Lady Antebellum
11:50 07/16/2017

JAMBO! Y'all brought the coolers, we brought the tunes, and wouldn't have had it any other way! Fun level = 💯

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Diana Roll
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Pia Feldborg
Bianca Rytter Jensen
Kate Lavender
Tim mcgraw
Len Hite
It was a great show!
Brandon Serfozo
Awesome show last night Lady Antebellum! Had so much fun - thank you!
Lexi Lauren
Looks like fun!!
Danielle Getts
I love these pics Soo much. And it deff looks like you all had Soo much fun. ☺😊❤
Renee Ward
Loved the show! It was amazing thanks for knowing the crowd and putting on an awesome show!
Joyce Hughes-Sweeney
Every one will enjoy. Went for several years. JUst loved it
Debbie Strain
Welcome to Ohio! Hope this is a great memory...because it was to your fans!! Come back and see us again.....😊🎼🎸🎺🎷 🍻
Patrick Doran
Do you guys play "Damn You Seventeen" live? I love that song and it brings tears to my eyes.
Bridget Schaub
Amazing show last night! Was going to skip Jamboree in the Hills altogether for the first time in 8 years, but decided to go last night to watch you play! Thanks for reminding me of how much fun I have watching artists like You!

Other newsfeed from Lady Antebellum


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Brenda Wolfgang Love your music.
Charity Chillington I LOVE THIS SONG!!
Bethany Ellis Wow, that's pretty.
Sandy Gray Love this cd!!
Flávio Augusto Torres The best Song👏👏

Since Bobby Bones is always inviting us into his office, it was about time I invited him to my second office. Topgolf #TheHook -ck

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Joann Koshetar Bodge I hate golf but I LOVE this! My 2 favorite people Charles Kelley❤️❤️❤️ and Bobby Bones!!!

Throwing it back to the very beginning of the #YouLookGoodWorldTour learning about all of Brancott Estate's aromatic wines. 🍷

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Ashlyn Knaur Ellen Jennings Harris
Sherylee Eyles Love love love 🇳🇿 #NewZealand #ProudKiwi #NewZealandtakingovertheworld
Erik Spurrell well no wine for mom to be and congrats on the twins Hills
Bonnie DeHahn Massengale No wine for you, Hills!
Catherine Hastings No amount of wine is deemed safe during pregnancy, even sipping. Please protect those babies and sip water. Thank you.

Always a good time when we're able to get together with all our Nashville friends. #ACMHonors tonight!

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Angela Daneault Connor Place 😃
Caitlin Carlson Gonna watch it
Barbara D Trumbley Enjoyed this tonight
Meredith Love Donna Hern hit the record!😉
Deb Coomer It was a great show.

We are overjoyed to be having TWO more girls! -hills

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Laura Bowman I'm SO excited Hillary you are having 2 girls! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Many blessings and best wishes💕
Melissa Castillo Aaaaw!! I'm a twin mama. Two boys. Having twins is amazing and Crazy too. You will enjoy and learn from every minute with your babies. Such a blessing! ❤❤❤
Kari McGrew Congratulations I hope they r very healthy I have twins girl and boy best of both world now I have 2 boys and 2 girls its a lot of fun enjoy
Mercedes Umphenour Congrats and I know that the future is daunting but it's also amazing. (Ps my daughter and I love listing to your gospel music keep up the amazing work)
Amy Fleck-Cousino Congratulations!! Very happy for your family. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy. Thank you for sharing with your fans.

Next single, y'all!!!! #HeartBreak

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Jimi McAllen Love this song so much - also loved your concert at the Washington State Fair. <3
Eileen Murphy Vanison Was hoping it would be "Hurt"...beautiful song!
Julie Mccartney Luv this song. Anyone know what the song set is for the new concert? X
Peggy Pruitt Loved their concert in Nashville so great!
Patricia Scott Loved seeing you in Washington at the State Fair!! It was a treat from my Friend. Love your music. Congratulations on th twins❤️

Time to belt out Happy Birthday to this guy! 🎤🎉 Happy Birthday, Charles! -dave & hills

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Teresa Plair Happy Birthday Charles! Love Yall!!! You always Rock it Right!!! 😎
Helen Cameron Happy Birthday Charles! Have fun celebrating with your friends and family! Blessings!
Ashley Stevens Nice to share my birthday with you!
Evangela Sharp Cave Happy Birthday Charles!!!! Have A Blessed One!!!!
Patty Ulmer Happy Birthday! Hope you got to eat lots of cake with your family.

Huge shout-out to Nashville School of the Arts, the winners of our #YouLookGoodOnStage contest. These fine young ladies and gentlemen ROCKED the stage last night and had everyone on their feet! 🎺 🎺 #YouLookGoodWorldTour

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Bethany Ellis My dad is so funny.
Tracy Savickas Ya'll LOOK GOOD!!
Michelle Mills Great show last night!!
Elena Chera Cool show
Ami Kiser Coleman Yes, they did! Awesome!❤️

NASHVILLE!!! It's been a 10 year journey with y'all, and couldn't have felt more blessed last night! Thank you to everyone who helped make the #YouLookGoodWorldTour the most unforgettable journey yet.

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Linda Mikkelsen Really looking forward to seeing you in Manchester UK 4th October xx
Margie Groff Loved the show at Washington state fair with my daughter and granddaughters! 🙂
Shelly Binkley Had an absolute blast!! Best concert we've been to in a long time....all of you were AMAZING!!!
Mallory Lynne Rose Stewart I hope you spend more time in Canada next time!! Sad you weren't in Edmonton this time around
Tonya Yokley Patton It was an AMAZING show last night....

‪Such a special night for us being back in Georgia surrounded by so many friends and family just doing what we love! 🎤 #YouLookGoodWorldTour‬

1.5k reactions 20 comments
Sheila Reynolds Just waiting for you to be in the UK in October!
Cindy Fikree Amazing concert!
Greg Puent Enjoyed them n St. Louis..
Sarah Louise Jones See you in the uk xx
Mark Griffin Loved the t-rex invasion

So many special moments in Birmingham last night! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

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Andy Garcia I love this group.....
Niki Turner Can't wait for you to come to Birmingham, UK 🇬🇧 next month!!!!! Alexe O'Connor aargh!!!!!
Courtney Brooke Houchins Jill Wallace this could be Bailey and Maddie tomorrow night!😍
Jenni Fletcher Australia anywhere on your 'world' tour??? Please???
Mark Woodford Bringing it home tomorrow 🙂 can't wait !!!! Nassshhhhvvviillleeeeeee

#YouLookGoodWorldTour home stretch! Time to give it everything we have left this weekend before hitting Europe and South Africa next month!

656 reactions 42 comments
Michelle Lightband Please come back to NZ
Kirstie Louise Leibrandt-Knott So excited to see you in Amsterdam!
Noeleen Delaney Boylan Can't wait for Dublin concert😊
Karen Skipper See you in London next month 🎶👍
Kirsty Roberts Excited for your Manchester UK visit!

The #YouLookGoodWorldTour might be wrapping up, but our memories, and these #NABISCO recipes are coming with us!

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Errol Smith ;-)
Inese Briede Advertising.. Well, but good stuff:)
Cody Pauley See ya'll in next tour
Jenny Jay Luv luv luv L. A.
Tracy Lucius Loving these pics guys.

Photos from Hillary Scott's post

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Vanessa Reyalvarez Geersoon Loozaanoo
Lawrence Larson Congrats on your nomination Hillary Scott and Lady Antebellum
Danica Krewsky Congratulations
Melissa Yaughn Congratulations
Pamela Livingston Love y'all

‪Now this is the kinda news to wake up to! #CMAawards ALBUM of the year nomination for #HeartBreak. As well as VOCAL group. So freaking happy‬! 🙌

1.2k reactions 40 comments
Melissa Yaughn Congratulations
James Mercer Good luck! Hope you win!
Brendan Hancock Heart Break
Teri Birmingham Congratulations! Well deserved
Michelle Worthington Conlee Congrats! Much deserved nominations!!

#LaborDayWeekend What do ya think, Tim McGraw? Brett Young #SomethingLikeThat

3.2k reactions 92 comments
Krysta Swanson Murray AZ Swan sporting their Seahawks lol
Kathrine Hollstrom Great time & concert with friends & favorites.. Lady A, Brett Young & Kelsea...
David Charles Laubman hi son..... hope you are kicking some and then 99.3 UP!
Ross Richmond Don't bring him to Scotland please
Lisa Young Reeves This concert was amazing!!! Thanks for a great night!!!

New merch items in the online store this weekend! Plus, free domestic shipping if you spend over $30. 📦👍

415 reactions 11 comments
Lydia Walker Cynthia Walker
Kaitlyn Christie Delana Christie
Jessica Reid Jackie Wodtke Jennifer Bliss cute!
Danielle Getts I love when you all put new merch in your store. ☺😊❤
Jacquie Gwyn Will proceeds of online merchandise go to southeast Texas? If so I am sold.

Who's grilling this Labor Day weekend?! In case you need any recipe inspiration, #NABISCO has plenty of #BBQRemix specialties. Here's one of our favorites—

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Diana Ladydodo ككطسيي
Amanda Hancock My birthday is September 4 th
Jan Booth Oh, ya! My Birthday weekend! Yippie!!!!!

#YouLookGood Salt Lake City... you looked real good!!! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

1.7k reactions 32 comments
Kimberly St Clair Amazing concert. I love you guys!!
Taylor Leigh Ochsner Can't wait tosee you guys in Boise tomorrownight
Staci West Hardy How was it Danielle Hardy ???
Cadianne Morton Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night!!!
Jessica Thurman Loved last night! You guys were amazing!

Y'all turned it up to 10 on a Tuesday!! 🎤 Thanks a million, Denver! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

862 reactions 17 comments
Jane Mcfarland It was awesome!!
Stacy Pliskin Everyone killed it last night; it was such a fun show!
David Newsome All the way up to 11
Matt Mispagel Great show as always!
Linda Kodrich Howard They were amazing.

Here we go from VIP in Denver, CO!

3.4k reactions 874 comments
Donald Rice From Pennsylvania, Let's send are prayers to Texas . Watching over little sister. Be safe!!
Katie Bug Saw u guys recently at mountain view! LOVVVVVED YOU GUYS U WERE AWESOME
Marsha Vogler Davis You guys are awesome ! Prayers for Texas. We know what that's like her in Charleston
Heather Livingston Love love this song really hits what we went through with infertility
Tara Gillum Love this song Hillary!!! I was happy when I heard you on KLOVE radio station.

Happy Birthday, Shania Twain!

4.0k reactions 165 comments
M Joan Lewis Happy Birthday
Mike Lee Mikee likee Kelsey ballerina looking so hot-so fine and the 2 other girls are cute too..
Kelli Sinclair Well the concert was cancelled this Sunday at the woodland pavilion... now they canceled my Las Vegas plane tickets...
Jessica Deb Carroll Baptista Sure missed seeing you last year in manchester nh when you were ill.

We are so sad to have had to cancel our show in Houston tonight. Last night, we played a show up the street in Dallas and all of our merch proceeds will be going towards hurricane relief funds. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by #HurricaneHarvey.

16.4k reactions 176 comments
Jose Diaz God bless y'all prayers and thoughts are going out !
Cindy Vaughan That's why y'all are my favorite! So caring! Hopefully i will get to see y'all in concert someday! Love y'all!!!!
Brenda S Bertram The people there that got flooded out will be very grateful to y'all God bless
Deborah Dahlen-Barker Sorry to hear about your cancellation. However, thanks for mercy proceeds to help Houston. Thanks again .
Karen Heffer We had tickets to your show tonight. So sad that this terrible weather is happening. Thank you for helping our Houston friends. This is why you are one of my favorite bands ❤

First rule of throwing a great BBQ…snacks! #NABISCO has plenty of #BBQRemix ideas for any occasion, too!

493 reactions 3 comments
Cheryl A. Sherrer B
Lexi Lauren BBQ's are the bomb!! Looks delicious y'all!!

#YouLookGoodWorldTour is starting to wrap up. Excited and ready to knock these next few weeks out of the park!

1.2k reactions 50 comments
Mary Cole Please reschedule Houston!
James Mercer Will be seeing y'all at the Washington State Fair!
Kelley Anne Graham AMAZING SHOW!!!!
Sandra Early Hamilton They are great
Drew Tilly Can't wait for October in Birmingham

Cannot wait for new episodes of This Is Us!

Lady Antebellum Reveal Their Binge-Worthy TV Shows
Lady Antebellum Reveal Their Binge-Worthy TV Shows

Turns out Hillary Scott is a big Will Forte fan.

1.2k reactions 17 comments
Rebecca Wisbey Becky Edwards
Diane Ohnemus Herring Me too!
Triffie Morey Me too 😀
Arlene Frances Great show!
Diego Mercado Me too!

There's so many pieces to the story. Enjoy the full collection of #HeartBreak stories.

1.5k reactions 32 comments
Kasperi Palola <3
Katie McCoy Chelsea Noel Hartman they have a new album out
Kritika Suri favorite track need you now
Vince Myers Yes
Charlene Lewis When are you playing in Gilford NH ????

Weather's looking good this weekend. Grab some friends, whip out the #BBQRemix recipes, and turn up #NABISCO's summer playlist! 🔥

308 reactions 14 comments
Jeanette M. Vasquez Not in the gulf
Geoff Taylor Come back to Australia please.
Donna Schuster Not so good in Texas this weekend!!
Joanne R. Weisenfeld Great music love all
Jenna Signorile Sumner Just followed it!! Thank You!😀

This was the first time we performed any of our new music from our #HeartBreak album for fans, and we can't wait to finally share our Artists Den episode with y'all!

Lady Antebellum: Live from the Artists Den
Lady Antebellum: Live from the Artists Den

Lady Antebellum's episode of Live from the Artists Den, filmed earlier this year at the United Palace, premieres THIS SEPTEMBER!

299 reactions 6 comments
Kelli Sinclair Sunday at pavilion
Kelli Sinclair Hurricane or not
Jean Robbins I would love to see them
Vicky Friedrichs We saw it at the theater. It was great!!!
Jenny Beback Saw them in concert on Saturday and they were awesome!

Oh baby, #YouLookGood! Recorded a little acoustic version for y'all while we've been out on the road this summer. 🎥: Hodges Usry

2.5k reactions 64 comments
Carrie Larsen Amazing!!!! Love love love it
John Cushley Luv it
Elizabeth Gonzalez Love love love you guys.
Linda Chandler See you in Dallas on Saturday
Sharon Myron Yes You All Look Good,Love You Lady A,
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