17:06 09/12/2017

Watch “Damage, Inc.” from the September 6th show in Amsterdam! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD:

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Pim De Leider
Going wild on my favorite song! Fuck it all and Fucking no regrets!
Bill Drabik
Ed Crossan, I remember when they played this at the Spectrum when The Cult opened up. It was the first time I heard it live.
Magnus Glenn Bengtsson
I have been a Metallica fan since the early 90s. And this summer i decided to have a tattoo as a tribute to my all time favorite band. What do you Think? :)
Jen Bastian
I first seen Metallica in 1986... master of puppets tour with OZZY... damage incorporated was the third song played.... they are still kicking ass!
Ian Bodkin
Lee, from now on Rich has to read these lyrics at the beginning of every RP. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!
Thomas Beauregard
This is what really pisses me off Jay Kerner, they get Damage Inc, we get fuckin "Roam" , I'd love to see them play this live
Eugeniusz Freitag
....Epa.,co o tym myslisz..,im starsi tym bardziej usiluja byc szybsi.,mam wrazenie ze za chwile sie zaraz zapierdola na smierc.,coraz wiecej chaosu i coraz mniej techniki..,wiem ze to Metall ale wydaje mi sie ze schodza znowu do garazu.,tam chyba nawet byli duzo lepsi !?!?!?
Yves Brassard
I saw them in July, amazing! The only thing I wish I would hear is those little in between bits on the drums. Seems like Lars just skips them. I'm noticing it here, on bells, and a few others. Never the less, they were frickin incredible!
Tomas V-Busta
Dammit, I will get electric guitar and I'll start practicing again, as always I watch their videos it just reminds me I used to play their songs and solos and niw I can't really as Igot too slow and it makes me sad. Thanks to Metallica. You tough me how how to play the guitar
Gary Stephen Tomiuck
But they won't play Spit out the bone yet. Ugh Damage Inc. I think is a faster song and they nailed it. Lars would be sore after paying SOTB though. But makes take an intermission and have Robert or Kirk do a solo or a doodle or something while he rests lol
Joe Cercone
Fuck man! That's one of my favorites! But honestly, pretty much all metallica songs are my favorite lol! I've never heard this one live at a show so I hope when you return stateside for more shows we get that in the mix!!
Scott Newland
James's voice has gotten better, able to do the old stuff again. Wonder if not drinking has anything to do with that.
Jim Mckee
I really hope you guy's back back around and do an Arena tour, the Toronto show was great but i like them a bit smaller than those monster shows,
Drew McDonald
Drumming is well off. Not sure if it's the recording or what but sounds like there are notes missing and played a little behind the speed of the guitars.
Esther Kroes
Wauw, so great that I was there. 1 to remember! Although I never want to sit again! At Metallica you have to stand and \m/ Next time you Come to Holland must be on a festival in a Field!!!

Other newsfeed from Metallica

Happy Birthday, Kirk Hammett! 🧛🏻‍♂️ 🎂 🎁 🎉 Photo by Ross Halfin Photography

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May Iren Lilleslåtten Happy birthday you 💖 you have a great soul and I really love that you are so humble and gratefull for all your fame. Stay awesome!!
Harry M Voutour Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kirk have a GREAT day and maybe METALLICA can come play Saint John New Brunswick you haven't played here before
John L Russell IV So let those sing your anthem, kirk. Know the ones who love you for the darkness you carry. Smile at the ones who don't. Remember the days you were in the hole and the ones who reached in to pull you out. Realize the people you pulled into your ...
Maria Nopanen Happy birthday Kirk 💕I'm the unlyckiest woman on earth ,for the first time will miss you in Helsinki may 2018 😪😪 with tree laptop ready couldn't get tickets!! Seen you every time here in Helsinki and now missing the tour of the album ... you'll ve ...
Keith Trainer Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Kirk. I hope you have a fabulous day. Thanks so much for all your great music and the inspiration you give. Enjoy your day!

Metallica's 'Master of Puppets': Metal Musicians Reflect on the Band's Game-Changing Third Album

Metallica's 'Master of Puppets': Metal Musicians Reflect on the Band's Game-Changing Third Album

To celebrate the new reissue of Metallica's 'Master of Puppets,' members of the metal community reflect on how the watershed album impacted them.

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Johnboy Ford Great album. Used to be a great band. They make music they don't like and would never listen too nowadays. Fucking joke.
Em Kay Dub I remember when that came out in high school. I thought “wow this is crazy shit.” Now I like crazy shit.
Michel Boot The 4 songs that beat M.o.P. , Fight fire with fire , Bell Tolls , Creeping Death , and the masterpiece , Call of Ktulu
Wayne Fivey Iron Maiden's Powerslave,Metallica's Master of Puppets and Slayer's Reign in Blood ..... three masterpieces right there,each album from start to finish.
Michael Liam Goggin I still give the edge to Ride the Lightning as my personal favorite Metallica album. This is a razor thin second place.

Check out Lars' most recent chat with Daniel P Carter on the Radio 1 Rock Show.

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Zoë Fletcher Matthew Dimmer
Lucy Quinn Emily Quinn
Ian Kjoller Amy Kjoller
Ed Gallant Pete McFadden
Adriano Simonetti Jessica Tucker youre welcome 🙄

Lars welcomes James, Kirk and Rob back to his #ItsElectric radio show to cover all things "Master of Puppets," discussing the first riffs recorded on a Fostex to James’ lyrical influences with many, many more stories in between. Traveling from places far and wide, Lars is also joined by the album’s co-producer and engineer Flemming Rasmussen and mixer Michael Wagener for their tales from Sweet Silence Studio in Copenhagen and Amigo Studios in North Hollywood. Part One of the conversation is available on demand to Apple Music subscribers on Beats 1: Part Two of the conversation will air on Sunday, November 19th at 3 PM LA/6 PM NYC/11 PM LDN on Beats 1. Listen live for free. Otherwise, Apple Music subscribers weill be able to listen to the show on demand after it airs:

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Rosend Y. Paliza that's not Metallic-ass with Jason Newstead... you're always arguing mother fuckers... Jason is more metal than you are.
Adityo Arihatmoko master of puppets from cover to the songs what a master piece... but see lars with those glasses it is something...
Mark Durkan Master of Puppets was Metallica's best album as gar as I'm concerned. Was always in my tape deck in my car.
Lef Pipe los riffs post solos de kirk en "the thing that should not be"me da la impresion que tienen una influencia de musica clasica ,y da a la cancion el toque perfecto de grandeza,soberbia,desquicio y versatilidad musical y mas la produccion genera un ...
Ricardo Roberto The album that made me love Metallica to this day since I was a kid! And the album that made me see heavy metal from a new perspective! Untill then heavy metal to me was just noise! It all changed the first times I heard Master! Oríon still is to me one ...

We're looking back on #MasterOfPuppets today on Lars' #ItsElectric radio show! ⚡️ Listen live for free today on Beats 1 at 3PM LA/6PM NYC/11PM LDN. ⚡️ ⚡️ Also, catch a special 13-minute video from the show Monday morning at 9 AM PST on the MetallicaTV YouTube channel.

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Plasmatica Anka eywallah
Mitch King Gladstone Woogie woogie woogie
Kody Youmans #TITAL
Vanessa Mallalieu I love that album
Kimberley A Wilder Right ON guys! 🎵😉😊🎶🎼🎸🎹🎼🎱🎰🎲

James, Kirk, and Robert join Lars on #ItsElectric to talk all things #MasterOfPuppets in celebration of the reissue! Tune in to Beats 1 this Sunday at 3PM LA/6PM NYC/11PM LDN to listen to the broadcast for free.

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Lori Ellen Second favorite metal band that year. :) sorry.
Ravii Thapa James 😍😍 still rocking after all these years . 🤗
Juan Liu Manuel Llanes la risita de Lars jajaja igual a la de Edgar Rebey con su lente otra vez
Jeffrey Hunt Donald J. Trump! Make America Great Again!! This is especially for the Danish drummer Lars
Brian Christopher Yates I hope you guys eventually do Here Comes Revenge on this tour. One of my favorites from Hardwired.

Setlist and more photos from tonight's benefit Band Together can be seen here:

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Jason Martinez Great show, except half the setlist was Black album. Wish they played older stuff
Sherri Cook Love seeing this!!! Keeping the human connection alive through music...awesome!!!!!🤘🤘
Furquan Ul Haque No band will ever come close to Metallica 🙁
Brandon Calderone Lol Metallica returns to the states and sure enough the "State" setlist retuns as well
Ben Lye No fight fire with fire? Would have made sense but then again no trapped under ice in Antarctica.

We’re only one day away now! Join us tomorrow night as we take the stage for a 75-minute set for #BandTogetherBayArea benefiting Northern California fire relief. Tix available here:

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Jason Augustinne dead and company?kick ass!!
Noelle Dorothy Fairweather Doors?
Steve Bauer Fight Fire with Fire in the set?
Tom Kilbourn The Doors at 4.30!!
Christopher Legge Cameron Matthews fucking hell your dad gets about doesn't he?

Bay Area! Join us on Thursday at AT&T Park for the #BandTogetherBayArea benefit concert in San Francisco. We’ll be closing the show with a 75-minute set. 100% of the ticket price will go towards Northern California fire relief and good seats are still available at! We hope to see you there! Photo by Ross Halfin Photography

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Marifer Fonseca Metallica love 😘😘
Tobias Larsen please answear me metallica <3 i love you
Jason Whitton METALLICA.. Then, Now, FOREVER! 👊👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Max Reese The heater 😂
Roman Korvinus As stated when I wrote Skinnyman for Static X, I am a mutherfucker. That said, one might have been more delicate in stating the origin of Here Comes Revenge. For that i felt the need... Here lies Goldie locks, a blood splattered Pollack in twisted ...

Watch “Master of Puppets” from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark on July 6, 1986. This show will be available on DVD as part of the Deluxe Box Set of “Master of Puppets” coming on Friday. Pre-order now at or wherever you buy music.

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Chris Morley Who had a camera phone in 1986?
Donald Halligan Old video camera bootlegs are the shit! Sound quality blows cellphone recordings away. Please stop using ur cellphone to record and upload shit sounding songs
Clark Reed Jr. Can't wait , Great music for the HEAVY METAL fan. I can't say enough about most of METALLICA'S music. I just wish they wouldcome 8n concert to Odessa or Midland.
Dennis Dematteo Wow what a difference than and now the hair the drum kit the sound system the intensity they played with back than
Steven Corey Meanwhile yeArs later this idiot is using Metallica’s lettering!!!! But you guys rock saw you about 4 times now. 2 times in Philly , once in PR, and once in Minnesota .

Setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Antwerp can be seen here:

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Mike Babiuk Just like James said while back i believe....metallica loves europe more the the US.
Mauro Leonardo Tarable Still the fucking control freak should be dead. Not someonelse.
Darrick Vatterrodt Wouldve loved this setlist in denver😭
Tamara Janus Hertogs #metallicaexperience ✅😍😍 #officiallyOWNER #SETLIST #ANTWERPSHOW #metallica 💪😍
Brett Harding Where’s the fucking pro-shot vid of shortest straw????!

Check out a live recording of "Damage, Inc." recorded at Grugahalle in Essen, West Germany back on January 25, 1987. It's featured in the upcoming Deluxe Box Set of "Master of Puppets," available everywhere on November 10. Pre-Order Now:

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Steve de Ruyter Love it....master truly is a masterpiece from start to finish 🤘
Ondrej Václav around 0:50 Lars plays with the rythm SO GOOD!!! I am impressed!
Kartik Chandrasekhar Kirk wrote that bridge riff - when the breakdown happens.
Ray Havnen Umm....$18.00 shipping cost on an $8 book? No thanks, will buy elsewhere
Arthur Courtland Hudnall you guys should be playing that song live

Setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Antwerp can be seen here:

9.0k reactions 172 comments
Christ Gillis Awesome show!!! One of the best i've seen so far from you guys!!
Roney Moreira The masters of metal..
Jan Hofmans Killer show and thanks for those plectrums!
Joris De Saedeleer Awesome show guys! Loved it! Too bad I missed the plectrum, but hey, I was there, right 😄🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Hilde Peeters It was great and i go back tomorrow!!!!!!

Join us next week on November 9 for #BandTogetherBayArea, a benefit concert at AT&T Park where 100% of the ticket price will be donated to those affected by the devastating fires in Northern California. We’ll be appearing alongside G-Eazy, Rancid, Dead & Company, Dave Matthews and Raphael Saadiq. Tickets are available now at

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سرمد ناظم غازي مسائك سعاده
Chino Lipardo Rup Zgap naa pa diay RANCID du??
Gina Perez Hermosos .Que Dios los bendiga y los cuide .Me encantan
Amanda Archer Whaaa
Patricia Babits Can't wait!

Setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Birmingham can be seen here:

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Mattos Maul Wow, immense gig. Ive only seen them twice before on the black album tour and they were awesome then. But to be fair being there on the 30th, I didn’t think those boys could play that heavy. So many good tunes. But my fav is One, when I was a kid my dad ...
Allison Richardson What an amazing show tonight thank you guys. Panicked when you played seek and destroy so early I thought "this is going to be the shortest concert I have ever been to" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Christopher Hunter Great show last night. People saying the sound was bad must have been drunk it was pretty clear for a heavy metal band in a arena. Hopefully we'll see a return to more old stuff next time though
Philip Brau Meister Morgan Thank You MetallicA! It’s been a while since a last saw you but you were just as good if not better than ever, you proved once again why you are the greatest band on planet, flawless live! Please come back again 🤘🏻
Dustin Dusty Crow damn i wish they would do a second leg of north america they never madeit to nashville which fucking sucks as much as i support these fuckers but all i can do is hope the last time they where here was in sept 2009 lemmy came out and sung to songs for ...

Watch “Harvester of Sorrow” from the October 26th show in Glasgow! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Phil Appleby Saw this live on the Nowhere Else To Roam tour 1993 at MK Bowl. Second track after Creeping Death opener. Epic times! 🎸🍻🌞
Jose A Abraham it's a great song but I can' t listen it, bad things happen to me after😥 that for one or two days, believe or not
Andy Garcia Even though Lars is old. He’s still a badass. Metallica was the first cd I ever bought. I love these guys.
Reynaldo Martinez All nightmare long, dyers eve, the end of the line, and justice for all, trapped under ice, devils dance, hate train.
Luke Robinson Sad about time to hang it up lol it's pretty bad that tribute bands play your shit better and can actually sing only member still worth a damn in my opinion is kirk

More photos and setlist from tonight's show in Manchester can be seen here:

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Sean Harris Been a metallica fan for around 25 years and last night was the first time ive seen them live.from the moment ecstacy of gold came on the atmosphere was electric.i was hoping there would have been more older songs being played (kill em all,lightning and ...
Adam Hill Hurry up and come back to Australia please. Too envious of all these concerts going on everywhere else
Chad Carpenter I'm one of the biggest Motley Cute fans, but no one can touch Metallica live! They too are are right there at the top of my favorite bands all time! One of my favorite memories is at one of their shows and I fought to come away with a Lars drum ...
Ryan Johnson Great night with great energy 🤘🏻 Only downside was the egotistical ape 2 rows in front of me who decided to film himself the whole night instead of the band.
Sam Leslie 10th time of seeing you, you've still got it boys 🤘. Not the best show Iv been too, First night at Orion in New Jersey out does it but still an epic show

Photographer Ross Halfin Recounts Story Behind Classic Cliff Burton Photo

Photographer Ross Halfin Recounts Story Behind Classic Cliff Burton Photo
Photographer Ross Halfin Recounts Story Behind Classic Cliff Burton Photo

Image of late Metallica bassist is among rarities in deluxe 'Master of Puppets' reissue box set

9.2k reactions 100 comments
Pito Aguilar A Cliff Burton poster in my garage!! Killer bassist!!!!
Andy Maltarich Gonna have to have the box set
Jordan Isaac Miss you Cliff 🤘🏼❤️
Reg Harris Ryan Young remember the poster of this one?
Joe Lallaman And this one

Join us on November 9 for #BandTogetherBayArea, a benefit concert at AT&T Park where 100% of the ticket price will be donated to those affected by the devastating fires in Northern California. We’ll be appearing alongside G-Eazy, Rancid, Dead & Company, Dave Matthews and Raphael Saadiq. Tickets go on sale today at 10 AM at If you can’t attend the show and would still like to contribute, donate to the All Within My Hands Foundation and 100% of your contribution will be donated to Tipping Point Community.

9.3k reactions 204 comments
Wiery F. D. Silva Tenho uma ou duas camisas deles, não sei onde foi parar
Wes Sowers Jonathan Lothspeich let's catch G-Eazy opening for Metallica
Brian Shannon Wow $66
Lizzy Stapleton Bev Stapleton Metallica and DMB, what a weird but probably awesome combo

Setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Glasgow can be seen here:

14.0k reactions 318 comments
Sian McDowall Hey there! I know you probably get loads of messages from fans/stalkers and general but cases but I’m sending this message as a hope of faith that someone may read it and Metallica will be this awesome group and maybe visit my friend and her son in ...
Laura Timoney My first Metallica gig! Omg... Im blown away guys... You were absolutely amazing... I have no words really that would show you how I feel... Took my friend last night who I'll admit isn't a fan but he thought you were amazing!! Come back soon, Glasgow ...
Pauline Billingham Gutted I couldn’t make it tonight after having a major op 2 weeks ago but my husband, daughter and boyfriend went and said you guys were awesome. but I have seen you 3 times before. Till the next time boys.......
Suzie Donaldson Wow,what a night! My first time seeing Metallica, and I still quite can't believe I was there. Loved the tribute to cliff, the drones that flew about while you were performing moth into the flame, just the whole experience. Thankyou! 🤘
Alan Harrower 5th time seeing Metallica over the years.First being in 85 at Donington.That was truly something special last night.Great set list and James vocals and sound were superb.

Your eyes are not deceiving you! Watch “Spit Out the Bone” from the October 24th show in London! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Carlos S Rincones Don't get me wrong I love James Hetfield's vocals a lot! But damn is it refreshing to hear some backing vocals again on my favorite band of all time. Rob is definitely no Jason at backing, but Rob is a killer bassist and his vocals keep getting better! ...
Dawid Borejszo Finally! Enjoyable for the most part, but Lars skips the fills and double bass, Rob's vocals are... okay I guess... also, Kirk fucked the solo. James killed it as usual. Very nice to see the crowd's reaction too, it was a long wait, the London folks can ...
Donovan Badrock Have been a fan since...1985/6(?). Have seen them live 10 times (not bad for an Aussie) and met them in 2010. I own all their studio stuff and a bunch of rarities and limited editions and if push came to shove, I reckon this would be my favourite ...
Louis Ornately To all those who paid £80+ and stood there like f#*kin zombies recording the gig on their phone 🖕🏻 and you could have just rocked out in the moment and listened to this after..........
Chris Wright What a gig! Such a privilege to have seen and heard the first ever live performance of Spit out the Bone. Not everyone can say they whitnessed a song being played for the first time live. Thank you Metallica, see you again real soon! Loved the use of ...

Setlist and more photos from tonight's show in London can be seen here:

16.0k reactions 406 comments
Nicholas Diller Wow!!! Had to be a great show such respect for Iron Maiden I'm down for a trip to London this summer!!!!!' Who knows!!!
Dave Emma Oh my GOD! That sounds so incredibly bad! Rob can’t sing folks. He’s fine in a background capacity, but that’s it. To have him “singing” half the song completely ruins it. Please, PLEASE, don’t do this again!!!!!
Stevie Mark Was there any issue with queues last night? Has anyone been to the Hydro in Glasgow? Is it better managed than the O2? I’m going there for the gig tomorrow night and wondering how early I need to get there!
Phil Hammond Great night! 3rd time seeing them, won’t be the last... 🤘😎
Kris Healey Omg omg omg not only did you play fade to black and creeping death you played spit out the bone live I went to the Sunday set list was nowhere near as good as this

6.8k reactions 124 comments
Andrea Antolini the last grizly in california is on the flag,extinsion for man hands
Sarah Rodrigues any chance of doing a second concert here in february as the tickets sold out immediatly ????
Chris Mills What is your favorite era of Metallica to play Live.
David Brown Will you guys be coming back to Little Rock Arkansas?
Chris van Dijck Kirks the best! Nice guy no aditude just a professional!!

Happy Birthday, Robert Trujillo! 🎉🐵🎂 📸 by Ross Halfin Photography

52.7k reactions 1511 comments
Damien Riddle I share a birthday with Mr. Robert Trujillo. 33 year difference.
Lyn Marlene Carganilla HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT TRUJILLO and Many many more birthdays to are a great bassist ROCK ON!..❤️✌️🤘
Karina Little Sunshine Kästner ...happy happy birthday "frog"...;)....have a rockin day with your family and friends...lovely greets from germany...sunshine...:)...
Koen de Zwart happy birthday robert! you're a great bass player and you was amazing when i was watching the concert at the 4th of september! metallica 4 ever \m/
Dannii Inglis Selling 2 tickets for Metallica for the London O2 tomorrow night block 107 seated row N - stage in centre of arena so front block close to stage... tickets £85pp face value so not looking to make money and am open to close offers... I can either email ...

More photos and setlist from tonihgt's show in London can be seen here:

10.4k reactions 466 comments
Tom Hackman I have a question I’ve been following your world tour and seen you guys in Phoenix. Have you played Here comes Revenge on the tour. Personally I think it’s the best song on the new record.....
Mark Claughton It’s my first time seeing Metallica on Tuesday for my 40th and I’ve followed them since I was 13 I can’t wait
Max Frey Great to have you back on the road. Damage Inc. is a true gem, thanks for playing again this incredible song!! 🤘🏼😎🎸 I still wait for Ride The Lightning or Holier Than Thou, please!!
Samir Samra I can imagine how they played in London this night such in Cologne...... Awesome concert of course 🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥 Metallica will still the Best Band ever..... Waiting you Matallica for next year in Stuttgart 🔥Hell Yeaaah🔥🤘❤️
Paul Hasted My first Metallica gig after wanting to see them for so many years, definitely won’t be the last. Totally amazing show, thank you guys for such a great night.

Want to come to the show tonight at The O2? Tickets are available!

Metallica at The O2
Metallica at The O2

Buy Metallica tickets at The O2 from the official Ticketmaster UK site.

1.1k reactions 53 comments
Neil Bennett Andy King just over 2 hours to get ther
Elen Cristina Metallica já é tudo, em Londres então...
Joanna Curran See you to night boys !!!! Xxx
Andy Clark We're coming on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Loudon Jamie Burnside.....what's this shit?
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