Martha Stewart
08:02 01/11/2017

Are your waffles perfectly crisp on the outside and light on the inside?
We're here to help.

How to Make Crispy-Fluffy Waffles

How to Make Crispy-Fluffy Waffles

Sunday mornings were meant for waffles. This is a kitchen conundrum that is easily solved by following these simple steps.

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Whether you use a slow cooker or the oven to make this delicious beef stroganoff, you won't have to tend to the pot! Just prep the ingredients, cover them up, and go:

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Laura M Kamerer Kyle Kamerer Kayla Marie
Joel Latham Thanks
Tye Merricks Patience.
Cesar Cordova Nothing new martha.
Todd Forsyth One of my favorites!

This three-layer chiffon cake is a strawberry lover's delight. There are three pounds of berries sandwiched between its layers, mixed into the ethereal whipped frosting, and in a sugar-dusted pile on top:

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Zarina Din Looks beautiful and yummy.
Cesar Cordova I love you martha.
Janine King Absolutely delicious!!
Susy Censi Esta torta es la que quiero para mí cumple
Aslida Cervantes video ?

We know how much you love chicken!

15 chicken recipes you can make any night of the week
15 chicken recipes you can make any night of the week

The possibilities are endless once you have these easy recipes.

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Kacy Lynn Drake Ashley Rose 🐓
Mary Jane Martin i will never starve with you around Martha Stewart
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As any crafter will tell you — including Martha herself — inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Embroidery gets a colorful 3-D makeover on these hoops
Embroidery gets a colorful 3-D makeover on these hoops

"It's about my world of imagination where many things can happen."

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Joel Latham True
Boyn Dean Sioux Lily really neat stuff
Fran Ceila Hill Thea Miller Ryan, adding clay sculptures to your daily stitches?

Here is everything you need to know to make your very own craft room!

How to design the ultimate craft room
How to design the ultimate craft room

Build a space that allows your creativity to flow free.

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Susan Baker Senning Puja Gupta Senning 😄
Leslie Derene Lennox Hope Lennox
Jocelyn Wilson Tracy MacManus. Ruth Kelsall
Joel Latham Thanks

The paint's researchers claim it's "so black that our spectrometers can't measure it."

Try out the world
Try out the world's "mattest and flattest" black paint

It's the latest update in an ongoing art battle.

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Kylea Ruby Soho Jackson Chelsea Van Tol
Courtney Polo Melissa Jane for you!
Unique Anderson Jolene Marie Edwards idk why I thought of you ;)

It's time to break up with your delivery guy! Our chow mein recipe tastes better than take-out. And it cooks in less than 30 minutes, too:

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Tye Merricks My lepreds cost a bird.
Maria Hill yummy!
Maria Osoria Yummy yummy yummy!!!!
Yo Sloan I have this recipe of Chow Mein via Martha Stewart...IT IS MARVELOUS.....GO GET IT...YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CHOW MEIN......;)

Clean, bright, and airy! Our new Sutton bath vanity collection at The Home Depot is like a breath of fresh spring air!

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Dianis Castillo Graciela Castillo
Tye Merricks Landlord keeps on knocking.swear that n*gga hates me.

For the best flavor result, this cucumber-infused gin-and-grapefruit fizz should be refrigerated for up to three days before serving. Learn how to make one of our favorite spring cocktails here:

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Cliff Weichelt Janke Lucas yaas
Dustin Allen Jonathon Sipes Antonio De La Cruz make me one of these!
Kasia Paweska Kacper Kakr look at that 😊
Julia Thompson Barrett Montana Velvetthighs next girls night?

Psst... want to know the secrets to a perfect grilled cheese sandwich? Thomas Joseph reveals his tips and tricks in a new episode of Kitchen Conundrums. Watch the video, then try our recipe!

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Milagro Arias Michelle Morera, tía Martha nos quiere explicar algo.
Valerie Mattson Too brown
Brian Leister PS. Mayo browns the bread better than butter!
Stephen Mistalski II Burnt
Misti Ferrell Always use REAL butter, makes a huge difference!

We up the ante of this classic by adding the brightness of one special ingredient.

Cooking 101: How to make cacio e pepe
Cooking 101: How to make cacio e pepe

Technique is all-important when preparing this dish.

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Tye Merricks $350 additional pay?
Brian Agne Made it tonight. Delicious!!!

Anything you can do to silent your mind is a good thing.

4 types of meditation to heal your mind and soul
4 types of meditation to heal your mind and soul

Here's a guide to some of the most popular practices.

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Vanessa Bondy Davenport Ian Davenport
Angela Peper Catherine Lok
Louis Esquir Just take a nap so much easier
Carrie Isoldi Ummm.... I think your statement above the pix is grammatically lacking a bit. (NOT such a good thing!) I believe you're looking to say, "...... silence your mind....".

Make your walls work overtime!

How to stay organized in a bathroom with zero storage
How to stay organized in a bathroom with zero storage

And beautify an empty space in one fell swoop.

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Winter Zeiler Katie
Tye Merricks Penatentry.

The sooner you can get to a pet stain, the better!

Here's our guide for removing pet hair and stains

Learn how to best cope with your pet's accidents.

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Joel Latham Thanks nasty cleanness only Martha I need for you to do something for me this is between me and you. What ever you have that's classy send it my way 😍 and I. Love you Martha Stewart always and forever. I appreciate you with all my heart Martha inbox me. ...

"I find that experimenting with makeup can result in looks that you will really love. And remember, change is good." - Martha Stewart

Martha tries 4 new beauty looks for spring
Martha tries 4 new beauty looks for spring

Spring is the time to branch out and incorporate new products into your daily regimen.

474 reactions 30 comments
Julie Guida Stunning woman !
Lynne Dominick She is a beautiful woman
Adhila Kurian Uthup Prathibha Sharon
Carrie Satalino Vicky Ridgway Satalino
Tye Merricks Its a vibe.

One pan is all you need to prepare a variety of no-fuss family meals! Here are 32 simple recipes that are just right for dinner tonight:

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Andrew Castro Maria Hernandez
Mo Jo Brittany
Adhila Kurian Uthup Prathibha Sharon

All you need are two ingredients!

Foolproof Granita
Foolproof Granita

Thomas Joseph shares a his sure-fire tips for making a super smooth granita. Follow his steps and make this frozen treat on your own with your favorite fruity ingredients.

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Joel Latham Baby thanks I can use this for my show when I decide to.bring it to the world.

It really is true that you don't have to break the bank in order to have a nice bathroom remodel.

Thinking about a bathroom remodel? Here are 4 decorating ideas with impact
Thinking about a bathroom remodel? Here are 4 decorating ideas with impact

Take a look at these stunning before and after photos!

114 reactions 6 comments
Tania Martinez yes
Lala Moniz This wallpaper 🙈
Jackie Harrison That wallpaper is not an improvement imo.
Cassie McPherson Elizabeth Conner when are we doing the powder bathroom?!

It doesn't have to be Superbowl Sunday for you to enjoy some classic pigs in a blanket. The game day favorites are a great everyday snack, too. In honor of National Pigs in a Blanket Day, here's one of our favorite recipes:

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Angela Akladiss Marie Pagan
Geraldine Merrill What's with the naughty bites? O Martha 😃👍🏾
Lot Ultee Marjolijn Lindner, National pigs in blankets Day!
Amanda Billups No
Jennifer Barry Bring on the ketchup and bbq sauce! Yum!

Guys, this epic reunion just happened.

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Naomi Rodgers Niamh Durham
Melissa Taylor Deisering Kaylee Shae
Amanda Thomas-Walker Kaya Walker
Clémence Fouquet Roma Lou ❤💖😉

With this recipe, you'll have a restaurant-quality steak in under 10 minutes!

How to make the perfect pan-fried steak
How to make the perfect pan-fried steak

Pair it with a simple steak sauce, and serve it with a classic side like roasted potatoes.

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Haley Brightwell Eric Thibodeaux
Cristalee Andrews Jessica Marie
Zuraimah Abu Bakar Frank Siegel 😃
Becca Miller Suburb....

You don't need to be a cake-making pro to master this ruffled look — it's actually quite easy! Try it using our recipe for carrot cake with white-chocolate frosting:

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Natália Custódio Pereira Vai a gente tentar fazer isso... Ana Carolina Leite Ferreira
Joel Latham Thanks hunny.
Chrislin Payne Love
Bonnie Daugherty Nice
Chrislin Payne I'm trying this

Here's how you can be a more eco-friendly crafter!

7 things you could be recycling from your craft supplies
7 things you could be recycling from your craft supplies

Like paper, fabric, and even tools!

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Charlotte Coker Tiffany Marie Dahl
Maria Osoria This is so delicate Martha! It's so beautiful!

Porches require even more regular maintenance than indoor spaces. Neglect them, and dirt and debris can quickly build up!

How to keep your porch looking like new
How to keep your porch looking like new

Here is our best porch advice from Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook.

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Jack William Martin-Campbell Patricia Martin
Simran Singh Yes
Imelda Ortega Suzara Porsche cars are too low riding.
Dania Juvier Olivera Hello martha í like everythin you art , DANIA New Jersey

These delicious muffins are low in fat thanks to nutritious, flavorful add-ins like banana, carrots, and raisins!

Recipe: Morning Glory Muffins
Recipe: Morning Glory Muffins

Start of your day on a high-note.

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Giejin Deocades Devesme Wow.. yummy.I wanna try this for my kids😋
Ruth Mireles Yummy
Joan Stewart Hendrix Yes!
Maria Stavis *** Healthy....

An American-born beauty, the cheesecake gets upgraded with a triple dose of chocolate. It's in the crust, in the filling, and over the top!

Recipe: Triple-Chocolate Cheesecake
Recipe: Triple-Chocolate Cheesecake

Plus, get our pro-tip for how to cut the cleanest slice of cake.

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Alisa Tyler Jamelle K. Bass
Patricia Trematerra Maximilian Handl
Tuan Nonnalin Thungsoonthorn Firsto Naledee อยากเกนแบบเน้
Holly Scott Crews Martha does it again 😇
Emerald Adelle Cano That Looks good Martha! Thanks for sharing :)
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