Margaret Cho
23:47 03/19/2017

Omg forgot about this piece of shit.

Nerdist - A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on...

A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on all-new Slow-Mo Destructo:

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Sinom Crar
Hey it could be worse
Ruthie Sappington
Angela DeGraftenreed
What the hell?!?!?
Teresa Ferrer
Patrick Melonball
Liliana Milian
WTF did I just watch lol
Andrea Jensen
Amazing 😉
Nikeah Leto Selim
WTF was that??
Thom Bland
What In The Hell ?
Rebecca Gulbranson
We still love you 😘
Christopher Manis
What a stupid show. Love you Margaret Cho
Joseph Erwin
And, I live! 😍
Jessica McDonald
Your facial expressions 😂😂
Patrick J. Martin
Ugh. That accent on the host.
Babbz Trujillo
What the fuck did I just watch lol

Other newsfeed from Margaret Cho

#FRESHOFFTHEBLOAT heads overseas this month! Get tix here: 💕💥💕😎

106 reactions 12 comments
Ben Silby But not Australia 😞
Resa Nelson Fiona Turner
Jasmine Ellis Come to Australia!! We miss you!
Jeffrey Berg I'm soooo missing you in florida
Kevin Organ Can’t wait to see you in Dublin 😍😍

Don’t go there...

Don't go there? Standups on Weinstein, taboos – and the gags they regret

Is it ever OK for comedians to joke about sexual assault? Is there such a thing as ‘too soon’? Margaret Cho, Doug Stanhope, David Cross and other fearless comics on the fine line between funny and offensive

26 reactions 7 comments
John Smith "Don't go there? I live there!"
Patrick Boothe “Ima take you there!”
Kris Ryan Stallard You took me there, and I loved it so much I bought a house there!
Sköll Valentine Sacred cow makes the best hamburger.
Becky Springer Stanhope is an angry comic. I'm not a fan of all his negativity. Nice enough dude, though, and a quick wit. And his girlfriend has cute hair.

Special 💌💌 just for Europe and the UK! Get Tickets for #FreshOffTheBloat tour here:

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Eduardo Vasquez Hey hope it's looks great on you
Sachiko Morimoto xxxooo
Laurent Bourdon Will you come to Paris sometime?
Marianna Guttilla See you on 10th December in London!!! ❤️
Jim E. Jackson love you long time:)

These Rosie covers! Me with Rosie O'Donnell and Rosie with Laura San Giacomo! #highland

194 reactions 3 comments
Jason Kwan we love you Margaret !
Bailey Battle Bushart I was ob.sessed with the Rosie show and her magazine!!
Daniel Hlad Did you get a tiara for being the face of depression - it feels like you should have

Philly, coming to you this weekend! Buy tickets for my show FRESH OFF THE BLOAT right here:

103 reactions 6 comments
Jeff Phillips that hiar is SO cute
Slade Cullen You look so pretty!
Steph An Come to Montreal... pleeeease....
Mb Smaryth Omg. I saw her in 08 in Philly what a,funny funny fantastic show. So damn funny I was crying and my sides hurt. She is hilarious
Mark Altman Smart, sexy, and funny everything a female should have!

Always so fun running into old friends #TomGreen

618 reactions 40 comments
Pasquale Serio He aged kinda hawt !
Steve Boemer Great photo!
Laura Saffioti Wicked hot
Alphonso Trujillo Your so beautiful Tom e
Bradley McCrorey you can do better.

Love those #BroadCity broads for including me in their montage of admiration from last night’s episode 😘👏⚡️

77 reactions 6 comments
Carrie Reitter Cool! 👍🏻
Jeanine Edgington BRILLIANT episode
Sachiko Morimoto you ware with tom green recently, that`s cool! I love that!
Jeff Koo Worlds colliding! I love that show and I love you!
Greg Thomas Fougere Always hated the name broads...breaks wimmin down cause of there hips...bitch too.

Love this palette by #katvond for #katvondbeauty. It's called Saint + Sinner palette, which--obviously. 💋👁️🙏

592 reactions 40 comments
Roger Coleman Jr. Wow wow
Genai Trillo So pretty!
Alphonso Trujillo Oh my what a beauty you are 💋❤️
Robyn Veniece Adair Badass earrings!
Michael Haugh Your killing it Cho.


6.2k reactions 183 comments
Caitlin Jennette Alusha Lee Halloween tips
Jess Price Carmen pro-tip! 😉
Trina Ung Michelle Halloween shopping be like
Jennifer Renee Silver Gilles True story
Jeremy Humble Vegan Black Metal Chef?

I wore my most Asian outfit for you, San Francisco. See you tonight!!!

473 reactions 78 comments
Wilson Lau I have the same outfit! Lol Just kidding I wish though!
Tim Evans This makes miss SF so bad...great city full of people full of stories ❤SF ❤ Margaret Cho.
Danny Carrasco Who is the mini U walking next 2U
Bob Miller where are all the gays?

Ruined the song but I can’t stop singing it

697 reactions 74 comments
Josh Walker Eww
Mackenzie Sullivan Anna Tappel i apologize in advance
Adam Hourani-McEwen "My looooove" 😂😂😂
Marco De Blois He’s demented 💯
Robin Rice Psychotic Gemini

I’m on the cover of DIVA, out now!

Where to buy DIVA magazine
Where to buy DIVA magazine

How to get your hands on a copy

229 reactions 9 comments
Christian Meza Get it girl!!!
Christian Meza Get it girl! 😘
Dana Paul Stunning! ❤️
Michael Daniel Sgro Beautiful! Werk!
Michael Haugh Its about time they put a true Diva on the cover. Congratulations! Margaret Cho.

"After more than 30 years in stand up, it is no exaggeration to say that @margaretcho is at the top of her game. " thank you Bust!

335 reactions 12 comments
Nichole Luce She always has been!
Jeffrey Jeannotte For reals!
Robert Buonaspina She is awesome!
John Brock Going to the show tonight (front row). I can’t wait!!!!!
Isaac Lewis Please, you have always been on top my love!


Margaret Cho returns to Castro, ready for a comedic challenge
Margaret Cho returns to Castro, ready for a comedic challenge

Margaret Cho is four months into her Fresh Off the Bloat tour, a period of time where the news cycle seems to be changing just about every five minutes. But Cho will be prepared when she arrives Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, a town where she honed her dark, edgy and ofte...

597 reactions 35 comments
James Swift Hugs
Shirley Ramirez Go Maggie C! Love ya!
Michael Dang #trailblazer
Dianne Brennan Great haircut!
Daniel Johns Fierce. Love it.

I love him

3.7k reactions 276 comments
Lisa Garcia me whe no one is watching!!
Katy Doench OMG I hate that effing song! I had to watch it with the sound off. He's quite awesome.
Kat Connors This is exactly what it looks like at Charlie's Las Vegas.... but there's never that many women lol
Charlotte Burris Swider Ahhh.. sweet youth, having all tbat energy!
Morten Barndorff Simonsen Jesper , skal vi snart finde vores cha cha heels frem igen? Og har Tina nu slettet sin profil igen?🤣

D.C.! Tonight, it’s getting Fresh! I’m back! Want tix? 👉🏽

Post-rehab, Margaret Cho has ‘come back to life’ for her ‘Fresh Off the Bloat’ tour
Post-rehab, Margaret Cho has ‘come back to life’ for her ‘Fresh Off the Bloat’ tour

The no-holds barred-comic stops at the Warner Theatre on Saturday.

2.7k reactions 88 comments
Robbie Evans Jr. Margaret!! Please come back to Baltimore!!
Jen N Sam Smith Come to St Pete, FL's so gay here!
Robyn Veniece Adair You continue to amaze, darling. #loveyou #sistercomic
Diane Schacht wow ! she looks amazing ! hope this will be taped for HBO or SHO
George Romer love you Maggie come to South Florida please

Check it

Margaret Cho Explains Why Joking About Harvey Weinstein Is Exactly The Right Thing To Do
Margaret Cho Explains Why Joking About Harvey Weinstein Is Exactly The Right Thing To Do

The comedian also sounds off on Trump and her own experience with sexual harassment.

563 reactions 21 comments
Robert Howard Brian
Michael Haran Good 4 u M.C.!
Wanda Hughes Prettier and funnier every day.
Brian O'Keeffe 👍🏿
Michelle Paxton Preach!

NEW YORK! You were too much! I love you and I stand with every survivor who spoke about their abuse this week, before that, after that and forever. #freshoffthebloat

172 reactions 2 comments
Stefano Trippa Grillo new york, neew YORK..
PJ Bear Waiting for you to come to Biloxi or New Orleans. We need your humor down here, baby! ;)

NEW YORK! You wanna get involved with a movement? Come see me TONIGHT in #FreshOffTheBloat at the Gramercy - tix:

340 reactions 13 comments
David Valente Stephanie Wilbur for your first night!
A.B. Chowdah Phoenix misses you!!
James R Francis Break a leg!!
Slade Cullen Keep slaying!
Yvonne Bryan Laughed till I hurt 😭

Heading to Hollywood tonight on my next stop #FRESHOFFTHEBLOAT! Tickets available here:

193 reactions 9 comments
Lisa Wood Are you coming to Canada?!
Jim Yockey I hope you're not singing again....!!!
Sandra Bush Gotta Love the Cho
Traci Stahl Nothing in FL? Nothing in any Southern states? Wth?!?!
Robin Wilson I'm going the end of the month. can't wAit

LOS ANGELES! #FreshOffTheBloat is inside of you THIS week, did you get tickets yet?

85 reactions 11 comments
Estar Yi Doe Ma !!
Alphonso Trujillo Your so beautiful Margaret 💋
Matthew McMillen Wish I could I live in Seattle.
Mateo Leyba Yasss we have tickets Kween 🌈
Marie Creyer Boyd You look beautiful! Going to Brea improv?

Set life. #Highland

982 reactions 119 comments
Eugene J. Sedita Sexy and smart and funny , incisive. Beautiful lady.
Dot Stern big fan...hope to meet you one day :)
Pam Geike Rodriguez I'm sure you hear this all the time but you look just like my sister ... 😘
Zamy Os That’s a Kimora Lee impersonator. Where’s Margaret? 😝
Troy Bowser Miss you once again!!!! I see posters all around Sydney!!!

Sex, drugs, and Trump inspired my tour. Great review from #RebelliousMagazine. Thank you. #FreshOffTheBloat

Review: Margaret Cho Launches Fresh Off the Bloat Tour in Chicago
Review: Margaret Cho Launches Fresh Off the Bloat Tour in Chicago

Sex, drugs and Donald Trump were among the topics mined for comedic gold by Margaret Cho during her Sept. 23 performance at the Chicago Theatre. The Saturday evening set not only served as a hilarious

59 reactions 9 comments
Roger Coleman Jr. You rock!!!
Jake Johnson Good sex
Gilbert Recker Please come to Pittsburgh
Michael Teipner Margaret you are my hero
Owen T. Niland No Denver?? Boo!

Bring the heat. #TakeTheKnee WOW! Dale Hansen

1.7k reactions 64 comments
Jana Flaherty Clear and powerfully articulated.
Dorian Edward Wood GURRRRRRRRRRRL!!!!
Winter Sigh Beck That man is an ALLY. Good on him!
Mark Mullaney Dale is a Dallas treasure!
Dave Johnson unchecked capitalism doesnt need the bill of rights or any flag of any country.

#FreshOffTheBloat is on and poppin' - thanks YourTango for letting me spill my guts.

Margaret Cho Opens Up About Her Addiction, Relapse, Childhood Sexual Abuse And The “King Of Offensive” Donald Trump
Margaret Cho Opens Up About Her Addiction, Relapse, Childhood Sexual Abuse And The “King Of Offensive” Donald Trump

The comedian talks exclusively to YourTango about the empowering way she found comfort in comedy.

1.0k reactions 32 comments
Jimmy Rodgers Margaret Cho you go girl 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Dee Gazetta Nice jills
Brett Alexander You look AMAZING!!!!
Ginny Jacobi Panarella Love you
Kelly Stultz Gorgeous!

I just needed a moment to laugh in the midst of the madness of the world.

6.2k reactions 177 comments
Joey Minutolo "Why.....WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!! WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!" ??????????????
Linda Wolff Just peed a little laughing so hard. LOVE u
Catherine Song Ahhhh the good old days 🤣🤣
Artemis Parvati Oh damn lol she went there
Christy Wiederholt Vasey Dick this looks to be more your speed....

CHICAGO! You rocked my world! #FreshOffTheBloat

115 reactions 17 comments
Justine Sefton Matt Vasquez-Lebrón your in the video
Adam A Khan Great job Margaret.
Kim Bazan Look forward to your WI stop on Sunday! 💛
Deb Nelson You were great!!!! Hilarious!
Erik Nelson Love you, you sexy bitch!!

Chicago I’m here, but what’s that thing over there... Tix for the weekend in the meantime!!!

385 reactions 36 comments
Grace Cha love her
Melanie Nichols My girlfriend & I saw you in Hawaii🌈🌴👙We Love you 🐾🦋🦋🦋🐾
Kristina Marano Come to SoFlo!! We love you!
Margie Garcia Gross
Michael Teipner I love you Margaret
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