Mesut Özil
14:31 04/20/2017

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

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Jan Lee
We want to win,We want to see The Mighty Arsenal on form to win the FA Cup.Best of luck,We love Arsenal💖
Sayeed Ahmed
Lots of expectations from you Mesut and well Gunners #COYG
кирилл ванжула
Hero Tim
Try the best Ozil I hope Arsenal will win FA Cup Fighting 😊😊 Your the best Assist of King in the world
Gill Newlands
Come on met xxx
Saviola Dan
Train hard
Alexander Lean
Orla Emberson Can't wait for a master class from Bae on Sunday against you lot
Chido Deking
I have always believed you as one the great player in the whole wide world 🌎 great Ozil
Joséphine Dct
Claire myyyy loveeeeeee
Anthony Smith
Mesut when you joining FC Cashmoney?
Alistair James
Are you going to be turning up or hiding as normal when the big games come around?
Akinola Adetola Akinyemi
I am your fan, I am your brother, I am your big daddy, don't let me down and sign the damn thing.
Ross Portis
Good lad
Bangix Atillarry
i hope you will make a way out and assist to score for us to get the trophy ones more i want all the players to have full passion of no nonsense in the field of play
Abs Iluvfutbol Attara
OK. Do u train harder than u play on matchdays? Cos all we see is a bored bloke walk up and down the pitch, give a couple of good passes and walk off to a fat salary

Other newsfeed from Mesut Özil

As you know I’m totally into movies. 🍿 Really excited for the new #JurassicWorld 2 movie next summer. Trailer looks awesome. Check it out. 🦕🦖 🎥 Der Jurassic World 2 Trailer ist raus und macht schon einmal Bock auf den nächsten Sommer 🙌🏼 Was meint ihr? 🦕🦖 🎥 #werbung

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Pete Zahat I'm sure the dinosaurs will be fine if they ask for Ozil's assistance.
Chrisjunior James The movie is really nice to watch
Masri Chernet Hallo ozil am from Africa...(u'r firend Come to dis country to see good event i like u so macth ...plz sign another contract wz #Arsenal for 4year
Daniela Cortez Sanchez Jajajajaja no sabia que te gustaba las películas de Jurassic😅😅 btw LOVE YOU MES💗💗
Mucunguzi Ambrose Come pick your ticket to the cinema hall,,free of charge

Happy to support the Arsenal Foundation & Teenage Cancer Trust 👊🏼 #HospitalVisit #YearlyTradition #KeepFighting

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Sadeeq Bappah The man with the rescue mission
Kings Jared love that orzil of you... It's good to give back to the Society
Thuý Vân Anh quyết định lấy chị ấy thật à? Anh biết em buồn lắm không? Ngay từ đầu anh không nên đối xử với em như này 😭😭
Leandro Matriz #Mesut you'r great guy and i hope you Stay in Arsenal famili
Baka Anwar You still big player by your humainity mesut

The day after I'm still very unhappy about the result. We played good football and dominated the match, but wasted too many chances. The 3rd goal killed us, but we have to keep going. Thanks for your support Gunners 👊🏼🔴 #COYG #AFCvMUFC Arsenal

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Auwal Sule Ahmad 75%possession, 21 attempts, 14 on target, 8off target, out of this attempts you're able to convert one to goal. This indicates lack of focus, our front line aren't clinical in front of goal. They had only 5 chances but utilises 3 compared to us ...
Jo Marriott we gave them the game ... 32 shots on goal ... I know we should of had two defo penalties where was the linesman ? And of course their keeper kept them in just as much ... just keep going all played well I don't think it was through lack of trying ...
Osuji Prince U guys tried but I think the game was approach with fear in d first 11mins our defenders mess the whole game up ozil I luv ur current performance
Titi Soen Yes,, we are unhappy too,, but i know you have done your best,, Ozil and all Gunners. Keep fighting and play well like yesterday. We will reach best place in EPL. Love you Gunner.
Ramla Ýusüf Aww we blv in your ozil u ware the best on the pitch among players yesterday don't feel bad we love uuu mesut😘 COYG

〽⚽🔜 #AFCvMUFC #COYG Arsenal

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Sadeeq Bappah Mouthinho only attack the big teams in president conference not on the pitch
Kato Christopher Just help me kill Man U come the hour!!!
Cabduqaadir Sh Muuse Rip ozil you are very soft player and you are Agniast man utd tomorrow good luck
Chairul Umam C'mon ozill,please sign new contract
Maahir Mohãmêd Wara bari shaqso qawadkaga cune ha i dabal dagine😂women united ina ka shqso aa lo bahan yahay Amiin Carab aan mel ka jiogi lahy😂😂😂😂😂

Turning a tight game in a superb 🖐🏼 - 0 win! The Emirates is our fortress! #YaGunnersYa Arsenal #AFCvHTFC 🔴⚪

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Nasir A. Umar That's how I very much want to see my Mesut play, because I hate the haters having mouth in calling you lazy. Stay blessed!
Suzy Sitkiye Koymen This can shut the media’s negative comments about Ozil they don’t know what they are talking about the guy is a world class player....they just don’t seem to understand 🎼🎼🎼
Leigh Rogers If he did this more often Arsenal would not be underperforming. You can’t do it once every five games, you have to do it every 2-3 games to be truly great
Lwåñgå Dërëk Özíl What an incredible performance from you maestro....lets keep the form on....bring on Manchester united....#yaaagunnersyaaa
Adams Akondor We got ozil i say we got ozil mesut ozil i just don't think u understand. Ozil allah bless you n come Saturday i want to see more of this superb performance. #YaGunnerYa.

Masters of Control. Paul Labile Pogba 🇫🇷🇩🇪 adidas Fussball 🎯 #Predator #HereToCreate

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Uroš Mrvič Matic ko v starih cajtih haha..bojo naslednje
Khalid Assali You should come to bayern😉
Emanuel Torres Nilmary dile a Robert que soy size 9.5 que me las puede mandar de navidad 😂
Suraj Randhawa Ozil come to Barca . Barca fans never hated you . Marc stegen is there with you.

YA GUNNERS YA! 😎 Massive derby win today. 👊🏼💥 NORTH LONDON. IS. RED. 🔴 #COYG Arsenal Premier League

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Max Whiteley Haha time for selfies boys you earned it!!! Now for the Premier League team focus on next weekend and for the Europa team, it’s time to shine! I feel I can enjoy the season now!!!
Claudia Nirworugero 👍✨✨✨ 🎉😊👏😁👏😃🎉 Congratulations! I believe in you guys!!! Like if u think.... Mesut Özil was the best player to day!!!
Samson Odong I really enjoyed the game today especially being against our most bitter london rivals.Most people had looked down on us. i mean the so called soccer experts haha.hard time better...
Divad Rellew Come on Mesut. Your a wealthy man. It surely can't be a money issue. Sign a new contract and stay at Arsenal where you are appreciated.
Zukey Sattar Fareed Ashrif didnt you say your going to start supporting Manchester united since Arsenal fc are pretty damn shite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Munawar Hussain

#M1Ö 〽⚽🇩🇪 #HereToCreate #Number10

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Amjad Abduljabar Arsenal fabs accepted all these years with Wingers mistakes and failures so don’t be so critical about Ozil’s comments about the team decisions. They could’ve promised to create an attacking team not a sloppy unorganized team never know
Guillermo Ramírez Gätjens Mucho numero para Özil, un jugador de media máquina. Mucha calidad pero poco compromiso con la camiseta Viel Nummer für Özil, einen halben Maschinenspieler. Viel Qualität, aber wenig Engagement für das Hemd
Noah Tryninewski Once was a rabid fan for class no....great no....fantastic, yes. You want that all-star treatment? That's FIFA rating? That huge pay raise? Whelp, pick it up on the club side, too. Great players make and help those around them be better. No ...
Aliyu Zaiyan Wenger should give Özil number 10 and shut the damn f**k up. Too many bitches re saying dont deserve that 10 but bunch of injury deserves it. Its unfair when the person with big number doesn't have the space to play firstteam.
Yussuf Hajj Somo I am fan of u magician Ozil i lke tu see u in my team Man Utd....leave Arsenal huz fans don't get behind the team instead criticizes

Last minute equalizer against a strong French team. Good team spirit in the 2nd half 🇩🇪 #HereToCreate #GERFRA #DieMannschaft

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Nermeen Ezzat U so good with germen why you do not with arsenal ?!
Jemine Paul Ede Hit like if you think iwobi is gonna bench ozil this weekend
Gerald Njoroge Simpson Please I need that new jerseys. I am a die hard fan of #DIEMANNSCHAFF since boyhood. I am ready to pay shipping charges. Please ozil please... +254728486735 kindly help a poor Kenyan
Doncorleon Don Selamünaleyküm Mesut kardeşim sana bu mesajı göndermeden önce çok düşündüm Ben Fransada yaşayan bir türküm burada oturduğum yerde bir foot indoor açmak istiyorum param yetmiyor tabi senden para talep eden çok olur ama ben senden borç para istiyorum son ...
Mohammed Yunus O"zil your my best player in the world today ur personality in the field remain good i always say you're the Best

No goals at Wembley tonight. Not what we wanted - but a good first half keeps us optimistic 👍🏻🇩🇪 #ENGGER #DieMannschaft #RoadToRussia

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Ali Osman Keep up the hard work. We love💖💖💖💖 you ozil
Chris Wood 5 time German player of the year 👌 fantastic for country but let down by arsenal/wenger #assistking
लोगन ओजिल क्षेत्री I love you my heart💕💕💕 lots of love from nepal💕💕💕
Mohamed GC It's just a pre match predicts whats gonna happen for you and ur team against Tottenham 😁😂😂

Two DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) games left this year. Let's bring 2017 to a successful end 🇩🇪 Leroy Sané #HereToCreate #DieMannschaft #RoadToRussia #ENGGER #GERFRA

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Mohamed Macow yo are cry ozil will move term Real Madrid
Ardhi Samudra Always may Allah give success to ozil please keep play with arsenal
Sahid Anowar 2018 world cup won the award Germany
Hazar Akbulut Abi die nächsten spiele werden die absoluten Kracher viel Glück euch heycanli maclar olacak 👌
Hamza Al-kfairy شكلك معبي نت جديد دوشتنا من مبارح وانتا طخ منشورات\\\وبحب اقلك الرمثا متصدر يا اوزيل........

Mesut Özil's cover photo

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Meshack Hussein Barrack You're not a great player so why should you wear 10
Sabri Hussein hey Mesut one of the player :)
Felix Mutembei Love you so much our arsenal hero...I want to come to Emirates.. Help me get there bro
Hernandez Collins Shirt 10 is now in your hands brother alihamudulilah.
Suleyman Abdela Abdela Michael Tarkegne yehew sishafed kes belo club likeyer cover photo keyere 😔

Caption this ... 👀👇🏼😬 #DieMannschaft 🇩🇪

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Eduardo Fernandes Passando pra lembrar que 2018 esses e mais outros tão na copa, e são os atuais campeões kkkkk Cláudio Alves Kassio Aureliano Guilherme Rafael
Sagar Chauhan Ozil bring draxler and goretzka here and we also buy fekir and koulibaly and we will become invincibles and u are one of the greatest player of world
Christopher Christopher ozil.....that wold cup you ar looking at you will not play @ all cos you will have injury problem in jesus name (amen).
Kelvin Yamus Mac Draxler good luck and all the best striker in world cup russia.. Score the goal for germany.. You are best striker..
Amartya Chaudhuri When Brazil say they ll come back in this WC !!!! XD XD XD

Mesut Özil

189.4k reactions 1946 comments
Vitus Asogu You knw it has been 12 year's when the lift up the pl please do it for us so that it won't reach 13 please
Meseret Birhanu Hi,I am honest fan of Arsenal for several years.I adore players like you,sanchez and Lacazette.please write back to me.
Christine Arsenal Navubya You are good at 🤳 Worst at winning points in games like Chelsea Stoke Watford Man City Liverpool
Victor Sergio Gono Defend dat World Cup man. I believe Germany will do it. However on a serious note, please reunite with Mourinho, come January
Matthew Lawrence Fucking piss off you lazy jerk no ne wants a dickhead with attitude that won't play and go missing at every game

Dressed like a World Champion 😉🇩🇪 adidas Fussball #HereToCreate #RoadToRussia

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Janko Solo Focus and recover before the next game. Stay well and happy and please extend your contract. Arsenal deserves you. God bless 🙏🏿
Jennifer Redman Piss off, if you put as much effort into your football at arsenal we might be somewhere, too tired after all the posing
Naw Teddy Ozil you are genius I can tell you that all the time. But I need you reevaluate your fitness now coz that all distraction goes to your resume man.
Loret Loret De Mola Bonny Hahaaa what a slogan #HereToCreate... It doesn't fit you nice in Arsenal Cause have seen more than you are there to loose...How can you take a corner beat a weak shot that takes long time in air before landing😁
Mo Guure Ozil naag naagaw inderow naadiga isaga tag hadaa caqli leedahay kolay mid caqli leh ma tihid anaa ku oge xoolayahaw, sanchez oo naga saaqiday baa ku daba xiratay oo ku lumiyay khashin fookhal kashiin. #COYG

Ready for the big Premier League clash tomorrow ⚽👍🏼 #COYG #MCFCvAFC #HereToCreate

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Ahmad Bello Isah its-time:to-show-the:world:you-better-kevin:debruney-both:of-have-30-chances-created-while:debruney:is:in-his-best-season-start-
Irene Cooper Good Luck for tomorrow Arsenal. You can only play your best tomorrow Mesut.Don't let people knock you down!
Kvo Pchez Awesome Bratha all best in tough match as one gunner's emerge winner arsenal score a winning golden goal f this season
Lorna Soar Just show your skills on the pitch tomorrow. We can do it if everyone in the team gives 100% commitment. Win for the fans. We deserve a break!!!
Andrew Panaghiston Hoping that the team turns up with the right attitude and give a good account of themselves. Today’s game could be make or break.

Check out the new song of my bro RedOne! 🎶#boomboom

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Sonnie Akporherhe Mesut, assure me that you are not leaving Arsenal... ? Personally Thanks
Soufiane Charkaoui Oussama Garaaoui that moment fash katgol l ozil itsewer m3ak o katgolih a7mbak 7ettha nta f face
Yassine Diboune Chtibi Nino Jonior شوف اوزيل هوا لي حاااط طوف فلفيس ديالو اما رضوان ممسوقش ليه ...كاين هاد السيد
Rais Uddin Khan Uffffff i love you my heart my life ozil 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😙😗
Sahid Anowar 2018 world cup won the award Germany

Ya Gunners Ya! Turned the game around 💪🏼. A hard piece of work and well deserved 5th home victory in a row. ⚽🏟 #ARSSWA Arsenal #HereToCreate

64.1k reactions 520 comments
Ivan Wanjiku Off to Manchester united, then?
Shåhid Khån It seems like Ozil gonna sign new contract with arsenal 👏🏽👊🏽
Pragyan Õzil Pandit Love you my boy💓 Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵 #ozil_is_everything 💓💓
Ardhi Samudra Ozil and alexis sanchez please keep in arsenal
Arm Kittikun keep confidence more assists & goals help Arsenal win the league Mesut

Special guests for tonight's game! 😊 Supporting Arsenal with Brendan and his brother from the stands. Good luck Gunners! #COYG

50.0k reactions 356 comments
ครอบครัว มณีนาค You is my idol and i want your jessy for my baby for make them dream
लोगन ओजिल क्षेत्री The man with the god left foot &Eye👀 Love you heart❤❤❤❤ Lots of love from nepal❤❤❤
Venant Sekamana We truely know that you are about to leave Emirates what's gonna be your legacy?
Blessing Ozil Ozil we want abig trophy this season sir
Idrs Orhan Türkiye A milli takımında görmeyi çok isterdik seni ama olsun Milletini iyi temsil ediyorsun yinede başarılar en kısa zamanda Türkiye’ye gelmen dileğiyle...

Thank you Arsenal for the compilation of my top 5 goals ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ Let me know which your favourite strike is and leave a comment below ⬇

67.0k reactions 2771 comments
Robert Fry The last one against Ludogorets. Shows off his deft skills before slotting the ball home and putting 2 defenders on the seat of there pants in doing so. The guy is just a genius. Had the pleasure of watching him play for 2 years at the Emirates which ...
Sook Ree Husin I like all of it mesut..but the goal againts ludogorets is always one of the best i ever saw live on tv..btw..i think u can be the arsenal legend..please sign new contracts..stay with arenal please.. #MesutOzil11 #YaaaGunnersYaa #COYG
Stella Stewart Impossible to choose as all are brilliant in different ways. I appreciate your assists when you are like a ghost, appearing from nowhere to set your strikers up. Love watching you play & I'm so glad that you are back to full fitness.
Darrel Holt Definitely the goal against Ludogorets. To have the skill and temerity to take it over the keeper and sect touches to put two defenders in their arses at the same time. One of the best goals I have seen. Followed a close second by the Napoli goal. ...
Jacob Fredsgaard The amazing thing about all of these goals is that it is always looking so damn easy when you do it! Every single one looks like it could have been done on the training ground as well as in the Champions League. It's simply stunning how easy you make it ...

#YaGunnersYa!!!! A thoroughly clinical performance at Goodison Park. 😎💪🏼 That's how we need to play every week 👊🏼 #BelieveInYourself #OneGoal #OneAssist #HereToCreate

113.4k reactions 1956 comments
Busisiwe Lisa Mangena Yes yes you need to play like that every week. Thoroughly enjoyed the game, a few cases where you didn't take the chances fully but heck you deserved that goal. Will definitely take that win thank you very much
Tsun Kit Chan The team was not playing well until the red card but good to see the result and hoping the confidence is back
Kassim Danesi What else that arsenal fans have not said, yes, we love you. You came to join arsenal when arsenal were no way close to win a trophy after 9 to 10 years. Yes, you played with your spirit, faith and what you thought was right to do. Today, you joined ...
Muhammad Essa Waziri Come to Barcelona and win champion league and laliga you will be happy in Barcelona please don't waste your time and show your talent you make only for laliga you are the best and I love you're play and you're technical.
Fayz Gama Stunning performance today Ozil, you played as a team attacked and defended well...... If you can sign for the team please do, Arsenal still needs your services.#yagunnersya

Ignore the noise and stay focused! 👊🏼 #COYG #EFCvAFC Arsenal

85.0k reactions 1360 comments
Adam Lim U re focusing with no assist , dun tell us the cover phrases ...u wanna join man utd just go ...sometimes quality is not as important as passion and when u re not passionate u should go
Francis Lo “…my wife told me to pay more attention to each game as this moment probably may there many watchful eyes are watching upon…that might affect the pays then…” “your wife?” “oh, my stereo…”
Seba Dieng The noise?? If I had renewed this contract no one would have thought something bad in you Özil we love you stay at Arsenal please do not go
Hiba Mukhtar Poor ozil, what the hell happened to you? U r totally confused nd not focused at all, u hv changed alot stay calm u r playing like a **** this days. In my opinion u should relax and show us who u r, i used to cheer #Arsenal and i always thought the ...
Wubalam Zerihun Mesut ozit is best football players in arsenal with awesome attractive people say as best football players but not more appreciate to him than in whitening.mesuit ozit is best football players people ask who same with him my response was , as the same ...

I do it my way. Thanks Beats by Dre for the #1of1 custom headphones.

22.4k reactions 1550 comments
Nakix Roseyx Yea ozil do it yo way coz its you who did to join emirates coz am sure u a aged enough for your decision making and we supporters we dont support players but the team thats y even if nelson,niles,willock are the ones on the field we again request them ...
Labaran Shama Lukman Am still with you wherever, Wenger don't mean a serious business and the board can't sack him. My Ozil as you are going if so, may Allah protect you.
Robert Nuszpl Aww how cute is that? How about you put some effort in and hold the Player of the Fucking Month Award!? 😐😐
Abdi Amin Ronaldo for all arsenal fans complaining and calling him names. one thing u have to realise is your club built the team around this guy and sanchez with elneny,holding and debuchy and still have ramsey alongside him...
Thomas Lesur Mourinho will let you down as he always does, and that's why he always ends up changing club. Unfortunately only time will prove you wrong, like for Henry, RVP, Song, etc. Such a lack of professionalism and class from a supposedly world-class player ...

The Watford match is just around the corner & I'm glad to have fully recovered during international break. 👍🏼💯⚽ #teamtraining #WFCvAFC #COYG Premier League Arsenal

71.1k reactions 980 comments
Ari Salo U are a fking disgrace and a lazy pig that every arsenal fan hate. Hope u get injured and have to stop playing football after arsenal has sacked u.
Youvaireeya Khan Happy birthday to you my world 🌎 ❤️ may Allah bless you always sweetheart 💋😘😍 love you always my Mesut Özil happy 29 year 🎉✌🏻🤴🏼👸 #HBDM1Ö
Henry Ochieng i'll kill myself if you leave us for Manchester United mate... where we gonna get another playmaker like you mate?
Lawrence OB How many Fridays since 4senal last won the league? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 26, 27, 28, 42, 43, 44 damn it I'm tired already 😂😂😂
Tiger Sherekhan Leave our club please. Go to the club that can give you enough money. And hope money can motivate you pratice shooting. Leave with Alexis please . Bottom of my heart please leave . Hope money that you want . You can get to hell when you die .

BALLboa definitely not at his best today assisting my comeback work 😂⚽. Nevertheless I'm really looking forward to Saturday's match 😎 Premier League Arsenal

33.3k reactions 557 comments
Lusiba Mike If you want to go, jan isnt too far. If not sign a new contract
Baptista Divaldo Dvd One of the best in the world...
Hans Beka One day i will be like you In Sha Allah
लोगन ओजिल क्षेत्री Love you heart❤❤❤ Lots of love from nepal❤❤❤
Murat WengerOut Kilic Stop playing with Balboa and start playing for Arsenal?

Home + Family = Happiness 😘

385.4k reactions 3930 comments
Şahin Turan You are a good boy mrs ozil my allah give you healing always and say salam to your family from me from turkey 😉
Haro Ben Es verdad mi hermano Mesut Özil la familia es el núcleo de la sociedad ... Quiero decirte que eres un gran jugador también quiero verte jugando en mi equipó preferido Anas Morabit algún día ... Gracias hermano y felicitación para la calificación a la ...
Yvonne K Sweet Meine güte ihr hapt euch alle so verändert... Wunderschön euch mal als Familie wieder zu sehen... Von euch Bismarck Jungs fehlen aber noch so einige 😊😉 das ist nicht mal der ganze Haufen 😂
Sary Daniel Masha Allah such a Happy family, Family a beautiful blessing Allah (swt) knew you needed. Alhamdulillah🙏🏻😍😇👏🏻Love you Özil🖤⚽️🏃👍🏻👳🏻
Bobby Moore Please Dont leave Arsenal, sign your contract on there cause Arsenal need You Bro...#Arsenal Fans Club INDONESIA

When in doubt sweat it out ...💦👊🏼 #YaGunnersYa #KeepPushing #gymtimeagain

42.0k reactions 601 comments
Ajmal Fannahym Jahym Come back stronger King of assist. We absolutely miss u
Tison Situmeang Welcome to Manchester United bro.
Adewolu Habiyb Adewuyi Detector Come back stronger bro, we miss you so much king of assist, we miss your creativity
Farhiya Adem Please don't think leave Arsenal mesut. ozil we need u .. And u have to be super focus.. Just like what u did everytime u play for Germany .. Am an Arsenal fan since I was a kid .. But I love it even more.. So please eventually .. Be Arsenal .legend ...
Kerryn Key Sign a contract extension you dickhead

Another day at the recovery office. 💯🏋🏻 #KeepPushing #gym

9.3k reactions 574 comments
Adhil Mohammed Please sign a new contract, Because we love u özil
Nirmit Dave Voh Sab toh thik hai lekin barabar khelna kab shuru karega be 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂Abhijit Pawar Anuj Mehta
Shilpi Rathore Be an Arsenal Player from Heart and see the difference Remember: PLAY FOR THE NAME ON YOUR CHEST & WE WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME AT BACK 😘😘
Sare Shaheen work hard to be ready to play at manchester united

Mesut Özil

682 reactions 96 comments
Yasin Alcan Come to Galatasaray 😂
Trie Özil Pms You very cool Mesut özil 😍😍😍i love you Mesut özil
Eleonora Cipolla bellissimo <3
MoHa Xhaka Ozil wa shiday 428 like le ma heshay hhh
Söl Mesut Özil 😍 Great bro Love you 😍😍

Welcome to my home, welcome to London. Thanks for the visit HYPEBEAST 👍🏼🏠🎥👟🇬🇧

188.2k reactions 16413 comments
Himanshu Mishra चलती फिरती ब्रांड्स की दुकान है भाई अपना । लव यू भाई , just play your natural game and create for players in your team . Always respect the badge which is given you all this . 🍑
Nev Wine Mesut.....I don't support Arsenal but I would like you to get back into the first team and continue to make great things happen for your current club....You are a professional soccer player and you have a duty to do your best for the club that pays your ...
Apil Gurung Reece Shah özil is minted. No wonder why he won't want to leave arsenal. Just look at his house...😂
Michael Bramhald The guy sure likes his flip-flops. At least if his footballing career went under, he could open up his own JD Sports. Lorna, James, Jack, Joe
MN Hafiz u have such a wonderful house in london. No need move out. better u just stay in london for another few years. Pls sign da thing
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