Mike Huckabee
15:25 04/20/2017

It’s 4/20, the national holiday for pot smokers, so don’t expect too much news from liberal media outlets today...

SF Bolsters Response to 4/20 Party at Golden Gate Park

SF Bolsters Response to 4/20 Party at Golden Gate Park

San Francisco residents and officials are bracing for tens of thousands of people to flock to Golden Gate Park on Thursday and light up at a massive annual pot party.

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Donna Cardwell
CARACAS (Reuters) - General Motors said on Wednesday that Venezuelan authorities had illegally seized its plant in the industrial hub of Valencia and vowed to "take all legal actions" to defend its rights. The seizure comes amid a deepening economic crisis in leftist-led Venezuela that has already roiled many U.S. companies. "Yesterday, GMV's (General Motors Venezolana) plant was unexpectedly taken by the public authorities, preventing normal operations. In addition, other assets of the company, such as vehicles, have been illegally taken from its facilities," the company said in a statement. It said the seizure would cause irreparable damage to the company, its 2,678 workers, its 79 dealers and to its suppliers. Venezuela's Information Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for information. Venezuela's car industry has been in freefall, hit by a lack of raw materials stemming from complex currency controls and stagnant local production, and many plants are barely producing at all. In early 2015, Ford Motor Co wrote off its investment in Venezuela when it took an $800 million pre-tax writedown. The country's economic crisis has hurt many other U.S. companies, including food makers and pharmaceutical firms. A growing number are taking their Venezuelan operations out off their consolidated accounts.
Benjamin Finny
Yes excellent ! Keep. Blazing way hippies let the joy of pot wash over you. Then you'll be so much easier to control and exterminate. Enjoy all the dope you want. Be passive, don't worry sleep. We're waiting..
Michael Neas
all liberal youth are best kept in sanctuary's like California and like states..its the only humane thing to do. give them Trumps Cheeto dust to satisfy their nutritional requirements ... marajuana and opiates for there youthful foolishness until they see the light or return to dust
Cherie Franklin Columbia
People that live in condos and apts hate skunk weed. The stench drifts in non smokers space. It's a horrible habit like smoking your 2 week socks. The same goes for cig smoke. Ew times a 1000 U ALL stink! The pot smokers I know are lazy and don't reason well. I may know only the dumb ones😂
Liz Dan Dan Carrego
This is so disgusting. Worse than the 60's & 70's & all others decades combined. 😡 I didn't read the article nor view the video. I've seen enough. I don't care what anyone says... Smoking pot destroys the brain cells & it does want you to try harder drugs. I didn't even do it for a long time & I know. More brain dead snowflakes. Shame on the lawmakers & voters for allowing this in their states.
Ben Wulff
What the hell do the pot smokers need a day of recognition or celebration for? I'll never get it I guess. From my perspective in seeing and dealing with pot heads is that while mostly friendly and harmless are most of them and not all are lazy...But quite a few are...I guess I just don't see any reason to celebrate anything about it or the people that do. Argue all you want about how it's less harmful than other drugs or alcohol..Your probably right and I could care less. It seems to me that pot is a mood altering substance just like other "more dangerous" drugs or alcohol so in that respect there is no difference. It's used as a way to escape or cover up pain or so you don't have to deal with whatever it is your dealing with. Bottom line is that it's never going to give you any real satisfaction or give you back what was taken when and if you were hurt. To each their own I'm nobody's judge...It just seems pointless to me.
Stephen Knowles
You folks sure do like to talk! And Mike, what kind of attitude is that for a Christian pastor? You want people to listen to your ignorant rhetoric about equality, equal rights, etc., yada, yada, yada. but you have created an imaginary group of individuals based on "YOUR" ignorance; not theirs. I have met people from all walks of life, from every religion, nationality, and color, that smoke cannabis. I also know many people that use cannabis instead of the crazy pharmaceuticals PUSHED on unsuspecting and ignorant patients that believe what their doctors have fed them. And speaking of feds, you should all know by now, how deceptive they are and have been; all for "our" benefit because we are like little children. You talk about right and left as if people can easily be identified by their leanings. You got a lot to learn folks. And Mike, I have personally contacted you about this issue, and you/YOU have never responded to me. I voted for you, but am slowly learning that you lean unto your own understanding, and seem to be more interested in making your mark than helping anything improve. One more strike my "friend" and I'm outa here. Check yourselves before checking others, or to put it in plain English, do unto others: ) that might be a good thought today?
Ed Young
I smoked it for many years. I don't anymore. Pot isn't the answer to anything. I started with weed and it lead to everything else. In '01 I was a card carrying junkie and didn't care if I lived or died as long as I didn't have to live like that anymore. I checked myself into rehab for my 4th & final time. Today I'm drug free and battling hep c. But to anyone who thinks pot makes you smarter my challenge to you is, dank up and then read a big fat complicated book, and do a detailed report on it. :)
Norman Derrick
Get um all in one place and drop one of those Mega bombs. We'll wipe out enough thugs, snowflakes, welfare recipients, and freeloaders to reduce the budget by millions.
Paul Weber
Spending time in obedience matters! Praying for GOD Almighty's PERSPECTIVE, guidance and hand of protection over the REPUBLIC of the United States of America, PRESIDENT TRUMP, Vice-president PENCE, Israel, law enforcement, military, and OTHERS, with REPENTANT hearts, while trying to stay within GOD Almighty's TRUTH, love, transparency, timing, Design, Will, and Plans! SHINE the LIGHT of TRUTH into the shadows of darkness and corruption! DO NOT CONDONE or COMPROMISE with EVIL or appearances of EVIL of any kind! Isaiah 59:20 "A Redeemer will come to Zion, And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob," declares the LORD. Matthew 3:6 Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River. Mark 1:15 "The time is fulfilled," He said, "and the kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe in the gospel!" Luke 3:10 The crowds asked him, "What then should we do?" Luke 24:47 and in His name repentance and forgiveness of sins will be proclaimed to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn back, so that your sins may be wiped away, Acts 5:31 God exalted Him to His right hand as Prince and Savior, in order to grant repentance and forgiveness of sins to Israel. Acts 8:12 But when they believed Philip as he preached the gospel of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. Acts 8:15 On their arrival, they prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit. Acts 8:16 For the Holy Spirit had not yet fallen upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. Praying for the lost with spiritual ignorance, spiritual unawareness, spiritual blindness, spiritual deafness, to be HEALED from satan's DECEPTIONS and CLAIM before it is TOO LATE for eternity SEPARATED from GOD Almighty forever and EVER! Give thanksgiving, love, praise, glory, honor, and respect to YESHUA messiah, Christ Jesus, Lord, Saviour, and Master, obey be baptized and follow in a new relationship with GOD Almighty in OBEDIENCE!
Jason Mohr
Yes because my grandmother (God rest her soul) who was on medical marijuana to help relieve pain and get her to eat while in hospice was a oh so horrible liberal. Stop trying to make everything into a political motive. Oh and yes even conservatives smoke pot to so your points invalid.
Deb Taylor
Hippy Hill?? Of course, San Francisco. I remember the '60's, the hippies, and the pot down in Big Sur. I have no desire to watch it, smoke it, or smell it again. That was one of those teenage things I put away a very long time ago.
Theresa Dorsey Boisvert
I'm pretty sure our military troops, keeping our America and these dimwits safe, is really impressed with this earth shaking event in Frisco.
James Baldwin
to say that only liberals smoke or use pot is very narrow minded... i would say im a conservative republican in my thinking and i love to fire up a joint...
Heather Cianflone
It needs to be legal in EVERY state...and yep im a conservative who voted for President Trump!! Sorry for blowing your obnoxious theory..

Other newsfeed from Mike Huckabee

In the explosive segment, Fox News host Tucker Carlson's guest says that James Comey 'sold his soul to the devil.' This is definitely worth watching.

Former US Attorney: It was a ‘Brazen Plot’ by the FBI to ‘Exonerate’ Hillary and ‘Frame’ Trump
Former US Attorney: It was a ‘Brazen Plot’ by the FBI to ‘Exonerate’ Hillary and ‘Frame’ Trump

"They conspired to frame the incoming president of the United States."

3.3k reactions 249 comments
Judy Thatcher THIS IS TREASON!
Anne Rowlett Ivey Crooked Hillary and Corrupt Comey ...what a pair😡
Gail Lewis Lord It is bad enough that the FBI did these things. But to have blatantly treated the American people as though we were too stupid to figure out their treason, is unconscionable. And we will not soon forget it or trust them again.
Rene Prats Fired and prosecuted that's what should happen with anyone who took part in cover up of Hillary and set up of Pres. Trump.
Diane Cardinale And....and....and...he is RIGHT!

'The gloves are off.'

US B-52 Sets New Record for Most Smart Bombs Dropped Against Enemy in One Mission
US B-52 Sets New Record for Most Smart Bombs Dropped Against Enemy in One Mission

A U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress, America’s longest-serving bomber, set a new record when it unleashed hell against terrorists on a combat mission in Afghanistan last month, according to the Department of Defense. During an expanded strike mission, B-52 bombers dropped 19 Joint Direct Attack M...

4.5k reactions 151 comments
Tony Mishka That's bound to hurt.
Philip Joanne Smith GO GET EM!
Danny McNeil What we aren't at war so what enemy
Marcus Harmon It's time we begin deploying nuclear weapons. We've got many from the 1950s that need using up.
Rocco O'jalei Dropping warheads on foreheads.

And the saga continues.

After Injury and Alienating Fans, Lindsey Vonn Issues Big Response to Critics
After Injury and Alienating Fans, Lindsey Vonn Issues Big Response to Critics

United States Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn has received backlash following her disparaging comments about President Donald Trump, prompting her to clarify her position on social media. In an Instagram post, Vonn said she was trying to articulate that Olympic athletes are not representative of Republic...

901 reactions 696 comments
Rozanne Stephenson Who cares about her anymore. She just showed people how ignorant and entitled that she is. Hope that other Americans win the medals. There are plenty who are much more deserving
R Doug Hoeffner A little to late, should never have opened her lib mouth.
Sherry Lincoln Stop posting her stuff and perhaps she will just go away. PLEASE!
Jennie Shaw Just quit listening to her! Quit giving her attention. Let it go. She just keeps repeating herself and making excuses.
Stephen Gallo If she hadn't run her mouth about the President, she wouldn't have any critics. She reaped what she sowed.

Donald J. Trump told the Marines of Helicopter Squadron One exactly what it means to him to be able to ride in the presidential helicopter - and the Marines had something very special to give him in return.

9.6k reactions 275 comments
Ken Ashe Peter Hibbard
Jim Werner Sr. If I were a young man I would rejoin the military just to be able to serve under this man as my Commander-in-Chief.
Diane Rohan Williams He makes me proud. I do not understand why so many hate him
Randy Criss They would have given Barry Hussein Ogabunga the middle finger.
Gary Israel MY PRESIDENT _ Donald Trump 🇺🇸

When people vote Democrat, this is what they're voting for.

Alert: Democrat Requests UN Troops Be Deployed to US Soil to Deal With Guns
Alert: Democrat Requests UN Troops Be Deployed to US Soil to Deal With Guns

Instead of looking to President Donald Trump for assistance with Chicago’s never-ending gun violence, Cook County commissioner Richard Boykin, a Democrat, has reportedly expressed interest in teaming up with the United Nations. “I’m hoping to appeal to the U.N. to actually come to Chicago and ...

6.8k reactions 1897 comments
Terry Michael Colins So the Fascism is starting to show!!!🤣
Porky Bennett This guy is out of his mind
Glen Baggett Should never be allowed to happen on US soil it should be our own Chicago Police Illinois National Guard
Dave Dalton Dems are a joke!
Robert Kimbrough Well if they get their wish I will start supporting the thugs in Chicago to do the world a favor and target the cowards in the blue helmets. I can think of no greater way to unite this country than to bring outsiders in.

Join me tonight on TBN for “Huckabee!” My guests will include Laura Scroff, author of the international best-seller “An Invisible Thread,” to talk about her inspiring new book, “Angels On Earth.” I’ll introduce you to the two most unlikely friends you can imagine, with an amazing story of forgiveness and redemption. Our fantastic house band is on hand to back up country legend T. Graham Brown. All that, plus we have a lot more holiday surprises to unwrap for you. Click the link for a preview, to find out where you can watch it in your local area, and for details on how you can get a copy of my best-selling book, “A Simple Christmas,” just for making a donation to TBN. Hurry, supplies are limited!

Huckabee on TBN
Huckabee on TBN

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor, presidential candidate, and longtime popular political commentator has teamed up with global faith-and-family television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for a new weekly news and talk show exclusively on TBN.

247 reactions 18 comments
Stephen Tipping I would rather watch your daughter lie for the president than watch you
Tony Vogel Hey Mike, I just wanted for you to know.....both your daughter and you needs to find a good catholic church to go to, so you can confess your sins. The fact that you raised your daughter to be a compulsive liar is really a big problem. It's hard for ...
Elizabeth Litts Your show tonight was so inspiring-especially the former police officer and the guy he wronged--It was really a God thing.
Bonnie Lixey Thank you for speaking up and out for our freedoms and Christian based values . The music is a little bit much for me but I love how you stand up for America. Religion. Morals. Keep up the good work. I love those chuckles now and then too. God Bless ...
Sandy Hauer Ladner 💗 your new show!!

He's not just an all-star on the field.

NFL Star J.J. Watt Gives Entire Military Unit in Afghanistan a Christmas Gift They
NFL Star J.J. Watt Gives Entire Military Unit in Afghanistan a Christmas Gift They'll Never Forget

It's not the first time Watt has shown is incredible generosity.

9.4k reactions 312 comments
Tony Lobo Lopez And yet that rag Time magazine thought JJ Watt, with all he did for hurricane victims and all he does for the community and our military, was less worthy for the person of the year award than that human pustule Colin Kaepernick. It’s incomprehensible
Brenda Story Holder JJ WATTS IS "THE MAN OF THE YEAR"!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Austin But but but...Kaepernick has helped divide a nation...fans and the league, police and citizens, even teammates...not limited to NFL teams.
Jeff Lawrence He doesn’t need some “shallow reward” to be the public’s “MAN/citizen of the year.”
Carol Lacy DuBose Nice to know there are still good knees out there

Just in time for Christmas!

Remington Just Changed the Game, Brings Shotguns Into 21st Century
Remington Just Changed the Game, Brings Shotguns Into 21st Century

A little something for your next shopping trip.

4.7k reactions 267 comments
Joseph Colvin Why wouldn't you just make it semi-auto?!
Todd Planer Rodney Dewey
Cody Smith Christopher Smith
Ron Gravel I will stick with my Mossberg M590A1 9rd shotgun. Not a Remington fan.
Wesley Hornbuckle Bradford Palmer Hornbuckle in case you haven’t decided what to get me for Christmas

Rush: Investigator Gen. Prepping "Dynamite" Report, Will Blow Mueller to Smithereens

Rush: Investigator Gen. Prepping "Dynamite" Report, Will Blow Mueller to Smithereens
Rush: Investigator Gen. Prepping "Dynamite" Report, Will Blow Mueller to Smithereens

The incredibly biased and highly politicized nature within the supposedly impartial Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Special Counsel investigation has become increasingly clear in recent weeks. On his Wednesday program, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed t...

2.6k reactions 139 comments
Dan Wooten Over and over I read about all these bomb shells that are being uncovered and it's going to be prison for Clinton's and their cronies, been reading this stuff for a year now, read many of Trey Gowdy's remarks on various crimes committed by that group, ...
Paul Weber Many deceived leftists using their mockery, blasphemy, deceptions and perversions show they serve satan and his followers of deceptions and perversions! Praying for the spiritually ignorant deceived by satan with deceptions and perversions to be ...
Patricia Reilly Hague Can't be too soon!
Sarah May I can't get over how corrupt the system is and how liberals can't see the facts. Unbelievable. I pray this is true and it all comes to light.
Golwitzer Vivian We can only hope

Trey Gowdy Unloads on Deputy AG, Teaches Him the Meaning of "Interest Free" Counsels

Trey Gowdy Unloads on Deputy AG, Teaches Him the Meaning of "Interest Free" Counsels
Trey Gowdy Unloads on Deputy AG, Teaches Him the Meaning of "Interest Free" Counsels

If you want to get to the bottom of a scandal, send in Trey Gowdy. The fiery congressman from South Carolina has a well-earned reputation as somebody who can cut through the bull — well, the manure — and get right to the core of a problem. That’s exactly what he did this week, after…

1.5k reactions 119 comments
Ann Reed Gowdy is so intelligent, articulate and experienced. I wish all our representatives were more like him.
Simon Maranda Gowdy is the best congressman
Duane Groomes Drain the swamp and disband the domestic terrioist, the FBI.
Sandy Wynot Faucheux I wish Gowdy was AG instead of useless Sessions who is afraid of his own shadow!!!!!!!!!
Dorie Kay Would love to see Gowdy as AG.

Your tax dollars at work: the New York Court of Appeals has officially ruled that being called “a real dummy” by President Trump in a tweet is not actionable defamation. And if you spend a fortune on lawyers trying to prove that it is, well…what does that make you? Just try to think of it as an honor, like being called a dummy by Don Rickles.

1.7k reactions 88 comments
Delores McRedmond Lol
Carol E Donaldson He could just call them “nice.“ From the Latin, nescius, meaning foolish, ignorant, clueless!
Marla Vignocchi A ha ha ha ha. This is priceless
William Conlee Trump and Rickles...both. comedians.
Brian Monroe Or Red Foxx!

Trump Saves Taxpayers $3,000,000 by Nuking Obama-Designed Website

Trump Saves Taxpayers $3,000,000 by Nuking Obama-Designed Website
Trump Saves Taxpayers $3,000,000 by Nuking Obama-Designed Website

When it comes to website design, the Obama White House was not known for doing so efficiently or cheaply. Those with long memories of insurance exchanges can attest to this. Apparently, this kind of profligacy extends to other web portals as well. And President Trump’s administration is going to s...

4.5k reactions 116 comments
Danny McNeil Net neutrality is one of the best things president Obama did
Daniel Danchak Reverse the regs. Good work Mr. President.
Glen Baggett Kudos to Barack Obama never forget lest you insult Black America! America's first black president! All America did this do not forget! Be careful be very careful! Always remember his biggest failing is that he was a Democrat liberal! Not because he was ...
Ronald Rodriguez It might be a drop in the federal spending bucket, but enough drops fills that bucket. So, keep on finding small ways to cut expenses.
Becky OConnell Great

Report: Attorney Lisa Bloom Promised Cash to Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers

Report: Attorney Lisa Bloom Promised Cash to Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers
Report: Attorney Lisa Bloom Promised Cash to Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers

A high-profile feminist attorney promised two women they would be financially compensated for publicly accusing President Donald Trump of sexual harassment in the waning months of the 2016 presidential election. Lisa Bloom, who represented four Trump accusers – two of whom came forward – told th...

2.4k reactions 385 comments
Sandra Farris Anybody surprised?
Bethany Lawson Stamschror Like mother like daughter
Tina Patnoe I knew it!!! Again FAKE NEWS!! Truly the left has no credibility left!
Kathie Anderson So, by the mere fact that she is paying people to make accusations, she is making sure that any and ALL accusations are not just questionable, but also invalid.
Gb Hope Disbar her and her fraudulent Mother immediately!!!!!

5 Miles from Failed NYC Bombing, Imam Calls for Deaths, "To the Very Last One"

5 Miles from Failed NYC Bombing, Imam Calls for Deaths, "To the Very Last One"
5 Miles from Failed NYC Bombing, Imam Calls for Deaths, "To the Very Last One"

There was a failed attempt at a mass casualty terrorist attack in New York City on Monday, when 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant Akayed Ullah tried to detonate a homemade explosive device but succeeded only in severely wounding himself while causing minor injuries to a few other people. While the l...

2.1k reactions 274 comments
Ruben Dionson This is where the problem starts
Bob Kahler Oh, REALLY?????????????????????????
John Crimmins A clergyman advocating murder from the pulpit. This is Islam.
Thomas Gambino Why is he allowed to be here.
Brandon Reed Time to ban them from coming here. Round them up and ship them back.

Eric Holder is now getting involved.

Eric Holder Issues Warning to Trump Administration About Mueller
Eric Holder Issues Warning to Trump Administration About Mueller

"Speaking on behalf of the vast majority of the American people..."

2.3k reactions 1357 comments
Michael Tate Holder warning anyone about anything is a joke.
Jan Hammer Coming from The Fast and Furious gun runner makes anything he says irrelevant
Doug Campbell Oh really. What's he gonna do if they don't heed his warning. Hold his breath and stamp his feet?
Brent Warren The only thing that he has ever been is a Obama & Clinton puppet.
Mavis Sedlak Eric Holder, who died and left you in charge?

Welcome to journalism in the 21st century. The media is a laughing-stock, and they don't even know it.

Politico Reporter: Don Jr. Was a Jerk to Preschool Teacher... When He Was 3-Years-Old
Politico Reporter: Don Jr. Was a Jerk to Preschool Teacher... When He Was 3-Years-Old

The mainstream media has finally found the bombshell evidence they need to bring down the Trump family, once and for all. Journalists at Politico have worked tirelessly to investigate the case, and like Woodward and Bernstein during the Watergate scandal, have stunning proof that could mean the end�...

3.5k reactions 611 comments
Mary Peavy Really...like this has relevance in our life now!?
Patricia Mary Deep...
Danica Brook Joplin Who wasn't a jerk at 3 years old? I know I was and so was all my kids. Heck I'm still a jerk today from time to time.
Doug Campbell "Off with his head!" ...
Bobbie Bolden This has got to be a stupid joke....if not ...the media has completely gone crazy....


Trump accusers & Lisa Bloom
Trump accusers & Lisa Bloom

Politics Trump accusers & Lisa Bloom Mike Huckabee December 15, 2017 The Hill newspaper has uncovered documents, emails and text messages showing that lawyer Lisa Bloom (daughter of Gloria Allred) sought to arrange donor cash for women willing to make public sexual harassment allegations against Don...

967 reactions 104 comments
Maxine Rains Gloria taught her well. They should both lose their license.
Scott Wooten where is the bar association
Luanna Bibb Exactly gettum
Stephen Finnegan She needs to lose her law license.
Judy Toups Braquet neither one should be able to practice law anymore.

Want some great music as a Christmas gift? This lady and her husband are friends, and she's an amazing old-style lounge/jazz singer. CD and LP!

Laura Ainsworth - Jazz, Lounge & Retro
Laura Ainsworth - Jazz, Lounge & Retro

Laura's acclaimed new album New Vintage debuted in August 2017 with a special solo show at New York’s elegant Metropolitan Room, a guest spot in the Indie Collaborative showcase at the world-famous Bitter End, and a spot on JazzWeek's Top 20 Most-Added Albums chart! Critics rave that New Vintage �...

55 reactions 2 comments
Christine A. Ripley Love jazz music, wish I were there.
Mildred Smith McMillan NEWS!

Hillary Falling Apart: Medical Device Still Attached 2 Months After Minor Injury

Hillary Falling Apart: Medical Device Still Attached 2 Months After Minor Injury
Hillary Falling Apart: Medical Device Still Attached 2 Months After Minor Injury

Back during the campaign, Conservative Tribune and other publications that raised questions about the health of Hillary Clinton were viewed as sexist conspiracy theorists. The former secretary of state was hale and hearty, even as she was collapsing during 9/11 memorial ceremonies, the media all sai...

585 reactions 177 comments
Glen Gray It's a quick release shoe so she can hit infidels with it.
Mary Ann Stanley Liar liar boot on fire
Tony Sanchez In fairness she's 70, and don't female bones go bad after menopause?
Monty Meek I’m pretty sure it was an ankle monitor, at least it should be.
Elsa Nunez Not medical, GPS tracker

Sex harassment allegation downs female Dem candidate

Sex harassment allegation downs female Dem candidate
Sex harassment allegation downs female Dem candidate

The “MeToo” scythe of sexual harassment allegations that’s cutting down prominent men in politics and entertainment just took a twist that might make some women rethink this whole "to heck with due process" craze.

787 reactions 54 comments
Robert Crouch This is just a stupid as all the others her case was settled over a decade ago all of this will backfire on the woman’s movement because men will be hesitant to hire and or work with women for fear that years later their lives will be turned upside down ...
Traci Stout Hodge Its gonna get worse. Think of all the female teachers busted for being with young boys. There will be more women in power start to be accused and women not hired because men and companies wont want the liability. Until there is PROOF there sbould be ...
LaVon Walker There will be more of "MeToo Males" - this happens more frequently than "liberal females" want to admit - lots of "sexual harassment claims" out there
Cherrie Taylor Hmm mm
Deborah Teson It isn't just a mans world when it comes to sexual harassment. My oh my, what will become of this?

Swiss-based Viking Cruises’ plans to put river cruise ships along the Mississippi have been scuttled, along with all the tourism jobs they would have created. You can thank your friendly federal government and a pointless law requiring that all ships ferrying passengers between ports in the US must be American-built and operated by Americans. It’s been around since the Grover Cleveland Administration in 1886, and it’s still stifling growth and killing jobs in 2017. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, there’s nothing so permanent as an outdated federal law.

There Will Be No Viking Longboats Cruising the Mississippi, Thanks to Hard-Headed U.S. Protectionism
There Will Be No Viking Longboats Cruising the Mississippi, Thanks to Hard-Headed U.S. Protectionism

An old federal law demolishes the development of some domestic tourism markets.

719 reactions 142 comments
Steve Olson I agree with most build American hire American
David Wayne Wilkinson I'm in favor of the law.. be American!!!
John Demetriff So, if you’re an American who has the resources to start building boats, here’s an area of demand they can meet. Lighten up taxes so American entrepreneurs can build boats and start tour companies. I get the gist of what you are saying Mike. But, in ...
Monte Franklin BFD! There never have been Viking Longboats on the Mighty Mississippi!
Jeannine Stricker To bad make it in America and hire American's

Americans are speaking up: STAND for the national anthem.

NFL Team Hit With Lawsuit, Courtesy of Flag-Loving Americans
NFL Team Hit With Lawsuit, Courtesy of Flag-Loving Americans

Fed up with the NFL’s ongoing national anthem protests, one fan has attempted to strike back by filing a suit against the New Orleans Saints in the hopes of recouping the thousands of dollars he spent on season tickets to the team’s games. Louisiana resident Lee Dragna filed a suit in a district...

2.0k reactions 271 comments
Linda Bazan Langham Good!
Brenda Orndorff NO MORE NFL
Al Poirier anybody can file a lawsuit against anyone for anything, that's the easy part. the hard part is winning, and this guy isn't going to win.
Gary Overman They look like ridiculous little children so pathetic I will never watch these cry babies ever again. Boycott the NFL no fans left
Carlos Alberto Vasquez Dictators make you do that! Long live freedom!

Brave New Films: Women being used, for politics!

Brave New Films: Women being used, for politics!
Brave New Films: Women being used, for politics!

When three women who appeared at Monday’s press conference claimed that their assertions about disrespectful conduct by President Trump had nothing to do with politics, that may have been true. It’s possible these women don’t realize that for the organizer of the event, Brave New Films, it was...

350 reactions 91 comments
Carol E Donaldson These women are eating too much SOY and have over estrogenized themselves. The “males” that assist them have so much estrogen in their systems it’s no wonder they’re feminized.
Marsha Connally Shame
Suzette Harbarenko That evil billionaire { Not President Trump} will stop at nothing. People it is all smoke and mirrors.
J Hattie Brewer All they did is be used as the idiots that they are and make all women look stupid and bad ... I resent them ....
Paula Clausen Myers This tactic worked against Moore, may work against Trump.

It keeps getting worse.

Mueller investigation compromised: Still waiting for that sign...
Mueller investigation compromised: Still waiting for that sign...

There’s a scene in Steve Martin’s 1983 film, THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS, in which Steve’s character speaks to the imposing portrait of his dead wife hanging over the mantel, asking her to give him some kind of sign if she objects to his pursuit of another woman. ‘Give me a sign, just some kind ...

629 reactions 102 comments
John Nichols And, this post is just more of the same ...
Richard Shinta Surely Mueller don't think he could charge anybody else and not get laughed out of court ., Lawyer ,, I would like to call Strzok to the stand . Cue the laughter .
John Nichols Sorry, Mike Huckabee, Mika was spot on about your daughter (and I am no fan of Mika Brzenzski) ... your daughter has adopted the same tact you (amazingly, as a former clergymember) have - lying through her teeth on a daily basis ... So, for her to deny ...
Mary Ann Snyder Robert Louis David Webb who in the world do you think you are? Rhetorical question, please don't answer. Mike Huckabee is so spot on. You probably don't think Trey Howdy is incredibly spot on either. Both are never to be compromised men of faith.
Kathy Chaplin the demoncraps are all about corruption, lying, and stealing

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, one of those ceramic statues of the “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” chimps might be appropriate.

Deputy AG Rosenstein: No
Deputy AG Rosenstein: No 'Impropriety' Despite Mueller Team's Donations to Democrats

"Appearance is to some extent in the eye of the beholder."

916 reactions 335 comments
Melanie Philip Here's a thought when millions of Americans and Canadians are disputing the authenticity of any investigation because of conflicts of interest...how is it this man can make the decision there is no impropriety , that sound eerily familiar to Comey and ...
Wayne 'LugNut' Paschall The FBI was a good think now it just a big joke
Glenna Walker Wichert Just turn Trey lose on him. He WON'T like being so corrupt. Put him and Trey in a small locked room. He would come out singing like a canary.
Anita Ana Indeed
Cindy Mussell How about a pink slip... for Rosenstein, Mueller and ALL the rest of the traitors.

The former Obama administration official has issued a warning in the wake of a shocking Democrat win against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

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Michele Sweet Did Julian Castro just threaten to physically hurt Ted Cruz? Shouldn't that be what we are saying since the Dems want to say Trump was making sexual innuendo to female senator? It's about time we start fighting fire with fire. These people are ...
John Timothy Lewis Roy was a bad candidate. Ted isn’t
Armando Samora The Socialist Liberals/demos politicians and Hollywood libs actors celebs are acting like they won the presidency or the Super Bowl. It was not like any household name was running for Alabama. It will not be long they will lose the seat next election ...
Gail Monteith We voted Trump in to change things, get rid of corruption and waste. So replace the Republicans with new republicans. Do not ever vote a democrat in anywhere!
John Leslie Hancock Everyone across the nation that wants Republicans to win Senate, and House races need to get involved, donate, and volunteer to work the polls in your communities. No more sitting on hands, and watching from the sidelines, get involved to make sure the ...

Oddly enough, it was actually not Trump but Sen. Elizabeth Warren who inadvertently lodged an explicit sexual innuendo at her colleague in trying to defend her by using a feminist term that I should warn you is not family-friendly. I think this is a perfect example of “get your mind out of the gutter” thinking.

3.1k reactions 362 comments
John CP Korner Maybe she knows a lot more about the truth then anyone. They probably belong to the same club.
Mike Hastings FAUXCOHATUS LIEAWATHA of the Notadropa Navtive Blood tribe!!!!
Jim Florida It was no accident alls Pocahontas has got to do is open that rectum under her nose and she tells all. Gillibrand was running her rectum earlier this week just like she did when she was dropping f-bombs at her town hall meeting earlier this year, she ...
Martin Speer No surprises there
Laura Goodwin Turns my stomach how many idiots in my state voted for her.

Democrat Rep. Interrupts FBI Hearing ‘I’d Like to Ask You About Sexual Assault by the President’

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Ruth Blank I truly believe that all these "revelations" of sexual misconduct by actors, politicians, businessmen, etc, was a concerted effort to set the stage for accusing President Trump of sexual misconduct. They want to get the country worked up about this so ...
John Arout Matt
Maurika Dolani Bunker Idiot
Timothy Terzin Chicago: Criminal Capital of the world.
Dawn MacNamara The Russia thing is dying...so here we go...... 😕

Well, it’s only taken 34 years, and waiting their turn behind such towering rock music pioneers as Tupac Shakur and the Beastie Boys, but the Moody Blues have finally been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who pretty much invented rock and roll in the ‘30s and ‘40s, finally got inducted as an “early influence.” It’s said that thousands of people are rushing to Wikipedia to find out who she is. Do yourself a favor and find out on YouTube. You’ll be stunned that there wasn’t a shrine to her in there on day one. The rest of the inductees are at the link. Why, no, they still don’t include Yes, Jethro Tull, the Doobie Brothers or the Monkees. Maybe in year 35…

Bon Jovi, Nina Simone among five Rock Hall of Fame inductees
Bon Jovi, Nina Simone among five Rock Hall of Fame inductees

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - “Livin’ on a Prayer” rockers Bon Jovi, British bands Dire Straits and the Moody Blues, the late Nina Simone and The Cars will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, organizers said on Wednesday.

639 reactions 120 comments
Aaron Ford Would have liked to have seen Three Dog Night inducted, Mike. Especially Chuck Negron!!!
Dixie Holiday Yay Moodys....
Sharon Borslien Reed Moody Blues have always been my favorite!
Jerry Segraves https://youtu.be/NtUyq6C3bZQ
Kimberly Gould I don’t care....🤔😳. Nothing more important going on....?

Japan is finding North Korean "Ghost Ships" along their shoreline...now we know why.

New "Ghost Ships" From KJU Signal the Implosion of NK
New "Ghost Ships" From KJU Signal the Implosion of NK

It’s no secret that North Korea is an extremely strange place… but the Hermit Kingdom just got even more bizarre. A spike in the number of so-called “ghost ships” being found washed up on Japan’s coast are an eerie clue that the regime may be teetering on the brink of collapse. The name �...

2.8k reactions 107 comments
Pam Bailey Prayers for the innocent people of North Korea...so sad !
Joseph Edward Forrest Gump boat where he started Bubba Gump shrimp.
Sonny Moenning Jake Moenning
Linda Rodgers Benso This is so sad and so unnecessary!
Katie King Praying for the innocent people of North Korea
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