Melissa Joan Hart
16:52 09/12/2017

Exciting news! I’m thrilled to partner with Jif for its “Imagine If,

With Jif” contest to support families who want to make the world a better place and fuel the next generation of kids to spread love with their actions big and small. Does your family have a creative idea? From September 12 to October 20, parents can submit their family’s idea at for a chance to win up to $30K to make your idea a reality. Enter today and good luck! I’ll be looking at your entries 😊
Rules: #ad

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Heather Hardenbrook
Margaret Murray Hall
Walter Barnes
😍 ok
Joe Balbi
Hola sweetie You look great
Donald Weber
Love you
Tuzlalı Tayfun Çetiner
Hii Sabrina Speelman...
Steven Garrison
Peter pan
Dave Maitz
Choosy moms prefer jiff
Jeff Fewer-Jasper
Didn't they just stop making jif for Canadians or was that another product?
Robert Krawczyk
I like peanut butter and crackers with milk.
Joanna Higgs
Does that go for the U.K as well??
Nina Neudek
Kaylee Westfall ask your kids how they think we could make the world a better place and WIN aunt Nina some $$$
Carl Waring
Okay. Over here in the UK Jif used to be the name of a bleach-based cleaning product :) They call it Cif now, in line with Europe but it worried me for a second there :p

Other newsfeed from Melissa Joan Hart

When your birthday starts with a silly string attack... #birthdayboy #MyBabyis12 😳🎈

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Luisa Nathaly Mora Jara Felicidades a los de enero!!! ✨
Dean Fritz Ooooohhhhh gooey.
Zena O'hara 🎂🍭🍫🍩🍧🥤🎉😃
Elizabeth Mcpeak Happy birthday
Sierva de Cristo Happy birthday!!!!🎂🎈🎉🎊🎁

12 years ago at this moment, we were preparing to bring our first born into the world. 24hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, and many complications later came out little Mason. And our lives haven’t been the same since. Thinking about that night of mystery and fear and love and excitement from 12 years ago and praising God for His gift of our son and his health and happiness. #BirthdayBoy

8.0k reactions 123 comments
Heidi Ujfalusi Happy Birthday to your son. My daughter was also born 12 years ago today.
Erin Brennan Happy birthday Mason!! I have a Mason who will be 7 in April!!!
Nicolette Sandra James Oddly enough I was literally just watching sabrina a few minutes before I saw this post.
Jessie Arrington And he got Bama national championship for his birthday! That's awesome!!! Roll tide yall! 🏈🐘
Nicole M Manning Happy For You Melissa. ❤❤❤❤ Beautiful Belly. :) They grow so fast 😉😉😉😉😉

Hard at work...

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Timeline Photos

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Natalie Parker Jill Patterson your text and now this! The realisation of my age has really hit me today! Alison Muir and Becky Tune😭
Gil Macleod Gee thanks, make me feel older.🤣. Ah but them were good day's. I think🤔. Yeah we'll say they were 🤗🤣
AC Rick My thoughts exactly! How time flies but strangely I feel the same as it was back in the 90s! Have a great beautiful.
Rebecca Richards come on I literally just turned 28 and don’t want to think about the fact I’ll turn 30 in 2 years lol.
Malcolm Jules Hey Melissa I know how you feel, as a parent of a 30 year old with armpit grey hair and kegger abs: WHAT HAPPENED?

I’m watching the #GoldenGlobes from my warm bed on the freezing cold east coast but #whywewearblack in solidarity. #TimesUp

2.7k reactions 54 comments
Lucy Pereira Beautiful couple
Jim Perigard We're not watching.
Barbara Obrien Nice pic Mel!
Darcy Gonzalez You are so Beautiful
Brian Wilke Estrogen flowin big time!

We were #Frozen last night. Not just because of the show. #bombcyclone

1.2k reactions 23 comments
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz 💙💙
Murtada Bazo Have a nice time.
Elizabeth Patchett How cold has it been?
Tammy Lynn looks like connecticut?
Angela Smith Looks fun. I need to take my daughter.

I took my kids to a show tonight and I can tell you that I don’t think I have ever been so cold in my life in the 3 minutes it took to walk to our car. And that was only 3 minutes. Please help save a life if you have the chance!

924 reactions 34 comments
Karly O'Toole Lauren Kahl
Denise Wurtz I agree with you Dakota Fenstermaker
Carissa Lea Hawkinson Zachery Aaron Van Dorn since you’re up there
Kristal Narkiewicz Kennedy Nelly Petit Jacob Hood just incase you see anyone.
Senza Replik Hola bellos tus hijos

I know my boy JT has a single out today but don’t miss my favorite band #breakingbenjamin too!

329 reactions 19 comments
Baruc Acosta
Diana Greenway Tori Grimes
Jen Biller 😍❤🙆
Kelly Blasingim My favorite too!
Sarah Elizabeth Devlin 😍

I mean... come on!! I married Kristoff!!! Minus the blonde locks. ❄️#Frozen #BombCyclone

1.7k reactions 18 comments
Felicia Bruckner Too funny
Amanda Maynard Lamoureux Alexis LaPointe
Gail Voris Brrrrrrrr❄️❄️❄️❄️
Cláudio Hilton LOL awesome
Mark Wegner 😅👏

The whole New England area bracing for what is being called a Bomb Cyclone or something scary like that. #snowday

1.3k reactions 71 comments
Shannon Waters Don't act like it's our 1st storm, I'm use to it. Still have it though
Leticia Waelz Going into work in the City! Hope trains are good going home.
Cyrilla A. Stoll Hoping it won't be too bad. I'm already bored haha
Krissy Marshall Wish tahoe could get some snow action this year.
Emily Kathryn This immediately made me think “She really is married to an Alabama man” 😆 #milkbread #snowdaymenu

“The (full) moon on the breast of the new fallen snow gave a luster of midday to objects below.” Hard to tell with the dragon and fallen Rudolph characters, but at midnight, it looks like dawn.

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Wendy Rotenberry Roll Tide!
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz ♥️
Stephanie Powell that's cool!
Jennifer Hess Sean falls
Mary Tew Happy New Year!

Great way to start the new year! Alabama football and Nutrisystem on Jan 1! Order Nutrisystem today and take the first step in making this the year of you! Use promo code MELISSA for $50 off Turbo13 plus free shakes. #proudpartner #rolltide

166 reactions 13 comments
Hannah Dayton Go Dawgs!
William Irvine RollTide
Karla Murphy Renfroe Roll Tide!!
Samuel Griswold Roll Tide
Stephanie Stephens Neyerlin Roll Tide! 🐘🏈

At the start of the 4th quarter I just wanted to share this awesome pic of my boys with @thefuture_____2 in the training facility this summer. They say Jalen never changes expression but i love how here he is giggling about my crazy Tucker’s behavior. #RollTide

862 reactions 35 comments
Joy Bolt rtr
Lindsey Wheeles Fuller Roll tide!!!!
Debbie Yvonne Underwood Roll Tide 🐘🙌🏻😃
Misty Milam Roll Tide!
LeeAnna Thomas Roll Tide!!

What?!?! -10.

320 reactions 68 comments
Derek Thexton It was -58 with the wind chill here a few days ago...souris mb
Monica Leigh Riske Feels like -22 in Appleton Wisconsin this morning!
Jade Last it's been like -20 for the past week in kingston ONTARIO
Leslie Gates -22 here!!! Trying to figure out why we live here when we can live anywhere!!
Kristi Wright You must be in my part of the country!!

New Years tank with a Bama sweatshirt for my red-eye flight home. Party underneath/ kick ass on top! Let’s do this. 2018 & #RollTide!

2.2k reactions 96 comments
Josh Prather Roll Tide!!!!
Beth Southard Roll tide!!!
Brandi Lucas Peavy Roll Tide!!!
Diana Whiteman ROLL TIDE!
Emily Payne Owens Roll Tide!! ❤️🐘🏈

Made more memories in our beloved Lake Tahoe and now back to reality.... only my hubby would plan a flight for 11:59pm in New Year’s Eve so that he doesn’t miss one down of football. 🙄🏈🍾💺

2.6k reactions 97 comments
John Francis Jr Koziol I guess somebody did not get a Nintendo switch to play with in the airport for Christmas otherwise he would not be asleep
Marisa M Smith My hubby and I are big university of Michigan fans so we would’ve done the same thing.
Susan Ward I watched the fireworks on is fun, have a safe journey
Joseph Candelario Tuff one but watching fireworks from the sky sounds like fun. Enjoy!
John Moreno Happy New Year! Hope you make it home safe. Who are you guys watching/rooting for?

May 2018 be the year all your wishes come true! Jumping into the new year while banging pots and pans and eating lentils. Superstitions complete! Now off to a red eye flight home and then kicking some butt in the Sugarbowl. #RollTide. Love to you all! 🎆🎇🎆🎇🌠

2.2k reactions 147 comments
Kelly Sullivan Roll Tide Roll!!!
Karla Vick Dodgen Love the shirts! Roll Tide! 🐘🅰️🏈
Pamela Barger Chappell Roll Tide Roll!
Lee Stancil ROLL TIDE ROLL and Happy New Year from Hayden, AL!!!
Jeffrey Alan Roll Tide!

Jumping into the new year like....

460 reactions 19 comments
Domitilia Sousa Fofo
Lana Vives He is cute
Aarón Farias happy New Year
Rae Metters He's so cute 😁
Felicia Bruckner He is too cute... Happy New year

Happy belated birthday to my little sis who is making me feel old by now being the last of our family to leave her teen years behind. Love you Kenz!!

746 reactions 26 comments
John A. Weingart Happy Birthday!
Susan Porter Happy birthday Mackenzie Hartt looking forward to seeing you in April xxxxx
Gary Dawson Done!
Tamara Moore Happy Birthday!
Chris Sumner She so cuo

Resolutions! I usually only make one but I have a few goals this year to accomplish. Any suggestions on books?

428 reactions 74 comments
Rebeca Wenzel The 5 second rule by Mel robbins
Anandasubramanian CP Try the classic "onions in the stew" by Betty MacDonald. It's a brilliant comedy.
Renee Berry Perfectly unfinished by Andrea Logan White is absolutely heartwarming, and inspirational! Such an amazing woman! Https://
Verity Bailes Anything by Jodi Picoult. My favourites of hers are House Rules, Seventeen Minutes and Leaving Time.
Cathy Padilla Would be HONORED if you:d read mine...I can send you a copy of you message me.

This was our goal tonight but Mark fell asleep while waiting for Brady to fall asleep while I watched some crappy movie with the Rock that included commercial breaks. #ugh

1.4k reactions 89 comments
Michelle Minniti If I were you, I would think twice before calling his stuff crappy. #JustSayin
Ashley Glover I watched 47 meters down finally last night. It was good
Lori Kunst Webster The Rock is really funny!!
Jeff Marsh These videos seem to be just like going to the cinema; lots of ads before the feature.
Derek Nichols Which crappy movie with the Rock? You gotta be a LITTTLE more specific

Do something nice for no reason. A simple gesture can go a long way, a smile doesn’t cost you anything and can brighten someone’s day. 😊

1.1k reactions 25 comments
Stephen Perrone I do
Bill Workman ill give you a back rub
Christopher Burnier 👶🏻
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz ♥️
Dennis Shaw Agreed.

Holding on tight while I still can. How much longer will my youngest want to snuggle with me? How much longer till they are all bigger than me? Soaking up all the love I can while they will allow it! Missing it already but not taking it for granted. #growingpains

4.1k reactions 107 comments
Sandy SanTina Burton My 15 year old son still likes to snuggle. He actually comes to me and says "Mom, you look like you need a hug"
Laurie Cilley Enjoy it while you can! All 3 of mine are bigger than me but I can say they all love to "snuggle" I their own way still.
Laura Forrest Dixon I feel you. I am struggling with the fact my boy is about to start school. I keep hugging him until he goes 'let me go mum!' lol
Patrick Draper My daughter doesn’t cuddle me anymore but still gives me a big hug before she leaves , still worth all the tea in China she’s a great kid !!!
John Stone dont you wish they stay the age and never grow up melissa your one lucky mom god bless and have a great blessed new year with your family

Wild days = calm nights! #brothers

998 reactions 11 comments
Cindy Massey Mackiewicz ♥️♥️♥️
Ulrike Kumlu Cute boys😉
Brandi Angel Holding the son does the same thing!!!
Lucy Pereira There so cute
Chuck Highside Harrison Looks very intrigued with what’s on the tablet. Lol

Melissa Joan Hart

3.9k reactions 39 comments
Hearon Ernest Lucky Brother
Brenda Howe How cute are y'all!?!?!!? ❤
Adam Barrette He is one very lucky man.
Lisa Entringer Pure love
Julie Pouliot Gorgeous U two
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