Linkin Park
19:51 05/18/2017

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Richard Gonzales
Cleveland, Ohio
Lui de Araújo
You guys are amazing
Matteo Alessandro Müller
One More Light the song is very deep.. good job🖖🏻
Nick Kovalik
Pre save? Wtf does that mean?
Denis Wilkinson
Why try to fix what's not broken?
Pete Berg
No thanks
Trevor Kilometers
Way ahead of you LP. Pre-saved months ago :D
Oscar Strand
What time will the album be released to Spotify? :D
Sasha Ram
I give One More Light 11/10
Parthiv Deb
Couldn't be happier if Mike wished me on my birthday tomorrow🙂
Andrew Ross
Different but good. Some solid faves on the album so far.
Andrew Bakeev
Its not Linkin park. Its Justin Bieber. with a voice of Chester Bennington
Eugene Ong
Andy Nam damn nice album bro but no more screaming hahah they're old
John David
Linkin Park makes pop their own on One More Light. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Choice cuts: "Nobody Can Save Me", Talking to Myself" and "Sorry for Now"
David McNally
Is there a way to save it on Spotify? I mean directly on the site/in the player, instead of using this link? I'd rather not link whatever this is to my account.

Other newsfeed from Linkin Park

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Kim LaPlante Chester's death has affected me more than any other singer. I can't grasp that he is gone. It feels like I've lost a family member. Linkin Park has been a part of my music library since 2000. My Hybrid Theory CD has always been in my car. I listen to ...
Cheryl Houser This loss has echoed through alot of souls, mine included. I did a tribute art piece for Chester myself.. I've had some people ask about getting prints or shirts of the piece I did in his honor, but I'll be honest: I refuse to make money personally off ...
Emma Galvin I'm heartbroken. Such a major part of my childhood. Can't stop listening to his voice. He's the first person to pass who I don't know personally that has fully affected me. You were loved Chester and you will be sorely missed. I'm devastated 😥
Hayley Mason The link did work, now it doesn't. Probably crashed by the amount of people trying to access ❤
Chloé Morgendorffer Aurélie Jungle Debbie Des Bois vous vous souvenez que c'est grâce à ce groupe qu'on avait commencé à se parler sur msn ? :'(

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Joe Welke I love this band now they're gone! No one can replace Chester!
Owen G. Crutcher As someone who has had two brothers commit suicide, and myself who has seriously considered it on one occasion (I was talked through it), no one knows what it's like to suffer through depression as a result of addiction, loss of a loved one, sexual ...
Blanca Prieto Linkin Park was the very first band I really liked it about 14 years ago. It was love at first sight. So it’s really hard hearing this news about Chester passing away. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your songs, your voice and all your talent ...
Michael Kelly Honestly, the last time I was this sad about someone famous dying was Robin Williams, even with all the other great actors, singers and gorillas that have died in the past few years... It's just so much worse when they take there own life. When they ...
Bhavesh Shinde It's hard to grasp the amount of pain (not just physical) someone must be going through to take their own life. Life isn't always easy or perfect. So sad. RIP Chester.

Linkin Park's cover photo

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Cody Anderson For those of us that lived through the lyrics, Chester was our voice when we couldn't speak. His words were ours when we couldn't find our own. In the end Chester, you'll matter more than you could ever imagine. Thank you for everything.
Nicole Wilkes There is always an end, but why did it have to be today, and why like this? I am obsessed with music, love it. I love all types of music, the joy and pain it can bring. One band has always been true and close to my heart. 21 years ago I heard a band on ...
Inzamam Ulhaque his death is the answer for those who don't believe in the term "money can't buy you happiness".
Jaypee Caps Damn it Chester, I've been wanting to see you live since I was 9 when I was still at the Philippines! Now that I finally am able to buy your tickets I was so excited to see you live in a week. It sucks so much that I will never get to see you in person. ...
Daniel Williamson Linkin Park, well mainly their lyrics in the songs in Hybrid Theory helped me fight my demons a few years back. I wish I could have helped Chester fight his. Thank you guys for everything you have given the world. Rest in peace my friend :(

Linkin Park

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Khalid Shahriar Thank you Chester for pulling thousands of people out of hard times, even through suicidal thoughts. Sadly you couldn't do the same for yourself. Rest in peace man. Hope your afterlife brings you more peace
Monique Muge Marsand You was my literal hero. You got me through all my bad years and you stopped me from making wrong choices and letting depression beat me. To know that you died because of it , just hurts. The amount of times your words have saved fans . I think I can ...
Allie May I feel betrayed. Him and the band are what kept me alive during high school, high school was the worst years of my life, when I was at my lowest, I played their albums one right after another, on a constant repeat for weeks. Listening to them, helped ...
Ynés Saidi This breaks my heart. Chester has been one of my favorite rock singer for a long time and is a legend. Linkin Park is such a good band, I hope Chester has found peace😥😥 When i was 16 Linkin Park helped me get through so much and gave me all the ...
Angie Troche I'm so heart broken. I was just thinking about them yesterday. Couldn't believe they were still together as band. And now this happened. Chester you will be missed.

Watch the official #TalkingToMyself music video now - directed by Mark Fiore. #OneMoreLight 🌅

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Ryan Marquardt Selenia Jesus fucking christ.......... I hope this isn't true :( Please someone say this is a hoax
Steve Lutz I feel a huge loss with Chester but he was a fuc*ing coward! Now he leaves SIX kids without a father and a wife without a husband. Not to mention his band mates and millions of loyal fans. I'm sad and angry at the same time, mostly for his kids. It's a ...
Stevye Robinson Y all need to confirm or deny the rumors about Chester!!! I am losing my mind right now. Somebody confirm!!!!!!!!!! I don't wanna see an article, I wanna know from somebody on this page since this is a legit band page!!!!
Angi Dobi "News of singer Chester Bennington’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. However the July 2017 report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death ...
Naiade Pinheiro Guys please just tell us it's not true the news about Chester!

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One More Light Pop-Up

Shop new #OneMoreLight merch in our limited 2 week pop-up.

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Andre Venter Guys go and check BBC News...its confirmed he is dead 😭😭😭
Kristen McNicholas Cupp My heart breaks for everyone! Chester you will be missed. I wish this was a joke. Rest in Peace Chester
Rene Dominguez Bequer what happened with Chester?
Hazel Gibbons Chester you will be missed more than you know. May you find peace from those demons that haunted you. Xx
Mike Jackson I can no longer shop for anything linkin park sorry guys

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Karem Valeska Qué noticia tan triste todavía estoy en shocked, casi todos los días escucho sus canciones, lo que menos imaginaba era que alguien con esa sonrisa tan linda tuviera una fuerte depresión. Que descanse en paz.
Gregory Bledsoe I'm beyond words and in shock, I'm Sad for Linkin Park and Chester's Family. Mental Illness is no Joke, I should know, I live with mental Illness and everyday is a struggle for me to survive.
Peter Armstrong Chester was kindof a dick lately, but I don't think he would fucking fake his own death. RIP Chester Bennington. Today is for Linkin Park. The world has lost another amazing artist.
Misael Monteiro "When my time comes Forget the wrong that I've done Help me leave behind some Reasons to be missed Don't resent me And when you're feeling empty Keep me in your memory."
David Oliveira "I ty so hard and get so far , In the end it doesn't even matter." It shouldn't be this way for all people that want stop suffering . Deep down there. your a winer in a bad moment Chester. I know down deep you want to rest but not like that . We all ...

Fun day with Ken Jeong, Carpool Karaoke, + Apple Music - stay tuned.

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Riccardo Ripari Irene di a Ciaow. .. ciao
Krischen Jaeger Reminds me of The Hangover Trilogy... The question is: who's who?
Brentyn MacMillan This picture is cooler then my sweet and sour chicken.
Ron Regan Its probably 80 degrees and that douche has a winter hat on.
Stefan Pater Tamara Pater LINKIN PARK CARPOOL KARAOKE?! 😍

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Racheal Gayapa Zapanta Hello linkin park member fighter good music
Patricia Ribeiro Esse sorriso do Mike 💟💟💟💟😍
Fandy Fallboy Music for relief, justice force joely...
Sarah Rangel Hermosos
Christin Winkelmann Carina Carre Glinsmann Vivienne Mansfeld Nicholas Riebesel wir sind da im Hintergrund 😮😍😂

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Nigar Quliyeva I expected Justin Bieber as number 1, not Coldplay, Justin-the best rock singer ever
Mason Long None of these are really even rock bands..... Not even you guys anymore
Frederik Lyng Pedersen Mikkel Vinge edermanme en bullshit liste haha, 21 pilots og Coldplay
Sebastian Nirschl I think most of you don't know what rock really is. Coldplay, Beatles? Seriously?
Josh Wilson Why is Linkin Park so concerned with rock music? They left the genre.

#HeavyLP (feat. Kiiara) is nominated for #ChoiceRockAlternativeSong at the FOX Teen Choice Awards. To vote tweet #ChoiceRockAlternativeSong + @linkinpark or visit

Vote - Choice Rock Alternative Song - Heavy (feat. KIIARA) - Teen Choice Awards 2017
Vote - Choice Rock Alternative Song - Heavy (feat. KIIARA) - Teen Choice Awards 2017

I just voted for the Teen Choice 2017 winners! Vote for your favorites and more at!

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Denver Patton Heavy? Linkin park? YA their good but heavy? No you want heavy go cattle decapitation and honestly watch the video for forced gender reasignment. You think Linkin Park is heavy this song will push your balls all the way past China into the stratosphere
Allison Dettinburn Linkin park is still great but this album and this song is not rock. Overall theyre still a rock band but this album definitely has other sounds and genres. Congrats on the nomination though
AL-Waleed Messi Tweeted ✅ Maybe Heavy is the best song of One More Light album .. LP for ever <3
Umang Sthapit US Only :/
Jennifer H Stone Sorry, its not a really an alternative song...I miss your old music!

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Bronson Lima Marshall Alex Walker
Dianou Meteora
Lucas Bordon Linkin formosa Nice
Brandon Pacheco Come to Portland

Select photos from the July 3rd #OneMoreLight Tour London, UK show. Photos by Lorenzo Errico.

11.3k reactions 91 comments
Kiran Kaur I was there!!!!! Yay LOVED IT 😍
Aejay Caelum I always listen to One More Light and Heavy.
Eduardo Da Silva Oliveira Best rock band
Alma Tovar Simplemente los mejores ❤❤❤
Towfiq Rahman What a night that was!!!

LPU 16 Welcome Bundle + Membership

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Joy Lorenz Ryan Mexico Weber
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Nazareno Junior Herikson Menezes
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Bigg Jon how much just the tshirt

Get One More Light, Meteora, + Hybrid Theory on Apple Music - $6.99 for a limited time:

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Robert Simpkin I dont understand the hate towards one more light. Get over it. This is what they made. And i personally love it.
Andrew Ross Been using Spotify for OML but this might be a chance to get it and the early stuff on iTunes so I can help it on my ipod and library. Not a bad idea.
Samantha Waterman So sad that this is what their music has come to. I'd go back to the hybrid theory and meteora days in a heartbeat. I wish they would.
Daniel Macklin Come on guys give "One More Light" a chance to grow on you. I've certainly warmed to it...
Luke Hawthorne I hated the new album at first and avoided listening to it after the first time out of spite, but after giving it another chance I'm starting to love it (with the exception of one song). Its really not a bad album, its definitely the weakest one they've ...

See you soon North America: #OneMoreLight

6.1k reactions 89 comments
Darren Austin Can't wait to see you again will be checking up even if I have to fly to another country
Darran Gurr Come back soon LP. You were awesome at The O2 in London. #OneMoreLight
Sarah Armstrong Myself and my twin loved the show at the o2, fekkin AWESOME!!!!!😘XX
Teresa Allport Absolutely amazing night last night in Birmingham well worth the wait x
Jasmine Gonzalez 21 days til Citifield!! #GAPit #BlinkinPark #Day1ofBlinkinPark

Thank you Birmingham 🇬🇧

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Katie Jayne Walford You guys were epic beyond words. Been a fan since i was a pre teen and your songs means so much to me. Thank you for being you and amazing. Fave moment: breaking the habit. I cried! Enjoy the rest of the tour! Stay safe x
Debbie Webb We were a little worried that at age 61 we would find the concert experience too much but it was a Fantastic evening, thank you. I am sure my hearing will return and my voice will return to normal eventually 😂. I think I might actually persuade husband ...
Mark Thomson Fantastic night,amaizing concert,great atmosphere, Me and my son,loved every second over to fast,Respect to To Chester and LP for paying tribute,to Manchester and those who Suffered in the tragic attack,then singing One more light with the fans,...
Dairin Keating My first time seeing LP......bought the tickets for the Mrs who is a huge fan!!..... I was really impressed and have a new respect for a Sabbath, Slipknot, Sepultura etc fan I can definitely say you are awesome live and Chester your vocal ...
Nick Hipkin One of the best gigs I've been to, and I've seen a few! Been a fan of LP from the start and Chester and the band are as awesome now as when they first hit the scene. Well done fellas, this 50 year old rock god is and always will be a 100% LP fan. Keep ...

Birmingham tonight. #OneMoreLight 🌅

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Keri Oleniach Cannot wait, less than a month and I finally get to see you live
Paul Routh awesome hope you all have a great night - they don't dissapoint ! :)
Katharine Perrin This was the 6th time I've seen linkin park, they just get better every time. Xxxx
Mandy Wade Linkin park you smashed Birmingham tonight. Words cannot describe how much you rocked the crowd. Im honoured by being a part of this amazing night 💜
Teresa Allport OMG shout out block 10 seats 451 and 452 waited 16years to see Linkin Park xxx

O2 Academy Brixton #OneMoreLight 🌅

9.9k reactions 103 comments
Rommy Cáceres in love with you, mike <3
Patricia Checkley Amy Elizabeth in your neighourhood
Tomek Ogonowski why capo? :o
Kieran Monaghan Lisa Gibbs will we go see these next
Albert Cobain Estoy deacuerdo, regresen al viejo linkin park

Timeline Photos

2.1k reactions 21 comments
Victor Shinoda ❤❤❤❤❤
Nestor Pumar
Deann Septian Nufri Martha Adikris Tanty
Ahmed Hajat Kyle Lee
Danie Lévi <3

Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, + Brad Delson join for 'Comic Book Shopping'

2.6k reactions 26 comments
Sohel Shaikh
Sohel Shaikh
Stephanie Powell Shawn Powell Stephanie Powell
Wilques Filho Caio Cesar Bruno Sena Elaine Pagani
Tom Stenson Adam Block

O2 Academy Brixton. #OneMoreLight 🌅

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Dalima Dewi Komen Date =>21:49:37 05/07/2017 <= 194 serius itu+++>:"rabu malam" =>xpbgdnxpcwboelliayrf<=
Willow Terra Queen and Prince might want me back, which amazes me but diplomatic business...
Donald Jack Marsden Junior Time to shine, and you took the golden opportunity Linkin Park!
Vishal Pawar I think their new album is best album of this year. I can see their improvements day by day. I love linkin park they owe me.
Kathy Kolb U guys seem to have such a blast on stage. Hope to see u here in Phoenix soon.

Timeline Photos

5.9k reactions 51 comments
Arkien Ayeso I just read "Botox" o.O
Claudia Correia Show!
Gage Hall Anyone else see the chick on the bottom right? Lmfao
Randy Frickin Pinder Is that Dave Grohl in the front row?
Naufal Hidayatullah 🤘🤘🤘

‪London night 2, this time at the O2 Academy Brixton - thank you guys 🎈🎈🎈#OneMoreLight ‬

24.2k reactions 353 comments
Victoria Cave Adam Cave we could have been here!!!!!
Angeliki Angeliki wooow!!
Sarka Zoulkova What a night!! You were amazing!! 👏👏
Katsushi Nakamoto I was extremely excited!!
Yani Gencheva Sam Roche you had balloons and we didnt 😭

Thanks for joining us Stormzy #GoodGoodbye - See you later London O2 Academy Brixton.

11.3k reactions 207 comments
Debbie Manley It was bloody amazing!!! So happy to have seen them at last.
Andreea Grigaci Amazing! Last night was incredible!!! Thank you for your work guys! Its unbelievable how good you still are. My no1 band 💖
Malene Søgaard Loves from Denmark, was to your concert yesterday in the O2 and it was fantastic ❤️
Sharon Ali Pace Amazing night...still sounds as good as ever and better than recordings!
Mena Blue Amazing show yesterday, my first time seeing you and will do again when I have another chance. You rock, Linkin Park 👌

So good to see you Belgium 🇧🇪 - thank you for having us Rock Werchter. 📸 Blue Gorilla Pictures

35.9k reactions 227 comments
Lien Anseele the last 8 seconds of 'waiting for the end' where the best of my life!!!! thank you so much! #BeautifulEyes!
Marcie Williams OMG if I could get that close to Chester I would be one happy lady!!!
Victor Pereira What should I say? Well, let's go...COME TO BRAZIL
Sebastian Bash Chester looks horrible, he's losing his hair and his hybrid theory sound.
Faozia Van der Vennet Amazing show!! 😍 You guys were awesome! See you next time in Belgium #RW17# Patrick van Hoorick 💖

Watch our live set from Rock Werchter 2017 in Belgium: #OneMoreLight

12.2k reactions 119 comments
Sinead Danny Murrillo Khaliq Great show Linkin Park can't wait to see you on Thursday <3 <3
Kevin Verbeke "One more camera"
Fred Nauwelaerts Wtf 😈
Ahmed Mokhtari You have always made of your albums pieces of arts of which one we never get tired of .. your last album is only a piece of shit💩💩. I'm 😞 disappointed
Robin Pevenage Merci pour ce rêve et ce magnifique concert que vous nous avez offert hier vous nous avez transporter dans votre univers en nous montrant qu'elle groupe de tallent qu'elle travaille et quelle passion vous vivez tous les jours encore un grand merci pour ...

Mike here - Answering your questions on our North American Tour LIVE. Tickets + Info:

19.9k reactions 15255 comments
Andy Taylor Saw y'all 2 years ago in Orlando for the Hunting Party tour. I had waited 14 years to see you. Best concert ever! Will be seeing you again in Tampa. Can't wait. Thanks for all the great music!!!
Bence Dani I really loved your concert on Tuesday at VOLT , your old songs were fcking dope , and i even liked your new songs , thx for coming to Hungary, you are welcome back :P
Aaron Ray Kukovich I like the way your music grew up with your target audience I was in high school when you guys came out and I can feel the transformation through the years it's awesome
Seth Sauer You guys are great! Been following since I saw you at ozzfest in east troy, WI. However when you released heavy, you went too main stream. Come on guys, step it up!!!!
Alíz Kelemen Now I don't really have any important questions. I just want to tell you that I saw the koncert in Hungary and IT WAS AMAZING! Thank you very much, you're awesome. ❤

Join Mike + Machine Gun Kelly for a Facebook Live Q&A session on July 1st at 5:15 pm (GMT+2). They will be answering your questions on the upcoming #OneMoreLight North American Tour. Tune in right here on the band's Facebook page. Tickets & Tour Info:

3.2k reactions 129 comments
Steven Kriplean Sophia Brunke They are touring together
Mosiur Rahman Moshi A legend with a beginner
Cristian Enríquez when i saw this pic i think was a dante cosplay
Amber Lewis Can't wait until August when l.p. in Dallas
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