Linkin Park
19:51 05/18/2017

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Richard Gonzales
Cleveland, Ohio
Lui de Araújo
You guys are amazing
Matteo Alessandro Müller
One More Light the song is very deep.. good job🖖🏻
Nick Kovalik
Pre save? Wtf does that mean?
Denis Wilkinson
Why try to fix what's not broken?
Pete Berg
No thanks
Trevor Kilometers
Way ahead of you LP. Pre-saved months ago :D
Oscar Strand
What time will the album be released to Spotify? :D
Sasha Ram
I give One More Light 11/10
Parthiv Deb
Couldn't be happier if Mike wished me on my birthday tomorrow🙂
Andrew Ross
Different but good. Some solid faves on the album so far.
Andrew Bakeev
Its not Linkin park. Its Justin Bieber. with a voice of Chester Bennington
Eugene Ong
Andy Nam damn nice album bro but no more screaming hahah they're old
John David
Linkin Park makes pop their own on One More Light. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Choice cuts: "Nobody Can Save Me", Talking to Myself" and "Sorry for Now"
David McNally
Is there a way to save it on Spotify? I mean directly on the site/in the player, instead of using this link? I'd rather not link whatever this is to my account.

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Watch the videos from #OneMoreLight Live on YouTube:

One More Light Live - Available Now - YouTube
One More Light Live - Available Now - YouTube

Available everywhere now:

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Ygor Neres Lilian de Moura, um rastro de felicidade. Por causa da música boa.
Suprayitno Edhi i sad in every linkin park's pictures without chester.. but with and without him. i keep like linkin park.
Jom Maliwan Karnjak I'm still listen song of Linkin Park everyday 🖤
Janet Downey Rankin I can't listen yet. I never imagined it could hurt like this.
Maysa Suksathit I know u watching us from somewhere, same with us always watching u on youtube =D

#OneMoreLight Live. Stream / download the album - available everywhere now:

One More Light Live by LINKIN PARK
One More Light Live by LINKIN PARK

We dedicate this album to our brother Chester and hope it gives you a glimpse into how magical these shows were for the six of us. Thank you for listening. - LINKIN PARK

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Waleulla Dipto i love you Chester
Merli Grace LINKIN PARK! ✊ LINKIN PARK! ✊ LINKIN PARK! ✊ LINKIN PARK! ✊ LINKIN PARK! ✊ LINKIN PARK! ✊ I will keep Chester in my heart, I promise. 💞🔏
JC Heyner Chester forever ...Linkin Park 😎
Jaleb Benedict Roque We miss you Chester
PM Butani R i p Chester we miss You

Thank you for listening on Spotify this year. #OneMoreLight Live is available to stream now:

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Gabriella Di Franco Thank to you linkin park❤ Always here to support you. Love you❤
Claudia Varisco Every single moment spent listening to your music is amazing. Chester's voice and your songs can touch my heart and my soul as nobody else can do... proud to be one of your 51m fans <3 Thanks for being simply Linkin Park <3 all my love to all of you ...
Aji Saepul Mbah Luciano Lewat imajinasi, anak-anak bisa menemukan kesenangan dari hal-hal kecil yang mereka temukan. Bertambah usia, semakin membatasi imajinasi, semakin sulit menemukan kesenangan, bahkan dari hal-hal besar yang kita dapatkan.
Mike Collins So happy I finally saw you live this year, shame it's the only time I'll ever see Chester live :(
Shafiqul Islam Hemel I wish Spotify was available in Bangladesh,

Thank you Spotify for supporting #OneMoreLight Live. Listen to their 'Rock This' playlist:

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Christian Vidmontas Talking to myself rembered the old days of LP. The Best of the album
Noah Perry I Miss Chester everyday and will for the rest of my life #RIPChester #ForeverLinkinPark
Nimsaj Rethcäw linkin park will never die. ♡
Annette Vermaeten Epic, although I miss someone like One step closer
Monica Fabris Bought yesterday in Padova, Italy!!!!!

Thanks Apple Music for supporting #OneMoreLight Live. Listen to their Best Of The Week playlist:

Best Of The Week
Best Of The Week

Each week, our editors select some of the world's most exciting new music. If you hear something you like, add it to your library.

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Sifat Jaman Msj Always Best!!
Were Niche Isidro Los amO <3
Ezio Auditore Luv u [LP] !!!!!!!!!
Angelika Kutz ❤ tolles Album.❤
Serena Perruso Bellissimo concerto..Grazie Chester..

Listen to #OneMoreLight Live, available everywhere now:

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Alexandra Svärd Letting my neighbors listen to One More Light Live too tonight because it’s fucking awesome! Listen loud, listen proud! ❤️🤘
Rom Fürstenau Every day, 24/7...this album is the best present in 2017. thank you. My favorite is ,, talking to myself,, 🖤🙏 rip chester!
Marius Karl We are writing December 2017 and to hear Chester with you all makes me still as sad as july. :( 😪 "The reminders pull the floor from your feet..."
Scott Hill ugh I ordered 2 cds, only received 1, and no emails or anything for the digital downloads. Hate to be petty, but need what I paid for :-(
Nicolas Lafaye Bonsoir. Pour ma part j'ai remarquer qu'il manque une chanson sur le one more light live qui n'était pas non plus au dowload festival a Paris. C'est la chanson Sorry for now qui est pour moi dans le top 5 des chansons de l'album. Chanter la plupart du ...

#OneMoreLight Live is available everywhere now:

LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live
LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live

Available December 15, 2017. Recorded live on the One More Light World Tour 2017.

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Pamela Simmons I will get this album tomorrow, and listen with LP xx
Wendy Hoffmann thank you guys! <3 #MakeChesterProud #peacefortheworld
Jule Balke Thank You very much Guys for this Album ❤️🙏🏻 Lots of Love from Germany 💞
Vane Baigorria I can't wait to have my copy...I'm very anxious 😱🙈😁
Paul O'Hearn will look for the CD version at Walmart or sonic boom ..... hope to find it ....

#OneMoreLight Live available everywhere tomorrow. Watch the music video for Sharp Edges (One More Light Live) now:

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Mary-Anne Davies I’m still hurting since hearing the news. A beautiful birthday gift for me as my birthday is the 15th December. ❤️
Wendy Pass Can’t wait to relive the memories of The O2 in London & Birmingham in July... sure will be emotional listening tho ❤️💔😊
Andrew Drew Bernal LP for LIFE SOLDIER PROUD 🤘🎸❤ fly high brother and rest easy we miss you always 🤙#MakeChesterProud we love you LINKIN PARK keep making it for all of us 🤙
Léa Souchon Oh my god such an amazing Christmas present 💜💜💜Chester was my hero ,you guys are my daily life love you 💜 love from France 🤘Lk park family will never end !🤘
Johnny Nuyts I love the cd. At first I was hoping for something a lit more harder. But the more I listen to the songs the more I like them.

Pre-order #OneMoreLight Live available this Friday, Dec. 15th:

LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live
LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live

Available December 15, 2017. Recorded live on the One More Light World Tour 2017.

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Agnieszka Ponichtera <3 Love you guys. Take care xx
Stephen Nicoli We miss you Chester!!!!
Victor Gonzalez Andres Best of the best linkin park i am from guatemala
Jürgen Velser schon geordert das gute Stück :-) Vorfreude :-) auf Freitag :-)
Christopher Green Pre ordered first day :)

Timeline Photos

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Dorothea Pomarolli When I saw this picture I was listening to Looking For An Answer, it's hard to see you without Chester. But I'm also glad to see you staying well and smiling and it seems you are working here in Mike's studio. And Mike is wearing the shoes coloured by ...
Andrèè van Huben Its so strange to see you guys without Chazz.... But i hope Mike make a Singel CD with his song "Looking for an Answer". I will buy it. And also i really hope so much, u guys dont stop make music with Linkin Park. Pls never stop guys. But never replaces ...
Cindy Vernon Sutton I can't even imagine the conversations you guys must be having, so many emotions. It's nice to see you smiling, but my sadness just will not go away. It comes in waves, sometimes subtle yet other times it knocks me over. Whatever may come LP will always ...
Tracey Wilkerson Glad to see you all together! Obviously, I didn't know Chester, but I believe he wouldn't want his pain to stop you all from being the remarkable band that you are. #MakeChesterProud
Macieek Bierut Chester and Mike and the whole team have always been an idol and my model for me. With tears in my eyes I listen to this song. I met Linkin Park 10 years ago and even though I am 12 years old I still listen and I love this band.Chester will always be in ...

Watch the music video for Crawling (One More Light Live) out now:

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Lizzie Angel Sanders Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It's haunting, how I can't seem To find myself again, my walls are closing in... I've felt this way before, so insecure.... I used to hate this song, but hearing it with the piano is beautiful... ...
Thomas Ellburg Stokkan Anybody remember the hugging-circle during this song at their tour? Just goes to show how powerful Chester's voice could be even without screaming.
Jessica Mussell Our paths were so close to crossing so many times, and you might say they never connected. But that’s not true. You spoke to a part of my soul that no one else could seem to reach. Your music filled my head and said, “you are not alone.” Music does ...
Shubh Sharma Crawling in my skin.. These wounds they will no heal.... Fear is how i fall... Confusing what is real... These words r more thn jst words for me... It made me tears out of anger.... Bt now its with pain... Chester u left us... The void will b always ...
Himanshu I got goosebumps watching this. My heart aches whenever i listen to his screams.....only one question....Why?? : (

Thank you Rock Sound for honoring Chester as the Icon Of The Year at the 2017 Rock Sound Awards. Support the One More Light Fund and pick up the latest issue of Rock Sound magazine here:

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Leah Hicks Thank you LP for sharing this. I still miss him so much. 5FDP done a cover of the Off springs "Gone Away" Just heard it last night for the 1st time. It's pretty awesome and It made me think of Chester. :'( <3
Michelle Kelsey I still have a hard time listening to Linkin Park but I enjoy the music and Chester's voice so much and get choked up on certain songs...I am grateful this was shared so the fans can not only have a piece of Chester to keep but also donate to a worthy ...
Olga Bonilla We ALL love you guys too. ALL of you guys creativity and heart is what made the band I know Chester with the front man but all of you guys added to every part of every song you guys sang. you guys are like Salsa . Wonderful season flavor is what LP ...
Jonathan Miranda You are the best band in the world your fans are very thankfull for share this with us and for made our lives easier we love you👏👐
Ewelina Kreja The reminders, pull the floor from your feet In the kitchen, one more chair than you need, oh And you're angry, and you should be, it's not fair Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it, isn't there...

Pre-order #OneMoreLight Live available December 15th + get the live tracks Crawling and Sharp Edges instantly:

LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live
LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live

Available December 15, 2017. Recorded live on the One More Light World Tour 2017.

14.9k reactions 129 comments
Dorothea Pomarolli HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD DELSON. You are a very nice and smart person and I like your sense of humor.
Peter Stafinski Put out some of the unreleased music from the 100 plus songs you guys said u recorded on 1000 suns
Catarina Aaron Mouton I preordered mine the day we could buy it, can't wait to get it!! Rip Chester!
RobHurt Hernandez Love ya, ChazzyChaz. Just in case ya can see this
Natália Almeida Does anyone know if it’ll come to physical stores in Brazil?

Thank you to everyone for being a part of our show in honor of Chester at the Hollywood Bowl last month. You can watch the full concert on YouTube: Honor Chester with a Gift to the One More Light Fund. Click on the Donate button to make a contribution. The One More Light Fund supports Chester's favorite Music for Relief program by bringing solar suitcases - solar electricity kits - to health clinics without electricity. The fund will also shine a light on mental health; supporting individuals and families coping with mental and emotional struggles. #MakeChesterProud

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Ðushmantha Kriyaanvitha Ðk GT I would love to come to a live show before I die, and I feel so sad that I did not think Chester was there 😥😔😭😭😭 c u soon Linkin Park
Christopher Murnahan Linkin park will never be the same but they will always be one of my favorite bands of all times!!!! R.I.P Chester u will be missed
Ana Lievanos By far one of the best tribute I’ve seen in a while .. Watching this makes my heart so happy.. Linkin Park has been a big part of my life since I discovered you guys through my old brother and I’ve love your music ever since . Whenever am going through ...
Shariah Davidson Such an incredible show, and blessed to have been able to be a part of it. So many amazing people came together to make this happen. #MakeChesterProud
Ivan Colnat Constanza Dominique Giovanni Fiorella Cesar What's the plans guys? Am I going to see you in EVERY video about Linkin Park show at the Hollywood Bowl? :p

Happy 17th year to the LP Underground, the best place for LP fans from all over the world to unite, meet and interact. Today we launch LPU 17 along with two brand new merchandise bundles, and the standard annual digital membership. For a limited time, the merchandise bundles come with free bonus item(s) while supplies last. Get complete details on to join or renew your membership today. We've also added brand new social features to, so members can now connect their social media accounts, share news posts and fan posts to Facebook / Twitter, and RSVP to Events. In addition, the new LINKIN PARK App is available to download in the App Store or Google Play, you can log in using the same email and password you use on In the coming weeks, LPU members will get special access to locked app features, such as streaming the entire LPU music discography and watching the LPU Exclusive videos archive directly on the app. The LP community is stronger than ever, and we look forward to staying connected with all fans and LPU members on and the LP App. Thank you for your continued support over the years and welcome to all new and previous members to LPU 17! LINKIN PARK & LPU HQ

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Heather-dawn Pipke Is the band still togetherv
Concy Concy Lloyd Rei...che ti avevo detto?questa l'hanno pubblicata poco fa
Anastasiya Kozlova I need those guitar picks!
Naufal Hoshimiya Shinoda Hatsunemiku LP still the best band in the whole world
Aline Ferraz Brito Ive only interacted with a few lp fans and they are amazing. Im happy to be part of this family.

Thank you to our fans for all of your support and for voting for us at this year's American Music Awards. We took home Favorite Artist - Alternative Rock #AMAs

125.6k reactions 1389 comments
Fabiana Ferreira Mike and band, receive my love, every day. You do not know me, you do not know that I am, but I love you, thank you for being and for being strong. Love you. Tell Bourdie that it's very important to me, that I love with heart and soul. A Brazilian loves ...
Leah Hicks CONGRATULATIONS Linkin Park Well deserved. Love y'all so much. Chester is proud of y'all. I can feel him looking down on you and smiling that beautiful smile of his. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 for the 5 of you and <3 for Chester!
Jane Stella Diaz LP has been my favourite band for almost 18 years, so this made ME proud too (lost count how many times I voted😉). But thank YOU for being so amazing. I got the opportunity to see you guys live this summer in London (& won a M&G!) and went to the HB ...
Leon Livas DelRey Guys, get serious at last! When your frontman dies,you rebrand and let the legacy to go on unspoiled into the ages. Do you remember a band called Joy Division? Joy Division had the same issue. Joy Division rebranded and as they were so talented managed ...
Dorothy Piercy Congratulations guys!! You deserve it and we are so proud of you all. Chester is smiling up above and we will all keep Chester's music and legacy alive. We love you!!

"We dedicate this live album to our brother Chester who poured his heart and soul into One More Light. We hope this live album gives our fans a glimpse into how magical these shows were for the six of us." #OneMoreLight Live available everywhere December 15th. Pre-order the album now on

67.6k reactions 1924 comments
Jennifer Brooke Shiver Thank you Linkin Park, wonderful memory of Chester will be very proud of y’all and for making so many memories of him don’t give up linkin prak is still amazing make chester pound every day
Mary Guevara Chester tus canciones , son de lo más bello que he escuchado. Mil gracias por dejarnos tan bello legado. Como quisiera haber ido a ver a linkin park cuándo vino a la arena monterrey. Cómo saber que jamás iban a volver😭
Claire Miller I was so hoping you were going to do this. I was lucky enough to see your One More Light show at the O2 London this year and was blown away!! Great show and a great way to remember Chester ❤❤❤. Love to you all ❤
Pal Moore Missed Atlantic City show, since Chester broke his leg the night before, but figured I would catch you guys next stop you guys were back in town. Never expected to never have that chance again. I feel for his pain, and I wish he knew how much his ...
Ruben Quiñones Sr. Love you all i had a ticket in the USA tour in west palm beach Florida it was two weeks before the concert date i still feel the pain for Chester i won't stop listing to your songs and videos the only memories i have of you guys have you all and your ...

#OneMoreLight Live - recorded on the One More Light World Tour 2017 - Available December 15th. Details:

30.0k reactions 516 comments
Andrey Jmnz I still asked myself why Chester did this to him, his family, Band Members, friends and fans... its just not fair!
Tobias Johnson A Blu-Ray/CD limited Collection Box with 3-5 CD's including every Song to honor every artist and Chester would be nice... One CD with 16 Tracks? This is poor :/
Felipe Borja Pérez I hope they dont try to keep going as LP by replacing Chester, they should make new songs and name the band differently
Roberto Gonzalez I'm def. getting this. Too bad mike's song for Chester isn't going to be on here. That was a great one.
Alleene Dawn Taylor All I am gonna ask of you guys is to continue going and moving forward. Thank you for everyting, RIP CHESTER!!!!!! You will be forever missed.

#OneMoreLight Live - recorded on the One More Light World Tour 2017 - Available December 15th. Details:

24.5k reactions 537 comments
Calen Chrzan Keep going guys. Chester would want you to. I’m happy I got to see you in 2014 and my sister and I were looking forward to seeing the One More Light tour in Tinley Park, Il. As it turned out we were at the special concert at the Hollywood Bowl and ...
Betti Valkai I’ll never forget that feeling when the thousands of us sang “In the end” with Chester in Sopron, Hungary! ❤️ Thanks for this feeling and memory ❤️
Leah Hicks I miss him so much. I listen to y'all's music every day. I wish each and every one of you the best. You seem so strong and I'm not, but I try. I still tear up sometimes at just the mention of his name. I continue to follow you because I appreciate all ...
Lauretta Clay Worded perfectly. So proud of you Mike, Brad, Phoenix, Rob, and Joe. Healing from a close friend, bandmate, and loved one is a life long process. All of us soldiers are walking this path with you, every step of the way. We support you in whatever the ...
Diane Clarke What a lovely worded tribute.. so blessed to have had Chester and Linkin Park.. Love Peace n Prayers to you all and your families..

On May 22nd, we sat down with State Farm and iHeartRadio to talk about our new album, One More Light, and our non-profit, Music for Relief, to inspire others to make a positive difference in their community. Watch the State Farm Neighborhood Sessions® interview below. Honor Chester with a gift to the One More Light Fund: The One More Light Fund supports Chester's favorite Music for Relief program: Solar Suitcases - solar electricity kits - for remote hospitals and health clinics without electricity. The fund will also shine a light on mental health; supporting individuals and families coping with mental and emotional struggles.

11.8k reactions 99 comments
Liver Lane Elarcosa When cats look you in the eye and blink slowly, they're trying to tell you they love you.
Alice Bennington I MISS YOU CHESTER...lml
雨宮 祐子 I didn't know that LP came to Jpn when 311 disaster occurred!
Agnieszka Dąbrowska You're amazing❤ beautiful hearts & souls. We need more people like you❤
Christiane Heubach Miss you Chester😭and iam very proud of the another Linkin Park Member's.

IMSA Road Atlanta: Petit Le Mans

7.1k reactions 92 comments
Nick Plg Gabriele fatti un’idea
Roger Eric Ammens Jr. Nice gesture for Chester!
Bianca Miller Uauuu
Florian Leinert Wow this is an amazing Car
Charles-Joseph Pertot Best track, Best band

NCompass International

37.3k reactions 307 comments
Angela Smith Incredible tribute to Chester! All the performers did a magnificent job and I think they did Chester proud! I'll always think of Chester and miss him more each and every day. I believe that he was with all of us that night! 💖🎹🎤🌎🎸🙏😔

Select photos from our October 27, 2017 show Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Bowl. For more photos follow Linkin Park on Instagram:

37.3k reactions 280 comments
Bryan Kurtz I'm sad that I missed the live stream, I had plans made for me. But when I checked for the video in surprised that it's 3 hours long, I don't know if I'm ready to watch it yet. It's going to make me painfully emotional, but I know I won't be able to ...
Meik U. Kerstin Weber Awesome pictures! Thank you very much guys for all the great songs that you made together. They often helped me through some hard times in my life. Wish i could have been there to see you live. Rest in peace Chester! I miss you.
Marwan Abd El-Ghany that's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen this year thanks to LP and all these amazing artists
Chad 'Murdoc' Maree Hi LP... You guys brought me through alot of tough times when I was younger. The music you guys made just spoke to me and even when I felt alone and nobody was there for me. I could just put one of your albums on and instantly feel better. I know you ...
Laura Aarika Ramoutar I have loved Linkin Park from the beginning and the music has gotten me through my own depression. It hit me hard when Chester took his life and I still tear up when I listen to the songs since. I never imagined I could be so affected by his death - ...

Merch from our October 27th show - benefiting the One More Light Fund - is available online now for a limited time:

Linkin Park Official Store
Linkin Park Official Store

Linkin Park Official Store

11.5k reactions 194 comments
Nicole Auskalnis Joanne Glenn I love that shirt with him on the back in the crowd
Elizabeth Michell Montero If there was a Linkin Park shirt with One OK Rock for the Japan shows, i would so get one
Karen Votedian Pletsch Linkin Park forever 💜 can't wait to order
Irene Shinoda Thank you so much for restocking the James jean poster 💖💖💖
Vane Gallifrey I hope that linkin park continúe please!!!!!

Watch the full stream of last night’s show on YouTube: - photo: Mark Fiore

68.1k reactions 1091 comments
Adam Akright I haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but I will tonight. It's definitely going be sad watching it.
Kelli Brian Well worth the watch! It was amazing to start out so heartbroken and sad and as the show progressed everyone and everything seemed more upbeat and happy. It was like the fans and the band healing each other. #makechesterproud
Ruby Salgado I was lucky enough to be at the show but got home and watched the youtube stream of it!! Chester was an amazing vocalist and person! He is truly missed. Thank you Linkin Park. U have been my band for 15 yrs and u will continue to be my band regardless ...
Gabriel Broetto Thanks for this show and for everything, Linkin Park changed my life for better, Chester is proud of you guys, you can always count on me as a fan, because you are the band of my life!
Kayleigh Elizabeth It was amazing. Hats off to all who put the hard work and effort into making this happen. You did Chester real proud. R.I.P Chester ❤️

Thank you to everyone for being a part of our show in honor of Chester at the Hollywood Bowl.

141.2k reactions 1618 comments
Josephine Adamo It was so great I loved it. Mike you did a great job.I know it must have been hard for you and band. To Talinda and the kid's our prayers are with you. God Bless You and the family.
Sarka Zoulkova Thank You so much for putting together such an incredible show to honor Chester 👏 so happy i could be there....cried, laughed, danced and sang as loud as i could ❤️😢
Anaïck Doudard Thank you for your amazing tribute, i could watch you with youtube, because i am in France. Thank you for your love, I hope linkin park will continue even if it will be never the same without our Chester... but, like this, he continues to live through ...
Sean Mahanay Thank you Mike, Linkin Park and everyone performing at this show. It was a great performance and celebration of life. We love Chester and we all needed this.
Ian Pillar Thank you to Linkin Park and all the special guest that came out to celebrate and honour Chester. Being there at the Hollywood Bowl to share that with you and that amazing crowd of Linkin Park fans was the greatest music experience of my life. I can’t ...

Watch the full show in honor of Chester on YouTube: #MakeChesterProud

50.3k reactions 1135 comments
Bil Jay It was beautiful. I watched the whole show on YouTube from Sydney, Australia: THANK YOU so much. #MakeChesterProud #FuckDepression. Love u guys <3
Léa Souchon Thanks you for sharing it on Youtube it was just an amazing experience !Such an amazing show , a amazing way to tribute Chester who may be very proud of you where he is 😇 But we need Linkin Park to continue even if Chester is gone ,Linkin Park must ...
Joanna Król I watched and... omg, I don't know what I feel now. It was so crazy, happy&saddest show ever. 💔💔 I feel so fucking empty without Chester on the stage, but I love you boys! Please, don't leave us 😢 I send love!
Johann Spencer Thank you so much for making live streaming concert so that the fans in the whole world can watch.. It means a lot to us. We miss Chester... This is a very good tribute concert.. I'll hope you guys keep pursuing career as musicians...
Nicolas Gerardi Gracias por el hermoso show que nos brindaron, sin palabras! Emocionaron a millones de personas en el mundo, un sentimiento que se comparte entre todos! Cuidemonos como humanos que somos sacando las diferencias! Chester en paz descanses, te extrañaremos ...

[LIVE] from Los Angeles - Tune in now and watch our show in honor of Chester streaming on YouTube:

17.3k reactions 2098 comments
Anny Waay Thank you for sharing this amazing show with all people in the World... it must be so hard for you... so crazy to hear and see that no one cant keep it up with chesters voice... they give it all but chester will be never forgotten... and his unique voice
Wes Akin So awesome for LP and YouTube to team up and bring this awesome event to the world who couldn't be there in person.. Thanks you so much Linkin Park and god bless you all.
Lynne Lynch I can't wait, for concert, cried so hard in July when Chester left us, ur music helped me deal w death of adult daughter, so it's very hard, blessings for u all to do!!
Kristin Ovitt So hard to watch.... Numb with the mic on stage and no Chester. Not sure how they are getting through this. Mike looks so sad. RIP CHESTER WE LOVE YOU
Veronica Alatorre Deryck Whibley, Sum 41, nailed it! No not Chester, but he did a dang good job. Linkin Park and friends you're awesome! Chester is sure to be smiling

[LIVE] from Los Angeles - Tune in now and watch our show in honor of Chester streaming on YouTube:

21.7k reactions 804 comments
Javier Damasco ....dissapointed I wasn't invited to perform...pushing me away...but I'm down to performed with the band down the CHESTER!......X☆
Todd Lane that song I just was before it just made me sad but thing it brings me memory of Chester Bennington more importantly Linkin Park is the best band ever I've got all of Linkin Park's songs I've even got they're New album and even when I play my games and ...
Alyosha Superpi I wonder if I have the right to be sad. I'm so sad. It's so hard to get my head out of the water, and when I say that someone like Chester has decided to end it, I wonder if I have the right to live. I fight for my wife, Leopoldine and my children whom ...
Shannon Tibbetts Torn between the love reaction and the crying reaction because both are equally felt... we miss you Chester but we freaking love you 💞💞💞💞😢😢😢💞💞💞💞
Blasian Yauna I loved this band's music so much, and still have love for it. It wouldn't be right if someone replaced him.. nobody have a voice like him. His voice sent a message to the world. R.I.P to Chester.. he was a legend.

We're an hour and a half away from our LIVE show in honor of Chester. Tune in at 7:30pm PT:

11.0k reactions 380 comments
Sherry Stolberg Miotke Wasn’t able to get tickets to the show. I’m so glad this was on YouTube. My heart is breaking with the loss of Chester. Love Linkin Park!!❤️
Jim Smyth Love you guys!! Can't wait for this, you guys all be strong. You have so many fans that are here for you. #LP4Life #MakeChesterProud
Santiago Negrete Padilla I still can't believe he's gone... i never knew the death of someone I didn't even met could affect me so deeply... heartbroken :'( #RIPChesterBennington
Heather Bynum My stomach has been in knots all day with the "excitement" & exoectation of this. Im always a crybaby over things anyways. This is goin to be rough. But I WILL watch every nanosecond. Box of hankies already on my sidetable. Chester U are sooooo daerly ...
Łukasz Górzkowski I Just woke up early and watch this beautiful show. I feel like i was there with You. Love You Chester, Love You Linkin Park ❤ You are always with me💓
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