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08:02 01/11/2017

Are your waffles perfectly crisp on the outside and light on the inside?
We're here to help.

How to Make Crispy-Fluffy Waffles

How to Make Crispy-Fluffy Waffles

Sunday mornings were meant for waffles. This is a kitchen conundrum that is easily solved by following these simple steps.

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Waffle maker !!!!

Other newsfeed from Martha Stewart

Cheers to #NationalAppleCiderDay!

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Law of Attraction the most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...

You can make these extra-creamy mashed potatoes up to 1 day ahead. Reheat at 350 degrees in a foil-covered baking dish for 10 to 20 minutes.

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You're going to go nuts for this pie.

Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie

This classic Thanksgiving pie comes together quickly, then needs a long time to cool. It's a wonderful make-ahead recipe that you can bake the night before or early the morning of the feast. Either way it leaves you plenty of time to work on the rest of the meal.

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Jennie Landegren Tips Thomas

Crank out these cute last-minute Thanksgiving crafts over the weekend -- it won't take you long!

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Cristina Alsip Gina Sass-Ricci, Pamela Sass Angela Casella Kathryn Elizabeth Jocelyn Dean Sass isn't this a cute and easy idea? I love it!
Eszter Kovács We are going to take a Thanksgiving dinner with our English course. I will make the pumpkin pie. ;)

Hot chocolate season is here.

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Lisa Raley Taranto I want more of you & Snoop Dog! 💜💚💛
Delma Hall Love hot chocolate .

Pecan crumble + pumpkin pie = The best of two dessert worlds. Watch Sarah Carey make this delightful Thanksgiving pie and try the recipe for your celebration this year:

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Martha's mom makes AMAZING mashed potatoes.

Big Martha
Big Martha's Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese

This delicious recipe for mashed potatoes came from Martha's mother, Mrs. Kostyra.

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Yes, you *can* make this pumpkin cheesecake -- and many more delicious recipes -- days ahead of Thanksgiving.

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Kaylynne Phillips I am planning on making this on Sunday to take to the office thanksgiving lunch. European style butter and duck eggs

Who needs turkey? Just give us all the stuffing.

Cornbread And Sausage Stuffing
Cornbread And Sausage Stuffing

Some cooks like to add diced giblets (heart, gizzard, and liver) to the stuffing for an extra meaty taste.

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Ruby Vielgo No stuffings.No dinner.

Toss and turn, no more.

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Fred Ripley OMG NO!
Naomi A Torres-Rhodes I have one & LOVE IT!!
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Nancy Ryan Priddy I want one. Santa? Are you listening?
Nancy Greaves Mike Greaves maybe this is what I need?

Step away from the boxed stuff.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes
Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Instant potatoes can't compare to this homemade version.

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Don't be intimidated by this intricate loaf -- with our step-by-step, you can master this bread by Thanksgiving!

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We're here for all of your cooking needs.


Whether you're in the mood for chicken, one-pot pasta, or a chocolate dessert, we've got you covered here at Browse all of our recipes, from quick and easy weeknight dinners to holiday favorites.

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Caramelized hazelnut is the ingredient your Brussels sprouts salad has been missing.

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Lora Devereaux I make something very similar to this, but it includes nuts. I prefer pecans...also, mine uses apple sauce.

Do the mash!

Mashed Potato Recipes
Mashed Potato Recipes

An American classic, mashed potatoes can be made in different ways: simple, creamy, with garlic and herbs, or combined with other vegetables like sweet potato and cauliflower. Find here delicious mashed potato recipes, from the old-fashioned to the ones with a modern twist!

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Brian Pedati Erin Pedati
Jennifer Barry I love mashed potatoes with melted butter sprinkled with salt! Yum!
Cat Hankins Cauliflower and a parsnip steamed and blended in with maybe some roasted garlic and ricotta makes for fantastic mashers.

We’re loving this sweet video Martha did featuring “Little Martha” and her Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy’s. You can find everything she used to bake up delicious treats, put together a cozy layered bed, and set a winter wonderland tablescape here:

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Manon Lavallee Vardon That was so cute,lol
Charles Campain Martha Stewart is so awesome show 👏
Alanna L Lechter Thank you for giving us a video that doesn't have that awful Ronald McDonald look alike.
Josie Williams I will not be looking at her things again .Keep using your finger !!!
Lucia Triana Anhara Abud Triana ve ! esa es la tasa de Santa que tenemos

No need to choose between flavors with this mile-high pumpkin-pecan pie. #30DaysofPies

Mile-High Pumpkin-Pecan Pie
Mile-High Pumpkin-Pecan Pie

If you can't decide between pecan and pumpkin pie, then you'll appreciate our solution. This instant classic is so impressive and irresistible,...

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Zoë Feigenbaum Emma Feigenbaum wrong again!
Jennifer Barry Looks soooo good!

We love these Brussels.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts
Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

This delicious seasonal vegetable becomes sweet and nutty when browned. For the best flavor and texture, make the dish just before serving.

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Catch a new episode of "Martha Bakes" this Saturday on PBS !

Martha’s New Favorite Bread Will Totally Transform Your Morning Toast
Martha’s New Favorite Bread Will Totally Transform Your Morning Toast

Try this wholesome loaf for breakfast, for sandwiches, or your avo-toast!

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Juliane Hertzel-Nelson Jay Nelson

Never skip a stitch again.

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Kelly Owens ;)

Are you ready to sleep greener?

Everything You Need to Know About Switching to Bamboo Sheets
Everything You Need to Know About Switching to Bamboo Sheets

And what to know before you make the switch.

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This cranberry-stuffed apple pie is like the turducken of Thanksgiving desserts!

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Robert Hochstein Martha I’m coming to your house
Todd Chattan Dinner tonight. So simple

Take carrots from ho-hum to holiday-ready.

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김효선 박윤희 어때?!

The secret to vegetable noodles with no spiralizer? Spaghetti squash!

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Joshua Becki Davault Samantha Nicole Zeigler this made me think of you
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Ersina Liwy Hi Martha,I m going to do this for family dinner.:) Thanks for Sharing

Looking at this makes us so happy!

Fabulous Food Photographs In All the Colors of the Rainbow
Fabulous Food Photographs In All the Colors of the Rainbow

Feast your eyes on these glorious fruits and vegetables.

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Tina Marie Kurfurst Pantone pomodoro!
Donna Charette Looks like a quilt
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