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Firing up the grill? Add some zucchini! These skewers pair the summer squash with lamb that's been marinated in buttermilk. #31DaysofZucchini http:


Firing up the grill? Add some zucchini! These skewers pair the summer squash with lamb that's been marinated in buttermilk. #31DaysofZucchini

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Inge Aldum Gaudin
Willemien Aldum
Linda Siverling

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Start prepping for holiday guests with essentials that make their bedroom and bathroom cozy, yet functional. Get your home ready with Martha's expertly designed collection:

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Din Cobval Martha..inlike ti b your know how to treat them right
Susan-Timothy Dyer Stepping on those ornaments on the floor is not going to feel very good. :-O

When musician John Legend visited Martha, he shared this recipe for his favorite Southern comfort food.

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Barbara Fallig Derison Becky Nicole
Rachel Dinsmore Katie Wojciechowski
Minerva Gonzales Omari Gregory!
Rebecca Martinez Sarah Ortiz😍😍😍
Marcella Hanson Yum!

How festive!

Anise Shortbread Sandwich Cookies
Anise Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Apricot jam twinkles from each window cut out of these anise-infused shortbread stars.

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Try this step-by-step guide to making Martha's irresistible pull-apart garlic bread:

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Stephanie Friedman Landis Shawn Miller
Giorgia Maniaci Natale Badalamenti
Rachel Cramer Garrett Cramer
Satia Cecil James VonTrapp
Martin Jane Martha!!!!😍😍😍

We 1000% agree.

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Rony Rothken Brooke Wachtler
Elena Sapia Angela Stead Chris Stead bacon wrapped chestnuts?

Winner, winner, chicken sandwich dinner!

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Lia Shentzer Joshua
Veronica Hughes Classic!! ❤️❤️❤️

A little gooey, a little crunchy, and a whole lot of yummy.

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Rachel Dinsmore Katie Wojciechowski
Sharon Harmon i had this at thanksgiving i love this yummy

Turn your tabletop into a snowy wonderland with a silvery paint.

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Reubin Kassin <3
Helen Frances Woodall *’tis, Martha.

Santa, are you listening?

What Our Food Editors Are Wishing for This Christmas
What Our Food Editors Are Wishing for This Christmas

All we want is things for the kitchen.

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You'll have a batch ready to enjoy by the fire in no time.

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Joanna Banana Pete
Roseanna Schiralli Ciocca Michelle Schiralli Gloria McParland interesting
Daniela Licata Imahara Anna-Maria Coombs they’re onto us!!!
Bridget Ameno A Chestnut pan? Rita Kornet
Jennifer Burch Cirefice I've never had this.

This is the chicken noodle soup we'll be spooning up all winter long.

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The law of attraction / the secret « When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power ».

Transform wonton wrappers into beautiful snowflakes.

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Lehua Fish Aurea Fisher
Angel D'Amico Bauer Jeanine Pratola D'Amico !
Vicky Dittfield Agree very clever!
Craig Smith Too many snow flakes as it is.
Patty Teebagy Linda Shaw Kipp. You busy Monday after workout 🤣

Every quiche should be filled with spinach and bacon.

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Linda H. Musselwhite Love this

Add wow-factor to cakes and tarts with spun sugar.

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Martin Jane It's cotton candy
Rebecca Munish Rona May-Ron this looks challenging
Eliza Sweetie How do you cut it, or eat it?

A serious feel-good drink.

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Morgan Reynolds Larkin Hill
Martha Perez Noemi Aguilar
Kevin McBrady Just add Vodka Martha !
Anette Sinn How much of each ? - the video isnt working....😕

Make it the merriest feast of the year.

Christmas Dinner Recipes
Christmas Dinner Recipes

Get great ideas for your Christmas dinner like glazed ham, prime rib, turkey, and pork recipes. For Christmas side dishes, we have recipes for mashed potatoes, casseroles, breads, and vegetable dishes. We also have quick and easy recipes for appetizer, sides, and desserts that can be made in under 2...

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Cookies, cookies, and more cookies.

Christmas Cookie Recipes
Christmas Cookie Recipes

Try one of our favorites like gingerbread trees, candy-stripe cookie sticks, eggnog cheesecake bars, butter cookie sandwiches with chestnut cream, lemon-pistachio wreaths, chocolate espresso snowcaps.

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Elvira Garnett They look enticing. time to bake....
Where There is Love There is Life Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying ...
Joel Salgado Martha Stewart when are you going to bring the Martha cookies app up to date... I can’t use it anymore because it’s not compatible with iOS 11.
Ann Lukens Your Christmas cookie cut outs recipe on the website is an utter disaster with only a 2 star rating and many many complaints? Why do you leave it up? I just wanted an afternoon on the terrible recipe because I didn't look at the ratings. Didn't think I ...

Recycle sheets of glossy magazine paper into bead-like gift toppers.

65 reactions 4 comments
Sara Grayson Ruiz A great idea! Thks!
Isabel Raczkowski Why?
Stephanie George Here is a project to spend hours on that no one will appreciate Jackie Vaa

Soft, chewy, and oh-so-chocolatey.

577 reactions 12 comments
Somya Grover Anaida Anand
Zvia Barak Only eight cookies?..
Amy Lockhart Look delicious!
Suzanne DiVito Simonelli My mom used to make these. Delicious!
Luci Markarian yummy like

Party planning made easy.

Christmas Party Ideas
Christmas Party Ideas

We have Christmas party ideas to ensure your guests are extra jolly during the most wonderful time of the year. From cheese balls to bacon-wrapped dates, to DIY party decorations, handmade garlands, place cards, and wreaths for your holiday party. We also have eggnog and sugar cookie recipes to fini...

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Elevate creamed spinach by turning it into a cheesy gratin.

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Roz Smith Imogen Smith
Ashley Alanis Kailee Rose
Veronica Hughes My fav!!!
Diane Rose it’s more like greasy gratin
Kelly McConnell Your gratins are always wonder

These easy, crafty gifts will make any adult smile at Christmas.

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers
Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers

There's nothing more meaningful than a gift bearing the unmistakable touch of a creative kid.

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These party starters won't disappoint.

20 Years of Living: The Best Christmas Appetizers
20 Years of Living: The Best Christmas Appetizers

Kick off Christmas dinner with crowd-pleasing appetizers from 20 years of Martha Stewart Living.

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Christiane Christiansen Heidrun Asche-Krönke
Kelly Godon Appetizers are my favorite!
Ana Marin Deliciosos todos!!!
Jutta Seeler Jeez—can u load your pages with more adverts?

These spicy chocolate cookies taste just like Mexican hot cocoa. #31DaysofCookies

318 reactions 10 comments
Michael Galarza Nani Banani
Alexita Klein Quintana Heidy
Morgan Reynolds Yum Lacy Klein
Kathleen Erdmann Mmm
Michael Pizzuti I have made these; they’re terrific!

Only the best.

20 Years of Living: The Best Christmas Desserts
20 Years of Living: The Best Christmas Desserts

Treat your family to something sweet this Christmas with the best dessert recipes from 20 years of Martha Stewart Living.

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