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00:00 03/20/2017

Pet products that double as fun decor? Sign us up!

Your Cats Double As Wall Art with These Tetris-Inspired Scratchers

Your Cats Double As Wall Art with These Tetris-Inspired Scratchers

Think of all the cool designs you can build with life-size Tetris pieces!

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Jasmine Amito
Jun Zacaria Amito
Priscila Echevarria
Jaclynn Moret
Emmie Rivers
Taylor Bousquet
Natasha Bashaw
Cindy Haines Westmoreland
Susan Coates
Caroline Whitney
Joy Thomas
Cara Kozyk
Andrea 'Siakala' Johnston
Amanda Heinrich
Tashina Dunn
Amanda Walker Whitt
Vaness Macdonald
Becky Boo
Alisha McDonald
Kyle Grant
Monisha Lawler
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Megan Bouren
Kellie Bouren Stephen Bouren
Sarah McLeet
Samantha Suche
Samara Emm
Susie Smythe
Maureen Jackson!

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All your Seder essentials.

Our 17 Best Passover Recipes
Our 17 Best Passover Recipes

Fnd traditional and modern takes on Jewish holiday dishes, including matzo ball soup, brisket, gefilte fish, and much, much more.

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Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost Yummy yummy 😋

What a fun idea!

Surprise Easter Eggs
Surprise Easter Eggs

Add a creative twist to traditional dyed eggs by filling them with holiday surprises, like small toys, as a fun gift for your guests.

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We have a feeling this fish dish will do swimmingly well at the dinner table.

Salmon, Red Cabbage, and New Potatoes
Salmon, Red Cabbage, and New Potatoes

For an incredibly easy dish with quality ingredients and minimal prep time, this mustard salmon recipe is packed with healthy nutrients and full of incredible flavor!

38 reactions 3 comments
Doug Smith hmmmmmm
Iona Nevesky Not one of your best!!🌸🌸🌸
Chris DeClute Doing this tonite!

What a beauty!

Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake

Martha recreates the iconic dessert from Blum's Bakery in San Francisco. It teams a light sponge cake with rich coffee frosting and crunchy shards of coffee-flavored candy.

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Kristina Nicolle Westby-Brown Berta Westby
Alison Rucker Greinke Carrie Flournoy
Louisa Monahan Yum
Debbie Knight Helen Salmons, take a gander at this!
Carrie Flournoy makes this cake and it's amazing!

National Crafting Month is winding down, but we think it's never too late to participate.

31 Ways to Partake in National Craft Month
31 Ways to Partake in National Craft Month

National Craft Month was designed to help people rediscover their creativity and learn about the wonderful world of crafting and all of it's many benefits.

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Time to give your fridge a check!

The Lowdown on How to Store Condiments
The Lowdown on How to Store Condiments

We set the record straight on fridge vs. pantry and how long condiments keep.

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MaríaLuisa Santistevan Olivieri Christian Jaaniorg Santistevan
Janet Blanchette The soy sauce surprised us....

Pom-poms aren't just great on hats!

Pom-Pom Home Decor
Pom-Pom Home Decor

Use pom-poms to bring bursts of color and texture to bedspreads, lampshades, pillows, and more.

75 reactions 2 comments
Rachel Lingscheit I did this too!!!!
Autumn Berry I just purchased hot pink ones to put on ponytail holders for my daughter ;)

The bowtie pasta may be dressed for a formal occasion, but this Marley Spoon recipe is perfect for a casual weeknight meal!

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Janice Blaufox Martha?
Janice Blaufox Neither do I.
Hanna Clarke I don't see the bow tie recipe???
Margie Fenton Bow tie pasta with lentils and arugula, Google.
Anne Alex-Citta It looks like some type of lentil sauce but you are redirected to Marley spoon

It's like a grown-up lemonade.

Tom Collins
Tom Collins

The classic cocktail calls for gin, lemon juice and seltzer.

220 reactions 15 comments
April Carson Jonathon
Matt Frappier Ashley Davis
Katelin Schneider Alan J Schneider
Ginny Dukes Laura Goodman
Jennifer Webber Walther Kaethe Walther

NEW on Kitchen Conundrums: Never overcook chicken breasts again with tips and tricks from Thomas Joseph! Try our recipe for juicy chicken piccata:

554 reactions 20 comments
Joan Parker Sara Mickelberg
Tammy Fielden Daley Jane Fulde
Fehima Dawy Rithika Thirumal
Dona Thompson Heather Crane
Richard Kennedy Nora

The couple is giving us another adorable look into their big day! 😍

Exclusive: Get a Closer Look at Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli
Exclusive: Get a Closer Look at Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli's Palm Springs Wedding

Brad Walsh, husband of Christian Siriano, who designed both Samira and Lauren's bridal attire, snapped this adorable photo of the newlyweds.

634 reactions 79 comments
Anna Marie Robinson beautiful
Tina Hutchings Absolutely stunning! 💕
Linda Mitchell Congratulations! My wife and I will be celebrating our first anniversary on June 5th. 🎉
Irma Molina When are they having their first baby
Ayşe Yazıcı Yurtseven Bunların pantolon giyeni erkek konumunda olan herhalde.. neyle yapacak salatalıkla mı.. sapmış avrupalılar..

Let's raise a glass to these wine pioneers!

5 Women Winemakers to Know -- You Should Drink Their Wines!
5 Women Winemakers to Know -- You Should Drink Their Wines!

They're trying to close the wine-making gender gap.

75 reactions 3 comments
Christina L Payne Here are some more great things about wine!!
Jen Ayala neee Carmela Ann Gilpo
Barb Hamre Erika Hamre

Move over, diamonds!

These Mesmerizing Rings Contain Small, Secret Worlds
These Mesmerizing Rings Contain Small, Secret Worlds

Wear the beauty of the Northern Lights on your finger.

478 reactions 14 comments
Sarah Kealohilani Silva Prado Kehaulani Auwae McAllister
Charlene Perez Erin Alexandria Crocker
Lindsay Weiner Carlie Matthews
Debbn Brad Self Shelza Hayward
Angela Tracy Sarah Marie

Add these outdoor spaces to your spring cleaning checklist!

Garage and Shed Organizing Ideas
Garage and Shed Organizing Ideas

The garage and shed are seldom given as much organizational thought as their indoor counterparts. They are also prime spaces to dump items for future sorting. Here's how to keep these areas helpful and streamlined through the seasons.

36 reactions 0 comments

Get inspired to pack extra-cute lunches with these fun bento box ideas.

2.0k reactions 74 comments
Loni Alexander Rachel Kinser here are so ideas.
TC Berna Angin Mmmmmmm yami yami
Laura Evans Super cute
Shannon Hawkins Love it
Jamal Lamhamdi I love japanese bento boxes!

Be prepared for petal perfection.

5 of Our Favorite Paper Flower Artists on Instagram
5 of Our Favorite Paper Flower Artists on Instagram

Imagine pretty blooms that will never wilt.

101 reactions 1 comments
Virka Home Thanks for Inspiration

Celebs, they're just like us!

Celebrity Bridesmaids Who Stood By Their Besties On the Big Day
Celebrity Bridesmaids Who Stood By Their Besties On the Big Day

See which stars have rocked the role of bridesmaid and maid of honor-and what they wore for the occasion!

43 reactions 1 comments
Barbara Bassett I think it's very sad that MSW thinks that it's unusual for a celebrity to keep the friends they had prior to being famous.

What to do with the bundles of asparagus popping up at the supermarket? Try these recipes!

2.5k reactions 108 comments
Charlene Kelsey Taylor Yummy
Donna Taylor Yummy
Peggy Lilly Good
Pia Vancoutren Delicious!! I will make it!!!!❤
Francine Sperre Tips only

It's *so* easy!

Easter Bunny Napkins
Easter Bunny Napkins

Hop to it! Here's how to fold a bunny napkin for Easter. It lets your guests know they're somebunny special.

94 reactions 8 comments
Virka Home Beautiful
Carla Wertman Susan Newlin Cox
Christopher J Barone Amanda L. Fusco Gressa Quinn
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost Cool 😎
René Auguste Oh, Martha: you're very bunny.

We bet you'll love them, too.

5 Adorable Animal Ceramic Lines We Are Totally in Love With
5 Adorable Animal Ceramic Lines We Are Totally in Love With

Take the cuteness of your kitchenware to the next level with these amazing animal-inspired ceramics.

47 reactions 6 comments
Commodore Corleone [Leonard Jewell Taylor Jr. USN 434 GL AUG 3 2000 MCMAP USS/FED USAF USO US Army Project Nike USACSF Eli Lilly Martha Stewart Omni Media NIKE WOMEN United States Women's National Team WTA Nike Smoke] "Leonardo Writes"........ ~Serenades~ ……1., 2., ...
Fulvia Goya Nelson Adriana Nelson
Melissa Milligan Nice but they're all derivative.
Corey Van't Haaff The clayopera link says user does not exist
Kate Flood Woods Kelley, I thought of you... these are *almost* as adorable as some of your work

Save this guide for Easter brunch.

French Omelet 101: A Step-by-Step
French Omelet 101: A Step-by-Step

There's no better way to start your day than an expertly prepared omelet. Learn how to make one like a pro.

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Now, you have the answer!

Martha's Favorite Recipes for Spring

Of the thousands of recipes Martha has prepared for her readers, family, and guests, have you ever wondered which she likes best?

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Dee Spiess I have made this and it is pretty and delicious!

No flour needed for these delicious Passover cakes.

262 reactions 4 comments
Rozeline Van Der Ross Suraya Eksteen
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost Yummy yummy 😋
Louisa Monahan Yum
Mahmure Çelik Sivas I 💜You

Everything you need to know to dye the most amazing Easter eggs:

551 reactions 20 comments
Virka Home Great
Sonya Bufalo Debra Suggs Springer
Alli Munster Donna Burt
Dena Amara Reem Moussa
Elena Esquivel Espinosa de los Monteros Fabiola Guajardo

Bright and easy!

Pasta Recipes for Warmer Weather
Pasta Recipes for Warmer Weather

So the weather is still "mixed"; conjure up a new season in the kitchen with these easy pasta recipes.

269 reactions 3 comments
Wes Grimm David Gonzalez
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost Yummy 😋 I'm gonna make this tonight
Nikki Cairns mmmmm.......

Allergy season is right around the corner and this anti-hay fever tonic may come in handy.

139 reactions 10 comments
Elizabeth Hernandez Dianne Rommel
Teri Gowe Nelson Heather Newman
Michele Chamberlain Snook Lory Chamberlain-Burrows
Heidi Cady Haley Parson
Faye Kelly Cat Daniels 😂

It's all about layering on new flavors.

Make-Ahead Office Lunch: Five Days, Five Ways
Make-Ahead Office Lunch: Five Days, Five Ways

Add one item each day to watch your lunch reinvent itself all week long.

164 reactions 4 comments
Erin Broderick Gabriela Barbosa
Louise Sandison Julia Sandison
Noa Dor Sapir Zeif
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost 🤗
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