Sessions back to the Senate, dump Roy Moore and get a DOJ that won't be a coward.
Bryan Henderson Wah! It's democraps fault!
Carol Crook Termin ..he's a moral, smart man without the necessary fire in his belly to be a DOJ..he's understandably angered about any smear on his name..but that is where he stops..unwilling to take the plunge to go after the national security criminality of Hillary ...

Charles Krauthammer Releases Statement About His Future Following Surgery

Charles Krauthammer Releases Statement About His Future Following Surgery
Charles Krauthammer Releases Statement About His Future Following Surgery

I am still recovering from major surgery 12 weeks ago.

2.5k reactions 216 comments
Carol Goncalves Get Well, you are missed!
Betsy M Norton Prayers !
John Underwood Love Charles. Hope rehab goes well and he's back in action soon. He's one of the great men of this country.
Karen Ruckert Crines Get well soon-we miss you!
Paula Smith Chesser Godspeed


4.9k reactions 332 comments
Wayne Morgan That's a start. Now let's hope that UCLA puts them on suspension.
David Goldman They should have some sort of punishment they will never forget. They should kiss the feet of our great leader president Trump.
Vickie Ehrlekrona Losers
Vickie Ehrlekrona Losers
Austin Marlin Bob Coiteux

Sen. Rand Paul made his first comments since being attacked by a neighbor and suffering six broken ribs and a lung condition.

Rand Paul Reveals Alarming New Details in First Interview Since Attack
Rand Paul Reveals Alarming New Details in First Interview Since Attack

We've never had words over anything, we've never had a dispute or discussion or words.

646 reactions 35 comments
Lenn Toney His neighbor needs to pay a penalty for his stupid actions. Jail and a HUGE financial penalty for starts.
Patricia Hottinger Hope Senator Paul makes a full recovery.
Candy Miller Good. Sue him for enough you can buy his house.
Connie Mccormack Dffghhh Ghirardelli

This baker's case is heading to the Supreme Court and he is receiving some surprising support.

Christian baker receives surprising support
Christian baker receives surprising support

Jack Philips is the Christian baker from Colorado who is heading to the Supreme Court after he was sued for declining a job baking a same-sex wedding cake.

1.7k reactions 71 comments
Gene Carter Maybe reason will prevail and he will win this case.
Charito Moulden Fight the good fight of faith! AMEN
Sam Halter Good it's his business not mine
Randy Weeks If this bakery is not Federal Funded, it is none of the Government business how he runs his business.
Elizabeth Kay Childs Schuurmans I hope Phillips wins, Christians are always persecuted, till the end of time, sad

What do you think of Tom Brady's statement?

Tom Brady Makes Surprising Statement About Colin Kaepernick
Tom Brady Makes Surprising Statement About Colin Kaepernick

The Patriots quarterback was asked what he thought of Kaepernick.

520 reactions 260 comments
Don Donald The NFL is dead
Ronald Breed Who care a bunch of cry baby
Jeannine Stricker Boycott nfl

The wheels are coming off the Clinton bus...I explain why.

Reconsidering the Clintons
Reconsidering the Clintons

How can you tell that the Clintons’ time of running the Democratic Party as their personal syndicate is finally coming to an end?

3.3k reactions 270 comments
Drew Mullen Watch Shepherd Smith on Fox fact check the uranium one deal. Huckabee is a paid Trump mouthpiece. Ever wonder how Sarah got her position.
Sondra Drees Why can't ppl recognize the evil in these 2?it's staring them right in the face and it's public too
Gregory Lettiere Right into a deep pit!!!
Linda Blackwell That'll be the day..they are above the law..don't get ppl riled ,for a major let down...no official will prosecute this evil woman!

They seem like two bright, young men.

Two New Faces Defy Michelle Obama, Youngest Black Republicans Elected in Blue State
Two New Faces Defy Michelle Obama, Youngest Black Republicans Elected in Blue State

Tyrell Brown and Ed Ford Jr. are thought to be the two youngest black Republicans elected to public office in deep blue Connecticut. And they’re going to drive Michelle Obama crazy. Michelle, you might remember, thinks that the Republicans are the party of old, white men. She dropped this particular...

6.2k reactions 172 comments
Robin LaPeer Winters Congrats!! We need more young people to take a real interest in their /our government
Lisa Hall Smith Love this!
Vic Medina Ramirez Good luck fellas!!!! Rooting for ya!
Toni DiMaggio DesRoches Congratulations ..
Linda Arnhold Democrats accuse Republicans of what democrats actually do. At the beginning of the primaries, Republicans had a woman, an African American, 2 Cubans, and an Indian. The democrats had 3 old white people.

California rampage

California rampage
California rampage

Tuesday, there was a shooting outside an elementary school in Red Bluff, California.

119 reactions 19 comments
Douglas Bishop I have always thought the California flag was interesting. The bear and a red star.
Susan Klahn Oh that's right they want to succeed from the United State's let them and then their on their own for everything. The rate THERE going they won't last long. Make sure Hollywood donates their money to your cause and help you survive! NOT THEY WILL BE ...
Dave Calvert Predictable, after Moonbeam makes CommieFornica a Sanctuary and penalty free state for criminals.
Jeffrey Holloway The Communist Republic
Terry Stewart Apparently California gun laws are not working.

Democrats want to strip the President of this power...

Who is mentally unstable?
Who is mentally unstable?

Some Congressional Democrats want to take away the President’s power to decide whether to use nuclear weapons because Donald Trump is “mentally unstable.” Well...

1.5k reactions 410 comments
Lyla King Bernie is a communist, socialist nut job, he wants to destroy the country, he should go back to the soviet union..
Jami Lee Go away Bernie..plenty trees out there that need hugs! Bernt out lunatic!
Evelyn Franklin Have never seen so many sleazy people in one group, Bernie is not important, Hillary is not important. Certainly Donna wish she was important, instead of hunted. Please, no more. 63,000,000 American thought Mr. Trump would make a great president.
Michael Hawks Only when it’s a Republican. When it’s a communist democrat they want to make them Moa.
Randy Marsha Dixon West Bernie looks like a lost soul. He couldn't explain the difference between a socialist and a democrat.But he might be right on that account.

What do you think about the Senate adding the Obamacare mandate repeal into their version of the tax bill? Leave your thoughts below.

1.1k reactions 691 comments
Peter Rowley Long overdue. The tax is onerous and forces Americans to pay for something they may not want.
James Reitzel If passed it will be great.
Brenda D Wiles they are going to talk and talk and talk and talk and not do a stinking thing...
Kathryn Stotts Yes, get something, anything done. I vote for merit pay for the Congress
Janet Mccandless Are they trying to prevent the tax bill from passing? What about idiot McCain?
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