Martha Stewart
19:00 11/13/2017

Black and white doesn't mean boring -- this palette can be bold and stylish when following these tips:

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Black and white doesn't mean boring -- this palette can be bold and stylish when following these tips:

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Nancy Nickles-Dawson
Love high contrast!

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Take a cue from this sophisticated succulent arrangement and curate your own own terra-cotta and Moroccan lantern garden.

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Georgia Lee Stuart Laurie McLeod Combs
JoAnn Baca Samantha Gallegos
Giovanna Sollitt Emily Sollitt & Mary Huckle
Jenna Quade Jaclyn Fowler 😍
Anne Russell Audrey Henschell, this is you

Bring your Pinterest-worthy inspirations to life.

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Jennifer Smallman Cheri Johannesson Christie Hosaluk

A single sheet of paper is full of possibilities.

Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts

With a snip, fold, and punch of the material, you can create a personalized card, a bouquet of paper flowers, a fun kids' craft, and more. Here, we have the expert tips for every kind of technique from origami to scrapbooking. What will you create?

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Arianne Johnston Viktoria 😊
Jane Barton Craft idea Kelly Barton just saying
Carole Lorenger Markie you are just full of wonderful surprises!

As you make the crepes, stack them on top of each other and cover to keep them tender and pliable.

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So much #MeatlessMonday inspiration!

10 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes You Never Thought Of
10 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes You Never Thought Of

Stuck in a salad rut? Let these unexpected healthy vegetarian dishes breathe new life into lunch, dinner, and snack time, too!

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After school or after dinner - you'll find any excuse to eat these sweet and salty treats.

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Emily Dietz Stephanie O'Hearn

A quick trip to the pantry turns out an all-star dish with some help from Shira Bocar and her go-to ingredient in this new episode of Healthy Appetite. Check out the recipe and learn why she always keeps French lentils on hand:

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Thérèse Cavalier Mireille Hamon
Sandy Hernandez Libier looks good !

We've got every holiday and season covered.

Kids Crafts
Kids Crafts

Whether you need birthday-party activities or just something to do on a rainy day, we have endless kids craft ideas. From painted sneakers, colorful bracelets or necklaces, to seashell wind chimes, some painted rock animals, a leaf alphabet collage, or a row of eggshell flowerpots.

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Hidden cubes of Taleggio make for melted cheese perfection.

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Regina M Panis Sarah Reinhardt Johnston 🤤
Lee Brehon These look interesting.
Diane Czebieniak Lisa Mancuso, john mancuso

It's the original French comfort food.

Chicken Fricassee
Chicken Fricassee

A fricassee is halfway between a saute and a stew. A true classic -- with as many variations as there are grandmothers in France -- it relies on humble ingredients and just a single pot.

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Kenny Pulsifer Ritchard
Aaron Mudd Monica Punjabi A MUSTTT
David Lundman I want some.

Try adding one (or all!) to your #selfcaresunday routine.

Best Beauty Tips and Skin Care Advice from Our Favorite Experts
Best Beauty Tips and Skin Care Advice from Our Favorite Experts

Our expert beauty contributors weigh in on tips, tricks, and ways to pamper yourself at home.

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Kiddie crafters of all ages will love getting creative with these fun and easy projects. From block prints and jewelry to paper crafts and pom-poms, there's a DIY to delight everyone.

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Samantha Jean Jacobs Stephanie Fullmer
Annemarie Barry Jenny Jenny for your next project
Heather Geist Mom I need some of those rocks to make this. Marlena Deter
Deb McKay Erin, made me think of you

The tale as old as time becomes a family affair!

Be Our Guest: A Baby Shower Inspired by "Beauty and the Beast"
Be Our Guest: A Baby Shower Inspired by "Beauty and the Beast"

We took inspiration from Disney's classic fairy tale turned blockbuster film. Think enchanted rose arrangements, tea sets that double as decor, and...

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Let the flavors simmer and develop into a rich roux.

Seafood Gumbo
Seafood Gumbo

Trappey's hot peppers in vinegar are the perfect condiment, but if you can't find it, Tabasco sauce is a great substitute.

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Dawn Olivia That isn’t gumbo.
Laura Anderson YUM
Vicky Dittfield What brand of rice is safest?
Richard McCarley I'm not eating anything where I have to wash the poop out of it first
Madi Gardener Have to be born and raised in Louisiana to make good gumbo. It's a rule.

You haven't had beets like this before...

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Tony Calvaresi Grace Calvaresi
Shun Black Angel Shekinah Amos
Linda Calabrese Linda Lee Coppola
Ella Rice Rachel Bass beets=placenta?

French green lentils and Swiss chard join the aromatic blend of finely diced onion, carrot, and celery known as mirepoix in this hearty salad.

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Robert Colby-Shuherk Yum
Elvin Ramos I think it looks delicious!¡!
Karen Conti Debbie Arnold...yum
Ronda Kiley Brandon Looks like they scooped up some outside an tried to call it food 😳

Start your day off right.

Breakfast & Brunch Recipes
Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Don't miss our tempting selection of sweet breakfast favorites: cinnamon rolls, muffins, and quick breakfast recipes, like smoothies and make-ahead breakfast casseroles.

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One of our highlights of #31DaysofHealthyRecipes? This dazzling baked salmon roll with fresh avocado, cucumbers, and carrots.

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Melissa Anema Jonah Anema
Tonya Kotler Oh yum!
Claire-Lise Dean Fiona for our next girl night in ?! 😋🍱

You won't need another recipe.

Perfect Roast Chicken
Perfect Roast Chicken

The crackle of chicken as it roasts and the wondrous aroma that perfumes the kitchen provoke a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Sarah Linske Kasia
Sandra Carico Perfection
Gerry Back Thank You Martha.
Jorge Barragan This recipe is in one of your new books newlywed kitchen ♥ which I bought yesterday ♥

Including an ingredient everyone loves, cream cheese, for the cheesiest and silkiest sauce around.

This Baked Pasta Meal Will Please Everyone
This Baked Pasta Meal Will Please Everyone

It's sure to become your most requested menu.

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Good things come in three's!

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Madi Gardener Mary Mertes Luther hmmm good choice for wine tasting
Linda Siverling Yum
Michaela Tallbot Joel Simpson yes please
Din Cobval OhhMartha...behave

Simple ingredients, sparkling results.

DIY, Don
DIY, Don't Buy: 10 Household Cleaning Supplies You Can Make Yourself

Household cleaners are necessary tools in the battle against grime, but germophobia doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking to save rather than spend...

13 reactions 1 comments
Scott Corbett No thanks. I don't mind spending extra time cooking from scratch to have a delicious dinner, but cleaning supplies? Let Dow Chemical take care of that.....between working, cooking, and cleaning there are only so many hours in the day, and this seems ...

From everyday varieties to the best in the world, here's how to decode the quality of your olive oil.

Our Test Kitchen Takes the Ultimate Olive Oil Taste Test
Our Test Kitchen Takes the Ultimate Olive Oil Taste Test

Have you ever done a blind tasting?

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Kaye Diehlman And the results are... ???
Christine Grant I buy what I can afford...thanks

A double-dose of dunkable chocolate!

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Lorel Blameuser Jordan Blameuser
Simran Dhanjal Rucha Moghe
Malak Raad Damgajian Hala Raad
Danny Gherardi Lisa Gherardi
Rebecca Leah Eunice Tootsie

Two words: bacon pancakes. Get the recipe here:

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Myrna Marien 3 words...I love you! Lol
Billie Young The holy grail of breakfast
Mary Smith this is from MARTHA! Really?
Carol Mott good lord, martha.
Yvette Olivas Emily's kind of pancakes John

A teacup-sized treat, literally. Read on for our useful tip and more beautiful Baked Alaska recipes:

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Christine Wade Maxine Cheuvront Kisner, my mom just raved when you made her this for a party at your house
Michelle Mahaney Andrea Williby I still dream of that Baked Alaska we had many years ago at 1833 😋
Law of Attraction Whether it’s your health, wealth, happiness, or any other element of your entire life experience, it is essential to keep in mind the importance of the movement of your attention. You must be obstinate and persistent in not allowing the viewpoints or ...

Just pop in the oven and use a fork to create those delicious, tender noodles.

Simple Roasted Spaghetti Squash
Simple Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Roasting it whole is the easiest way to prepare it.

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Martin Jane Thanks!
Brenda Cook Burnett So good my daughter got us hooked on them
Janet McIntosh I have tried liking this... just can’t do it! But I Love butternut!
Francesca Reale I can't tell you how many times spaghetti squash has been my dinner. Simple roast, season with salt and pepper and lots of butter. So good. One of my favourite squashes.
Carolyn Weitzel Glaser Use the microwave. Only 20 min. for the average sized squash. Be sure to prick it all over first, and have it on a plate for liquid runoff.

Take notes on proper TLC.

Indoor Herb Garden Tricks for the Most Lush Windowsill on the Block
Indoor Herb Garden Tricks for the Most Lush Windowsill on the Block

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme aren't just lyrics to a Simon & Garfunkel song -- they also happen to be some of the herbs best-suited to a...

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Sarah Sutton Shawn Adamek Kami Graham
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