15:33 04/20/2017


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Kelsey Volkmann
Morgan Mathison Kaidra Larson omg we need to ask for this for Christmas!!
Marte Halvorsen
my slutty nuggets gang members Maria Julie... me sko hatt ein sånn
Almida Libäck
Zackarias Lindgren önskar mig en sån här nu när ja fyller år👌🏼👌🏼
Alexa Elszeszer
Sóvágó Alexandra ilyen kene a szobadba 😂ha néha megéhezel😂😂
Kristal Cruz
Eva Braithwaite
Katie Dewar shall we get one of these for our house next year 😂
Arpit Gupta
Abigail Gildersleeves why don't we spending our student loans on this?? we could have McDonald's right in the living room!
Teodora Chesu
Alex in cazul in care nu știai ce vreau de ziua mea
Vincent Lelong
Renan, Tanguy, après le distributeur de boissons 😉
Dannii Bee
Nathan I'll get you one when they do it with Big Macs 😜
Roumzi Pegz El Saguaro
Elo Coralie Olivier Je pense que ça peut vous intéresser cette affaire
Emrah Evir
Nahin Faruq never need to go maccas again. Just keep ordering from this lol
Christian Garcia
Mom: Don't play with your food. Me: This isn't food. Get your ass in the kitchen.
Rishi P Nair
Joshua is this what we're waiting for??? Marietta
Ale Pss
Ariel mira babuu esto si que necesitamos en nuestras casitas jaja que ricoooo :P <3 <3

Other newsfeed from LMFAO

Look at them go! ❤️

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Lesley Hanson Duck me! Waddle they think of next?😜
Martin Krebs Tom Schluribert Eine Ente! Oh ne, doch 5000 Enten
Elisabeth Ederer Martina kunt bei uns daham sei
Emma Louise Cheetham Hannah Jayne looks like our street
Taylor Dayton This will be me. Leslie

These guys are crazy!!! 😯

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Philipp Schmidt Daniel Ryam
Kymy Hedgepeth Jessica
Kymy Hedgepeth Ashley
Monta Ozola Joe Foster
Jessica Gilbert Nicole Gilbert

This can not be as easy as they make it look? 🏍

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Amanda Lozano Kelvin Rodriguez
Mark Novak this guy is beyond excellent,

Great news everyone! 😃

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Eugene Dreuning Tessa Schut
Marcus Cruz Letecia Guevara
Martin Helleberg Gabrielsen Fredrik Aasheim
Simon Nordseth-Mundal Merete
Brent Schoeman Jholeen Lesure

Who would invent these?

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Giovanni Robira Jorge Luiz
Adam McDonald Weird Ryan Damon
Nicholas Birkholz Number 1 Life
Martin Shegy Šagát Diana Kačníková nič lepšie ako prokrastinovať nad niečím zbytočným

Straight on the Christmas wish list! 🎁

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Brendan Sky Walker Zanith King
Yannick Burkel Peter Kühnel Michael Kühnel 💪🏻

Anyone else fallen for these? 🤔

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Michael Simpson Gosia Simpson
Lauren Dahl Kerrie Dahl
Terry Romanishen Enough of this "everyone" bullshit. Everyone is inclusive of all people.
Evan Fritz I work in a cardiac cath lab, we worked on a man for nearly an hour after his heart stopped. The final thing that we attempted was epinephrine (adrenaline) directly into the heart muscle through the surface of the chest. Seen it done. It didn't work. ...

Would you do this for $10M? 😯

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Moppejocke Jocke Jan Öman
Jill Cameron Clifford Walton
Daniel Badrian Cin Dy
Gennaro del Mese Luca Fava Alessandro Gozzi
Vinuri De Costa Joseph Loxley


8.2k reactions 4259 comments
Vadim Finkeelberg Never saw a woman run away from a coock like she did
Charlotte Mayer Any person who ever got chased by a rooster will relate 🙈😩
Stephen Milne The Humans were getting a bit... Cocky.
Monika Monix Jaksik Well it looks funny as long as you’re not the one chased by an evil rooster 😂 evil rooster is EVIL 😂 when I was a kid my grandpa’s rooster attacked me, trust me, not fun at all 😂😂
Patryk Kubielas Radek Banik pamiętasz u Kowalskich 😁😂 raz też mnie gonił jak wycialem orła😑 to kogut zglupial 😂 długo nie pozyl 😎

Wait for it!! 😯

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Măž Tăž Šĕ Boring Fk off
Luke Homis http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/019/698/d96.jpg
Layne Cotterill was that it .????
Jessie Blue Arthur What the heck...
Nicola Wright What a waste of time

92oz of bravery! 😯

271 reactions 109 comments
Maloreigh F Landers It's not that difficult. Just get a stoner to do it. Seriously
Stephen E Minor And a large poop the next day
El Bentschamino Por Favor Janet Gonzalez😂😂😂 will ich auch❤️❤️❤️❤️
Francis Lachance Melanie Lachance non Homer bourre toi pas d'pain!
Amanda Molland the next challenge for Graeme Oberg and John Pratt... Fadi Nammo has lost just watching this. Aden RongveRachel RodyckJill Cey

Why are they so mesmerising? 😍

527 reactions 57 comments
Lennon Ng Yu Xiang Gene Loke Jinyen Lee Keith Liew Jason Ng ni men hao yao ball ma ?
Lilaluna Bea Dumm
Virginia Kanyó Why?? 😥
Bryan Cruz Salazar Ash lastima todas las cosas perdidas tantas para jugar :(
Isis Oviedo Que ganas de romper las pelotas. Nunca mejor dicho jejox

Tag a mate who’s just like this! 🤣

60 reactions 6 comments
Elena Mae Lauren Casias
Skye McConeghy Kara Nicolosi
Glenn Cera Guy Pedge Ruest😂😂
Victoria Rose Fowler Elyssa Clauson
Paula Garcia Jenna Van de Bleek us

When you marry your best friend! 👌

3.2k reactions 554 comments
DeAnn R. Hixon Would have been better if they did "the lift" at the end!
Isadora Dos Anjos Miguel De Castilhos... Quero ver vc dançar assim no nosso casamento
Jordan Arcovitch Lol I was watching this while listening to eminem
Łukasz Dziedzic Zuza To już wiesz jak będzie wyglądać NASZ pierwszy taniec. Musimy być oryginalni
Caressa Kyara Keith u already know dat je die beyonce gaat dansen

This guy is amazing!! 😯

1.1k reactions 53 comments
Manuel Miranda-Vizcaino Mayra Mercado
Matheus Brian Richard Rodrigues Wellison Rodrigues Wendlel Rodrigues
Diego Pinheiro Carol Almeida
Missy Vendy Carina Plambeck & Nur Nurr
Maude Raymond Marilou Dionne 😍😍

Hot stuff! 🔥

167 reactions 29 comments
Aaron McDonald Luke James Brundall
Felix Parmasche Sebastian Eichhorn
Ács Róbert Panni Palumbi
Tamara Monique Bassett Shaun Cole
Jorge Duarte Ashton

These tricks are awesome! 👌

1.1k reactions 56 comments
Tenaya Larson Jared Redskull 😲
Serena Ashley Flores Terry Wood Floress
Yaneth Uvario Arturo Uvario
Tara Evans Grayson Evans
Suraj Madhavan Nair Ananthu Raj

Mind blown! 😱

206 reactions 59 comments
Ha Rivera Karla Nycole Fernández
Oskar Kelly Carl Samios
Yash Pubby Tanvi Gokhale
Gary Bevan George Minister
Heidi Mayhew Stefanie Mayhew Steele Draper

Get yourself ready for winter! ⛄️

1.8k reactions 325 comments
Natanael Massit Sebastien sur tes ancien pneu de quad 😂😂
Maëva Muller JaDe Pons pour ton chéri 😂
Alyssa Dawn Parlee Adam Gaul now thats a studded tire
Yavor Evtimov Антонио Цачев e тва си представих като ми каза за онаш гума
Adrian Głowienka Kacper do Szarana zrób XD

Which phone will win? 😯

682 reactions 132 comments
Adriana Vrhovec Borna Polašek vidiš da je iphone drek
Bozec Ludi Charlène Saquet c'est des portables comme ça qu'il te faut toi 😂
András Keresztes The samsung galaxy won
Keris Thomas Laurie Shea Reesik see Samsung way better lol screw iPhones
James Martinez I dropped my s8plus not to long ago and i got the same green screen 😐

How did I not know these? 👌

151 reactions 0 comments

What is Area 52? 😯

69 reactions 11 comments
J Lopez Sandoval Erick Lopez
Cédrick Côté Jeremie Guerard
Blake Hubbard Cameron Prodical Johnston Josh Oreo
Phi Long Bui Namson Nam
Kimberley Marie Bell Ricky Bell

Ouch for no.3! 😟

46 reactions 1 comments
Mélany G-Gagnon Jonathan Gagnon

That’s allot!! 💰

20 reactions 2 comments
Truhon Corbitt Ryan Fisher
Lucas Cibié Yohan Fegueux Arthur Guérin

This is so strange! 😮

613 reactions 57 comments
Tori Gregory Nick Gregory
Danielle Alexis Dowdy Kayla Stockner
Lara Araújo Jeniffer Alvess
Άννα Καραγκούνη Άγνωστη Θεατρικάρια Νίκος Ορφανουδάκης
Leanne Leonard Niall Leonard Aaron Madden

How did they do that? 😮

62 reactions 1 comments
Andres Felipe Garces Torres :v lol

Getting schooled by eBay! 😆

292 reactions 19 comments
Cyprien Aram-Orieux I like a dick
Ale Ramirez Amairani Busane
Lutfi Hayy Alia Maisara
Ditty Romero Sophie Dobson
Sabrina El Puerto Gonzales Dilek El Puerto Gonzales😂

No way!! 😯

164 reactions 8 comments
Johnson Tremain Kyle Deja vu man really whoever made this is a fucking idiot non of this id proof of anything
Paulo Pires Francisco Gonçalves
Laura A. Ballán Maria Paula Gastelbondo
Dani Rodriguez Isaac Croes
Randall Swindell Michael Jenney

Thats allot!! 💰

57 reactions 6 comments
Cara Dotson Tristen Dotson
Laura Schrier-Kemmeren André Kemmeren-Schrier
Alejandro Cruz Reyes German Santiago Garzon Mora
Jordan Schatz Quinten Hoover
Coralie Ostertag Mathilde

And it work! 😯

1.8k reactions 192 comments
Paula Carolina Vamos tentar amor Rhaian Moura kkk
Lucas Vilela Vai Humberto missão dada
Sébastien Pount Pierre Fls c'est énorme !
Jake Esquivel Isaias De La Vega ve we, está bien perrona we
Manassé Martonfalvai Balázs Rozner megtekerjuk nem?...😪😪😉😂😂
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