Mike Huckabee
20:03 05/18/2017

This is getting to a regular feature:

a man-on-the-street reporter asked participants in an anti-Trump protest to explain what about Trump upsets them so much, and why they want to bring back Obama. It’s painfully apparent that they know just as little about Obama’s policies as they do Trump’s. They’re just regurgitating they’ve been fed by their teachers, peers and the media: they're supposed to love Obama and hate Trump. So at least they’re equal opportunity mindless sheep. Warning: some of the bleeps on this video aren’t spot-on accurate.

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Carole Quinn
I think Soros is paying these protestors with drugs, smh
Rick Gattone
It's 81 here better get my dirty smelly fake wool used store hat/cap.. whatever
Karen Yates Dowdy
The sad part is they are so ignorant that they don't know they will never have Obama back!
Gene Burger
These Snowflakes are the leaders of the future...oh perish the thought!
Gail L. Fitches
Most of the liberals have no clue Obama bombed 7 countries in 8 years, and he is a warmonger and supported the terrorists.
J.d. Feagin
But I repeat- stupid is as stupid does. What turnip truck did these iijits fall off? Please lort send them back to their home planet.
Darel Collins
Liberals are just like horses. They wear blinders on their eyes and have to be led around by goons worse than they are.
Kathy Obert
It really is sad that they don't even know why they are protesting
Donna Peters
They are puppets being told what to do without questioning Pretty sad
Ed Will
this generation is absolute brainwashed in the Government ran public school system...and it s obvious they are mindless and can NOT think for themselves !!
Malinda Hoard
Duh!!! These people have no brains. They are so brainwashed by their idiot liberal professors' propaganda that they don't have any idea what is real. They live in Lala land.
Ryan Montgomery
Obama did nothing he said he would,do,expect trash,America only the blind an dumb voted.for obama.what good.did Obama ever do?answer is nothing
Maria V Medina Krause
Obama would never get close to the average person. These snowflakes are morons. It's very scary that as I get older these are the morons that we are leaving incharge.
Marty Stewart
Mike doesn't post interviewers asking Trump supporters questions, but they are hilarious. One guy was mad because Obama wasn't in the white house on 9/11. he wanted to know why Obama wasn't in his office - where was he? Another interviewer asked a number of Trump supporters about the protesters at a town hall meeting. they were upset that a lot of the people at the meeting didn't live in that district. then they got back on their busses and went home to their own districts.
Don Black
So very sad what this nation has become! This generation is the true lost children, so many of us have worked and struggled through both parties for decades, and never in my life have I seen so many blindly follow. This is America wake up let's give the President a chance the reason for the bashing by media is for personal gain not you best interest! Quit being sheep led to the fleecing, show some respect!

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See this?

Map: Translated Chinese Military Doc Shows Where They Plan to Strike
Map: Translated Chinese Military Doc Shows Where They Plan to Strike

Looks like we need to keep an eye out on the Chinese.

125 reactions 84 comments
Nancy Williams Nolan Ryan
Curt Charles Yawn. Out of date projections of dooms-day scenarios. Yes, we have mutually assured destruction.
Steve Crowley Bring it, they have no idea of what the US has
Todd Godine I don't believe that for a minute we owe them too much money.
Gwenevere Wordsworth IF TRUMP ALLOWS DACA "KIDS" TO STAY...... I will NEVER vote for him again! I will do what I did with McCain and Romney --- STAY HOME!! Trump will not be worth my time if he BREAKS his TWO MAIN PROMISES to us. We are NOT a cult ... WE ARE A CAUSE! If he ...

Please join me in praying this evening for the victims of a terrible earthquake in Central Mexico.

Central Mexico earthquake kills scores, topples buildings
Central Mexico earthquake kills scores, topples buildings

Scores were killed in a powerful earthquake Tuesday that rocked Mexico City and surrounding states. The earthquake toppled buildings, sent rescue workers digging through rubble and knocked out power to millions.

1.2k reactions 244 comments
Carol E Donaldson Very sad. Country's workers are here in USA instead of building up Mexico.
Kay Naughton Prayers
Steve Edgerton Now abunch of medicants can go home an work
Julie Nelson Thinning the herd
Mary Seymour God have mercy❣️

Nikki Haley's Latest Threat to North Korea Is 1 Step Away from Total War

408 reactions 82 comments
Jacob Dror Obama Created so many monsters: N. Korea-Iran-ISIS (jv team)Morsi =Muslim Brothethoods- was taken out on time. Civil wars -Millions of Muslim refugees that destroying the west. and many more. SO HOW IS IT THAT 1 PERSON -DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE IN 8 YEARS?
Charles Seris If it forced to defend itself...we will destroy North Korea.
Darryl Kenneth Graves God Bless Israel, God Bless America, God Bless the world 🌎 & God Bless & Protect President Trump and his Family & Team!!! Please, Share if you agree !!! Just think y'all!!! The harder the Globalist fight against us!!! The more likely we'll become a ...
Pamela Love-Money I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh no no no I'm a rocket man…
Paul Alexander Wow...Rachel Maddow really cut her hair short (and looks like she gained a few pounds)!

Breaking: Fox News Puts Laura Ingraham In Prime Time Spot

Breaking: Fox News Puts Laura Ingraham In Prime Time Spot
Breaking: Fox News Puts Laura Ingraham In Prime Time Spot

Major change coming to the network...

380 reactions 31 comments
Sandi Vander Dussen I wish her well, she is a smart lady. I like her calmness when making her point. She does not screech and talk over everyone. May God bless her new program.
Michael Campbell Great news... as long as it doesn't keep her from running against Tim Kaine.😉
Bill Papas No comments ... She will not SURVIVE ... Another Magyn Kelly ... In a Different Form.
Betty Jo Major I like Laura but dont watch FOX much anymore
Scott Legard Have not watched Fox or any news for months now. Can say I'm much happier and not mad all the time.


Netanyahu Drops Bombshell Immediately After Trump
Netanyahu Drops Bombshell Immediately After Trump's UN Speech

'In over 30 years in my experience w/ the UN I never heard...'

965 reactions 52 comments
Jean Pickelsimer Young https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2017/09/19/netanyahu-praises-trumps-un-speech-n2383663
Covy Blaylock Woodard Finally a President with common sense.
Cindy Transou Great speech
Betsy Spencer Love Trump and Netanyahu - 2 very honorable men but both villified by the left.
Debora Debora Two great men, both love God & country.

While NK Has Been Firing Missiles...Here's What They've Secretly Been Building

While NK Has Been Firing Missiles...Here
While NK Has Been Firing Missiles...Here's What They've Secretly Been Building

What North Korea has been up to will keep a lot of people up at night...

160 reactions 27 comments
Lori Ann Cole McMullen Why does this picture look photo shopped
Tony Perea Nuclear Submarine Find IT And Sink IT ! Make IT Disappear Quick !
Blaine Nelson Sometimes the best defense is a bit of Offense.
Dustin Paddack I do not want to go to war. I want peace, bit if we go to war we must be doong it for the right reasons and the American public needs to know!

She shouldn't be surprised...

Box office failure for Jennifer Lawrence
Box office failure for Jennifer Lawrence

The anti-Trump rally that passed for the Emmy Awards set a record for the lowest Emmy ratings...

3.8k reactions 711 comments
Kathryn Dickinson I wouldn't spend a penny to watch that flaming lib.
Ann Carlton 😴
Carol Ann Sustad-Renz Some of these celebs libs are so young all they know is Sex ,Drugs,Rock n Roll and they run their mouth off like they know it all,Jane Fonda Hanoi Jane u need another face lift,my husband a Vietnam Veteran u did a deservice to all Veterans at the Awards ...
Lawrence Harris Yo Huckabee, she's making much more than you are,so what 's the problem ? Or are you just Hating on her cause she's pretty and you're not ?
Cynthia Ruble Cochran After her comments. I will never support any of her movies 🎥!!!!

She shouted back at them! My thoughts.

Dreamers crash Pelosi
Dreamers crash Pelosi's press conference

Pelosi tried shouting back...

1.1k reactions 270 comments
Midge Sliwa I saw this on the news and have to admit, I like it. Let her have to deal with the monster that she helped create.
Brad Allen The snake starts eating it's own tail...
Ted Dwyer Enjoyed seeing her get it thrown back at her.
Cindy Jones Murphy Now she's got a taste of what "her people" have been doing to Trump and his people!
Linda Lindley This behavior has been encouraged by the left I doubt they like being on the receiving end of it.

Now, he may be coming back before Congress to explain himself...

Breaking: Comey Perjures Self in Front of Congress
Breaking: Comey Perjures Self in Front of Congress

Comey's going to regret saying this one...

793 reactions 85 comments
Al Gordon You're a sadistic SOB, aren't you. http://crooksandliars.com/2017/09/mike-huckabee-refreshing-see-trump-talk
Leslie P Heier The more they all go after trump the more they are exposed as being the guilty
Leslie P Heier Not surprising
Nancy Fried So, bring him up on perjury charges ! ENOUGH of this ignoring lies. Start prosecuting these people who lie and cause all the problems‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ditto Galapin Finally the U.S. Congress got hold of the allegedly "Slippery Guy". Let us see if he can slide away from the long arm of the U.S. Congress.

The difference is night and day...

Obama Got a Letter from Lawnmower Boy But Had a Very Different Response
Obama Got a Letter from Lawnmower Boy But Had a Very Different Response

Two presidents, two very different responses....

3.5k reactions 232 comments
Rigoberto Argueta Thank you MR TRUMP
Hannah Kim Robinson Praying for President Trump
Gail Casucci Love our President!! He appreciates hard work & people doing things they love.
Jo Anne White Is the kid sending out form letters? Obama never had any kind of business experience at all. Remember " Best Video You Will Ever See didn't build that yourself" crack from him toward business people.
Dianne Alduenda Obama's non personal response doesn't surprise me at all! I'll bet if he got a note from Beyonce or JayZ he would respond immediately!

Today's Commentary: Paul Manafort in the news-- Revoke the Iran deal -- Google denies -- Looters -- First Amendment woes -- News Bits

Today's Newsletter September 19 Edition

This is the September 19 edition...

151 reactions 13 comments
Bella Gray Another Major Study Confirms The IPCC’s Climate Models Were Wrong New Study Confirms The 'Hiatus' In | The Daily Caller Another group of prominent climate scientists have published research claiming humanity may have a couple extra decades before ...
Loulou Sarkissian Get lost crook don't forget to take your ugly woman/ man daughter? With you. Lying low lives.
Lawrence Harris Mr Huckabee it must be the luck of the Irish, cause you are one boring dude .
LaVon Walker WHY? Did Clinton pave the way for North Korea to have "nuclear" ? Did Obama pave the way for Iran to have "nuclear" ? Are NK & Iran now working together ?
Katie Allen-Franklin First of all let's 🎉🎉🎉 Celebrate that Hillary wasn't speaking today in front of the UN! Maybe some of them are still mad at her for the money they gave her and won't get back with pay to play🎉🎉🎉

Trump Tweets Out New Nickname For Kim Jong-Un... Even Libs Love It

383 reactions 68 comments
Carolyn Perkins Trump and congress will need to bring back the military draft for all these wars they want to start -- only this time rich white kids like Trump won't get out of serving withi fake medical conditions. .
Sharie Zak Lineback Well the libs didn't care for Trump calling him "the maniac"? Too close to home huh
Lois McAtee It's so serious - yet funny - American Humor 🤗 - must admit it made me LOL.
Jay Sands I hope Kim jumps the gun and allows China to let us do the job they are too corrupt to handle...
Edward Chick http://bipartisanreport.com/2017/09/19/just-in-trump-suffers-bizarre-mental-collapse-during-u-n-speech-like-a-racist-uncle/

Do you think Donald Trump went too far?

1.1k reactions 824 comments
Danny Binetti Christopher Heslin
Dale Zdrojewski Next time go for her head , you can't do any damage there,she doesn't have a brain.
Nancy Dougherty Trump hasn't gone far enough! That creature needs to be locked up. Then it will be enough.
Michael Corson It's funnier than some professional comics!
Tom Janes Umm. I was a joke. Nothing more, nothing less..

CNN just censored yet another Donald J. Trump supporter in an obvious way... take a look.

819 reactions 49 comments
Renatta Estevam cnn is a sh#%# network 😡
Lorna Touchette Hurley The Communist News Network will always censor the truth!
Victor M. C. Gonzalez They sure cut him off, he isn't part of their narrative of destroy the racist USA with racism.
Chris Rhoads Keep trying but you will never silence Trump supporters. We are through letting you liberals rule Our country!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Chris Combs He is a smart man . He knows trump is no racist.

You've gotta have guts to come out this strong for Trump. But guts aren't a problem for this guy.

8.9k reactions 174 comments
Jonah Chatelain Seems like he has more of a brain than most of these snowflakes and he gets punched for a living lol
Aronlee Gould He has a point there....
Dan Woodard I agree w Floyd.
Steve Hagen Outstanding!!

Do you agree with what Tom Brady had to say?

Tom Brady Infuriates Millions With His 1 Wish for Anthem-Kneeling Colin Kaepernick
Tom Brady Infuriates Millions With His 1 Wish for Anthem-Kneeling Colin Kaepernick

A lot of people will be upset when they hear this...

537 reactions 434 comments
Bill Moncevicz NO
Craig Bacon Funny how all these guys think someone else's team should take him. Go talk to Kraft and hire him!
Joe Stanford Brady sucks as well.
Clark Jackson Then let Brady Hire Him, The Problem is Colin No-Longer has His Mind on Football its More on Being Political. So l Hope His New Political Job Pays as much as His Old Job!!!
Craig Templet Tom stop before your in time out

If you watched the Emmys last night (and who isn't a glutton for punishment?) you probably noticed a lot of anti-Donald J. Trump Hollywood elitists wearing blue ribbons. Here's what they meant...

Here's Why Anti-Trump Hollywood Elitists Wore Blue Ribbons at the Emmys

What these blue ribbons meant will infuriate you...

511 reactions 595 comments
G Sue Holmes never been a fan of these shows.
Sandra Wilson Cameron Quit going to their movies.
Dagmar Jacobsen Many said they didn't want Trump supporters watching. I honored their request
Scott Musgraves Don't care
Rita Campbell Don't watch any of Hollywood's award shows.

As riots threatened to consume the St. Louis area after the Stockley verdict, Gov. Eric Greitens had the perfect reaction for those that took to the streets...

8.5k reactions 494 comments
Marge Stickel What a breath of fresh air! A governor who calls violence and vandalism what it is.... ...CRIMINAL!! And criminals are arrested!
Earl Bishop It's about time!!!!!! OK to protest peacefully, but, give the thugs hell!!!!!!!
Brenda Wolfe Exactly ..I get 'protesting'...but peaceful is the desire. Violence begets more violence, riots, ruin, people hurt, properties damaged.....thst isn't protesting that's a crime! Yayyyyyy Governor!
Carolyn Alexander Hallelujah!!!!
Pam Stellrecht-ong The nerve that gov: Moombeam Brown calling President Trump's supporters cave dwellers. It is better then supporting him who is a freeloader at tax-payers expense all his life where all he does is spout hot air and crap. He is another one of those ...

Neighbors Hear Baby's Cries For Days. Cops Go Into Empty House, Find Her Dumped On Floor

829 reactions 32 comments
Maryanne Hand Sickening
Sharon Denney Tragic, glad the cops got in!
Cherrie Taylor Why wait so long?
Gail Casucci Days??? Like WTF. Several hours would be too long. They must have known what the adults were like.
Patricia Hurley Jones Nothing hurts worse.

If You're in Danger of Losing a Pension, Here's Who Is Responsible

If You
If You're in Danger of Losing a Pension, Here's Who Is Responsible

If you are in danger of losing your pension you will never guess who is behind it. This is sad.

64 reactions 4 comments
Shirley Leggett If it's Oregon, it's the Democratic governor. She's a plague who has never understood a budget in her life.
LaVon Walker I took my PENSION in CASH! (20 years ago) Best decision I ever made!
Joe Joseph I mean, maybe if states like Arkansas weren't chewing up $1.50 in federal funds for every dollar they give...while California gets only $.95....
Carol E Donaldson Thank God I live in the South!


Mexico Sends Bold Warning To US After Mother Of 2 Gets Deported... But They Forgot 1 Major Detail
Mexico Sends Bold Warning To US After Mother Of 2 Gets Deported... But They Forgot 1 Major Detail

'The entire Mexican community is invited to take precautions...'

1.5k reactions 486 comments
Johnie Miner She is a thief and stole social security card. Keep her out
Jeanne Wiles And liberals can't understand why we Americans don't want them here????
Shana Meyers Seeee ya!
Catherine Anhari Why should people be upset about being deported, when you come here illegally, you have no right to stay. period.It is simple.
Daniel Joseph Hadley Am I the only one reading this story trying to figure out how the heck she has a lawyer? I mean I get that I get a lawyer, because I'm protected by the constitution. So not only are we not deporting illegals, we are paying crooked lawyers to find loop ...

It continues.

1.5k reactions 960 comments
Shane Ellis All these players protesting are just wanting attention!!!
Michael Thomas Jeffrey Arthur
Mark Anthonio Dinochenso Better start saving your money I don't think you're getting another contract this league assume too much jeopardy because of these antics just doesn't matter that you want to protest something as part of your work out but go to work be a man and then ...
Craig Williams It's Seattle, i.e., Washington State; what do you expect?
Sherri Woodall Ballance It only continues as long as they have an audience.

Nice words for actor Harry Dean Stanton.

518 reactions 6 comments
Teresa Doe My generation right here. I know. I am sad too.
Annie Weiss Great talent.
James Chinadle Trudeau gave the Clinton Foundation 20 million dollars. I wonder who worked out the deal with the Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier to undercut (illegally) Boeing by Millions.
Lynette Pruett Lovitt Do we care?
Jeff Kramer I remember him from the cult classic "Escape from New York" with Kurt Russell......"You can't see the Duke!"


3.6k reactions 186 comments
Sharon Shearer Hopefully,,, he got a HUGE bonus 😀
Sharon Auvil Denham How can I hire this guy?! Dog sitters you can trust are hard enough to find but a guy like this is the Golden find! AWESOMENESS!
Shelly Alford Emily Scheckelhoff
Dana Sanders Aunt Mary, I'll need a video when we get home from the hospital. 😂
Patricia Bannon Very cute!!!

No hot air please.

Keep your promises please
Keep your promises please

I know Trump supporters want to be able to take his words to the bank...

464 reactions 55 comments
Daniel Knoll On the at least seemingly last-ditch effort to #DictchDonald and save your own butt, GOPers and Mike Huckabee , i say congrats on the wise chess move !
Daniel Knoll ONE of the most concerning broken campaign promises that SHOULD concern the largely White middle and working class demographic behind Trump, is that he stated he'd not touch Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, but has stated me plans to cut $ 880 ...
Taryl Gibson It takes time there is a lot to do and a lot of obstructionist
Ralph Johnston Repeal, build and reform!
Denise Marsh And we will, give the man an oppurtunity! If it were up to him he would have done so much more by now!!!

Mike Huckabee

1.8k reactions 90 comments
Steven Burdette There should be some thing in Trump's cabinet for Mike Huckabee. He should be the president in my book.....I just love Mike , he always has the right and best answers
Lisa Hirschfeld Luv the Gov! ❤️
Kerry Myers YOU were my first choice for Potus, Brother Huckabee. Im quite certain that I'll never be truly represented, as an ultra conservative
Brenda Green Great, great man!!!!!!
Fran Martin Moore We need more men like this.

Mike Huckabee Launches a Show for the Trump Era

Mike Huckabee Launches a Show for the Trump Era
Mike Huckabee Launches a Show for the Trump Era

The former Arkansas governor has a new television program on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and a powerful first guest.

1.4k reactions 74 comments
Eva Bayles Yay, good:) don't watch they lying news and all anymore:(
Judy Blake I can't wait for your show Mike!
Don Krogol Show for the Trump era? It will be nothing but lies.
Donna R. Parson That's great. Good luck.
Pamela Voss Awesome!

Breaking: Emmy Awards, Colbert Get Massive Bad News After Award Show Turns Trump Hate Fest

Breaking: Emmy Awards, Colbert Get Massive Bad News After Award Show Turns Trump Hate Fest
Breaking: Emmy Awards, Colbert Get Massive Bad News After Award Show Turns Trump Hate Fest

This is what they get for putting on a three-hour anti-Trump rage fest!

2.5k reactions 460 comments
Pat Lamb Can't stand that man, these people think they are above it all, if that man was all I had to watch I would throw my T.V. in the river!!
Connie Brady can't believe 9.7 million watched it; must be east and west coast elites!! and "air conditioning the red carpet!!" WOW!!!
Michelle Snap What do these hypocrites expect after they arrived via jet and limousine then limousined around town for after parties at houses that use more electric in one day than I do all year. And lecturing climate change all night. GO AWAY.
John Bartosik Well, there you have. All the big shots in Hollywood thought it was a good idea to turn the Emmy awards into a bash trump night. Look what happened. It failed,miserably and to me it made all you Hollywood big shots like like a bunch of bumbling ...
Pamela Finton Good

Of course.

Moral behavior upsets Democrat Senators
Moral behavior upsets Democrat Senators

I can see why that would upset liberals...

711 reactions 39 comments
Linda Fox Hannahs You know, you're right, it does.
Debbie Armstrong Would these ungodly Leftists question and harass a Muslim like this? For instance, would they question if they support throwing homosexuals off buildings, killing Christians in the Mid East, do they support Sharia Law in America, will they condemn ...
Wally Beecham . . . but probably not as much as the immoral behavior of dishonest Donald.
Bob McKinley Too bad, so sad.
Kay Paisley Callander Yeah, that's kind of obvious and it makes me not respect them....not all but most.

Today's Commentary: Hateful video abusive to children-- Federal judge rules -- Tucker is on the case -- Frank's good job -- NYT hypocrisy -- News Bits.

Today's Newsletter September 18 Edition

This is the September 18 Newsletter...

197 reactions 8 comments
Brenda Kay Snow Horrible things going on in these last days . . .Thank you Governor for all your hard work!
Melanie Philip Great newsletter Mr. Huckabee. Just a couple of things. I never viewed the Rap video with the children. I would have purposely avoided it since I am not a Rap fan, do not consider it entertaining whatsoever,.As for the Professor I also took a look ...
Diane Spittler Can't get a spot on your cruise to the Mediterranean in sept 2018. Will you be doing it again! Love you and Sarah
LaVon Walker "GOVT can't withhold FUNDS" (Chicago) but GOVT has been withholding FUNDS and HEALTH care from VETERANS
Barbara Blair If FB would decide to hold a vote (ha, ha, ha...), I'd vote to keep anything with cursing off the pages. That would at least slow down a lot of the ignorant comments.
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