Mike Huckabee
20:33 05/18/2017

Huck’s Criminal Mastermind Alert: it was bad enough when an Athens, Georgia,

man got arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother with a pork chop because she hadn’t brought him cigarettes (something tells me a healthy lifestyle isn’t that important in this family.) But he just got arrested for the second time in three months on another pork chop-related charge. Either he’s totally out of control or the police are just busting his chops.

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Pamela Wilson
Mary Haney
I am going to petition for a new organization: PAPCA- People Against Pork Chop Abuse
Gene Burger
But, "He's such a good boy"!!!!
Brian Hopkins
Michael Brigmond
Wow very pun-y
Sally Fitzhugh
Put him in prison with all the Muslims ahahahahaha
Gwen Moody
I've always loved the Comedy Hour!!!
Stacie Kruer Boyd
One ugly sob
Brent York
And "ISIS" is our demise? Lol! Not even close....
Lynn Carine Jones
Pork chop to the throat...lol
Anne Lineberger
What's bizarre about a porkchop?
Dawn Pablo
They'll be calling him, "pork chop" in prison.
Ken Jakobi
Pork Fetish
Carol Curley
You can't make this stuff up
Nancy Williams
I bet he thought beating someone with meat could not be an offense. LOL meat head.

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

Breaking: House And Senate Reach A Deal

Breaking: House And Senate Reach A Deal
Breaking: House And Senate Reach A Deal

Limit the Trump administration's ability to...

36 reactions 92 comments
Syndi Helgerson Gates Go ahead. Just remember what goes around comes around. Once done you WILL not do it for the DEMONcrats if they ever get back in control.
Richard Boone So treasonous trash will stand up against trump and therefore against the people. But you gutless lying spineless would not stand up to Obama. GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryanne Hand I think this is what Trump wanted. He got them working together, finally. Stil..I think they are all.idiots and never been so disapointed in my life in the piased, self absorbed , and arrogant Republican representives. They are no better than the ...
Don Bolyard Don't the uranium that Hillary sold to Russia and the deals that padded the Clinton Foundation. What about all those unscheduled meetings with Russia that Obama had with Russia.
Eric Ewalt Who says trump is able to deal with Russia? He got a Syria ceasefire at G20 and Isis coordinating attacks with them. Better than anything Obama did.

Yes please: "The Republican Senators must step up to the plate and, after 7 years, vote to Repeal and Replace. Next, Tax Reform and Infrastructure. WIN!" - Donald Trump

1.3k reactions 123 comments
Jacqueline Adler Repeal, with NO replacement! We don't need a government-run healthcare insurance system. The government can't even efficiently run the Postal Department; who really thinks we should allow them to handle the health insurance needs of millions of private ...
Lenora Scott Tripp If they would quit getting taking money from insurance companies...their votes were already bought and paid for. Repeal and Replace Congress!!
Richard Sessions The American people want Obamacare REPEALED and NOT REPLACED! Let insurance go back to the free market! Get govt. out of the healthcare business!
Candy Riddle Yes, but a true REPEAL with no bailout $ to the ins carriers included. And effective immediately... bull on the 2 yr crap. We need help now!
Curtis Wollam No, they need to step up and repeal and remove...and trash. Get the government's hand out of health care......and out of our personal lives. Healthcare needs to be placed back on the free market.

Until you can tell me who actually told you that Jeff Sessions or anyone else talked about anything with the Russian ambassador that officials in any other Administration wouldn’t have, or until you can offer proof of your “Trump’s discussing pardons” story (which Trump’s lawyer already dismissed as “nonsense”), I’m going to ignore that, too. Life is too short to spend it analyzing fake news. It’s like being asked to dissect a unicorn.

1.9k reactions 118 comments
Anne Ray I agree, Mike Huckabee! Too many people out here that like to sensationalize and melodramatize everything! We call them the boring people with boring lives!😂
Sandy Hatfield the LEFT really keeps us ENTERTAINED.....look how they have MOVED around the board TRYING to get CHECK MATE....😂......DJT is a TRUE AMERICAN LEADER 🇺🇸
Teresa Veal This is Russian ghost left by Obama as booby traps for the Trump Administration. The Honorable Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one who is not distracted by this. He is making real change and stopping real criminals. God bless America
Frank Bailey This is all a distraction from the real investigations that should be taking place. Ask yourself who was in charge when Russia was "so called" hacking the elections?
John Boyd One has said it so I will The U.S. tries to influence election, even our own. We are not going to do anything because we do it too. It's part of the political game they all play.

The Democratic Party has chosen a slogan for the 2018 midterm elections, in an attempt to convince voters that this time, they’ve really learned their lesson about all that arrogance and contempt they showed for working Americans, and seriously, they can be trusted now. The rather redundant slogan is, “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” Unfortunately, it took only nanoseconds before it was being razzed all over Twitter for its similarity to Papa John’s Pizza’s slogan: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” If Democrats are going to claim they can bring you better jobs and wages, they probably don’t want to remind everyone that the last time they were in charge, not that long ago, people were lucky to find jobs delivering pizzas. Personally, I think I have a slogan for them that’s far more accurate, but I doubt they’ll take me up on it: “Fool you once, shame on us. Fool you twice, shame on you.”

624 reactions 221 comments
Nora Smith I thought Mr. Schumer seemed a bit off today not his usual confidant self, you know where you believe he believes his lies! He knows they're done for at least the next 8 years!
Kim Brulee They probably chose that slogan because they know the Basket of Deplorables (down in Podunk USA) main food source is pizza. Maybe you will get a free pizza with every vote :D
Andy Williams Thank God people understand the Constitution !! Just sayn this also even thought it's not connected to healthcare When you see the videos of Police Officers making a traffic stop and the people give them a hard time Driving is also not a Right it is a ...
Tico Carreras OH My God, that is so original, shows they can even think collectively intelligently. Enough with these idiots. fire them all. They've already amass fortunes at our expense, why give them more can you use the money instead? Work for it. Life is not ...
Bill Travis nothing but a corrupt bunch of losing liars that could have given 2 craps about the democratic people, now that they lost they are trying to sprew how much they care. BS if you cared you'd still be in office. You lost your way and lost many democratic ...

Some school officials in San Francisco have decided that the current government-mandated school lunches aren’t unappetizing enough, so they’re going to do away with the only beverage kids can stand to wash them down with. I’m sure this will end well, even though it’s already been tried in Los Angeles and did not work out well at all.

235 reactions 122 comments
Patricia Ammerman-Hanley They put a ban on chocolate milk for schools but not a ban on alcohol, beer or wine! Oh, I forgot they drink that! They are a disgrace.
Patrick McNally This is an interesting article on chocolate milk vs. white milk, and goes on to say that chocolate milk has no more sugar than the same size apple juice. I think this falls in line with spanking vs. time out chair, etc. People are literally making up ...
Jonathan Roux California is a joke and an embarrassment. I would never step one foot in the God forsaken state for fear of catching stupidity.
Adam Polk When are these idiots going to figure it out? You wouldn't believe the options I had to eat or drink when I was in school. Why am I not fat? Exercise!!!!!!
Sal Mars Slip sliding away. Another free choice slashed by overbearing know-it-alls imposing their ridiculous beliefs on the people. How do they come up with this nonsense? A study? Is that the same as "a poll says"...??? Give me a break!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to pay an $10 million legal settlement to a former Gitmo detainee who killed a US soldier and blinded another in a grenade attack is going over with Canadians about as well as a broccoli-flavored donut at Tim Horton’s. Here’s how a wounded veteran expressed his outrage.

752 reactions 98 comments
Nanci Fox There are so many Canadians against paying this terrorist..we do not all stand for trudeau
Sandee Day Sue the puke pig, for your injuries ! For all he got and More!
Ann Martin I'm never going to Canada again and Trudeau is a pile of 💩
Christine Sanspariel Since when do we reward terrorist
Jackie Dente This is pathetic and disgusting I won't even read the article

Republican Surgeon Drops Bombshell on McCain Diagnosis... Game-Changer

1.1k reactions 386 comments
Vonda Carder Henthorne it is truth. I realized this same thing the moment he announced his illness. This is certainly untimely. It is of no disrespect to the senator, but it is the sad reality. The country and his state are still moving on in the midst of his terrible ...
Teri Garner- Baier Sorry, I agree with her. He should have relinquished his seat a long time ago but with this type of cancer, one has to wonder if it has already affected his decisions and I can speak from experience, this type of cancer will debilitate him and the ...
Anne Sayre My prayers are with the McCain family. This is a horrible diagnosis. However, the doctor is right. Doctors have the unfortunate job of telling people the hard truth with regard to the medical reality at hand. That being said, brain cancer can radically ...
Garcia N. Almed All of McCain's presidential ambitions dashed. And maybe he should now stop criticizing President Trump and concentrate on being well, being healthy and spend more time with his loved ones.
Dana Bareford Allison Can you imagine if any one of us were to be diagnosed with a serious and life threatening illness and within days, someone is calling for our resignation? Not only is there a federal law that protects ones' job for a period of time while allowing time ...

The cradle of the free speech movement, UC-Berkeley, now seems to be firmly in the hands of people who belong in a cradle, because they have a tantrum whenever anything upsets them. The latest example of their ongoing efforts to stifle non-leftist speech is that conservative Ben Shapiro was booked to speak in September by the College Republicans, but officials blocked it. Their excuse: lack of a venue. They just can’t find a lecture hall where he can speak with only two months advance warning. (FYI: the central campus alone is 178 acres and includes dozens of buildings, and presumably, not a single one will have a large room empty for an hour or so in September.) As this story notes, California Sen. Diane Feinstein recently asked anyone who had evidence that Berkeley was suppressing conservative speech to show it to her. Come September, if someone could take a selfie in one of the many empty lecture halls and email it to Sen. Feinstein, I’m sure she’d appreciate your help.

322 reactions 71 comments
Eileen Smithers What Country are they from, They are not True Americans. oh right they are from The Walking Dead Shows .Oh wait maybe I am Wrong they look more like Zombies
Diane Partridge Wonder if they're finding it hard to find jobs with a UC Berkeley degree...anyone watching stats on this??
Mary Riddell These kids are very bad for our America. I hope none of these people go into politics. They do not have honesty or love of Freedom and so indoctrinated that their beliefs are locked up in beliefs controlled by the Elites.
Becca Walker This is not an institution of higher learning. Cut the funds.
Jim Wheiland Cut ALL federal funding to the City and college!

Just In: Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump Jr. Drops Bomb - It Could Change Everything

983 reactions 138 comments
Sabrina Deeter "“If the Senate wishes to hear the real story, I will be happy to speak up and share everything I wanted to tell Mr. Trump.” she said." Everything she WANTED to tell him...
Jason Levy Carvalho you liberals are taking stupidity to a whole new level😂. keep it up. and we will never see a democratic globalist in office ever again😂 (TRUMPPrison)😂 more like paedophiles/ thieves/ Islamist/globalist/evil/ murderers/ don't need to give you the names ...
Catherine Watkins Mayberry If anyone needs to be investigated it's the Clinton's. And everyone that wants to testify against then ends up dead.
Linda G Trotter I wouldn't believe a word she says!!!! She is probably on Soros's payroll!!!
Gina Blighton Who knew conversations or merely listening to a person speak were illegal in The United States Of America. Only in the dim-0's transformed America where he'll set the stage for entrapment every time.

It’s Saturday, and after a long week of having to listen to the 24/7 “news” people, I think we could all use a rest. Go play with your kids or read a book or take in some music. Anything but listening to the media harp away at Trump on a beautiful July weekend. So here are the stories that are all over the news today that I think it's pretty safe to ignore: 1. Inside baseball stories about Trump’s staff. Aside from the marvelous decision about the new Press Secretary, does anyone really care, other than the reporters who are there every day, trying to get their faces on camera saying something combative and disrespectful so their colleagues will buy them a drink later? Trump shook up his staff. So does every President. George W. Bush had four press secretaries, and Obama had three. Can you name any of them? Oh, but here’s some interesting trivia: Obama supporters love to call Trump a sexist, but guess which one of them never hired a female press secretary? Hint: Ask my daughter, the press secretary. By the way, I’m sure she’ll be terrific at the job. She’s smart, tough, honest, experienced, competent, and I can personally attest that she knows how to handle children.

608 reactions 63 comments
Linda Harper Slaton Love this, your daughter is awesome, have a great weekend
KimKyle Secrist Love Sarah, you must be so proud of her Governor Mike.
Melinda Rose Always love your truth tinged with humor 👍 Congratulations to Sarah, she will slay it..She already has..
Sharie Zak Lineback Awesome! Your daughter does a great job! Good job to you and your wife.
Jeri Minton I am glad to see Sarah become the new press secretary, she does a great job.

More troubling than faux news surrounding MSM obsession with Russia.

230 reactions 59 comments
Timothy Hargis His placeholder will be president next and when his term is up, Putin will be president again. This is how it works in Russia. Could you imagine if President Obama ran in 2020?
Kenny Henderson That's if he lives long enough. Death is always waiting to stop this bad stuff from going forward.
Elizabeth Swift He's done a good job for Russia. I'm disappointed that you think this is terrible.
Tina Kliewer I'm quite sure he will do his best to bring back the USSR. I've believed this since day 1 of his Presidency in Russia.

While Democrats worry about sequels to From Russia with Love, Sec. Mattis is defeating ISIS.

949 reactions 27 comments
Elizabeth Ayco Yambao Laughing at the Russia with Love line. Lol
Daniela Javurek Great
Christy Thomas Eddy I love this guy!!!
Joseph Kelly Maybe it's because liberals are more like Pussy Galore than James Bond.
Greg Beach Liberal moon bats and MSM - propaganda.

There is an epidemic running amok in our country of judges who forgot about the Constitution...

708 reactions 161 comments
Mark Downton dont everyone see,,that both sides went all in with russia to make sure trump didnt when,,,,,thank god everyday the american people seen thru the sell out our politicains are guilty of against the american people,,i know for a fact pence is lying in ...
Ben Weaver This is ridiculous. We have elected officials who refuse to enforce the law and comply with the federal government. Immigration is the one area where the Feds are supposed to be in charge, unlike so many areas where they are supposed to stay out of.
Jay Kern And so it goes.. republicans have all the power in the world, but power without a spine or will is meaningless... there is no Republican Party, or Conservative party anymore, they are all just puppets, making a fat check for doing nothing... more ...
Jim Riley This is what happens when we elect someone as president of our nation that was born in Kenya, despises our country and its values, mocks our judicial system and promulgates false religion. Obama opened the portal to hell in America. As a nation, we ...
Robert Bennett Where exactly in the Constitution does it State the Federal Government shall give monies to the States..... There are a lot of Paragraphs Stating...https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/articleiv

This kind of trolling is what passes for leadership on the Democrats' side these days...

319 reactions 181 comments
LynneMarie Olson Huckabee you and that daughter of yours are a waste!! Her lies and yours are a self-serving crime to buck up #45! Get real, grow a pair and get yourself out of politics!!
Marlene Petsche She just keeps wanting her 15 mins of fame. She is just a really nasty, hateful woman
Melody Gabriel Waters and her Democrat friends are poster children for incompetent, mean, nasty, and clueless.
Bud Cummings Love it when the morons of the wacko liberal anti American Democrats run there mouths. There still in shock over there queen lost to Trump !
Jeremy Wright Hey ....Her Opinion is so Powerful....but remember....She stated Russia invaded Korea ......And.....that fully illustrates any credibility I hold or do not hold for her....

Two thoughts: 1. I cannot believe this. 2. Democrats repeatedly used the example of socialized medicine as Exhibit A in pushing Obamacare thru...

Update: UK Docs Make Sick Move After Surgeon Says Charlie Gard Can Live
Update: UK Docs Make Sick Move After Surgeon Says Charlie Gard Can Live

It seems like every time U.K. baby Charlie Gard gets close to life-saving treatment, someone rips it away. His life is important and deserves a chance!

3.1k reactions 369 comments
Valerie DeVincent This is the reason we as a country cannot go to socialized medicine. I do not want the government having that much control over my life or one of my family members... end of story.
Susan Fox Let's fire all medical staff, close the hospitals, end medical care. What use is medical research and innovation in medicine? Wasted money if humans are forced to die when we have the technology to help and treatments. Let's stop looking for life on ...
Cindy Stickline-Rose The hospital now has a vested interest in the child dying. If the surgery is successful in the slightest, it weakens their hold over the citizens. Can't have that.
Mark McCummins I have never seen so many arguments barely germane to the central issue. This is a nation threatening the life of an innocent child simply to prove a point. For those unable to keep up with the story, yes, Charlie's parents have raised more than ...
Alice Hess Socialized medicine is rationed medicine, with the deciding factor being money. All the money for health care is in the government's pot. That is all. It is so simple, why can't people get it???


2.7k reactions 95 comments
Kathleen Marie Gennity Feldmann How did he get on the plane to Punta Cana if his green card expired.
Rick Knowles If it was Delta they would have given him Ann Coulter's seat.
Lynn Hoyt I wish Southwest flew to more places in our country. They truly are the best.
Liz Johnson I love Southwest!!!! Every experience on their flights has been wonderful!!!!
Shelly Walker Byrne Nicole Hayes, more good press about our favorite airline!

Missing from the news...hmm.

1.9k reactions 35 comments
Greg Lee Killing the Liberal voter base...1 illegal at a time.☺
Al Draheim Good job, bet you can do better next time?
Michele Garreffa Thanks, Mike, for the IMPORTANT news!! 👍🏼🇺🇸
John Rossie Good. Keep it up
Darren Steuber Keep up the good work ICE.

What a mess

694 reactions 80 comments
Wendi Hurn Leaks??? Media doesn't have time for that, they are too busy with their witch hunt.😡😡
Lorraine Stewart Father - cover them - in Jesus' name - work your miracles for nothing can stop you when you put your hand in circumstances!
Jim Whitman IMHO Turkey is just another Islamic Country with the same attitude towards us that the other Islamic Countries do. NONE of them are our friends.
Roger Huntington Agreed, Turkey has and continues to be a mess. All troop contingents need to be prepared.

Secretary Zinke has been working hard to reform things. Apparently not everyone is a fan...

43 reactions 20 comments
Steven Meadows Go montana!!
Pat Nelly Whine whine whine
Sandra Nastasi Gaston Fire him
Cesar Moreira I think he is looking to get fired.
Brenda Peckham Stoetzer He should be lucky he still has a job.


437 reactions 193 comments
Carol Meadows Story Won't be buying the book, even without the autograph. What greed. Maybe to fund a campaign?
Patricia Ann Bookwalter Joey, if it wasn't for your political career where you made a ton of money off the middle class, you'd be middle class too. Instead you are just classless.
Hank Bentley You have to be a special kind of stupid to want a book from this moron much more to buy a VIP package.
Joe Solinski Anyone who wants a book with his autograph is nothing but a complete imbecile!!
Mary Beth Tomaino Carpenter Maybe he will donate proceeds to people who cannot afford their Obama Care Deductible😂 I guess I can have wishful thinking🤗

Volunteer Fire Station Stands Ground Against Town Demanding They Remove Flag

1.9k reactions 148 comments
Susan Klahn No matter how much of the past you tear down and try to hide the statues it will never change the outcome. It's part of history it Will always be THERE regardless of what our country is becoming. It's never ever ever going to go away. IT is what IT IS.
Vernon A Clark A very interesting fact on slavery is that at the time the War of 1861 -1865 officially commenced, the Southern States were actually in the process of freeing all slaves in the South. Russia had freed it's servants in 1859, and the South took great note ...
David Parker Ha ha ha ha. This is not the conferate flag but the flag of white supremacy adopted 20 years after tge Civil War. It is a symbol of racism and should not be seen or flown by anyone lest the brand themselves traitors and criminals.
Michael Camp I see various state and local governments across the country promoting and encouraging sexual perversion on the taxpayers dime ... no one bats an eye. Let some one honor, celebtate, or show pride in brave and valorous men who stood up and fought to ...
Teddy Ratcliffe I think in that neighborhood everyone should have to fill out a questionnaire and if you are against that flag then the fire department is allowed to let your house burned to the ground with all your history of your family pictures and everything you ...

Kicking off the morning with a highlight for the baseball fans among us.

1.6k reactions 61 comments
Mark Monaco WOW.
Donna Taylor Nice catch!
Francis Tomitz Wow that would have left a mark
Linda Theill Love it but I like cubs
Michael Burtch Put him in The Show!

Hippies Horrified After Seeing Where Old Subway Cars Go...But Here Are the "After" Pics

Hippies Horrified After Seeing Where Old Subway Cars Go...But Here Are the "After" Pics
Hippies Horrified After Seeing Where Old Subway Cars Go...But Here Are the "After" Pics

Have you ever wondered what happens to old subway cars when they get retired?

1.7k reactions 79 comments
Suzanne Metz Apau of course.. been happening for years... and not just in the Mainland! smart!!
Rose Drago-Colby They have been doing this for decades in NYC! They just found out?
Frank A. Vargo-American Hippies. Have not heard that word in decades. They do this in Hawaii with abandoned vessels and the benefit to the reefs is amazing.
Bill Yelley Without dumping into the ocean Spongebob Squarepants wouldn't have the Crusty Crab.
Elizabeth Anderson The only thing I didn't see was any trace of a horrified hippie...

Kid W/ Hole In Shirt & Wearing Only 1 Sock Asks Him For Help. That's When God Told Him 3 Words

2.8k reactions 39 comments
Becky Bumpus Wonderful!
Ed Degner Amen awesome
Kathy Coffman I am glad you mention God.
Robin Campbell God created such a good soul..Thank you god
Di Ravu Tuiloma God works in mysterious ways . Great story !

The NAACP is suing the President...

Suing the President
Suing the President

In this atmosphere of violence and Trump Derangement...

1.4k reactions 525 comments
Valerie Davis The disappointing fact about voting is that a larger percentage of citizens of America do not vote. So a minority is controlling the decisions of our society. That's sad that people don't care
Scott Findlay the NAACP is racist in using its own name, "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" they should change their name since we're not allowed to use the term "Colored" any more.
Rich-Frances Musser People are going to hate on him whether he talks to certain groups or if he doesn't. They'll criticize everything he says & pick apart every word that he said or should've said, so it's a lose, lose for him. I personally believe that he's entitled to ...
Pam Williams The existence of such a group is racist by their own definitions...can you imagine their outrage should white people form the NAAWP..National Association for the Advabcement of White People.. what a furor that would create..or WET, White Entertainment ...
Stan Spear The good news and the bad news about two Republicans mostly good I think. They have all these negative comments thrown at them everyday which happened to be the truth about the Democrats. Their supporters often use angry and four letter words to support ...

Expanded thoughts on the Mueller investigation of the President...

Reining in Mueller
Reining in Mueller

There is an old saying...

808 reactions 186 comments
Brian Himes This is simply research for the dems to use in the next election at the taxpayers expense.
Joanne M Mackey ..this Mueller independent witch hunt is nothing more than that- It is despicable what people will do "to get their way" simply to prove a political point while meantime our country suffers- Dems are not even human beings... merely robots programmed to ...
C Laura Duncan Mike Huckabee, can you get rid of Pat Reginald Tillman, obviously a paid troll to upset and get the thinking and patriotic Americans worked up. Nothing he says even makes sense, so the obvious is certainly OBVIOUS! Thank you!
Barbara Leigh ...“In my capacity as acting Attorney General, I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a Special Counsel to assume responsibility for this matter,” said Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein....May 7, ...
Sal Mars Special counsel means, more likely than not, to decide on a crime, then fabricate evidence to fit the crime. In other words, guilty until proven innocent. Another Constitutional Right being trampled. Democrats are in the process of destroying our ...

It’s only mid-July, but if you’re on a tight budget, you might already be shopping around for deals on back-to-school supplies (and I’m sure quite a few parents just want to do something to make the first day of school hurry up and get here). If you’re in that boat, here are some tips from a Christian perspective to help save your money and your sanity.

Ask Chuck: How to Save Money Back-to-School Shopping
Ask Chuck: How to Save Money Back-to-School Shopping

Back to school shopping is a tradition in America. I remember the excitement of shopping for new clothes, shoes, and a lunchbox with my parents. Breaking open a new box of crayons and using new pencils with perfect erasers was a great feeling.

62 reactions 9 comments
Rob Malloy Sparkles Make sure your children have condoms. :P
Karen Hospodka Jennifer Hospodka
Megan Stringfellow Also we're shopping now because school starts in 2 weeks. August 3rd.
Grace Stalcup Gone are the days when the schools actually provided all the supplies kids needed.
Pat Reginald Tillman Save money on educating your children, by raising them in the Church. Textbooks=Bible Calculator= Bible Evolution=NO NO NO Sex Ed=Bible

The NYT interviews President Trump

The NYT interviews President Trump
The NYT interviews President Trump

Trump admitted he was not too pleased...

132 reactions 50 comments
John Dawson I've heard of keeping your enemies close, but this is too much. Why feed the garbage disposal?
Gale Ann Molinari Why? He stomped all over his accomplishments. I wish he would stop this. Very disappointing
William Booher Keep it up Mr. Trump. I support you. Someone needs to embarrass people that deliberately lie for self gain or the gain of an organization.
Jane Gillespie Beard How sad to see these comments - if one has nothing to fear ...I have found that posting on this site you will be attacked for expressing an opinion that differs from the rest of the group. That is a shame as I personally have admired and voted for Mr. ...
Barbara Leigh Sir, on or about 1/4, Sen McCain and Graham and another brought a copy of it from Ukraine to the WH. Graham admitted so on Fox.

Fleeing ISIS Soldiers Learn They Can Run, but They'll Only Die Tired

89 reactions 9 comments
Rich Handley https://www.facebook.com/thedailybanter/photos/a.507528359270912.121578.340005092689907/1657871534236583/?type=3&theater
James Beerman FUNNY!!!!!!
Mary Pitts Good one
Bec Kemp #SorrySanders
Nelson E. Sti say hi to the virgins for me if u find them😎

Just In: Trump Just Declined Major Invitation As President - It Hasn't Happened In Decades

1.4k reactions 327 comments
Tresa Trammell Sanders These people are just insane! Literally! Dictator/Hitler/Chavez/Castro/Stalin with a splash of Charles Manson mentality! Do as I say, and you can only do what I want! Evil is just running rampant! Such a sad time in our country's history!
Frank Hunter what good has come of the engagement? Trump was you best bet yet you sue him? Give me a break...act like you care yourself first, what have you done for your people but take their $$?
Josie Lockwood NAACP knows that voter fraud exist...it is what got Obama voted in....Then the silent majority Stood up and said enough! It's a racist organization!
Bill Conway It's because he hates racism and is not going to speak to a racist organization while pretending they are not one. If they admitted what they are, he would probably be willing to talk to them about it.
Patricia White I guess if you are black or hispanic voter fraud is o k and not against the law!! The naacp looks after themselves and NO one else! Good tor Trump, he did the right thing by refusing this "gotcha" invitation!!
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