Mesut Özil
14:31 04/20/2017

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

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Jan Lee
We want to win,We want to see The Mighty Arsenal on form to win the FA Cup.Best of luck,We love Arsenal💖
Sayeed Ahmed
Lots of expectations from you Mesut and well Gunners #COYG
кирилл ванжула
Hero Tim
Try the best Ozil I hope Arsenal will win FA Cup Fighting 😊😊 Your the best Assist of King in the world
Gill Newlands
Come on met xxx
Saviola Dan
Train hard
Alexander Lean
Orla Emberson Can't wait for a master class from Bae on Sunday against you lot
Chido Deking
I have always believed you as one the great player in the whole wide world 🌎 great Ozil
Joséphine Dct
Claire myyyy loveeeeeee
Anthony Smith
Mesut when you joining FC Cashmoney?
Alistair James
Are you going to be turning up or hiding as normal when the big games come around?
Akinola Adetola Akinyemi
I am your fan, I am your brother, I am your big daddy, don't let me down and sign the damn thing.
Ross Portis
Good lad
Bangix Atillarry
i hope you will make a way out and assist to score for us to get the trophy ones more i want all the players to have full passion of no nonsense in the field of play
Abs Iluvfutbol Attara
OK. Do u train harder than u play on matchdays? Cos all we see is a bored bloke walk up and down the pitch, give a couple of good passes and walk off to a fat salary

Other newsfeed from Mesut Özil

7 years ago 😉 Such a special goal for me... 🔥⚽ It brought us into the round of last 16 at the #WorldCup in #SouthAfrica... 🇿🇦 #Throwback #Germany #Ghana DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft)

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Abdoulaye Souleman Abdoulaye Souleman Best midfielder of his generation it was claim by zidane seedorf and pirlo
Youvaireeya Khan Assalamualaikum Eid Mubarak my darling , May Allah Bless you always
Bachok Both Dak Mesut Ozil ever the best, please stay at Arsenal plus Alexis
ßåśʼnèt Gŕimëšh Özil <3 I remenber that goal against Ghana which was selected in Top 10 goals of 2010 Fifa World cup
Usanto Mon Like if you think Mezut Ozil in the WORLD is the best and top plyar🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Going on a holiday with your best friends is like 🙌🏾 #TeamOzil #crew #vacation #Ozil #m10

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Usama Khan Raphael Dntant on sait pas mais ceqt Moi je prend la photo en fait
Hamza Khan Ahmer Ali boy siren ka wait kr raha hai k roza iftar kia jae
Kwaku Yeboah Solomon Respect Bossu but please try and stay @my club Arsenal please with your greeters respect
Jamyang Bhutia JB When everyones BW and you are the only one supporting grove street.
Gabriela Lopez Cornejo You look like you are having a great time. Enjoy!!! 🤜🤛 You are a rock star🤘

Simply the greatest. He remembers us to fight for the right. 🤜🏻🤜🏾🤜🏿 #walkoffame #muhammadali #star

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Aafaq Mazhar Ali always in our heart Love from Pakistan❤️❤️❤️
Paul Harder Who is Dammahum Ila?
Çağlar Demir niyabıyon la
Adizatu Abdul Bakey mesut ozil i love the way u are n u always do what is right anyway am ur fan from ghana n i cherish n love u alot.

Enjoying the Malibu sun ☀️and sea 🌊 #vacay #crew #friends #teamozil

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Nicholas Turney Thought that was mahrez in the white jumper then zoomed in 😂
David Mark Gichina Work for the UN already 😂 after assisting Giroud all season long you still assist friends
Heather Skyy Mike Skyy try to find him!
Fortunate Thulaganyo 2nd from the right looks like Leroy Sané

Relaxed ... 🙌🏼 🎶 #USA #holidays #vacation #BeHeard adidas Originals

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Buhari Hassan Jikamshi SLM ozil barka da shan ruwa my guy arsenal player next year win champion leave in sha allah
Asfand Shah .janana charta zey khu na kana? Yara haga James khabare ra rawaan di nu sakht khafa ema. :(
Mamadou Aliou Fofana Ozil is unique I hope he will stay cause it will be very hard to find a player like him
Riccardo Banelli Mesut is a great footballer!!!! Ozil in Juventus should be possible???? My dream ⚽
Lukas Bolze Come to San Diego! I'll take you out for a beer! Give me a shout out Mesut!

Two players. One match. 🎮⚽️ The Pro Evolution Soccer League WF is about to start with a huge $200K prize for the winner. And you can watch it live! 😉 #PESWF ➡️

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El Idrissi Soufiane Good luck then haha ;)
Salin Salijevic 200k$ you earn per per week or less...
Robert Coeries #stayblessed
Muhammad Khan Khilji Dear Ozil are the best player in the world
Athith Gowda Sign that contract

Enjoyed the sun with this little princess! ☀😘 #Lina #niece #familytime #familyfirst #love #ProudUncle

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Sancy Diamond Alertie you're such a wicked being, how could you have cut Azpiwhatever like that? how good would it have been if the bar wasnt against you! #Class
Amal Razik congrats...for winning the FA cup...that was a amazing game...
MarYazuul Trejö Röjas Nosotros podríamos tener una más linda, pero te freseassss
Charles Cowie Great pic from a world class player pleasure to watch u in an arsenal shirt long may it continue
Akandwanaho Tomson I wish you pay a Visit to Uganda, The pearl of Africa. we love U so much. Arsenal oyeeeeee

We used to get friends. Think this beauty is a Gooner today 🙏🏽😊🏆👌🔥#YaGunnersYa #FACup #Champions Arsenal

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Yasel Rodriguez Cassola felicidades brother soy un gran admirador de tu trabajo y del soccer aleman saludos desde cuba y que vengan muchos titulos mas ojala verte algun dia jugando en el bayern abrasos
Karish Robah bro thanks for that now Wenger will topup u and other money, for sure u makes my nyt to be well even my baby boy is telling me lk this dad me am ozil wah
Danielle Sanderson Thank you thank you for winning the FA cup , my beloved husband died in January and he was so into Arsenal, i watched every second and was so thrilled he would have loved this so much <3 thank you <3 xxxx
Atilla Cokyavuz Would be nice to win something else than the fa cup, it's not a great achievement compared winning the champions league or premier league
Mohammed Jimoh Harisu Distinction Mesut Ozil... Ramadan Kareem...i known you where on fasting why you played yesterday... Despite the low strength you proof you quality and efficiency on the pitch.. May Almighty Allah in His infinity mercy continue to guild you now and forever.. Ramadan ...

#YaGunnersYa 😁 ... third time man 🏆🏆🏆... yeeaaah 💪🏼 #FACup #Champions #Wembley

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Na'Nan Wanthida Congratulations mesut! I'm really happy and so proud 〽️ you can did it!! Love you bro~ ❤️ #YaGunnersYa
Shamsha Noor Arsenal had troubles being consistent but hey, that's a-ok bcos while form is temporary, CLASS is PERMANENT. Champions for the 13th time!!!🤗🙌
Ferdinand Simbolon Congrats for Arsenal to won the FA cup. But for sure, Man Red still better this season. #Communityshield #EFL #EuropenLeague #TickettoChampionsLeaguenextseason GGMU
Baze Wizzo You are a hero.. just add a lol bit consistency to your game. Your attachment to the ball is awesome, even Ronaldo and Messi know you are special ! 😎 #COYG
Mohammad Hanzalla Armand THIS will be a great history in world of football... where we won against Chelsea in the final, our worst season became champions, and even won the final in Spuds's... eh. #COYG

Herkese hayırlı ramazan'lar dilerim. 🙏🌙 Wish u a blessed Ramadan. 🙏🌙

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Katumba Paul Julius Please recieve Jesus As Your Saviour because without Him you won't go to Heaven
سعيد الشراري ‏ 🌙🕌 🌙 يوم وتبدأ القصة الجميلة وتعلو المساجد بأصوات الدعاء وتسكن السعادة قلوبنا💜 اللهم بلغنا رمضان وبارك لنا فيه ☺😍 ❤🌙 وكل عام ؤآأنتم باالف خير 🌙❤
Qabu Chukulisa Happy Ramadhan to our brothers and sisters all over the world🙌🙌
Ahmad Bello Isah wish you happy holy month bro #mesutozil and also i am really impressed with your performance today against chelsea kudos to and the rest of our other players
Hussein Mzael رمضان كريم للأمة الإسلامية جمعاء وفقنا الله في هذا الشهر الفضيل لذكره وشكره وحسن عبادته...اللهم اكتب لنا فيه عتق من النار وبلغنا ليلة القدر🌜🌜

Here you go - edition two of #M10fashion is now available 🙌🏽😎 ➡ #limited #white

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Paul Allan Do think next season u will actually run for the ball
Rico Krause Vincent Seidel neue Kollektion. Weis ist mir aber aber nichts. Ich hoffe er bringt nochmal eine schwarze Kollektion raus
Dancan Okinda Tomorrow your playing my team do it style not the jokes we saw the other day between Ajax
Elvis Chibusia Hey Ozil am from Kenya your big fan please give me one T-shirt or Cap #M10fashion
Amit Das Can we focus on Saturday's match. We need to end the season on a high, and not Chelsea getting the double

The wait is over! 🙌🏼 EDITION TWO of #M10fashion will launch this Friday at 12 o'clock (CET) ... 👌🏼

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Saja Abdul Aziz عوفو الكتاب هسه راح ينزل بدي وقبعه وفتت على الموقع مال البيع مالته يمكن ب 29 يورو شلون اشتريهن 😂😂😂😂 Athraa Talib Zahraa Alroubaie
Italia Sansiro Pleased dont leave arsenal mesut also tell a lexis Pleased dont leave arsenal mesut please signed a new contract and also tell alexi sanchez as well as a arsenal fan I plead to all other arsenal fans to join me in persuading mesut ozil and alexis ...
احمد الهواشنه رمضان كريم ومبارك مسعود اوزيل اتمنى لك التوفيق والخير يا عازف الليل
Levente Tóth Légy olyan szar mint özil...mostantól nem csak fociban de öltözködésben is...töröld haver.
Otis David Shames Ferguson the w8 is over we can finally breathe again

Short break means time to check out the new mobile version of Pro Evolution Soccer 🙌🏼📲 #PES17 #fun #chill

61.4k reactions 442 comments
Nzebude Nelson Hi mesut looking forward to see you play against Chelsea...#ya gunners ya#
Hisham Muhammed When Konami gets it right ... FIFA mobile is no match to this one..
Diptesh Gawas Please stay at arsenal, hope youwill send me home t-shirt , with a back name the ozil
Maro Classic Kenia One best skillfull midfielder in the world, believe in u mesut...inshallah we will win the trophy come this Saturday,
Kez Kayani Maybe play CL on that too since you not in it for real.

Another win, another three points. ⚽️ Our final spurt this season came too late to make it to the #UCL. But there is still a FA-Cup final to win... #AFCvEFC

92.7k reactions 750 comments
Hiba Mukhtar N my opinion its better that Arsenal joined the European league, u guys r not qualified to join the UCL Yet n my opinion. U guys couldn't even be on top 2 n premier league, i even wonder will u guys gv ur best n european league, anyways i hope for the ...
Padraig Coyne Ozil are you been paid to but pics up on FB after arsenal only coming 5th in the leauge. Such a let down for German player of the year
Hamza Yusuf Alhaji A word is not enough for my heart to define mystical mesut , though I have to pray for you and your family the best in this life and hereafter, finally I wish Happy Best month(Ramadan kharim)
Will Tombs Love how you're playing and your work rate lately, a driving force, man of the match last two games - we will win things next season, this one was a learning curve and a test of will power, it's never easy at the top level and that's what makes this ...
Rejana Kids Channel Every game from the start of the season should be the fight for three points,not only the last game of the season.Wish you good luck in FA Cup.

I remember that day when my two pugs #Capone and #Balboa ran away. I was terribly afraid for them ... and even asked Arsene Wenger for help! ... the end? A restaurateur called me. I think they liked his food. 😅📞 More private insights: ↪ 📕 #GunningForGreatness #MagieDesSpiels #autobiography

72.1k reactions 527 comments
Alex Nourman Can you explain about that picture? I hope it's not Al Qur'an at his left hand
Guapo Flama Why u waste a time at a club with no program of collecting medal, U niid t find best place to achieve in ur career,
Jacob Dring Would you ring your boss if the nawteeness ran away Lewis Mason?
Samia Nawreen Fabiha Islam omg lol what!!! I need the English translated edition NOW
Sash Grozdanoski You run away from big games all the time, wtf does Wenger do about it? Nothing!

Nice evening with the team for a good cause! 😊✌🏼 #AFCFoundation #NightToInspire Arsenal Mohamed El-Neny Shkodran Mustafi Granit Xhaka

75.5k reactions 864 comments
Wulan Suci Agustina beb.. terimakasih udah bikin aku sembuh dari sakit tipes gara gara denger kamu nyanyi beb😍😍😍😘😘😘 *loveyou
Andrew Lesiba Kekana Arsenal must stop been stingy and pay you the the money u deserve yourself and Sanchez. I missing Carzola too
Adrian Moses O'zil Ya gunners ya..mesut..hope you stay with arsenal next are my favorite player..
Nihad Ahmad wow you are very handsome ozil i hope you are be successful and i hoep you coming to club Barcelona ozil please answer me i'm wating
Christopher Banda Great to see u hvg fun guys , wish u all de best on weekends game against Everton fc.ya gunners ya MO# 11.

Pro Evolution Soccer Just saw #PES2018 announced, can I get a bit more pace? Need to get faster away from defenders ;) See more about the new game here:

22.9k reactions 322 comments
Ridsa Leîî Caiman Doré Sanchez a réussi à atteindre 2 buts mais ozil était l'homme du match !!
Jannah Pritchard Keep playing on your PES game cause it's having a great impact upon your real life on-field skills 😉😘❤️
Carlos Sebastian Gutierrez Grande Mesut!!! YouTube Ciervos clásico channel !!! Enjoy muy friend!!! Hala Madrid
عادل الاثوري Please help you Hebei massoud Ozzy about the child right there in your notebook for a long time did not find access
Cameron Tinkler James Williams Just casually getting an invite to play BO 3

Well deserved home win. What a luck we could make a young lad happy tonight. 🙌🏼 #YaGunnersYa #Charlie #Gooner #AFCvSAFC

110.8k reactions 554 comments
Lwåñgå Dërëk Özíl 12 key passes,wow.... Thats so incredible We played el maestro
Lee Bebbington This is the great side of social media. Pleased that lad got his wish
JT Newsted I hope I can you see in Nurnberg.. even I doubt you will play on the 10th of June .. *kiss 😋
Daniel Alves Mesut my bro, stay another season, let's do a Chelsea and win the league #YaGunnersYa
Lofti Venger Bless him good young fella we share the same hero he is top man on & off the field

Dhani lives on a bench at the edge of a rubbish dump in North Jakarta. He had to drop out of school to work and support his family because his dad is blind. Thanks to the #ArsenalFoundation & Save the Children UK football programme – Dhani has a safe place to play and football is helping to build his confidence. Football can truly help improve children’s lives all over the world. 🙏🏽⚽️

30.4k reactions 389 comments
Fathur FP Im not a arsenal fans, but i can breavly say that im ur big fans Ozil. Wish u all the best El búho
Selçuk Karadeniz Mesut bu cocuk nerde simdi ?
Tony Adams Hats off to asnal foundation n players U all will b blessed for helping zese needy people
Shaun F Khan absolutely love the Arsenal The Arsenal Foundation ! oh and WE"VE GOT OZIL!

Pro Evolution Soccer gaming session 😎⚽🎮 Arsenal vs. DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) 🤓😉 #OzilVsÖzil #Sundayevening

112.9k reactions 1392 comments
Jacob Østervang Petersen Oliver Juel når man li skal reklamere men man i virkeligheden spiller fifa xD
Muslim Mutaz AL Awamleh Nebras هي اوزيل قاعد بلعب بيس وانتا لسا بتحكيلي فيفا يا نبراس 😂😂😂😂
Ashar Rashid You just play it on console Leave it in real life Go practice don't waste your time
Hugo Reis Jiimmy Srs Keviin Lopes Jeffrey Reis Cedric Dias La photo pas du tout sponsorisée lol qui joue à PES serieux ? Et encore moins pour faire club VS sélection 😂😂😂
Musa Kamara Pes used to be better but fifa have definitely stepped up their game.

Yesssssss.... our fight for the UEFA Champions League qualification continues ⚽✨ #YaGunnersYa #SCFCvAFC

74.2k reactions 940 comments
Mario Marcus Mandume I am a big arsenal fan and Manchester united and real Madrid fan I hope I things don't work out with arsenal u can come and play for the red devils that would be so great did u hear the news about James Rodriguez , even griezman even also make a move ...
Adrian Silva You guys been sleeping all season and have just realised the the top 4 is getting away LOL!!! **** Arsene FC for destroying Mesut Özil!!!!😠😠😠
Emmanuel James Matalika Big up we trust but we have make change manager, we stated well half we are poor the end we are strong why ?? Answer Wenger out
Patrickund Sissi Wagner Mike Harvey u can Tell by the picture that u Pretty much enjoyed the "cold and Rainy Night" at stoke, didn't ya? Cheers! 🍻
Mahsum Güneş @ Facede 13 yaşındaki bir kız çocuğu yazmış: Ben Berfincan Side Tunç 13 yaşında bir kız çocuğuyum. Amansız bir hastalığa yakalandım. Doktorlar bir çare bulamadılar. Gözyaşlarımla Şeyhler Şeyhi HZ.Hüseyin' in kız kardeşi HZ.Zeynep' in türbesini ziyaret ...

I wish you a happy birthday Marcelo M12! 🇧🇷🙏🏼🎉 Feliz aniversário! #GoodTimes #GoodGuy

202.6k reactions 913 comments
Thayana Neves Lanzara NASCI PRA VER ISSO Júlia Neves Lanzara "FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO"
김동진 정도희 사스날에서 잘 안풀리니까 마르셀루 생일은 핑계고레알 그리워서 그런거같은데...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Javier De Andrés Aranzábal Se dice cumpleaños Mesut. Hostias q llevas ya mucho tiempo lejos de España. Vente ya.
Jesus Ramirez Regresa al Real Madrid, y recupera el dorsal que te pertenece... 10
Kazi Muhammad Tuhin Buhiyan My love lives until sun is rising from east and until earth is rotating around it. Happy Birthday (Marcelo)

#YaGunnersYa! 😎 Goooood team effort 👊🏽 #SFCvAFC #win Premier League

79.8k reactions 509 comments
James Aaron Well done Arsenal man. Keep doing the best and keep stronger. 👏👏👏👍👍👍💪💪💪👊👊👊
Lahcen Daoudi good effort with zero trophies u destroy your career idiot!
Musa Moses Ganz Thanks for making our day and keep is us Gunners, #YaGunnersYa
Halmat Ahmed Please you have to stay next season I'm sure gunners will be strongest.
George Adamou Top 4 finish & finish above Tottenham & win the fa cup.. its fantastic day at the office..,

Another crucial match is awaiting us at St. Mary’s Stadium ⚽✨ #YaGunnersYa #NeverFollow #SFCvAFC Arsenal

64.7k reactions 506 comments
Şencan Ertoprak Seni izlerken büyük zevk alıyorum.Dünyada ayağına top yakışan iki üç yıldızdan birisin.Gururla izliyorum kardeşim. Allah başarılarına başarı katsın Amin.
Luca Quarta Plz bloody turn up mesut and don't make me lose my temper at u if u can see this comment. COYG
เพ็ญสิริ อุดมผล 🖐🖑Where's your hand? But so smart all time.😂😂😂 I'm waiting for cheer you. Just chill out and keep the win for top 4. 🤔🤔🤔✌✌
Sherif Jimoh Please go there with a fight and come back to the Emirates with the maximum points.
Makarios Muasya Nothing less than 3 points tomorrow guys yes it can be.

#YaGunnersYa! ⚽😎 We've truly played well today - nice Sunday evening everyone 🤙🏽 #COYG #AFCvMUFC Arsenal

205.5k reactions 2912 comments
Lesole Phemelo German machine, congratulations guys let's plan for remaining games we want top for we still have chance if we beat Southampton and Everton
Arnold Okinyo OZIL you played well...bro!!!Congratts but Arsenal is always unpredictable winning loosing tomorrow man Kenya fan disappoint us each day...
Oyet Jimmy Otim Arsenal have to sharpen their knife for the all remaining games, n FA Cup against the leader Chelsea, But Sanchez lost his form completely, he played uninterested, lazy to push strange. May be he wanna go, let him Go!!!!!! we get Aubameyang
Mungai Sammie Man please win us the FA cup. We pray tht your game and the rest of the players will be on point and we will win tht thing once more. Make Arsenal Great Again
Fetty Lanez I hope u stay mesut for the passion of being a gunner n be a legend who will always be remembered not only in London but also the whole word.....#bravo for today's game

Tomorrow ... ➡ #AFCvMUFC 💥⚽ #FocusOn #YaGunnersYa #NeverFollow #COYG Premier League

71.4k reactions 545 comments
Desire Isaiah But can't you win a big team ñ?? Do lt for the sake of funs & wenger who is going in apoor state that is without any success (trophy ).okay we've allowed you to copy sir Alexander Ferguson
Jones Valerian Akaro Kesho fanya ushinde bana, tumechoka kuwa wateja wa united kila siku.
Sahadat Hossain Khan Bhai kuch bhi ho jye ...harna nhi isbar ..tere Bhai ki izzat dau pr lgi hai 😎
Anne Bourcier Mesut, ready to take all the blame for a loss while the others will take all the praise for a win?
Babiy Ozil Sanchez Gunners all the best Mesut Let's bring on those shits #YaGunnersYa #ATID #COYG

Training session done for today, now cinema time with #GETOUT 🎬😎

47.7k reactions 826 comments
Daniela Cortez Sanchez Te amo, mi amor te amooooo eres todo para mi😭😭😭😭💝💝💝 basta te deseo lo mejor del mundo
Marcus Doyle Please don't watch a film of your highlights this season. It will be over in 25 seconds
Nabilah Ťŕië Özil It has been out of love is no longer left to the world because i spend the rest of my love just for you 😘😘
Rico Weber Eileen Erika also özil hat ihn sich gestern auch angeschaut 🙈
Asfand Shah .aw janana dair khaishta movie da. Aw sa poye nashe nu mah na tapos kole shy.

The PES League EU Season 2 Regional Final is on today and the semi-finals are about to start! 😎🎮⚽ Watch now:

14.8k reactions 195 comments
Don Nicky wixh u luck,magician.if u luv ozil wish by gvng a like
Thompson Glenn nice story
મૃત્યુ better playing FIFA 😁
Febrian Aji Putro HALA MADRID...
Đức Thành Mesut Ozil

Fun with Shkodran Mustafi & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 😄🎯 ... guess who won the challenge? 😎 #YaGunnersYa Arsenal Cooper Tire Europe

57.4k reactions 2137 comments
Lasse Aagaard Riisberg Frederik "This is an exclusive - Mesut Özil kicking with his right foot" 😂😂😂
Lorenzo Quadrelli Marco Ridolfi guardalo... troppo semplice per lui, non ne sbaglia uno
Raman Shresta Vikram Pt wonder where he disappears in the matches
Stuart Duffy Arlind Florian no one won the challenge, Arsenal always loses
Jamie Wilder Andy Wilder my love for Mesut is further confirmed... and the Ox
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