Mike Huckabee
20:03 05/18/2017

This is getting to a regular feature:

a man-on-the-street reporter asked participants in an anti-Trump protest to explain what about Trump upsets them so much, and why they want to bring back Obama. It’s painfully apparent that they know just as little about Obama’s policies as they do Trump’s. They’re just regurgitating they’ve been fed by their teachers, peers and the media: they're supposed to love Obama and hate Trump. So at least they’re equal opportunity mindless sheep. Warning: some of the bleeps on this video aren’t spot-on accurate.

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Carole Quinn
I think Soros is paying these protestors with drugs, smh
Rick Gattone
It's 81 here better get my dirty smelly fake wool used store hat/cap.. whatever
Karen Yates Dowdy
The sad part is they are so ignorant that they don't know they will never have Obama back!
Gene Burger
These Snowflakes are the leaders of the future...oh perish the thought!
Gail L. Fitches
Most of the liberals have no clue Obama bombed 7 countries in 8 years, and he is a warmonger and supported the terrorists.
J.d. Feagin
But I repeat- stupid is as stupid does. What turnip truck did these iijits fall off? Please lort send them back to their home planet.
Darel Collins
Liberals are just like horses. They wear blinders on their eyes and have to be led around by goons worse than they are.
Kathy Obert
It really is sad that they don't even know why they are protesting
Donna Peters
They are puppets being told what to do without questioning Pretty sad
Ed Will
this generation is absolute brainwashed in the Government ran public school system...and it s obvious they are mindless and can NOT think for themselves !!
Malinda Hoard
Duh!!! These people have no brains. They are so brainwashed by their idiot liberal professors' propaganda that they don't have any idea what is real. They live in Lala land.
Ryan Montgomery
Obama did nothing he said he would,do,expect trash,America only the blind an dumb voted.for obama.what good.did Obama ever do?answer is nothing
Maria V Medina Krause
Obama would never get close to the average person. These snowflakes are morons. It's very scary that as I get older these are the morons that we are leaving incharge.
Marty Stewart
Mike doesn't post interviewers asking Trump supporters questions, but they are hilarious. One guy was mad because Obama wasn't in the white house on 9/11. he wanted to know why Obama wasn't in his office - where was he? Another interviewer asked a number of Trump supporters about the protesters at a town hall meeting. they were upset that a lot of the people at the meeting didn't live in that district. then they got back on their busses and went home to their own districts.
Don Black
So very sad what this nation has become! This generation is the true lost children, so many of us have worked and struggled through both parties for decades, and never in my life have I seen so many blindly follow. This is America wake up let's give the President a chance the reason for the bashing by media is for personal gain not you best interest! Quit being sheep led to the fleecing, show some respect!

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Apparently these economists haven't been listening to Nancy Pelosi.

Economists Rated Trump, Obama on the US Economy... It Wasn
Economists Rated Trump, Obama on the US Economy... It Wasn't Even Close

“But when we get this done, when people see their withholding improving, when they see the jobs occurring, when they see a simpler tax code, that’s what’s going to produce the results.”

19 reactions 88 comments
Paul J. Scott Ask a liberal who's responsible for our economy and they'll say Obama. Then ask them exactly what Obama did to improve our economy and they have no idea.
Tim List it is a good thing they do not listen to the insane minority leader.
Lawrence Harris People have a short memories. I don't forget 2008 . Thank You Obama
Marsha Barry 🤓
Philip George Vorgias Obama was an ABSOLUTE ZERO on the economy-and on everything else.

Now, how do we get Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perez signed up for this?

Obama-Appointed Presidential Physician Reveals Why He Gave Trump a Cognitive Exam
Obama-Appointed Presidential Physician Reveals Why He Gave Trump a Cognitive Exam

President Donald Trump has been given a clean bill of cognitive health by physician to the president Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, who was appointed to his current role during the Obama administration.Speaking at a White House news briefing on Tuesday, Jackson elaborated on the results of Trump’s ...

2.3k reactions 353 comments
Debbie Hillen George Lol. Well that backfired on them! Imagine that, not only is he completely stable, we have a genius in the White House! The left just proves themselves bigger fools everyday!😂😂😂
Karen Peruski Maxine Waters too! Most of them are on Alzheimer prevention or slowing progress medications.
Joanne Smelser He He He.
Denise Hartje Macpherson Pelosi and Schumer failed
Peg Warth Donovan It really ridicules what these jerk reporters asked. I am sure he could not believe what he was asked!

It just keeps going... and going... and going...

Democrat Leadership: Bicyclist Films 10 Straight Minutes of Shantytowns
Democrat Leadership: Bicyclist Films 10 Straight Minutes of Shantytowns

If there’s any one state in this august union that could be properly termed socialist, California would certainly be in the running.After all, the Golden State is where taxes are high, the so-called “safety net” is wide, economic growth is low and anyone who disagrees with leftist orthodoxy is...

1.1k reactions 340 comments
Dave Buursma Leading the way!
Ranny Reeves Prayers for California
Sonny McCurry Welcome to Progressive administration of govt...
Eric Runde If you read the article, the blame the Republican sheriff's Dept....??
Carolyn Simmons And, I have been told by people that have been to Seattle, that place is very bad.

The effort to keep abortion mills open...

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood's "investment"

In an interview this week, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards touted the group’s outreach to teens via text chat services, promotional merchandise sold on Etsy.com, and training teens to be public speakers and pro-choice advocates.

167 reactions 51 comments
John Dooley Sims Auschwich Death Outlets!
Greg Akes Look at the bright side, the majority of people getting abortions are Libtards anyways.
Gigi Wardell Denton Terrible, terrible!
Susan Lindholm Abortions have been steadily falling in the US for years. Nobody is trying to get those numbers up. The key to keeping them down is education and birth control. Just as it has been for decades. This is something Planned Parenthood has been doing since ...

If this ever happens here...

76 reactions 22 comments
Criss Bertling What idiots
Amy Briggs Facebook needs a SMH button rather than wow. They mock our healthcare, but the UKs is a disaster. Scots are being taught that NH should pay for their sanitary products because women are "period poor" but have money for cell phones, designer ...
Walter Kerns Socialized Medicine collapsing In Britain. 50,000 non-critical surgeries cancelled until late February. Watch Liz_Wheeler Videos On OAN For Jan 12. Compares Britain’s Socialized Medicine to VA Bureaucratic problems before Trump fixed many problems in ...
Kathy Jacquart I'm confused... lol

Everything she ever said will become a story...

Oprah: Generations of White People "Just Have to Die"
Oprah: Generations of White People "Just Have to Die"

If her soaring-yet-vacuous speech at the Golden Globes was any indication, Oprah Winfrey is taking the idea of a presidential run seriously. And, if polls are any indication, Democrats are taking a possible Oprah run seriously, too.If she runs, Oprah certainly won’t be the first celebrity to throw...

2.5k reactions 655 comments
Melanie Gordon all I can say is, WOW!!
Vlad Deineko did she mean worldwide or just in this country?
Jason B Eaddy She is totally right. In some cases, whole families are no good, they keep that hate going thru their kids with rebel flags and obama jokes. If you really want to end racism....you need to start with them. Unless you just dont mind racism...
David Thoreson WHY, so a bunch of raging idiots can claim what they have and have worked for?
Candia Whiting Who made you rich????

The result of 20+ years of smug "smart diplomacy"

The result of 20+ years of smug "smart diplomacy"
The result of 20+ years of smug "smart diplomacy"

For those who question the reality of the nuclear threat from North Korea...

140 reactions 22 comments
PattiandDanny Devine Can we put his head behind the wall?
Ron Roberts Nancy, stick to protecting the animals, international politics, well you need to go back to school and learn about it.
Nancy Williams Oh my what do we have here. Olympics, we win you lose. I be Rocket Man. F this.
Darla Davanau Inclusive for what reason James Crawley?
Emma Brown Like Game of Thrones, "Winter is Coming...."

Fans of the conservative actor are going to love what he had to say.

4.4k reactions 218 comments
Randall Ezell Sr. Yes bring it back , love that show.
Robin Smith I hope so
Marge Shetzline Love that show!
Shelby Privett Walker Would love to see this back

Jeff Flake's flaky speech

Jeff Flake
Jeff Flake's flaky speech

Sen. Jeff Flake is reportedly preparing a speech to the Senate that will compare President Trump’s “attacks” on the press, such as calling them an “enemy of the people,” to the actions of bloody Russian communist dictator Joseph Stalin. So I thought I’d pitch in and give him a little hel...

525 reactions 275 comments
Peggy Layton Timoney What's his first name.....Snow???
Brad Mckee Chuckles and Dicky are probably writing it for the Flakewad !!!!
Nancy Jones Baldridge He certainly lives up to his name!!
Alissa Land He makes me think of fake preachers on late night paid advertising
Hazel Powell Ha, he doesn’t suspect that he is a “flake” with in him self. 😂

My thoughts.

Bleep storm
Bleep storm

Over the weekend, the media continued their “bleep-storm” of outrage over what President Trump allegedly said about some nations from which we accept a lot of immigrants not exactly being paradises on Earth.

305 reactions 53 comments
Margaret Lagace Are there any intelligent humans left that can see how bias and absurd and insulting to people in our country these media are are I doctinating and brainwashing
Terry Stewart So true!
Kathy Hageman Craft These so-called news stations have become nothing more then gossip shows like the View, entertainment tonight, the national enquirer etc!! Spreading their lies and slander! When are they going to be held accountable?????
David Evans Wacko Press, is the Wacko Press..
Jeannie Marshall Sarah Sanders should give the White House press reporters a chart on the growth of the Stock Exchange from November 2016 to today DOW hitting 26,000 and ask the reporters to put them in words on the cause and effect to our economy. Lets see how many ...

The Hawaii missile message

The Hawaii missile message
The Hawaii missile message

We now know that the terrifying but mistaken emergency message sent to Hawaiians who were told an incoming ICBM was headed their way was the result of a state emergency worker pressing the wrong button during a shift change.

352 reactions 89 comments
Leslie DelaVergne Downs Preach!
Ginger Bear For the record, this was a mistake by a state worker in a state with a Democratic governor, 👎a 90% Democratic legislature,👎 and a 100% Democratic Senate.👎 It’s Barack Obama’s home state, and it hasn’t elected a Republican to the US Senate since 1970.👎 ...
Chris Ogden The idiot probably did it on purpose.
Jeanne Clevenger It wasn't an accident. It was a purposeful act by the Democratic Party and it blew up in their face.
Gale Stoia Exactly!

'This is one of the greatest speeches they ever heard. Not one of the greatest. THE greatest.'

2.2k reactions 429 comments
Patty Calkins It would have been a great speech if it was not given by a hypocrite!
Mickey Dunagan What do Californians think they know. ? You all just Just go toke up and shut up.
Renee B Fraser They need to get out more...
Sharon Thomas Sad they have to sink that low. I like her but not for President.
'Joey Sais 🙄

Scalia Confidant: Right Before Death, SCOTUS Justice Revealed Thoughts on Trump

Scalia Confidant: Right Before Death, SCOTUS Justice Revealed Thoughts on Trump
Scalia Confidant: Right Before Death, SCOTUS Justice Revealed Thoughts on Trump

While many in the mainstream media desperately peddle baseless theories that President Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy, the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had a much different opinion of the business mogul — at least according to one close friend of the legal giant.Just before...

3.0k reactions 130 comments
Damon Lee Kennedy This man was murdered. Anyone with half a normal conservative brain knows that. When will someone ever investigate the Clintons?
Warren Wilburn Right before he was murdered!
Carolyn Staskiewicz Hayes He was a truly great Justice.
Annie Weiss God Rest his soul and bless his family 🙏
Tara Dawn Hope they find who murdered him some day soon.

You gotta hand it to him, he knows a bad deal when he sees one.

Trump Was Exactly Right About the Former US Embassy in the UK
Trump Was Exactly Right About the Former US Embassy in the UK

"'In terms of whether the Americans have sold the family silver..."

3.0k reactions 75 comments
Gloria Hawks Simmons Leave it to Obummer ....he couldn't make a good deal if his life depended on it. I'm sure there was plenty of money in it for him....personally! Dirtbag!
Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski The new embassy looks butt ugly. Like a Mosque. Maybe that was the intention.
David Anglin Who owned the location where the new Embassy was built? Which contractors benefited from building new embassy? To which former politicians were they linked?
Carol E Donaldson #TrustTrump He’s a businessman! He’s not swayed by dollar signs like the Clintons and Obamas!
Lillie Lockwood He certainly does! He is an intelligent man!

Over the weekend, the media continued their “bleep-storm” of outrage over what President Trump allegedly said about some nations from which we accept a lot of immigrants not exactly being paradises on Earth. They immediately twisted that alleged comment into a blatant display of racism, but pushback on that has also started rising. Some of the more interesting comments included pointing out that South Korea and North Korea have the exact same racial makeup, but only one is obviously a…well, you know. Most people understand that that appellation is something created by horrible governments, not by a nation’s people. Eddie Scarry at the Washington Examiner listed some liberal celebrities who claimed they would leave America if Trump won (none did) and the nations to which they threatened (or promised) to move. They included France, Canada, Australia and Spain. He noted that none said they would move to El Salvador. Guess they must think it’s a…well, you know.

The media don
The media don't like 'shithole countries' either

The whole national media acted as if they had to pause their Habitat for Humanity projects to share a cry after President Trump's comments.

1.3k reactions 127 comments
Mary Spencer See, the earlier meeting showed that Trump, Republicans, and democrats actually could get along and discuss, and Americans saw this. Dems can’t have their reputation by this, so Durbin created this s**tstorm to divide again.
Linda Keltner The people who thinks it's just the worst thing calling Haiti a s---hole or a 3rd world country, I have only this to ask! Why don't you take yourselves and your families and go live there for at the minimum6 months! You can't take anything with you ...
Todd Wolfe The funniest thing about this....if these countries weren't shitholes...their citizens wouldn't be leaving
Suzanne Lundy Martius And all of the liberal celebrities are still here!!
John Pecarrere People risk their lives everyday traveling and trying to escape these 3D world hell holes for the USA. To call them something nice is a fraud. They are what they are. Why do you think people are trying to escape these toilets. Screw the deceiving ...

Convicted Traitor Manning Running for U.S. Senate

Convicted Traitor Manning Running for U.S. Senate
Convicted Traitor Manning Running for U.S. Senate

Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence specialist convicted for passing on a trove of classified military documents to WikiLeaks, has filed papers to run for Senate in Maryland and will mount a challenge for the seat, the Washington Times reports. Manning’s 35-year sentence for violations o...

3.6k reactions 2057 comments
Vicki Jarnagin Lindsey He needs to be in jail!
Leah Felone How can she run, if she's a convicted traitor ?
MrPete One would think we would HAVE A LAW TO PREVENT THIS.
Thomas Allen What party LOL?
Cary Moran That's just great. 🤢

It's good to know Newt is out there in the trenches ready to drop a truth bomb or two whenever the need arises.

After Obama Says Fox News Viewers
After Obama Says Fox News Viewers 'Live On A Different Planet', Newt Gingrich Offers A Reply

"Many, many years from now in a nursing home, or a nice retirement community, Barack Obama will be still living in a fantasy life."

6.1k reactions 400 comments
Sally McCowan Good for you!
Diane Rider Kitchen Yep!
Rosanne Westrom Direct decendant from planet of the apes
Toni DiMaggio DesRoches Thanks Newt .. not sure what BO's smoking but it's gotta be intense 👍
Carol Wilson Yep. It's called Earth.

Graham Scolded Trump Over "S**thole" Comment, Forgot What He Said 5 Yrs Ago

Graham Scolded Trump Over "S**thole" Comment, Forgot What He Said 5 Yrs Ago
Graham Scolded Trump Over "S**thole" Comment, Forgot What He Said 5 Yrs Ago

If you want to go after President Trump for calling certain nations “s***holes” during a closed door meeting, well, take a number. Washington these past few days has taken on the form of a kind of media-run deli counter, where politicians rip one of those paper strips from the dispenser and wait...

2.4k reactions 506 comments
Keith Barber Politicians are like that. Id rather be told the straight hard truth than false smiles and lies.
Ricky Stacy Bye Graham, you and McCain careers are over with. You are the problem in this world.
Susan Loggans Whittington He is a joke and a hypocrite!!
Jim Perrotti He’s a pig faced lil prick and he’s got a girls name
Vickie Bragg Something about Lindsey is SLEAZY

Something has to change...

Attorney: Google Has "Re-Education" Camps for Its Conservative Employees
Attorney: Google Has "Re-Education" Camps for Its Conservative Employees

It’s a sure sign of a totalitarian system. Those who don’t toe the party line on any politically sensitive topic tend not to last very long – they’re either removed or forced to change their way of thinking to match the prevailing power until diversity of thought is a thing of the past. And ...

3.7k reactions 416 comments
Jeffery Huffman Not surprised, Christians have been “tolerant” and have “ turned the other cheek” to long. We have left Atheists and cults control our jobs, schools, and Government. Time to wake up and Raise the Cross
Carol E Donaldson G66GL6 The Mark of The Beast?
Derek Wood Re Education? Sounds like Communism to me!
Vicki Jarnagin Lindsey I hope the attorney wins big🙌🏼
Todor Yanakiev The censorship will be worsened

‘I tender my resignation’

Trey Gowdy Abruptly Resigns From Powerful US House Committee
Trey Gowdy Abruptly Resigns From Powerful US House Committee

Gowdy is the first congressman to serve on four committees simultaneously.

2.7k reactions 440 comments
Glen J McCormick Sr. He only takes on what he can commit to and he is best at exposing the lies and scum of this democratic party that has become so self serving its sicken
Donald Don AG Sessions replacement good move...
Henry Woodruff What has he done besides talk tough. He’s done nothing. Just another do nothing republican.
Geralyn Langr-Moulds Mike, you are above clickbait!!! Stop that.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It’s especially vital to remember his legacy this year because 2018 marks 50 years since his assassination.

325 reactions 28 comments
Paul Weber Trust in the Lord and put on the full ARMOUR of the Lord while standing tall in the Lord's TRUTH, WAY, and LIGHT! Spiritually ignorant leftists Fools are deceived and serving satan with mockery, greed, hypocrisy, manipulations, blasphemy, deceptions ...
Paul Pope Why do you and your daughter lie and support the racist in the white house who has turned our country into a shithole!
David Gerred I am a conservative ideologue. That being said, I took my position on prejudice from Martin Luther King. I believe we should all be judged my the content of our 'character not the color of our skin'. I also took my position of apposing Illegal Aliens ...
Edna Dungan Mr. Huckabee wouldn't have said that black lives don't matter. He would say that ALL Lives Matter. If you believe that he thinks that, your source lied.🤔🇺🇸️
Abby Getaneh Mike Huckabee ,Dear x-preacher ,You are the last person to pretend to understand Martin Luther King, Jr. message. He is with Jesus now, and he has stood for justice, for the right of the poor and hungry. He was jailed for humanity. He walk the walk of ...

Anti-Hunter Sends Vile Message, Outfitter Gets Even by Naming Something After Her

Anti-Hunter Sends Vile Message, Outfitter Gets Even by Naming Something After Her
Anti-Hunter Sends Vile Message, Outfitter Gets Even by Naming Something After Her

In response to the vile bigotry of some leftist loon who plastered his Facebook page with hateful messages earlier this month, one outfitter has instituted a month-long 10 percent discount for anyone seeking to purchase his hunting-themed gear.“Most of the time I simply ignore and delete these ant...

1.7k reactions 386 comments
Casey Long We blow their brains out from hundreds of YARDS away.
Scott Johnson It’s called FOOD!
Randall Hebert She got that way from eating too much fast food. Not really healthy for ya.
Tim List I remember driving past a deer check station and noticed a group of protesters standing by a 55 gallon drum used as a fire pit to keep them warm. They were also eating chili from a fast food restaurant that was next door. Needless to say, many people ...
Russell Davis for the meat and it only cost .20cents

The doomed plant currently provides California with enough electricity to power 1.7 million homes and nearly 10 percent of California’s entire energy mix. But pretty sure Al Gore would approve, so that's the important thing.

California Regulators Just Decided To Kill The Last Nuclear Power Plant In The State
California Regulators Just Decided To Kill The Last Nuclear Power Plant In The State

California regulators voted unanimously Thursday to shutter the state’s last nuclear power plant by 2025. The Diablo Canyon nuclear facility is scheduled for an incremental shutdown, phasing out Unit One in 2024 and Unit Two in 2025. The plant produces about 18,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity an...

436 reactions 243 comments
Gregory Hall Cause wind and sun are so much cleaner than nuclear or coal, more reliable than hydro in a drought, much more effective at killing birds, are so cost effective per KWh, and no extra costs for energy storage on cloudy windless days! Someday, they will ...
Jose Ulloa Wind generation is subsidized by the government as well as solar, they are not cost effective. Do your homework. I am sure you vote Democrat most of you are ill informed, that is why California is in the mess that it is in.
Bill Conway Here in what Californians would consider the backwoods redneck state of South Carolina we have the cleanest air in the country. We also produce a higher percentage of our electricity from nuclear power, almost 60%, than any state in the country. Most of ...
Autumn Nalian-Slone Of course they did....🙄.
Sharon Dye They are facing a hard time ahead. I would leave CA.

The wonders of NASA didn't impress this Communist Party leader... But then he walked into a grocery store.

Soviet Leader Abandoned Communism After Walking Into a US Grocery Store
Soviet Leader Abandoned Communism After Walking Into a US Grocery Store

Very few people know this, but one of the most famous Soviet officials in Russian history originally learned of the many advantages of capitalism at a regular ol’ Randalls grocery store nearly three decades ago. In 1989, then-Communist Party of the Soviet Union member Boris Yeltsin traveled to the...

3.2k reactions 197 comments
Maria Marroquin Wow! Thanks for sharing!!
Eldora Fischbach I never knew this...interesting
Marion Holtzmann I drove through Soviet ruled East Germany to West Berlin back in the late 70's. We were not allowed to stop on the side of the road, but only at "Westerners Only" rest stops. The "store" was ill stocked with anything to eat or drink, we were starving by ...
Carol Burns Seeley I went to East Berlin in 1985. You cannot fully comprehend the empty shelves in all the stores until you have been in several stores in a communist country. Even when they had money to buy things, there was often nothing to buy.
Jan Lockhart Lynn And all people in the U.S. want is more, more more. And as much of it free as is possible. We are spoiled and entitled.

According to the FBI, Marilou Danley told investigators that 'her fingerprints would likely be found on the ammunition used during the attack.'

FBI Documents Reveal New Details on Las Vegas Gunman
FBI Documents Reveal New Details on Las Vegas Gunman's Girlfriend

"Paddock planned the attack meticulously and took many methodical steps to avoid detection of his plot and to thwart the eventual law enforcement investigation that would follow."

518 reactions 105 comments
Marguerite Freda He was a liberal that's the motive
Marguerite Freda Why is this women not charged with a crime
Teresita Golkar That man is delusional
Rex Baxter It's just the way I called it a few hours after it went down , A lone wolf angry Liberal Democrat hell bent on killing a lot of people, He wasn't stupid, the whole ugly deal was put together by him and him alone. You conspiracy theorists better get a ...
John David Kilgore What was the motive?

This isn't the first time he's blamed a president for saying something in a closed door meeting...

Durbin Says Trump Repeatedly Said "S***hole," He
Durbin Says Trump Repeatedly Said "S***hole," He's Also Known to be a Liar

It was all anyone could talk about on Friday — President Trump’s alleged comment about “s***hole” countries. Now, it has come out that one of the main leftists claiming Trump made that comment has been show to lie in the past, especially regarding closed door meetings. Enter Democrat Senator...

3.3k reactions 1321 comments
Joe Steigleiter Guarantee he's lying, he's had a reputation for lying, he's just tying to start something, to keep Deals from being made !!!!
Lynn Doublin Little Dickie Durbin..tattling on his boss over a swear word...really? the world is falling apart and you're having a cow over a four letter word? You are appartenly way too delicate for the real world.
Diana Tveit Jen Raknerud
Libby Nichols Ross Oh the web of lies in the Democratic Party.
Al Indelicato Another lying politician from Illinois...Just like our last president.

Mike Reacts To Oprah Running For President | Huckabee

Mike Reacts To Oprah Running For President | Huckabee
Mike Reacts To Oprah Running For President | Huckabee

TV Show Mike Reacts To Oprah Running For President | Huckabee January 13, 2018 Permalink: https://www.mikehuckabee.com/2018/1/mike-reacts-to-oprah-running-for-president-huckabee More Stories TV Show A monumental week - My show monologue Jan 8, 2018 Welcome to our first show of 2018. And the first we...

590 reactions 72 comments
Patty Merkley God save us and our Country
Ebony Rose I want Oprah to run for office- can you picture how it would be early on while she, Michelle, and probably Hillary have to find dirt on each other? I'm appalled by the thought of Oprah being president but it's high time her hand was bitten by the ...
Linda Atkins Mike fb not letting me post on your sites!
Carol Marek Bull

You better believe Mike had something to say about that. She didn't even see him coming.

A Woman is Calling for Mike Rowe to Be Fired for Being an ‘Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’
A Woman is Calling for Mike Rowe to Be Fired for Being an ‘Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’

"But if you’re trying to get me fired simply because you don’t like my worldview, well then, I’m going to fight back."

6.2k reactions 690 comments
Chris Dees Tell her to shut the hell up and get a life
Bob Thompson Hang in there Mike Rowe
Richard Kennedy He should get double shows
Debra Myers Love Mike Rowe 🙌
Lennox Taulbee Great response

And the jobs just keep rolling in...

MAGA: Mexico Loses Chrysler Car Plant and Jobs to Americans
MAGA: Mexico Loses Chrysler Car Plant and Jobs to Americans

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the latest company to announce good news resulting from the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The company said it plans to invest more than $1 billion in the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan, as well as relocate the production of its Ram Heavy Duty truck in 2020, which i...

7.6k reactions 276 comments
April Kelly-Stallworth In 2020 it will move from Mexico to Detroit. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-fiat-chrysler-investment/fiat-chrysler-to-invest-1-billion-in-michigan-plant-add-2500-jobs-idUSKBN1F034F
Melanie Philip Karma, finally....works for me.
Dave Buursma More crumbs Nancy Pelosi?
Doug Brougham All Right, All Right, All Right!
Paul Grewell Does that mean the seats will no longer be padded with horse manure? Did anyone else see that show?

Rocket Man is getting very anxious.

Right After Peace Talks Begin With South, North Korea Issues Sudden Demand
Right After Peace Talks Begin With South, North Korea Issues Sudden Demand

“They should totally stop the military drills, not just delay them.”

814 reactions 150 comments
John Bartosik Like I've said before, give in a little and he wants more. No matter what is said or done to appease this idiot, nothing is good enough. Diplomacy will never work and the only thing he seems to want is confrontation. Therefore, after the games have ...
John Bobenic Demand? 😆
Mike England "In God We Trust, all others we monitor. " DPRK conducts military training and exercises often as well. It was my USAF job to monitor them from 84-08.
Marco Ruffini Where can i find a barber to get such a fancy haircut? Hope i will not get arrested if i sport it in public.
Cheryl Travis Worse thing that South Korea could do is agree to North Korea’s demand. NK would over run SK immediately!
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