Margaret Cho
23:47 03/19/2017

Omg forgot about this piece of shit.

Nerdist - A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on...

A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on all-new Slow-Mo Destructo:

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Sinom Crar
Hey it could be worse
Ruthie Sappington
Angela DeGraftenreed
What the hell?!?!?
Teresa Ferrer
Patrick Melonball
Liliana Milian
WTF did I just watch lol
Andrea Jensen
Amazing 😉
Nikeah Leto Selim
WTF was that??
Thom Bland
What In The Hell ?
Rebecca Gulbranson
We still love you 😘
Christopher Manis
What a stupid show. Love you Margaret Cho
Joseph Erwin
And, I live! 😍
Jessica McDonald
Your facial expressions 😂😂
Patrick J. Martin
Ugh. That accent on the host.
Babbz Trujillo
What the fuck did I just watch lol

Other newsfeed from Margaret Cho

Such a fun chat with Mediaplanet USA

Comedian Margaret Cho Emerges as a Champion for Body Positivity
Comedian Margaret Cho Emerges as a Champion for Body Positivity

Comedian Margaret Cho Emerges as a Champion for Body Positivity - She may crack jokes for a living, but she knows that struggling with self-esteem is no laughing matter. Read about her efforts to…

141 reactions 2 comments
Jen Legay Looking amazing !!!!
Vito Fritzorino Fuck beautiful people. Own your ugliness.

Fashion Police tonight! #BBMAs were something alright, I was super entertained by the fash-um.

967 reactions 98 comments
Anthony Fox GUrl!
Veronica Carlson Never be caught dead without cute shoes
Brandi Asha Earley That outfit🔥🔥
William McKean on FIYA! 🔥🔥
Benny Loren Enfinger Did you snatch those Loubs from Willam?

Thank you Mediaplanet USA

Comedian Margaret Cho Emerges as a Champion for Body Positivity
Comedian Margaret Cho Emerges as a Champion for Body Positivity

Comedian Margaret Cho Emerges as a Champion for Body Positivity - She may crack jokes for a living, but she knows that struggling with self-esteem is no laughing matter. Read about her efforts to…

852 reactions 12 comments
Angela DeGiaimo Jennie D'Alessandro
Our Bodies, Our Confidence: For gay men. <3 <3
Erica Breuer Love the Joan portrait!
Jenny Feldman Caronna I want that dress!
James Jimmi Mac Ramirez You are such an Amazing person , Thank you!!

One more story I told to The A.V. Club. #FireIsland + Weird Sex Noises.

85 reactions 3 comments
Winston Hach You always look lovely in your pics.
Christopher Childers Hysterical!! Love you, Diva!!!❤️😂❤️😂❤️😂
The Law Of Attraction Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying ...

July 13th, I'm in D.C. at the Lisner Auditorium! Tickets at!!!!!

291 reactions 12 comments
Rial Jase Brandon
Margaret E. Murray Eleanor Mendelson
Shannon Sescoe Laura Huffman
Darcy Johnson Wes Allen, we should look into going
Kelly Wil Yay, got second row tickets, can't wait to meet you!

I'll be @ the Ice House in Pasadena May 25th! Online sales? Not happening, but you can grab tickets at the door!

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho

Don't miss the hilarious, honest, ground breaking and truly one of a kind comedic stylings of MARGARET CHO!

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David Horn Love Her, come more closer M!!!
Max Vela My heart says YES but my wallet says NOOO
Gio Velis The date is different in the link, are the time and ticket prices still the same? I'll be in the area next week and this would be amazing.

This is a crazy story about my mom, per usual. Thanks #AVClub

Margaret Cho’s mom rented out the Peoples Temple the week of the Jonestown massacre
Margaret Cho’s mom rented out the Peoples Temple the week of the Jonestown massacre

Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed

189 reactions 1 comments
Carol Cee Rivera OMG!

Sick of all these awful headlines? Me too. Let's do something about it on June 11th at the ResistMarch in LA! #IResist

278 reactions 4 comments
Josie Rodriguez And/or Mexicanphobia SpanishspeakingPhobia SpanishAccentsPhobia lol
Gsmkhalid Elhassani Apple Fabulous are the best
Farivar Freever Eftekhari *(love)
Max Vela Soo agree - when in doubt - just be kind

TFW you know that democracy and resistance works. Thanks Luke Fontana #iresist

915 reactions 30 comments
John Fitzgerald You look beautiful
James Walter Sutherland XO!
Ned Nguyen Gorgeous 💙
Sherman Caughman 💋💋
Jackson Levay You look gorgeous Margaret!

He gave us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and the Avengers. Now writer/director Joss Whedon has teamed with #PlannedParenthood on a short film that highlights the vital role #PlannedParenthood health centers play in the lives of millions of women in communities nationwide. #StandWithPP→

1.2k reactions 17 comments
Burt West Reality.
Deanne Mostly Tasha ❤️
Sarah Burns Laetitia Savelle
Cait Lin Kiara Cadman-Donohue
Bob Kilts Had to share. Great link

I’m so thrilled to once again bring an Asian-American family to television!

Margaret Cho’s Comedic Drama ‘Highland’ Gets Pilot Order At TNT
Margaret Cho’s Comedic Drama ‘Highland’ Gets Pilot Order At TNT

TNT has given a pilot order to Highland, a scripted drama written and executive produced by Liz Sarnoff (Lost, Barry) and Margaret Cho (Margaret Cho: PsyCHO, Drop Dead Diva), who also will star. In…

1.9k reactions 118 comments
Robert Luna I am so looking forward to this!
Miles L Warren Awesome news! Congratulations!
Jeff Pruett Awesome. I would watch it.
Dean Wallingford Awesome news Margaret❤️. I love you so much❤️
Scott Bridges Yassssss Queen !


1.4k reactions 35 comments
Kieran Brown Mallory Brady Cash hahaha
Richard Upky Daniel Doyon our favorites!
Sharon Lyon Butter you up.
Jacob Sullivan I do I do I do

10 Q's With Vic!!! Thanks Weho Times!

10 Questions with Vic: Margaret Cho - WeHo Times
10 Questions with Vic: Margaret Cho - WeHo Times

Margaret Cho Though she humbly calls herself, “just a comedian”, Margaret Cho is so much more. Being a successful comedian for over twenty years

46 reactions 1 comments
Carrie Reitter 👍 As years roll by, I find I'm more and more willing to put snails on my face if that is proven to be working! I googled it and it's ramping up.

Au revoir!

743 reactions 20 comments
Kris McJust Lena Vajakas
Mónica L. Delgadillo Jessica Gonzalez-Campbell <3
Ferris Milton This woman can write. Like for real.
Mario DeLeon WORD


1.8k reactions 83 comments
Jane Robb Alvarado We're being led by a CLUELESS 3rd grader
Eric Boll Yeah, aren't you such a genius, T-Rump? Asswipe.
Gary Welsh Fuckin asshat grifter......
Chris Littlebird Pig
Steffani Smith Kidneys


11.8k reactions 454 comments
Lin Nulman AND it's Tim Curry, isn't. Get out of my way on every level.
Tiffany Wagner Now that is funny shit
Melissa Lamarque-Poitevien Susan Ferugio probably the only time I would follow a clown
Carrie Anne Lol, Carroll Meade Murphy! I may reconsider my fear of clowns. Hahahahaha
Lesley Jones Marjorie Hess Jones Hahaha! Trump is scarier than Pennywise

Celebrating this #GreatBigWorld with @Orbitz was planeloads of fun! Watch it. Share it. #Ad

584 reactions 25 comments
Heather Summerlin Aidan Hal Miller
Alan Tijerina Anima Mundi
Jeremy Harwell Michael!
Earl Villanueva Sammy Hemp!
Luke Allen Goodin David

I love my new liquid lipsticks from #Katvondbeauty @katvondbeauty

499 reactions 22 comments
Irving Sherwood Secret Agent Cho?
Mimi Bowyer You look gorgeous
Judge Ziegler Blow me a kiss, won't you darling?
Judge Ziegler You went for it, they look good.
Frank O'Kane 👄👄👄

SEATTLE! I'm heading to #Bumbershoot! Tix at

59 reactions 3 comments
Teresa A Johnson Sweet
Martin Stewart Mccormick Gotta' be there...
Crystal Deford Die antwoord!! What! Jealous!

Tonight at 8PM EST! All #MetGala and all the fash-UN with Carson Kressley! Fashion Police

69 reactions 5 comments
Kimberley Kirk Loving those trousers ❤️
Stu-Man Parnell Fab trousers Margaret Cho!
Bob Delapaz Your the only reason why I would tune into this forgotten show. Not the same without Joan.
Frank O'Kane Love you Margaret!!! When I tell you you're looking good and I love your style every time I see you...I really mean it💚❤️🍀
Pam Bates I am so glad you are out so many ways ..spoken , fashion , sexually and most of all you are funny and smart....... thanks for your work.

TONIGHT. #MetGala the aftermath. Carson and I have opinions!!!! #FashionPolice

445 reactions 15 comments
Luke Mackie You two have opinions...?
Brian Jensen Margaret ..... you look beautiful
Adam Rosenberg Awesome picture of the 2 of you - 2 beauties
Brad Martin Does that show still exist?
Brett Bowser Such a great duo. Love you both.


3.1k reactions 353 comments
Nancy Jane Hubbard Grab them by their pussies, see how they like it. No permission, no touching!
Rowena Atkins Mcconnell looks like SNL'S the Church Lady ... isn't that special??? lol
Lee Andrews Come on Ms. Carson!!! The Kush is giving me Lady in Accounts Receivable.
Elizabeth Chen Maybe hair and makeup and the right photoshopping can make anyone look better.
Jonathon Dahlquist McConnell looks like he's hiding some ancient demon space alien inside his body that MIB are going to sniff out.


1.4k reactions 91 comments
Hannah Cheers Jojo Mc xoxo
Polly Miles Caitie Springberg seriously
Tara Harrison Cath Vano :p
Emma Belz Estelle M. Strantz this is u
Jody Read Mac Manus Oh yea!

Very proud to have a track on the 7-Inches For Planned Parenthood vinyl boxset! Available now at⚡️#IStandWithPP

7-inches for Planned Parenthood
7-inches for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood series of records is made by a group of people who believe that access to health care is a public good that should be fiercely protected.

188 reactions 3 comments
Cindy Hill Kulesza Bought mine yesterday. Thanks for your work on this project
Max Vela You got my vote lovely Lady Cho - Planned Parent is not needed every where - just where women live.
Shaun Rebello Margaret Cho the first page of the link says 100% goes to PP, but then when you click to buy the box set, it says 50%... sup with that?

This is hilarious @ontd

266 reactions 15 comments
Corryn Lynn Tony Serlis 😂😂
Marvin Ray Burt Jr. Got her number?
Fabrice Xavier Twinsies
Tom Gauth That's a true fan! 😍
Zachary Davis After this she's going to get invited to your show A LOT.


3.3k reactions 180 comments
Bill Kindall I watched one of his speeches and I had to quit because I realized I was aging twice as fast as normal.
Heidi Young You mean pregnant pauses with no answer to the question?.... nope.
Elizabeth Sinai Gonzalez I miss presidents that werent millionaires before taking office. I miss presidents that actually represented us. We havent had either in the past 5 decades.
Elisabeth Leith Strain I miss feeling safe - like we as Canadians are not going to get dragged into a war by our US neighbors
Mark Vee Oh , the irony

Look at this frickin donut cake. Thanks #MoontowerComedy and Austin! Great show last night!

753 reactions 22 comments
Virginia Jackson Yum
Steven Somo Bazar So cool!
Tee Broxson 🎂💥💗🍩 YUM
Marti Vibber some great VooDoo goin' on there! ;) Comin' to Portland OR?
Jackson Levay So hungry now...

Moontower, I'm in the house, hey Austin!

616 reactions 23 comments
Berni Noriega Love you Margaret Cho!
Holly Minick Margaret Cho I wish you would come to FireKeepers Casino !!!
Jen Willett LOVE Margaret Cho❤!
RE Axelandro Cool Cho- rizo jajaajaja
Moon Child great pants!

I talked to #429Magazine about things near and dear to my heart: feuds, sobriety and despising Trump.

Margaret Cho Spills the Tea on Tilda, Trump and Her Sobriety - FourTwoNine
Margaret Cho Spills the Tea on Tilda, Trump and Her Sobriety - FourTwoNine

It’s hard to imagine the existence of everyone from the Broad City duo (read: their episode about pegging) to Amy Schumer without Cho getting there first.

1.2k reactions 37 comments
Yan Ng love this picture very much
Kurt E Hoenig Love you and your house.
Sara Zampini I see that Jason Mecier portrait 👀, great article!
Charlene Smith Yay, can't wait to see you at Moontower in Austin!!!
Chris Helmke You are so loved! Beautiful inside and out!
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