Mesut Özil
14:31 04/20/2017

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

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Jan Lee
We want to win,We want to see The Mighty Arsenal on form to win the FA Cup.Best of luck,We love Arsenal💖
Sayeed Ahmed
Lots of expectations from you Mesut and well Gunners #COYG
кирилл ванжула
Hero Tim
Try the best Ozil I hope Arsenal will win FA Cup Fighting 😊😊 Your the best Assist of King in the world
Gill Newlands
Come on met xxx
Saviola Dan
Train hard
Alexander Lean
Orla Emberson Can't wait for a master class from Bae on Sunday against you lot
Chido Deking
I have always believed you as one the great player in the whole wide world 🌎 great Ozil
Joséphine Dct
Claire myyyy loveeeeeee
Anthony Smith
Mesut when you joining FC Cashmoney?
Alistair James
Are you going to be turning up or hiding as normal when the big games come around?
Akinola Adetola Akinyemi
I am your fan, I am your brother, I am your big daddy, don't let me down and sign the damn thing.
Ross Portis
Good lad
Bangix Atillarry
i hope you will make a way out and assist to score for us to get the trophy ones more i want all the players to have full passion of no nonsense in the field of play
Abs Iluvfutbol Attara
OK. Do u train harder than u play on matchdays? Cos all we see is a bored bloke walk up and down the pitch, give a couple of good passes and walk off to a fat salary

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Evening activity ... ⚽🎮 #NorthLondonDerby #PES2017 #home

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Sasha Rio FIFA 17 Bruder was los bei dir
Malte Akkermann Michael Zabél Arno de Buhr so erteile ich euch demnächst mal eine Lektion in Fifa 18 ⚽💪😎
Cihan Yasar El Yusuf Aykut Can Cano Hasan valla klein seine leinwand :D fakiiiiir! :D
Pepe Del Angel Ozil lo sabe Diego Castro el PES es el mejor!!!!!
Mohamed Anis Karadaniz W drk ana kifeh ndiir .. yak ana ma3andich hhhh Yacine Lamine Mohamed Omar

Crazy game. Full of drama, what an end.⚽⚽⚽⚽ not a perfect match but we take the 3 points in the #PLkickoff! thanks for your support 👏🏼 #YaGunnersYa #AFCvLFC Arsenal

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Yä D Ânīn Sir, you could have try that long distance goal...that was a amazing part of the match😂. You played well and full team played great. Congratulations #Arsenal for your Dramatic win over leicester city(4-3) in the very first match of the pl 2017-18 ...
Jacob Pongolani Good play from the new signings- Lacazatte and Kolasinac, and thanx for your contribution. Players we rally behind you, you really showed a good character and didn't gave up. Much thanx to Wenger for the substitution
Biñ Øžiľę Wiż Côffėė ኦዛዬዬዬዬዬዬ <3
Charlie Keegan Great performance Mesut - at 2-3 down around 60-70 mins you made sure you got on the ball a lot and worked hard to work space and create chances. I thought you really took the game by the scruff of its neck and got us the win! #oooohyaaaaaa
Mohammad Yaseen Drei Punkte sind sehr teuer .. es war ein spannendes Match .. die Verteidigunglinie ist sehr schlecht .. Peter Cech is auch schlecht .. Lacazette ist wunderbar .. Kolasenak ist excellent .. Bellerin ist übernatürlich .. Das Problem war ,leider, in ...

Back in full training after recovering from my ankle injury 👍🏼😉⚽ #YaGunnersYa #ACE17 Arsenal

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Amandine Mattens aiie , ça a lancé que le lendemain . reprends doucement . fais attention à toi , bisou ( tes cheveux ont bien poussé)
Tani Mannschaft Khedira Malloú Özil regarde comme il est beau notre Özil 💖
Mohamed Samy مسعود ، عازف الليل ❤
Jason-James Ong See you tomorrow night ! GOONER!
Gaurav Singh Playing tomorrow?

Caption this... 👇😎😂

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Saif Khan Amazing
Jama Swaleh Ali The treble Emirate cup ✅ FA cup ✅ Community shield ✅ Now 4th spot.
David Pozzi Julian Etessami mustafi guarda ig özil è un figo cazorla sembra un mafioso e gabriel non sa cosa sta facendo esattamente
Pali Dhelie Ahmad Shahril aku jupe dh kembo aku ril..ö11
Anishul Islam Hey guys have you noticed there are 4 Arsenal players here!! Co incidence??

Come On You Gunners! 🔴⚽ Shkodran Mustafi #YaGunnersYa #CommunityShield #Wembley Arsenal

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Rajiv Kajee Magar Today I so disappointed with you because I will not see you both playing . but why??
Thomas Hindolo Lebbie Pls think of establishing a fans of Ozil here in Sierra Leone. Pls think about it.
JavaNunes Rosenberg Goldman Oi, eu queria anular o Impeachment da Dilma, obrigado.
Salah Juve ولي ريال خيرلك دقيم بطولات عليها القيمه مش درع الخيريه دقيم فيها كل عااام وهوا معرفتاش لا كاس ولا صونيه 😂😂😂😂😂
Vinny Eagle if you loved arsenal you would of signed the contract already.

Job done for today 😎✌🏽 Focus on Sunday! #CommunityShield #AFCCFC #Wembley #GoodMood Arsenal

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Bhuvan Chugh ❤️❤️❤️
HA Mid Yassine Yacine Hamoudi
Yacouba Özil Gakou Cool may pro
Söl Ronaldo Jr. Best mesut ozil love Ya. Wee need our great skill to beat chelsea 😍😜
Declan Murphy A Gucci backpacker Ken Moore

Do you see laces adidas Fussball? I don't 😜😏🤓 #ACE17 #HereToCreate

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Gonzalito Ocas Regalame uno de eso mesut ozil
Trương Liêm Ước gì được một đôi như v..!! Idol❤️
Duc Nguyen Do you see Boost? I don't..
Zac Hassan please sign for Barcelona mate 👍👍👍
Tariq Al Dheirat مرتب قديش اخذته ؟

Brilliant 1st day of the #EmiratesCup for us ⚽👍🏼 See you again tomorrow Gunners 🏟 #AFCvBEN #COYG Arsenal

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Xasan Kaafi Muuse go away you are the worst today
Ashar Ausafi Hope you have a good season at Arsenal, lets break the PL assist record this time :)
Hamza Dansullubawa Thank my best friends and professional player in arsenal club and world class player now
Abd'l Fatai Ola Ibrahim We needs this type of result in the league not at Emirates cup
Sean Crowe Marie Crowe d kit

🙏🏼 #Friday #alhamdulillah #mashallah #believe

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Ayomide Abidemi Popoola Is that "sick", ungrateful glutton reading this? This is what they call loyalty. Arsenal was,is,and will always be our club no matter who stays or goes.God bless you Mesut.
Osman Gs Riim'k Diallo nan mais lui jcrois y fait la salat du vendredi sur la pelouse de l'Emirates Stadium 😂😂😂😂😂
Freddy Indimuli Lutherking tell that sick guy to leave us in peace..we will not die because of his pressure.
Alexandra Jennifer Alhamdulillah...Say it with me.
Mohamed Abdullahi Jimale Msha Allah ozil am really 1 of ur fans May Allah guide you in the right path Always. None is to be worshipped except Allah SW wish u de best of luck in ur career of football and de Rest

They said "Mesut you have to be ice-cold in front of goal". Ok, I'll try my best ... ❄😃⚽ #coldchamber #preseason #regeneration

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Berkan Ozturk You should rather pass the ball. It looks cooler like that.
Anant Gururaj Neeraj Chandrasekar I am dead
Adrian Pietraszek Wojtek Stoszko przez chwile myślałem że to twoje zdjęcie xd
Abucubeyda Ina Ceelbaraf Nice paleyer fan ozil
Tez Hargreaves Ignore players around area & Just pass it into Top Corner,Then Enjoy 👌🏼... ⚽️

When the floor is lava ... 🔥🌋😂 #LavaChallenge #AFC #justkidding

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Karan Singh Varun Sukul my liverpool captaan sahab
Hadi Mouslemani Léèoh Campos Até ele 😂😂
Whoknows Kevin Simon Bendlinger auch eine art von boden ist lava 😂
Julio Araujo The floor ir not to assist Lacazzete Gustavo Martins
Mahdi Ubax Side is adkeeey ozil sanadkaan EPL indhaho shido bro

🇨🇳🚶🏻😊 #Beijing #China

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Imameli Sadiqov Doğu Türkistan denen bir yer var çinli köpeklerin zulumu altında. Unutdun heralde Mesut kardeş
Pazonda Donnarumma Febb My fav left footed player I luv ozill since I first watched u play at werder bremen ..
Hadi A. Khamis Hmaaaaaar😊
Daniela Cortez Sanchez Hello, love so much Mesut.. You are more important love love ♥♥♥
Lukas Brahmann Max Buzziol bereitest dich wohl schon aufs sushi Essen am Dienstag vor?😂😂

3:2 win on penalties against Bayern Munich 😉⚽️ Well done lads 👏🏻 #YaGunnersYa #ArsenalInShanghai Arsenal

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Jay Cervantes Monica Villa damnnn look at his jersey it's so nixe
Divana Pereyra Viel glück, meine Liebe ❤
Zhyar Özil یاخوا نەیبەنۆ
Adam Ladlow Ben Davis who need the CL.... We have won the friendly trophy of a pat on the back and a job well done
Absar M Raja Talha Gulraiz u lot got a new sponsor?

I would say Chinese fashion suits me! 🇨🇳😄 // 中国风真适合我 #ArsenalInShanghai #COYG

64.4k reactions 699 comments
Dirano Mohammed I usetoo like u but ur ways recently look premature
Alan Murphy Looks like you are sat of the toilet with your dressing gown on lad.
Hoàng Sang khi tụi bây đang suy nghĩ định cmt gì thì tao đã top cmnr 😜
Thor Toddi Hestetun Alan får du tak i ein?😀
Lukas Brahmann Max Buzziol ne Digger steht dir gar nicht

Good afternoon Europe, good evening Shanghai 😬😉🇨🇳🌆 Out for dinner with Granit Xhaka and Sead Kolašinac 👍🏻 #Gunners #ArsenalInShanghai

105.2k reactions 679 comments
Thabiso Özil Bopape It is good 2 see both my role models united #Mesut Özil and Granit Xhaka .I am a Gunner and I will always be 1. Love u guys # The Gunners
Ferhat Van Damme Oooohh stabil. Wer hat wohl ausgegeben
Abdiphatah Gande Good night Legends
Sroop Irshad Azeem Chaudhary ya bnd h na
Jan Ljabyschew Emrah Yasit Komm nach Arbeit mal direkt zu mir

Starve your distractions, feed your focus 👁 #preseason #ArsenalInShanghai

84.9k reactions 417 comments
Amma C Abedu-bentsi My Arsenal, My Proud, My Team, My player, My Ozil. Since Pre-season matches 1998 till 2017 I love my Arsenal
Ayodele Agbabiaka Yes focus not to be starved. keep it up ..playing Byearn Munich on Wednesday. Good luck.
Okoye Chikwado M Yes but Bayern Munich will still trash you at international cup competition.
Elena Lavreneva Mesut all can play football and tennis to watch. The white shirt suits him very well. I want to see him.Mesut all can play football and tennis to watch. The white shirt suits him very well. I want to see him.
Kobbe Osei You better start helping the team when they loose the ball great team defend each other and win together 🙏🙏🙏🙈🙈🙈🙈

The king of tennis without a doubt 👑🎾 Roger Federer #Wimbledon title 8, Grand Slam title 19 ... and still counting! 🐐 #congrats #champ #machine #respect #mercedesfamily

136.9k reactions 551 comments
Andrew Kerr Great photo ozil 😎
Ahmed Afifi Mohamed Ahsan la3eb fi el 3aalaaaam😍😍😍
Eze Miracle Arinzechukwu 19+8=27. Your number of assists next season with Lacazette. #YaGunnersYa
Simi Swara Legend roger😄
WF Wendy Sneh Johnson Roger Federer So so happy and privileged to be in another Wimbledon final. See you all Sunday

The #RaceToTheEmirates continues ... 👍🏼😉

9.8k reactions 82 comments
Hayat Omer Ozil Ozil take me there with you...😘😘😘😘
See Tiansheng Marcus Jun
Meghan Gleason Come to Florida please :)
Ophélie Sigaud Sydney Romain Couderc!
রঙিন ঘুড়ি i love mesut ozil

Always a pleasure assisting our Arsenal club photographers ... 😜📸 #ArsenalinSydney #preseason

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Oyedeji Toluwani Emmanuel Ozil and asssist is like 5 and 6..You cannot seperate them..
Mando Uh Yahia قولي بحبك ي ضون والنبي ي اوزيل
Sancy Diamond Alertie always ASSISTING
Absalom Junias Gunners yaaa,,,;arsenal will hammer chelsea in community shield again
Jonas Behncke Everybody say "Europa Leagueeee" 📸📸📸😂 Munir Pérez

Good 1st win in our pre-season ⚽👍🏼 Thank you for your support Australia #YaGunnersYa #ArsenalInAustralia 🇦🇺 Arsenal

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Anish Dhakal Ozil plz dont ever leave Arsenal...we the fans of u nd Arsenal wants to see u in #AFC
Obasi Jeremiah Anthony Thanks for your service. Work with the rest players and give us the best. Arsenal is best forever.
Billy Dolton Gud day Mesut Özil great news to hear that you wanna stay at Arsenal and sign a new deal :) :) :D :D
Jacob Muga We as the blues...we are waiting for you in opening match.....
Gabriela Lopez Cornejo Good for you guys, thanks!! Nice outfit by the way 😎😎😎

Greetings from #Australia 🇦🇺✌🏼 #YaGunnersYa #ArsenalinSydney #ACE17+ Arsenal

90.3k reactions 457 comments
Rubick Arakel Welcome to Sydney my man! Enjoy your stay here :)) can't wait to see you in action on Saturday!
Felixo Agada I love u bro. Your decision to stay alone is the best news this week. Bring Alexis on. Respect
Şafak Sezgin Merhaba Mesutum iyi futbol sağlıklı spordan gelir.Başarılar dilerim.Turkiyeden selamlar.
John Lawless Mesut we're did you leave your car keys want to look after it while your away message me please
लोगन ओजिल क्षेत्री oh my heart your muscles are looking damn strong.✌ Show your best💕 love you heart💞

Happy birthday Mohamed El-Neny 🇪🇬 // كل سنة و انت طيب #bro #allthebest #gunners

114.9k reactions 969 comments
Saif Kanaan منوورين يا عرصات 😛
Said Bouladraf Özil 👍✌👌💪💪💪you r my best player even I hope I Will meet you one day & HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu #ME
Sadam Khamis Mohammad Takrori shof ozil sho kateb o sho el nene rad 3aleh walla 3amal mabsota 7amdallaaaa
Mahmood Ben Ozil والعه معاك يا ننى يابن الصرمة 😂😂😂😂
Ahmed S. Elnoury اخواتي الرجالة كل سنة وانت طيب يا نني ❤❤

Last day in #London before our trip to #Australia 🇦🇺🐨 #COYG #Gunners #AFC Mercedes-Benz Beats by Dre

221.6k reactions 1891 comments
Emir Torbica mogu se i ja samo slikati pored njega (Kole, Armin, Filip) hahahhahahaahha
Francis Opara Ozil you looking good, please you all should train heard, focus, good team work, discipline, diligence to duties and tax assigned to you all so as to win EPL this season or a bigger trophy that will promote my daring club Arsenal fc to a first 4 in the ...
Uzbek Master I like you because you have a good personalty and one of the best football player on the planet. Tattoos, drinking alcohol beverages and having fun in clubs against Islam, Mr O'zil!
Aminu Abdullahi I love nd like two footballers in the world. The first one is zinedine zidane the current coach of Real Madrid. The second is mesuit ozil. I really love you. Miss you at Real Madrid..
Deniz Mugstum Let the greedy man go where he wants,just tell the manager to grab for us 80m pounds & secure Lemar and try to get someone like Marko Reus for us. He will see fire,so many players have regretted a turn around in their career after forcing their way ...

2nd day of Arsenal pre-season training ⚽☀️ #YaGunnersYa #AFC Danny Welbeck Lucas Pérez

58.5k reactions 362 comments
Elsad Velixanov Mən Zəhrayam! Dünən saat 20:40-da məni erməni terrorçuları öldürdü :( I'm Zahra! Yesterday at 20:40 i was killed by armenian terrorist :( Меня зовут Захра! Вчера в 20:40 меня убили армянские террористы :( #Zahra #IamZahra #karabakh #Azerbaijan ...
Nitesh Chanda Nicky Chanda Neon Chanda chiellini just having some bants in the background
Ilyass AsouKa Ada entschied bei Arsenal Sie darüber nachgedacht, mein Spiel Favorit nicht zu bleiben, aber Sie sind Homosexuell
Clement Azzalini Baptiste Chaudron j'ai trop cru que c'etait Chiellini
Edy Loi Lacazette wont waste your assists like Giroud! So stay, and ask Alexis Sanchez to stay too!

Holiday is over and I'm back at Arsenal training ground with fully charged batteries 🔋⚽✨ #YaGunnersYa #training #London #ACE17+

134.9k reactions 1578 comments
Nzeutcha Alphonse Stay focused in the training process, avoid injuries and the EPL will be for the gunners as your battery will be fully charge for numerous assist
Muyanga Geofrey my role model is back from holiday to join training so that is very fantastic, i love you #king #Ozil no one like you on my side, i like your accurate passes, long live king of the king%%%%
Belmos Katsbel Gom That's the good news everyone has been waiting for #OZIL thatz u om n man wen r u penning down ur signature 2gether with ur friend sanchez,i knw all will be fyn bro!! big ups
Md Sadeque New force Lacazette, Lemar or Mabppe coming to join u at the training, get ready to welcome them. Together u team up and sign the contract. #COYG
Netshiluvhi Mukonazwothe Mesut Özil now that Wenger has been handed a contract extension, are you going to sign on the dotted line for the Gunners > Arsenal

2 tournaments, 2 titles. It seems there's no need to worry about our football future 😜👊🏼🇩🇪⚽ DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) Der nächste Stern für Deutschland

8.7k reactions 74 comments
Opomulero Ozil Sheriff Germany are good from the junior team to the senior team. I love d Germans
Naing Htet Oo ဘဲရီးmorningခင္ဗ်ားတို႔စီမွာေတာ့ညေနေပါ့ 😑
Sheikh Adeel Ali ozil Muslim player i love ozil <3 ozil iz the best
Vanglhun da Gooner Announce Mbappe
Ross Portis Good lad

This is really awesome 😬 First U21, now also #ConfedCup champions 🙌🏻🏆🇩🇪 Wow!!!! #CHIGER

162.5k reactions 1116 comments
Shubham Shankar Singh What's most impressive about this performance is that Germany were playing a very young and inexperienced side. And they still managed to win the tournament.
Kisambira Precious Work done well man,but Ozil I need help from you, I have orphanage but am failing to dress the kids, feeding them and so on therefore, please help us.thanks
Alejandro Jiménez Esta bien, Saben porque esta bien? Porque Chile no revento la pelota, Esta muy bien, por que Chile no sabe, no tiene idea de contra quien esta jugando ni como esta planteado el partido. Esta bien, esta muy bien que le metan el primero. Es imverosimil ...
Tahir Baloch Best of luck germany best of luck all boys Mesut Ozil you to dude i love you nd i hope Germans win next world cup bcz you are great.
Chuma Ohaegbulem Congratulations to you all Germans and you Arsenal (Gunners players and fans) let's replicate the same thing in premiership this coming season. Yes we can.

Throwback to our U21 tournament win in Sweden 2009! 🏆🇩🇪 Best of luck to our DFB-Junioren for their big clash against Spain tomorrow & of course all the best for our DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) in the semifinals vs. Mexico! We can be proud of our next football gen.🙏🏼 Der nächste Stern für Deutschland | adidas Fussball

93.7k reactions 454 comments
Lény Julíana Goodluck for Der Panzer! I am watching the match with my dad right now!
Sean Kerber ayyy hell yeah mesut! will never forget when you won the u21
Emmah Akachukwu No Magical Mesut Özil Hector Bellerin will be the last man standing
Henry Enuma It was a victory for the Germans, I just wish u were among them. Can't wait to see u in emirate
Carlos Andres Rendon Pollrsbeck Kimmich Tah Ginter Süle Gorestzka Weigl Sané Brandt Dahoud Werner

My idea of a perfect holiday 🌴✌🏼😎✌🏼🌴 #vacation2017 #summer

105.3k reactions 992 comments
Item Udohabasi We need u at arsenal, please round up ur holiday in time n join with the club when pre season start
Sallar Khan Ozil Sheikh Adeel loves you sooooo much he is your biggest fan and he always disciuss about you ozil you live in his heart :p
Carl Christian Richter Finger in die Luft halten und eine Sonnenbrille tragen? OK - jeder wie er will ,-) Hätte mir das Sportstar Leben etwas spannender vorgestellt !
Orestis Sherman Gareth Deane good to see we're working hard at the 3-4-3 formation during pre-season
Joseph Loaeza Ramirez Santos Juarez Ozil over there chillin' in Santa Monica and Venice beach in public man imagine if we ran into him lol

Congrats to DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) for reaching the #ConfedCup semi-finals 🇩🇪💪 ... and to our coach for his 100th win! 👏 #groupwinners

15.0k reactions 156 comments
Richard Brown Next Arsenal Maanger please
Chiddy Theclassicmaterial The greatest coach
Nilzete Gomes Amaral Congratulations!!!!
Imad Mind Best national team in the world💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊
Pcydubnarm Gurung And first ever manager to scratch testicles publicly.
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