Mike Huckabee
15:25 04/20/2017

It’s 4/20, the national holiday for pot smokers, so don’t expect too much news from liberal media outlets today...

SF Bolsters Response to 4/20 Party at Golden Gate Park

SF Bolsters Response to 4/20 Party at Golden Gate Park

San Francisco residents and officials are bracing for tens of thousands of people to flock to Golden Gate Park on Thursday and light up at a massive annual pot party.

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Donna Cardwell
CARACAS (Reuters) - General Motors said on Wednesday that Venezuelan authorities had illegally seized its plant in the industrial hub of Valencia and vowed to "take all legal actions" to defend its rights. The seizure comes amid a deepening economic crisis in leftist-led Venezuela that has already roiled many U.S. companies. "Yesterday, GMV's (General Motors Venezolana) plant was unexpectedly taken by the public authorities, preventing normal operations. In addition, other assets of the company, such as vehicles, have been illegally taken from its facilities," the company said in a statement. It said the seizure would cause irreparable damage to the company, its 2,678 workers, its 79 dealers and to its suppliers. Venezuela's Information Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for information. Venezuela's car industry has been in freefall, hit by a lack of raw materials stemming from complex currency controls and stagnant local production, and many plants are barely producing at all. In early 2015, Ford Motor Co wrote off its investment in Venezuela when it took an $800 million pre-tax writedown. The country's economic crisis has hurt many other U.S. companies, including food makers and pharmaceutical firms. A growing number are taking their Venezuelan operations out off their consolidated accounts.
Benjamin Finny
Yes excellent ! Keep. Blazing way hippies let the joy of pot wash over you. Then you'll be so much easier to control and exterminate. Enjoy all the dope you want. Be passive, don't worry sleep. We're waiting..
Michael Neas
all liberal youth are best kept in sanctuary's like California and like states..its the only humane thing to do. give them Trumps Cheeto dust to satisfy their nutritional requirements ... marajuana and opiates for there youthful foolishness until they see the light or return to dust
Cherie Franklin Columbia
People that live in condos and apts hate skunk weed. The stench drifts in non smokers space. It's a horrible habit like smoking your 2 week socks. The same goes for cig smoke. Ew times a 1000 U ALL stink! The pot smokers I know are lazy and don't reason well. I may know only the dumb ones😂
Liz Dan Dan Carrego
This is so disgusting. Worse than the 60's & 70's & all others decades combined. 😡 I didn't read the article nor view the video. I've seen enough. I don't care what anyone says... Smoking pot destroys the brain cells & it does want you to try harder drugs. I didn't even do it for a long time & I know. More brain dead snowflakes. Shame on the lawmakers & voters for allowing this in their states.
Ben Wulff
What the hell do the pot smokers need a day of recognition or celebration for? I'll never get it I guess. From my perspective in seeing and dealing with pot heads is that while mostly friendly and harmless are most of them and not all are lazy...But quite a few are...I guess I just don't see any reason to celebrate anything about it or the people that do. Argue all you want about how it's less harmful than other drugs or alcohol..Your probably right and I could care less. It seems to me that pot is a mood altering substance just like other "more dangerous" drugs or alcohol so in that respect there is no difference. It's used as a way to escape or cover up pain or so you don't have to deal with whatever it is your dealing with. Bottom line is that it's never going to give you any real satisfaction or give you back what was taken when and if you were hurt. To each their own I'm nobody's judge...It just seems pointless to me.
Stephen Knowles
You folks sure do like to talk! And Mike, what kind of attitude is that for a Christian pastor? You want people to listen to your ignorant rhetoric about equality, equal rights, etc., yada, yada, yada. but you have created an imaginary group of individuals based on "YOUR" ignorance; not theirs. I have met people from all walks of life, from every religion, nationality, and color, that smoke cannabis. I also know many people that use cannabis instead of the crazy pharmaceuticals PUSHED on unsuspecting and ignorant patients that believe what their doctors have fed them. And speaking of feds, you should all know by now, how deceptive they are and have been; all for "our" benefit because we are like little children. You talk about right and left as if people can easily be identified by their leanings. You got a lot to learn folks. And Mike, I have personally contacted you about this issue, and you/YOU have never responded to me. I voted for you, but am slowly learning that you lean unto your own understanding, and seem to be more interested in making your mark than helping anything improve. One more strike my "friend" and I'm outa here. Check yourselves before checking others, or to put it in plain English, do unto others: ) that might be a good thought today?
Ed Young
I smoked it for many years. I don't anymore. Pot isn't the answer to anything. I started with weed and it lead to everything else. In '01 I was a card carrying junkie and didn't care if I lived or died as long as I didn't have to live like that anymore. I checked myself into rehab for my 4th & final time. Today I'm drug free and battling hep c. But to anyone who thinks pot makes you smarter my challenge to you is, dank up and then read a big fat complicated book, and do a detailed report on it. :)
Norman Derrick
Get um all in one place and drop one of those Mega bombs. We'll wipe out enough thugs, snowflakes, welfare recipients, and freeloaders to reduce the budget by millions.
Paul Weber
Spending time in obedience matters! Praying for GOD Almighty's PERSPECTIVE, guidance and hand of protection over the REPUBLIC of the United States of America, PRESIDENT TRUMP, Vice-president PENCE, Israel, law enforcement, military, and OTHERS, with REPENTANT hearts, while trying to stay within GOD Almighty's TRUTH, love, transparency, timing, Design, Will, and Plans! SHINE the LIGHT of TRUTH into the shadows of darkness and corruption! DO NOT CONDONE or COMPROMISE with EVIL or appearances of EVIL of any kind! Isaiah 59:20 "A Redeemer will come to Zion, And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob," declares the LORD. Matthew 3:6 Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River. Mark 1:15 "The time is fulfilled," He said, "and the kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe in the gospel!" Luke 3:10 The crowds asked him, "What then should we do?" Luke 24:47 and in His name repentance and forgiveness of sins will be proclaimed to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn back, so that your sins may be wiped away, Acts 5:31 God exalted Him to His right hand as Prince and Savior, in order to grant repentance and forgiveness of sins to Israel. Acts 8:12 But when they believed Philip as he preached the gospel of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. Acts 8:15 On their arrival, they prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit. Acts 8:16 For the Holy Spirit had not yet fallen upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. Praying for the lost with spiritual ignorance, spiritual unawareness, spiritual blindness, spiritual deafness, to be HEALED from satan's DECEPTIONS and CLAIM before it is TOO LATE for eternity SEPARATED from GOD Almighty forever and EVER! Give thanksgiving, love, praise, glory, honor, and respect to YESHUA messiah, Christ Jesus, Lord, Saviour, and Master, obey be baptized and follow in a new relationship with GOD Almighty in OBEDIENCE!
Jason Mohr
Yes because my grandmother (God rest her soul) who was on medical marijuana to help relieve pain and get her to eat while in hospice was a oh so horrible liberal. Stop trying to make everything into a political motive. Oh and yes even conservatives smoke pot to so your points invalid.
Deb Taylor
Hippy Hill?? Of course, San Francisco. I remember the '60's, the hippies, and the pot down in Big Sur. I have no desire to watch it, smoke it, or smell it again. That was one of those teenage things I put away a very long time ago.
Theresa Dorsey Boisvert
I'm pretty sure our military troops, keeping our America and these dimwits safe, is really impressed with this earth shaking event in Frisco.
James Baldwin
to say that only liberals smoke or use pot is very narrow minded... i would say im a conservative republican in my thinking and i love to fire up a joint...
Heather Cianflone
It needs to be legal in EVERY state...and yep im a conservative who voted for President Trump!! Sorry for blowing your obnoxious theory..

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

The mystery about a strange object that fell from the sky into the Canadian woods 55 years ago is finally solved. And if you’ve always suspected that it involved secret government snooping, well…give yourself a cookie.

White Box Fell From Sky 55 Years Ago... CIA Docs Finally Reveal the Truth
White Box Fell From Sky 55 Years Ago... CIA Docs Finally Reveal the Truth

This white box had quite a history behind it...

152 reactions 11 comments
Robert Butler Good story from the "cold war era." Next, accurately explain what crashed in Roswell NM. Ask'n for a friend.
Nanju Andrew Lipschitz Does everything with you somehow relate to food?
Sharon Massey Could they be hiding information from the war? So often one or few know what is going on.
Christina M VanGinkel Does anyone find it ironic that they tried to pass it off as a weather balloon lol?!
Martha Alldreadge Amazing


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Judy Ponder This is interesting????? If all HISTORIAL statues are to be removed than all STREET,GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS and HIGHWAY SIGNS that are dedicated to a PUBLIC FIGURES,SENATORS, CONGRESSMAN , LOCAL PUBLIC SERVANT or any GOVERNMENT LEADER should be removed ...
Dolly Miller What if I told you that Democratic Party are fully responsible for what happened in Charlottesville. How is that, you may ask? “They gathered all 4 groups (BLM, Antifa, Neo-Nazis and KKK) in the streets of Charlottesville since those groups really ...
John Lucchi Lock her disrespect--- up
Judith Galloway Evil!!!
Rico Poor the people of North Korea have less input in their national defense than we do. For that form of government to survive any opposing view needs be silenced. Donald Trump's unpredictable victory Nov 8 2016 threw a wrench into the gears of an Americanized ...

Worth reading.

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John David Kilgore I still like to know how much money Trump have to Liberty University to get Falwell support during the Republican Primaries.
Mary Mc Stravick Amen a great example thank you.
Hope Stephens Two fake preachers! Don't send them your money. Falwell is also crazy as a bat!
Hannah Kim Robinson Praying for President Trump and America!!!
Paul Wagner You crazy

Fascinating photos from inside North Korea of the nation’s elaborate yet ridiculous defense against invaders.

139 reactions 34 comments
Thomas Trebor Donaldson This is real simple ..if you tear down a historical piece of artwork ..spit on it and dance around like a monkey.. you are announcing to the entire world that you are an a$$hole.. you are a terrorist
Thomas Dennis Never underestimate your enemy
M David Freeman They have to same strategy on the south side of the DMC.
Rick Ebbinghaus Whats in it
Billy Lucent If we invaded NK the war, even with their million man army, would be over in 24 hrs... what are they gonna do throw rocks at us. Chemical weapons nuclear weapons it doesn't matter they aren't stupid enough to use them on their own soil... I wish Trump ...

One of the surest signs that someone is a mature, civilized adult is that they know how to behave respectfully at a funeral. Shame on those who couldn’t put their political fanaticism aside for even one hour to show respect for Heather Heyer, the victim of the alleged neo-Nazi Charlottesville car attacker, and her family at her funeral.

228 reactions 50 comments
Shaun Bryan Mike, are you still talking? Seriously, just go away. You're either one of the dumbest people on Earth or the evilest. Any way you slice it, you're vile.
Olivia Smeltzer Shame!
Ron Hale This is exactly what the liberal party does they are the hate group in our country.
Judy Collard Zapletal This hatred started when Pres. Obama was elected. Some people could not accept a black man as president.At the very beginning, McConnell's purpose,in his own words,was to make him a one term president.Festering for 8 years and along comes trump to add ...
Dorothy Price-Knorr Some people don't know how to grow up !!!!!

Excellent column by Glenn Reynolds, a throwback to 2015. The 24-hour news channels are currently having a feeding frenzy over Charlottesville, and trying to convince us that the KKK and Nazisim are “on the rise” in America. They aren’t. They’re a tiny handful of racist idiots being blown up to look big and scary by a billion dollars’ worth of free publicity from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, et al. But giving a mouse a megaphone doesn’t turn it into an elephant. Meanwhile, this column reminds us that outside the liberal echo chamber, where everything is a CRISIS, and the world is always ending, and Trump is Hitler and America is always the bad guy, there is a gigantic nation filled with hundreds of millions of people, the vast, vast majority of whom are good, decent, kind, non-racists who care about their neighbors regardless of their race or religion. These media elites seriously believe Trump won by appealing to the ugly racist beliefs of the uncivilized deplorables. He actually won by telling working class voters that he cared that they were being ignored and slandered, and were struggling to feed their families because their jobs were being deported. Democrats think they’re going to win that vote back bigly in 2018. If so, then throwing a 24/7 media tirade, doubling down on the slander that white working class voters are secretly a bunch of evil racist Nazi and Klan sympathizers doesn’t seem like the best campaign strategy.

Glenn Reynolds: Ordinary Americans lead the way on racial healing
Glenn Reynolds: Ordinary Americans lead the way on racial healing

Elites should stop sowing division and follow people's example of love and forgiveness.

1.7k reactions 128 comments
Wayne Schoenhut This is what passes for news...now.
Chris Holt Of those that openly associate with white supremacist group, 98% are republicans. Trump has had 2 department of justice investigations for civil rights abuses, both he settled. Bannon headed a news organization that he said was a forum for the alt ...
John LaFollette Hey I'm one of Trump's earliest and strongest supporters and I am very proud of the two black refugees on our church worship team for making it here alive, assimilating as Americans very quickly, and having such musical talents brought here all the way ...
Vi Riis They have to be a small group cause until this last week they were not heard from. I do agree, the media is making it sound like they are in the millions.
Kelly Vance This is not going to end. The media and leftists are in attack mode and will not stop. Every Trump campaign rally drew leftist "protesters" who were paid agitators. That was just the beginning. It is only going to increase as the media emboldens that ...

Crowds had reason to gather Tuesday on the grounds of a revered Southern monument. I'm talking about Graceland.

Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley Lead Elvis Fans in Candlelight Vigil at Graceland on 40th Anniversary of His Death
Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley Lead Elvis Fans in Candlelight Vigil at Graceland on 40th Anniversary of His Death

Forty years after his death, fans of Elvis Presley remember “The King” at Graceland

2.0k reactions 64 comments
Dwayne Dreher Yes, Elvis was a kind and generous soul, a southern gentlemen... loved and adored by millions.
Sarah Buff Southerners like to worship drug addicts. Takes one to worship one.
Loulou Sarkissian Classless as usual,one is a hero the other dope head who died from overdose medication, I also loved Elvis. But don't dare compare this two..fascist.
Susan Fields Elvis was racist. Sang Dixie at concerts.
Carol E Donaldson I was never an Elvis fan. But with these safety precautions set up at Graceland, if one of my friends wanted to go, I would go with them. Of course, I'd have to find a sitter for the dog.

Here’s some refreshingly good news: We have an update on the health of Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim since he returned home from his time in a North Korean labor camp. Considering the tragic fate of student Otto Warmbier when he “came home,” no one could predict what condition Lim would be in after two years in prison. But according to his son, James Lim, he appears to be in good shape, considering what he’s been through. In fact, the first thing he decided to do on the trip home from the airport was to stop at Tim Horton’s coffee chain for coffee and a donut. Those donuts must really be good, because after spending two years digging holes in frozen ground, I might not want to see another another hole.

Hyeon Soo Lim, Pastor Imprisoned in North Korea for More Than 2 Years, Is Back Home in Canada
Hyeon Soo Lim, Pastor Imprisoned in North Korea for More Than 2 Years, Is Back Home in Canada

A Canadian pastor who was imprisoned in North Korea for more than two years quietly returned to his home in a Toronto suburb on Saturday following a long journey on a private government jet via Japan.

1.7k reactions 46 comments
Brenda Ghent Yay glory to God!
Gloria Venable Estilette Praise. God. How is his health. !??
Karen-Ann Williams Welcome home. I understand his craving ...nothing like Tim Horton's. It's my first stop when I visit Canada too.
Judy Wheeler 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Barbara Abbey Welcome home Pastor. One more trip to make-our home in Heaven. Eyes focused on Jesus.

How do you feel when an angry mob destroys U.S. history? If you're like me, it goes straight to the heart. Kind of like this...

Man accidentally shoots nail into heart, drives to hospital
Man accidentally shoots nail into heart, drives to hospital

A Wisconsin man who doctors say came perilously close to death after accidentally shooting a nail into his heart while working on his house calmly drove himself to the hospital and even parked his pickup truck in the lot before walking into the emergency room.

391 reactions 64 comments
Phyllis Rose Wilbur My heart is breaking as this is bringing racism stronger than it has been for years. Some group is getting what they want division of our country.
Craig Miller "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame..."
Steven Gary George Why don't we have statues for ISIS fighters then? Yeah, thought so.
Elizabeth Crawford Rogge You can’t erase history by tearing down a statue. Look the other way, if a statue offends you, but let it be a reminder to not repeat the offense.
Scott Klemm I hope you get well soon, the Lord did not want you to report yet He must have another job for you. May God bless you.

Trump said George Washington would be next: Outrageous!! And here we go...

Pastor Wants Presidents
Pastor Wants Presidents' Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

Bishop James Dukes wants Washington Park and Jackson Park to be renamed, and a statue of George Washington removed.

5.0k reactions 2286 comments
Jim Griffith He needs to stick to preaching, maybe he knows something about that !!!!
Raymond Pollard The attempted cleansing of our history does not make it go away.
Robert Alan Calkins Just remove your name
Patrick McNally They are set to put up a 10 foot tall Robocop statue in Detroit. How long before BLM and Antifa march to tear it down, because they claim cops are brutal? Wait, this just in, because of forced labor from thousands of slaves, the Pyramids in Egypt will ...
Betty Wetton Oh my this will not stop the demands will go on and on!

Very sad.

1.7k reactions 290 comments
Joyce Palucci These despicable pieces of human crap who showed up in Charlottesville to create havoc and inadvertently caused the death of Heather Heyer had the self serving nerve to appear at her funeral. This was purely theatrics for attention because if they ...
Marie A Dixon Wow. That's how low bred these people are.
Carla Sutherland That is just sad
Deb-Ann Nelson Lock them up or deport them out of our Country they do not belong!
Veronica Dobell Prior How many times do I have to remind you that that site is fake news?

Pretty decisive

Breaking: Trump Pulls The Plug
Breaking: Trump Pulls The Plug 'I Am Ending Both'

"You don't know what's coming next."

642 reactions 134 comments
Steve Yancey If we remove the things that offends us ...the KKK white supremacist should not we also remove the word "Democrat" who started the KKK and White supremacy ?? There is no Third Reich in Germany
Eva Ghazi The left would rather destroy our country than allow Trump to succeed. It makes me realize the truth of the analogy of Washington being a swamp in need of draining. Those occupying the swamp will do anything to stop the clean-up. The frenzy I'm ...
Tim Browers Personally the list of business I will not spend my money at is growing rapidly.
Paula Lynne Right now, I'm starting to hate both sides who are extreme in their political beliefs. Too many riding on high horses, not even bothering to learn the facts. If you didn't watch an interview or press conference in its entirety, you have no right to ...
Cheryl Wood Now that's being pretty smart

Amidst Controversy, Fox News Host Shep Smith Comes Forward With Announcement About His Show

1.2k reactions 1487 comments
Janet Henry Esterly Go Trump! Shep is a liar.
Bob Castilo Shep is a POS.
Kathy Chaplin ignore the establishment and the crooked corrupt media
Lila Gestri But they always seem to be on plenty of the other shows. It's because of you, Shepard Smith! Do you have no clue??
Mike Fair I really don't give two shits what he says about this. I wish he would go up there and tell all involved to Duke it out and get it over with.

Please read this. What a beautiful letter!

Age 83 Lady Sends Letter To Best Friend. I Didn
Age 83 Lady Sends Letter To Best Friend. I Didn't Cry Reading It - Until Final Line

"Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift."

1.4k reactions 30 comments
Cornelia Synco What wisdom shared and to be lived today.
Sharon Rojas Like the song says, I hope you dance.
Mary T. Barbuscia So true
Suzy Layman-Knezevich Wise lady. I love to dance!
Rose Torres Nice!

No, Trump didn’t compare Robert E. Lee to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. He said that the same leftists who are trying to obliterate Lee and other Confederates from history would next go after Washington and Jefferson and other founders because they were slave owners. And he was indisputably correct: just one day before, the Rev. Al Sharpton was on PBS’s “Charlie Rose Show,” demanding that the Jefferson Memorial be torn down because it offends him.

3.0k reactions 370 comments
Susan Fields POTUS doesn't owe them any explanations. He said all he needed to. We do not have anything to be on defensive about. Lets just stop.
Carol Douglas And after all the statues, they will be coming for our Constitution.
Brenda Kay Sharpton offends me. Let's take him down.
Regina Tree Peyton No but guess what I tried to warn people about has begun the chant to take every monument and statue down because everyone has a past that what happens when people are dumb!
Carl Schmidt The radical Left and the Democrat Party along with the help of RINO’s - are trying to start a race war as a part of George Soros continuing plan to eventually take down the USA and replace it with a one world Socialist government without borders. He ...

Monuments to our past

Monuments to our past
Monuments to our past

No, Trump didn't compare Robert E. Lee to George Washington...

552 reactions 56 comments
Maryanne Hand They ..the haters and those of jealousy will not like what he says. Whether it is right or not. It won't be enough or too much. The ignorance of these people is most annoying and upsetting. They will not bother to listen or learn or even try to ...
Robin Phillips Wintz I tried to leave a comment on your site but I didn't pass for whatever reason
Brenda Schoonover Why does anyone listen to racist Al who claims to be a Rev..
Barbara Berube Lefevers This insanity must stop. The mainstream media is an enemy of the people. They make up news, twist news, don't report news and under report news. Please call the DOJ comment line at at at 1-202-353-1555 and ask for George Soros to be arrested for ...
Katie Allen-Franklin When we destroy History no one will remember that History repeats it's self and people will wonder how did this come about! Ignorance thinking tearing down monuments will erase History!

America needs to come to its senses fast, stand up to this insanity, and tell the PC Taliban that you can’t change the past by destroying art and monuments. Indeed, you can only learn from the past by remembering it. Maybe this story will shock the vandals into realizing that being a leftist full of rage doesn’t give you a get-out-of-jail free card:

College student arrested in connection with knocking down Confederate statue in Durham
College student arrested in connection with knocking down Confederate statue in Durham

A North Carolina college student was arrested on Tuesday in connection with toppling a Confederate statue in Durham.

9.0k reactions 1148 comments
Linda Turner She should have been charged!
Elizabeth Krebs A true doofus. If she had a brain it would be lonely.
Janey Donnell Lock her up
Angela J. Springer She probably doesn't have two nickels to rub together but someone will hand over wads of cash to save her. I hope they keep her locked up for a long while.
Larry Yocham Good

At least someone appreciated Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. Prayers for this lady and her family.

9.6k reactions 209 comments
Rivkah Patterson ALL the people on the road obstructing traffic including the injured should be prosecuted for not having a parade permit. The driver was slowly making his way through the crowds as were other cars. But then someone started bashing the back of his car ...
Irene Maeger Milner So sorry for your loss, Ms. Bro!
Billy Pridmore Praying for the family
Barbara Eldridge Malti Prayers to you and your family.
John N Elsa Pruitt God bless

President Trump's Press Conference

President Trump
President Trump's Press Conference

President Trump's surreal press conference yesterday was like...

416 reactions 89 comments
Laurie Adams Kkkristian pos.
Marco Ruffini To the fake news media; when you will be the president, you can say things the way you like it. Fortunately, you are not. We the people, understood Trump very well the first time and any amout of bs from you will not change our mind. Shame on you, ...
Joanne Buck So nice to see the President speak the absolute truth today at Trump Tower. You need time to gather all the facts and one cannot do that in two hours as with his first strong condemnation speech. Leftist Antifa (Communists), Black Lives Matter, ...
JoAnn Buchanan they all need to go to jail
Michelle Lazio Migone I was like any other press conference he has given in the past. I don't get why the collective hysteria -

Interesting contrast: how Obama initially responded to the tragic shooting of black church members in Charleston by Dylan Roof. He didn’t call Roof a neo-Nazi or white supremacist because, he said, “Until the investigation is complete, I’m necessarily constrained in terms of talking about the details of the case.” How wise, sober and responsible, I’m sure the media said then.

FACT CHECK: Did Obama Not Condemn White Nationalists After The Charleston Shooting?
FACT CHECK: Did Obama Not Condemn White Nationalists After The Charleston Shooting?

Former Bush administration Director of Black Outreach Paris Dennard claimed that in the wake of the 2015 deadly shooting of a black Charleston church, Pres

3.1k reactions 196 comments
Liz Velasco Rouse That was a first. He usually defended blm or liberal groups. Actually surprised he said that
Warren Frey Lousy president....worst ever. Got us into the mess we are in now.
Richard Gomez Exactly... Hippo Crits everywhere 🥊
Davis Jackson Two different situations. One is at a widely publicized protest where we know white supremacists gathered. The other was at a black church giving a routine Sunday service where literally anything could've been the motive.
Robin Saunders-Dunaway of course!!!

Nailed it.

2.5k reactions 52 comments
Amy Neuser Anderson Ah the old republican trickle down theory lie-been there,done that,does not work!Corporations do not grow the economy on their own,people must be able to contribute,and they can't when they do not have money to spend
Katie Shannon Huff Why is anyone offended or surprised? This was the point made for not increasing minimum wage to $15.00. Natural consequences of choices made. People voted to pay more for products when they vote to pay workers more.
Martina Longobardi I support Bernie, but I'm not "enraged."
Wade Novin Mike Huckabee, you live for a month on less than $15 an hour and then we can talk....
Barbara Nielsen Yes laying people off, upping prices, and like McDonalds, machines to take your order! So what I predicted!

Depending on which poll you listen to, President Trump’s approval is either rising or plummeting. The latest poll, by Monmouth University, finished up after two weeks of savage attacks on him for his method of dealing with North Korea (did I mention that Kim Jong Un stood down?) and his insistence that there was blame on both sides for the violence in Charlottesville. This poll shows (surprise) his approval inching up slightly, to 41%. That’s low, but still more than double Congress’ approval rating of 18%. Even more interesting, both Trump’s supporters and his detractors seem to be set in cement: large majorities of both say they can’t imagine him doing anything to change their opinion of him. Which could be seen as remarkably freeing: imagine a politician who can say or do whatever he really wants to without regard for how it will affect his poll numbers. Actually, that sounds like Trump since day one. You can read the full survey results at the link. But I should probably mention that if polls about Donald Trump could be believed, Hillary Clinton would be President now.

609 reactions 172 comments
Avery Allen Forget the polls. The only polls that matter are on election day.
Hermetta Helton Melton Keep Rocking Mike H.!
Walt Kamerick deplorables dont care about any stinkin polls. :)
Linda Robertson I would vote for him again!
Faith Stauffer Geisel Don't care how many people hate him or love him, he does not have a moral compass, and I will never support him. How many lies does he have to tell, how much bizarre behavior are you going to keep justifying before you see him for what he is?

A terrible tragedy has struck this famous family again:

238 reactions 19 comments
Ron Cobb Why post click bait?
Darlene Kelley-Bean So sad prayers for family
Susan Fox So young! What a tragedy.
Christine Magaraci Starick Drugs kill..
Paula Lynne So sad. Prayers and love to their family

This video might have played a part in convincing Kim Jong Un to back down from his threats to attack the US. It shows the astounding accuracy of 80 JDAMs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions), dropped from a B2 bomber on practice targets in Utah. Maybe Kim saw this, realized he was lucky if his missiles could hit the ocean, and thought better of picking a fight with the US.

1.4k reactions 49 comments
Mark Zimmerli I'm 64 is that too old to reup ?
Lewis D McCafferty Jr. Sad to say we are just giving him time. Its his ploy until he truly has something and he launches.
Steven Boychuck Well done! The United States military is the best in the world and our enemies know it.
Scott Aleckson One missed by a couple feet. Keep working on it.
James Judy Hale Go USA he don't want to mess with our great military God bless the USA and our military

This former NFL player gets this right:

913 reactions 53 comments
Barbara Berube Lefevers We respect the anthem and flag to honor those who died to preserve our freedoms. The false premise from Ferguson of hands up don't shoot is ridiculous.
Vin Zarcone Vinnie Raschella
Lisa Herriman Why not cut the paycheck every week everytime when they sit out?
Nancy Fried I'd love to see them to be made to sit on the ground❗️😜
Kathleen D Pliszka They deserve just what they give, no respect

One picture is worth 1,000 words. Or 10,000,000 words from MSNBC, CNN, HuffPo, etc.

Cartoon Perfectly Paints Picture of Media Hypocrisy in Charlottesville
Cartoon Perfectly Paints Picture of Media Hypocrisy in Charlottesville

This is the problem the media won't admit....

2.2k reactions 47 comments
Bill Toro It's a shame the state of affairs we find ourselves in.
Richard Jones Exactly! The media sucks!!! Liars and "fake news" propaganda attacking and dividing us....
Julie Childers Thomas Yes!!!
Anita Royston Flanders Divide our nation and we are easy to conquer. United we stand Divided we fall. We have laws and all who break them need to be put in jail.
Laurey Nedimyer Evans Yep.

At least, there’s one slice of history that it’s impossible for leftists to get rid of: conservationists cataloging historical artifacts in Cape Adare, Antarctica, discovered a 100-year-old fruitcake. It was wrapped in paper inside a rusty tin, but it reportedly still looked and smelled “almost” edible. Yep, sounds like a fruitcake, all right. They claim the fruitcake will be returned to the site, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gave it to me next Christmas. It would confirm the old theory that there’s actually one fruitcake in the entire world, and every Christmas, it gets regifted to someone else.

Researchers Unwrap 100-yr-old Artifact...What They Discovered Blew Them Away
Researchers Unwrap 100-yr-old Artifact...What They Discovered Blew Them Away

A “perfectly preserved” fruitcake has been recovered in Cape Adare by a coalition dedicated to restoring historical artifacts and sites in Antarctica. Estimated to be roughly 100 years old, the fruitcake was found inside a rusted tin container and wrapped in paper, yet it itself still looked and sme...

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Dave Hilliard Such language.
Michele Renee' Clark That's their friggen symbol
Darrell Parks While on Operation Deepfreeze in 1971 and again in 1972, we could go in Scott's hut and there was hardtack and seal carcasses laying in the hut for food for when he returned from the South Pole.
Kathy Guest Wilker I Love Fruitcake!!
Sidney N Moon I like fruitcake.. my Grandma made them at Christmas every year..

This was ostensibly the reason for that wild Trump press conference: an executive order to speed up the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure, which involves cutting back Obama-era environmental and climate-change regulations that made it very hard to build anything. Ironically, Obama himself came into office with a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus bill that he promised would create “shovel-ready jobs,” only to find that there were so many regulations to meet, it took 20 years just to get permission to buy the shovel. He later admitted that there were no shovel-ready jobs. But he did proceed to shovel on a lot more regulations that made the situation even worse.

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Judy Kluesner Mike, Please refer to him as President Trump. Too many people, who do not respect President Trump are calling him " trump" as a means to disrespect him.
Elaine Thompson BHO: A shovel and a bunch of bs, I see a connection here.
David Michalicka It's time for all true Americans to unite around President Trump
Tim Richards Finally a president who is sick of the bureaucracy. Thank you.
Gloria Hasten I wake up every day happy Obama is gone and Trump is our President, crooked Swamp Congress has obstructed his vision yet he does a lot for America!

Today's Commentary: Slander and division -- Trump the racist?!? -- Wise Obama -- The Jefferson Memorial -- My Maxine Waters joke -- News Bits

Today's Newsletter August 16 Edition

This is the August 16 newsletter...

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Mitzi Garrison http://100percentfedup.com/media-wont-show-video-trump-telling-matt-lauer-david-duke-bigot-racist-pretends-hillary-didnt-praise-former-kkk-leader-senator-robert-byrd-eulogy/
Nicholas Vudragovich Today's rancid propaganda and lies from the MSM
Eric Currier Maybe it's time for President Trump to do an executive order stopping the removal of all civil war monuments for one year so the office of National Historic register can evaluate and classify them.
Rene Lozano Isn't this the father of Trumps spokesperson? Nuff said!
Lennie Buschman Love your posts Sir. They are honest and not fake.😘
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