Martha Stewart
01:00 03/20/2017

You're going to want a set of this paperware for your spring parties!

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Dorothy-Yorke Alloway
exclusively at TARGET... I do NOT shop target!

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Nature's true colors are coming out!

How to make natural ink
How to make natural ink

Once you start making ink, the world never quite looks the same. Learn

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Andrea Varsane Morton Andi Gelsthorpe
Hannah Chang Jackie Leonardo
Gayle Wiens John Wiens
Heidi Cady Haley Parson
Pat Armstrong Anne Neal Sarah Laura

Who says you can't have your cocktail and eat it, too?

Easy, boozy, beautiful: Alcohol-soaked fruit recipes to serve this summer
Easy, boozy, beautiful: Alcohol-soaked fruit recipes to serve this summer

This summer, serve alcohol in the form of macerated fruit or frozen desserts.

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Bennita Hernandez Angelica Begay
Dawn Nantista Scrivano Michael Scrivano
Sarah Luzietti Alexis Ethridge
Rony Rothken Malcolm Dort
Sami Wallace Rylee Jerolaman Julia Khatri Martha is on to something here

Every good host should have a tasty vegetarian option at their summer cookout. Learn how to make this black-bean burger with pickled onions:

60 reactions 6 comments
Bill Crosby A Ramidan Berger ? You are unAmerican .
Melody Henderson YUMMY AND KOOL
Geraytere Monti Very good!!
Daniel Huppenthal No bacon ?
Gina Tarter I made a batch of quick pickled red onions. So easy and super delicious. They add such a brightness to the dish.

So chic!

5 stylish ways to wear a tassel
5 stylish ways to wear a tassel

Who knew they could look so high-fashion so effortlessly?

33 reactions 38 comments
Yram Srednas Looks like curtain sash. Ugly.
Annaliese Cook 100% no
Pamela Forbes So tacky.
Paris Taylor The stupidest trend ever!
Denise Davis No

Did you know the flavor of the beans depends on where they're grown?

Vanilla: Everything you need to know, fom bean to extract
Vanilla: Everything you need to know, fom bean to extract

Plain vanilla? Think again. Try out its different forms, and discover countless ways to intensify the flavors in your baked goods โ€“ and more.

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Jan McGrath And Fiji!
Tye Merricks Between.
Florissa Glen Did you mean from bean?
Bill Crosby This is silly ...
Mary E Mercado What's FOM BEAN?

Martha's newest chicken-and-rice dinner made with fried almonds, parsley sprigs, and raisins is anything but boring! Try her recipe here:

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Carla Wertman Becca W
Althea Cole yum
Ali Alshemare I just made it today it's so yummy
Joe Lopez and I bet it tastes great!
Sima Benzsay Yummy

Uncork and enjoy!

37 reactions 3 comments
Lorraine Mondich Bill Philby
Tye Merricks I'm not sour.
Sarah Kee Pop tea. Milk.

What's for dinner tonight? All things grilled!

20 things you didn
20 things you didn't know you could grill

Bored with burgers? Think steaks are a snooze? Offer something unexpected at your next cookout with these fresh ideas.

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Sarah Aslani Arash Sarfehjou
Dawn Nantista Scrivano Michael Scrivano
Tye Merricks They ready to die.

See why a solar farm in Minnesota is generating a whole lot of buzz โ€“ literally:

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Maria Guevara Nice
Tye Merricks Right?.
Wanda Weathers look at those beautiful flowers
Maria McGowan #gosolar!๐ŸŒž Clean energy is what the world needs!

A long weekend calls for a celebratory cake! On our newest episode of "Sweet Talk," Lindsay Strand bakes up a light-as-air sponge cake covered with strawberry-meringue buttercream. Find the full recipe here:

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Ana Maria Sant'Ana Elisa Sant'Ana
Era Adnan Popo Kongkong Leong
Tye Merricks Exceed.
Debra Mojica Looks so delicious
Theresa Scherger Winczura Like

This recipe for spiced lamb chops with stuffed cabbage is big enough to feed a crowd, but elegant enough for a party. Save and pin the recipe for your next celebration:

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Fabi Portillo Barbaros Bob Erdin
J Renee Coleman Bryan Wilkins
Faith Justice Wayne Ace
Ruiz Kimberly Paula Melancon...
Alcide Hades Ildefonso Fonzy Ortiz... I know you want it

Tips from a pro on creating a space that's calming, comforting, and great for entertaining.

11 living room decorating ideas every homeowner should know
11 living room decorating ideas every homeowner should know

Lost when it comes to creating a visually cohesive, lived-in space? Learn how to decorate like an interior designer!

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This all-natural spritz will help ward off pesky pests when you're outside this weekend!

DIY: Bugs-Be-Gone Spray
DIY: Bugs-Be-Gone Spray

Essential oils that have pungent, spicy, or woodsy odors repel insects by masking our natural scent.

92 reactions 5 comments
Mary Swan Lamar Dave de Medicis
Christie Connell Christine Brussell
Tye Merricks The same.
Elizabeth Kamamonoelehua Quinn mosquitoes?
Claudia Lee I take a pack of unscented baby wipes and add essential oils to the pack (lavender, grapefruit, mint, rosemary, lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus). I then add a touch more water, close the pack up and squish it with my hands to get the oils through the ...

Add these historic sights and excellent restaurants to your itinerary!

An insider
An insider's travel guide to Washington, D.C.

Now is an exciting time to visit the nation's capital. Here's why.

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Debbie Butler Newton Penny Ray Phillips
Jane Havelka Laura Lape. Kyle James Lape
Susan Gutierrez Kelly Schirmer Dolphin
Naseema Mohammed Emma Wagner Brian Wagner
Regina McBath Jerilyn Sanders

Martha Stewart's cover photo

169 reactions 4 comments
Hannah Omary I really like how the watermelon is cut! Nice
Ricky Wright That's What I'm Talking About
Marcia Hesler Yum!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Angela Bray Kelman Bought this issue today - love all the recipes! Can't wait to have some proper picnics for my 4 boys this summer. :)

Forgot to make dessert? It only takes 5 minutes to turn store-bought waffle cookies and creamy mascarpone into a delightful treat. Save and pin our recipe here:

298 reactions 4 comments
Tye Merricks I had a beam on em.
Kristin Augusti Foley Should use Rip Van Wafels!
Naheed Fatima Yummy
Barbara Roe Reeves I think these would be yummy. Aldi has the waffle cookies and they are a bit too sweet for me. If you make these sandwiches, the mascarpone cheese would neutralize some of that sweetness.

No more overcooked chicken!

The trick to barbecuing chicken without burning it
The trick to barbecuing chicken without burning it

A blend of spices that includes paprika and chili powder is a great base for a quick chicken rub.

113 reactions 6 comments
Sarah Khaled Gรถkhan
Charlotte Serena-Williams Clemenson Agustin Albertoni
Shayla Marie Make it in your toaster oven or oven on bake for like fifteen twenty minutes then broil for about ten minutes on 350 the entire time
Marilyn Bozik Par-Boil?
Dolly L Williams Looks burnt to me

Round out your Memorial Day party spread with a good slaw!

Recipe: Classic Creamy Coleslaw
Recipe: Classic Creamy Coleslaw

This tangle of cabbage and carrot is dressed with a balance of tangy mustard, mayonnaise, and sour cream to create the standard slaw.

90 reactions 1 comments
Scott Yancey Good slaw is great on top of a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, too!

Avocado, caramelized onions, and feta add flavor to these delicious dips without fat or salt. So go ahead and get dunking!

217 reactions 6 comments
Viv Manchester Shannon James
Rosemarie Lentini Claudia Gagliano-Lambos
Ruiz Kimberly Tori Holt-Rodriguez..this is fantastic
Richard Hollon Pretty sure feta is loaded with salt, Martha!
Maria Ventresca Bennett Hmm feta is loaded with salt, avocado, olive oil are fat, although they are healthy fats, everything in moderation.

Dessert doesn't get more decadent than this double chocolate pudding! Try the recipe this weekend:

460 reactions 12 comments
Zoรซ Irene Jared Carlton
Sherryl Murray Rea Jean Sael Thp
Adaias E Tony Marcia Regina Baia
Romina Segovia Jurado Carolina Segovia Alma quiere ๐Ÿ˜
Francine Mcgeary I'll have some please

Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner?

Easy breakfast casseroles for brunch and beyond
Easy breakfast casseroles for brunch and beyond

These one-dish wonders are a morning entertaining lifesaver!

174 reactions 2 comments
Romy Ann Julie Pintar OMG
Linda Siverling Yum

These next-level muffin recipes are anything but basic:

117 reactions 1 comments
Tye Merricks I dun dun this.๐Ÿ‘„

A neatly-folded napkin is a small way to add elegance to your dining table.

The art of napkin-folding: One napkin, 12 ways
The art of napkin-folding: One napkin, 12 ways

To inspire you, we present a dozen ways to spiff up a plain napkin.

352 reactions 9 comments
Daniela Bernal Olga Luz Orozco Piedrahita
Laurie Hubble-Brown Chris Hill Hubble
Melissa Voutsos Hogle Stephanie Diemer Smith
Silje Mork Bjรธrndal Maria
Mary Allen "Beautiful table sitting!"

Puddings, mousses, fondue, and more!

25 irresistible chocolate recipes that every chocoholic needs to try
25 irresistible chocolate recipes that every chocoholic needs to try

From chocolate classics to new-fangled chocolate treats that shouldn't be missed, this collection is a chocoholic's dream!

387 reactions 2 comments
Claudia Volgenau Irene Streeter Danielle Scheepers Marc Volgenau
Francine Mcgeary Alright

While the Saudi Arabian rice dish known as saleeg may resemble Italian risotto, it's set apart by the addition of milk, which gives it a rich, creamy texture:

157 reactions 4 comments
Tye Merricks Nh.
Peter Winston Gerbeville Must be good. Nice.variation
Fred Klem May need to try this,...
Traci Taylor Looks yummy!

Healthy living is a journey, but that doesn't mean you need more than two days to get started.

5 little things you can do this weekend for better health
5 little things you can do this weekend for better health

Try these five household tips, recipes, and projects to give your home and body a wellness upgrade this weekend.

84 reactions 1 comments
Tye Merricks Street money!.

Plants in containers have small footprints but make a big, beautiful impression.

Breathe new life into your patio with a group of container gardens
Breathe new life into your patio with a group of container gardens

A gardening expert shares her tips and tricks for an eye-catching combination of pots and plants.

105 reactions 3 comments
Tye Merricks Quarter back!.
Janice Schnack I like the look
Christopher Smith Need some of that on My patio โค๏ธ
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