Mike Huckabee
20:33 05/18/2017

Huck’s Criminal Mastermind Alert: it was bad enough when an Athens, Georgia,

man got arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother with a pork chop because she hadn’t brought him cigarettes (something tells me a healthy lifestyle isn’t that important in this family.) But he just got arrested for the second time in three months on another pork chop-related charge. Either he’s totally out of control or the police are just busting his chops.

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Pamela Wilson
Mary Haney
I am going to petition for a new organization: PAPCA- People Against Pork Chop Abuse
Gene Burger
But, "He's such a good boy"!!!!
Brian Hopkins
Michael Brigmond
Wow very pun-y
Sally Fitzhugh
Put him in prison with all the Muslims ahahahahaha
Gwen Moody
I've always loved the Comedy Hour!!!
Stacie Kruer Boyd
One ugly sob
Brent York
And "ISIS" is our demise? Lol! Not even close....
Lynn Carine Jones
Pork chop to the throat...lol
Anne Lineberger
What's bizarre about a porkchop?
Dawn Pablo
They'll be calling him, "pork chop" in prison.
Ken Jakobi
Pork Fetish
Carol Curley
You can't make this stuff up
Nancy Williams
I bet he thought beating someone with meat could not be an offense. LOL meat head.

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

Nice words for actor Harry Dean Stanton.

518 reactions 6 comments
Teresa Doe My generation right here. I know. I am sad too.
Annie Weiss Great talent.
James Chinadle Trudeau gave the Clinton Foundation 20 million dollars. I wonder who worked out the deal with the Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier to undercut (illegally) Boeing by Millions.
Lynette Pruett Lovitt Do we care?
Jeff Kramer I remember him from the cult classic "Escape from New York" with Kurt Russell......"You can't see the Duke!"


3.6k reactions 186 comments
Sharon Shearer Hopefully,,, he got a HUGE bonus 😀
Sharon Auvil Denham How can I hire this guy?! Dog sitters you can trust are hard enough to find but a guy like this is the Golden find! AWESOMENESS!
Shelly Alford Emily Scheckelhoff
Dana Sanders Aunt Mary, I'll need a video when we get home from the hospital. 😂
Patricia Bannon Very cute!!!

No hot air please.

Keep your promises please
Keep your promises please

I know Trump supporters want to be able to take his words to the bank...

464 reactions 55 comments
Daniel Knoll On the at least seemingly last-ditch effort to #DictchDonald and save your own butt, GOPers and Mike Huckabee , i say congrats on the wise chess move !
Daniel Knoll ONE of the most concerning broken campaign promises that SHOULD concern the largely White middle and working class demographic behind Trump, is that he stated he'd not touch Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, but has stated me plans to cut $ 880 ...
Taryl Gibson It takes time there is a lot to do and a lot of obstructionist
Ralph Johnston Repeal, build and reform!
Denise Marsh And we will, give the man an oppurtunity! If it were up to him he would have done so much more by now!!!

Mike Huckabee

1.8k reactions 90 comments
Steven Burdette There should be some thing in Trump's cabinet for Mike Huckabee. He should be the president in my book.....I just love Mike , he always has the right and best answers
Lisa Hirschfeld Luv the Gov! ❤️
Kerry Myers YOU were my first choice for Potus, Brother Huckabee. Im quite certain that I'll never be truly represented, as an ultra conservative
Brenda Green Great, great man!!!!!!
Fran Martin Moore We need more men like this.

Mike Huckabee Launches a Show for the Trump Era

Mike Huckabee Launches a Show for the Trump Era
Mike Huckabee Launches a Show for the Trump Era

The former Arkansas governor has a new television program on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and a powerful first guest.

1.4k reactions 74 comments
Eva Bayles Yay, good:) don't watch they lying news and all anymore:(
Judy Blake I can't wait for your show Mike!
Don Krogol Show for the Trump era? It will be nothing but lies.
Donna R. Parson That's great. Good luck.
Pamela Voss Awesome!

Breaking: Emmy Awards, Colbert Get Massive Bad News After Award Show Turns Trump Hate Fest

Breaking: Emmy Awards, Colbert Get Massive Bad News After Award Show Turns Trump Hate Fest
Breaking: Emmy Awards, Colbert Get Massive Bad News After Award Show Turns Trump Hate Fest

This is what they get for putting on a three-hour anti-Trump rage fest!

2.5k reactions 460 comments
Pat Lamb Can't stand that man, these people think they are above it all, if that man was all I had to watch I would throw my T.V. in the river!!
Connie Brady can't believe 9.7 million watched it; must be east and west coast elites!! and "air conditioning the red carpet!!" WOW!!!
Michelle Snap What do these hypocrites expect after they arrived via jet and limousine then limousined around town for after parties at houses that use more electric in one day than I do all year. And lecturing climate change all night. GO AWAY.
John Bartosik Well, there you have. All the big shots in Hollywood thought it was a good idea to turn the Emmy awards into a bash trump night. Look what happened. It failed,miserably and to me it made all you Hollywood big shots like like a bunch of bumbling ...
Pamela Finton Good

Of course.

Moral behavior upsets Democrat Senators
Moral behavior upsets Democrat Senators

I can see why that would upset liberals...

711 reactions 39 comments
Linda Fox Hannahs You know, you're right, it does.
Debbie Armstrong Would these ungodly Leftists question and harass a Muslim like this? For instance, would they question if they support throwing homosexuals off buildings, killing Christians in the Mid East, do they support Sharia Law in America, will they condemn ...
Wally Beecham . . . but probably not as much as the immoral behavior of dishonest Donald.
Bob McKinley Too bad, so sad.
Kay Paisley Callander Yeah, that's kind of obvious and it makes me not respect them....not all but most.

Today's Commentary: Hateful video abusive to children-- Federal judge rules -- Tucker is on the case -- Frank's good job -- NYT hypocrisy -- News Bits.

Today's Newsletter September 18 Edition

This is the September 18 Newsletter...

197 reactions 8 comments
Brenda Kay Snow Horrible things going on in these last days . . .Thank you Governor for all your hard work!
Melanie Philip Great newsletter Mr. Huckabee. Just a couple of things. I never viewed the Rap video with the children. I would have purposely avoided it since I am not a Rap fan, do not consider it entertaining whatsoever,.As for the Professor I also took a look ...
Diane Spittler Can't get a spot on your cruise to the Mediterranean in sept 2018. Will you be doing it again! Love you and Sarah
LaVon Walker "GOVT can't withhold FUNDS" (Chicago) but GOVT has been withholding FUNDS and HEALTH care from VETERANS
Barbara Blair If FB would decide to hold a vote (ha, ha, ha...), I'd vote to keep anything with cursing off the pages. That would at least slow down a lot of the ignorant comments.

Melania Steals Show During Speech To US Military - Then Photos Taken Hours Before Emerge...

2.7k reactions 56 comments
Shari Shovels I love her.... she is so sweet
Pat Frank She is such a lady. I am proud to say that she is the First Lady of the USA!🇺🇸
Rebecca Baggett Welo Come to Ft Rucker Melania!! ❤️🙌🏻
Ruth Ellen So nice to have a lovely first lady
John Chesser sweet lady

Outrage as well-known rapper 'lynches' small white child in music video

Outrage as well-known rapper
Outrage as well-known rapper 'lynches' small white child in music video

Rapper XXXTentacion is under fire after releasing a disturbing music video featuring a Caucasian boy being lynched on a stage as an African-American boy looks on.

2.8k reactions 882 comments
Pan Slesinski The parents who let this be done their child should be in jail too
Brenda Joyce Barnett Baugher This guy is a racist and a hater, consider him a terrorist!
Michele Therese This is just as horrible as the postcards from the era of lynching blacks. Absolutely inexcusable!
Guy Capparelli It will be back, but different colors
Justin Felgar When you are so blinded by hate...that you become the very thing you seek to destroy

Anderson Cooper Asks Hillary If She Forgives Women Who Didn't Vote For Her... She Says No

2.3k reactions 1422 comments
Jen Hull Richardson Well, we don't forgive you for leaving our men to die in Benghazi either, you evil, delusional, lying sea hag.
Kerstin McDuffie As if we need her forgiveness....SMDH 🙄🙄🙄 buzz off already and go away
Philip Khoury What about the women who were raped by Bubba???
Donna Lovelace I definitely didn't vote for and sure don't need to be forgiven for my right to vote to vote for whom I choose.
Leslie Seal Wow, she might want rethink being a pastor with that mindset😳

Fox News' Tucker Carlson has a warning for Republicans.

410 reactions 114 comments
Tom Escobar The Republican Party is dying this is bad
Vikki Dobson Yep gonna be a 3rd world crap hole just like the Dems want with them sitting on the top above the stench...
Barbara Lynn Lee I watched a recent program where Tucker was asking about illegal immigrants now being allowed to vote in certain areas. He confronted the person that is for illegal voting. He made the comment that this is the real reason democrats and the left are ...
Libby McRae Trump in my opinion was neither republican or democrat. The voters supported him and know that. Let's get it done regardless of party it is all about America first!
Donna Schuette No way. I don't care for Carson, he seems too impressed with himself. He keeps inviting these libbie idiots on his show... for what reason? To show their stupidity? To try to convince them that they're wrong? Neither are going to happen, so why ...

A new type of ammunition from Nammo may help take down one of America's newest enemies...

New Ammo Is Designed for 1 Type of US Enemy
New Ammo Is Designed for 1 Type of US Enemy

This could change everything ...

276 reactions 10 comments
Eddie Vazquez Hooah !
Karlito Jackson Is it antifa?
Robert Cole Or you could shoot it with your 12 gauge and save $200 per round
Dima Yar I was hoping for bacon bullets...
Joe Joseph fUCKABEE

When liberal gun-grabbers in the media decided to blame the Washington school shooting on firearms, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich had an blunt message for them...

Sheriff Has Strong Message for Gun Grabbers After School Shooting
Sheriff Has Strong Message for Gun Grabbers After School Shooting

He just threw political correctness out the window to give the media a smack down....

2.1k reactions 88 comments
Michael Palmer Guns are only one of many tools that are used with people that have mental issues!
Jeff Stockreef STOP making sense. It confuses the mass morons.
Lewis Porter A truth teller. The Libs and media will surely attack this guy with a vengeance. Truth and common sense are things that get in the way of their agenda, not to mention the Constitution that they constantly attempt to avoid and avert.
Gladys Ruenes Sheriff is absolutely right
Renée Mc Anneke..

Even Guys Who Caught This Fish Still Can't Believe How Big It Really Is

210 reactions 21 comments
Doris Timmons-Huggins Wasnt he talking fish ,how did politics get in this picture . Smh
Daniela Javurek WOW OMG
Steve Edgerton Wooow good catch
Kay Paisley Callander I once caught a sail fish in Mexican waters. It took me three hours to reel him in, take a picture and then release him back to the water. My arms were numb for three days after that experience.
Marilyn Sterns I would have released it

An October 1 vote in one major European Union country could be the most impactful referendum since Brexit. Here's why...

316 reactions 26 comments
Melitta Vahalik Idiots
Wally Beecham Give Texas back to Mexico!
Dany Baz Take California and Catalania and combine in one happy place for all liberals to go to
Phil Tice Christine Longetti,,,,are they serious? Maybe Pays Basque is next?
Kathy Phillips-Page We will NEVER let the land of California go never

The left seems to think we should let celebrities influence our political beliefs. Okay, then what does one of the biggest stars in the world, Ringo Starr of the Beatles, have to say about all the “resistance” to Trump’s election?... Uh, hmm…Well, it turns out maybe the left doesn’t want you to be influenced by this particular celebrity’s opinion. All the more reason to click the link and read it.

1.7k reactions 50 comments
Charles Brent Simmons And you want to influence me by sharing what Ringo thinks. Sorry, I am not influenced by celebrities on the right or left.
Suzanne Derusha Love you!
Jennifer H. Haney Watch & Share (if you love America) https://www.facebook.com/newlypress/videos/1886130434984662/
Paul E. Rimel III Go Ringo Starr 😊👍🎺
Mickey Dunagan You go Ringo. What do the commoners and the colonists know anyway mate.

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a big load of heavy-handed PC virtue-signaling ruining Superman! Someone should tell DC Comics what happened to Marvel’s sales when they started turning their longtime superheroes into Social Justice Warriors. Hint: they dropped like Thor’s hammer.

Superman Is Now Protecting Illegals From Evil Racists
Superman Is Now Protecting Illegals From Evil Racists

One week after President Trump ended DACA.

282 reactions 108 comments
Nancy Call I miss truth, justice and THE AMERICAN WAY!
Ron LaRosa If he is so Super and cares about people so much, why isn't he protecting Mexicans from the drug Lords who are overrunning Mexico? Why isn't he protecting South Americans from the Dictator and drug lords? Why, because he's a coward. Fix the problem ...
Terri Silmon That's fine reading for liberals
Daniel Knoll Is it even CLEAR about WHAT Trump's policy regarding DACA and 'The Dreamers' is and will be?
Cesar Moreira The superheros don't have a choice but to obey their master.

If you were watching Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday, then you saw him interview John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and Antifa activist Michael Isaacson. If so, then your reaction upon first sight of Isaacson was probably the same as Tucker’s: “Are you really a college professor?” And after hearing him try to explain why the First Amendment doesn’t apply to people whom you assume are going to say things that lead to violence so it’s okay to use violence to preemptively silence them, you probably thought: “No, seriously, are you REALLY a college professor?” Well, the answer to that question might soon be, “Not anymore.” It’s not a good idea to go on national TV before wiping your Twitter feed of some of the outrageous tweets that are unbecoming of a professor, like saying it’s a privilege to teach “future dead cops.” As you can see at the link, that’s just one example, but it’s enough to have New York’s largest police union demanding his firing. If he ends up having to apply for unemployment, I can already hear the clerk’s first question: “No kidding, you were REALLY a college professor?”

Police Demand John Jay Professor Fired for Saying He
Police Demand John Jay Professor Fired for Saying He's Proud to Teach 'Future Dead Cops'

"It is absolutely outrageous that an individual who holds and expresses these views could be..."

2.4k reactions 614 comments
James T-bird Barron Shave his head......then fire him.......if he complains.........10 lashes in public.............
Natascha Beutner Just waiting for all those degenerates to start complaining about their repression of freedom of speech.
Melody Thompson Colleges wonder why enrollment is down?? Seriously, look at what they are hiring??? This idiot looks like something they scraped off the sidewalk. What happened to the real professors?! I'm all for Mike Rowe's idea of trade schools vice this liberal ...
Rhonda Brown O'Connor This is a messed up individual .

Friday, a federal judge sided with Chicago officials in a lawsuit against the Trump Justice Department, ruling that it can’t withhold federal grant money from “sanctuary cities” that refuse to abide by federal law and cooperate with immigration officials. And where is this federal judge? If you guessed “Chicago,” you win an autographed picture of Mike Ditka!

Judge Blocks Trump on Threat to Punish Sanctuary Cities
Judge Blocks Trump on Threat to Punish Sanctuary Cities

The Trump administration lost another round in its effort to punish cities that don’t cooperate with its crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

1.3k reactions 601 comments
Bob Hale So... a "Federal Judge" from Thugago, unilaterally rejects "federal law"?
Michael Bergeron He should simply ignore it like Obama did
David Irby Bring it! Trump loves a fight for justice!!! MAGA
Clara Murray Sad, when we violate a rule or law it's punishable but this judge can take away Chicago's peoples right to live in safety with criminals behind bars and being held accountable.
Sydney White No surprise at all ... Chicago!

The number of people injured in the bucket bomb attack on a London subway car is now up to 29, and Britain has raised its terror alert to “critical,” the highest level. Police in Dover have arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with the attack. It's said to be a "significant" arrest. And ISIS is taking credit, although that’s yet to be proven.

Alert: ISIS Claims Responsibility
Alert: ISIS Claims Responsibility

'...God has willed it...'

76 reactions 9 comments
Sonny Bell i have noticed they have not released the names of the bombers.
Elizabeth Hillery 🙏🙏🙏prayers to all injured.♥️
Todor Yanakiev Does the Antifa copy the ISIS "uniforms"?
Frank Driskell Once a coward all of the a coward...
Donna Osuch SHAMEFUL!

Even Lindsay Graham agrees that the time for sanctions on North Korea has passed.

Lindsey Graham Refutes Effectiveness of North Korean Sanctions, Calls for Military Threat
Lindsey Graham Refutes Effectiveness of North Korean Sanctions, Calls for Military Threat

"North Korea believes there is no downside to pushing the envelope..."

365 reactions 99 comments
Clara Murray Lindsey Graham is a traitor to South Carolina and the USA. Anything he has to say, MOST people in south Carolina couldn't care less. He wants amnesty for illegals, will allow these criminals 3 misdemeanor arrests and ONE FELONY arrest and still get ...
Al Alden Did he finally get the memo 📝
Sherry Morris OMG, This is scary! I actually agree with McCain's weary on something!!!
Elle Laurent The globalists want America in a war with NK. Would we be surprised to learn that Barack or Soros were mentoring NK?

Here’s a quick update on the major stories making news… Our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley points out that we’ve gone about as far with sanctions on North Korea as we can without starving innocent citizens, and Kim Jong Un continues to fire missiles, test nukes and threaten the US and his neighbors. So what’s next? Two words. You’ll find out what they are here:

When Asked About Unleashing Mattis on NK, Nikki Haley Had 2 Unflinching Words
When Asked About Unleashing Mattis on NK, Nikki Haley Had 2 Unflinching Words

Liberal journalists wanted her to back down. Instead, she said this....

693 reactions 160 comments
Julia Radford Starving or bombing... The innocent are the ones who always get hurt.
Brian Bartsch (To the tune of Rupert Holmes “Him”) He’s a 4 on Shindo It’s as dangerous as it gets Line in sand, Korea stand With carriers, troops, and jets Pyongyang won’t hide them We know who has those nukes in mind They'll say, "Will it ever end?" And Trump ...
Tracy Sanders Well we can always send her over there to work things out in person. But she'd probably sell us out the way she sold out Carolina.
Lois Mullins There is no bargaining with the Devil aka Kim Jong Un
David Salsbury Mattis stays awake at night planning the death of Fat Boy .

After Trump Confronts Host, ESPN Makes The Announcement We've All Been Waiting For

1.6k reactions 538 comments
Lucinda Spencer Others have been fired for a lot less. ESPN is afraid of backlash from the AA community.
Rick Bledsoe As Skipper stated, "ESPN has no values." I suggest you get some. You were already off the air at my house.
Dolores Lanzofano fire her....she's a total loser , nasty
Bill Bishop Sr. John Skipper has attempted to CYA, but it is too little too late. If she was a conservative we all know she would have been fired. I for one will leave ESPN in the rear view mirror.
Bill Hutchison Boycott ESPN and quit reading westernjournalism

This Canadian doctor admitted one thing that liberals don't want you to know about single-payer health care... and you can bet Bernie Sanders was embarrassed, big-time.

1.0k reactions 233 comments
Nadine Mead Yup
Quinton Tanner It's already started. We are constantly changing HC plans because the old better plans are being dropped and we have to pay more for less and we pay for higher deductibles. Our specialist doctors are booked for months at a time and approvals are taking ...
Tony Furnari Nothing is free you pay one way or another
Marlatt Michael N Colleen Even spoken to nurses from Canada who have same horror stories of long wait times for urgent needs-- cancer screenings and such. So some come to USA and pay for medical care. A lot of miss information
Jeff von Hausen My mother was told the wait time to see a specialist for her breast cancer in Canada was 93 days. 3 days later she came to the US and had the cancer removed. A common practice for people living in Canada.

Teen Daughter Calls Mom Into Counselor's Office. Mom Finds Out She Has Been Hiding Secret

274 reactions 24 comments
Diane Madson Good for mom and daughter, abortion never a option, it's murder!
Bettylou Schian In a lot of ways I went through similar circumstances, we all pulled together and MY daughter and grandson pulled together and it was GREAT
Sue Smith So sweet
Barbara Gray Please consider this, your biological mother loved you enough to give you life and allow your parents the opportunity to adopt you and love you with their whole hearts. We have two children who ware adopted and one who is biologically ours. I will ...
Patricia Wren Turner Awesome

So it has come to this...

304 reactions 147 comments
Debbie Smith Clark God don't like ugly
Bob Irion One fugly pig_!
Brian Croissant . . . or is it really the "Pander Principle"? Just wondering **why** the media continues pandering to this sore loser . . .
Whitney Sweitzer Pettit A bunch of bull! She lost and Is in denial. Not everything is about her.
Micky Bergman “So, maybe I’m out of politics as a candidate, but I am still deeply committed to doing anything I can to make sure that we don’t lose ground to this divisive bigotry and bias and prejudice and, you know, favoring the wealthy and the well-connected over ...

Watch: Idiot Hops Rail, Then Tomb Guard Grabs Rifle

1.4k reactions 48 comments
Marana Olson McMahon This incident happened in 2007... why dredging up a decade old news story??
Terence P Florida Live rounds baby
Lee Schaefer Good stuff
Scott Moss RESPECT!!!!!!!
Coy Field U.S.military personnel on guard duty who are equipped with a firearm..ALWAYS..are equipped with live ammunition and are not required to fire..warning shots! TRUMPNATION!!!

Breaking News About Entire State Of California - Lawmakers Actually Passed It...

716 reactions 520 comments
Tiffany Brown #nativeamericanslikempney
Bev Tart if it weren't so funny, it would be sad
Jeff Good California just eliminated themselves voting in laws for other states. Make them pay for their own electricity cut them off if they don't
Tiffany Brown Pocahontas is back
Nancy Wykoff California's will be paying hugh taxes to give them free life styles. BUT CITIZENS WON'T GET ANYTHING
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