Maroon 5
15:00 04/20/2017

Congrats on recovering & donating 1 million pounds of food. Please donate to this great cause.

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

Nourish Now: Ending Food Waste & Hunger NOW!

@NourishNow is dedicated to making people #FoodSecure by efficiently redistributing surplus fresh food to those in need. #EndHunger & #FoodWaste NOW!

1.9k reactions 11 comments


Karl Christoff Cabrera Tumicad
Lopez Rosales
Smail happy
Vicky Fernández
Ilvu A.L 😘❤
Eduardo Cristian Solar Gonzalez
So nice
Pradil Ghising Tmg
Sure I willlllllllllllllll just kiddinggggggg
Chris Florac
Nourish... that word oh please, do not use the word
Susan Perreault
Maroon five!! always doing good ! they are amazing!
Angie Lamonte
Human Nutrition 💚 2017 Human Kindness Is Good. Doing Good. Works 🌎 Heartfelt, Thank You, All 🍅
Allyshia Lutz
I love this. Get a contract with Starbucks! I've seen all the behind the scenes food waste EVERYday!

Other newsfeed from Maroon 5

Celebrate the New Year's with us in VEGAS at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Tickets are still below for our December 30th & 31st shows.

Maroon 5 | Red Pill Blues Tour
Maroon 5 | Red Pill Blues Tour

Check out tour dates in 2018 for Maroon 5's Red Pill Blues Tour!

2.6k reactions 68 comments
Lori Brolin Zizza I wish ❤️
Maude Thibault Rosalie Morissette pourquoi on a pas 21 ans! 😞
Gayle Farmer Wanda my ultimate NYE ...
角田 幾代 I want you to come to Japan 💕🗾🇯🇵Please❣️
Pascaline Sion Ben Anderson je crois qu’on a toujours rien de prévu pour le 31?

#FRIDAYFEELING like some #REDPILLBLUES. Listen to our new album on Spotify LISTEN NOW-

3.8k reactions 28 comments
Ian Hill Amarjit Bachas
Jatin Kaura Ananya
Fabian Bonafe Ccb May favorite ...
Läiçhe Äñass woow :o :o <3
Nkosingiphile V. Sikhakhane Nyc Song

NOW CASTING! Do you know a Maroon 5 super-fan? Secretly nominate a friend, spouse or loved one to be featured in an upcoming TV project. MUST BE L.A. based. Tell us why your friend deserves to be nominated! Send pics and a short video to

2.0k reactions 73 comments
Patty George La only not cool 👎
Andres Rodriguez 🙌😍 i love u , marron 5!!
Elisa Hilaire I live in San Diego.... I'll drive there.. js
Alvaro Herencia Karina espero que estes haciendo uno de mi
Leanne Unsworth I am moving to LA Dibz ✋

1.2k reactions 10 comments
Jennifer Arnett Chayslin Johnson
Muhammad Sofyen Kadri ʚïɞ Imënë ʚïɞ ahom mdrr
Benoit Nathalie Leprince Belval Cecile Cécile son💖💖💖
Thiên Bờ Đờ - :* <3 :*
Vera Lucia Brito Alves BOA TARDE

Another video in the 100m club. Thanks to everyone for watching our 'What Lovers Do' video.

612 reactions 36 comments
Ava Williams I love this song.
Frances Mae Malanum ❤️❤️
Laura Garcia Cardich Pablo Balcazar Vega la cancion sigue en mi mente jajja
Chris Deh Great song
Sandi ReNae How the hell do you say SZA's name?? S Z A? Seezah? essza? WHAT?!?!

Check out the profile piece on Maroon 5's classic first album "Songs About Jane" on uDiscoverr

How Maroon 5 Spoke To Millions With Songs About Jane | uDiscover
How Maroon 5 Spoke To Millions With Songs About Jane | uDiscover

Songs About Jane may have slipped quietly into stores upon its original release, but the album soon became a classic that turned Maroon 5 into global stars.

1.5k reactions 126 comments
Roberta Lai among the 6 albums is what is in my heart 😍
Michelle Nieto Awww the album that made me fall in love with you guys. Love you Adam Levine❤❤❤
Katie Baele Sunday Morning will always be one of my favs
Ashlee Peterson Erin Frazier we sang every word to every song when you were little,,,
Hannah-Beth Hannah-Becker One of my favourite Maroon 5 albums. Such a classic ❤️

Busking in the subway

2.5k reactions 35 comments
Fiona Burke Leanne Aleshe watch this 😍 x
Chas Finch wow
Jas Min Cruz Jimenez Crazy little thing called love.. 😍😍😍
Antonia Goldberg nice
Julie Oliver LOVED THIS!!!!!

We’ve got the Red Pill Blues - and we want you to catch the blues too! Tap here to create your own :15s mobile video and SHARE that video and maybe we’ll feature YOU next week! #Honorary8th

3.5k reactions 38 comments
Rodrigo Zavala Dias Come to Ecuador
Noelia Ortiz come to Argentina >:"v
Cynthia Bruno <3
Mychaiel Aurellano maroon 5 forever
Hisp Lee love adam


590 reactions 13 comments
Wilber Quintero <3
Lucrece Delfau Tou. C’est. Paris ?
Vale Arroyo Roxana Pérez estan en peruuu :o
Mariana Sedano Rivera Ahhh
Sylvia Cromer thanks you

296 reactions 5 comments
Erin Cornish blass you!
Elroy Minor very cool!
Johnavon Cross Half of #TeamAdam has already performed! Make sure you vote to keep @adam_cunningham out of danger! #VoiceTop10
Dickie Cha Continue the good work and you could actually get me having to pay attention in the near future as well. ✨🌶

Hayley Williams X Paramore = 'What Lovers Do'

6.1k reactions 99 comments
Bhashkar Rawat Awesome song
Lisbett Ñahuinlla Hayley te amooooo 😍😍😍😍😍 M5 😘😘😘😘
Larissa Sabino Érika ...a Hayley escutando maroon 5
Brooke Batterson OMG HAYLEY
Dianne Alex Tecson babyy

Only 4 days left to bid on tickets to see us at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Vegas on Dec 30 or Dec 31! Proceeds to support our friends at Reverb

Charitybuzz: 2 Artist
Charitybuzz: 2 Artist's Guest List Tickets to See Maroon 5 in Las Vega... - Lot 1411102

You and a guest will have the opportunity to see Maroon 5 live at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on December 30 or December 31. Y...

1.1k reactions 19 comments
Đàm Thục Quỳnh <3
Lola Brent GREAT :) :)
Guillermo Pintado lo maximo leyendas..
Hoyt Quintana cool
Muriel Vernier J'ai trouvé ma soirée de réveillon ! 😊

Rockstar in the making! Create your own :15s mobile video by tapping below- SHARE that video and maybe we’ll feature YOU next week! #Honorary8th

595 reactions 12 comments
Jonny Boston Maybe you like some jazz gospel? Here’s a new release from Jonny & the Jazzuits -
Brian Bentley Brian Bentley
Brian Bentley Ittai Mattan
Adam Levine hello fans 😘
Adam Levine - My Man. anyone else like as much as i do


5.6k reactions 82 comments
Stacy Carter Lucky!!!!
Pamela M. Vertichio Not so much
Diane Parker 🍀 Lucky
Tracy Bovard Kendrick 😍 love it !
Christine Harris Love your work M 5 😁

Poachers kill an African elephant every 26 minutes. Join us today on #GivingTuesday to help protect elephants and other vulnerable wildlife and wild places.

8.1k reactions 85 comments
Maryjane Funston well let me tell all u nothinking individuales that ain,t got a fucking clue on how to stop this well think bout it as anything in life the demand for drugs/ anything as a wanted product etc. is demanded by a user or one that wants ...
Susan Brooks I signed ian sumerholders petition
Kenny Lee Andersen Wow really what are we doing to this place it is sad to hear about this hope it gets gone
Bobbie Brown When will we stop destroying all of God's creatures
Michaella Majdan Amy Browitt Maroon 5 are environmentalists too! 😯

Help Adam Levine and Kmart support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with your #UglySweaterForBetter. Post a pic of your best ugly sweater, tag @stjude, @kmart, and use the hashtag #UglySweaterForBetter and Kmart will donate $1 for each photo shared!

1.3k reactions 12 comments
Adam D Carlson 🙂
Patty George 👍
Guillermo Pintado Lo mejor rrrr bien
Darron Wilder very cool!
A.J. Dean You both have such generous hearts! ❤️

Tonight! Help #TEAMADAM on The Voice get his two members off to the next round #VOICETOP11

1.1k reactions 35 comments
Hoyt Quintana love it!
Carol Fee Stephens Love them!
Matt Ortiz Unfollow
علي تالي سلطان شاررككك
Jodi Panczak I voted for both

Adam Levine Holiday 2017 Collection

1.0k reactions 28 comments
Kana Narak Rampai Kate Kritsada Boonloy
Ava Michelle Stumpo Dante Stumpo
Stacey Weeks Rebecca Wells
Analeina Castellani AnnMarie Penalber
Nina Dutton Jean-luc Dutton

Let James know if you will be making it out to the #REDPILLBLUESTOUR. Some tickets are still available. Head to to grab yours.

3.1k reactions 110 comments
Carolin Skrypek Will be at two of them in 3 days time..CAN NOT WAIT!
Kimberly Struck Walsh Can’t wait until 2018, September in Chicago, Santa got our daughter 2 tickets for her stocking, you will definitely hear some screaming on Christmas Day with lots of excitement! 🎄
Gönül Nehir Karakavak He is so cool actually hair my cousin is beautiful and also all girls gathered together
Angela Good Borchert Hell yea!!! Bringing my kids to their second concert!!
Pat Prosper Waechter I’ll see you in New Orleans in June. I’m 77 & loving Maroon 5!

Grab #RedPillBlues at Apple Music for $6.99 now

Red Pill Blues (Deluxe) by Maroon 5 on Apple Music
Red Pill Blues (Deluxe) by Maroon 5 on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Red Pill Blues (Deluxe), including "Best 4 U", "What Lovers Do (feat. SZA)", "Wait", and many more. Buy the album for $6.99. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription.

1.9k reactions 21 comments
IsaBelle Thibert Not in Canada
Jessica Huffman Julia Elizabeth Nohara
Brick Cooper Francisco López
Debra Bryson Michelle McQuade
Đàm Thục Quỳnh <3

This was so much fun to do. Thanks for doing this with us The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

30.8k reactions 1860 comments
Sasha Almeida This is why NY should be closer to Melb...cuz we'd have absolutely killed it Cristelle Lobo and shrill squeaked sugar
Lauren Michelle Love this, love Jimmy love Maroon 5.. but love the old maroon 5 way more, before they sold out. What happened to that great music! I want to hear more of Sunday Morning and This Love.
Tina Davis So AWESOMELY! Please come to MY house and surprise me! I’m on the water in Galveston! Hehe...can’t wait to see you guys in June 2018 Houston, Texas! Love my Maroon 5 guys!
Any Pineda Xq nuncaaaa nos pasó algo así en NY Alx Serrano 😣😣 ni ver filmaciones de nuestras series favoritas, hay que regresar y tener más Suerte!! ! Yo me desmayo al encontrarme un show así en el metro
Tamica Sears Kevin Sutherland 1- I have to admit, he did not look good. 2- I would have walked away before he pulled off his wig, taking my marriage chances down to roughly 60%.

Giving back to your community by getting out to #ShopSmall is a great feeling. Support small businesses in your neighborhood this Sat, Nov 25! #AmexAmbassador

1.0k reactions 25 comments
고시준 박상원
Nguyễn Long Vũ - <3 TTT
Natasha Lopez 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jen Loebrick Oh nice.
Jennifer H Stone Another way to support people is not charging $200 for one concert ticket.

1.3k reactions 20 comments
Cheyenne Stees Laura Diane Stees
Robyn Kim Lauren Kingelty
Devany Uresti Monserrat Moreno
Heather Hickman Thompson Brianna Wines
Elena Escaffi Lisa Biemer Escaffi for pop pop for Christmas.

Going all out on The Voice tomorrow as we perform our single #WHATLOVERSDO

4.5k reactions 54 comments
Keith Tryon I LOVE the new album!
Jerry Berry LOVE MAROON 5 ...........I LOVE ADAM!!!!!
Erwin Laurio Perform live visions 😁
Tamara Su Heath Majam Nice 🙌🏽
Eduarda Vianna I was there! #RockinRio2017


1.5k reactions 28 comments
Matt Thiel
정희준 강민규
Enzo Monza
Erin Stanford Kendell Turco Saponara, Robyn Alcorn. Margie Cox Blalock
RadioSudInternational ►

What rock shows are made of. Catch us on the road. Grab tickets at

1.5k reactions 23 comments
Natalia Gołębiowska come to Poland <3
Laura Phillips Kristin Ponti Freeland Jennifer Sikora Aguilera
Ian Hill Ami Amarjit
Guillermo Pintado Enseñarme a tocar la guitarra saludos grandes en esta vida
Jingjing Cai Cool

11.21.17. Catch us performing #WHATLOVERSDO on The Voice

3.2k reactions 51 comments
Feri Andriansyah what's lovers do yeye yeee ye
Dolly J. Coates Maroon 7??
สุมนา จุนโกเศศ Can't wait!
Nadine Cain-Gardonio Can't wait!! Love the video ❤️
Katrina Erb We love U Adam Levine! U rock Man!

Vote here for Collaboration of the Year presented by Xfinity + #AMAs:! Voting ends November 19th!!

1.9k reactions 17 comments
Adamwhereyaat ❤️
Noelia Ortiz Danny Monsrreal vota wacho :v
胡一晨 爱死你的音乐了~
Zulfkar Karim Helal مساأﺄك. عسل
Julie Zigler Voted. Here's a clover for Good Luck 🍀

Just Announced! Win tickets to the #REDPILLBLUESTOUR! Enter below:

Win 2 Tickets to see Maroon 5 on the Red Pill Blues Tour
Win 2 Tickets to see Maroon 5 on the Red Pill Blues Tour

25,000+ fans rewarded with tickets, experiences, and merchandise.

2.3k reactions 66 comments
Christine M Smith Yes please! ❤️
Steph Nespola Terrible suis preneuse pour la France
Melinda Kaye My birthday wish!!😍😍😍
Linda Bång I would Love to go 💕🙏🏻💕
Pedro Tomalá Jr. I want to 😍😍😍

Our #REDPILLBLUESTOUR is on-sale. Grab your tickets before they are gone!

Maroon 5 | Red Pill Blues Tour
Maroon 5 | Red Pill Blues Tour

Check out tour dates in 2018 for Maroon 5's Red Pill Blues Tour!

746 reactions 18 comments
Laura Theys Belgium please
Beam Magno Will see you in Australia 🇦🇺
Sarai Perez C Carlos Brassino 🙏🏿🙏🏿
오솔비 Plz come to korea again🙏🏻
Darron Wilder cool
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