Mike Huckabee
20:03 05/18/2017

This is getting to a regular feature:

a man-on-the-street reporter asked participants in an anti-Trump protest to explain what about Trump upsets them so much, and why they want to bring back Obama. It’s painfully apparent that they know just as little about Obama’s policies as they do Trump’s. They’re just regurgitating they’ve been fed by their teachers, peers and the media: they're supposed to love Obama and hate Trump. So at least they’re equal opportunity mindless sheep. Warning: some of the bleeps on this video aren’t spot-on accurate.

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Carole Quinn
I think Soros is paying these protestors with drugs, smh
Rick Gattone
It's 81 here better get my dirty smelly fake wool used store hat/cap.. whatever
Karen Yates Dowdy
The sad part is they are so ignorant that they don't know they will never have Obama back!
Gene Burger
These Snowflakes are the leaders of the future...oh perish the thought!
Gail L. Fitches
Most of the liberals have no clue Obama bombed 7 countries in 8 years, and he is a warmonger and supported the terrorists.
J.d. Feagin
But I repeat- stupid is as stupid does. What turnip truck did these iijits fall off? Please lort send them back to their home planet.
Darel Collins
Liberals are just like horses. They wear blinders on their eyes and have to be led around by goons worse than they are.
Kathy Obert
It really is sad that they don't even know why they are protesting
Donna Peters
They are puppets being told what to do without questioning Pretty sad
Ed Will
this generation is absolute brainwashed in the Government ran public school system...and it s obvious they are mindless and can NOT think for themselves !!
Malinda Hoard
Duh!!! These people have no brains. They are so brainwashed by their idiot liberal professors' propaganda that they don't have any idea what is real. They live in Lala land.
Ryan Montgomery
Obama did nothing he said he would,do,expect trash,America only the blind an dumb voted.for obama.what good.did Obama ever do?answer is nothing
Maria V Medina Krause
Obama would never get close to the average person. These snowflakes are morons. It's very scary that as I get older these are the morons that we are leaving incharge.
Marty Stewart
Mike doesn't post interviewers asking Trump supporters questions, but they are hilarious. One guy was mad because Obama wasn't in the white house on 9/11. he wanted to know why Obama wasn't in his office - where was he? Another interviewer asked a number of Trump supporters about the protesters at a town hall meeting. they were upset that a lot of the people at the meeting didn't live in that district. then they got back on their busses and went home to their own districts.
Don Black
So very sad what this nation has become! This generation is the true lost children, so many of us have worked and struggled through both parties for decades, and never in my life have I seen so many blindly follow. This is America wake up let's give the President a chance the reason for the bashing by media is for personal gain not you best interest! Quit being sheep led to the fleecing, show some respect!

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Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome
Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome

Politics Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome By Mike Huckabee November 18, 2017 The Ohio Senate just joined that state’s House in passing a bill that would ban abortions just because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Violations would result in charges against the doc...

605 reactions 37 comments
Sherri Thompson Could never do it
Brenda Gallagher Leviticus 21:17-23,(summary) no one with any deformities or blemish shall be allowed to approach the alter of the Lord or become a priest. If God had such high standards on what was acceptable, who are we humans to allow these abominations to exist. ...
Brenda Gallagher So you can abort a baby because it's unwanted, but not because it's got Down's???
Eileen Dennis I was once told that the Peruvians pray for Down Syndrome babies because their love and compassion are so pure and true that they are considered the closest people to God.
Catherine Cole Wright Camila Wright Zolfaghari

Informant revealed in Uranium One case

Informant revealed in Uranium One case
Informant revealed in Uranium One case

The identity of the informant who will testify to Congress next week about the Uranium One deal has allegedly been revealed.

2.2k reactions 605 comments
Melody Olivares Get that dude in witness protection
Ronda Franks Hall Praying for his safety. Plus his family and friends.
Frank Liesch I Hope he's in a Witness Protection.
Eva Bayles better take good care of him, make sure the right people are around him now:(
Leslie Winter This is the tactic the Clintons have used politically for 20 years, as long as “accidents” happen to the witnesses these evil people will never be brought to justice!!!!!

This should make you go vote Republican!

Supreme Court picks revealed
Supreme Court picks revealed

Congress and liberal courts may be blocking much of the agenda President Trump ran on, but Republicans can’t fault him for the judges he’s been appointing, from Neil Gorsuch on down.

2.9k reactions 61 comments
Don Bruha God bless President Trump
John Grant The democrats have Ginsberg on life support
Rick Atkins Make me vote "republican"? I'm still not gett'in labotamized! So no thanks.
Carol Drummond Thank God Donald Trump is our president!!!!! He really cares about the people and try's his best to improve the country!!!! ❤️🇺🇸
Karen Shannon I noticed there is no one from the 9th Circuit Court on the list. Strange. LOL

This Dad is special...

Huck's Hero Special Dad Division

Let’s start this pre-Thanksgiving weekend on a positive note with a salute to a Huck’s Hero, Special Dad Division.

192 reactions 7 comments
Bill Klone Well Mike on Facebook we've had our differences, you spammed me for pointing out the huge shortfalls of DOJ and Sessions, and of course it turns out I was well ahead of my time in that regard. Anyway, I've been assessing future Republican talent, as in ...
Susann Burney Love you Mr. Huckabee
Anne Chovie Mike, your daughter is the smartest woman on the planet! On the planet!! I love watching her press conferences.
Philip Frady Alabama governor: We’d rather have a child molester in the Senate than a Democrat.
Janice Mayernick Hightower Beautiful!❤️

Be sure to tune in this weekend to “Huckabee” on TBN! We’ll have expert commentary on important news topics, plus the music of Ayla Brown and a visit with father-and-son WWE wrestling legends, Ted “Million Dollar Man” DiBiase and Ted DiBiase Jr. Don’t miss it! To find your local TBN channel, and to see previous shows, click this link:

Huckabee on TBN
Huckabee on TBN

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor, presidential candidate, and longtime popular political commentator has teamed up with global faith-and-family television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for a new weekly news and talk show exclusively on TBN.

71 reactions 8 comments
Jean Jordan Courtney Love you,Mike Huckabee ! and your daughter too!!
Maria Marroquin Saw your show today. Great show as always. Enjoyed Ayla Brown's songs. Nice to know she is former Senator Scott Brown's daughter. Beautiful and talented young lady.
Pamela Zuckerman I LOVE your new show Mike! It is fascinating, riveting, informative, fun, addicting...in a good way!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ray StAmour The Hypocrisy of the Evangelicals is Quite Appalling.. Trying to watch your show but can't get by the Slant...then I think of how your Daughter Treats the Truth, Sorry Not Buying The Support of the Con.. Hey maybe you could make a difference by being ...
Lajuana Tucker Thank you for putting cake artists point of view and asking America to pray it is coming before Supreme Court soon. Our very freedom is at Steak.

Some recent statements by Democrats might make sense when you see this...

A reson to impeach?
A reson to impeach?

If you’re wondering why Democrats are suddenly willing to throw their own leaders, from the Clintons to Al Franken, under the bus...

745 reactions 177 comments
Lynden Sartain 1. They want the Alabama Senate seat. 2. Then they want to use it to block and, hopefully get rid of our President. Americans will either be herded sheep, or we will begin to use our brains and find our will.
Philip Frady Good Lord Mike you cannot be this disingenuous! Shame on you.
Gary Boland Don't the liberals and the RINOs realize if they impeach President Trump for basically nothing, EVERY President from now on will be impeached
Tom Diffendal Trump is saving America and the liberals hate him for it
Barbara Bute These lefties are looneies , I say get over it, Killary LOST

Jeff Sessions is taking the Russian collusion scandal about as seriously as most of the rest of America is.

Attorney General Wins The Day With Hilarious Joke Highlighting Absurd Russian Collusion
Attorney General Wins The Day With Hilarious Joke Highlighting Absurd Russian Collusion 'Scandal'

“I certainly didn’t mean I had never met a Russian in the history of my life.”

1.1k reactions 72 comments
Robert Crouch Deserves a round of applause, slap on the back and a vocal “Atta Boy” !
Dorothy Moore Stop investigating the Republicans and the Russians or the Democrats and the Russians. Please investigate Russia to determine what they did and how they did it so we can prevent it in the future. If we find that they were able to collude with any ...
Sarah Sue Sessions is a liar just like Trump!
Russell Sonny Jones Hilariously funny
Philip Frady I bet you think denial is a river in Egypt. Here is what we now know: The Trump campaign was filled with operatives connected in shady ways to the Russian government. It included individuals who knew that the Russians had obtained Clinton-related emails ...

He's going to kill the "living Constitution." Good. The Constitution isn't some living document that's always evolving. It's set in stone, and Gorsuch knows it.

Trump's 1st SCOTUS Appointee Threw Down Constitutional Gauntlet During Moving Speech

If there were any remaining conservatives who had a doubt that President Donald Trump picked the right man to succeed Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch should have made them believers Thursday night. That’s when the newest justice on the nation’s highest bench delivered a speech to t...

6.5k reactions 143 comments
Charlie Smith Careful what you wish for. The right to bear arms would be limited to muskets and pistols you could load only one round at a time.
William Thomas Ramsey IV Donna Rabender, Sessions speech?
Nann Weissenberger He makes me proud that we have someone like him on the court.
Donna Rabender Did y'all see Sessions entire speech to this group? An eye opener. He holds his cards close to his chest. Not been sitting idly by. Search for it. He's funny too!
Harry N Tami Mead Integrity! <3

After allegations against Al Franken surfaced, this editor made the argument that the 'real scandal' is the fact that Vice President Mike Pence won't go eat dinner alone with other women besides his wife - but I don't think he was prepared for what happened next...

Christianity Today Editor Mocks Pence
Christianity Today Editor Mocks Pence's Respect For Women... Big Mistake

Most female Christian leaders I know find the Pence rule frustrating.

2.3k reactions 451 comments
Peggy Chiasson I agree with Mike Pence, he is not only holding great respect for his wife but also for himself in order to be above the manifestations of lies brought on by some media reporters.
Marybeth Sodano Parrott his comment wasn't that men can't control themselves....it's to protect both parties from false allegations....can't lie when someone else saw the "whole thing".....
Betty Altnether-strugar Wrong
Vicki Hunter-Carreno Love it that the Vice President stands on his principles. Respect him.
Jeanette Whaley Jones Vice President is right and I greatly admire him for that steadfast rule.

Jesse Jackson Announces Health Diagnosis: 'I Will Need Your Prayers'

289 reactions 297 comments
Ruth Ellen Wow...I hope all you mean people don't get Parkinsons..remember karma
Lynn VanWagner Not on my end will any be said for you!
Zack Williams Great "Christian" responses here as always. Jesse might be a horrible example, but you guys are right there with him...
Shirley Ann Do we pray to the devil
Paula Pickerd You know Jessup Jackson it's hard for me to feel sorry for you because you have been a her all your life .Looking out for your self...Somehow I don't believe all you are saying that is wrong with you. .You could be just wanting money..I know I sound ...

Dem. Sen. Disowns Clinton Over Sex, Then Humiliating Past Statements Surface

Dem. Sen. Disowns Clinton Over Sex, Then Humiliating Past Statements Surface
Dem. Sen. Disowns Clinton Over Sex, Then Humiliating Past Statements Surface

Kirsten Gillibrand, the woman who took over Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Senate representing New York state, is widely considered a probable 2020 Democrat presidential contender. On Thursday, she became one of the first prominent congressional Democrats to disown Bill Clinton, echoing a raft of lib...

1.1k reactions 182 comments
Bill Labant This 70+ old man is like a sex addict run riot in a brothel.
Darla Wheeler Edwards Just another opportunistic DEMONcrat 😎
Barry Hopper Hey, shouldn’t we save up all these accusations for when she actually runs and drop them all at once right before the election like the Dipocrites do? We can start looking for mud to sling now and save up till there isn’t enough time for her to react!! ...
Dee Hogge convenient speech...whichever the wind blows
Vonnie Speck Another Democrats sewage rat! She want make it has a candidate! She's already got her name hooked to the Clinton!

My latest Huck's hero!

139 reactions 6 comments
David Fuller Lying Hypocritical ShitTarded Hucksterbee
Donna Lee What is going on here? None of your comments have anything to do with Samuel Williams. Way to go Samuel.
Teresa Doe awe! <3
Vonnie Speck Fabian Butts well you are another Liberal and Satan's tool! I can say you are no Christian! Killary and husband she has murdered and committed more crimes than you'll ever know! Bill no pedophile of children! Obama a homo, drag queen, Islamic ...
Philip Frady Mike, A functioning democracy requires an engaged, informened and educated citizenry, sadly this is slipping away in the US. A sad time for us, hopefully there is resilience in our culture that can be drawn on after Trump is off the stage.

Join me in Israel next May! Learn more about this trip of a lifetime!

The Israel Experience
The Israel Experience

Today you will check-in with us to begin, what promises to be one of the best trips you’ve ever experienced!! We will meet you either at your hotel in the morning, or at the airport at 7 pm. We will fly from New York City to Tel Aviv. Dinner and Breakfast will be served on the plane.

100 reactions 7 comments
Janet Diaz Jenny Gideon message me if you can go with me on this trip in May.
Michael Gambino It truly was an amazing experience.
Susan Bourlet I so wish!!!
Elizabeth Stone Marvin This would be a dream!

No bias here...

NY Times calls on Facebook to censor pro-life groups
NY Times calls on Facebook to censor pro-life groups

A New York Times op-ed called on Facebook to censor posts by pro-life groups because they spread “misinformation,”

1.8k reactions 161 comments
Mark Dadisman Is there a way to contact Facebook on the issue and urge them not to censor pro-life groups?
Ed Bell Promoting murder , hate, and prohibiting free speech, are liberals facials or socialists? Either way it's not American or moral.
Andrew Kennedy More proof of how if the extreme liberal far-left/ANTIFA sympathizers get the candidates into Congress and the White House, then our Constitution is as good as dead! The only hope is any further SCOTUS vacancies come from liberals being replaced by ...
Marlene Mance I’m pro life and proud to be

In case you missed it! Lots of news to cover!

Today's Newsletter November 17 Edition

Today's Commentary: Al Franken -- Church of hubris -- New Reuters poll -- Museum of the Bible opens -- Trump threatens Church of Scientology tax exempt status -- Roy Moore update -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries

152 reactions 11 comments
Susanne Black President Trump needs to take tax exemption away from any organization that involves Soros, Clintons, Obama, BLM, Muslim Brotherhood, just to name a few.
Janet Adams Stone What is this world coming too?
Jeff Orthun Thanks Mike. You are the voice of reason in a time of collective insanity. Well done.
Sam Martin Johnson you have disappointed me
Carolyn Bobbitt A law should be passed in Alabama that anyone that's been impeached shouldn't be allowed to run for office again!

My thoughts on the mistrial...

Senator Bob Menendez isn
Senator Bob Menendez isn't headed for prison

It might surprise you to know that even after a United States senator is convicted of a crime, a two-thirds vote of the Senate is required for removal from office

827 reactions 191 comments
Beverly Jo Berry How do we get justice in the political nature of juries. This is the question.
Sherry Lynn Johnson Our justice system is a disgrace!
Chuck Bowman Mistrial does not mean not guilty. He can be retried.
Connie Bucksot Another example of the double standard.
Pat Floyd they should go to trial again

NCAA National Champions South Carolina Announce Decision On White House Invite

NCAA National Champions South Carolina Announce Decision On White House Invite
NCAA National Champions South Carolina Announce Decision On White House Invite

President Trump extended an invitation to the Gamecocks, and they just responded.

871 reactions 669 comments
Lori Sweeney Griffith Who cares
Valerie Jean Their loss.
Sandy Nelson Basketball players only need the President when they have been arrested in a foreign country looking at ten years in prison
Joe Daviduke Not like anyone watched them play
Geneva Benson Who cares? It’s always an honor to visit the White House. So sad but it’s their loss.

Sean Hannity read Roy Moore's letter on the air. Does it persuade you like it did Hannity?

Hannity Calls off Ultimatum After Receiving Letter From Roy Moore
Hannity Calls off Ultimatum After Receiving Letter From Roy Moore

Fox News host Sean Hannity backed down Wednesday from an ultimatum he issued earlier in the week demanding that Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore “remove any doubt” about whether or not he had pursued sexual relationships with teenagers in his 30s. “The people of Alabama deserve to have a fair…

2.4k reactions 408 comments
Rick Utgaard Hannity had no right to call out Moore like he did. Why didn't he call out his accusers?
Eva Bayles I already backed Moore but this seals it for any smart voter in Alabama or should:)
Brenda Harp You could tell from the start,that this was a smear campaign. Right before a big election? The Dems. are going to try to do this with every election. They can’t win honestly, so they have to do it underhanded. Smearing good peoples names will come back ...
Patricia Wright Vatakis Yes, I never doubted Judge Moore's innocence.
Roxanna Scott Messer No. All are a big pack of liars and dirt bags. #TERM LIMITS NOW!#Drain the Swamp! Bunch of corrupt pigs.

Black Lives Matter just found out the hard way why you don't put something on the internet unless you want it remembered forever.

BLM Deletes Poll After Trump Wins by a Landslide, But We Took a Screenshot
BLM Deletes Poll After Trump Wins by a Landslide, But We Took a Screenshot

The Black Lives Matter group suffered an embarrassing loss when it posted a poll that asked about President Donald Trump’s job performance, and the backing for the president was overwhelming. The poll, first put up on Twitter on Nov. 15 by the group, was posted three different times in the clear hop...

6.1k reactions 386 comments
Patty Bina Yes
Gene Steinman Since Obama hasn't been in the office not one town has burned.
Christina Somogyi Sluss So how about all the polls that say the President has a low approval rate?
Teresa Bridges Holmes Priceless!
Summer Rhae Hess Approve.


Clinton Nightmare: Uranium One Informant Has Video of "Briefcases Full of Cash"
Clinton Nightmare: Uranium One Informant Has Video of "Briefcases Full of Cash"

The Clintons may be finally on their way out of politics, but a growing scandal could drag them back into the public spotlight… or behind bars. New evidence against them in the “Uranium One” corruption case could make the Watergate scandal look like a picnic. Did Bill and Hillary Clinton accept brib...

7.2k reactions 616 comments
Terry Klender And still nothing will happen to them.
Mark Nobles Nothing sticks to her,..,
Suzanne Hayes Hope they go to jail where they belonged for a long time.
Hank Eckert They better put him and the evidence in protective custody ASAP!
Lisa Hession Elisa Quattrucci

Franken's Accuser Says She Accepts His Apology, But It Could Have Come Sooner

Franken's Accuser Says She Accepts His Apology, But It Could Have Come Sooner

"He had a chance to apologize to me then...He knew exactly what he did."

223 reactions 67 comments
Michael Grant He didn't apologize of his own free guilt and shame. He apologized because Tweeden called him out.
Judy A Remmert Apology lol he got caught!!! Pictures to back it up!!!
George Taylor He still needs to resign. What an awful man. Apologizes after the proof comes out, what a weasel. If he doesn’t resign, he needs to be forced out.
Alexa Bozeman Wallace She might accept it, but since he only apologized AFTER he was exposed the there was photo to prove it, I doubt it was very sincere.
Jack Behr Another victim bought off. Where's the Franken prosecution ?

No more "special" treatment for Hillary

No more "special" treatment for Hillary
No more "special" treatment for Hillary

Thanks to a year-long court battle by Judicial Watch, we finally have another small piece of the puzzle that is the Justice Department’s so-called investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her mishandling of classified material.

3.2k reactions 214 comments
Connie Tate Clinton Mafia all need to be prosecuted for their crimes and locked up....
Esther Robbins "Been there; done that! What will be different this time?
Katie Allen-Franklin Dems want her out and away! Look out!!!'
Maggie Gisonde Faltskog I bet she's packing..getting ready to make her escape. Obama has been awful quiet lately too....
Vonie Vancleave Dont lock her up strip her of all the money she has stolen and throw her azz in the middle of a sanctuary city. Let her reap the repercussions of her actions!!! All those over paid do nothing jack azzes need the same!!!

Reporters Mock Trump for Drinking Fiji Water During Presser - Then Eric Bolling Points Out the Truth

1.4k reactions 498 comments
Tami Bratich Fiji water is the best tho!
Ariel Yseth I'm really interested to see what Sen. Rubio's response will be....
Heather McWatt Stevens 🙄
Yvonne Hobbs Selig WHY is this news? SMH....
Donita Rhodes Fiji water is about as good of water one is going to get in a plastic bottle. No BPA bottle.

Articles of impeachment filed

Articles of impeachment filed
Articles of impeachment filed

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen led a group of fellow Democrats yesterday in formally filing articles of impeachment against President Trump, which could best be compared to doing for their base what the trainers at Sea World do when they toss chum to the seals.

3.0k reactions 1146 comments
Kim Robley What a bunch of morons !
Dee Bowdler SHAMEFUL
Alfred Gartzke Stop already!!
Jim Peggy Larson They are the ones who should be impeached.
Karen Purvis Idiots

Donald J. Trump isn't kidding, and it could mean huge problems for sanctuary cities...

Trump's DOJ Gives 29 Liberal Sanctuary Cities December 8 Ultimatum

The Department of Justice recently warned 29 jurisdictions that their so-called “sanctuary” policies were in violation of federal immigration laws and gave them a fast-approaching deadline to scrap those policies. On Nov. 15, the department informed officials in Illinois, Oregon, and Vermont, along…

3.4k reactions 189 comments
LaVon Walker California - sanctuary state - begging for $74.5BILLION of Federal Tax Payer $$$ - because of "wildfires" in Wine Country - how many of the fires were set by "illegal immigrants" protected by the "sanctuary state" ??????
Bill Royer Make it happen!
James Morris Where I come from if you get out of line you lose your place in line.
Yvonne Wilson This Man makes everyone think twice
Lauree Coleman I love my President!

I update.

Judicial activism in Hawaii hits brick wall
Judicial activism in Hawaii hits brick wall

How far did a liberal judge in Hawaii overreach his powers in yet again blocking President Trump’s travel ban from nations that are hotbeds of terrorism with no ability to vet residents?

146 reactions 74 comments
Darrell DYe Excellent!
Ricky Camp He should be removed from the beach.
Maureen Parry Short and sweet! Thanks!
Gae Calarco These liberal judges need to be permanently stopped.
Philip Frady "We now live in two Americas. One—now the minority—functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other—the majority—is retreating from a reality-based world into one of false certainty ...

The culture wars continue...

Federal judge dismisses an atheist group’s lawsuit
Federal judge dismisses an atheist group’s lawsuit

A federal judge dismissed an atheist group’s lawsuit against the Mercer County, West Virginia, school district for offering an elective course in the Bible that’s existed since 1939.

276 reactions 57 comments
Leslie DelaVergne Downs Atheism is a religion!
Vonnie Speck We need to go after these devil worshippers and bring case after case against them! Amen
Natti Durante Fire all liberal and . Muslim judges
Mary Biel Hope the trend continues.
James Michael Simmons But every step closer to civil war.

Last chance to vote on my website: Should Roy Moore drop out of the Alabama Senate race? http://www.mikehuckabee.com/index.cfm?p=roy-moore-poll5

229 reactions 933 comments
Annie Steadham No
Kip Carroll No
Julie Long Hawkins No !
Cheri Nugent No
Jeannie Marshall NO.


Sexual harassment claims reach Congress
Sexual harassment claims reach Congress

The flurry of sexual harassment allegations this week reached Congress. That was hardly a surprise...

525 reactions 387 comments
Debbie Muneio Creep
Kathleen Vargo Steiner Loudmouth Frankel
Peggy Chappell Heidenreich DO SOMETHING ONCE!!!!! KICK HIS AS S OUT!!!!!!!! VFEELY JERK

My thoughts on the Party...

Senator Johnson says he is a "NO"
Senator Johnson says he is a "NO"

And here we go again… Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin became the first Senate Republican to announce he’ll vote against his own party’s plan for tax reform.

737 reactions 509 comments
Lynn Smith Blokzyl Amen, Mike Huckabee..so tired of hearing " well, it's not exactly what I want..nothing ever will be..so here we sit..
Jean Moody-Putman If I were a violent person, I would be looking for a hit man. But I am not, so we are left with voting, revolution or a Convention of states.
Russell Anderson If I lived there. He would never get my vote
Kathryn Stotts Pathetic
Polina Yerkhov Follow The money. It's not ideological. Somebody paying for it.
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