Lil Wayne
20:30 05/18/2017

Damnn. How big?

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Mercedes Miller
Issa no for me.. 🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏼😂
Zach Parsons
how does this happen
Contreras Contreras
Ovidiu Pacatan
How can someone find that appealing ?
Seth Prather
Summer Boulton
It's nasty because you can see how flabby it is.
Cathy Paden
Buy lots of TP.
Mike Evangelista
yikes no thanks
Ясон Бугровс
Crushing instagram? Did she sit on it?
Dylan Cole Roberts
Readin these comments, y'all mf's need Jesus
Brittani Nicole
It looks like a 400lb woman's ass.
Brandon Redfearn
This girl has a disorder and she came on TV to ask for help.
Samantha Dicriscio
I've seen this before in pretty sure she has a medical condition that causes this
David France
You shallow fucking bastard you should be really I ashame of yourself beauty only skin deep it's what inside that counts
Kelebogile Makgale
Am I pretty? I used instagram I have not crushed it like she did it even get noticed even on Facebook. Why am I not being ignored?

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Timeline Photos

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Artur Issa Thomas ich will aber auch eine schwarze grüne augen sind nicht so wichtig aber wäre gut
Artur Issa Thomas Hauptsache 1 schwarze 1 Asiatin warum einfach so schwarze sind top Asiatinnen sind top
Alex Harris Part 2! 1999 city -state-federal crime scene 1372 walnut Street Virginia Harris Macon Georgia Pleasant Hill resident is right across the street from a school still too this day In August of 1999 Treason Bribery committing-taking bribes concealing person ...
Mussa Nkulunge Ramadhan coming stop it hurry
Greece John Good for her she is very beautiful inside out side people's with vitiligo or leukoderma they have the best heart and soul is a good people's

Good luck with that!

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Maxwell Christy Morgan luckily you don't have to deal with such things
Jessica Gueret Jérémy Honey...the issue is that I asked you to do Something and you didnt do it... ahaha
Kate Webber Chad Palser how I feel about your drawer at mine right now 😂😂😂
Lauren Kruger Kevin M Kruger - Hahaha Half Assed Indeed 😂 When I Ask You To At Least Make The Bed Before You Leave and I Come Home To What Looks Like An Attempt at Pulling The Duvet Up.
Melia Chaney She bust him all across the head, tired him up & held him hostage, in order for him to hear her lecture. Damn, that's a crazy bae!!!!! Lmbo

This is what birthdays are all about.

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Christy Martin Linda Robinson
Matt Montana Acissej Kceblam 👍
Rosio Magallon Jonathan Pacheco
Meilssa Pard Abbey Peyton how cute
Angie Baltazar Cruz Rivera 😭😭😭😭

Try to keep up, J. Lo.

Jennifer Lopez Still Looks Amazing While Doing Choreography Created By Toddlers
Jennifer Lopez Still Looks Amazing While Doing Choreography Created By Toddlers

"This is going to make you rethink everything you thought you knew about dance."

1.8k reactions 32 comments
Kayna Galiana
DeAngelo Walker
Sarah Jane Furzer Laura Scanlon
Christina Merkos Thea
Tamara Russo Howard Louis

Catch Nicki Minaj performing at the first ever NBA Awards hosted by Drake.

2.0k reactions 62 comments
Luther Irvin Price No frauds gon be there right?
Johnathan Day 💪💪💪💓💘
Michael Lofton Congratulations Nikki 💚u
Cliff Huxtable They killing it this year
Brenda Abad amazing! :O :O :

Wonder how this one ends.

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Renee Franklin Brandy Elyse I'm in tears 🤣🤣
Teddy Massey Tess 😂😂😂
Arisvaizzy King Dabanda Link
Steph Pollard Your wonder is not filled a Unless you got your WOWMAN
Eric Brown Omar

Get to know Andrew White.

Syracuse basketball forward Andrew White talks interesting NBA Draft workout details
Syracuse basketball forward Andrew White talks interesting NBA Draft workout details

White has been to four NBA cities thus far, with at least nine more visits on the horizon, his agent said.

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Jurgen Zhuheri
Todd Barngrover I am just like Andrew white
Northern King 🗣La Northern
Brown Ebosse hello wayne
Devonse Wont-Stop Reed I'm ready to sign!

Hold up.

10 Signs That You Aren
10 Signs That You Aren't Lazy, You're a Genius

Do you spend hours on your bed staring at the ceiling, talking to yourself as a pastime rather than doing stuff you will most likely regret neglecting after? Do you perhaps, spend days binge-watching your favorite television series that you’ve seen time and time again? If you spend even a day doing…

3.4k reactions 277 comments
Isaiah Taylor ...
Garret Wiebe I like how it says 10 signs and half the comments are just about the cover photos finger nsils lol
Leona Merković 2mins of silence for those like me who just checked thier thumb 😂
Sarah Kim Goodman Karl Hexiv Hallett which one is u, i bet i can guess hahahah
Bradley Horton I'm a mix! Skin partially covers up the white part! It takes a bit of force to push it downwards with an item to uncover it entirely.

Take notice.

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Javier Rosario 🤗👌😎
Javier Rosario 👌👌👌
Ilboudo Souleymane Lil wayne
Ilboudo Souleymane Lil wayne
Vicky Vcdon Taking that sh!t

Everyone is good the way the are.

This Dwarf Is Squashing Beauty Stereotypes With Her Perfectly Petite Bod
This Dwarf Is Squashing Beauty Stereotypes With Her Perfectly Petite Bod

There's a reason people call her the world's sexiest dwarf...

2.0k reactions 119 comments
Marcos Monteiro de Souza Karina Lemos
Anton Tb Thats one hot midget😂
Mark Pullins She is sexy as fuck
Adam J Sienicki Kim Kardashian's been doing it for a decade.
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 700💥💥💥💥

Hoody workin' on the new tape.

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Duško Rajić pusi ga nigeru majku ti jebem odvratnu
Turbulence Fabrice Cb Wesh c toi sur la vidéo Claw Mane
Felicia Burwall Man. Your hair looks like sausages. Made me hungry.
Ishmary Senior Like u betta
Ibsen R Lopez Garbage 🤣😂😅

Is there an equation for happiness?

2.8k reactions 206 comments
Jonathan Befort yeah side DX - B = side bitch!? lol
Christopher Lee Singleton Pursuit of happyness.
Shin Delos Santos Very well said Man.👏👏👏
Ck Kamz I really needed to hear this
Ike Brown Olivia A'dele Hill what i was tryna explain before lol

Timeline Photos

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Melia Chaney Nice pic :)
Mercedes Dreanna Husband Lil Wayne I do all my work myself and nobody taught me ever JULIAN
Victor Almeida She's so hot
Luwiz Daniel King Bach wife?
Tony Rossi That's u Wayne

They could need your help.

Warning Signs Someone Is A High-Functioning Alcoholic
Warning Signs Someone Is A High-Functioning Alcoholic

Rachel-Lee Thomas | Let’s face it… Habits can be difficult to break, but sometimes they can be even more difficult to admit. This is what makes them so dangerous sometimes. Habits that are extremely difficult to quit but can also start with denial include: Smoking, Drugs, Drinking. Drinking is a dif...

926 reactions 297 comments
Chris Feinberg This coming from the guy who drinks lean like it's going out of style..
Wesly Snipes At least don't be in denial about it, own up to what the fuck you do. 🤷🏼‍♂️👏🏼
Sam Nichols Stephen Naylor Brooke Nichols I think me and nay might be in trouble 😢😱😭
Miguel Esparza Rudy Munoz you have shown some of theses signs

Timeline Photos

1.9k reactions 30 comments
Patou B-Quinze add me to the members of illuminati pleasz
Simphiwe Sim Mshengu Respect your father and the wourld never forget to pray
Kelly Richardsonjr Real
Nancy Aloyce so nice,
Sameerah Satterthwaite So y'all tried to hexe my children how about yours

Can see why.

These XXX Stars Have MILLIONS of Followers...and We Can See Why!
These XXX Stars Have MILLIONS of Followers...and We Can See Why!

They really know how to put on a good show.

2.8k reactions 52 comments
Abd El Moumeb هههه نتا محليط
AbsurdMankind Soils Sucker for pain!
O Proprio Rentas Xxx
Ivan van Faassen HOT HOT HOT
Charlie Brooks Jr. She's ok

Never been no fraud.

16.0k reactions 198 comments
Hayley Rose Except for Wearing Fake Blonde and Pink hair WIGS!! Lol
Jalen Wills You've been fraud since you've got that fake implants done and you've been dead ever since Remy ma released sHEATHER on you behind... "I kill rappers and you good as dead" -Remy ma "sHEATHER"
Angelo Skosana I'll let that little nigga right there fuck my wife (WORD)
Inacio Andre tu consomes algum tipo de droga? algumas noticias, jornais e revista, falam q ja tiveste ataques de overdose. Quero ouvir de ti?
Sharita Cotton May not be a fraud but most of her fake as hell along with her attitude towards others she claim to be inspired by dont she know theift is a crime stealing ppl songs damn shame

Ever hear of this?

Mix This With Orange Juice to Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body
Mix This With Orange Juice to Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body

Quitting smoking is a pretty difficult task. Whether it’s done using the nicotine patch, hypnosis, or just straight up cold turkey, it’s not easy. Millions of people around the world smoke, and it’s no news that these people are putting their health and their lives at risk every time they take a puf...

1.8k reactions 153 comments
Fortyone Fortunatus aw man. I'm glad Lil Wayne posted this shit.
Junior Kat Ima try this
Quinton Thomas good lookin my nigga#stay up
Batel Mirochnik Happy pouder 🤗👌🤘not for flushing! !!!!
Selina Brown Wow interesting

40 million+ views and counting...

6.2k reactions 88 comments
Dwayne Johnson 👀🐍 lol 🔥class!c🔥
Esteban Munoz Why she can't rap for shit. Like wanyes shitty career
Hayford Agyeman Im 1 of them😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 like it.
Naomi Imoan Who is fraud?
Sonia Lovesnick i have it, love it

"It hit really hard..."

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Eidy-Py Nobre Meus cambas aqui está a minha nova #músicaintitulado #Maria_Wadiboto é com tanta humilde que vos peço pra baixarem, eu prometo que vão gostar. #House stilo a Sul-africanoLink.⤵🎵🎶🎶🎵🎹. http://­­file/vwuuseefj2yi0yh/
Sameer Kazi
Sameer Kazi
NaQash JanJua � ♪----» |★| SELF-BOT.ML |★| «----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 💎 HULASH BARUPAL 💎
Exy Tyree Another chump.

Degeneres Queen.

1.9k reactions 21 comments
NaQash JanJua 💎 Powered By 💎 NaQash JanJua 💎 ♪----» |★| SELF-BOT.ML |★| «----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 💎 HULASH BARUPAL 💎
Claudio Carranza Rox, Andy, Sebastian, 🤙🏻
Lex Spensive
Kennet Owoahene Tvex Thats cool
Pahakama Hajini My queen❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

Just stop.

I Need More: Cheating Addicts Explain Why They Just Can
I Need More: Cheating Addicts Explain Why They Just Can't Stop

Right or wrong, they're never going to stop.

1.9k reactions 109 comments
Leslie Fowler Wale If it's okay by you to cheat on your partner which is a sign of unfaithfulness and dishonesty then what's you definition of love?its fucked when people aren't ready to change for the greater good so they give stupid excuses,love thus requires sacrifices,...
Tony Igba My dear it Normal ooo, I my office all these hajia like chasing younger boys
Nicole Marie Lol Omg Jason Pennington Sr. Did u help write this?
Lee Alsafh You cheat on the one you love just understand you are only cheating on yourself.
Kamissokho Diallo Elles sont la, elles nous saoulent "je suis mariee" mais n hesitent jamais a tromper leur mari..! Lepp ndakh TITTE ak beugueu KHALISS😣 #Degoutantes #Pathetiques #LifeIsAboutValuesAlhamdulilah☺

Young Gerald.

19.1k reactions 172 comments
Thabo Xulu G & Tune
Chris Blest Sicness
Preston Richardson Ayee 2 greats side by side.. Wayne your my #1 tho homie
Gary Black This man is always with Nicki! Lucky bastard!!!
Mario Gallego Damn Nicki be looking fine

"Angel of Manchester"

5.2k reactions 65 comments
Linda Evans God Bless her 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Stanley Javier HD hagan click en este enlace y mira las nuevas novedades que tiene par tu gusto
Matt Lon Omg this is fake read up...
Celina Martinez It's fake. Sadly.
John Milburn what a lovely woman, this is what the british do when others are in danger, they don't run away, they run into the danger, all my love, john from durham

Nicki BTS of The Ellen Show

1.4k reactions 170 comments
Gabriela Fernandez I can't stand the laughter
Emanuel Preyer Damn she wet right here
Galie Bee Hair past the shoulders.... I don't think so.
Ehi Kelvin Carter Osasumwen all hail the Pope and the holy mother Mary..
Michael Mattingly Gross

One of the most intense battles you will ever see... By: Providr Full video credit: Josh Mackow Check out the full video here:

1.6k reactions 3017 comments
Mishu Fierro Sebastian Cuñas cuando tienes los mil deberes y te dedicas a ver estos videos jajajajaja
Anna Christiansen Kurt this is what I will do with my time when I have dogs 😂
Mandy Zinn Boyd Allison Boyd a related race to Larry's birthday eating competition that he will have with himself
Amie Milne Kal Salmon can just see your dogs doing this then changing plates 😭
Sandeep Soedha Anjana dit is waarom we golden retrievers moeten hebben


19 Richest Women in the XXX Industry
19 Richest Women in the XXX Industry

These babes are rolling in your money

1.1k reactions 50 comments
Yannick Russinga /dwellin\
Luwiz Daniel Lil never read comment.upppsss
Mir Rafi daammm!
Lucky Dauda President carter
Joyce Goodness Pretty cool lovely sexying hot sweet babe

Degeneres Queen.

499 reactions 31 comments
Qadeer Jaffery 🔰 Powered By 🔰 Qadeer Jaffery 🔰 ♪----» |★| SELF-BOT.ML |★| «----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 🔰 HULASH BARUPAL 🔰
Kurtis Carter
Matt Martin Justin Smith
Abeer Elamin Shaza Elamin Loony Noony Niveen Geey Hassan .............ellen degenerous
Royal Poundz I 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

Bet you had no idea.

16 Things You
16 Things You've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

Are you a life hack guru? Do you take every little thing in your life and find other uses for it to help improve your daily routine? If you do, you should definitely take a look at this list. There are a bunch of things people use in their lives that have additional purposes that can help save them…

553 reactions 36 comments
Qadeer Jaffery 🔰 Powered By 🔰 Qadeer Jaffery 🔰 ♪----» |★| SELF-BOT.ML |★| «----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 🔰 HULASH BARUPAL 🔰
Yung Tyga dope
Splicer De Santiago Lil wayne Is a good rapper
Naomi Imoan Naga
Erica Odang 😂😭😭😭


3.3k reactions 70 comments
Paskal Tchami GOD LIl WAYNE
Tshepo Modiselle Weezy F Baby
Joe Banga FAMOUS
Hamada Haidara top
Jesse Sparta Irie
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