Lance Armstrong
01:57 08/12/2017

Episode 2 of #Stages from Colorado Classic is up. We recap an eventful Stage 2 with some impressive rides. Download here: http://bit.


Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Episode 2 of #Stages from Colorado Classic is up. We recap an eventful Stage 2 with some impressive rides. Download here: #COLORADOCLASSIC

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Jon Touhig
Great to hear you guys again!
André Beurel
Lance un grand monsieur!!!
Taylor Ballard
Claudia Goodnight
You were drinking in front of us! At least give us the Lance-a-Rita recipe. Google knows nothing!
Julia Windom
Lance honestly, I can't keep up with all this. Will you slow it down a tad for us slower riders 'till I can catch up? I am exhausted! You produce too much! Yaaaaaaa!!
Rick Sanchini
Lance Armstrong, thanks for taking two minutes to chat with me and shake hands with me after the stage two podcast, It was very much appreciated.
Daniel Loughry
I want to thank my friend I meet on the #GreatAmericanBicycleRide Lance Armstrong for coming back to Iowa to the #24HoursOfCummings last weekend... sorry I let you down by getting 4th place but 248 miles is a long way to ride a bike in 24hrs

Other newsfeed from Lance Armstrong

Hey Austin area remember Bikes for Kids. Well it is coming back and I mean this year. SCOTT Sports has given us 20 kids bikes to give out for this Holiday season. We need to hear from you folks in the Austin area. Watch the video below and nominate a kid in the Austin area that could use a bike.

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Patricia StellaMaris Murphy Liese Turner Frisk
Junior Masterson Great initiative Michael Clark
Ray Daitch Lance is doing good work here.
Justin Hoese 7
Mario Jimenez Saludos Lance . El mejor ciclista

Had a fascinating conversation with Dakota Meyer for the latest Forward episode. We talked about his USMC service, receiving The Medal of Honor, PTSD and his Own the Dash brand.

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André Jansen Shared at:
Cuan Coetzee Kasey Dewing our mate
Pawel Debiec Król tdf najwybitniejszy kolarz ostatniego 20 lecia legenda
Mark Duijndam QPO Semper Fi!
Jeff Peacock Still the best.

Thank you John Wolf and Onnit

3.3k reactions 85 comments
Laura White You're an amazing inspiration! ❤🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️💪🏼❤
Thomassini Bicicletta Fantastic job..
Fred Fredo The Boss
Oscar Eduardo Florez Betancurth Keep going!!! Live strong, stay strong!!!
Deborah Lockwood You remain an inspiration

Bi-weekly team meeting here WEDU HQ. Discussing an upcoming STAGES holiday gift guide episode as well as our expanded plans for 2018. Stay tuned - more to come! Pic by Liz Kreutz

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Sharon Volanti Woohoo!!!
Chris Green Mark Higgins looking in control as ever!
Sean Dwyer Fuckin Cheat,you've some neck boy
Jesus A. Gallego Great lance
Claire Rossi more podcasts sounds like a great idea

Back with a new Forward with entrepreneur Noah Kagan. We talk about his employment at Facebook, starting his own companies and how to effectively manage your time each day.

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Christian Ironman Hansen Will you do Triathlon agen
Angel L Fabre Toro La Leyenda el mejor
John Duquette Gonzo
Vikram Jeet Singh Lance the king

New WEDU gloves by JT RACING USA Register for the HUNDRED by this Friday to be eligible to win

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John Shackford Seven! 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😊😊
Daniel Calderon Ready !!! Register for the HUNDRED
Raffaele Lello Illiano I come
Mohsen Rezgui la passion ils peuvent pas lui enlever 🥇
Waldemar Demiańczyk Still hero

Have Joe Nick Patoski on The Forward this week. We talk Dallas Cowboys, Selena, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Public Radio.

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Julio Perales Mor Y que grande Lance Armstrong.
Julio Perales Mor Que grandes estos figuras..
Roman Groh
Claire Rossi great podcast
Sebastien Pion Bonjour père

Bid on some original art to benefit Children's Minnesota Cancer Kids Fund. Https://


Welcome to the 5th ART WHEEL: Steve Hed Memorial Charity Auction site! You are invited to join us at Sype's headquarters (2740 31st Ave S., Minneapolis, MN) on Thursday, November 16th from 4:30-9:00 p.m. for the silent auction and exhibit event. If you can’t attend in person, please use this online…

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Rm Frankenstein Hanson Thanks for promoting this, sir!

You need another reason why Sturgill Simpson is a total badass. Here it is.

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Corey Peters Jamie Mynes
Chris Steele Myndi Bedell
Kevin Durbin Nick Falletta
Cody McCullough Brandon McCullough
John Griffiths Daniel Sean O'Malley

Sat down with my buddy Aubrey Marcus for HIS podcast. A fantastic conversation that I think you will enjoy.

1.8k reactions 71 comments
Marek Wójcik Still champ! Greatings from Poland
Ryan Jackson Inner power and EPO.
Brian C Underwood True power can't be seen just Felt🚴!!
Fan Damily Peter Frank Topic looks interesting.
Mike Alcantara GOD is the only inner power that counts!

Forward is up with Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race we talk about his new film Le Ride. Riding the 1928 Tour de France on original equipment.

256 reactions 43 comments
James Raglin Lance = G O A T!
Raffaele Lello Illiano Yes you can 👍
Thierry Paillot Super.....👍
Jennifer Zaludek Frizzell Love me some Phil!
Mike Cornwell where these yours Lance

Co-founder of GSD&M Roy Spence is my Forward guest this week. We talk advertising, lessons learned from others and his Promised Land Project.

1.3k reactions 30 comments
Gregory Wilkins Father & Son
Herbert Weiß No positive test from the best???
Austin Atkinson #gonzo
Karlos Lucero Genio iii
Geoff Owen You guys look like brothers!

How about riding the 1928 Tour de France on vintage bikes. Going to screen Le Ride with Phil Keoghan on 11/1 at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Q&A with Phil after the film.

1.2k reactions 40 comments
Niels En Karin Groot-Vriesinga Marc mantel, Peter Jansen , erwin sikkens. Iets voor jullie
Dan Kidman Awesome!
Joe Maples Pain!!
Kay Graham Solecki So cool great idea yay
Suzanne Stricker Lambert Awesome. Cant wait to see this.

New Forward is up with Larissa Connors. We talk about her being a pro mountain biker and a full time math teacher. We taped the day before she took the women's title at the WEDU FIFTY.

1.5k reactions 29 comments
Scott Davis Sean Davis
Elroy John Aston ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Julia Windom I like Lance but I LOVE this girl. Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome! <3 <3 <3
Lubomir Kriz Jj
Rodrigue Baboga Le boss

The 2018 Le Tour de France Route was announced this morning and it didn't disappoint. The Stages route Podcast is up now.

2.5k reactions 79 comments
Vincent Marchal Lance you rock! Pleasure to follow your podcast from Belgium 🇧🇪🤙
Patricia StellaMaris Murphy I’m especially looking forward to the continuing saga of the readers. 🤓
Brian Pelton cool.... you have quite the collection of hats going on, lance....
Xü Xiaomo So looking forward to the 21 days and podcasts!!
Alain Herteler Pour moi il reste qu un tricheur qui a pourrit la carrière d autre coureurs !

We are live on #FACEBOOKLIVE for #STAGES Podcast now to preview #TDF2018 - Stream it here: and below.

1.1k reactions 51 comments
Jim Gibbs Omg, that's good coverage
Jeffrey Rheault It was on a Trek not fat ass Harley
Niko Scully U R live
Daniel Butler audio in and out.
Dan Delk Very good.

Live from Mevo

836 reactions 632 comments
Dennis Jones Yes Tour of Flanders is the best!
Mike Prescia Cover the Hotter than Hell or some other large but small races
Justin Bowes one of the best (cycling) podcasts !
Rick Iovine We need to show the world that Lance is still relevant
Amy E White Come ride with me in Rockport Lance Ill get the Lanceritas ready

Going live in 20 minutes on #FacebookLive for #STAGES podcast to talk the 2018 Le Tour de France route. #TDF2018

260 reactions 9 comments
Mark Levine Get this up on ITunes!!
Carla Azevedo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gregor Homan You would win that route
Lorenzo Lorre Top
Arunaabh Shah Can’t wait!

Stages Podcast wrap up of the IRONMAN Championships

1.0k reactions 330 comments
Ryan Carter Where do you see bike technology progressing in triathlon?
Jason Dugal You could absolutely be under the water
Jason Dugal Yes. Drones is a good idea... under water drones even!!!
Glenn Robinson Lionel said his gate was negatively affected by electrolytes ... once he started eating /drinking
Glenn Robinson He also has a sauna effect room

The Stages Ironman Championship recap episode is up. Congrats to all those that participated in Kona.

540 reactions 12 comments
Eddy Selmi Lance the Best !
Diana Barnett ❤️ your podcasts!!!
Jo Vande Velde Nice number plate Lance ! 7 le tour ! Awesome ! Gr jo
Brad Stocker Lance Armstrong - Thank you for mentioning Matt Russell and his caring contribution page: -- he is one of the good ones.
Alex Alvarenga Love that licence plate!

6 time Ironman Champ Dave Scott joins us on Stages Podcast

882 reactions 216 comments
Shannon Shuskey Loved this interview thanks guys
Rob Perkins I think we have beaten this dead horse to death lol and then some
Glenn Robinson Need Lance to race Kona. Never too late :)
Warren Denny Ancheta Lance and Dave, dropping knowledge.
Mitchell Samantha Salain Love the inside stories and race perspectives

Stages Ironman Episode 3 is up with Dave Scott. We talk Kona, training and coaching.

619 reactions 11 comments
Laurence Hunter Florian Duterloo
Jose Antonio Ferreyros Any chance on inviting Frodo?
Rex De Leon Lito Lampitoc ito ba ang sinasabi mo bro?
Ray Daitch Nice interviews with the IM legends MA and DS
Patty Dutch Gallivan Loved these interviews. One thing that would have been great Paula Newby Frasier??? An idea for 2018 maybe

Thanks Mark Allen for taking the time to talk about your career and the Ironman Championship this weekend

1.0k reactions 233 comments
Chris Tipps Coming of IM CHATTANOOGA I totally agree.
Emily Wright It’s a mental battle that you feel so spent but yet you can push on
Tobías Martínez Ibarra Lance brother by jalisco mexico Tobike cicling TRAINING
Darren Kerr Hey all......from New Zealand. Great to see you out here recently Lance.
Mike Ray The 4th discipline rules every hour of the day!!

Stages Ironman Episode 2 is up with 6-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen. We talk about his memories of Kona and the upcoming world championship. #IMWC #IMKona

1.1k reactions 29 comments
David Fowler Scott Yount Brian Longman Dermot Callaghan
Brenda Baader-Lips Eric Kalina
Jumbish Jain 👍👍👍👍
Michael Rupert Legendary races!
Hassan Teakwndo Strong cyclist...

STAGES podcast takes on this year’s IRONMAN Championship. JB Hager & I preview KONA on the first episode. #IMWC Download it here:

846 reactions 32 comments
Cameron Robson George Stemmer
Brenda Baader-Lips Eric Kalina
Ben Richards Mark Aldous Warren Nicholls
Brady Dohrmann Denise Mavelle DohrmannThis looks good
Pat Lostracco Marcus Lostracco for ur hass

The latest Forward is up with former Major Leaguer Eric Byrnes. We had an animated conversation about endurance training, suffering, Barry Bonds, Pat Tillman and MLB playoff predictions.

1.5k reactions 47 comments
Pierre Pinna the boss!!
James Ingram Hell yeah!
Nicholas Gosnell Dang!
Pierre Pouliot No politics please. 🚴
Marcel Montezin affuté le mec!

Took The Forward on the road in front of a live audience. Live show from the Texas Tribune Festival with Pamela Colloff, Mike Hall and Tony Plohetski. We talked wrongful convictions and life after exoneration.

1.1k reactions 25 comments
Kezia Milligan Duncan Milligan amazing
Sergio Alvarez argentina.. (salta)
Luca Donato Ciao lance...vieni a fare un giro in Italia...🚲
Nicholas Gosnell Go lance!
Brandon Senff Fuck yoyr

Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz

5.2k reactions 202 comments
Mike Payan Rockin Da ENVE bar. Company headquarters here I O'Town (Ogden Utah)
Rob Ends I like the fact that you have the WC stripes on your sleeve!
Brandon Eisele You're cheating bum lance Armstrong and a discrase to American cycling.
Jeffrey Dean They may have negated your Tour wins, but they'll never take away the World Championship you won.
Luis Humberto Sepulveda Quezada Jajjaja, algunos europeos no te quieren porque les ganaste en su tierra, creo que eres el mejor ciclista

Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz

3.2k reactions 87 comments
Bill Taft Lance you are the MAN!
Eva Maria Petak Immer noch so ein coooler Typ!
Tom Clark Next fall Marji Gesick 100. UP of Michigan.
Stephen A. Black Still the man!
Pedroza Gustavo Ivan Cornejo ahí vas atrás famoso !!!

After this bike ride I jumped on Luke Bryan bus to tape a new Forward episode. We talk bikes, getting through adversity and life on the road.

4.6k reactions 203 comments
Jim Burbridge Shouldn't he have changed his name to Lance Legstrong by now?
Nicholas Segond Just think of how many tours you could have won on a cannondale Lance. #FuckTrek
Ron Aumann Hey Lance, your seat is too low, just saying...
Gábor Pusztai So strange to see you on cannondale. Trek was better... 😁
Juergen Beck Great to see Lance Armstrong pedaling...keep it up buddy!! 😎🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️
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