Mike Huckabee
01:44 08/12/2017

Good for Al Gore!

Al Gore Just Admitted What No Other Democrat Will About Trump And North Korea

Al Gore Just Admitted What No Other Democrat Will About Trump And North Korea

Al Gore just took both Democrats and Republicans by complete surprise.

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Kyle Ernst
Raymond Bobby Glass
Its because his movie bombed..🤣
Jeff Holt
If Kim follows through with his threat, Gore will finally get his global warming.
Ronnie Ray
Elmer Barrett
If I remember correctly Jimmy Carter went over there, and came back and told the country that north korea had no intention of building rockets or nuclear weapons,,, I don't trust carter either.
Brent Davis
Even a blind squirrel can occasionaly stumble across a nut or two.
David L Henderson
Imagine what the world would be like now if Mr Gore had been president on 9/11.
Patricia Weaver
These past Presidents were too weak to deal with N.K. and that's why The United States is in this mess were in today .. Clinton, Bush and Obama allowed this to progress with North Korea while kicking the can down the road for the next president to take care of the problem all the while N.K. was becoming a bigger threat!!.. The can......NOW stops here. Resting under President Trumps foot..Trump has too much pride in himself to make it someone else's problem. The can has finally STOPPED and will soon be crushed!! Something that would've been easier to deal with if it had been dealt with years ago.
Tori Scott
"It was during Gore’s tenure as vice president that North Korea was not only given $4 billion in aid from the United States but was promised “two light-water nuclear reactors.” “This agreement will help achieve a longstanding and vital American objective — an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula,” said President Bill Clinton in 1994. “This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world.”--yet another reason to never allow a Clinton in the White House again.
Jamie Lee Gilland
A broken clock is right twice a day.....
Brett Petroff
Jay Engel Wow even Al gore get it. How about you my friend
Tom Other
Algore is of no importance. Just another snake oil salesman.
Shelby Allen Adkins
Ty Mr. Gore
Tom Drake
When will Al Gore admit that we still have ice in the Arctic?
Manuel Magalindan
Defund.global warming.It is stealing taxpayers money.

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

Trump strategist Steve Bannon has stepped down, and there’s a media frenzy over it the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Pope Benedict XVI stepped down. But then, there’s a media frenzy over everything related to Trump, whether it’s what he said or didn’t say or shouldn’t have said or should’ve said but didn’t say fast enough. Not since the GOP debates where there were 17 candidates have there been so many people on CNN at once who all thought they should be President. Bannon has been slammed by the media since day one for allegedly pushing for Trump to appeal to white supremacists. If true, that would be scurrilous and cause for his dismissal. Problem is, the anti-Trump left has so overplayed the “everyone I disagree with is Hitler” card that the public has grown weary and skeptical of the charge. Trump’s opposition is now so strident and deranged that according to them, thinking that mobs shouldn’t tear down and spit on Confederate monuments means you want to bring back slavery. You think I’m overstating the derangement? Someone in New Orleans vandalized a statue of Joan of Arc by spray-painting “Take it down” on it. You’d think they’d give her at least a few feminist points for being the first female Confederate general: “Joan of Arkansas.”

New Orleans Joan of Arc Statue Vandalized With
New Orleans Joan of Arc Statue Vandalized With 'Take It Down'

Well, she probably opposed gay marriage.

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Jackie Dente This crap has to stop! Those who have vandalized public property need to be arrested...
Mark Bertuzzi Have some national debates between let's say Ted Cruz and the best Antifa debater they can find. Televise nationally in big prime time. Have an open and honest debate.
Rosie Jalena Exactly!
Debby Roos Rexon I'm wiling to bet that most people can't identify the statues they pass everyday. I would also be willing to bet that the person who vandalized the St. Joan statue has no idea who she is.
Melanie Philip Very strange especially since the Democrats aka liberals are so into protecting women as they preach....you know the feminism narrative, or pulling up the woman's card when they fail...you know where I am going with this. I always thought Joan of Arc ...

Gettysburg Has Stunning Statement on Confederate Statues

Gettysburg Has Stunning Statement on Confederate Statues
Gettysburg Has Stunning Statement on Confederate Statues

They don't plan on changing history...

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Mot Davis No one should be allowed to remove/damage any public monument!!
Linda White They do need their statues.... it's part of history.
Sally McCollum I don't want people in my country who want to tear down our wonderful history. Our forefathers died to settle differences in the civil war. We should remember this always and not let it happen again. LEAVE OUR STATUES ALONE AND TEACH OUR CHILDREN ...
Sheila Harris I'm sure it's not just racism that is involved with these statues! I'm sure there is more behind the stories of these statues that these radicals don't care about! they should grow up and stop being offended at history and everything they might not ...
Patricia Wright Vatakis Good for them. Those federal monuments are protected under the Antiquities Act passed by Congress in 1906.

Too far indeed.

Senator Who Wants Trump Assassinated Gets Bad News From Colleagues
Senator Who Wants Trump Assassinated Gets Bad News From Colleagues

Even Democrats think this went too far ...

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Rod Kevin Beasley She says she won't resign, no problem, the DNC could, if they had ANY morals, simply remove her.
Kathy Parrish Martin She's part if the problem. Be gone.
Jackie Dente OUT! And she should be arrested
Vera Duncan Something happened to the President we know is democrats
Kadie Cochrane Now this is a politician that should definitely be impeached, released of her duties, gone forever from politics

Students Pay $2 at Thrift Store... Make $25,000 Discovery When They Get Home

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Maybelle Bieker Moore You never know when you will find a real 'treasure' in the thrift store.
Glenn Schoolfield I paid $1.99 for a $130.00 Wifi router at a secondhand store
Barbara Hebert Melissa Mathews NASA communications connection here.
Jayne M Lynch When were Mike Huckabee's christian beliefs censored? I think he may be breaking the 10 commandments in his assertion. Concerned christian who wants truth and honesty.
Fred Lee Mike you are the most pitiful person I've ever seen with you supporting this...well call it what it wants..and you say your a Christian huh? Look you or some con people can look at it for what it's worth....I can say this you my fate Christian are ...

A great display of sportsmanship and generosity:

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Rick Stevens Great Sportsmanship!
Rebecca Treadway Fancher THIS is how we should strive to be. As a nation, neighbor, citizen. "If we all lived my the Golden Rule, there would be no need for other laws." President Ronald Reagan
Jean Tygart Excellent leadership we should all have that
Floyd Lockhart This is how I was taught to act, refreshing to see this.
Carolyn Rome That's what it's all about... A.....lesson.... in life and sportsmanship Kudos

I love this story and this idea!

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Gary Egan Thank You Robert
Betty Pannozzo So good to hear of good deeds.
Debra O'Brien This is great idea.
Beverly Dominguez Beautiful hearts ❤
Nancy Zarcone Great idea

A quick update on the Democrat IT scandal.

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Donald Goins Lock her up in prison where she belongs
Watson Cadow Awe, I thought there were charging this criminal in the photo, but still good for justice to finally start being served. Hopefully more charges on more of the Swamp criminals to come.
David Donathan I think the democrat party is rotten to the core. i think its time to change my registration .
Paul Colling This poor little skank is finding herself in quite the pickle. The only way she saves herself is to rat out Hillary. So, she either talks and "commits suicide"or goes to prison for a very long time. Pretty sure she didn't quite think this through to its ...
Kathy Chaplin you are as bad as if not worse than killery

Just In: Bill O'Reilly Breaks Silence On Trump 'Payback'

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Edward Chick https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/08/trump-is-ready-to-go-down-in-flames?mbid=social_facebook
Edward Chick http://news.groopspeak.com/trump-to-end-overtime-pay-rule-for-workers-2/
Libby McRae He spoke the truth called out BOTH hate groups! You can't just call out one unless you are the MSM. Sometimes the truth makes some people butt hurt!
Ginger Kamakea Yeah O'Reilly is on Trumps side.....now

A short refresher and an update on the USS Pueblo incident off of the Korean peninsula (in international waters I might add):

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Cole Hamlin I had a family member who was on that ship when he was taken captive and tortured.
Eric Thompson Need to be returned. Period
Rosemary Miskulin I saw the documentary film about that. It made me cry my eyes out.
Ronald Chastain Why is this still has not been returned?
Jeff Davis Why am I hearing this on FB and nowhere else?

Great story about a clever bar owner in India who got around a pointless government regulation that his business had to be 500 meters from the highway by building a maze that requires customers to walk 500 meters to end up at the bar, which is 150 meters from the highway. This sounds ingenious, but you have to wonder how many patrons ever make it back out of the maze after a few hours in the bar.

Genius Bar-Owner Destroys Fed Regulations With 1 Maze
Genius Bar-Owner Destroys Fed Regulations With 1 Maze

The owner of the bar figured out a clever way to work around the regulation.

851 reactions 24 comments
Rodney Channell Lol
David Crawford Getting in is easy, it's getting out that's going to be hard.
Jean Leslie Sr You guy's are all missing the greatest, and most ingenious, point about this man's solution to this problem! He not only solved one problem, but solved two at the same time! By creating this long maze, he now requires the drunks to make it all the way ...
Richard Gibson In this country it's is as the crow flies point-to-point his cute little Check would not work
Jim Bewley A stripper bar in Arlington Tx did something similar about 20 years ago to beat city regulations.

He was arrested outside of the White House...

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Sandra Perdue Should be brought up on the floor when they are back in session
J.d. Feagin Oopsie daisy.
Sharon Vaughn He's a hater and has been arrested before. They will give him a slap on the wrist and let him go again. Put him in Gitmo.
Bruce W. Walker He is an open borders supporter.
Michele Renee' Clark Didn't hear this in msm did we?....they will somehow make a martyr out of him

The NFL national anthem fight continues...

1.6k reactions 1443 comments
David Johnson Just stop buying the ads I won't buy any thing that is put on a football game.
Daniel Pokorney They are all making millions of All American dollars. Take all that away if they do not stand and respect the country.
Randy Rogers I delete ALL posts that have to do with the nfl...they can go to hell. I also unfollow sites that continue to post and promote nfl.
Elizabeth Swift So, these guys are protesting exactly what? Because I don't think any of them are protesting the weekly black on black death toll in Chicago or Detroit.
Ildiko Dihen It not supposed to be a fight. This is our country, this is the American Anthem. No choice. If you against it, you are against the country. Get the hell out of here. No more millions of dollar for you.

The Russian collusion investigation has largely been sidelined by the MSM after Charlottesville. Here is an update with a possibly important development:

1.7k reactions 138 comments
Liza Salarza-Cunningham These people are wasting tax payers money. ..
Ryan Hatch Stacie Kelsey this is falling apart too
Jill Hensley Having him as investigator was a terrible idea!
Ricky G. Ward copied from another Obama is not finished yet taking this country down You are welcome to copy and paste I do not understand how living in a country with its republic established over 200 years ago, and now, for the first time in history, suddenly we ...
Kay Key seems like they have to have a diversion if something is not going their way

Why are the far-left Antifa protesters trying to reignite the hatreds and divisions of the Civil War era? Maybe because a surprising number of them are relics of the Cold War era themselves.

People Arrested for Vandalizing Confederate Statue All Have This One Shocking Thing in Common
People Arrested for Vandalizing Confederate Statue All Have This One Shocking Thing in Common

Good luck getting any of this information in the evening news.

5.4k reactions 822 comments
Gretchen Helsel https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifaschistische_Aktion
Uraiwan Dutkiewicz All three vandals are members of Communist Party USA. I'll wager they don't know anything about the history of Communists.
Randee Mygrant Becker Are these men, women, or not sures?
Jeffrey Bear Hoover Oops
Marc Anderson And just look at all the weak minded Americans falling for this BS. Leave American history alone. Gods or Bad it's not up for anti- Americans too decide !

Possibly, the missing Malaysian airliner that disappeared from radar in 2014 has been found.

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Thurman Murman Paul Parsons
Jacquelyn Adams James Adams
Kim Mn I hope so🙏🏻
Lily A Glass How about a pic without the green dots so we can see what they see? :/
J.d. Feagin I hope something really is here to help these families get some relief.

Everybody loves a story about finding a treasure in a bargain bin, and this one is out of this world.

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Janet Henry Esterly Good for them!
Kathy Ahanna You wonder how in the world they made it to Salvation Army!!
LaVon Walker at their age - they were lucky to know what NASA was (the "idiots" wearing the "V" hats would not have a clue)

A fascinating, short story about the efforts of Customs and Border Protection to prevent smuggling of unusual things.

Woman Busted in Texas Airport With Contraband... But It Wasn
Woman Busted in Texas Airport With Contraband... But It Wasn't Drugs

Though it's worth about as much as some drugs!

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Bruce Aurand Bird spit and poop .. yummmy
Crystal Nesseth I watched a show about these nests. It gets even crazier -- rappellers retrieve these nests from a deep cave that goes vertically down hundreds of feet. Its exremely dangerous -- no safety harness etc. The birds make these nests kind of like spiders ...
Carol E Donaldson People will believe anything if it might increase their sexual drive! 🤣🤣🤣
Karen Litchy Lombardo My son says they find all sorts of weird stuff.
Tom Fullre Try Balut's, mmmm-mmmm good

The BBC is conducting an “experiment” in which a class of 7-year-old children are being trained to achieve "true equality between the sexes” by teaching them to forget differences between the sexes and go “gender-free.” Or as "experimenting" like that used to be called: “child abuse.”

'No More Boys and Girls' BBC Experiment Pushes Gender-Free Classrooms

A BBC Two documentary is testing out gender-free classrooms, where 7-year-old children are being taught to forget differences between boys and girls, in an effort to achieve "true equality between the sexes."

2.1k reactions 494 comments
Doris Sanders OMG...are they nuts too?
Molly Brunner This child abuse! Kids that can't read, kids that can't cope are kids that won't survive!
Howard David Gray We knew this was coming. It has been part of the depopulation agenda plan for a couple of decades.
Sherry Garcia people need to fight this. Soooo wrong on many facets
Craig Johnson 2 Timothy 3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, ...

Good to read.

2.2k reactions 104 comments
Rose-Lee Hitchcock LaFountain Good, I'm glad
Carol Palmer don't let the crack pots destroy everything...
Ann Echovalley This was the Durham monument's inscription - "in memory of the boys who wore the gray”. Many of those boys weren't as old as the idiots, those stupid jackasses that tore down their memorial. The fat black woman who climbed the ladder to destroy the ...
Joyce Brown National guards around
Carole Kenney Stefanski Send the national guard in!!

Pretty conclusive where Robert E. Lee stood on this issue...

What Did Robert E. Lee Think of Confederate Monuments?
What Did Robert E. Lee Think of Confederate Monuments?

Dwight D. Eisenhower's opinion on the subject also matters.

542 reactions 106 comments
Rick Polk Seems that all things confederate were outlawed after the war he probably just wanted to avoid controversy he see enough bloodshed
Del Marshall He was a great general and a great man.
Bert Bartlett Years ago I spent some time at Fort Lee Virginia enjoying technical training. Being that close to the former Capitol of the Confederacy, ie. Richmond, VA I took the Gray-Line tour. Prior to the tour, I had noticed many businesses that called themselves ...
Eileen McCluskey I really look for democrats to look around at all the empty monument bases at some point and start erecting statues of the likes of Obama, Jesse, Sharpton, all the black caucus members , etc
Robin Patten If you're looking to get rid of all those horribly offensive reminders of our past, I am here to help. . $1 Washington - slave owner $2 Jefferson - slave owner $5 Lincoln - did not necessarily agree with slavery, but didn't agree that blacks were ...

There is a wonderful young lady from Ottumwa, Iowa named Wendy Davis who needs our prayers and our help. She has Down Syndrome, and is in Mayo Clinic in Minnesota awaiting heart surgery. Wendy and her family are very dear friends. Her Dad, Randy Davis, is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known. I became acquainted with him during my campaigning in Iowa and we developed a close friendship. His loyalty, faithfulness, and hard work amazed us all. But it was Wendy, who is in her mid-30’s who won our hearts. She exudes a cheerful and loving spirit, and has lived way past the expectations her parents were given when she was born and diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She always calls me “fine Mike Huckabee” and her family would drive many miles to attend events with me. She brightened my day everytime I saw her. She has always been there for me. I want to be there for her and her family. Please join me in helping this Godly and humble family during a time when their medical expenses will be enormous and their income will drop to nothing as Randy’s vocation is a chalk-artist who does wonderful presentations of the Gospel in churches all over America. But if Randy doesn’t stay booked, there is no income. While he is at Wendy’s side during her extended hospital stay at Mayo, he can’t travel and therefore can’t earn a living. I pray God touches you and you give to help this deserving and faithful family. A crowd-funding page has been set up. Give what you can. It will make a difference. If you know Randy and Shirley and their daughter Wendy, you will jump at the opportunity to help. If you don’t personally know them, please know that you can rest assured Wendy will be a blessing to you. Here is the link to how YOU can join me in giving:

Click here to support Wishes for Wendy
Click here to support Wishes for Wendy

This is a photo of Wendy and her father Randy Davis at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Wendy Davis is my niece, who is 37 yrs. old and has Down syndrome. Wendy has been the center of attention in our family since the day she was born. Wendy is no doubt the happiest person on earth when she is with...

900 reactions 78 comments
Joyce Nelson 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Michelle Wayerski prayers
Dusty G. Lee You've got my prayers
Wendy Mattson-Grosso 🙏🏼
Peggy Pike Praying

Spot on.

3.2k reactions 71 comments
Lena Hofmans Chinners Right on!
Amber S Ferguson Nailed it!
Sherry Nickols Correct. It seems to me someone wanted this to go down!
Keith Gray Yup, all the leftist California News called them "counter protesters" & refused to call them Antifa protesters, which is what they were. They think we are all idiots out here, but obvious what they are doing.

This is why it’s so hard being a satirist these days: no matter how ridiculous a scenario you dream up in jest, somebody will propose it seriously within hours. For instance, yesterday, I pointed out that history-pillaging leftists have launched attacks for not living up to modern PC standards on Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, so “there goes Mount Rushmore!” And no sooner had the joke left my Twitter feed than some twits were actually calling for it for real.

VICE Magazine Tweet Calls for Blowing Up Mount Rushmore
VICE Magazine Tweet Calls for Blowing Up Mount Rushmore

The original tweet has since been deleted.

2.1k reactions 588 comments
Kathie Thomas I thought it was sarcasm. I chuckled. How hatefully sad
Bruce A Williams Good to be old. Good luck ya all!
Carlos Flanagan Too far, they need to stop this madness!
Kelly Martinson Never happen!
Hiram Edward Batchelor Vice. Magazine never heard of it but made a stupid statement

Even in the midst of the horror and tragedy in Barcelona, some American news media outlets just couldn’t stop trying to find a way to hang all bad news on Donald Trump. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer actually pondered aloud about whether the van attack might be a copycat of the Charleston white supremacist car killer. Presumably, that would reflect some guilt onto Trump because…why? Is he somehow responsible for the car killer in Charlottesville because CNN didn’t like the way he reacted to it? And no, it wasn’t a copycat of Charlottesville. It was obviously a long-planned terrorist attack, like the eight other jihadist-inspired vehicle attacks that have struck Europe or Israel just since January 1 of this year. This kind of kneejerk response to blame everything bad that happens on Trump is so ingrained at places like CNN that they do it even when it makes them look like idiots. It’s like trying to stop a freight train: it’s been rolling so long so fast in one direction with a big, heavy load of manure that they couldn’t stop even if they knew they were about to go right off the rails.

1.4k reactions 564 comments
Gherson Mueller The #Simplest way to #Showcase that #Leftards and #Libtards in today's World are indeed #Suffering from a #Marxist Religious #Comatose, while #Associated with a mental #Disorders.
Amy Wertheim Pritchett Wolf Blitzer is a dope!
Darrell Twine Of course it was a copy cat.... just like the London attack was a copycat of the Charleston attack. The Muslims used it and could see in the future to get their motivation for car attacks.
Judy Ferguson Miller CNN is responsible for their words and action.....hopefully common sense America will not buy into these opinions..this network has evolved into a sad joke.
Michelle Hiles Berghuis This station is where all the old elephants go to die !!

Our prayers today for the people of Spain, and the multinational victims of the terrorist attack in which a van was driven into a crowd of people in Barcelona, killing at least 13 and injuring over 50 more. Hours later, a similar attack occurred in Cambrils, Spain. This is an ongoing and constantly updated story, so I won’t go into the detail except to note that a suspect has been named, a Moroccan-born man named Driss Oukabir. There have been other arrests and shootouts with five terror suspects killed in what appears to be a long-planned and far-reaching terrorist plot. And ISIS has taken credit for the attack. Keep watching the news for regular updates as they come in.

Police Kill 5 Suspects Following Second Terror Attack in Spain;
Police Kill 5 Suspects Following Second Terror Attack in Spain; 'Evil of Radical Islam' Blamed

Five terror suspects were killed in Cambrils, Spain, following a second attack concerning a car being driven into pedestrians, just hours after an earlier incident in Barcelona, which killed 13 people and injured 100 others.

498 reactions 28 comments
Marcia Rand Prayers will be offered tomorrow for our country,and Spain. Please stop the hate and evil. God knows and sees all. They will answer to God when they come before him on judgment day.
Barbara Berube Lefevers The EU made a mistake letting in refugees. Saw a boat full land in Italy. No woman children. They ran through the trees. All the dems care about is getting votes. Check Brigette Gabriel's website. She is an expert on Islam. She says Muslims will ...
Pat Westerfield They did well, take no prisoners.
Joel Casoria I don't feel sorry for Spain..don't complain about what you allow to happen....
Robin Blackston Morris Prsyers

PETA-Style Vegetarian Goes to Dr... Starts Eating Meat After Jarring Diagnosis

466 reactions 40 comments
Judi Hebert what is important is she acknowledges she did not properly research the effects of a vegetarian diet. We humans are omnivores, and get the calories, vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body from many sources. The best source of iron and protein ...
Kevin Mattson wild, organic, and free range..... so she started hunting? Awesome. Good for her. It means more when you harvest it yourself
Mary Kacures Really??
Teres Donahower While I do still eat a small amount of meat because I don't supplement my B12 keep in mind that all of the meat in the world will not give you your 3 g of potassium that you need every day
Tasluk Miranese Just goes to show they love the animals until they get a zit.

Ben Carson Shares What He Did When Neighbor Put up Confed Flag... Libs Will Be Irate

Ben Carson Shares What He Did When Neighbor Put up Confed Flag... Libs Will Be Irate
Ben Carson Shares What He Did When Neighbor Put up Confed Flag... Libs Will Be Irate

We could all learn something from Dr. Carson here ...

3.0k reactions 126 comments
Olivia Smeltzer Can always learn from Dr. Carson! Such class.
Peter El Pato Wortman That's the way you do it. With class.
Cathy Wilkerson God bless him. I love Dr. Carson. put up a confederate flag is part of the right to free speech. I don't like them but it is what it is. the left better look hard and long at the can of worms they have opened. u may get what u wish for and more. ...
James Beitman This gentleman understood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUw_P6w8Rdw
Sue Perry Graham Class act! Yes...so much class! Prayers Mr Carson to you!

Breaking: They Just Started...

Breaking: They Just Started...
Breaking: They Just Started...

This isn't about racism. It's about liberals trying to destroy America's founding.

2.7k reactions 508 comments
Jonnie Carroll I guess we have no say so
Rhelda Harris Disgraceful
Michelle Tate Wheeler I think this may bee time for our president to sign an executive order.
Bobby Lloyd Give me a break to take off like you knucklehead
Emily Warga Help us Lord. We need revival in America now.

You have not because you ASK not,” says the Scripture. Well, you have asked us at Blue Diamond Travel to put together a cruise and now you have it! Blue Diamond Travel has partnered with Educational Opportunities Tours and SilverSea Cruises to bring you The Mediterranean Experience. The Mediterranean Experience is an exciting cruise in some of the most scenic and spectacular sites from the Bible and from world history, and we will experience it on a new and upscale luxury cruise ship from SilverSea. We have waited to do a cruise until we felt confident we could it do it in the same inclusive and five star manner as our Israel Experiences. We will have the entire ship so you will share the experience with like-minded travelers. The ship is absolutely stunning, but is intentionally limited in space so I urge you to sign up quickly. Janet and I are excited to share this adventure with you! Learn more about this amazing journey by clicking the link below. Mike Huckabee

The Mediterranean Experience
The Mediterranean Experience

You have not because you ASK not,” says the Scripture. Well, you have asked us at Blue Diamond Travel to put together a cruise and now you have it! Blue Diamond Travel has partnered with Educational Opportunities Tours and SilverSea Cruises to bring you The Mediterranean Experience.

30 reactions 9 comments
Marlane Saba Sharple What is the total cost with Air Travel
Sam Cole Can you belive Facebook and George Soros people are reporting this as spam to block it? http://www.snopes.com/confederate-flag-colors-religious/
Tim Donna Andreason Barbara Wessel
Marcy Brewster Moore Betsy Elms Havens woop woop
Pat Westerfield Blue Diamond is wonderful to their clients.b

Good for him.

1.0k reactions 198 comments
Judy Killen Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has said it the best, YOU DON'T STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, YOU DON'T BELONG ON THIS TEAM, PERIOD.
Kathy Bushnell I say, if they choose not to stand in respect for the flag, then stay in the lockeroom until it's over! We don't want to see your disrespect!
Cherel Kluck Awesome!!
Claire Maria If players want to offend our hero's they can sit on the bench
Bud Cummings Nice job coach ! My own view is if I see one player not stand the game gets turned off! They should show the National Anthem being played on TV. I will not watch any team disrespecting America!
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