Martha Stewart
08:02 01/11/2017

Are your waffles perfectly crisp on the outside and light on the inside?
We're here to help.

How to Make Crispy-Fluffy Waffles

How to Make Crispy-Fluffy Waffles

Sunday mornings were meant for waffles. This is a kitchen conundrum that is easily solved by following these simple steps.

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JoAnne Rodgers Tyrrell you should try for Ella
Sumathi Subramaniam
Khirthana Subramaniam watch this
Leigh Ana
Waffle maker !!!!

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Our first reaction was "Wow!"

Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea
Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea

Artist Federico Picci's new series showcases bubbles spilling out of a grand piano, a gramophone, and more.

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Hafsa Khanam Ayesha Khanam
Rachel McDonald Anna McDonald
Genaro Hernández Chávez Tanya Brandenstein
Leslie Russell Yost Crystal Routon
Karel Ruffin Wow

Tackle that pile of sheets today!

Organized Bed Linens
Organized Bed Linens

There's something incredibly satisfying about opening up the linen closet to see not unholy chaos but color-coded bundles neatly tied in a bow.

51 reactions 6 comments
Adam Scott Gillins Meg Halvorson Gillins
Diana Habbib William Terrence ...Goddess.
Virginia Joines Sorry. Just looks like laundry piles to me. I like everything folded and neatly stacked in my linen closets.
Patti Davis-Perkins I place the pillowcases and bottom/fitted sheet in a neat pile and fold up all together as a package within the top sheet ... easy peasy.
Ellie McNiece I used to have dozens of sets of sheets crammed into my linen closet. I decluttered my life a few years ago and only have two sets for each family member. It's fabulous to fit everything in the closet neatly, each set inside a pillow case - who needs ...

Even the grumpiest night owl will become a morning bird for these adorable pancakes! Find out how we made them with Macys:

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Melissa Latchman Amir Ali
Jane Havelka Laura Lape
Jennifer Keefe Awesome again
Tania Martinez I like breakfast for dinner , what is wrong with that .

Perfectly-popped popcorn — make a big bowlful for tomorrow's Oscars broadcast:

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Crystal Wiberg Rachel
Sheryl Miller Sitek Chris Miller
Aleandro Di Nuzzo Jess Catalano
Anita Aita Kelly Boisbouvier
Juan Antonio Gamboa Ramírez Cecy Ramirez Navarro

Follow these five steps to pancake success!

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Julie Gargano Melissa Gargano
Carolyn Koch Julien Koch
Pame St Juanito Colli
Amber Luna Mig
Vaness Macdonald Jodie Young

The culprit is gooey and green.

Uh-Oh! There
Uh-Oh! There's a Sudden Shortage of Elmer's Glue

But a company representative has an exciting new update for something in-the-works!

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James Ashley Gonzales young kids are using Elmer glue getting high.....
Desiree' Dee Davis As a teacher this is just fine. Glue sticks are better.
Lisa Villafane I looked in homedepot lowes and Walmart upstate ( elmers
Melanie Chiera So ... it's gak.
Jessica Lynn Tiana Williams it's not just Target!

Bold and vibrant wallpaper is the decorating spark we've been looking for.

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Jennifer Kitchens Street Christine Miller Johnson in small doses.
Aaron Christensen Tear it up Martha!
Anni Sumarni Beautiful
Belle Cose Always!
Mary Allen Beautiful decor!!

"There's nothing wrong with adding a little bling to your special event!"

The Biggest Floral Trends of 2017 Inspired by the Red Carpet
The Biggest Floral Trends of 2017 Inspired by the Red Carpet

Who better to talk trends with than the man responsible for the floral arrangements at every major awards show in Hollywood?

59 reactions 4 comments
Malena Kruger de Caldera Ll
Kristin Hummel BEAUTIFUL!!
Kristin Hummel Y'all post something ab this! How amazing is this?!?!
Dee Smith Had Marthas classic flowers for my daughters May 5th wedding in 2006 ; floweres were amazing , had them everywhere in hall!!

This acupressure yoga mat will help you destress in two ways.

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Lauren Hawkes Ashley Hawkes
Brittany Hutto Hope Brooks
Bridie Gration Nicole Beamish
Karyn Kant Anne Waters
Jeri Banks Denshai Lee

The next time you need a soothing tonic, try one of these teas.

5 DIY Herbal Teas to Heal Whatever Ails You
5 DIY Herbal Teas to Heal Whatever Ails You

From allergies to stress, we've got you covered.

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Leslie Flores Sonja Dean
Angie Wilson Nellie Muñoz-Tyler. Taylor Wilson. Lowell Wilson. Angie Wilson.
April Webster Heidi Wise
Ginger Miller Love tea

After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The Right Way to Start Your Day: Protein-Rich Breakfast Ideas
The Right Way to Start Your Day: Protein-Rich Breakfast Ideas

Don't know what to eat in the morning? We asked a SoulCycle instructor what she eats, and it turns out she loads herself with protein every morning. Read on for ideas on how to up your protein intake in the a.m.

207 reactions 5 comments
Tyler Hanes Yummy! Thank you Martha! 💖
Larissa Shirley King Tofu scramble from Martha Stewart! ❤❤❤
Robert Varela Bacon and eggs are a staple in my diet
Renae Kathleen Corcoran ❤️ Tofu Scramble

They're spoon-licking good!

Our Ultimate Frosting Glossary: From Buttercream to Royal Icing
Our Ultimate Frosting Glossary: From Buttercream to Royal Icing

Before you make your next cake, browse our collection of frosting recipes.

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Beatriz Alvarado de Dougherty Michelle Dougherty
Kathryn Parker Bec Supple
Christine Baker Kristy Westley
Elizabeth Williams Sarah Nicole
Rebecca Sherrick Sabrina Colizzi

Step away from the unhealthy snacks and try these instead!

Fuel Up With the Best Energizing Foods
Fuel Up With the Best Energizing Foods

The next time you feel like you're running on fumes, skip the quick fixes! Instead, use these tips to fuel up with energizing foods that will sustain you throughout the day.

669 reactions 8 comments
Kelly David Eskew Doug Eskew
Catherine D. Duda Catherine Duda
Ronda Weiss Erica Weiss
Susie Molina I love the newer posts!
Bette Jo Lovitt O'Meara Looks good

Cage-free? Pasture-raised? Learn what all the labels mean.

The 5 Things You Need to Know When Buying Eggs
The 5 Things You Need to Know When Buying Eggs

We love it when Martha brings eggs from her hens to the office for us, but mostly we're in the grocery store trying to work out which eggs are freshest, healthiest, and best for the environment. Here's what we've learned and what you need to know to become an informed egg buyer.

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Bebe Ruiz Thank You
Rovena Lawson Chickens poops breakfast hahahah!
Tania Martinez very informative reading , I can not wait to be used asap .
Patricia Hobolth Zheutlin Saw a news story on the so called cage free. Look it up, not pretty
Laurie Walter Thanks for the egg knowledge - very interesting and good to know.

Make sure to include these items on your pet-proofing list!

10 Common Household Items That May Be Dangerous for Your Pet
10 Common Household Items That May Be Dangerous for Your Pet

Chocolate, household cleaners, and detergents: You know to keep the obvious things out of reach. But some of the most common choking hazards and health risks are right under Fido's nose.

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Taking another aspirin may not do the trick.

Natural Alternatives for Managing Headache Pain
Natural Alternatives for Managing Headache Pain

When it comes to chronic headaches, the real remedy is more likely to be found in lifestyle changes and natural treatments than it is in the medicine cabinet.

167 reactions 12 comments
Anay RodMore Alexander Volz
Jannine Zurolo Falvey Tammy Trantales
Marcella Malone Kati Lynn
Lavina Brickey Donlin Michelle Brickey Ernest
Katie Gamble Michael

Master the chocolate souffle at home (yes, it's possible!).

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Keith Malander Denise Malander
Adam Scott Gillins Meg Halvorson Gillins
Rosa R Gabriella ROsarini
Ritta Lovestotravel Desmond
Isabel Arevalo-Cruz Mmmmm Jose Cruz Jr.

His love for traveling is on full display.

Our New Favorite Apartment Decor Theme: Zen Bungalow
Our New Favorite Apartment Decor Theme: Zen Bungalow

This resident of sunny Venice, California finds his personal serenity within the comfort of his home, which he has appropriately named the "Zen Bungalow."

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The flowers really pop!

This Artist Captures the Breathtaking Beauty of Blooms in Her New Series
This Artist Captures the Breathtaking Beauty of Blooms in Her New Series

In this exclusive, Lucy Cuneo shares her dreamy new collection of floral prints.

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Sometimes, less is more!

5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life
5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Managing your time can make a huge difference when you're always on the go and have a full day ahead of you. To simplify your daily routine, here are six golden rules that will finally free up your time.

151 reactions 3 comments
Tita Cota So true
Nené Tomasini Quise decir que la publicación no estaba en español, disculpas
Leizyl Tumulak Practical advice and doable. @Martha, I like the cover photo with the sticky notes. Do you sell the calendar board?

Dazzle guests with a fun Oscars snack table idea from Theodore Leaf!

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Shazrae Mian Ayesha Mian
Natalie Carter Liam O'Neil
Gigi Anders Lauren Lipton Theresa Alfano
Bella Riehle Patty Gregory Dad.....
Holly Martin Sarah

It's much easier than calligraphy!

Try Your Hand at Lettering (and Get the Tricks to Look Like a Pro)
Try Your Hand at Lettering (and Get the Tricks to Look Like a Pro)

In these modern times of instant messaging and email, it's especially sweet to receive a handwritten and heartfelt note -- even more so when it's adorned in a way that has it bursting out of your mailbox.

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Lesley Davies Francesca Davies
Sally Healey Fowkes Kelli
Gina Cuaik Mena Gaby Lizárraga
Robyn Kirby Kristina Kovacevich
Isabel Coimbra Rita Rodrigues

Kick off your weekend with a bright citrus and tequila cocktail!

709 reactions 10 comments
Lisa Laird Eileen Coughlin🍹
Heather Richardson Allison Ayars
Tommy Robinson Michael David Robinson :) for our next Mexican night
Becca Stewie Sinead Caitlin White and Charnie Connelly drink these for me tonight 🍹
Marjorie A. Fields YES!

Light, golden, fluffy — just three reasons why you should make a Dutch baby pancake for brunch this weekend:

2.5k reactions 128 comments
Kristen Mogle Tormenti Lisa-Dutch baby pancakes for Baby Dutch this weekend? 😉
Sandra Vail Powdered sugar is good on the baked pancake. So yummy. I love Strawberry jam on the top
Charlene Barker Can you make this in a plain skillet if you don't have a cast iron one..does anyone know ??
Geri Flood Daly Sarah Coates try these. They will be a family favorite.
Susana Nobio Delicious... served on one of my favorite dishes from my great grandmother ... Fabulous

Three-ingredient appetizers are a time-saving party trick we all need.

156 reactions 1 comments
Belle Cose So clever (and divine... can't wait to make these)

The group already has 450 members!

These Ladies are Crocheting Sleeping Mats for the Homeless
These Ladies are Crocheting Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

And they need two things: plastic bags and volunteers.

958 reactions 12 comments
Carla Wertman Susan Newlin Cox
Amy Weinstein Delin Lindsay Delin
Amy Weinstein Delin Lindsay Delin
Jessica Lee Miller Ellen
Eileen Marie Herron Arlene Lord

These ideas are swimmingly delicious!

9 Easy Appetizers That Start with a Can of Tuna
9 Easy Appetizers That Start with a Can of Tuna

A can of tuna probably isn't the first thing you reach for when you have guests coming over. But with the right recipe, canned tuna can be transformed into an elegant, satisfying appetizer.

196 reactions 2 comments
Lyanne Pugh Sense Murphy
Rosanne Rousseau Yech

It's making cities more pet-friendly one doghouse at a time.

1.2k reactions 86 comments
Barbara Smith Marciano This would be great for my dog, Parker! 🐶
Gina Rehberg Zagerman Who would leave their dog in that
Rebecca Herrick But we put spikes out for homeless human beings...
Stella Crown I cannot even imagine my dog locked in there, no way😱😱😱
Dawn Saunders I can't believe all of the lame crybabies who comment on Martha Stewart s page. Just scroll past, negative neds.
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