Mike Huckabee
20:33 05/18/2017

Huck’s Criminal Mastermind Alert: it was bad enough when an Athens, Georgia,

man got arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother with a pork chop because she hadn’t brought him cigarettes (something tells me a healthy lifestyle isn’t that important in this family.) But he just got arrested for the second time in three months on another pork chop-related charge. Either he’s totally out of control or the police are just busting his chops.

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Pamela Wilson
Mary Haney
I am going to petition for a new organization: PAPCA- People Against Pork Chop Abuse
Gene Burger
But, "He's such a good boy"!!!!
Brian Hopkins
Michael Brigmond
Wow very pun-y
Sally Fitzhugh
Put him in prison with all the Muslims ahahahahaha
Gwen Moody
I've always loved the Comedy Hour!!!
Stacie Kruer Boyd
One ugly sob
Brent York
And "ISIS" is our demise? Lol! Not even close....
Lynn Carine Jones
Pork chop to the throat...lol
Anne Lineberger
What's bizarre about a porkchop?
Dawn Pablo
They'll be calling him, "pork chop" in prison.
Ken Jakobi
Pork Fetish
Carol Curley
You can't make this stuff up
Nancy Williams
I bet he thought beating someone with meat could not be an offense. LOL meat head.

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

My thoughts.

We need freedom from Freedom From Religion
We need freedom from Freedom From Religion

On November 3, an assistant coach for the Norman (Oklahoma) High School football team was seen praying with about a dozen of his student athletes before the game.

863 reactions 99 comments
Hody Cawkins OORRR, now here me out... freedom from freedom from freedom FROM religion
Mary Biel Investigated for what? It is only a diversion from all the dems and Hollywood elites that is happening here.
Joyce Fletcher I would prefer a coach who prays with my son and his team to one who misuses his authority and is molesting him. They should be grateful for a great coach! It is sad that people have nothing better to do than harass good people!
Janice Tritle Hammond Critical thinking leads to ??? Not much
Janice Tritle Hammond I always thought it said Freedom OF Religion


Ugly rant from ESPN anchor
Ugly rant from ESPN anchor

An ESPN host went off on a rant against those who are dropping their subscriptions over the politicizing of sports coverage and the NFL.

873 reactions 173 comments
Nancy St Laurent I just can’t figure out what he is saying. It seems like the main thing he’s saying is that he gets his paycheck directly deposited every two weeks and other than that he doesn’t care what happens. He may be in for a big surprise when his show is ...
Jim Lunak Ummm...... If he's ranting about people who have dropped ESPN, how does he think they'll hear him? Ah yes, the genius sportscaster.
Jeffrey Betyou I miss the old ESPN when it was about talking about sports only.
Virginia Cox Sorry ESPN. We dropped cable and stream. Definitely know how to drop ESPN and the NFL. So peaceful after church now. No distractions, just family time and more happiness because we are not putting $ in American haters pockets.
Tim List ESPN, isn't that some foreign language station. Along the sap programing on the tv? J/K

I remember a country music icon.

Mel Tillis RIP
Mel Tillis RIP

Nashville is in mourning today over the passing of a very different music icon...

2.1k reactions 74 comments
Jana Kay Power Jackson Ahhhh. That’s sad.
Fran Moffitt RIP Mel... you gave inspiration to folks with a stutter... you will be missed.
Ruth Gentry Forester I live near Branson, Mo. He was very popular here! R.I.P. Mel Tillis.
Diana Tolan Williamson RIP
Donald Cinalli Loved his sense of humor. An all round nice guy. Gonna make some angels smile.

Charles Manson dies

Charles Manson dies
Charles Manson dies

The obituary page is filled with famous names today. At least one probably won’t make you feel too sad...

801 reactions 77 comments
Lucille Prestie about time
Bill Peckat I was just as glad to see Karla Faye Tucker executed in Texas. Pat Robertson and others thought she should be spared. She was just as evil, her phony prison "conversion to Christ" nothwithstanding.
Lana Sumrall Well said
Teri Herrin Boneno We supported him long enough guess God had a reason would hate to be him
Busterand Johnnie Carnes Jesus loves him as much as he loves everone else.


Bernie Squirms on Live TV After Question About Clinton-Lewinsky Affair
Bernie Squirms on Live TV After Question About Clinton-Lewinsky Affair

Bernie Sanders is no stranger to hypocrisy. After all, he claims to despise capitalism but made over a million dollars last year, putting him in the top one percent of earners. Hilariously, around $800,000 came from an advance on his socialist-leaning book “Our Revolution.” He also ran as an “anti e...

1.5k reactions 148 comments
George Bastian I bet there are a bunch of victims in Bernie’s past.
Linda King Gilliand No one wants to touch “Slick Willy”....all those women came out in the 90’s, and most were dismissed by the Clinton’s as liars...fast forward, wonder what would happen if all this happened today?? If they still would be untouchable
Charles Blevins If he feels that way the why go after Roy Moore over allegations 40 years ago and shouldn’t it be up to the voters of Alabama?
David Deaton If I remember correctly, sweet Bernie helped write porn. No wonder he’s squirming
Mark Smith carefull sanders ... you past is about to hit you square in the face

Tis the season for stories like this one.

Government overreach in Phoenix
Government overreach in Phoenix

A Phoenix couple have ended their 250,000-light home Christmas display...

698 reactions 58 comments
Simone Therrien WHY, they had to closed the light ,it is the spirit of Christmas and the NEW YEARS
Sondra Drees What a bunch of whiners, the world's full of them
Bill Buckles Jr. Boo! Bah Humbug
Paula Watkins Calling B.S. on this one!
Wally Detjen This is so wrong. All our freedoms are being stripped one by one with no way to stop it.

Shocking I know...

Obamacare: the most regressive tax
Obamacare: the most regressive tax

Obamacare Obamacare: the most regressive tax By Mike Huckabee November 20, 2017 Democrats who are attacking the Republican tax reform plans for giving income tax cuts to the rich but not the poor never mention the inconvenient fact that the poor don’t pay income taxes. However, if you’d like an exam...

879 reactions 121 comments
Terry Swift Just like the man himself!
Richard Smithson Very interesting view!!!!!!!
Mary Riddell That tax pays nothing but more Medicaid which is no pay insurance.
Larry Woodward Why, oh why do we have to see this face very day? PLEASE! I am now deleting any post that has this picture. Enough is enough.
Charles Larson Obamacare originated in the senate, not congress, so that makes it illegal.

Hmm, I wonder why you don't hear about this...

FBI Report Destroys Islamophobia Myth, Most Hate Crimes Are Against Jews
FBI Report Destroys Islamophobia Myth, Most Hate Crimes Are Against Jews

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, many liberals claimed that hate crimes against Muslims were on the rise in the United States, and tried to link that directly to the election of President Donald Trump. However, The FBI recently released a report detailing all the reported hate crimes of 2016,…

1.9k reactions 90 comments
Jeff Johnson Because mueller rewrote the FBI manual on hate crimes removing islam to prevent islamic violent backlash from telling the truth.
David Dar-El Because it the liberals pushing their false agenda and protecting their darling Muslims.
Douglas Fahnlander Hate crimes against the Jews are on the rise because the Cowards in the Democratic Party do nothing but appease those who Hate Jews and want to drive them into the sea.
Christine Vitale White That I believe.....
Robert Bales Because the left doesn't like jews, and it doesn't fit their narrative!

He didn't hold back.

President Trump fires back
President Trump fires back

President Trump is taking flak over yet another impolitic tweet, this time about the UCLA basketball players who could have faced 10 years in prison in China for shoplifting, but who are now safely home because Trump intervened.

740 reactions 170 comments
Terri Christopher Dont steal period! The father should be saying that instead of making excuses. ugh. Bad parenting.
Richard Kennedy Exactly. This parent is what is wrong in America
Suzanne Metz Apau showed their 'true colors'.... ingrates!
Diane Dunning-Kruger Weird how the president gets angrier at black folks for being ungrateful than he does at Roy Moore for diddling kids
Jacob Knelsen President trump should of left them in jail.😡😡😝

ESPN announcer: 'If you did that, then you’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope.'

ESPN Anchor Launches Ugly Attack Against Viewers Who Boycotted Network over NFL Protests
ESPN Anchor Launches Ugly Attack Against Viewers Who Boycotted Network over NFL Protests

I would try to educate people, but it’s pointless to educate people who don’t care to be educated.

1.8k reactions 754 comments
Carol Keen If people aren't watching ESPN then how do they know what you said.
Rick Tackett you know it is working or they would not feel the need to deny, as a avid sports fan I quit espn and have missed nothing
Jim Otterholt Hey duffess, you can ugly attack all you want. Until the NFL stops disrespecteding the Flag and the Nation I will not watch any show that is NFL related. Not that my viewing will be a show stopper, but the millions who join just might be.
Dave Tolman Just clueless.
Sharon Richardson Dyer Good thing I never watch his show either

A Huck's hero story I have never forgotten.

Huck's Hero - Special Dog Division

If any Huck's Hero ever deserved a hearty, “Good dog!,” this is the one.

180 reactions 12 comments
Bernadette Stinson As a dog and cat lover your story touched my heart. Our whole family are lovers of both dogs and cats. In fact my oldest granddaughter is becoming a military dog handler and will be getting her dog soon. Thank you for this story.
Barbara Abbey Got to love this.
Linda Hart Smith Wonderful story!!!
Charlotte Daugherty Wow! People can be so rude. Happy Thanksgiving to the Huckabee family. Enjoy your holiday with family and friends.
Katrina Mason Who in the world are these people following these comments? No one wants holidays anymore? Nothing wrong with or to with dogs, WOW? This is a messy mess mess. ?!!

Trump Issues Immediate Statement After Border Patrol Agent Is Killed

Trump Issues Immediate Statement After Border Patrol Agent Is Killed
Trump Issues Immediate Statement After Border Patrol Agent Is Killed

Just hours after a Border Patrol agent was pronounced dead over injuries suffered in an apparent attack, President Trump reiterated his pledge for a border wall and promised “to bring to justice those responsible.” According to a statement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Sunday, two agents wer...

1.3k reactions 99 comments
Marlene Rees Graef 😟
Jesus Sanabria Built the wall and remove from office those open borders democrats party.
Janet Smith We need the e and make it electric
Debbie French Warren Build the Wall!!
Van Scheurich Get the wall built NOW! Democrats could careless about our people, they only want illegals and drugs to come into our country.

A big Huck’s Hero salute to Samuel Williams of Ocala, Florida. He was in an Internet café when two young armed robbers came in brandishing a pistol and a baseball bat. They probably never imagined that the 71-year-old Williams, who was just sipping coffee and using his laptop, was also a concealed carry permit holder with a .38-caliber handgun, which he proceeded to whip out faster than Marshal Dillon and put to use. The thugs will survive, but they’ll probably never again assume that septuagenarian web geeks are easy targets. Click the link to see surveillance video of how the gent who was packing sent the two young hooligans packing.

Remarkable Video Shows a Packing Senior Stop Armed Thugs Faster Than Cops
Remarkable Video Shows a Packing Senior Stop Armed Thugs Faster Than Cops

A packing senior showed a couple of would-be robbers who was boss when he opened fire on them in an Florida internet café — and surveillance video caught the heroic moment on film. Samuel Williams, 71, happened to be sitting in the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Florida, when two men walked into the…

4.4k reactions 180 comments
Jeff White Why George Richardson ?
Deborah Wilson Stewart Oh get ready for the law suits
Ana Fuentes Grandpa thug to the rescue ! Lol
Gail Stamness Great man
Sherry Garcia Love it!!

Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, and you’re probably already tired of hearing “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” playing in stores. So if you’re looking for some great new music about the real meaning of Christmas to put you in a holiday mood, here are six recommended new albums from top Christian music artists.

6 Christian Artists Releasing New Christmas Music
6 Christian Artists Releasing New Christmas Music

With Christmas fast approaching, a number of singers are releasing new music to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christian Post is highlighting six new Christmas music projects which are sure to help usher in some Yuletide cheer.

175 reactions 8 comments
Richard Flannery How about Family Force 5 's Christmas album? I personally love Carol of the Bells. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uNQanxXvmpo
Lisa Petersen Casting Crowns have a new Christmas cd out too. "It's Finally Christmas "
Marolyn Bean Gray I'm not tired of Christmas music; I love Christmas music.
Vonnie Speck David Fuller I hear IS IS is hiring you'd make a great terrorist! Illiterate moron!
Vonnie Speck Amen

LaVar Ball Finally Responds After Trump Helps Free His Son From China... Buckle Up

LaVar Ball Finally Responds After Trump Helps Free His Son From China... Buckle Up
LaVar Ball Finally Responds After Trump Helps Free His Son From China... Buckle Up

The president worked to secure his release after he was arrested for shoplifting.

2.2k reactions 1392 comments
Alex Novak So many low life dim witted pieces of left wing gutter trash like this dad in our society today. Being a trash bag is an epidemic.
Albert Macias Garcia Jr. Should have left those thugs in china
Jean Allen They can always go back, This black daddy is SCUM low life.
Leon Edwards He is just another peace of garbage his him and his thieving son back over there
Mary Fulton Hayes Yep- just another mental midget

This reporter might want to check his facts next time.

Reporter Tries to Say Trump Hasn
Reporter Tries to Say Trump Hasn't 'Weighed In' on Roy Moore - That's When Sarah Sanders Steps In

It’s just a simply inaccurate statement to make about the president.

1.1k reactions 125 comments
Teresa Doe Do they ever get facts? lol I love Sarah!
Joseph M Couture Mike, you don't understand, facts are irrelevant.
Kevin Hines Your daughter is ANOINTED for this Mr. Huckabee lol.
Lynda Wilhelm Collins Don’t mess with Sarah! Dummy Love her!!!!
Brent Davis Sarah does a fantastic job considering how much hostility there is in that room for her and the president. It looks like that entire room despises her and anyone that is associated with the president. It's so obvious their sole purpose is to attack ...

Sad news about the 67-year-old former 'Partridge Family' star has just been released.

David Cassidy Rushed to Hospital in Critical Condition:
David Cassidy Rushed to Hospital in Critical Condition: 'It's Looking Grim'

I’m not going to vanish or disappear forever.

383 reactions 90 comments
Patricia Allen Kostyo I pray for him and his family.
Melanie Sellers Mary Carl
Diana Goetsch prayers for peace and comfort for David and his entire family.
Shirley Pere His marriage to drinking has made him pay the price. Too Bad.
Paula Gervais Very sad..

In case you missed my appearance this week:

US tax code needs to be eliminated, Mike Huckabee says
US tax code needs to be eliminated, Mike Huckabee says

US tax code needs to be eliminated, Mike Huckabee says November 13, 2017 Permalink: http://www.mikehuckabee.com/2017/11/us-tax-code-needs-to-be-eliminated-mike-huckabee-says Top Stories Bill Clinton says rural folks more gullible Judge Roy Moore's response Reconsidering the Clintons

344 reactions 64 comments
Wayne Schoenhut Flat tax on everything...no exceptions
Kathy Darrow Constant True!
Pam Stellrecht-ong There is a tax issue that is hardly mentioned in the tax reform bill. It affects millions of us. The House has taken away the MEDICAL DEDUCTIONS. This is NOT okay and will hurt a lot of us. My husband and I are senior citizens. We have insurance through ...
Shirley Murray I agree!
Ruby M Wood Yes u could

So, tell me again about how Obamacare is helping low-income and middle-class Americans?

"Policy of the People"- 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Sub $50K Households
"Policy of the People"- 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Sub $50K Households

Barack Obama ran as a hero for the common American, promising “hope and change” for the nation’s downtrodden. It’s no surprise that his signature legislation, Obamacare, was also marketed as an amazing benefit for the middle class and poor Americans. However, a new report reveals that Obama’s true l...

2.0k reactions 402 comments
LaVon Walker MEDICAID has been available for the POOR for many many years! OBcare was a total scam to destroy the Health Care System and "control the people" with FEAR!
Sondra McNelley he was NEVER for the average people - I don't understand how so many people still think he is so great. he did more to ruin our way of life than anyone in our history.
Mary O'Connell This was just another source of revenue for the government. The SCOTUS even ruled as such, the law was a tax....
Craig Phelps If insured w GREAT INSURANCE that doesn't include sex changes or abortions CBO SAYS YOU ARE UNINSURED Liars - CBO ARE LIARS
Jo Ellen Hammer Carci Designed to fail .. then government run socialized healthcare. Please dump this one now .. Congress!

In case you missed my newsletter from yesterday, you can read it here:

Today's Newsletter November 18 Edition

Today's Commentary: Al Franken -- Huck's Hero - Special Dad Division -- Informant revealed -- A reason to impeach? -- Trump accusations resurface -- Prayers for Rev. Jesse Jackson -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries

114 reactions 22 comments
Ed Hathaway He Mock groped - and for years he's been a mock senator
Vonnie Speck Drain all the sewage rats! Rev. Jackson I believe in karma!
Betsy Stevens As always, your newsletter is a good read.
Carla French Hayes This guys a pig
Joyce Terry Never liked this Dude !

This is what negotiation and an iron backbone can get you.

Trump's Middle East: Saudis to Give Billions to Israel, Utterly Crush Hezbollah

When it comes to the Middle East, this is the kind of change President Donald Trump supporters have been waiting for. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a source close to Saudi Arabia’s royal family said this week that the nation’s king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, intends to step down next week an...

4.9k reactions 244 comments
Ljr Rosinlyons Lori S. Lyons
Daylinda Lademan I hope this is true! What a changed.
Keith Strong Just gotta love it. Enemies coming together to kill more terrorist groups.
Mike Traynor That Obama instead insulted Israel and embraced Iran speaks volumes about Obama and Trump. Wake up!
Mary Speth So get on top of this story and keep plastering it on social media. For once do not let the kooks on the left grab the narrative when a few terrorists resist this change.

Bogus legislative doubletalk can lead you here...

Gutting Obamacare
Gutting Obamacare

At the link, a look at the difficulties ahead in getting the Senate to pass a tax reform bill so that both Houses can get together to hammer out a compromise bill.

154 reactions 43 comments
Dorothy Martin The Republicans do not have a majority in the Senate, when there are at least two Democrat's in Republican clothing, Senator Collins from Maine and Senator Johnson from Wisconsin. they haven't voted yes on any of the important bills since Trump took ...
Darrell Hollingsworth This is called what it is a tax the only way the government can take away your income tax money by you not paying your taxes so if you can't afford high cost Obamacare the I R S collects the fine by TAKEN your Refund money the democrats don't want to ...
Nellie Banke Who let Barry back into the White House Oval Office, is this photo being sent around the WORLD see I’m still PRESIDENT? Get him out NOW!
Stewart Hilton It is so hard to implement change no matter how bad the need. People will ride a dead horse forever.
Marie Manella Lose your job, Health Insurance rates triple U get taxed, because you don't qualify for Medicare and can't afford to pay three times more in premiums now than the cost prior to Affordable Care Act of Lies

Obama expanded welfare rolls to record levels. Trump's making them work instead.

Developing: Trump Admin Eyes Forcing Medicaid Recipients to Work for Welfare
Developing: Trump Admin Eyes Forcing Medicaid Recipients to Work for Welfare

In yet another effort to roll back the Obama administration’s legacy of increasing Americans’ dependence on the government, the Trump administration is looking toward allowing states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. In remarks this week before the National Association of Medicaid…

4.7k reactions 507 comments
Rick Toro Thank you ! Too many use this as a way of life. Others work and pay taxes so they dont have to work ! Enough !
Gregory Zollo Able bodied people should ALWAYS work for needed short term support.
Richard Barbella Reinstate workfore. This is the first thing obozo eliminated in his effort to ruin this country.
Sharon Denney Yea Trump! That's MY president!!!!
Ronda Raley Amen


Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome
Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome

Politics Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome By Mike Huckabee November 18, 2017 The Ohio Senate just joined that state’s House in passing a bill that would ban abortions just because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Violations would result in charges against the doc...

605 reactions 37 comments
Sherri Thompson Could never do it
Brenda Gallagher Leviticus 21:17-23,(summary) no one with any deformities or blemish shall be allowed to approach the alter of the Lord or become a priest. If God had such high standards on what was acceptable, who are we humans to allow these abominations to exist. ...
Brenda Gallagher So you can abort a baby because it's unwanted, but not because it's got Down's???
Eileen Dennis I was once told that the Peruvians pray for Down Syndrome babies because their love and compassion are so pure and true that they are considered the closest people to God.
Catherine Cole Wright Camila Wright Zolfaghari

Informant revealed in Uranium One case

Informant revealed in Uranium One case
Informant revealed in Uranium One case

The identity of the informant who will testify to Congress next week about the Uranium One deal has allegedly been revealed.

2.2k reactions 605 comments
Melody Olivares Get that dude in witness protection
Ronda Franks Hall Praying for his safety. Plus his family and friends.
Frank Liesch I Hope he's in a Witness Protection.
Eva Bayles better take good care of him, make sure the right people are around him now:(
Leslie Winter This is the tactic the Clintons have used politically for 20 years, as long as “accidents” happen to the witnesses these evil people will never be brought to justice!!!!!

This should make you go vote Republican!

Supreme Court picks revealed
Supreme Court picks revealed

Congress and liberal courts may be blocking much of the agenda President Trump ran on, but Republicans can’t fault him for the judges he’s been appointing, from Neil Gorsuch on down.

2.9k reactions 61 comments
Don Bruha God bless President Trump
John Grant The democrats have Ginsberg on life support
Rick Atkins Make me vote "republican"? I'm still not gett'in labotamized! So no thanks.
Carol Drummond Thank God Donald Trump is our president!!!!! He really cares about the people and try's his best to improve the country!!!! ❤️🇺🇸
Karen Shannon I noticed there is no one from the 9th Circuit Court on the list. Strange. LOL

This Dad is special...

Huck's Hero Special Dad Division

Let’s start this pre-Thanksgiving weekend on a positive note with a salute to a Huck’s Hero, Special Dad Division.

192 reactions 7 comments
Bill Klone Well Mike on Facebook we've had our differences, you spammed me for pointing out the huge shortfalls of DOJ and Sessions, and of course it turns out I was well ahead of my time in that regard. Anyway, I've been assessing future Republican talent, as in ...
Susann Burney Love you Mr. Huckabee
Anne Chovie Mike, your daughter is the smartest woman on the planet! On the planet!! I love watching her press conferences.
Philip Frady Alabama governor: We’d rather have a child molester in the Senate than a Democrat.
Janice Mayernick Hightower Beautiful!❤️

Be sure to tune in this weekend to “Huckabee” on TBN! We’ll have expert commentary on important news topics, plus the music of Ayla Brown and a visit with father-and-son WWE wrestling legends, Ted “Million Dollar Man” DiBiase and Ted DiBiase Jr. Don’t miss it! To find your local TBN channel, and to see previous shows, click this link:

Huckabee on TBN
Huckabee on TBN

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor, presidential candidate, and longtime popular political commentator has teamed up with global faith-and-family television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for a new weekly news and talk show exclusively on TBN.

71 reactions 8 comments
Jean Jordan Courtney Love you,Mike Huckabee ! and your daughter too!!
Maria Marroquin Saw your show today. Great show as always. Enjoyed Ayla Brown's songs. Nice to know she is former Senator Scott Brown's daughter. Beautiful and talented young lady.
Pamela Zuckerman I LOVE your new show Mike! It is fascinating, riveting, informative, fun, addicting...in a good way!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ray StAmour The Hypocrisy of the Evangelicals is Quite Appalling.. Trying to watch your show but can't get by the Slant...then I think of how your Daughter Treats the Truth, Sorry Not Buying The Support of the Con.. Hey maybe you could make a difference by being ...
Lajuana Tucker Thank you for putting cake artists point of view and asking America to pray it is coming before Supreme Court soon. Our very freedom is at Steak.

Some recent statements by Democrats might make sense when you see this...

A reson to impeach?
A reson to impeach?

If you’re wondering why Democrats are suddenly willing to throw their own leaders, from the Clintons to Al Franken, under the bus...

745 reactions 177 comments
Lynden Sartain 1. They want the Alabama Senate seat. 2. Then they want to use it to block and, hopefully get rid of our President. Americans will either be herded sheep, or we will begin to use our brains and find our will.
Philip Frady Good Lord Mike you cannot be this disingenuous! Shame on you.
Gary Boland Don't the liberals and the RINOs realize if they impeach President Trump for basically nothing, EVERY President from now on will be impeached
Tom Diffendal Trump is saving America and the liberals hate him for it
Barbara Bute These lefties are looneies , I say get over it, Killary LOST

Jeff Sessions is taking the Russian collusion scandal about as seriously as most of the rest of America is.

Attorney General Wins The Day With Hilarious Joke Highlighting Absurd Russian Collusion
Attorney General Wins The Day With Hilarious Joke Highlighting Absurd Russian Collusion 'Scandal'

“I certainly didn’t mean I had never met a Russian in the history of my life.”

1.1k reactions 72 comments
Robert Crouch Deserves a round of applause, slap on the back and a vocal “Atta Boy” !
Dorothy Moore Stop investigating the Republicans and the Russians or the Democrats and the Russians. Please investigate Russia to determine what they did and how they did it so we can prevent it in the future. If we find that they were able to collude with any ...
Sarah Sue Sessions is a liar just like Trump!
Russell Sonny Jones Hilariously funny
Philip Frady I bet you think denial is a river in Egypt. Here is what we now know: The Trump campaign was filled with operatives connected in shady ways to the Russian government. It included individuals who knew that the Russians had obtained Clinton-related emails ...
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