Maroon 5
15:00 04/20/2017

Congrats on recovering & donating 1 million pounds of food. Please donate to this great cause.

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

@NourishNow is dedicated to making people #FoodSecure by efficiently redistributing surplus fresh food to those in need. #EndHunger & #FoodWaste NOW!

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Karl Christoff Cabrera Tumicad
Lopez Rosales
Smail happy
Vicky Fernández
Ilvu A.L 😘❤
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez
So nice
Pradil Ghising Tmg
Sure I willlllllllllllllll just kiddinggggggg
Chris Florac
Nourish... that word oh please, do not use the word
Susan Perreault
Maroon five!! always doing good ! they are amazing!
Angie Lamonte
Human Nutrition 💚 2017 Human Kindness Is Good. Doing Good. Works 🌎 Heartfelt, Thank You, All 🍅
Allyshia Lutz
I love this. Get a contract with Starbucks! I've seen all the behind the scenes food waste EVERYday!

Other newsfeed from Maroon 5

This is our last chance....

21.1k reactions 148 comments
D Preethi Reddy First comment.
Irem Tugba Akin Wow !! guys you made it! I would like to be a part of this great project! Awesome !!
Aung Myo Thant M5,You guys need to do some cool songs with The Chainsmokers just like Coldplay .I really want to see u guys dancing with TC on stage n singing together.So,make sure plz..i m really hoping , #a_marooner
Lucian Blueschin I wonder if when u finishef cold video ya'll drank all the milk...
Emily Kesler Wow!! Daylight is one of my favorite songs!! I love listening to u :)


36.0k reactions 578 comments
Alex Mandt Original wird immer unerreichbar bleiben!!!!! Aber super Guitarperformance.
Michael Lazaro Pretty awesome...can't believe Prince has been gone a year already! 😞
Mandy Hannah I watch this almost once a week. He makes love to that guitar. Lol.
Linda Zaccaria Mcmenamin Loved loved loved this! poor Pat Monaghan from Train completely overshadowed by Adam.
Nadja Tellenbach-Heuer Normaly I'm in love with Adams voice. This time he catched me with the guitare 😳😍🎸🎸🎸

Our friend/bandmate PJ Morton dropped his new record 'Gumbo' today. Grab it on Apple Music today. #GUMBO

Gumbo by PJ Morton on Apple Music
Gumbo by PJ Morton on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Gumbo, including "First Began," "Claustrophobic (feat. Pell)," "Sticking to My Guns," and many more. Buy the album for $7.99. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription.

1.9k reactions 12 comments
Petterson Pinheiro Kisses for you
Griselda Del Valle Peralta wonderful!!!!!
Piyapong Prasaththong 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 HBD To U 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Bishal Karki nice
Donna Valko Cool :)

Have you ever been to a really good party?

4.3k reactions 85 comments
Melissa Morgan Gledura Pre-Albany concert party!!!!
Khải Trần khải đz
Lynn Graziano Graham Saw you 4 times in concert can't wait till next time
Lori Brolin Zizza Love you my Adam!!❤
Lily Boyer A Maroon 5 Concert in St.Louis!

Timeline Photos

1.7k reactions 11 comments
Melanie Jafif Matias Jafif
Yasar Hotak Excellent pic :* Maroon 5 :* How Are You :* Maroon 5 ♥ Bot by :* Yasar Hotak <3 <3 Hitlerbd.Tk <3 <3
Alejandra Leschtschenko please come to Argentina.
Oana Enache Sounds hot!❤
Özgür Germanotta waow

Congrats on recovering & donating 1 million pounds of food. Please donate to this great cause.

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!
Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

@NourishNow is dedicated to making people #FoodSecure by efficiently redistributing surplus fresh food to those in need. #EndHunger & #FoodWaste NOW!

1.9k reactions 11 comments
Karl Christoff Cabrera Tumicad sarap
Lopez Rosales Smail happy
Vicky Fernández Ilvu A.L 😘❤
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez So nice

Who was there? #WayBackWednesday

36.5k reactions 283 comments
Aysegül Inevi Omg this song probably makes me feel upset 😶 but anyway the best ever
Julia Fovargue My all time favourite Maroon 5 song. Songs About Jane is a brilliant album x
Rhonda Boepple Best CD ever . My second fav song... Sunday Morning is my favorite!
Karen Allen Buck I had just had my sweet baby girl and was suffering with post partum. Drove around town with this song and my new baby for hours
Melissa Briggs Was There! Been with you guys since your humble beginnings!! Keep it going. Love the music!

If you missed it, we released the BTS of our video for 'COLD'. Check out what it was like to film the video below.

4.9k reactions 59 comments
Diego Tran I love this guy so much ☺️☺️
Den Rodriguez Love it
Sofy Castillo Gudiel Dublen Barahona esta es la pagina oficial
Kathleen Hopkins #TheJuiTangHasGotItGoingOn #IAmAddictedAdam #IFuckingLoveMaroon5
Michele Jordan I love this video and song! 🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤Sounds great!!🎶🎶


6.6k reactions 282 comments
Charles McGrew I always forget that people used to think the sagging pants meant you were cool lol glad i grew up before I tried that
Christian Joel Ramos #thuglife RIP to the poet
Chad Savin Why do you people care so much about the finger thing. Get over it
Latonya Johnson Fan for life maroon 5! Live life for you, not others! They're living the way they want and so should you!

Hey everyone! Go and check out a great new version of “Cold”, remixed by Sak Noel. Who's listening to it? Spotify- iTunes -

3.2k reactions 35 comments
Driss Ait Daoud <3
Yiar Valdez
Jane Thomas :D
KI NG Can I handle your copyright(cold)?(remix)
Moisés Maroon I

#TBT to some BTS from our 'Cold' music video shoot. Shot by Travis Schneider

10.5k reactions 98 comments
Eva Szabo The End is the best part of the video. ;)
Nanoucha Augereau J'adore !!!!!
Louise Sandgren Love this song
Holly A. Rowe Much love such a great artist
Linda Azemi Awesome 👏😳🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏😘

👀 👀 👀

7.8k reactions 509 comments
Kelsi Leanne Day I dunno if anybody realizes but a lot of artists will flip off cameras/paparazzi so they can't use/sell the images. But as far as I'm aware, they can post whatever they want. Also, to those shouting "I'm unfollowing!" Well there's the door because ...
Hristina Georgieva It's a sign that the world is not doing well with it's future ...Karma is to live in interesting times,but responsibility too.Very wisely, as always, thank you, Maroon 5!
Chris Martin I just don't see why people need to announce they are unfollowing. I like to, just for dramatic effect do the classic two hand to the face gasp whenever I see it. Lol
Rosemary Collins Wow. I just unfollowed Adam yesterday for this crap & now it looks like I'll have to unfriendly this page, too. Been a big fan for a long time. Saw a lot of concerts & bought a lot of merch. Disappointing.
Emma Jordan Newman Just wanted to confirm that I, a long term fan of Maroon 5, am not offended by a finger! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Now hurry up and tour Australia again!!

What a knockout this was!

16.3k reactions 148 comments
Barbara Carvalho 😱 perfect
Nael Morais I can't believe I missed it.
Rakshit Sonawane surely killin it😍
Ana Cristina Ginyovszky This boy has so much potential! 😊👌
Gourav Dhane what a voice...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


21.8k reactions 276 comments
Alison Hensley Not understanding why Emma Stone is giving the inappropriate gesture and what it has to do with Maroon 5
Breezy Marie Hacked/fake.. LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF COMMENTS !!! Maroon 5 has over 2 million followers.... So out of 2 million only 300 hundred comment..
Félix Cavazos Mandy Esta igual a ti, lo unico que varia es el color del cabello. Expresion, rudeza, chapitas hahah
Ashleigh Talitha Way Chloe Garbellini look at how offended everyone is, they should move to Australia HAHAHAHA 😂😂
Cheryl Vorhies She don't look old enough to hold up that finger. Not impressed either.


8.0k reactions 208 comments
Dallas Martin I'm beginning to notice a theme in your recent posts. Any particular message you are trying to send? LOL
Alondra Salazar Coello Jajaja los espero con ansias aqui por Peru saludos a Adam Dios los Bendiga mijos!
Kellie Witham Love these pictures!! 🖕🏾ps. Mr. Rogers actually did this on his show. Where is Thumbkin?
Sandy Stark You all know Mr. Rogers was busted for possession of cocaine, right?
Juanita Torres Matthew Rodriguez who does this remind you of? Hint... this weekend's video 😂

Jesse Carmichael in action. #M5InTheStudio

4.9k reactions 45 comments
Titi LP With sound ls better !!!!
Francisco Reyes Cano Es el mismo efecto que usa gorillaz Baia Baia
Mildred Diaz Adam i love you
Mildred Diaz Adam my love
Mildred Diaz Kisses

Happy Friday

4.7k reactions 85 comments
Mary Vogel I like you guys but I'm sick of the finger posts.
Urmila Nadkarni Same here!
Breezy Marie not Maroon 5 site trust me...
Vlad Filatov What's going on with M👋
Sonya Bates Enough with the middle finger.


6.4k reactions 55 comments
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez So nice studio
Mary Miller Really looking forward to the next album!!
Patrícia França PLEASE, more shows in Brazil, not just Rock in Rio!!!!!!!!!!
Tamara Su Heath Majam These guys really crank out the hits💕😉
Nikhil Prasad When is it coming guys?

One day at a time #M5inthestudio

2.9k reactions 25 comments
Camila Baca Thamira Llontop
David Poleto Ashlee
Simone Abbruzzetti Lorenzo Gianmarco Mozzi sta per uscire l'album......
Talita de Alencar aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Maroon 5 Philippines -Official We're all excited!!

In the studio.........

2.1k reactions 49 comments
Gregory De La Rosa Cielo <3 <3 mira
Michele Jordan I must see this!🎶🎶🎶
Christina Davies YES new music please!!!!xo
Anna Mastro Non vedo l'ora 😍😍😍😍😍
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez So nice


5.8k reactions 177 comments
Shannan Dennison Why the fingers Snoop? Angry about something? or just pointing to yourself?
Denise O'Neal And I should see this why?
Silvia Aguilar Fortunately dont care about or this thing
Joseph Rodriguez Much love for snoop dog. For all you guys know they might be good friends. Mind your own business.
Gloria Ricardo Love snoop and Martha, he gives alot back. Stop being Haters!!

👋 👋 👋

7.0k reactions 103 comments
Mandy Kaur Jean Hallam you have this t-shirt from me :) xx
Andrée Salinas Robert❤❤❤
Haydée Vargas Dueñas The man! RDJ 💙

We're reminiscing about the incredible fans we've met the past 2 years on the road.

Our fans are the best ❤️

Maroon 5's top 7 fan moments.

4.0k reactions 60 comments
Margaret Miera You are the best❤
Kathy Oleary-Chieppo Best band ever when u coming to east coast?
Katie Roy Joseph We are quite awesome!🙃😊
Melissa Morgan Gledura You guys are incredible!!
Dale Laverne Hope someday you make it to Syracuse n.y 🎤🎸🎶


17.8k reactions 221 comments
Bairavie Piravakaran Anjana taking L's like
DeDe Robinson Good one!
Ca Mis 😂🖕🏻🖕🏻
Joshua Martinez Nice Adam
Rachel Wong Sabastian Hutch this is you to me ALL THE TIME

And so it begins.....

1.5k reactions 56 comments
Patricia Foran Love this! 💜
Tiago Madden Se nao for uma dica do novo álbum nao sei oque é rs
박준현 April fools....
Lisa Hansen Yayyyy
Tan Tze-Chung James is playing she will be loved

Relevant to our interests.....

15.5k reactions 54 comments
Emily Kesler Wow!! :). Nice pic Maroon 5 <3 <3 <3
Leslie HL Paloma <3 Mejor te etiqueto en esto 7w7r All The Love :3
David Castro Cabrera the best of world
Luana M Batista S Interest very Interest
Débora Teodoro Goodnight Goodnight❤❤

Happy birthday to our very own PJ Morton. #HBDPJMORTON

8.1k reactions 89 comments
Mariko Koami Gongratulations on your happy birthday ! 💐 🎂㊗
Heather Estlund Cottrell Happy Birthday PJ!!!
Linda Marocco Happy Birthday!!!.. enjoy your day!!!...🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾
전나영 Happy Birthday
Angie Lamonte Happy Birthday To You 📦 PJ Morton

'Feels like I don't know you anymore.....'

21.2k reactions 122 comments
Patty George 👍🎤🎼💗
Ana Luiza Ruiz Guilherme Manzano essa musica que eu tinha te falado uma vez 😍
Wendy Everard Love ❤️ Always
Aksorn Rod I like this song
Melissa Garrett I like the song, love Maroon 5!!!

Close encounters in Albany.....

13.6k reactions 77 comments
Delizia Filoramo I love you
De'Aundra D. McKinney I fucking love me some Maroon 5 lol
Cristina Albán Larrea Eli Suarez miraaaa ahí estuvimos twin
Marina Dezotti Galante Laís de Ponte olha o Adam malhando hahaha 😍💪🏼
Laa Frank Eres mu tonto Adam Levine

It's been 10 years since #MakesMeWonder came out. What a ride. More to come!

60.2k reactions 612 comments
Francisco Javier Muñoz Acuña 10years! 😱😱😱 bring #MakesMeWonder but in the style at the end of the clip, slowww
Tamara Berger Kosloff Savannah Pincus you were only 12?!? I'm obsessed, he can do no wrong! 💜
Dee Stewart #Prince# must have been his idol! He plays the bass guitar to the bone! He a bad boy!
Amaya Calderon I've been listening to that song so much lately.. crazy how the time flies
Laine Aguas Wow! And to this day, I still play it over and over again!! No wonder why!!
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