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10:00 01/11/2017

These will energize, activate, and uplift you every morning. via Better Homes & Gardens

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There's nothing like a bowl of homemade soup to warm and comfort.

Soup Recipes
Soup Recipes

Whether you love potato soup, lentil soup, pumpkin soup or grandma's chicken noodle soup, try our recipes for the ultimate easy, satisfying lunch or dinner soups.

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Ryan Chaisson Desiree Dimaggio Alleman

Warm up with this hearty classic and enjoy leftovers all month long. Oven or slow cooker - the choice is yours!

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Adina Azwan Abd Aziz Farah Kasim
Franco Hernandez Crystal Salazar
Dan Johnson Luke Strong, crock pot party?
JoAnn Hoinski Looks yummy
Leonie Sweetman yummy

How sweet it is -- pound cake from scratch in three simple steps!

Vanilla Pound Cake
Vanilla Pound Cake

We've added vanilla to our recipe for an extra hint of flavor.

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Lavada Crow yum !
M Renée Homeyer Butts It makes the best French toast. Mmmm

Nothing says "weekend" like homemade pancakes for breakfast.

Easy Basic Pancakes
Easy Basic Pancakes

Our easy pancake recipe will help you whip up this weekend favorite in less than 30 minutes. You'll wonder why you never tried this before!

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Carol Lynn Bronson Cunningham Olivia Guard
Laura Nation Lucy Nation
Robyn Ryan Bec Manton
Heidi Haischer 😍😍😍😍

Plus the recipes that make them easy to enjoy!

12 Foods That Could Make Your Skin Brighter and Healthier
12 Foods That Could Make Your Skin Brighter and Healthier

Can you eat your way to good skin? While diet isn't the only factor when it comes to a glowing complexion, it certainly can't hurt to incorporate...

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Erika Peraza Erika Peraza

Keep the waffles warm in a 200-degree oven while making the chicken.

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Neal Ramkissoon Vanda
MaríaLuisa Santistevan Olivieri Hermann Jaaniorg. Adriana Aurrecoechea
Lynn Hansel Ace Foster. Here you go.
Camille J. Simon Snoop & Martha making some real dough together. We love u 💰💰💰💰💰💰
Jesse Valdez How bout da watermelon? 🍉

We've covered every detail for your next extravagant affair - from the invitation and decor DIY's to the masterful menu and farewell favors.

Bubble-Themed Cocktail Party
Bubble-Themed Cocktail Party

Champagne, balloons, caviar. Throw a festive bubble-themed party, and fun will be all around.

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Tiffany Tamlin Young Kim Mosher for Hana!

Turn leftover bits of embroidery floss�, yarn scraps, and a set of tea towels into a handmade doll.

Tea Towel Doll
Tea Towel Doll

You'll know how to reinforce a buttonhole, sew a pillowcase, and learn other handy stitches.

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Erin Turinetti Becky Wessel
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Rose O'Dell Jenifer Meyers Nelson
Amy McKenzie Potter Marie McKenzie

Feather-light and deliciously buttery.

How to Make Light and Fluffy Parker House Rolls Video
How to Make Light and Fluffy Parker House Rolls Video

Thomas Joseph shows you how to make this bread-basket classic recipe for feather-light, buttery rolls; just in time for the holidays.

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Sarah Carey makes a light Caesar salad with flavorful, zesty shrimp.

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Karen O'Neill Sarah Ann Careyy - your on TV now??!!
Phil DeLisle "Where's this go, in the oven?" No Martha, the tortillas go in the dishwasher.

Are you a cottage cheese convert yet? If not, these easy-to-assemble tartines should do the trick. Use our toppings (plums or figs and honey for sweet, or sprouts or radishes and lemon zest for savory) -- as a jumping-off point, then let your imagination run wild.

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Talitha Jones I prefer goat cheese to cottage cheese. 🐐
Mary Shirley I’ve always liked it No need to convert
Bill Maltsberger I love cottage cheese on toast! (You have revealed my secret). I also love it in a tortilla toasted in a toaster, with some beans and salsa. One of my.favorites: my home grown Persian Baby Cucumbers and cottage cheese! Woohoo!

Ask your butcher to cut a chicken into pieces and give you the backbone -- it makes for a richer broth.

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Allie Cat Kathleen Mallet
Jesse Valdez Looks so good
Carolyn Weitzel Glaser Why ask the butcher? It's not hard at all to cut up a chicken yourself
Bill Maltsberger A bag of bones and tasty vegetable scraps in the freezer is saving up for stock day! I love to extract the last nutrition and flavor from food trimmings. Then the spent bones and stuff goes into my garden soil. Waste not!

The creamiest (and easiest) smoothie to add to your lineup.

Avocado-Banana Smoothie
Avocado-Banana Smoothie

This recipe for a tropical-tasting avocado smoothie makes a satisfying breakfast drink or a simple snack.

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Doug Benway Griffin Benway
Nili Bashi Shirit Caplan For inspiration?
Tracy Daisy hmm
Kate Greven 😝
Cam Nguyen Tu Phan

Stuff, wrap, crust, or glaze your way to a more adventurous meal.

Beyond-the-Ordinary Baked Chicken Breast Recipes
Beyond-the-Ordinary Baked Chicken Breast Recipes

A versatile dinner technique gets an upgrade in these better baked chicken breast recipes.

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We wish we could send yummy smells (and treats) via email...

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Amber Turner Michael
Queeny IamQueeny 😍😍😍😍❤
Mary T Walters Yummy
Pat Merz Bad Martha

These ideas are as stylish as they are organizational!

10 Good Things for a Highly Efficient Home Office
10 Good Things for a Highly Efficient Home Office

Whether you tidy up your desk or keep your files meticulous, we've got clever solutions that work.

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The vibrant flavors in this dish will make you want to go #meatlessmonday every day.

Simple Vegetable Curry
Simple Vegetable Curry

This warmly spiced dish is quick and satisfying. Who knew vibrant flavor could be such a cinch? Try adding cubed extra-firm tofu or chicken breast...

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Jessica Lynn Roberta Senter
Rebecca Leah Rian Marie
Pamela Capriotti Martin Maddy
Fulvia Goya Nelson Adriana Nelsonn
Kimberly Gist Collins Veggie curries are also yummy with freshly chopped tomato and red bell pepper. They are super flexible too. You can use regular potatoes instead of sweet, and change up the veggies a bit. I've had good luck with them on low in the crockpot for 4-5 hours.

Our test kitchen's tips beat the boxed stuff.

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Adham Nasereldin Inbal Nsrldeen LhianyNsr Alden AssAf
Fernanda Homsi Robert Michels
Mónica Benavides Gely Benavides
Louise Johnson Kirsty Johnsonn
Mary Pool Yum

It's comfort food all the way this chilly week!

There Will Be Soup (And Other Warming Dinners) This Week
There Will Be Soup (And Other Warming Dinners) This Week

Don't we all need some warming meals?

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Kim Bonnema Thank you Martha!
Jennifer Barry Chilly week!? More like freezing week! LOL

Add a little spice to your life!

17 Sensational Cinnamon Dessert Recipes
17 Sensational Cinnamon Dessert Recipes

Our favorite warming spice, cinnamon, takes center stage in all kinds of sweet treats, from cookies and cakes to pies and puddings.

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Stephanie Walker John Schuler
Gerry Back Electrocuted a human in her home is terrorism.
Danielle Benjamin Dawn Benjamin Mollie Edwards if I wasn’t weight watching I’d say we were overdue a visit to Petit Prince for cinnamon slice 🤣🤣😇
Gerry Back Martha I admire you because after being bullied, you know what it is. Force feeding. No drink until plate is fished. And to me that’s mean and harmful. I used to say send my plate to those poor children. I can taste, feel, see, touch.
Gerry Back Wouldn’t you agree? Same question same answer. Never.

The smashing of the cake? We'll take a pass.

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Susan Bennett Mary Ann Rasmussen -FYI
Ronelle Stone Renee Hershberger. Fyi
Meghan Avis-Louise Paine All of them? Make your own;)
Betty Hendrickson A limited cake smash is ok.
Claire Shepard Tradition is a good thing

Watch Martha and Thomas Joseph create this authentic pho recipe from scratch!

How to Make Pho
How to Make Pho

TV chef Thomas Joseph traveled to Vietnam to study pho, the country's traditional noodle soup; he came back with this authentic recipe. Martha made...

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Vivian Guerra Jossie Kelley
Rony Rothken Neil F. A. Timiraos
Heidi Pedersen Justin Decio
Robin Pruka Delong Savannah Delong
Ortensia Peralta Santiago Vazquez

Comfort in a bowl.

Tortilla Soup with Black Beans
Tortilla Soup with Black Beans

Having good-quality beans on hand as a pantry staple makes this recipe a healthy, delicious, and affordable dinner option.

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Rony Rothken Brendan Marc Gibbons
Gerry Back Black beanies are great. I use them in a Portuguese dinner my friend from Fatima gave me. Gerry Back

Take a cue from this sophisticated succulent arrangement and curate your own own terra-cotta and Moroccan lantern garden.

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Georgia Lee Stuart Laurie McLeod Combs
JoAnn Baca Samantha Gallegos
Giovanna Sollitt Emily Sollitt & Mary Huckle
Jenna Quade Jaclyn Fowler 😍
Anne Russell Audrey Henschell, this is you

Bring your Pinterest-worthy inspirations to life.

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Jennifer Smallman Cheri Johannesson Christie Hosaluk
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