Maroon 5
15:00 04/20/2017

Congrats on recovering & donating 1 million pounds of food. Please donate to this great cause.

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

@NourishNow is dedicated to making people #FoodSecure by efficiently redistributing surplus fresh food to those in need. #EndHunger & #FoodWaste NOW!

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Karl Christoff Cabrera Tumicad
Lopez Rosales
Smail happy
Vicky Fernández
Ilvu A.L 😘❤
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez
So nice
Pradil Ghising Tmg
Sure I willlllllllllllllll just kiddinggggggg
Chris Florac
Nourish... that word oh please, do not use the word
Susan Perreault
Maroon five!! always doing good ! they are amazing!
Angie Lamonte
Human Nutrition 💚 2017 Human Kindness Is Good. Doing Good. Works 🌎 Heartfelt, Thank You, All 🍅
Allyshia Lutz
I love this. Get a contract with Starbucks! I've seen all the behind the scenes food waste EVERYday!

Other newsfeed from Maroon 5

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Silvana Marisa Vignati Grandes luchadores!!!!👏👏👏👏
Tami McHugh Aleksiejczyk Tina Andrews....
Donna Valko beautiful children they are fighter's!!
Amparo Elizabeth Andrade Flores Verdaderos Angeles que nos enseñan a ver la vida con ojos de amor
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez Great

We've got five facts for you...take 'em

2.6k reactions 42 comments
Rizki Shintaro Totally awesome!!!
วิรัตน์ วงศ์สวัสดิ์ แม่มึงไปขายหีในนรกหลึมใหนหรอ
Burak Çevik Super
Helen Levine ❤️❤️❤️
Deborah Kurek Maybe you should update your status!!!!!!😡

We're nominated for Choice Music Group at this year's FOX Teen Choice Awards Head below to vote for us!

Teen Choice - TV Series News, Show Information - FOX
Teen Choice - TV Series News, Show Information - FOX

Check out the latest buzz on Teen Choice

3.9k reactions 32 comments
Jennelyn Evangelista Sibal JA Miranda
David Ramirez
Mandy Marie
Paula Zelaya Belu Grosso
Rafael Juarez my idol

5 years ago today. #OneMoreNight

23.8k reactions 205 comments
Patty George Wow 5yrs ago doesn"t seem that long ❤all your music Maroon5
Ang Batang Tupa its my favorite its memorable to me because that song use to pageant. and that girl ahm my best friend she turn me hot..wowoo.. ;-)
Destiny Turpin Chrisie Wright Turpin i can't believe this was 5 years ago
Miica Varela Ya 5 cinco años?!!! Faaaaa, parece que fue ayer que salió overexposed che
Jana Perić HaMiella Miova brat 5god prosle......ko lani da bese, omg

A little birdie told us you like to take photos...

Fan Fotography
Fan Fotography

Have a photo? Tweet it to us!

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Luz Infante Aguilar 😍😘💓💕 Perú presente!!!!
Zhong Binbin 😍
Kristina Silitonga Add me
Lily Boyer Looks familiar.....mmmmm
Vuyokazi Ntamo Wow,wish i was there

#M5OnTheRoad tour is officially over but you can relive the memories through the lens of Travis Schneider. See what it was like to be on the road with us during our #V campaign here

4.2k reactions 30 comments
Oren Halmut new twist on your great song :-)
Khurram Mahmood come to Bangladesh guys...
Veronica Manco Come back to Italy🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💙
Rock HamZa wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
徐瑶 How long will I meet u.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. James Valentine.

7.2k reactions 57 comments
Ana Storm Castillo El más guapo desde mi parecer.
Katia Cruz Los mejoresss💕😍😍😍😍
Christiane Maurer Oh James you so wondervoll Men on Gitarre :)
Jarcelí Azevedo Lindoooo 🇧🇷
Lorena Walkiria Padilla Mi amoooooorr😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖😏

When people come together and act, the world changes for millions- for refugees, for women, for those denied financial access. Kiva is about to hit $1 billion in dreams funded worldwide. Will you join me in creating #1BillionInChange? Fund someone's dream today, and receive a $25 credit to fund another as soon as we hit a billion!

$1 Billion in Change
$1 Billion in Change

Together, we’re at the doorstep of an incredible milestone – $1 billion in life-changing loans!

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Lee Jun
An Nguyen <3
Adam Levine - My Man. Adam's Maroon 5 wow music ever?
عبد المنعم سامي حقية نحبكم 😍😍
Raymond Roesslinger #43

What a throwback, courtesy of Jesse Carmichael. #Classof97

39.2k reactions 251 comments
Amanda Wehner Wow a senior when I was a freshman. Thought you were younger than I lol
Tiarra Renee Henderson I was two when you guys graduated. You guys are getting old lol
Cristina Llamas Buddy for real and alumnus too 😲😲😲 no wonder they had a long friendship... Love you both and Maroon 5 ... Adam Levine 💟💟💟
Christian Loynet This group does not even respond to the messages of its fans. Shame on you
Denise Hemingway I left school in 1978 England. Now I feel so old lol. I'm a big fan of Maroon 5 love your music. X ❤️

#FBF to the recording sessions of #V in 2014.

6.1k reactions 29 comments
Martinez Jessica
Patrick Haman
Srishti Udani Ruchita Sareen
Mariann Colin 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Su R Jo love ur voice 😍

Due to last minute scheduling conflicts, we will not be able to play this Saturday’s Capital Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium as previously announced. We apologize to our fans for any inconvenience and disappointment caused by our withdrawal from the show and look forward to visiting the UK soon.

4.1k reactions 146 comments
Rhonda Clougher Totally disappointed you were my reason for going 😓
Tuhame Adon hahahaha....pliz maroon com on we are waiting for sugar concernt here in kampala uganda.
Adeeba Sheikh What a surprise....
Kailee Godding Abigail Ruth Whitlock glad we didn't get tickets for this in the end! Would have been very annoyed!
John Grimes Adam and the band, safer here than the US. This is how we Brits react to terrorists.

Our video for 'Cold' is almost at 100M. Share it with friends and let's get the video Vevo certified!

13.4k reactions 95 comments
林紫婷 好好聽👏👏👏
Dawn Roberts ❤️😘😍
Jackie Marquez Love this song so much
George Dană #Maroon5 Check out my remix for Cold
Ida Ortolani Pelamor!!!!!!!!

Our good friend Sam Martin Music put out his new music video. Support him and watch it now on YouTube

3.3k reactions 27 comments
Mateus Henrique #LIKE #MY #PAGE
Mateus Henrique #LIKE #MY #PAGE
Luís Pessoa Pedro Bastos
Timothy Dehart yeah
Tathy Marquina 😍😍😍😍😍

9.14.16. Knoxville, TN.

8.4k reactions 47 comments
Mayara Alves Amo vocês, garotos! <3
Ivon Tenorio 😍😍😍😍love
Sid Tomar Are u there
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez So great
Kara Swatzell Took Meghan Thacker to her first ever concert there!

See you tomorrow BottleRock Napa!!!

8.9k reactions 69 comments
Paul Steinberg hate to miss it!
Shawna Pickard Wilkinson Oh how I wish I was going to be there! So much fun!
Andrea Bales Burch So wish I could be there!!!
Lincoln Williams This is way cool
Jesse Frakes See you guys tomorrow!

10 years. #ItWontBeSoonBeforeLong

21.9k reactions 267 comments
Rob Hedburg Jared VanValkenburg 10 years??? I feel old, all of a sudden.
Gore VGorgeous It's my favorite album ever.. (esp. Back at Your Door)
Gloria Molina I love Nothing lasts forever!!! The Kansas West version also!!!! Adam you rock!!!!
Lucero Deyanira Sanchez Benavente Happy discversary!! That is by far my favorite! Thank for such amazing music!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Streed-Puddicombe Songs About Jane is still by far the best album they've done!!!!

Tag a friend and we’ll send you a surprise.

53.4k reactions 89135 comments
Madhurima Ghose Hey guys from #Maroon5, my friend from #latakia, #Syria is a huge fan of your band. His favorite number is #Sugar. Currently he has moved to #SaintPetersburg, #Russia due to hazardous #SyrianWar going on but his family is still back there. In this hour ...
Melika Miralem Sooo I come from one small funny country Bosnia, there is not a slightest chance for you to visit us, but let me just leave the comment here, even though I have no idea whether anything will happen. I'm pretty selective when it comes to concerts and ...
Rheanna Brunton Cummings Since I can't tag my 10 year old son who had a surprise Maroon 5 10th birthday party where he received concert (maroon 5) tickets to his very first concert and a maroon colored shirt made that read I can't keep calm, I'm celebrating my 10th birthday ...
Fucha Hernández I'll tag Yerismel because we both loves you, but if you wanna send us something plis, plis, pliiiiis, send two airplane tickets to scape from Venezuela and this disaster! Because we never gonna be available to pay for those tickets. So it's like a huge ...
Fevi F. Bernardo You are the "let's go!" kind of friend in this world full of "I'm too lazy to go out. I'm sorry." Continue being the amazing person and chingu that you are. Advance happy birthday! xx Lery Mediario

To celebrate our 15th anniversary of #SongsAboutJane next month, we have partnered up with Pr0ject_uno to allow fans to create their own artwork of each song from the album. Head here for more info on how to enter- We've seen some amazing work so far and can't wait to see the rest.

8.9k reactions 224 comments
Kayelynn Tucker Songs About Jane... still the best album 🙌🏻 And probably one of my favorite albums of all time.
Cath Howard my favourite Maroon 5 album, brings back so many memories!
Alex García Malanco Este fue el primero, el único & el mejor CD que lanzó Marron5 Valeria Denisse
Janet Richards OMG it can't be 15 years.. I am soooo old but still love listening to Songs about Jane
Diane Martin Baptiste Bonnet mdrrr un truc en plus à dire pour mon oral aujourd'hui 😉

Adam Levine is on the new Big Boi track #MicJack and also in the new video, out today on Vevo.

2.7k reactions 30 comments
Rohit Tripathi here's a cover of don't wanna know - maroon 5
Rian Adams Morgan Ashlee Dean
Sean Smith Aaron Levin Neve
Evelyn Brown Did not like it:(
YoungKhalifa Animalsss

Create your own visual interpretation of each song from #SongsAboutJane. To celebrate our 15 year anniversary of our release next month, we've partnered with Pr0ject_uno and are seeking out 1 visual interpretation of each song off the album. The best 12 (1 from each song) will be announced on June 25th and highlighted on our Instagram page. Looking forward to your entires!

6.6k reactions 135 comments
Dwayne Selby This album got me into the band. Go back to this sound please!
Ivonne MV Beautiful songs, i remember some experiences when i listened them and i am listening them yet.
Arbie Montesines Von Chie Curt Astorga Van Pedron sali tayoooo. meron ako complete album nila. hehehehe
Nicky Montoya-Tervol I wish I still had the music video I made of She Will Be loved....did it in high school...
Kim Blois Halloran Edward & Mark-you both have incredible talent... 😃

2 billion and counting. Thank you!! Vevo

42.3k reactions 300 comments
Steve Everett one of your best, very uptempo, 60's feel good kind of music,. When ever I'm feeling down, I go to that Youtube post and feel great all over again, thank you Mr Levine
Colette McConville Mark one of my fav Maroon 5 video's!!
Lynn Lv Its a pity that when i first time to listen "sugar" ,i v got married,i wish i could play this song on my wedding.
Manuel Contreras Garate The best video ever!!!! Please come back to chile this year, or the next and come to my wedding. Jeniifer Catalina Soto Perez :)
Duong Quoc Dat Keep making songs like Dont wanna know and your band will end soon.

Get ready.

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine and Big Boi, DNCE to Perform on
EXCLUSIVE: Adam Levine and Big Boi, DNCE to Perform on 'The Voice'

Levine is bringing a new single to the stage on Tuesday, May 16.

13.4k reactions 113 comments
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez So great
Micki Frasher Belpedio Can't wait. Who's that blond midget?
Jacque Silva Beautiful 💜
Xenia Janknegt Eva Hemmen adam en dnce, brb eventjes naar de hemel
Karen Dunn Stark Don't care for the white Adam.

Wow. 2004? Who remembers watching this?

5.5k reactions 76 comments
Ani Baxtadze I love Maroon 5💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Melanie Vicknair Love all music by maroon 5
Ana Laura Martins Rafaela onde começou meu amor por eles
Sue Winett Oh how I love ❤️ this and thanks for sharing 😘🎶😘
An Is Léø Nârdø 3labali hadi techfalha .. Deja kont m3a l public non ?

Timeline Photos

7.8k reactions 92 comments
Ann Van Driessche Love all of it !
Laura Krypczyk My favorite song ❤❤❤❤
Nusret Taras Payphone
Jerry Berry I LOVE ADAM!!!
Katie Snyder Brennan ❤️💄💃🏼

Can never get Moves Like Jagger out of our heads!

14.3k reactions 136 comments
Angie Lamonte Maroon 5 🎼Christina Aguilera 💎 "Moves Like Jagger" Yes, In Deed
Vinicius Zomer Love!!😍
Karen Aldrich Ransom My favorite!
Philippe Firecred It's one of the most popular song which has never been written since...
Philippe Firecred And it's for me one of the best song performed by Maroon 5...

This is from the last time we visited Brazil. We'll be back shortly! Catch us on tour this year. Head to for all dates.

4.3k reactions 92 comments
Jeanne McCurdy awesome
Lynda Collins Awesome love love love Maroon 5!!!!
Sonayra Guerra I was there, in São Paulo!
Clara Githaiga I love this song..."Girl from El penena"
Milena Abreu I'm miss you!

Throwback rollback.

34.6k reactions 165 comments
Lisa Canaguier Hassani Kévin Nasarre Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Leilane Cayres André Laffites choro toda vez que vejo algo 😔😭
Italo Huillcañahui Anita a ver si reconoces..
Micah Millwood 🎶 Take it, Take it all, Take all that I have 🎶
Aarón Castañón You should make songs like this again!!!

We've got remixes of #COLD from R3hab, Gucci Mane & Kaskade/ Lipless out today. Amazing talent doing their own versions of our song. Grab a copy below! Gucci Mane Remix- Kaskade & Lipless Remix- R3HAB-

1.6k reactions 17 comments
Debbie Hite Pennington I LOVE MAROON 5 the MOST!😎✌️
André Yair Correa When are you going to do a colab with Daft Punk?
Donna Valko I love Maroon 5!!
Wojciech Płaski Płoskonka I love you my ocean blue
Peny Hudson Levine Fuckin YES

#M5Maps on Saturday Night Live. #TBT

9.1k reactions 46 comments
Gloria Vera Mmmm no puedo ver el vídeo .l.
Lulú Fuentes What's wrong with you? 😡
Laura Veroli Un capolavoro
Elii Patiino 😍😍😍
Morena Crasì Love.
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