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12:01 12/06/2017

Have you spotted these at your local market yet?

Seasonal Produce Guide: What to Buy in December

Seasonal Produce Guide: What to Buy in December

Give underrated root vegetables some love -- and stock up on sweet pears and pomegranates.

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Enolita Castillo
Love pomegranates in salads, juice too

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Divide to conquer your next gathering by hosting a potluck!

Potluck Recipes & Ideas
Potluck Recipes & Ideas

Find a series of perfect potluck appetizers, sides, main courses, and desserts, in addition to potluck themes and hosting tips.

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Leah Ash Valerie Howard
Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Ken Marty Duncan I got a great idea that will take the taste buds by storm

Master this and an eye-catching chalk-board sign will be a breeze.

Ornate Snowflake Chalk-Art
Ornate Snowflake Chalk-Art

Try this advanced-level tutorial on drawing a snowflake. Once you know how to outline this intricate shape, you can illustrate them in all shapes and sizes.

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Let it snow!

Crystal Snowflakes
Crystal Snowflakes

Any child can be a scientist with this fun and interactive "crystal" snowflake science project from Jim "Professor Figgy" Noonan.

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Take gingerbread cookies to the next level by adding... 🍫🍫🍫!

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Diane Pilati Francesca Nicole,Claudia Pilati,Christina Pilati make these
Cheryl Dechant These are awesome. 😋
Cathy Hawkins I just made these but I added cinnamon chips instead of chocolate and they were amazing.
Joseph W Nixon You've got my attention, Martha!

'Tis the season for peppermint bark! Delight friends and family with homemade sweets using this Everyday Food recipe from Sarah Carey.

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Henry Renteria George Renteria
Melissa Stone Janet Stone Nielsen
Krista Mesner Sunny Brassell Hannah Joi
Gabb Farrugia Sharon Farrugia
Lance Nicholson Lisa Pizinger Cook

This is meant to be sliced paper-thin and eaten with a biscuit.

Baked Country Ham with Honey Mustard and Lingonberry Jam
Baked Country Ham with Honey Mustard and Lingonberry Jam

This recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart's Christmas: Entertaining, Decorating, Giving, an instant classic when it first appeared in 1989. Unlike a typical ham, which is tender and juicy, a country ham is dry-cured before smoking, so it is intensely salty. Soaking the ham in several changes of wat...

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Richard Hollon This isn’t halal Martha. I think you’re sending mixed signals.
Kristina Kleinschmidt Well would the almighty perfectionist be willing to come carve mine up for me on Christmas day

Weekend brunch, anyone?

Creamed Spinach with Poached Eggs and Brioche Croutons
Creamed Spinach with Poached Eggs and Brioche Croutons

To cut the prep time in half, substitute three 10-ounce packages of frozen chopped spinach for fresh. Thaw and drain the spinach, squeezing out as much liquid as possible, and stir into the bechamel. The creamed spinach and the croutons can be made two days ahead and stored in the refrigerator and a...

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Katalin Pusok Johnson Andrea Pike Agneta Pusok
Elizabeth J Russell Er... no
Din Cobval If u invite.. I'm there
Roy Lavents Graddick I Would To Come Tho And Try That Spinach Dish Tho 💛💚💙❤ Send Me A Invite Hunny....
Melissa Byrd Hobbs Chandler Mills game on

Make the holidays pop -- literally! -- with festive Christmas crackers.

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Sue Berlant Laura Pirie 😉😍💥
Nancy Nickles-Dawson Wouldn't be Christmas without them!
Rio Carrera I found mine at the FRESH MARKET... by the brand CASPARI
Debby Bill Marine Deven Noel Blair you should make these.

Bright and lively!

Citrus Salad with Pomegranate Seeds
Citrus Salad with Pomegranate Seeds

The fruit can be segmented one day ahead and stored in its juices in the refrigerator. The salad can be loosely covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to eight hours.

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Barbara Glover looks yummy and sweet fresh salad
Irina Law Lots of work
Daniela Saccon Gloria Saccon for Christmas?
Janey Hardy That looks yummy!
Kenna L. O'Melveny Absolutely delicious with some nice avocado slices!

Time-saving can still be luxurious (and festive!).

Christmas Eve Menu: Our Easy Take on the Feast of the Seven Fishes
Christmas Eve Menu: Our Easy Take on the Feast of the Seven Fishes

The strategy? Just make one amazing pasta.

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Regina Diane Meh.
Christina Vene Except you have 6 fishes....

It doesn't get more decadent than this.

Heavenly Holiday Desserts
Heavenly Holiday Desserts

Choose from our collection of showstopping holiday desserts, including triple-chocolate peppermint trifle, gingerbread cheesecake, eggnog mousse, pecan pie, steamed pudding, buche de noel (yule log), poached pears with gingerbread, and croquembouche.

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Nathalia Tampubolon Paulina Hutabarat
Jennifer Barry Forgot the spun sugar! LOL
Fabienne Rouillier Catherine... tu en veux des gâteaux de folie!!! :-)
Lauren Dasso Stalter Omg. Suzy. The top! 😂😂😂

Let's raise a flute to this bubbly beverage! 🥂

Cava: Why You Should Drink This Spanish Sparkler
Cava: Why You Should Drink This Spanish Sparkler

This Spanish sparkler tastes delicious, pairs well with all kinds of food, and comes at the right price!

90 reactions 8 comments
Didi Drummond Donna O'Brien 👌
Kylie Georgiou Carole Julie
Alex Sánchez Cava is from Catalonia...not Spain
Angel Gonzalez Cava is great....I love Cava
Lourdes Cotto I have Cava every new years eve

527 reactions 179 comments
Joanne Lucas I hope my niece Sarah is picking up a few of your cooking tips!😍
Elaine Hwee Hello from Singapore ❤ !!! Always love your show through the years. Merry Christmas Martha n your lovely team members
Donalyn Dow I was just gong to take a nap and here you are giving inspiration1
Angela R Sago what's a big tip for making caramel?
Angela R Sago I'm a good cook, but I always mess up with caramel

From Our Vault: Martha Stewart marks the Christmas season with a visit to Santa's biggest helpers.

Reindeer 101 for Children
Reindeer 101 for Children

Meet the reindeer of Wilson's Tree Farm in Putney, Vermont.

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Martha is LIVE making delicious caramel popcorn and demonstrating fun ways to wrap food items as holiday gifts!

1.3k reactions 712 comments
Carole Lorenger Thank you Domino Sugar for sponsoring My Martha Stewartliving on today's fb. So excited to see her today!
Leah Alvarez I’ve used many of your recipes over the years. I’ve also purchased many of your products. I love your decorating tips. I’m going to try one of these recipes.🎄🍪☕️🍩🏡❤️
Heather Witham Carbone Great recipes but she’s not interacting very well with her guest. Her guest is so patient but she’s not letting her help or when she does doesn’t treat her very nice.
Javene MC Cabe Did you put the baking soda in before it cooks to temp? I always wait but it looks like you put it in the popcorn sauce
Marykay Jasinski Love that you made it then wrapped it inbthecoan!! Clever!! All one gift!! Martha you know you are the best!!

Presenting your Christmas entree.

Roast Recipes
Roast Recipes

Roasts are among our favorite all-occasion main dishes. From the simplest roast chicken to the most spectacular crown roast, this cooking method creates juicy meat and flavorful pan drippings from which to make gravy or just drizzle over the finished dish.

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For a touch of whimsy, add these handmade needle-felted woodland ornaments to your tree.

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RobbinAnd Kevin O'Dwyer Annabelle Kesterson where are your mushrooms???
Choy Foong Lee Creative and vy attractive images.
Taylor Belmonte Peg Harbour-Holland Crafternoon!
Barbara Veronica Kisstoth I wonder if all who aren't Catholic yet, can visit the true Church of Jesus Christ, this Christmas Season, for a Mass. Some people don't know that having a few Masses, even for a visit, can have them more graces from God. All three Persons in God are ...
Adriana Corrales Amezcua Bellísimos!!

Never deal with the little pests ever again!

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Dale Flanders Diane Flanders
Jillian Aberer Ahleyah
Dana Jean Macek Matt Macek
Minerva Gonzales Anthony Villalobos
Emma Brunner Naaki Günzer

Don't be surprised if these are the best chicken breast recipes you'll ever have.

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Minerva Gonzales Anthony Villalobos
Lucia Kumi Ziorkley Yummy

Do you need one? Here's what we think.

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Ashley Marie Rousseau-Poch Christopher Poch
Julie Bridges Connie Bilyeu, Pam Studdard Apple
Jgh Hobbs Gabriella Ventresca did u ever get one?
Shelly Richards Do the gray ones do the same?
Pam Studdard Apple I believe in it!!

LIVE from the Test Kitchen: The Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS. We're passing the challenge over to The Domestic Geek, Donal Skehan, and EdenEats!

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Adrienne Schwarz Hey Martha! Merry Christmas to you & yours🎁🎄 !!
Regina Manson *U
MaryCarmen Esquivel Saludándoles desde Ciudad de México!!
Gail Rose Lam What’s going on?
Frieda Dieltiens Waiting and waiting and waiting.....

Re-live these incredible wedding-dress moments.

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J Renee Coleman Janise Parker
Elke Shulz Shined??.....shone!
Alixandra Williams "Shined"?
Daniel Huppenthal End she's wearing White ? What a stretch lol
Rosemary May-Ruberto Shined??

Healthy, easy, quick.

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MI Pro-Techs Such an easy breakfast! Looks great.
J Renee Coleman Bryan Wilkins
LaRoyia Gunter Smitherman Kayla Demetria Rache'l Johnson
Lee Ming Fung So nice
Tammi Flynn Thank u I like easy recipes

Just look at that lemon glaze. 😍

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Begonia Saubel Savana Saubel
Anne Russell Cat Holloway
Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Nicole Thomas-Newman Tina Thomas
Karen Hambidge Might have to make these

These are seven dishes that any Martha enthusiast should master by 30. Hungry for more? Here are 13 more to try:

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Emma Weber Nolan Derington
Darcy Ray Lindsey Elizabeth
Emma Sather Bluemel Analise
Eileen Hughes Bermel Keshia Bermel jk
Shelly Walters Thomas Callie, you've got 10 years to make it happen!!! <3
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