Kourtney Kardashian
15:13 04/20/2017

#TBT My backpack moments!

What I Wore: Backpacks!

What I Wore: Backpacks!

My favorite carry-all.

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Justin Arrieta
"Magic Go Indentify Dragon Go see no demon Give" Tech9 gave me the Senergy System https://youtu.be/Xyp80vSr4EQ
Symon Blais
Happy Birthday Kourtney ! You are beautiful! Are you single now ?
Elliot Wilton
Love yoh
Mohammad Sarwari
Lassiter Kristina Nakia
Nice :p
Damon Renaul Williams
That's awesome
John Thomas Polek
Find everything you ever wanted on Mr Owlie Shop!
Justin Blair Pearson
Woaa, that is sooo cool
Vanessaaimee Koffi
Expressive style of the great very Nice Kourtney on more
Conrad Khlebek
Anthony House
Spoiled Bratt!
Bernadine Thorpe
Ilyas Mirza
Jenny Thibert
Ugh honestly hate the way they dress most of the time
Marlène Moussavou
Cool kourtney is beautiful girl

Other newsfeed from Kourtney Kardashian

when Khloé Kardashian comes to town..

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Sean Alexie Yes forever huh . when they asking why is the sun yellow huh eyes wide shut
Sean Alexie The last ten things on your mind , filtered down , the last thing on your mind. God is love
RoOxii Vargas Las amo son mis kardashian favoritas jiji lo siento kourtney pero mas kloe ella es la numero 1 ....
Montana Jones ♍️my favorite Kardashian.. Kourtney.. Remind me of me.. Lol... Personality that is ..
Ray Ragenious lol.....giggles kourt/cute........Relax Khloe,have a cookie.

couldn't resist

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Natalie Potesta Zurawski Lucky! 🤗 gorgeous as always! XOXOXOXOXOX
Meranda Marie Wiggins Love the look of this room
Anabel Rodriguez Zegarra Nice 😘
Nonaya Beesknees Keep flaunting what you got and you're going to get in a similair situation like kim :/
Lauren Sasson Don't try so hard. Your better that way

Need a vacation? Here’s where you should go!

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Elvin Gaddafi what are you taking a break from
وائل وينس أنافي إجازه الآن لكن الروتين لايتغير بسبب الضيق المادي سأذهب إلي البحر بعد شهر من الآن سيكون هذا ممتع
Kelsey Jones Please donate a little bit of help goes a long way thank you xx https://www.gofundme.com/samis-funeral
Sean Alexie As his going threw the timezones in the movie, ya money ain't worth nothing for real. Real awakening.
Sean Alexie You ahttah see Alaska . understand the concept of time , its like traveling in time with jt get the picture . not until you ©

What I ALWAYS pack in my kids’ travel bags. ✈️ ✈️ ✈️

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John Gustin So are you happy Kourt?
John Gustin Can i ask you something?
Et'z Toby that's good
Justin Arrieta There people that would leave your life behind when 8billion demons attack remember your true baby daddy Justin Who was like I will kill you all and I won't let you kill my baby mama remember who stayed by your side me tanks weren't ever invented ...
Annel Mimo Njoroge you Kardashian's are awesome

#ad Summer vibes on Flat Tummy Tea 🔥 Feeling sooo good right now, all the best summers start on detox! (P.S. It’s on sale today, go get yourself a pack!)

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Shaun Winner You're so damn sexy. Best kardashian!! I want to take out next time the cavs reach the finals 😉😉
Αγαμέμνων Κιουταχίδης Εισαι στα χωρισματα με τον μπεκρή και είσαι τιγκα στην γκάβλα!!!! Πασαρινα μου όμορφη! Πρέπει να σε παρω το γκροβερακι εσενα!
Brett Evo She's the hottest and most natural out of all the sisters in my opinion..
Julie Prudent That family always stripping down to make money ! Fix that mouth girl ..
David Hanovic Gorgeous and beautiful baby!!!! <3 <3!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :P :P :P :P :P :P ;) :D :D :) :)

These are a MUST for summertime!

OMG These Pool Floats Are Amazing!
OMG These Pool Floats Are Amazing!

Festive floats can really take your pool party to the next level! Scroll down to shop my favorites.

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Alyssa Darling Veronica Dudla I think the Kardashians have you beat
Ion Viorel Sweet and sexy
Roger Juarez Kourtney's, ass is more amazing.
David Goodwin very hot
Hector Castilla i wish i could take a ride on your floats

every car ride Khloé Kardashian

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Keisha Lancet Hey you don't know me but we can make some cash together, my brother works for Citibank he puts money in my account and could do you a favor and put money in your account. He can do any bank it doesn't have to be Citibank like if he put 8,000 in your ...
Elva Torres Wait!! Does that mean they're in TEXAS??
Russell Miller Oh shit!!! I cannot stop laughing!!! That is awesome!!! LMAO!!!
Greg George Not sure what Language that is But it Does Sound Spacy..


My App Is FREE This Week
My App Is FREE This Week

Happy summer!

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Emmanuel Burgess Power to Kourtney she is is one of the most nice lady all ways strong in everything you do I think she will make it bless lady
Jessica Ruth 2.99$ a month ... wayyy cheaper than a magazine subscription for peat sakes ... stop bitching peeps .
Damir Nametak just see on tv here in hertzegovina how you do not know with whom to get baby,... :) ...i make beautifull ones !!! and smart healthy baby's!!! ;)
Lori Hrasna Not paying to watch these people hate on POTUS Trump... please get off the air , you guys are irrelevant and live in your own bubble

her name is honey

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Spencer Titan Layne I thought all the bitches in the families names began with k?
Karen Underwood Awhhh Kourtney Kardashian that is the best name for this cutie pie. Precious.
Eric Perez Medina I think you high and maad and shit...for the people who post and rap...
Jyri Johannes Hänninen ,Could it be her was allergic to animaldust, and some animals fit better?
Timothy Muller She's going to steal her way into your heart and soul!!! Hopefully the kids have her into their late teens!!!!!

Blessed to call him my daddy. I couldn't have dreamed for any better. Happy Father's Day. 💘

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Peter Guilarte Happy Father's Day
Steve Popps Happy fathers day 😊
Matt Culver No telling how many guys you've called daddy 😅
Eva Maria Grater duh duh daddy........he loves murderers and defends them, what a good |Daddy he WAS.....until Mummy cheated on him......duh, close your mouth, your shit gets cold......that's 40 years later, he is dead and you you are a single Mother of an alcoholic ...

Get this wavy summer look!

The Exact Steps for My Sexy Wet Waves
The Exact Steps for My Sexy Wet Waves

Straight from Jen Atkin!

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Giovanni Gallo Anything you wear is sexy 👍
Ajsela Petritaj Sei meravigliosa.
Dolores Rivera This chick is so thirsty. Calm down..chill Ms. Desperate.
David Feinbaum Sexy
Paul Tan The secret. Get them young

i can make you put your phone down.

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Jose Antonio Hernandez Gil I love my queen..good day..Salud y armonía para vivir la vida
Jason Battishill Hottest and realist Kardashian out there
Sammy Roman Only time any of ur family members put ur phones down... Is when u have black lil cocks in ur mouths
Real King Carnes Kourtney,you can make me put almost any thing down for you!!!! Loving!!!!!

#RIDEFORACAUSE, book your bike now! http://bit.ly/2s8vGdd

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Justin Arrieta Did Mason do it speaker people think I bang there wife's I don't bang there wife's they turn me robot it's scary We.Trillion Rasengan Only the Chosen One.netDeadSea "Trillion Dead Sea Go" all baby mamas and kids Chosen we did the river thing with ...
Justin Arrieta What's good somebody won now you do with stunt 50,000 Let do it ww.Dragon Money.netvetDragonTrap "Trap Go" automatic winzah no respond vasheys on my tail https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=557958054592196&id=100011340200839
Lazaro Santos DASH FROM BRAZIL 😍😍
Landry Serge Amangoua J aimerai bien mais je suis en afrique.kourtney my lady GOd bless you
Vinicius Rosa <3 <3

Take this pop quiz to find out!

Quiz: Do You Know What
Quiz: Do You Know What's Good For You?

Test your health knowledge here.

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Javier Escobar Mamacita Hermosa
Joao Paulo Do Monte Linda
Sandra Garcia Quijije Muy linda
Francisco Avelino Sanchez Yes, you
El Filly All i know is you good for me babe ❤❤❤

my throats hurts from yelling CAVS

85.5k reactions 1054 comments
Diane Dior Williams No Mam you're going to need some tissue! Omg and I hope they DO NOT BLAME Khloe for the loss lol!
Kris Hernandez You and your family have cursed the team you must really be proud
Jennifer Martinez I like u kourtney but ur taste in basketball suck just as much as your sisters....literally.
Jordan Guitron Either of them can't even name the staring lineup.
Armando Nantanapibul What city is this? Cavs? What are Cavs? Wait, how many field goals are we winning by? Bandwagoners at its finest. Lmao 😂

Season finale #tonight

10.1k reactions 171 comments
Swirls Delgarito Kourtney is like "yeah? And?" 😈😈 lol
Debbie Barnett These girls sometimes dress like clowns!
Anika Basu Eden Botham look at kourtneys face 😂😂 no actual fks given
Prinku Patel Mira Patel Gawron Mario Kawron this is like that meme video making fun of them 😂
Delaney Bowling Hillary Rose jean Minnie Mouse backpack type of mean lol

Season finale tonight!

14.9k reactions 188 comments
Ava Riley What a load of shit😠 Keeping up with the drama queens☺
Babar Khan URGENT! NEWS– #JK Rowling _( " ARE All FEMALES BEING EXTERMINATED SECRETLY BY THE LGBTQ AGENDA!_ ??? " )_ " All New Studies Find LGBT Labs are creating synthetic poisons and artificial wombs infecting women on a massive scale– BREAST CANCER – ZIKA –HIV ...
Eva Maria Grater don't come back whores......go work on Skid Row, there are better women there than you, real ones with real stories and real bodies and real hearts. You plastic hoes are as fake as Hollywood.........go enjoy your black sausages;)
Elsie Duarte Should be series finale!! Such garbage
David Montoya II I'm so excited about my future.. Even though you can go down to the corner liquor store and see the same thing

Timeline Photos

36.1k reactions 227 comments
Jennifer Rose Why does Khloes hand look like a claw?
Violeta Danae Gutierrez When she get a new NBA boyfriend she's going for the other team lol 😂
Erin C Robinson-Tippett Candid,great moment captured!
Justin Arrieta Son needs to separate you from all dimensions they formed you one to try to kill a Ninja
Kristy Kovalak Let's go CAVS!

Happy (almost) National Rosé Day!

Rosé Pops!
Rosé Pops!

Happy (Almost) National Rosé Day!

1.2k reactions 44 comments
Trini Queen Kourtney your so awesome!! Wish we can be friends in real life
Kader Lamine Ousmane Nice
Priince Sory Top
Kwiliko Eazi Lamar kourtney u re so beautiful 😗😙😘😚😛😍😜👄💋💘💖💕

Accessories update!

My Must-Have Sandals!
My Must-Have Sandals!

Chic updates for your summer wardrobe.

6.8k reactions 89 comments
Ali Kobissi 👍😘👏
Jesus Rodriguez Dance sing do SOMETHING
Bertha Wa Sabe Beautiful
Veronique Bellisima Nice​ pick shoes to flat
Mandella Mandella Hello gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

happy birthday Kanye...la familia wouldn't be the same without you.

81.0k reactions 1022 comments
Ruelayne Olivos Happy birthday Kanye!! Love your style dude! And what a gorgeous picture of you guys. I love all of you and god bless you all.
Al Towers Everything looks great in that picture except Kanye. My humble opinion I hope he doesn't get but hurt like he usually does.
Sammy Lancaster I am so tired of u bitches hating on this family. If ur brook asses could get paid like them u would. In fact u hoes done sucked a whole lot of dicks for much less money than them
Tarek Abuaita The decorations " hollowness " and how much did it cost, and it's your birthday you can do as you like to do , and happy birthday to you..I am nice to you just because..only once.
Lance Bates Roses are red Nuts are brown Skirts go up Pants go down Body to body Skin to skin When its stiff Stick it in The Longer its in The Stronger it gets It goes in dry And comes out wet It comes out dripping And starts to sag Its not what you think...... Its ...

Yeezy just jumped over jumpman.

9 Ways I
9 Ways I've Worn Yeezy

I'm a HUGE fan!

4.8k reactions 93 comments
Mary Velazquez #Yeezyseason4 ❤
Chicky Jones They look good on you
Karen Jacqueline Delgado Moreno Lindo look de la polera naranja
Rhiannon Bancroft Most hideous line of clothing to ever exist.
Artak Zarobyan Kourtney veri gut Tu forem princesse

Happy birthday Kanye!!!

My Favorite Kanye Songs
My Favorite Kanye Songs

Yeezy for life.

2.3k reactions 115 comments
Linda Bailey Happy Birthday Kanye
Betsy Barajas Happy Birthday
Chioma Ojiaku Happy birthday kanye!!
Chris Benoit Happy bday 🎂🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
Shannon Walker Happy birthday"God" Lol You Wish bro

Timeline Photos

30.3k reactions 477 comments
Shayne Stoddard Your so damn fine girl. Your sisters don't even compare to you!!
Justin Arrieta Kanye and Dar the Dar whoras can't take A Dar Sar var destroyer buy Ww.Trillion Dragon Mashine kill dar.netDarKillDragon "Dragon Kill far go" you might want to reproduce bring it back in time France to
Emmanuel Burgess Ho old was you this is hard do you have children looking very fine I think she is at one here best girlfriend you bless
Mateja Aymee Horvat Barbara Zajc e v onem wcju zadi, jas ne bi bla sproščena xD preveč transparentn xD
David M. Robbins How was I supposed to know Kylie got married, I don't Google shit and I'm not going to 🤔 I'm 😲😃😃😃😲 for her tho

Get my exact recipe!

1.8k reactions 50 comments
Karina Borba Good😚
Francisco Chaves Delicioso Kourtney.... Kisses
Lyn Buchanan Looks yummy
Mary Velazquez Liked
Jerhico Jones Xzibit voice: "Those Nachos Look Like Shit Dawg!"

All-natural beauty remedies!

1.7k reactions 35 comments
Christina Montgomery Trina Whiteside 😂
Robbie Flannery Danny Hargadon
David Hanovic <3 <3!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
David Hanovic <3 <3!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
Artak Zarobyan 🍲🍟🍔🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

My Côte d’Azur style!

8.4k reactions 97 comments
Dalia Nieto Hot hot mama
Tamàs Mànfai :-) :)))
Roberto Atk Beautiful Goddess ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tania Goulart Hoschel loved .
Penny Gibson Aww life is hard

watch my spring closet clean out

3.6k reactions 75 comments
Jonathon Matjoulis Boombastic
Awa Keita Love you kourntney
Francisco Avelino Sanchez Lovely as usual
Bran Rojas My Fav Bitches ❤️💅🏻
Rahsaan Wright You putting in that work

7.3k reactions 111 comments
Mitchell Berndt Kourtney you are so fine 😍😍😍😍
Chicky Jones Kardashian Sisters+Kendall and Kylie +Rob= Greatest Love of all for Mommy Kris
John Leroy Wicks I would Love to hang out and just shoot the shit with you Ladies some time.just a thought,God bless always. ; )
John Gustin and whats that big book behind Kim?And does she know her tah tahs are hanging out?Just sayin.SMH
John Gustin Did i ever tell you you look like a little indian girl?Especially with that black and white teepee behind you. :)


18.8k reactions 202 comments
Chicky Jones Ms Kourtney! You look like your Dad. He is lucky to be your Guardian Angel for you, your kids and your sisters for life
Tony Snow when he was selling cocaine for Pablo Escobar "and whe gave him white pants so if he was narc afraid he'd piss and leave white satin on his jig
Boderick Crethers I remember 7 of them got away in Lottery ticket pick 7 y u show him because I'm free
Johnny Cabrera Wow I haven't seen a peer bread dodi in a while (nice mutt) peer blood
Madelyn Paredes se ve adorable pero en verdad se ve como paublo escobar jajaja :)
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