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01:30 08/12/2017

For when you want something sweet but unfussy.

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Isabella Cunha Lawen
Making this one right now!
Melody Henderson
Carla Brown
Bought a new bundt pan I'm ready!

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A maple vinaigrette adds fall flavor to any salad.

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Jane Grey

No more sad desk lunches! See how Healthy Appetite's Shira Bocar transforms leftover rice into a sushi grain bowl that will be the envy of your office.

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Noemi Infante Kassandra Munivez
Kelly Lodholtz Mike Lodholtz
Wendy Howells Zerr Bailey Zerr
Tiffany Tr Lyon Stewart
Núbia Vigna Natália Massambane

Whether you're a longtime vegan or new to eating this way, you'll adore these hearty vegetable- and legume-packed soup recipes.

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Maria Margarita Turcios Canales Cast Mimar
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Sylvia Yaya Navarette Jeanette Vejar

Magically transform a pumpkin into Cinderella's carriage.

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Brittany Rathman Jessica Kintzel
Mônica Mendes M Ktea Kt
Dawn Nantista Scrivano Melissa Simmons
Melissa Dunlap Vineyard Lizzie Dunlap Regina Dunlap Pattie Dunlap Stephanie Rucker
Alex Blair Heather

This is a spicy Mexican twist on your typical chicken soup, with strips of tortillas floating inside.

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Joel Vaillancourt Stefanie McMullen!!!
Sherry Morrison That looks delicious. ❤🍁🌻
Richard Burt Upload one bowl please Martha

Pass us a chocolate bar!

Good News: Chocolate May Help Improve Cognition!
Good News: Chocolate May Help Improve Cognition!

This report from Italian researchers has made us very happy.

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Isabel Titina Silva Ayala Maribel-migue Ayala Silva Ceballos 👉🏻❤️🍫 dark chocolate
Ellen Leonard Yes I will start having more
Peter Ramos I need one now

Clean-up a breeze!

Slow-Cooker Pot Roast
Slow-Cooker Pot Roast

Get a head start on dinner with this fresh take on a slow-simmered, all-in-one meal.

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Lesley Lavens Susan Glendenning
Bhavana Patel What is Chuck known as in the UK?
Miriam Barfield Marc Tellechea let's make it!
Danielle Paulsen *
Jude Yuri Blake Douglas I can make this tonight for tomorrow 😋

Pop goes the pumpkin! Here's a fun Halloween game that's also a breeze to set up.

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Ofelia Zawodniak Erin Grady Brown, Meghan Grady, Jenny Macke.
Christina Hunley Tianna Hunley- Tilley
Laura Knott Gina Fox
Dyan Peeples Deedrick Michelle Peeples Azula
Sally Segura Yolanda Segura Wendy Segura 😍

You won't need another recipe.

Perfect Roast Chicken
Perfect Roast Chicken

The crackle of chicken as it roasts and the wondrous aroma that perfumes the kitchen provoke a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Yohani Punyadasa Soyun Punyadasa
Ray Unseitig yum
Rose Marie Gallant 👍
Ellen Leonard My kind of meal
Alice Calsada Yum , perfect Sunday dinner.

These Halloween lollipops are scary-easy to make!

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Riah Rammy Thalia S Ramdial
Laila Truelson Meg McIlvaine Selim
Yamileth Werleman Yulimar Hidalgo Zerpa
Julia Tavio Vivian
Nallely Herrera Sujey H Barajas

Fresh rosemary takes roasted potatoes to the next level.

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Ashley Marie Gulley Sandie Maurer
Erin McQuain Yes!
Tiger Kanezaki Fabulous!
Jason Osborne Yes it does!
Laura Catanese Mmm I'm hungry.

Classic Mexican flavors combine to create soups that are zesty, bright, and full of flavor. We're talking tortilla soup, pozole, black bean soup, and more.

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Melissa Cavin Hutch Cavin
Felice M. Thomas Looks good
Matt Colson awesome recipes!
Kathleen Goyette Styf Liz Belliel check some of these out!
Alice Calsada Yum .

20 delicious ways to use canned pumpkin -- beyond pie!

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Elise DeConzo Pamela DeConzo
Cindy Batgirl McKenzie Kelly Louise
Bridgette Shaffo Emmett O'Hanlon
Christine Macniak Donnelly Marti J Thompson
Alex Blair Heather

Dress your cat or dog to impress with these pet costumes. Find some of the best in Halloween costumes and inspiration outfits that are great for the fashionable pet on the go!

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Britni Zambrano Andrea Zambrano
Lucie Tessier Valérie Bruno
Amy McKenzie Potter Rachel Potter
Nicolas Charbonnier Lu Ciole
Lehua Fish Carol Nesemann

This Halloween, help your pet keep its cool among the ghouls with some practical tips and comfy disguises.

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Elsje Van Dosselaer Stefani Van Looy
Amanda Robles Becky Bardeen Brewster
Kathy Kurasz Andy Kurasz
Alanna James Jean Bollweg
Rachel O'Sullivan Rachel Finnegan

A classic Dark and Stormy gets a visit from the swamp monster in this Halloween cocktail.

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Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Jacqueline Rudzinski Breen Hannah Sugars Kristen Bodurtha Janelle Bluma Gill Katlyn Froistad swamp monster?!? 😂😂😂

Small apartment? You can still fit in lots of greenery!

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Mike Henry Three's Company.
Heather Mellett My Mom made these💜 in the 70's
Rosanne Rousseau Throw back to the hippie days. I didn't like them THEN & I STILL DON'T!
Ron Doty-Tolaro The Seventies is calling there looking for their horrible stylist.
Sylvia Keene Hmmm NO the 70's are gone don't bring them back please.

Don't waste any pumpkin puree left over from baking pies -- turn it into a tasty spread for toast or pancakes.

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Matthew Dinnies Jennika Nevala
Tracey Corbett Debbie Corbett
Yasmeen Ali Kelli McClain 😲
Yasmeen Ali Kelli McClain 😮
Jennifer Barry I love pumpkin!

The recipe can easily be doubled or even tripled to feed everyone at your table.

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Sarah Leigh Billy Hobgood
Maria Amodio-Perrone minestrone
Noah Zinna LUNCH BREAK !
Rose Mullay I make veggie soup all the time. Yum!
Beth Ervin Bilous this one is good really good, and easy. make it all the time.

Beets are the secret to keeping this cake extra moist and play up its deep chocolate flavor.

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Emily Simpson Ed Barth
Misty Rogers Carolyn Kothe
Ivora Noort Zaddik
Ida Anderson Stephani Anderson
Jeremy DePew Ben

Enjoy a tropical-inspired dinner right at home.

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Britnee Redd Cason Joe Cason
Christi Fieselman Cheryl Fieselman
Nina Pollo One of my favorite is fajita
Monika Bukala She is AWESOME...!!!😊
Debbie Satterfield Fall recipes would be nice

Make the most of concord grape season with a stunning tart.

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Elisa Morotti Martina Angeli
Sofia Arecco Rosario Arecco
Bryant Nance Elizabeth Gross
Paula Asencio Janet Grajeda
Gabrielle Dietrich Kim Swensrud Loutzenhiser

This method is Martha-approved.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet -- and Keep an Organized Linen Closet
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet -- and Keep an Organized Linen Closet

There is a foolproof technique for folding a fitted sheet. These instructions are for a right-handed person; just reverse them if you're left-handed.

80 reactions 13 comments
Jayde Metcalfe Amber Metcalfe 🤔
Danny Gherardi Lisa Gherardi
Geoff Staton Laura Springer Kelson Kai Coloma Gigi Goodwin Janise Biehler-Moore Haven Dominique Moore Stormy Moore
Joyce Tussey Jamie Tussey Jessica Thomas
Colleen Yerkes Dana Miele here it is 😀
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