Mike Huckabee
01:44 08/12/2017

Good for Al Gore!

Al Gore Just Admitted What No Other Democrat Will About Trump And North Korea

Al Gore Just Admitted What No Other Democrat Will About Trump And North Korea

Al Gore just took both Democrats and Republicans by complete surprise.

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Kyle Ernst
Raymond Bobby Glass
Its because his movie bombed..🤣
Jeff Holt
If Kim follows through with his threat, Gore will finally get his global warming.
Ronnie Ray
Elmer Barrett
If I remember correctly Jimmy Carter went over there, and came back and told the country that north korea had no intention of building rockets or nuclear weapons,,, I don't trust carter either.
Brent Davis
Even a blind squirrel can occasionaly stumble across a nut or two.
David L Henderson
Imagine what the world would be like now if Mr Gore had been president on 9/11.
Patricia Weaver
These past Presidents were too weak to deal with N.K. and that's why The United States is in this mess were in today .. Clinton, Bush and Obama allowed this to progress with North Korea while kicking the can down the road for the next president to take care of the problem all the while N.K. was becoming a bigger threat!!.. The can......NOW stops here. Resting under President Trumps foot..Trump has too much pride in himself to make it someone else's problem. The can has finally STOPPED and will soon be crushed!! Something that would've been easier to deal with if it had been dealt with years ago.
Tori Scott
"It was during Gore’s tenure as vice president that North Korea was not only given $4 billion in aid from the United States but was promised “two light-water nuclear reactors.” “This agreement will help achieve a longstanding and vital American objective — an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula,” said President Bill Clinton in 1994. “This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world.”--yet another reason to never allow a Clinton in the White House again.
Jamie Lee Gilland
A broken clock is right twice a day.....
Brett Petroff
Jay Engel Wow even Al gore get it. How about you my friend
Tom Other
Algore is of no importance. Just another snake oil salesman.
Shelby Allen Adkins
Ty Mr. Gore
Tom Drake
When will Al Gore admit that we still have ice in the Arctic?
Manuel Magalindan
Defund.global warming.It is stealing taxpayers money.

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

I love stories like this one:

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Jean Campo-Chuchiak You are the greatest. Enjoy all your comments on fox.

A salute to a man's heroism and sacrifice in the middle a terrible tragedy.

A Huck
A Huck's hero salute to Peter Lang

Lang’s home was lost to the fire, but he said, “I did not lose a single animal. It is amazing.”

360 reactions 15 comments
JoEllen Barr Amazing. Thank you, Lord, for protecting this man, family and the animals.
Carole Hines GOD BLESS HIM..
Jennah Paul God bless him!
Martha Macon Nannette Herroon Dasher
Sara Carlington Thank you so incredibly much for your decision to stay!


843 reactions 33 comments
Bill Barber This pathetic sorry excuse of a man is a disgrace to the uniform. Hope he goes to prison and only leave there on a gurney for his trip to the morge. Life without parole.
Johnie Miner My prayer for full recovery and her husband to the state pen for life
Carrie O'Shea You are awful 🖕
Michael Quigley Holy mackerel, Andy.
Shelly Thompson Henning Praising God she is alive! May she make a full recovery and live happily ever after and may he live behind bars ever after!

Be sure to watch the show on TBN this weekend when guests will be Millennial conservative activist Charlie Kirk, Stacey Dash with an eye-opening interview on sexual harassment in Hollywood, music from the hot Christian pop group Point Of Grace, and superstar Dolly Parton.

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Joyce Hobbs Pittsford Both shows so far have been wonderful. Please consider doing another show. Lol.
Carol Smith Good show
Cindy Stelter Tesar What a great show! Congratulations!
Virginia Vaughan Taff Great show!!
Betsy Montgomery Textor Does it repeat? Missed it but would like to see it later if possible.

She has such a casual disregard for the truth.

1.2k reactions 463 comments
Donna Maria I guess she forgets her husband Bill Clinton had to apologize to the Nation for his lies about his sexual escapades he had in the Oval office while he was President and married to her!
Kari Williams Alonso Yes she does
Jerry Bender Is the DOJ scared of this witch?
Charles Burke How gullible are you Trumptwats, anyway?
Debbie Ritter She's married to one. Deflection is never pretty.

Geraldo Gets Back From Puerto Rico, Blows Lid Off What's Been Happening To Trump

3.5k reactions 117 comments
David Downs Pedro Fernando Cruces This is what real journalism looks like, take notes bitchboy.
Kay Key at some point they need to clean up and get themselves in order......\
Jim Dean Finally some truth from someone who is well respected amongst many. As well as in some odd way verification on how bad the mainstream media is with regards to Trump. I think there will be many more truths coming out. I don't like him either but I do ...
Linda Sheets Geraldo
Linda Sheets Ge

For my thoughts re: Obamacare moves by the President.

Trump: I don
Trump: I don't want to make insurance companies rich

President Trump says he decided to end federal subsidies to insurance companies because the “Affordable” Care Act didn’t include funding for that, and it was unconstitutional for Obama simply to give billions of dollars to private insurers

1.2k reactions 62 comments
Jim Wheiland I said that from the beginning! NOW, pay back our Social Security that was STOLEN to fund this boondoggle! Take it out of Congressional pay and Ovomit's "pension"!
Tom Coahran Competition is always beneficial to the prudent shopper and most other consumers as well.
Kelly Rick TOTAL REPEAL and let the free market work it out
Kirby Winter Neither do we Mr. president!!
Cathy Huppert Once upon a time we had a very affordable plan $360 a month. Along comes OC and that plan goes away and the only plans that included prescription coverage cost nearly $2000 a month. We had to get the subsidy to cover all but $600 a month. Now the ...

“God took away everything that was important to me,” she told her father, Ron Suelzle. “He took away my ability to play volleyball, work out, go to school, and my hair. All I have left is God, my family, and my friends, and I’ve never been better.”

1.1k reactions 30 comments
Berniel Jamieson God bless her soul. Love is powerful.
Kathleen Lane Moore Courageous Faithful Amazing and Beautiful Spirit. Prayers for all her Family and Friends 🙏🙏🙏
Carol Shalom The Lord will heal you from that bed of sorrow IJMN
Linda Strahm Lord, thank you for this beautiful testimony of you. Continue to bless her family so all of her loved ones serve you all their days.
Joan Zimmel God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Please tune in tonight!

228 reactions 18 comments
Deanna Richards Loved the show!!
Jean Campo-Chuchiak Yes I will. Always watched your other show.
Nancy Wright Great show tonight
Carole McAfee Great comments on freedom of speech.
Shirley Hudson A GREAT guest idea-Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Love her! Pretty sure you will have something to talk about. Loved the story of Point of Grace singing at the wedding.

Their vision of the future doesn't look bright.

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Christine Vitale White We like our dollars. Cents ...cashless gives others control..not good for us.....
Rosamary Zayas Liberals is all about control.
Larry Waldrup And everyone besides them wants a Dem-less society.
Pirko Vaughn Luckily they're not in real power now
Darryl Kenneth Graves Tar Tarus x 12 God Bless Israel, God Bless America, God Bless the world 🌎 & God Bless & Protect President Trump and his Family & Team!!! Please, Share if you agree !!! Or copy & Paste!! Just think y'all!!! The harder the Globalist fight against us!!! ...

Lock Them Up: 1 Sick Clause in Harvey's Contract Shows the Weinstein Board Knew

Lock Them Up: 1 Sick Clause in Harvey
Lock Them Up: 1 Sick Clause in Harvey's Contract Shows the Weinstein Board Knew

Harvey Weinstein signed a contract with his company and one clause proves that they knew about the sexual harassment allegations years ago.

518 reactions 78 comments
Janelle Dorn Okay let's get real here. I hate this predatory behavior and the fact that most successful men (well maybe it's most men) believe that they have the right to get whatever they wan;t and they have always expected to get away with their less than ...
George Franklin Walt Disney would never let this happen if he were alive today !!!! The perverts in charge of Disney today shows us what a sick-sick-sick Nation we have become !!!!!!
Mary Ann Stanley Well we all knew Hollywood and progressive elites were immoral. Sick.
Linda Alexander All of Hollywood knows and he is not the only one
Janet Clark Johnson Did they seriously not think that would be found?? Especially as they were saying they had no idea!!

Here Are The 2 Words Michelle Uttered After Leaving White House For Final Time

509 reactions 389 comments
Antonio R Acosta "I FOOLED EVERYONE?"
Peg Lar Clark The perks of the job still go on & on & on. Didn’t mind spending several vaca in HI....oh the perks of the job. Her life now will be one epic vaca.. besides the lifestyle they have been afforfded... I’d say whatever she had to endure....was well with ...
Peter Joseph Crawford III I bet it was Good Luck.... lmfao
Beverley Phillips They were a stench on America and the office.
Vanessa-Ann McCrindle Michelle Obama is an expert.... at being rude and disrespectful!

Not good.

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Droman Rodriguez This is idiotic propaganda. The idea that a small country That spends less than 5% on their military as compared to the USA would launch an attack on the US is absurd.
Joseph Colvin If this is a nuke test site, wouldn't it be easier to believe that he tested 2 nukes instead of 2 earth quakes hitting there in 1 week?!
Jamie Kelso Proving God is in control!
Harold Newhall Jr. If he messes up Im hoping we wont help him.
Thom Lounsbury Yep ... I have seen it over and over again government speculation is ALWAYS proven right .... The only thing we got here that is 100% for sure is the earthquake occurred.

For Cowboys fans

Cowboys Starter Suddenly Retires, Coach Explains Why
Cowboys Starter Suddenly Retires, Coach Explains Why

"We had a good conversation ..."

390 reactions 79 comments
Randy Allred Makes that horrible defense even worse.
Bill Tyer Wish Garrett would just quit
Hugh Coxwell National Felons League
Paul Weber Many people are deceived by satan causing EVIL, spiritual ignorance and rebellion! DO NOT disrespect God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) Flag or country! By their FRUITS you can judge them with RIGHTEOUSNESS... 1st Amendment - FREEDOM of speech, is only ...
Michael Colin Deibert Boycott!

You might have read about the alleged sonic attack on our diplomats in Cuba that left them feeling sick, dizzy and disoriented. Some victims have even suffered brain or central nervous system injuries. Follow the link for the full story and to hear a brief sample of the noise. But don’t put it on auto replay!

86 reactions 11 comments
LaVon Walker OB's friends - remember OB at the baseball game in Cuba
Judy Boston I don't hear anything!
Donna Bickel My dogs did not like that!!
Jean Turner Thompson Bring them back home!!!
Lottie Harper So that's what's wrong with the democrat's

The Rev. Billy Graham is one of the most successful and admired evangelists in history. According to his son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, there is one Bible verse that constitutes the words that his dad lives by, his “life verse.” He calls it “the Gospel in a nutshell,” and he has it hanging all over his house, and in very large letters in his bedroom. See if you can guess what it is before you click the link to find out.

Franklin Graham Reveals Which Bible Verse Billy Graham Has Pinned All Over His House
Franklin Graham Reveals Which Bible Verse Billy Graham Has Pinned All Over His House

Evangelist Franklin Graham has revealed that his father, world-renowned North Carolina preacher Billy Graham, has one Bible verse displayed in large letters all around his house, and he calls it his "life verse."

6.4k reactions 154 comments
Dianna Shipp-Rodgers Life is about us. Life is about family, fighting for your family and any family that needs help. Prayers for North Korea slaves. I don't know how this will end. Only our God knows.
Barbara L. Mohr Heiden Love Billy Graham!
Claudette Childs God bless.
Marlys Crowson Yes
Barbara Maples Before I click, the one single Bible verse that is the gospel in a nut shell. John 3; 16. For God so loved the world, (you and me), that He gave His only begotten Son,( Jesus), so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting ...

It’s not quite “Man Bites Dog” but “Tucker Carlson Praises Rachel Maddow” still fits the definition of major news. See why:

Carlson Praises Maddow for Weinstein Segment Amid Reports NBC Killed Story:
Carlson Praises Maddow for Weinstein Segment Amid Reports NBC Killed Story: 'Good for Her'

"We bet money that her employer didn't want Rachel Maddow to do that segment."

47 reactions 4 comments
Pam England Truth matters no matter which side if falls. You can have different views but burying the criminal truth because the narrative isn't good is evil.
Charles Bourget Why did Trump get a walk from the media on just as egregious behavior?
Donna Rabender Tucker is a straight shooter and obviously a Christian. Why should he stoop to the level of the left and MSM? He speaks truth no matter the topic or commentator.

The latest

NFL Player Reveals Brand New Reason He Protested Anthem
NFL Player Reveals Brand New Reason He Protested Anthem

"It took a lot of courage for me ..."

1.5k reactions 1082 comments
Michael Blouin An amazing thing happened to me. After the whiny multi-millionare NFL players stopped respecting the flag and anthem I stopped watching. Then I had time to enjoy my family and friends, get things done I was putting off and educated myself once again ...
Pam Ridgway Making up the story as time moves on. No wonder no one can keep up.
Newman EP He so full of!🐓💩
Todor Yanakiev I have to say this over and over again: The black racism is out of control. (Constantly ignited by the "liberal" "progressive" satanic agenda and propaganda and the Democratic party's dirty political games) Disgusting! Yes, and it is a total crap that ...
Kathleen O'Neill Reeves Specious at best

Help me spread this.

368 reactions 45 comments
Daniel Knoll My comments keep getting erased!
Daniel Knoll COMPLETELY blocked?
Daniel Knoll So i'm JUST being BLOCKED from POSTING FACTS!?!!??!
Daniel Knoll I'm not blocked now?
Daniel Knoll ^demanding. sorry

Note to Trump voters: Deep late night comic Seth Meyers just gave you the one-finger salute...see how.

Seth Meyers Told Viewers to
Seth Meyers Told Viewers to 'Choose' Between President and His Show — He's in for Rude Awakening

"My name is Seth and I’m here to say, that if you like Trump then go away."

942 reactions 837 comments
Brenda McKinney Seth, you are dealing with a LOT of folks who don't give a darn about you, and will choose Mr. Trump!!
D.A. Hernandez hahahaha never heard of him!
Jacquie Heger Never give ultimatums
Karen Ruona Derolf Never watched your show and never will
Phyllis Bonar I bless our President

Some reactions from prominent people and organizations to the Boy Scouts announcing that they will now accept girls.

4 Reactions to the Boy Scouts
4 Reactions to the Boy Scouts' Decision to Admit Girls

The Boy Scouts of America have announced that they will allow girls to join the organization, and starting in 2019 they will be able to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

596 reactions 349 comments
Bart Addy Rayetta J. Addy
Roger Downs Money hungry....
Matt Colburn Girls have been a part of the Boy Scouts of America for years. Look up Venturing, BSA. Cub Scouting is designed as a family-oriented program, and has long encouraged the entire family to participate.
Maria Madrid Aguirre Disgusting,
Marcy Key Yes lets confuse our children even more. They better not screw up the Girl Scout cookies!!

A beautiful thing

8.1k reactions 234 comments
Jesus Verdad Vida Praise The Lord Jesus!
Cindy Elmer Ronan Awesome
Delverna Dixon Amen
Julie Schneider God bless him
Joe Crabbe Tim Mack

There have been so many terrible news stories recently that have left victims needing prayers that they tend to blur into one another – Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Napa and more. But the fact that each story isn’t at the top of the news every day doesn’t mean that the victims are forgotten. Nor is it an excuse for the rest of us who are fortunate enough not to be directly affected to put these things out of our minds. Let’s all continue to remember our neighbors who need help, and to offer them our aid, thoughts and prayers. Like the members of this California church who’ve opened their homes to evacuees from the wildfires in Orange County. They are shining examples of what it means to be “your brother’s keeper.”

California Church, Congregants Open Doors to Orange County Wildfire Evacuees
California Church, Congregants Open Doors to Orange County Wildfire Evacuees

A California nondenominational church and its congregants have opened their doors to those forced to evacuate because of this week's wildfire in Orange County and will be leading a multiethnic community prayer gathering on Friday.

1.3k reactions 42 comments
Judith Keener We as Christians are called to love one another. Thamk you for sharing this.
Mischelle McClain Stay in prayer and help where you can. We can each do a little with so many, so much need at this moment!
Vonnie Speck Sad! Love and prayers!
Peter Hornsby Prayers etc. for the victims and their families.Bit pointless if it was God's doing!
Linda Fleming Check local news from Missoula, MT.. as people who were evacuated for most of the summer from their homes in Seeley Lake, are offering their homes to people who are devastated by fires in Ca.

Video: Watch Nancy Pelosi admit to a reporter that she didn’t know what President Trump’s latest executive order about Obamacare was, but she denounces...

1.1k reactions 251 comments
Darren Steuber She is beyond stupid.(as are many others in politics. Republican and Democrat)
Beverly Neasbitt Figures!
David L Henderson They'll have to pass it to find out what they don't like about it.
Darline Brady Smith Hmmm... isn’t she the same person who said we wouldn’t know what was in Obamacare until it was passed? I would think one would read something to be able to give a competent answer as to their objections... wait! She didn’t read Obamacare either so why ...
Debbie Kaiser Donaberger Does she even try to look good anymore ???? Her nasty ness is coming out in her face !

Hillary Clinton revealed to an interviewer what she would have done if she’d been elected President, since he hadn’t read her positions back then. Unfortunately for her, other people did read her positions back then. And that’s actually “What Happened.” Click the link to see why.

166 reactions 78 comments
Linda Whynot she is like the ex that keeps showing up every where you go and she has friends that keep trying to get you to see how great she is. But you are already happy with somebody else & want nothing to do with her .... Short of a nation wide RO after a ...
Martin Anderson I’m glad she keeps flapping her yap. Shrillary, Pelosi, Chuckie, and Maxine’s talking points will keep driving people away from voting for Demoncates.
Dan Stadler The U.S. really dodged a bullet last November!
Carl Heinrich Why are liberals so concerned about taxing the wealthy? Do they really think the government is going to take it from the wealthy and just give it to them?
Tamara Kirk Thankful she lost.

Colin Kaepernick’s reaction to the NFL Commissioner telling players to stand and show respect for the National Anthem is a reminder of why team owners are about as eager to sign him as they are to put on a pair of radioactive handcuffs.

145 reactions 68 comments
Lawrence Harris Huckabee ,your Race Baiting is getting stale ,you got'a find a new script. Kaepernick,Obama ,Maxine.Oh don't forget O J .
Tim List Kap makes about as much sense as putting ketchup on a tomato
Joey Brasseaux Sounds like you're the racist.
Montgomery Kelly I will NEVER stand for this RACIST SONG written by a RACIST MAN WHO CELEBRATES THE DEATH OF BLACK PEOPLE IN THE THIRD STANCE OF THE SONG (THEY CONVENIENTLY DO NOT SING WHEN SINGING THE ANTHEM!!!) These are verifyable facts!!!! NO American should stand ...
Tom Flood Just more racist crap. Hey Colin here's the news that Americans have gotten sick of this crap. What ever your message was it's gone you and the other idiotic thugs destroyed it.

You would think that the NFL’s experience in siding with players who protest America during the National Anthem instead of with their patriotic customers would serve as a giant, flashing warning sign to all other businesses to steer clear of controversial political stands. But somehow, the message didn’t penetrate to the Ford Motor Company. I have a feeling it will, very soon.

551 reactions 102 comments
Dean N Sara Larson People, stop wasting your money in anti-American Ford. #BoycotFord
Ed French We sold all the Ford stock in our trusts and advised Ford we are finished with them after decades of buying MANY new Ford products for our family. Disappointed...but I am sure we will find a product we can like.
Lawrence Harris Excuse me Mr Huckabee, but its no secret that many if not all Police Departments are very Incorible and Corrupted in this county .So what else could one expect .
Deborah Cubler Good for him. Hoping others do the same.
Scott Spinks I wonder if Ford Motor Company would support their employees taking a knee on company time when they are being paid to work. My best guess is they would fire anyone protesting on company time.

MUST-READ OF THE DAY! In a guest post at Instapundit, sci-fi novelist John Ringo offers a theory to explain why women in Hollywood silently tolerate horrible treatment by liberal Harvey Weinstein types while loudly denouncing conservatives who’ve never harmed them in any way. You just have to think of Hollywood as one big high school…

Instapundit » Blog Archive » A GUEST POST FROM JOHN RINGO: Deflection in abuse syndrome: Are Hollywood Actresses really angry …

The simple answer to the question is: Yes. But not because conservative men have abused them. Because they are forced to be silent, for various sociological and psychological reasons, about their abuse at the hands of the ‘in-crowd’ of liberals by which they are surrounded. And they lash out at any…

572 reactions 57 comments
Ima Grammi What ever happened to "just say no?" I think that the article is saying that if we tolerate we perpetuate---
Irene Hobert No just Typical hypocrisy from the left...
Mike McMahon I feel nothing for the people that were/are affected. I'm sorry this happened to you. But....you have an obligation to speak up! You chose not to for your own reasons. That in itself is so wrong on so many pages. You should of reported this, and let the ...
Cheryl Beard Yep true


Breaking: Trump Proves to UN He
Breaking: Trump Proves to UN He's Not Obama, Pulls Out of Commission

Trump just showed the world how a real leader stands up for its allies ...

614 reactions 37 comments
Teresa Burton He's DEFINITELY NO OBAMA!!!! He can't hold a candle to Obama. Trump is trash.
Charlene Klepic Patton Ryan is not believable, or honorable. I don't believe a word he says. This is why I call him Snake Ryan.
Pam Stellrecht-ong Paul Ryan(Chairman of the House) Just stated that he will hold the House over their Christmas Vacation if necessary to pass the TAX Bill. I hope this is not just Grand Standing and Hot Air. What have they done for the past Eight years of the Fail ...
Donn Taylor UN out of US; US out of UN.
Lawrence Harris Ya, let the corrupt PM of Israel do their thing , while we sit back and watch .

Unheard of response.

Breaking: Trump Tells Puerto Rico He
Breaking: Trump Tells Puerto Rico He's Going to Cut Them Off

Trump is actually helping Puerto Rico by putting them on notice.

476 reactions 86 comments
Jackie Dente BS
Rosanne Westrom The mayor needs a pink slip she has no positive leadership whatsoever, blocking FEMA and aide trucks from delivering to the people that need it is wrong and then crying "wolf" shame on her and her cronies on the low road.
David Zimlin Florida after a hurricane - no whining! Texas after a hurricane - no whining! California on fire - no whining! Puerto Rico after two hurricanes - Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee!
Jackie Cole This is an American territory and has been, predating WW1. These are Americans. And yes, they were in crisis prior to the storm, but that doesn't mean we leave them in a time of such dire need. These are American citizens. They will be without power ...
Montgomery Kelly https://www.facebook.com/NowThisNews/videos/1553408844749234/
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