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01:00 08/12/2017

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How to Conceal Unwanted Tan Lines

How to Conceal Unwanted Tan Lines

By the end of summer you've got a great tan, but you also have tan lines. Have no fear.

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Claire-Lise Dean
Amanda Lenehan
Sara Bryant
Lucia Domenech
Gabriela Sanchez Bazas 👆
Joni Durand-Tande
Kinda brilliant.

Other newsfeed from Martha Stewart

Semisweet chocolate and candied orange zest turn plain biscotti into gift-worthy treats.

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Cindy Tzimas Petrelis Maria Christodoulou
Maria Christodoulou Like......😊❤️💋
Cindy Tzimas Petrelis Yummy , I want to make the carrot cake I tagged you in .
Jennifer Barry I remember my Great Grammy my Noni who came over on the boat, used to make us warm milk with Cinnamon and biscotti for a snack before bed the best!! I Miss my Noni and pop pop,,,

"I feel so passionate about doing what's right and being kinder and more mindful of our planet," says Sarah Lancaster.

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Karan Dally Garrick Kristin Hansen, here you go!
Mateja Hamunajec Matija Hamunajec ovo bi meni trebalo!
Michaela Mikulsky Mom!! Here you go!! Nancy L. Mayville
Cora Renee Philley Diane Betts Look how cute!
Erika Smith Jennie Summerchild this reminded me of you

Chicken noodle soup can take on so many forms.

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MI Pro-Techs Yum! We're going to have to give this one a try!
Eva Jerez Mmmmmmm
Michelle Sullivan I've learned so much from you Martha Stewart you are the best especially when it comes to plating my food presentation is everything thank you Martha for all those years of showing me and others on how to make yummy food and beautiful settings!
Joy Gonzalez making this now!!!
Carolyn M. Bahen That looks delicious.

The Kermit crafted from apples is definitely a front-runner.

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Elaine Cohen Luchini I feel sorry for his future wife!
Wyn Nichols Very artistic
Emma Sampson Adam Sampson wow this is dedication
Teri Albaugh Kohen wow she has a lot of time on her hands
Kimberly Sue that's a whole lot of "playing" with his food lol

Personalize your tree with a handmade garland.

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Sharon Harmon very pretty.
Meridy Fisher Karen Smith that’s a bit different 🎄🎄🎄🎄
Danielle Bélisle Amazing view!
Jennifer Barry Pretty tree! I love the paper doilies and quilling paper snowflakes, but I wouldn’t light those candles with paper ornaments candles might light them up tree go poof!
Janessa Vogii Kathy Nelson This tree looks like something you would have. 😊

Prince William is now officially party planning.

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Paul Lackaff love his bald spot looks like mine
Jacque Dé Monqué Love the holiday basket on Harry.👍🏻
Lisa Arnold Vanhook Much respect for these young men ! Diana did a wonderful job...:)
Christine Hnarakis Congratulations Prince Harry on your engagement. She's a beauty. God be with both of you. Take care.

Make your gifts extra pretty this year.

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Patti Whitten Ashli Whitten
Sherri Burkett When people make my gift that beautiful, I don't want to open it!
Michelle Evans Beautiful

The story behind Martha's favorite fruitcake.

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Marie K. Bruland Katrina Krafft 🤗
Womack Barbara 🤢
Linda Siverling 🙂
Lois Davies It said in the story bake in a Bain Marie but no instructions for this in recipie
Manon Thomas 1 day i have to make one myself the real one with cognac or whisky i don't know i need a good receipe

Plus, get tips and tricks from a hand-lettering pro.

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Sandra Jean Sukhi Gill-Dherari
Sheri Lozano-Dobbs Anastasia Marie
Giovanna Sollitt Emily Sollitt
Adrianne Di Lella Ariel McCullough
Charlotte Flynn #Ali Forrest

Check out Martha's secret ingredient!

Basic Sugar Cookies
Basic Sugar Cookies

Enjoy your sugar cookies plain, or decorate them with icing to make them festive. This recipe is a favorite of Martha's, who likes to add 1 tablespoon cognac alongside the egg and vanilla, after creaming together the butter and sugar.

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Karie D Kenworthy-Johnson Kaysie Renae
Anke Mayer Diana Hamilton
Khrystal Lunsford Eula Thomas DeLissa Martin Katy Thomas

It's time to trim that tree.

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Monika Aileen Fedoruk Nicole Peppard Gruninger
Carmel Boyte Cushla O'Neill, Trudie McConnochie - FYI
Pamela Womack Didn't work but the tree is still beautiful no matter what tragedy I'm going thru
Fred Ripley Happier until I have to go back to my horrible job.
Cheryl Leon Levy Ours is going up today!

The holiday wouldn't be complete without these.

Hanukkah Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)
Hanukkah Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)

These deep-fried Israeli delicacies symbolize the miracle of the burning oil lamps in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Plump up each doughnut with your favorite fruit jam. For a wintry effect, sprinkle the tops with granulated sugar.

414 reactions 13 comments
Marc Levy Malia Aiwohi Levy
Jenna Kiger Jordan Renee Kiger
Gomez Syl Laura Gomez
Erin Andrews Jordy Reich
Karla Villalon Rivera Delma

Make your holiday spread healthy *and* festive.

65 reactions 2 comments
William Gabriel Rioux Kasia Kmieć
Suzette Travis Like this site but tooooo hard to find recipe you picture!!!! Too many pop ups and advertisements😡

Do you have anything to add?

43 reactions 6 comments
Jamshid Tapish I love all your
Melina Haley Ulrich Solo vacations!
Christal Dior Have your own friends and hobbies.
Rita Wilson Aders 45 years of marriage has lead us in a very different direction. We are each others best friends. We each have other friends but prefer our time together overall. We encourage individual interests but enjoy hearing about them and supporting each other ...
Lisa Whiteing ‘they can also be a source of contentment if one partner feels like the other one is not pulling their fair share of the weight.’ Contention or resentment, I think the writer forgot to pick one. If not, I am immediately dropping my share of the chores.

When you need a reset from all the eggnog and holiday cookies, turn to this easy, three-ingredient juice. See why it's one of Healthy Appetite host Shira Bocar's all-time favorite recipes:

232 reactions 9 comments
Elly Aiey Kuo Wei Wu
Lorena Brito Doris Brito
Nada Mustafa Samah Abubaker
Faye Rafael Celina Galzote Rafael
Judy Albardo Bernadette Pichardo

The sour cream topping adds an extra dimension of flavor to these cheesecake cupcakes decorated with little bunches of white, pink, and red currants.

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Gagandeep Singh Michelle Alvarado
Jason Toy Gavin Canu
Jenn Oliva Alexandria Chavez
Magdalena KG White currants-my favorite!!
Bill Maltsberger Jewel-like. Beautiful!

This impressive pavlova wreath looks difficult to make, but it's actually quite easy.

199 reactions 11 comments
Marie K. Bruland Kristin Annette Joyce Planke 😍
Audrey Lowen Cortez Lacey
Vanessa Gittins Jocelyn Rose
Bonnie de la Hunty Heather Atchison hmmmm....
Evelyn Karla Hoffmann Daniele Santiago, olha que idéia fofa para o Natal!

Turn one simple marshmallow recipe into five festive treats for gifting.

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Glenn T Martin Handmade marshmallows can be AMAZING!!

Resist the urge to cut into this pie before it has cooled completely so the juices have time to thicken. This pie tastes even better the day after it has been baked.

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Donna Wallace Martha is a more precise cook, but I used to precook the apple filling with flour and butter and double it before cooking. When it cooled completely, I would use a butter crust for quicker browning and protect the rims during part of the baking.. Pile ...

Latkes, brisket, kugel -- need we say more?

322 reactions 5 comments
Cassie Raskin Lauren Carter
Barbara Haines Lauren Willard
Marsha Dees of my
Jaime Erin YUM!
Pam La Turno Druary Yum

This basic yellow cake is perfect for all kinds of celebrations.

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Julia Louise Wanda Calixto Oliveira
Mandy Tocco Connie E. Perhay I want this!! 😂
Mercedes Savignano Thanks Martha.

What can make baked beans even better? A few slices of bacon.

136 reactions 8 comments
Delores Rupright Of course.
Sherri Burkett No, really? Lol
Lilly Neville This is a short cut version. Real baked beans take 8-10 hours in an oven to bake to perfection.
Bill Maltsberger I can smell the thyme sprigs from here! I love your enameled cast iron!
Carolyn Weitzel Glaser Everything is better with bacon, lol
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