Martha Stewart
19:30 11/13/2017

For when you want something sweet but unfussy.

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Dale Downs
I never managed to shed weight easily. but finally I found a diet that brought results fast. I lost belly and disappeared 25 pounds too. The diet plan is on this website here TOP4DIET . COM

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Did you know it takes nine years to grow a Christmas tree?

Buy Your Christmas Tree Soon: Prices are Expected to Rise Amid Shortages
Buy Your Christmas Tree Soon: Prices are Expected to Rise Amid Shortages

Here's why your Christmas tree may cost more this holiday season.

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Morgan Bunny Glines Real trees are prettier, but I'm 100% in the artificial tree camp. You can set them up early and leave them up until you have time to deal with them properly. (So, like the weekend before Valentine's day...) They don't make a mess, and you're not ...
Margaret Cabrera Rowena Bermio
Jenna Kristina Coggin Laura Liss Woodard Dray Coggin
Simone Landry Michelle Moore Wells
Kathryn Lee That's why I grow my own

Canned pumpkin puree is quick and easy to use. Don't substitute fresh pumpkin puree; it will be too watery.

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Tammy Jean Schoolcraft 🔴🎅🏻LIMITED HOLIDAY SPOTS SPECIAL🎅🏻🔴 A great way to get a pressure cooker for only $4 The Super Nice Power Cooker 8qt does the work of 9 kitchen appliances. This Pressure Cooker serves as a canner, pressure ...
Evelyn Barranqueiro Tatiane Azambuja Dos Santos
Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Seth Reynolds Sophie Murray c'est pour toi...
Kathy LoBue Thank you!

Because you spend way too much time on your phone for it to be a mess.

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James Young JuanJo Luna 🐓
Vincent Cheung James Young
Jonathan Mozingo Rebecca Jill Bullen Fred Panetto merchandise your phone. ❤️
Thomas Kakol Nice. Me and Martha organize our phones the same way #friendship
Tiffany Krog Rich Hyatt Looks like Queen Martha is down with color app organization!

Want a "fancy" side dish that doesn't require a ton of extra work? Make it a gratin.

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Megan Robertson Judy Robertson
Char-Lou Benedict Edye Benedict - Thanksgiving?
Charlotte Reno Catoire Yum
Mae Sheaffer Mark Council tons of great ideas for TG!!
Jessica Anderson Reminds me of your yummy potatoes Ali Allison Kier

Sarah Carey's sweet potato casserole is a true make-ahead wonder. It's the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu!

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Sarah Cumming Heloise Mañasco won’t be as good as the Bermuda one but worth a try 😋
Colleen Thompson What is this dish served alongside? I'm Irish and not sure if you consider this a dessert?
Sue Walden I haven't had this in the longest time, looks great!
Deondré R Parker Have you tried using a torch instead of the oven? I wonder... 🧐
Cristina Castillo That is a disgusting recipe...

There are so many ways to showcase the fall vegetable.

18 Amazing Acorn Squash Recipes Sure to Satisfy
18 Amazing Acorn Squash Recipes Sure to Satisfy

Acorn squash is at its peak from October through December, though many supermarkets carry it year-round.

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Amy Calahan Jason Calahan
Newman Me'Chelle Love these

You won't be able to tell, but it's completely vegan!

Apple Oat Crisp
Apple Oat Crisp

Coconut oil stands in for butter to make a vegan version of a classic, comforting apple crisp laced with cinnamon and tart dried cherries.

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Melissa Faulkner Tara Chadwick Smith Kimberley Hash
Debbie NeSmith Jones Laura Jones

Looking for a new go-to stuffing? Look no further than our Test Kitchen!

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AnnMarie Joachim Looks delicious!😀💖

The results are stunning!

A Thoroughly Modern Makeover: One Home Goes from Bleak to Bright
A Thoroughly Modern Makeover: One Home Goes from Bleak to Bright

When Stephanie Beard (of esby apparel) and her husband Nick decided on a home makeover, their approach was all about brightening things up, creating wide open spaces, and assuring new decor combined elements of modern style with vintage touches. Stephanie gives us a tour of the fresh redesign, and h...

23 reactions 0 comments

You can mash more than just potatoes! This stellar Thanksgiving side also calls for turnips and parsnips.

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Pamela Forbes But why tho?
Christal Davis neeps
Sharon Klaubo Nevers Whoever is posting these disgusting photos- please stop- This is not Martha Stewart
Brett Schneider Parsnips YAY. Rutabaga is good mashed with potatoes too.. Mix them up.

This fried chicken is soaked in a mix of buttermilk, onion, and garlic before being battered and fried. It is then finished with lavender flowers and drizzled with honey from Wyebrook (which produces only a small amount each year) or surrounding farms.

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Tammy Jean Schoolcraft 🔴🎅🏻LIMITED HOLIDAY SPOTS SPECIAL🎅🏻🔴 A great way to get a pressure cooker for only $4 The Super Nice Power Cooker 8qt does the work of 9 kitchen appliances. This Pressure Cooker serves as a canner, pressure ...
Mary Paul Yum
Caroline McLellan Drooling
Jill Hambrick Reese So sad they are closing!
Brook Ashley Its the love from farm working and life that give it soul and make it special and im sure so delicious.

Instead of roasting turkey whole, try breaking it down and paying special attention to each part of the bird, like this one rubbed with fennel, coriander, and black pepper.

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Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Vicki Shin Jenni Holt wow
Renee Thomas Beautiful presentation as always
Şengün Bulur look fantastic
Zizi Nada Nice food looks so nice!!!!

#MarthaandSnoop Are Going Fishing Tonight -- Don't Miss Their Big Catch! VH1

415 reactions 27 comments
Abby Maranger Jeff Maranger
Brandie Moya-Gutierrez Gerardo Gutierrez
Erika Lind Sara Lind
Danielle Pellegrini Kelly Courtney Rose Kelly
Gabbie Cremeans Kara Bramley

You don’t want to miss their big catch. #MarthaandSnoop VH1

Martha and Snoop Are Going Fishing Tonight
Martha and Snoop Are Going Fishing Tonight

And they're reeling in a 200-pound tuna!

54 reactions 1 comments
Christine Sullivan One of the best shows on TV!

The impressive-looking crust of this cranberry-raspberry pie is incredibly easy to make. #30DaysofPie

114 reactions 8 comments
Stacey Gentry Rynna Wanberg
Kristen Pickup Carol Messer
Becca Flint Stephanie D'Amico
Mary Moki Safron Yes, please
Kim Lorie Looks like a cashmere sweater .

There's something for everyone.

Handmade Gifts for Her
Handmade Gifts for Her

Shopping for a sister, daughter, or friend who has everything can be quite a challenge, especially when trying to stay within your holiday budget. The solution to both dilemmas is handcrafting your own thoughtful gifts.

37 reactions 0 comments

It's National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day -- make it a productive one!

92 reactions 6 comments
Tineke Brom Sophie De Bie-Den Heijer Anne Den Heijer-Van Der Laan Marc Den Heijer 😂😂😂
Pamela Forbes Michaela Forbes 😣
Regina Manson Okay! I put it off long enough! 😞
Ri T'a You know that's right plus the upright freezer!
Rachel Greenwell Salinas Just did this last night, couldn't believe how many condiments we had that were out of date.

Yes, these exist, and yes, they are just as good as regular mashed potatoes!

90 reactions 16 comments
Ralph Cameron Potatoes are alive until you kill them
Noelle Heaslet Laurie Maddex
Kathleen Killoran Touhill Meghan Anne
Diana Greenway Kaylee
Kelly Hinton Jaime Lopez-Quigley

This will help your home get holiday ready.

Remove Pet Hair and Pet Stains
Remove Pet Hair and Pet Stains

Learn how to cope with pet accidents, plus animal hair on floors, furniture, and clothing.

54 reactions 5 comments
Judy Davis 💕💕💕
Joan Konkol just love frenchies
Ann Lucas I like the collars or necklaces.
Nina Pollo Shhhh xmas present for my dog
Elaine Mitchell Lol! I don't wear clothes...I wear dog hair and clothes get on it! Love my labs!

You don't need a turkey to have an incredible Thanksgiving feast!

Beyond Turkey: Thanksgiving Main Dishes
Beyond Turkey: Thanksgiving Main Dishes

Turkey might be the traditional center of the Thanksgiving table, but there are times when an alternative main dish is desired.

47 reactions 3 comments
Kate Greven We traditionally have standing rib roast for Christmas dinner😀
Theresa Henderson Beef tenderloin is amazing and very little effort to cook it
Rod Lockwood This year, Cornish game hen stuffed with brown rice almondine, succotash, sweet potato, mashed potatoes, and drop biscuits. For dessert, pumpkin/mince/pecan pie. Wish I could find a low-fat mince meat filling recipe, or find it in a store. Although, I ...

A surefire brunch winner.

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Nancy Jenkins Carly Jenkins
Joan Nana Wesner That looks great. I love quich
Robert Cartwright So I took the Elmer's Glue, and Borax to produce a type of Flubber (Rubber) with an F . It seems to work .
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