Lil Wayne
14:35 04/20/2017

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Took the price...

No Frauds on Vevo:

1.5k reactions 58 comments


Luis Carlos Ligarreto
Phillip King
Divine Diva
Megan Purell
you hiding from Remy Ma
Enwono Ette
Look like my fucken babe
Saulius Kaupinis
Wilson Pedro Willy
Yaya Sidibe
Jessica Boyle
She's going down Björk's route now? Lol
Jaquilynn Nova
Yesss miss yesss!
Fraine Baba
Steven Hogg
Lmao u look dumb
Sthembiso Tine Blessing
Illuminati 88🔥👌
Tikiasha Boone
She looks like a hockey player with a mask on Bol....
Mike Levine
Jenn Breeden
No but they keep on tryin

Other newsfeed from Lil Wayne


3.3k reactions 152 comments
Ashley Fiedler Dylan Arends lets build a house
Geri Leandro Cool!!
Patrick Williams That's what's up
Harper Sherie Wow I need house. I need to try this
Tine Ramoy Maria Sedanto tara gawa tayo bahay 💪🏻💪🏻

Does this prove he's the father?

Kirk Frost of
Kirk Frost of 'Love & Hip Hop" Exposed by Leaked Video That Shows Him at His Side Piece's House

BUSTED! Kirk Frost has been claiming Jasmine's baby is not his... but this secret BTS video says otherwise...

1.1k reactions 46 comments
Jae Henne ⚡️⚡️⚡️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Joseph Tagliarino is this beyonce
Marcela Michell He stupid
Joyce Marshall What a mess
Sandra Kotka It's his

I'm The One. Friday. 6 AM.

3.3k reactions 44 comments
Lary Okia True words
Ifeanyi Alabuike Wat a niz shape...:>
Newzy Murcie
Adonis Moyo Adora Tops Wat a buddy
Romeo Romero


The 28 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time
The 28 Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time

From the antiquated VHS tapes to the more modern Netflix, the pause button is often used whether for future plot points or simply nefarious means. Here are the 28 most paused moments. 1/ Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – On any list of paused moments, you have to include Fast Times. Phoebe Cates...

2.0k reactions 33 comments
Dylan Kyng
Vidit Gupta Vipul Rajput
Aymeric Pascaud Geoffrey Dgldr
Daniel Kleppin Melanie Kleppin Megan Kleppin enough
Darnell Ross All pop 🌟 is cool 😎

New video from Steph comin soon...

10.9k reactions 129 comments
Derek Yeary Gawt damn girl!!!!
Chris Gzyl Best lookin chick in young money
Tick Cna She ruined that chair
Abbi Myer can't wait to see it!
Brian Bebyn GDP or Casting Couch?

Who doesn't need a vacation?

2.2k reactions 129 comments
James Leo Guy WOW SHE fat as fuck
Thomas TomTom Harrison Isn't she a millionaire? And could pay for her own vacation if she wanted to??? I mean that's some food for thought. I do not car for the famous at all. But this shit sounds like a handout. But you got money though. 👌🏻
Erik Harley Man Heh Damn Kelly. You don' let yourself gooooOoooo. This is what marriage does to you people!!
Terri-Ann Beaulieu Wow his girl is so cute! I was kinda shocked at the weight gain but if shes happy thats all that matters and shes still super cute !
Natasha Anne Aggar Chloe Vincent this is what I meant! So down to earth! 😂

Kloser 2 U

5.8k reactions 101 comments
Yash Raj Biggest fan of Lil Wayne
Deiby Araya Azofeifa
Deep Rai oooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaa💋👌
Maxime Thierard We want a new album
Jessica Lynn Mclean I cant see your eyes.......


28 Caught Cheating Texts That Are Awkward And Funny
28 Caught Cheating Texts That Are Awkward And Funny

Trust and communication are the two main components necessary for a healthy relationship to work, these people clearly didn't have either.

1.2k reactions 21 comments
Abdikarim Ali 🐥 You💃 don?t😥 need🐠 a👮 reason🍸 to🐵 help🌸 people. :3 Nice Post ? Lil Wayne :|] Powered By ~ Abdikarim Ali . Bot Site ? =- Ahsan-ch,tk =- . Owner -> Chaudhry-Bot-Team -=[ Ch Ahsan]=-
Nicoleta Iordache Stan Alexandra Nicoleta
Nicoleta Iordache Cristi Codresi Teodora Gabriela Croicu
Nkem Comfort
Brian Bibi Ngorima aahhaaaaa haaahhhaa

Twizzy F.

2.3k reactions 58 comments
Adama Ouedraogo Nigga
Abdo Indipandant Toop wif kalifa
Shakounzah Bonabister every thing is priceless
Luciano Treezy Wonder i love young money
Ivan van Faassen GUYS ROCKIN'

Wouldn't get too close to these girls...

3.9k reactions 81 comments
Cazzy Di Teacha -Where 'EM Bad Bitches At ?? Come & Put That Pussy On Me !!
Dodiya Gautam Ha maa ha
Buildz Itiz Looks actually can kill.
Julie Poirier Who cares if they're pretty- THEY ARE COMPLETELY CRAZY SICKOS


8.0k reactions 138 comments
Katerega Dennis #Wayne dat gal #ha!!@
Cameron Jones I want another daughter
Apo Mukendi What's!!!,aleesha!!!am i wrong??
Mall Frèch Boubs lil wayne fais quelk choss mw je suis tok je la veux
Tick Cna Who the fuck is this

These nuns are the best.

7.8k reactions 2240 comments
D.j. Stroughter Richard Yarbough II "tryna hit this shit sister Mary?"
Dom Twohill Ben King Zac Doran these nuns low key get it
Lucas Serre Loick Arpino Loïc Oussou oklm elles font tourner le joint mdrrrr
Huguette Mayo Als t zo ziet wil ik ook non worden Zenne Happy Mee Mina Minouch
Samantha Puente Allison Trujillo where I'm going when I join the nunnery!

Timeline Photos

10.4k reactions 162 comments
Obi Timothy Ple what are name
Pedro Medina Guerra U should come to mazatlan México 🇲🇽
Craig Novak Lil w thats your new girl or something?
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 1399🔥👌
Lorenzo Lymore Whowe looks here an all around sexy.

Gotta get that protein!

The Color Of The Yolk Can Tell You If The Egg Came From A Healthy Chicken
The Color Of The Yolk Can Tell You If The Egg Came From A Healthy Chicken

We all know that eating eggs is very good for your body. However, do you know how to tell that you are actually buying good quality eggs? After reading this short story you’ll be able to distinguish between the good and the not so good cartons of eggs.

1.4k reactions 200 comments
Olivia Richardson See Sandra Gifford some are red looking wasnt lying dude
Sfiso Illminded Prince Zale Y'all got it wrong boys Beer is
Brandy Mclaurin 2
Wayne Stefanie Carter Wow something to look for when cooking eggs
Rex Hooper Jack Marsh got 2 get the free range orange eggs!


355 reactions 15 comments
TroisFranc Cissou Aubin Fermaud
Irshad Ahmed
Okewole Rapheal Olamide Rocksta 😼 You💛 don?t💜 need😚 a🎅 reason😜 to😩 help💀 people. :D Nice Post >> Lil Wayne :|] Powered By ~ Okewole Rapheal Olamide Rocksta . Bot Site-> => <= . :|] Owner -> Ayesh-Bot-Team
Ana Filipa Madalena Assembleia
Sakhil Nepal A.j. Antognoli

Nothing like a little freedom...

6.2k reactions 96 comments
Nadav Horovitz Yoav Hovev מתנת יום הולדת
Evelyn Gonzalez Dont you START
Maude Warnet Ça c'est du sideboob Dayna
Marlin Parks Skinning girls love showing the boobs , big girls do not
Real Slick Only white girls ha white is everything

Acércate video coming soon from Stephanie Acevedo ...

11.9k reactions 118 comments
Roy Gangle Good, I'm make sure not to watch this whorey​ video.
Scott Jameson Hell Yeah, who ever hating on her shot yoself now
Baam Cortez natural ass 😍
Joe Gonzales Fck yea Wayne - she teaching u Spanish or what ha!
Vatche Gabrelian I want to cry What a punishment?

Do you think there is?

NASA Just Confirmed That There May Be Alien Life In Our Solar System
NASA Just Confirmed That There May Be Alien Life In Our Solar System

Humans have long been fascinated with the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Scientists and astronauts have long been sending radio signals out into deep space while simultaneously opening up our satellite ears for potential signs of communication elsewhere. Whether it be the prototypical, commer...

3.5k reactions 744 comments
Jacquelyn Marie Klein The universe is always expanding, there are infinite galaxies, why would we be the anomaly? Of course there is other life. It would be impossible for there not to be.
Desiree Schlotman Dixon If some believe that life is only possible on this one planet in the entire solar system then I have some beach front property i would like to sell you......edit: never know, they might be just as surprised to learn that our earth is here.
Teo Todica oh... they JUST confirmed that there MAY be alien life. tch. some confirmation this was. waste of time reading this
Nicholas Fabiano What a title. They "confirmed" that there "MAY" be. I can confirm, with 100% certainty, that maybe it's true.
Hennessy Hidalgo I'm not going to lie ever since I've been a fan I've always believed that your an alien Lil Wayne! You live to rap about being a Martian 😮

Check out Twizzy on the new Mally Mall project "Mally's World".

Mally's World, Vol. 1 by Mally Mall on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Mally's World, Vol. 1, including "Purpose (feat. Rayven Justice & Rich The Kid)," "Pay Up (feat. Jeremih, Tory Lanez, JUS & Vincent Berry II)," "All on Me (feat. O.T. Genasis & Maejor)," and many more. Buy the album for $9.99. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Musi...

679 reactions 16 comments
Wezly Amadeu Amadeu Go wiz Go
Nell Shady Kamohelo Lil Wayne
Patricia Bell I thought you was in this for a minute.
Tywiz Man Ooh good
Dwayne Iller Drop Bands on it!

That was something special. Rest peacefully Christina Grimmie.

3.9k reactions 51 comments
Renee M Haas Aaron Ross Adrienne Ross
Ida Margareta Filippa Sundström ❤
Cody Perez Cynthia Morales
Jonathan Joseph Nicole Valeriano
Alissa Jayne Katie Hood

Best Love-Making Positions Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Best Love-Making Positions Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Best Love-Making Positions Based on Your Zodiac Sign

According to this, I should be a Scorpio...

3.2k reactions 73 comments
Dijauder Umary Nice@@@@%100
Darla Rush Come show me
Ishmary Senior I AM A SCORPIO
YØùsséf LâsLî Î Im anb your sister
Jean Ann Whitlock Scorpio!!

The OG.

1.5k reactions 52 comments
Abdo Indipandant Cute
Givanchy Anthony Stoned Dad😤😤😤😤
Latoya Cherry 💯
Denzel Ashton Holliday 👌
Gagin Berry Cute

There is an entrepreneur in all of us.

1.1k reactions 45 comments
Kech Amine Amine Kech <3 <3
Kinshasa Congo
Dorian Grey Wayne do you know where the dick to my mummy is
Ali Sadat Dr weezy
Romeo Romero

The Fashionista.

6.4k reactions 172 comments
Malina Simmons She is such a cutie!! I
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 371🔥👌
Mimi Hall Gorg ❤❤❤❤💋!
Geneva Minter Handbag on point
Åm Bōōm Pretty and at the same time awesome bae


Weird People Who Could Not Care Less About Fashion
Weird People Who Could Not Care Less About Fashion

Fashion is totally subjective. What you think looks good on one person may not look good in the eyes of another, while what looks good on you may not look good on an entirely different person. People’s choices in fashion can vary from one end of the spectrum to the complete opposite end of the spect...

1.3k reactions 39 comments
Iyad Helala <3 :) <3 :)
Amudhan Ashok Neyveli Sangameshwar Murugaian Arun Rv
Simo Yori <3 <3
Samuel Mbingwa Maybe they thought they was kill w
Kelvin Manyara hahahaha waa

Young Money. New Money.

3.2k reactions 79 comments
Nahi Jamal Free Carter five
Rfd Thierno Diop the best
Michael Mcmurray Wayne peace my g!
Adrian Henry Do it until u can't do it no more
Tafsir Barry Nice one love


What Happens During Sex Inside The Human Body?
What Happens During Sex Inside The Human Body?

Have you ever wondered what sex really looks like through x-rayed vision? Well, here's how...

2.8k reactions 110 comments
Uche Nnaji Your the best
Yanick Mawemba Lil is the best...
Corey Hunter I think most of this s*** is garbage
Дејан Арсенић Ira Stue alter wie krank des aussieht mit der Kette hhaha
Rotash Singh Friction

The Prezz & CEO.

2.7k reactions 62 comments
Marlin Parks Mac mane & wayne stay winning from KINFELLA
Exodus Carter it's Young Mula baby🎤✌ Lil Wayne
Adrian Henry Red nation red flag red bandana
Ghislain Gavi Oldop

There are more than 5...

There Are Supposedly Five Different Types Of Vaginas In The World, And Here They Are
There Are Supposedly Five Different Types Of Vaginas In The World, And Here They Are

Pixabay As taboo as it may be to talk about our private parts and as awkward as some of these conversations can be, in all reality, there’s really not much to be embarrassed about. We all go to the bathroom, shower (or don’t shower), smell, sleep, and let out some wind. Some of us have better person...

1.8k reactions 123 comments
John Sigmon You forgot yo mommas
Hannah Taïeb Niels N-Aghel rendez nous lil Wayne
June June No Nigga there's two good pussy n wack pussy...
Dan Denyer Fuck you lil Wayne you don't know shit
Jp Gomez Ms. Curtains 😂


1.5k reactions 36 comments
Maria Schwarz Basti Ri
Romeo Romero
Stephanie Mumm Laura Adler
Dilan Dissanayake Nav Bagri
Mariam Yunusi Derrick
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