Martha Stewart
18:30 10/11/2017

All you need is a smartphone to turn your house into a smart home.

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LIVE from the Test Kitchen: The Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS. We're passing the challenge over to The Domestic Geek, Donal Skehan, and EdenEats!

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Adrienne Schwarz Hey Martha! Merry Christmas to you & yours🎁🎄 !!
Regina Manson *U
MaryCarmen Esquivel Saludándoles desde Ciudad de México!!
Gail Rose Lam What’s going on?
Frieda Dieltiens Waiting and waiting and waiting.....

Re-live these incredible wedding-dress moments.

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J Renee Coleman Janise Parker
Elke Shulz Shined??.....shone!
Alixandra Williams "Shined"?
Daniel Huppenthal End she's wearing White ? What a stretch lol
Rosemary May-Ruberto Shined??

Healthy, easy, quick.

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MI Pro-Techs Such an easy breakfast! Looks great.
J Renee Coleman Bryan Wilkins
LaRoyia Gunter Smitherman Kayla Demetria Rache'l Johnson
Lee Ming Fung So nice
Tammi Flynn Thank u I like easy recipes

Just look at that lemon glaze. 😍

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Begonia Saubel Savana Saubel
Anne Russell Cat Holloway
Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Nicole Thomas-Newman Tina Thomas
Karen Hambidge Might have to make these

These are seven dishes that any Martha enthusiast should master by 30. Hungry for more? Here are 13 more to try:

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Emma Weber Nolan Derington
Darcy Ray Lindsey Elizabeth
Emma Sather Bluemel Analise
Eileen Hughes Bermel Keshia Bermel jk
Shelly Walters Thomas Callie, you've got 10 years to make it happen!!! <3

Martha will be LIVE today at 5 p.m. EST! She'll be getting festive for the holiday season, making caramel popcorn, and demonstrating ways to turn food items into beautiful holiday gifts.

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Carmel Boyte Claudine Van Der Veen
Din Cobval Getting festive with it
Lori Ugarte Misty Carrizales Martha is so classy with her caramel apple and popcorn! 💁🏽
Missy Ortiz Martha M. Garza I wanna watch this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

The creator hopes to bring some "Fun-ukkah to Hanukkah."

Have You Started This Hanukkah Holiday Tradition?
Have You Started This Hanukkah Holiday Tradition?

It's something your whole family will love.

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Jaana Enroos What is Hanukkah?
Colleen Mary JoAnne Benzing Nabozny
Diane Froland Levine Bart Levine
Jenny Robins Kerry McSeveny
Evelyn Ferguson Saw this on Shark Tank!

Forget fairies, we've got visions of sugar cookies dancing in our heads!

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Mollie Costley Julie Costley
Char LeMagne Aud Van; more simple ideas. Or are you finished baking?
Nancy Janssen Love the simple but beautiful decorations !!!

Start with this beginner-level tutorial on drawing a snowflake.

Simple Snowflake Chalk-Art
Simple Snowflake Chalk-Art

Once you know how to outline this basic shape, you can illustrate them in all shapes and sizes.

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Rony Rothken Alex Goldberg

This recipe can easily be doubled or even tripled to feed all the vegetable soup fans at your table.

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Deanna Michelle Labonte Come visit Canada youl love Candian cooking
Deanna Michelle Labonte I love your shows and I love your cooking <#

They make perfect gifts or a personal keepsake on your own tree.

Seashell and Sand Keepsake Ornaments
Seashell and Sand Keepsake Ornaments

For anyone who finds their happy place at the beach, try this: a clear bauble filled with pristine white sand and teeny-tiny shells.

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Ashley Parks WayneAlma Parks
Criselle Camille Maog Raphael Francis Mariñas ❤
Darcy Ray Andrea N Joe Divijak for the girls
AnnDee Hamilton-Cooper Leslie! For Zach and his travels.
Julie Jean Turek I love your recipes Martha Stewart. I love to cook. I also watched you on the Ellen show.

It's going to be a good morning indeed!

Morning Margarita
Morning Margarita

Two guest-star ingredients turn a typical happy-hour margarita into a sunny brunch beverage: Orange marmalade adds a bittersweet tang, and El Guitarron agave wine ($15, comes from the same plant as tequila but has about half the alcohol, so you can toast over French toast without nee...

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Rio Carrera Mmmm Deborah Francisca we need to do this when we see each next!

Brighten up your mantel with a glittery oversized ornaments.

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Mark O'Hearn Todd Allen Dale Bonenberger
Lisa Whiteing Robin
Anne Minarchick Shan Tan 😱
Heidi Haischer 💝💝💝💝
Michael Elkins Edwards Did the person who sooo precisely cut the logs and then stack them sooo tightly get time off for good behavior until Christmas 2018?

This rich flourless torte is a chocoholic's dream come true.

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Cathy Gibson Gill Ruby Spurlin Johnson
John Jones Merritt
Rozeline Van Der Ross Genevieve Haupt Ronnie
Caroline McLellan Stephanie Mclellan Lamarche
Marta Brukner Yummy Yummy Yummy

There's a smart technique to peeling hazelnuts without making a mess. Watch Thomas Joseph demonstrate it in a new episode of Kitchen Conundrums, then use your haul to make sweet and savory dishes:

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Evelyn Barranqueiro Ricardo Junior Barranqueiro
Julie Rivera MA CI
Denise Haughian omg, love baking with hazelnuts but removing the skins is a huge pain! not about to crack the shells off too. the tea towel only gets about 75%!
Nancy Goff Amazing! I just shelled an enormous amount of nuts - including hazels - and had no idea how to "peel" those things.

Happy eating!

Hanukkah Recipes
Hanukkah Recipes

Find here classic Hanukkah dishes such as brisket, latkes, rugelach, cookies, and many more recipe ideas for your celebration!

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Helen Smith When going to look at one of your recipes it always says web site not found

A rice-cereal crust makes this spiced pumpkin pie gluten-free.

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Lisa StGermain Mccloskey Diane Cliff
Donna Jones Masters Rhonda Jones Cypher
Tracey Kennedy Sandoval Michael Sandoval
Antoine Giusti Pierre Giusti
Melissa Bales Ward Jessica Wise

Perfection is not required with this souffle.

Spinach and Gruyere Souffle
Spinach and Gruyere Souffle

Even if it rises unevenly or deflates after baking, it will still taste delicious.

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Take a tour!

10 of the Most Magical Places to See Christmas Lights
10 of the Most Magical Places to See Christmas Lights

Take a tour of the most extravagant holiday displays ever seen across America.

110 reactions 4 comments
Angela Marshall Hardin Kathryn Marshall Hagerty
Patty Whelan Why not CO. Are Omaha Ne.?
Sixto Rodríguez AnnMarie, is the Brooklyn place mentioned in this article the one we went to a couple years ago?
Debbie Wood Schier You need to add The Mission Inn in Riverside, California. They have 5 million beautiful lights!

Float these snowflake-shaped marshmallows in cups of hot chocolate. Get the Marshmallow Snowflakes How-To.

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Claire Houben Marc Alders
Erin Dailey Libranda Alexis, can you make these for the Christmas eve dinner please?
Jennifer Barry I love snow flakes and I love hot chocolate! Great combo!

What would you add to the toppings station?

Host a Hanukkah Party With This DIY Latke Bar
Host a Hanukkah Party With This DIY Latke Bar

Dig into this mouthwatering feast of latkes.

95 reactions 5 comments
Rony Rothken Eric Tsytsylin
Simonne S. Suzanne Stricker, Gail Stricker, Jeana Calvert, Amy Johnson 🥔🕎💟
Basia Wojcierowska um... Jessie-Rose Gisler 😍😍
Emily Browning Tanya Bucksbaum Kevin Udolph let's do this next year!!
Kory Miller What a cool idea!

A dusting of powdered sugar turns plain macaroons into little Christmas trees! #31DaysofCookies

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Joanne C Moodly Lee Laurianne Perumal
Shawn Kramer Becca Kramer
Meghan Moss Debbie Gangel
Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Jenna Brust Tara Brust

How stunning would this shrimp-avocado salad presentation be at your holiday party?

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Stephanie Hillstock . . . Extremely stunning indeed. . . :)

It's time to get your home ready for holiday guests! Our secret to making them feel right at home? Martha's mix-and-match flannel duvets and sheets (cookies and hot cocoa don't hurt either).

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Beth Reyes Joel Reyes
Moira Gabbedy Emma Louise Castelli !!!
Angela West ❤❤❤
Sharon Kemp Absolutely beautiful
Jo Ann Guiney Beautiful!

Semisweet chocolate and candied orange zest turn plain biscotti into gift-worthy treats.

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Cindy Tzimas Petrelis Maria Christodoulou
Maria Christodoulou Like......😊❤️💋
Cindy Tzimas Petrelis Yummy , I want to make the carrot cake I tagged you in .
Jennifer Barry I remember my Great Grammy my Noni who came over on the boat, used to make us warm milk with Cinnamon and biscotti for a snack before bed the best!! I Miss my Noni and pop pop,,,

"I feel so passionate about doing what's right and being kinder and more mindful of our planet," says Sarah Lancaster.

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Karan Dally Garrick Kristin Hansen, here you go!
Mateja Hamunajec Matija Hamunajec ovo bi meni trebalo!
Michaela Mikulsky Mom!! Here you go!! Nancy L. Mayville
Cora Renee Philley Diane Betts Look how cute!
Erika Smith Jennie Summerchild this reminded me of you

Chicken noodle soup can take on so many forms.

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MI Pro-Techs Yum! We're going to have to give this one a try!
Eva Jerez Mmmmmmm
Michelle Sullivan I've learned so much from you Martha Stewart you are the best especially when it comes to plating my food presentation is everything thank you Martha for all those years of showing me and others on how to make yummy food and beautiful settings!
Joy Gonzalez making this now!!!
Carolyn M. Bahen That looks delicious.
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