Margaret Cho
23:47 03/19/2017

Omg forgot about this piece of shit.

Nerdist - A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on...

A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on all-new Slow-Mo Destructo:

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Sinom Crar
Hey it could be worse
Ruthie Sappington
Angela DeGraftenreed
What the hell?!?!?
Teresa Ferrer
Patrick Melonball
Liliana Milian
WTF did I just watch lol
Andrea Jensen
Amazing 😉
Nikeah Leto Selim
WTF was that??
Thom Bland
What In The Hell ?
Rebecca Gulbranson
We still love you 😘
Christopher Manis
What a stupid show. Love you Margaret Cho
Joseph Erwin
And, I live! 😍
Jessica McDonald
Your facial expressions 😂😂
Patrick J. Martin
Ugh. That accent on the host.
Babbz Trujillo
What the fuck did I just watch lol

Other newsfeed from Margaret Cho

"FRESH OFF THE BLOAT" - Tickets on-sale NOW!

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Don Holloway Thank you for coming to Ireland!
Ellen Mullally Can't wait to see you at the Wiltern in LA!!!!!
Rami Saglam Margaret Cho Please come to Toronto!!
Noelle Blanco Got mine for SF The Castro!! So GAY!!!!!!
James R. D'Ambrosio Come to San Jose! ❤️

Margaret Cho added a Shop Now button to their Page.

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Max Vela Love you Lady Cho - keeping in touch - big fan

#FreshOffTheBloat Pre-Sale Starts NOW! Head to and use code "tempo"!

53 reactions 10 comments
Brock Brisbane Australia? :)
Yan Mei Ho Gareth Robertson Queen's Hall Edinburgh 25th November ❤
Dominic Matthew Torres I'm really pissed your not coming to Columbus, Ohio
Robin Lynn Deb fri SEPT 29 at SANDS!!!!

YES! Welcome to the team, Nisha!

‘Highland’: Nisha Ganatra To Direct TNT Pilot Starring Margaret Cho
‘Highland’: Nisha Ganatra To Direct TNT Pilot Starring Margaret Cho

Busy TV episodic director Nisha Ganatra (Transparent, Dear White People) has landed her first pilot directing gig with Highland, TNT’s comedic drama starring Margaret Cho and written and exec…

334 reactions 5 comments
Shaz Bennett Nisha is the best!
Anna Margarita Albelo Nisha is awesome!!!! Break a leg!
Alesa Cirello-Gudmundson Yay! We saw you in San Diego and you were hilarious!!
James Bradford Poor Magaret, she's had like 2-3 pilots over the last year that didn't 'go'. Let's hope this one takes!
Nancy Fairless When goes it start?

🚨This is not a drill!!! 🚨 My new tour #FreshOffTheBloat kicks off this September in Chicago. My grandmother said to me "You look like bloated as if found dead in a lake after several days of searching." It's all new material and I'm covering everything near and dear, I'm talking about climbing off that clock tower and on to the wagon. I just realized clarity is a means of survival in this beyond fucked up era. Tickets go on pre-sale this Wednesday. Get tix at 💋#FOTBloat

1.5k reactions 142 comments
Samuel Franklin Rhymes You are amazing! Makes me want to be Fresh off the boat...and by boat I mean a Big ole' gay one with Repugs as bumpers!!!!
Frank Nevins You know this concert is going to be brutal, given the current political era. Don't hold anything back!
Laurie Ann Marroquin Ughhh No Texas dates. Margaret Cho ☹️😔
Brittany Ann Vancouver, BC is calling your name... It's been far too long since you've been here!!!
Michele Connor Why no Texas???? Even Chris Rock made it here😥

This is my youngest fan Hayden, to remind you my special #PSYCHO is streaming on Netflix US <3

228 reactions 10 comments
John Tjong Tjin Joe Not in Amsterdam:-((
Lazaro Borges LOLOL
Eve Grose Poor kid, lol
Sharon Lyon Stephen King said all kids are insane.
Sans Rhei PsyCho is a great show! I ❤️you so much!!!

Timeline Photos

1.1k reactions 40 comments
Andrea Jensen What is with the spandex, girl?
Teresa Santulli Is that my ticket lovely one? ✨💞
Katyann Pfizenmayer Wilkinsky Beautiful.
Mikal Nilsen How intimate?
Arnie Johnson Holm The Doctah is in de house!

My latest interview with PAPER Magazine and these gorge fotos by Albert Sanchez 👉🏼

1.9k reactions 241 comments
Jonathon Tower Are those real tattoos I didn't realize she had them they look amazing
Yvette Yasui Blown away by your bold beauty. Kick ass my sister. You are doing it and doing it right.
John Milliken The DO and TATOOs! Margaret you are a jewel of a human being.
Karen Hiller It would be GREAT if these were not photoshopped at all!!

I'm coming to GWU this Thursday D.C., and talked to #TheWashingtonian, more deets here

Margaret Cho on Pushing Boundaries, Jokes in Trump
Margaret Cho on Pushing Boundaries, Jokes in Trump's America, and Her Show This Week at GWU | Washingtonian

For more than 25 years, the comedian Margaret Cho has captured audiences with her biting humor. She's putting her jokes to good use at a benefit show on Th

241 reactions 14 comments
Kit Bates Have a great show Magaret. Happy Pride guuuurrrrrrrrrrl xxxxx
Jonathan Young Come to Sydney, Australia. Please, and thank you.
Sondra Schantz I love this woman 😆🤣😃😀
Robin Wilson That's my girl😎
Rosario Gabriel :( damn tickets are all gone.

Check out my friend Garrison Starr's latest essays from Amy Poehler's Smart Girls!

The Stuff We’re Made Of – Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls
The Stuff We’re Made Of – Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Written for Smart Girls by musician Garrison Starr

57 reactions 2 comments
Garrison Starr Thank you so much friend!!!!
Kenneth Mutter Loving this. So relateable and succinct


595 reactions 2179 comments
Sara Brooke Jarrard My sassy almost 16 year old daughter... She's talking my ear off right now. I'm pretty sure she'll distract them while I get away. Camille Brooke Slade
Shannon Taylor Saved. It's my Hubby ~ acting the fool for the benefit of our young Autistic Son's laughter. This man is a super hero in my eyes. I'm safe <3
Christine Kaelin Fuck, no matter who it is they'd be most likely too drunk to be of any use at all.
Sharon Rompelman #10 was the handbag I just got off eBay, so I am going for #9. My badass niece. This is her on July 4th. Her anxiety and sensory processing makes July 4 the worst day for her. Any other day, her 4ft 1in scrappy ass can beat up things/kids. We had to ...
Mary-Ann Johnson Well shit, I have some old rolls, but I will have to get them developed and hope for the best before I can truly respond. :D

Not OK.

221 reactions 20 comments
Harrison Kong
Rick Wood Linda Beecher
Pat Somajarint Cornett Yep
Cameron Corbett Bravo! Like Scott Caan is a bigger draw than Daniel Dae Kim. Wtf?
Kopasetic Qhaus BTW, Hi Margaret, a white guy once told I look like U, lol


3.4k reactions 666 comments
Amanda Why I initially thought this was creepy.. But honestly it's adorable.
Elizabeth Horowitz He's fabulous. I love seeing all the little stuffed animal Hello Kitty s in different colored bows. Very cool.
Richard Groff And people think MY meager collection is overdoing it!
Kiki Valdez Coronel Yo de viejito Angeles Yadira 😂😂😂😂
Verona Moitt Anna Standard.

Putting together my new ittsē pallettes and loving them!!

118 reactions 8 comments
Tina Gilman I totally read that as "titties pallettes" lol
Max Vela Great photo of my Lovely Lady Margaret Cho
Deb Altiere Mariano My daughters Glambition Palette!!! Loveforlacquer
Le Steve Marsh Nice, are you coming to Montreal for just for laughs?
Christopher Childers Fabulous Margaret! We love you, diva! ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈

Fascinating story about a woman who will not back down to the bullshit

Jailed Philippine Senator:
Jailed Philippine Senator: 'I Won't Be Silenced Or Cowed'

Leila de Lima, 57, was jailed in February on President Rodrigo Duterte's orders, after she launched a Senate investigation into Duterte's bloody war on drugs. It's not the first time they've tangled.

414 reactions 10 comments
Patricia Coray Edna B. Binkowski
Heidi Corning Goddess, keep her safe.
Christoper Lua Pure BS. This woman is corrupt.
Mason Forest Yerrington She's trying to cast a secret spell with the hand of a-poc to engulf them like the human torch I believe she used to do drugs
Ryan Birdsell Ummm she was connected to drug lords. Try again Femnation

Thank you to everyone at #blogher for a fab keynote! We had so much fun talking about BJs and vibrators and sex in time of war. Also, my favorite first daughter was there Chelsea Clinton. ✌🏼

1.3k reactions 26 comments
Irving Sherwood Nice.
Sharon Lyon Does she use vibrators too ?
Sharon Lyon No offense. I love you, Margaret Cho.
Fred De Leon Awesome photo pic.
Thomas Ball You become a product of your environment

URGENT: Senate released #Trumpcare bill that "defunds" @PPFA. TWEET YOUR SENATORS NOW & tell them to #StandwithPP

Tell your senators: Protect access to care!
Tell your senators: Protect access to care!

The House voted to strip away health care coverage from millions. We need to get loud and stop this in the Senate: Tell your senators to protect health care access for millions of Americans,…

164 reactions 10 comments
Charles Dejonge responsibility...nuff said
Leslie Chaney Mine said " That page not found" ???
Charles Dejonge it's not up to others to pay for ur choices
Charles Dejonge i'm good with that... each person should pay for their own choices
Thomas Ball How about passing a bill of Christmas eve with a partial senate

Im sure this is exactly how Jesus kneeled when he prayed...

995 reactions 88 comments
Richard Groff Yeah, but he didn't look THIS good!
Hannah Kramer I hope he wore that outfit too.
Bena Tom In those same shorts, too. Him was sexy. 😄
Kelly O'Connell But he didn't have all those sexy tattoos! 😘
Eric Chanin Let the camel eat your toe! They spit!

I'm on my way #blogher17 but first, @holylandexp! Im here Orlando!

450 reactions 26 comments
Nick Nichols God loves you Margaret Cho!
John Fitzgerald When will be in New York?
Brian Gipe 😘
Sandy Anderson Weird and awful.
Cameron Corbett The "Zen" Commandments? I wish.

4.7k reactions 47 comments
Jessica De Los Santos ❤️
Barbara Watkins Beautifully said!
Christopher Luca Spoken beautifully with heart soul
Marc Pleau express yourself Madame VonDita
Barbara Montalbo Beautiful

Thank you LA LGBT Center and Happy #TransPrideLA. So happy I could be there tnt to sprinkle some haha. Lovelovelove 🌈😘

385 reactions 3 comments
Sheri Gabert Fuck yeah!!!
Alexis Zipora You were hilarious and so nice backstage!
Diana Steinert Love you, Margaret.

‪Fantastic night with Joan Jett and my camel-toe 🐪‬

6.2k reactions 179 comments
Jozie Baker ouch! damn girl, I dunno how you can do that. My pussy aches for ya. <3 ya tho!
Kyle Breunig green tea was cool, other than that I've been getting into awkwafina
Megan Taylor I know I'd be showing off my camel toe for Joan Jett ;)
Betty Scott Joan, you look just as beautiful now as you did back in the 60's when I saw you in concert!
Chris Busby I love you Margaret Cho, and your camel toe.

Coming for you, Nashville!

253 reactions 15 comments
Laura Rodriguez Martin Rodriguez
Janis Blowers Zelda Blowers
Arielle Rojek Margaret Rennerfeldt Elizabeth Cooper!
William Branham So excited to see you again!
Isabella Serrano Pinky P Louise

ONE WEEK!!!! #BlogHer17

24 reactions 2 comments
Kat Broster Love u miss cho crack me up
Sam Acker I love your hair!!

Still glowing from #resistmarch. Thank you WeHo and everyone who made it out to celebrate #PRIDE (photos by david franco)

457 reactions 14 comments
Yannix Ratrapeur #pride
Alexander Zafirov #pride
Lise-Marie Bême You are wonderful!!!!! ♥️ Thank you 😍
Michael Bruno henny... i need a netflix special from you soon!!!
Karyn J. Powers You rock

Congrats! Finally someone gets it.

Britain Elects Most Diverse Parliament In Country’s History
Britain Elects Most Diverse Parliament In Country’s History

The House of Commons will have more female, minority and LGBTQ voices than ever before.

1.2k reactions 21 comments
Hawre Hasan Hi
Hawre Hasan hi
Hawre Hasan Hi
Hawre Hasan Hi
Robert Rooney You need to read up on this one a bit more Margaret

So many thoughts about the chat on #KPWWW tonight. Loved being at the table.

193 reactions 49 comments
Jeff Hunter Is that Justin bieber or Katy perry?
Troy Smith I hope Katy is feeling better.
Cathy Cosmos Thankfully, we have free speech in this country.
Alfred Belford II Who sitting next to you
El Blocton I wish that I could have been at that table.

You grabbin' pussies, Imma pinch your taint. Fair is fair. #resistmarch

1.9k reactions 29 comments
Andres Drew Berns <3
Nicole Russo 😂😂😂😂
Richard Van Ausdal Sounds like my idea of a fun date!
Leanne Schmidt Well said, John Ross. You beat me to it.
Ryan Chan Tell that to Donald Trump!

We havent seen each other in ages and it was just like old times, Chris Rock #resistmarch

2.6k reactions 25 comments
Audrey Kelley Dennis Alysia Dennis Corine Lightner
Daniel Furii Awwww Chris Rock. 💓
Lauren D'Alvia ♥️
Pink Liberal LOVE TO YOU BOTH!!!! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈🌈❤️🇺🇸
Jennifer Reid Genuine Smiles!
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