17:06 09/12/2017

Watch “Damage, Inc.” from the September 6th show in Amsterdam! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD:

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Pim De Leider
Going wild on my favorite song! Fuck it all and Fucking no regrets!
Bill Drabik
Ed Crossan, I remember when they played this at the Spectrum when The Cult opened up. It was the first time I heard it live.
Magnus Glenn Bengtsson
I have been a Metallica fan since the early 90s. And this summer i decided to have a tattoo as a tribute to my all time favorite band. What do you Think? :)
Jen Bastian
I first seen Metallica in 1986... master of puppets tour with OZZY... damage incorporated was the third song played.... they are still kicking ass!
Ian Bodkin
Lee, from now on Rich has to read these lyrics at the beginning of every RP. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!
Thomas Beauregard
This is what really pisses me off Jay Kerner, they get Damage Inc, we get fuckin "Roam" , I'd love to see them play this live
Eugeniusz Freitag
....Epa.,co o tym myslisz..,im starsi tym bardziej usiluja byc szybsi.,mam wrazenie ze za chwile sie zaraz zapierdola na smierc.,coraz wiecej chaosu i coraz mniej techniki..,wiem ze to Metall ale wydaje mi sie ze schodza znowu do garazu.,tam chyba nawet byli duzo lepsi !?!?!?
Yves Brassard
I saw them in July, amazing! The only thing I wish I would hear is those little in between bits on the drums. Seems like Lars just skips them. I'm noticing it here, on bells, and a few others. Never the less, they were frickin incredible!
Tomas V-Busta
Dammit, I will get electric guitar and I'll start practicing again, as always I watch their videos it just reminds me I used to play their songs and solos and niw I can't really as Igot too slow and it makes me sad. Thanks to Metallica. You tough me how how to play the guitar
Gary Stephen Tomiuck
But they won't play Spit out the bone yet. Ugh Damage Inc. I think is a faster song and they nailed it. Lars would be sore after paying SOTB though. But makes take an intermission and have Robert or Kirk do a solo or a doodle or something while he rests lol
Joe Cercone
Fuck man! That's one of my favorites! But honestly, pretty much all metallica songs are my favorite lol! I've never heard this one live at a show so I hope when you return stateside for more shows we get that in the mix!!
Scott Newland
James's voice has gotten better, able to do the old stuff again. Wonder if not drinking has anything to do with that.
Jim Mckee
I really hope you guy's back back around and do an Arena tour, the Toronto show was great but i like them a bit smaller than those monster shows,
Drew McDonald
Drumming is well off. Not sure if it's the recording or what but sounds like there are notes missing and played a little behind the speed of the guitars.
Esther Kroes
Wauw, so great that I was there. 1 to remember! Although I never want to sit again! At Metallica you have to stand and \m/ Next time you Come to Holland must be on a festival in a Field!!!

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More photos and setlist from the second show in Cologne can be seen here:

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Dobrinka Stefanovic Thank you 😍 it was great 🤘
Yo Hannes You did a great show guys! Keep rocking!!!
Vlasakakis Vasilios Thanks for the great time😎👍
Dominik Czech What an amazing show. Great set list, with a great mix of new and old shit. Thank you very mutch.
Vivien Bns It was fucking amazing. Thank you guys for the Show.

Watch the live debut of “ManUNkind” from the September 10th show in Paris! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Doug Canipe Not bad. Works better live than I thought it would. Now keep playing Dream No More until it's super tight and then do it back to back with The Thing That Should No Be.
Margaret Zinkand Sampedro Nicholas damn check this out! I LOVE the feel of this one. I don't even need vocals, but I'll take em! Lol
Jared Smith Eric James Roy III you asked me if I had been showing my son any Metallica, at 4mo he seems to like the live shit! 🤘🤘🤘
Tayfun Doker rock is an independent lifestyle.A distinctive adoption.It is always master of rock.🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘o yeaaaa 😜😜😜
Wiebe van Roeden I was at the Amsterdam september 6th .... what a Masterpiece of Metal Art these 4 guys .. METALLICAAAAA ..

Watch “The Day That Never Comes” from the September 8th show in Paris! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Vincent Padilla This song is the bomb! Can relate! Rock on Metallica, you guys more than rock... You conquer the stories of many!
Steven Houben Am inpressed the first time you guys bring this song good!!!!!finnaly great one love it metallica🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Cesar Garza Alejandro Gza Rey Garza pinches cabrones se fletaron, les salió conmadre solo a Lars en el min. 8 se le perdió la tarola pero se mamaron 🤘🤘
Matthew Browning Seen the death magnetic tour and all of the death magnetoc songs are AMAZING live. Appreciate the album even more bc of it
Ibai Mtz de Ilarduya Y seguir con Cataluña mientras los mierdas de políticos se frotan las manos robandonos,no he visto queja igual cuando hace poco han quemado en Valencia todo los posibles datos q había de corrupción pero segir seguir con los catalanes q nos va dpm hombre

More photos and full setlist from last night's show in Cologne can be seen here:

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Tina Wölfel we'll see each other tomorrow ... I'll be the loudest ... I'll be with you the hall tum tremo
Anja Heinrichs Awesome show guys. We have seen you now for the 4th time and we will come back 🤘
Nicole Meinicke It was amazing 😎🤘 Thank you for the great Show and evening ❤
Dennis Erle thank you very much guys for a great show again see ya in mannheim next year!!!!
Marvin Kühn Tonight i will be there...see you in the pit 😍🤘🤘

“There were more guitar tracks than usual, which contributed to the thick guitar sound on the album, and James had a very definitive vision of where he wanted to go with the guitar sound. Lars also knew exactly what he wanted to hear in his drums. It was easy for me to just follow their vision and try to realize what they wanted to hear. During the mixing sessions the band was always present at the studio and didn’t miss a minute of the project. I would mix a song to a point where I thought we got it close and then the band would come into the room with fresh ears and gave their comment. Usually, I was sitting in the middle behind the console, James was to my left and Lars sat to my right. Cliff even got hands-on involved for the intro of ‘Orion.’ He was making all kinds of suggestions about how he would like to hear the bass, so I sat him down at the console and let him mix the intro himself. It took us a while to get it right to where Cliff wanted it, but it turned out very well.” – Michael Wagener, Mixing Engineer for "Master of Puppets" Excerpt from the book included in the "Master of Puppets" Deluxe Box Set, available everywhere on November 10. Pre-order now at or wherever you buy music. PHOTO: MICHAEL WAGENER

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Debbie Smith The new albums are shitty and that is fact not opinion. I gave away the crap ... Old Metallica is the good shit. The stuff I grew up listening to.
KJ Osenenko That's nice when you are Metallica and you have a label backing you. When you are just a local band funding yourselves, all if that tinkering in the studio starts to get expensive.
Alexander James Heifeld Kirk For all the fans of the best band in the world Metallica, I wanted to ask you the favor of collaborating with a "I like" the link that follows, is the design of a helmet for the formula 1 contest, thank you all and I hope that please forward it to all ...
Kalle Sand Thick guitar sound?!? What a f****ng joke! All guitar sounds like a mosquito No mid nor bass except maybe on the solos. Metal production sounded horrible up until after the mid 90s
Stuart Thompson Yea Orion one off my best songs off MetallicA song one introduces to1988 followed there sound off metal slowly up to the Black Album👤 then I went into the Bush 1994 95 NZ..

Watch “Damage, Inc.” from the September 6th show in Amsterdam! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Pim De Leider Going wild on my favorite song! Fuck it all and Fucking no regrets!
Bill Drabik Ed Crossan, I remember when they played this at the Spectrum when The Cult opened up. It was the first time I heard it live.
Magnus Glenn Bengtsson I have been a Metallica fan since the early 90s. And this summer i decided to have a tattoo as a tribute to my all time favorite band. What do you Think? :)
Jen Bastian I first seen Metallica in 1986... master of puppets tour with OZZY... damage incorporated was the third song played.... they are still kicking ass!
Ian Bodkin Lee, from now on Rich has to read these lyrics at the beginning of every RP. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

More photos and setlist from tonight's second show in Paris can be seen here:

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Amjed Jabari Wow I am so glad they've played ManUnkind
Sylvie Charles Louis Tanks for the show. It was wonderful as usual. I saw you for the sixth time. Hope the seventh very soon.
Ludovic Corjial C'était vraiment très bien. Toujours un plaisir énorme de les voir sur scène
Pauline Von Einzbern Quelqu'un sait si on peut acheter en ligne quelque part les tshirts qui etaient en vente au concert hier soir svp ?
William Marot It was a great concert yesterday, I had an unforgettable moment, Thanks a lot Metallica !!!!!! 🤘

More photos and setlist from tonight's show in Paris can be seen here:

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Eul 'mick It was so so so huge !!! 💪💪💪💪 Thanks a lot dudes !
Olivier Pierre C'était énorme même s il commencent à se faire rattraper par les années 🤘🤘🤘😃
Olivier Pierre Only the band can do that, no. This shows what possibly the Money can do... nothing else🤘(Matters)😂🤣
Marco Doual Very good night in Bercy thanks you Metallica ! Very good show and..."SEEK AND DESTROY" and...."MASTER...MASTER" ! Yeah !
Sevren Elsayed Great show. Thank you guys !! Please come back in Paris soon.

Watch “Through the Never” from the September 4th show in Amsterdam! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Dylan Bird I like these deeper cuts, but if we're going deep, I'd prefer a "The Outlaw Torn" to "Through the Never."
Mateus Dos Santos Beije sua mão 2- feche a mão 3- diga um nome deu um dia da semana 4- nome da pessoa que você gosta 5- abra a mão 6- cole isso em 15 comentarios e bem no dia que você escolheu . Ira te pedi em namoro se rejeita esse comentário tudo ira da errad
Mary Condurso Wow 😳 thanks. Love ❤️ when bands do this for there fans. I been unable to go out in over a yr looking after my best girl friend who has progressed ms. Here's her pic. She loves it to. It's the next best thing to being there
Joseph Swaim In a movie adaptation of the Metallica story I think we get Michael Keaton to play Lars. And Steve Buscemi as Kirk (with a wig).
Christopher Raymond Wells Different stage than north america tour. I how newstead used to go crazy on the stage during this song

More photos and setlist from tonight's show in Amsterdam can bee sen here:

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Roen Gers Thank you guys for the great show! My voice hurts from singing and screaming. it was worth it. yeah! Hope to see you soon!!
Alexandre Coesnon Hey @Metallica, how can I do to be your next french #rosshalfin photographer and shoot your entire concert in Lyon for you ? A dream can truly becoming true thanks to you ! #jameshetfield #larsulrich #kirkhammett #roberttrujillo #MetInLyon #metallica
Max Frey Leper Messiah, yeah!🤘🏼 Damage Inc., thank god, man!!🤘🏼🎸🤘🏼🎸 how I dreamed of this song to be played in Europe, yesterday you did!! I am very optimistic for the next Europe shows, and cannot wait for Cologne!!!
Jasper Willering On 4 sept I thought I witnessed the best Metallica show ever. Last night was even better. Great setlist, great show!!! Thanks for two incredible nights!!!🤘
Guido Theuns Been a fan for about 25 years and this was my 3rd Metallica concert. Thoroughly enjoyed the show! I do have to make a comment about the sound, though. The Ziggo Dome was especially designed to have the best acoustics available, even at the top rings. I ...

Full setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Amsterdam can be seen here:

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Gilbert Van Luijk Thanks for the interaction on the end of the show, with my son Gido James Hetfield. He loved it although he did not catch any Plectrum ;)
Rico De Wit Thank you for epic show! It was my very first Metallica show and i loved every single minute of it I will never forget! Rock on Metallica!!!
Aniceto Gutierrez Gutierrez Metallica, soy un humilde seguidor desde 1990 , creo que lo que haceys ahora, eso de poner las entradas de Barcelona a 90€, con un año de antelación es una canallada,,,,,,, os quiero, os he visto 4 veces en Barcelona, pero que sepáis qué en febrero del ...
Peter Hoekstra Absolutely fabulous and energetic show! Aswel performance as visual effects were very impressing. Also a various setlist of great new and old songs. I enjoyed every minute of it!. ThanX! Hope to see you again soon! Metallica rules!!!!!
Simon van Tilburg It sucks that I didn't score a ticket because I would have loved to see you guys in my own country. Well better luck next time but at least in 2014 on pinkpop I had a blast seeing your show then🤘

Watch “Moth Into Flame” from the first show of the indoor WorldWired arena tour at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Lillemor Westman Love this! Especially the little moth that fell down and burned. Guess that one was the true example of "Moth Into Flame" 😄
Derik John Ramos Awe yes.. The haters are gonna hate.. It's fuckin hilarious.. It's pretty obvious that all the haters have just gotten too old for Metallica and have converted too Nickelback... And that's okay.. The folks selling minivans and Birkenstock's need ...
Cari Encarnacion Soto Went to San Diego show and felt sick the entire day from vertigo. Once the concert started I was fine. One of the best times I've ever had, and you guys played every song I wanted to hear. ❤️
Martin Bendtsen Great show and very entertaining with the tv boxes and the small light-drones. I also liked the moment when you all played the "drums". Looking forward to see you again in Herning next year. :) - Til arrangørerne: Skru lidt mere op for klimaanlægget ...
Eric Bjelland This concert has more effects and a bigger stage than Seattle, but Seattle was so intimate and intense! I loved it, tank you Metallica, it was my fist heavy metal concert. Best experience of my life

Full setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Copenhagen can be found here:

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Steve McClements I saw Metallica on their Death Magnetic tour. I saw them in Sheffield and 3 days later in London and it was a different setlist 3 days later. It might be the case here on this tour with slightly different set each show.
Karl-Johan Norgren You made a hell of a good show last night! 💪💪 Sounded good and many interesting songs. I like that you had a moment for dedication for Cliff with Anesthesia Pulling Teeth. Also I think it was a good choice to have Day that never comes and Through the ...
מרים ורשה. I hate Facebook so much it's the worst medium of all online platforms I hate it so much it's so infantile - it infringes the freedom of SPEECH, which is guaranteed I just ANY constitutional system in any country even in Africa. It makes me really upset ...
Jim Snell Saw the Philly show which was great however I think an 18 song set list is at least 5 songs short . Foo Fighters raised the bar a couple years ago by playing 28 songs for nearly 3 hrs and that was with Growl sporting a broken leg .
Tiago Pombo My 45th show and they still amaze me. Huge WOW! Setlist from heaven. Spit out the bone? It'll be played in Lisbon, when 2nd leg of European tour starts. 😀

Watch James crack open the massive “Master of Puppets” remastered deluxe box set! Pre-order yours now at

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Jorge Bedé Celia! Mira cómo se llama El Segundo vinilo que enseña, el del directo xD
Juan Leon Ana Leon Alba Perez Fernandez las navidades están ahí al lado eeh... 🙄👉👈
Juanito Bazooka Algo exactamente así te decía yo para este proyecto que estamos trabajando mira Juan Pablo !
Chris Cunliffe Saw them a couple weeks ago in vancouver and i was a bit disapointed they didnt do an encore but when Lars gets tired he looses his timing pretty bad.
Fernanda Cortes My boyfriend all ready tell he wants this for Christmas 🎄!!! Jajaja rite Christian Gomez

OBEY YOUR (RE)MASTER! Remastered version of “Master of Puppets” available in a number of different formats on November 10! More info:

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Larry Prosser Remaster is cool for a great album like Master of Puppets... I just want to know when the fans can get a remix of And Justice for All, with some bass this time?
Jayden Marle The original Master of Puppets cd soulds like a old worn out cassette tape. The album definitely needed to be digitally remastered. I've been waiting a long time for this.
Pelle Moe This is THE 'tallica album to rule them all in my view. Loved it from the first notes of Battery till the fadeout on Orion when i got it back in 86, and it is still one of my favourite albums of all time.
Ricardo Cruz YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! !!!! I was waiting when you were going to do a remastered version of Master of Puppets. I thought you were going to do it last year because of its 30 anniversary of its release but you didn't. So glad you are doing ...
Juan Carlos Moyetones Hidalgo Already MetaLlica did it with Kill'Em All and Ride the Lightning, and now is the turn to the Legendary Masterpiece Master Of Puppets! Ok! this would be great in the end, my ever favorite album from Metallica, and anothers albums that they need be ...

#FlashbackFriday: For the last video we’ve been sitting on for a rainy Flashback Friday, check out the rehearsals for the 59th Annual Grammys featuring Lady Gaga . Pretty sure all mics were working here... 🎙🔥

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Francisco Sandoval Catalina en el minuto 3:00 no te gustará para nada este video...
Tristan Bain Jason ThaTruth Gaga just got some brownie points, should get them down to the office for a sit n go #pokerface
Nick Morgan Sarah you might not like Metallica but damnnnnn Gaga fuckin rocksssss
Michael Evans Please tag elise in this lady Gaga behind the scenes thing. Dannii Vlahos
Andy Honeycutt This sux.....and i dont watch grammys nor care for the poser she is and the one metallica is turning into....Master of Puppets last great album....justice ok....after that its shit show

Help us support Gilda's Club NYC as Hardwired… turns pink! Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (Pink Vinyl) comes out Friday, September 29th. Pre-order now at! #tenbandsonecause

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Angie Crafton Amazing cause Met!!! Much love!!! 😙👍❤
John Meek Fuck you
Ricardo D. Olvera Mastodon!!
Brad Joseph Reynolds I got mine pre-ordered. :)
Aleksa Tutić Mastodon is bae

#ThrowbackThursday: For the final "making of" video (better late than never!), it's the recording of "X-Dust," the song that became the first taste of new Metallica in 2014... "Lords of Summer!" 🎙

9.2k reactions 163 comments
Isaac Nichols Love seeing the thought process. Keep posting this stuff fellas.
Mike Rees I fucking love all these behind the scenes videos..... gives me a real appreciation of the final product so to speak!! \m/
Johnie Downey Totally love these videos! Love seeing the creative process it takes to make a new album! Thank you!
Aneeq Zaman Happy Birthday to And Justice For All. Really wish there was a show with Jason
Zachary Thomas Eleanor Eileen didn't really like this song before. Kinda have a new appreciation for it now

#WaybackWednesday: As we catch our breath after the end of the North American tour, we’re stumbling across some clips in the archive that we never shared with you. Check out the making of "N.W.O.B.H.M. A.T.M."... the song that became "Atlas, Rise!" 🎙

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Cesar Lainez Lars, I believe, has gone from being a drummer who produced interesting beats and fills to being a producer who plays
Pernille Honoré My favorit song in This album🤘🏻🤘🏻 it is on my Metallica playlist and it is playing in the car on my way to work every Day 🤘🏻🤘🏻😍😍 Thank you for Atlas rise🤘🏻🤘🏻☺️
Scott Hayes Very cool to see the processes and feedbacks. I can only imagine the difficulty in writing and composing new material after 30+ years. MUCH respect and love!
Danny Pearson Love these "making of" videos. Amazing to see legends at work! Theirs a secret language here that's lots of fun to watch. We need another show in ALASKA!!! PLEASE!!!
Sean Brandt Super bummed I missed you guys on the Noth America tour! Terrible timing to be sent out of the country! Hopefully I'll catch you on the next go around!

Pre-Order “Live at House of Vans, London, England - November 18th, 2016” on vinyl now at!

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Claudia de Nijs ronaldjamez666 just now Hey guys. Yesterday i mailed to you and did receive an email from your staff that you decline my request. Im sorry to hear that you dont think its special. I think its super special. I emailed you with a question and put in a vid ...
Jonathan Hickman It'd be fuckin great if yous guys would do a few shows in the Cleveland area.
Sheldon Kreiser Kelly Kreiser. Could you order this for me. I don't have my card on me
Aaron Nord Haley Nord just saying....
Robin Richards The only Metallica I'm really interested in, is anything before 1990. Helped me though a lot of shit.

Watch “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” from Outside Lands in San Francisco, CA! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Michael Myles This Song and One were always my favorites. 🤘🏻
Mike J Chavarria Fuck that... I would buy a Video Recording. Looks and sounds awesome.
Bogdan Smaroń Kirk have a news guitar
Fabrizio Fernandez Benitez Sagha Andersson Lundblad vi får väl hoppas att de spelar den här
Shannon Dingwell Foster Since we got screwed out of our favorite... Peggy Parciak Stanley

Watch “Master of Puppets” from CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Brent Logan They are still so amazingly damn good - lost nothing with age -(cept the hair ) - they might even be better than they've ever been- definitely not just going through the motions- clearly love what they do and give it all every night
Kate Swanson Does anyone know how to access the fan cam? I met the guys (James and Adam?) After the show at a bar and they were awesome and I know he got a video of me and my boyfriend front row.
Tim Peterson I got to see them play in the early 90's At the end of the show I watch Lars Ulrich throw his drum sticks into the crowd and one of them hit some guy in the head who was standing right next to me. When the stick hit the ground I snatched it up and ...
Teri Arnst That was amazing oh my goodness I'll tell you what though sister I will never ever ever be in a seat again always on the floor forever the energy is just so much more amazing down there it was all I could take to stay in my seat only because security ...
이재용 I'm still remeber when i watch the video...maybe um 'metallica master of puppets seattle 1989'and i was like damn.....i should learn guitar....and now just feel like when i watch the video

Watch “Enter Sandman” from Petco Park in San Diego, CA! You can also order an audio recording of the show on CD or digital download. CD: Digital:

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Diana Hennessey Roberto Moreno are you getting the cd?
Kenny Onufrock If I hear this song one more time I'm going to jam a chopstick in my belly button. Metallica rules but let's put this song to rest.
Sommer Wilson Ferree I was there!!!! Love Metallica!!! So glad I got the chance to go see them.
Shane Cuppett Screw all you Lars haters he sounds great! Plus he puts so much energy into every show. And he did a damn good job producing Hardwired their best album since the Black album. No Lars no Metallica. #invaluable
Shalini Bhola Roopchand We came from the Caribbean to San Diego just to see Metallica - our first time live ever!!!!! And we were blown away! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

Setlist and more photos from tonight's show in Edmonton can be seen here:

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Jami Harris StGermain Awesome job. Saw them in Atlanta. I must say though... Edmonton you failed with the whole seek and destroy bit. All is good. Hope you guys rocked your ass off!!!
Adam George Holy f*** if you could only know the day I had trying to make it to Edmonton from Calgary to see this concert. But in the end I made it, it was show #3 for me and once again you delivered!
Guilherme Trovão Teleported to Edmonton, I comfortably watched the show. Spectacular show. It's amazing, even after 83 years of career these admirable gentlemen, continue to "kill". Thank you Metallica, for you guys exist, and give us with pure energy and dedication. In ...
Johndel F Simon I took my son to this for his 18th birthday (Feb) and how epic it was indeed 🤘🏼😝 Thank you Metallica and thanks for the upgraded seats, most appreciated 🙏🏼 we will never forget.
Gina Sanchez I watched it live , on you tube n never missed a tour from ride the lightning to load , I'm in California ya I missed LA n SD ( had to wrk) but I got memories, tshirts n ticket stubs for those this was dinner surround sound n it was AMAZING! THANK YOU ...

Watch tonight's show in Edmonton live RIGHT NOW!

5.7k reactions 217 comments
Dalibor Milovanovic Edmonton loves you. Thanks for a great show...
Cathy Belfour Thank you Metallica!!! Edmonton loves you!!!!
Rick Brambrink Metallica is a kickass band!!! One of the best live bands ever!
Laura Bittmann Ward Love the drums in the middle of Now that we're dead, saw it in nj. Awesome.
Jerald Fahey Yeah you guys killed that one, this is a badass show!

Watch the last night of the North American Stadium Tour tonight! The free live stream from Edmonton will begin at approx. 7:45PM LA/10:45PM NYC/3:45AM LDN!

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Kyle Anderson I think this guy should get to see Metallica again!
Carsten Steinmann Hey guys, I'm just watching your show on YouTube. It's fuckin' awesome!! 🤘🏻 I can't wait to see you guys in September 14th in Cologne. You still rock!! It'll be my 4th show with you here in Germany. 🤘🏻
Laura Suess The only bummer about this show is with it being on Youtube it isnt possible to post like, love, etc during the live stream. I love doing that. But I will deal.
Dimitri Jim Papafrangos You guys should try to tour Greece 🇬🇷 at least once...I know there are a lot of Metal fans there. Metallica jamming near the acropolis would be unreal!...make it happen James/Lars 😉
Taiura Junior Tangaroa Elia Just finished watching it. It felt like I was at the show hahaha! Would be great if my all time favorite band came back to New Zealand. Need to see my favourite band live for the first time ever

Watch our episode of Carpool Karaoke now... only on Apple Music!

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Rozeli da Cruz Stop ... já ganharam muito dinheiro.. está na hora de sair para promover a Paz... a América Latina precisa da sua voz Metálica... para dar muitos shows contra o racismo e outros ismos. Ou quer sair do plano terrestre devendo? MUITA LUZ
Marcos Rogerinho Tenho quase certeza absoluta que a Marcy Moon queria um passeio com esse motorista!
Kendsley Rodriguez Maldonado Who the fuck would had followed mettalica when they started, doing this shit!
James Rafiner My son and I enjoyed it... but... we want another one... and this time do it with JAMES CORDEN!!! Seattle show was epic btw!
April D. Smith Can't. I'm an Android user. I'm sure this will be formatted some other way, eventually.

As we near the end of the WorldWired North American stadium tour, we want to share one more evening with you all by streaming the final night live, this Wednesday, August 16th, from Edmonton. Tune in at approximately 8:45 PM Mountain Time (10:45 PM ET/7:45 PM PT) at and on the MetallicaTV YouTube channel.

5.7k reactions 940 comments
Wendy Strahl Thank you for an awesome show in Toronto!!! It was fantastic!! Will never forget it!! You guys ROCK and keep on going no matter where life and music takes you!!!
Patty Atchison Kramp Thank you #Metallica !!! I had an amazing time at my 4 gigs this summer. So much fun visiting friends and meeting so many new like minded people. There are no better people in the world than the Met Fam! Time so save for the next round of dates in the U....
Gavin Jody Rudling This is the best birthday present ever!!! Will definitely be watching at 12:45 Sydney time. Can't wait for you guys to get back to Austraila maybe next year, I'll be the first to buy tickets! ROCK ON!
Robbin Colamarino These guys just ROCKED it in San Diego, they were higher in energy than I've ever seen, and all over the stages. Not sure what show some of these people were actually watching, but Metallica is just amazing, especially live! Kicked it off with Gojira ...
Travis Hymanyk Gonna be my sons first concert ever and it just happens to be the best band on earth playing a stadium show. Nose bleed seats but it dosent matter when its Metallica!!!

We play "Metal Have I Ever" with Billy Eichner and sing something about "whozits" and "whatzits"... Watch the full episode of Carpool Karaoke later today only on Apple Music!

Metallica & Billy Eichner Play
Metallica & Billy Eichner Play 'Metal Have I Ever,' Argue Over 'Little Mermaid' in 'Carpool Karaoke' Preview: Exclusive

Eichner gets the metal legends to admit to some pretty personal stuff during their car ride for the second episode of the Apple Music series.

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Brett Layton Lars is Danish, of course he'd be the one excited about dairy.
Ron Mechler The life. Good for them. Maybe my next life this will be me. Metallica Rules
Justine David Evelyn le moment de la petite sirène à la fin ça m'a trop tué mdrrr 😂😂😂
Jocelyn Meehan Jeez between Apple and Sky buying the rights to EVERYTHING we'll be left with shit!!!
Pelado Ivan Pablito serían incontables los orgasmos por estar arriba de camioneta....o no????por diooooii
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