Kourtney Kardashian
15:13 04/20/2017

#TBT My backpack moments!

What I Wore: Backpacks!

What I Wore: Backpacks!

My favorite carry-all.

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Justin Arrieta
"Magic Go Indentify Dragon Go see no demon Give" Tech9 gave me the Senergy System https://youtu.be/Xyp80vSr4EQ
Symon Blais
Happy Birthday Kourtney ! You are beautiful! Are you single now ?
Elliot Wilton
Love yoh
Mohammad Sarwari
Lassiter Kristina Nakia
Nice :p
Damon Renaul Williams
That's awesome
John Thomas Polek
Find everything you ever wanted on Mr Owlie Shop!
Justin Blair Pearson
Woaa, that is sooo cool
Vanessaaimee Koffi
Expressive style of the great very Nice Kourtney on more
Conrad Khlebek
Anthony House
Spoiled Bratt!
Bernadine Thorpe
Ilyas Mirza
Jenny Thibert
Ugh honestly hate the way they dress most of the time
Marlène Moussavou
Cool kourtney is beautiful girl

Other newsfeed from Kourtney Kardashian

floating debrief

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Lisa Baker Looking good guys👌 I'm pretty sure the guy is Simon Huck an old gay family friend guys. He's sure filled out!👌🤗
Alexandra DiAmico Julia Tippy her body is on 🔥 but her boobs are like a mile away from each other 😭
Tania Goulart Hoschel good for you kourt. enjoy your life. you're a amazing mom. f... those peoples
Kenneth Smart dm Kourtney you are meat l just so god given say that way fine
Francesca Brasier Prophete Lucky you,I can't even remember the last time i went to vacation

still Egypt

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Clint Waite There is no such thing as a "Trump supporter". Either you support America regardless of who occupies the White House or you simply hate America. Pretty basic really children. I just thank God our current POTUS and his legacy family will be in the Oval ...
Hereberto Cortez That shit look photoshop.like a mf
Simo Amrani Imad Elarji كون شدوها الفراعنة غعما يعطلوها
Acey Reihana Flatty?
Abo Ali Alassad اتثقف من عمك كارديشيان Hadi Almn


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Sean Alexie Babe they think I'm still the Same yesterday as I am today. Practice make purrfect hey tell your sis to do bad things its a counter to the fake hype about gottah be rich gottah know people gottah shut dafuq up and appreciate life before it gets taken
Sean Alexie P.s. the kidnap was a good stunt also just saying
Αγαμέμνων Κιουταχίδης Και καρεκλάτο και κουζινάτο και οτι τραβάει υ ψυχής θα σε κανω σκατοκαριόλα γαμώ την ρατσα σου.
Gloria Villanueva It's too funny how so many people hate on them BUT continue to follow. Get over it! They're the Rich and Famous!!


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Angelica Quinones All the negative comments but yet, you follow them on social media. Hmm that's pretty much how they make their money 👏👏 You go girls! I'm sure any of these hatin commentators would trade places with you in a heartbeat if given the chance! Keep ...
Tianna Monay Wow people are so mean talking so much shit about a family that we all kept relevant. Lol anyway kkk u never did anything to me. You guys look great!!
Gloria Villanueva Who gives a fuck how they live their life! By so many responses obviously they're famous and doing something right. This is A JOB people. If some of us had the luck they do we would be showing off Gods and Surgeons gifts lol. (I would)
Jay Marie This is a Power family . The kardashian name is worth millions , I can't hate the hustle 👌🏽 they did that shit ! 🤗 #moneymoves
Stephanie Parker Okay let me just throw down some truth here: They are an entire family run by women. That's pretty fucking kick ass. It's also rare as hell and that why I'm so fascinated by them. Who cares if you hate them?? Not them! They'll laugh at you all of the ...

Get Kenny’s bikini-ready workout.

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Tore Olsen Bolshit 😎
Tony Gagliardi All of you are trash!!!!
Αγαμέμνων Κιουταχίδης Ελα σαλονικα ρε γαμιολα να σε μαθω τζετ-ξεσκί !!!
Nish Kerri Courtney looking sleepy
Manjola Kabashi Wait for me I'm coming with you

My favorite color at the moment…

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Lalo James Mmm. She my fav
Ajie Apurao wow
Edward Lawrence Bourke ROCKIN BEAUTY
Armando Nantanapibul It's my favorite right now too🔥🔥👍👍
Angelica Armendariz Barajas You always look amazing

Food that’s fast and healthy!

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Nabeelah Daggie Aminah Bagus
Alyssa Marie England Danielle
Corina Corina Yanira Montes
Derrick Devildog Carrie Lynn
Maa Riiame Zeno Yeah

it still feels like a dream

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Pedro Jr Collazo Wow. You Are An Amazing Woman. It's Looks Amazing And Peaceful There. Have Fun. BLESSINGS
Frank Arauza Go to Israel! The birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem you won't believe your eyes it is awesome
Joshua Palmer So awesome. Go see Petra in Jordan. That place is crazy cool.
Moemen Esmt This is not good photo you should take it near from the pyramids

Tonight on Life of Kylie! Watch at 9/8c on E!

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Leslie Moreno Jaja que venga a las pulga las del valle 😂😂 Anna Stephanie Moreno
Ranya Adolf Filisita Shc Su this could be us but we ain't famous
Maricela Tamayo Lol I've seen this at the callejones Ashley Manriquez Torres
Mercedes Marie Phoenix Erika Alvarez I can bring you some back from Chinatown lmbo
Patricia Carlos Adriana B Conde that's the place we bought the lipsticks 🙊


Kids' Lunch Ideas - Kourtney Kardashian

Gluten and dairy-free ideas.

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Damien Alston raisins, I dont know about that
Christine Cantu WTH, who pays for this service!
Amber Zut Looks yummy.
Claudia Krausam Thanks Kourt 👍 Looks Great!
Rachel Davis Oh hell no shes whack to to think ill pay for this shit.

Happy birthday baby sister! Tinkerbell sleep shirts for life. I love you my lip kit queen.

16.2k reactions 346 comments
Michael Ihediwa Why all this HATE words? even at her birthday you guys throw hate words, do you all know the meaning of BIRTHDAY?
Michealla Koroma Happy birthday 🎂 to u Kylie I wish you many more years to come inside Jesus in name
Jason Jones Go go go go shorty it's your birthday you going to party like it's your birthday sip Bacardi like it's your birthday and you know we don't give a fuck cuz that's a birthday happy birthday girl
Tomass Mitchell Happy birthday to you. Don't know if this is really you. But enjoy!! 😎😇
Fatima Alli Happy birthday I'm one kardashian fan fr life...jealousy makes so many people nasty and ugly

Thanks for the tips Khloé Kardashian!!

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Danielle Shea I think everyone should share all their own tips right in her comments! No need to make a Kardashian any wealthier!!
Brian Ackerman She needs to reduce the booty
Jason Jones You know your sexy ass looks like a teenager damn you looking good
Petros Vardalis lipo is #1?
Jonathon Matjoulis Kreep

Love this snack!

How I Make Avocado Toast Without Bread!
How I Make Avocado Toast Without Bread!

It's just as good, too!

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Gabrielle Pink superfood fav of mine
Jose Nuñez Valenzuela provechito,,kourtney
Francisco Avelino Sanchez My favourite
Chinedu Iffih sounds like a great idea...
Dennis Pavkovich Kourts, I will have you on anything.

Why I drink so much water every day!

7.2k reactions 103 comments
Justin Arrieta Back in the day everyone did it then the time lapse came
Zoe Ann because she likes the toilet
Tore Olsen 40%off 😂😂😂😂😂
Lili Akue Share
Amanda Leal Because you're supposed to?

Every single one!!

Shop the Swimsuits I Wore This Summer
Shop the Swimsuits I Wore This Summer

From bikinis to thongs and more.

7.5k reactions 169 comments
Michael Powers Love your body..
Ector Gamez That's a beautiful ass on a beautiful woman
Aldo Gonzalez Don't listen to these jealous ass bitch's
Justin Arrieta That's the source to my Power level I allways cooked vah
Adriana Arbayo Download #VERYDICE and use my referral code 733702. With my referral code I get 30 free rolls and you automatically start with 50 free rolls! You can earn items like make up, baby stuff, toys, gift cards, etc.

10 years of #KUWTK + new season coming Oct 1 Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!

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Kardashian Glam Love this family ❤️👑✨
Marina Bautista Garcia Yo os veo en españa y me encatais todas os quiro un abrazo seguir asi no cambieis Nunca 🤗🤗🤗
Kerrie Johnstone What about Caitlin?
Wagui Rdkp Floriane Solis oh ptn oh ptn 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Nouvelle saison va debarquer en octobre !!!!!!!!!!!
Qhuinlee Yasziff Can I be there, can I meet you guys??? Please, please, please, please, please Kris Jenner Kourtney Kardashian Kim Kardashian West Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Khloé Kardashian Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner

Shine baby sister…#LifeofKylie starts tonight 9/8c on E!

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Alfanso Capone Wut up Kourtney I mean beautiful you looking for a handsome man why not give me a chance I'm poor just saying
Kalie Rose She doesn't look pretty with blonde hair but rock with dark hair.
Pedro Jr Collazo Love It. Both Are Beautiful. But Kortnie.. Is Georges. Just Adorable. Love Thee Smile
Charles Mazzola Damn Kourtney your my favorite and I always love you and wish you was my lady😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😘
Anthony Morales Oh she shines alright!!! But none of your siblings shine as much as you my dream girl!!!

Shine baby sister…#LifeofKylie starts tomorrow night at 9/8c on E! Kylie Jenner

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Angel Flores Fuck your hoe ass sister I can't believe u coming out with a show. Hella wack I weather see her in a porn video lol
Hadiza Yadoo Anyamikegh weldone Kylie you have done well for your self am proud of you but pls slow down on surgeries I really admire u
Kevin Boveda That's one show I won't be watching they all need to go Away
Zach Gilby Sophie Wallace flash back to when Kylie had 2 arms? Rest in peace
Stacey Kershaw Rebekkah Gooderson wow didn't even know she had a tv show! Lol

Which sisters are you more like??

Are You A Kardashian Or A Jenner?
Are You A Kardashian Or A Jenner?

This quiz will tell you!

7.6k reactions 477 comments
Amelka Kuchnecka I love everyone but Kardashians are my favourite ❤️ Kourtney love you so much!💗💗💗💗💗
Sharon Shan Can't pick they are all amazing each in a different way buh Kylie is close to my heart
Walker Tony I like u kourtney u the best lil sexy beautyful lady in my life 4real😍😍😍 just only u😙😙😙
Diana Fayyumi Hihihi ja, jag kommer ihåg att du sa det en gång 😍😍 Jag tar det som en komplimang 😍😍😍😍 Och du är vår Mariah Carey 😘😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Johanna Jonsson Svensson

Night flight

31.7k reactions 444 comments
Cheryl Gonsalves she clearly photoshops her butt in beach pics lol *pancakes*
Jay Are Reyes Did u forget your ass in the last pair of clothing you wore
Sophie Howey Chinelia Finck Pringle I hope I look like that from Dubai to capetown 😂😂😂
Ailish Rose Róisín Nic Giolla Chomhaill shes stole your style!!! i keep seeing things i think its fate 😛
Silvia Sánchez Y te quejas de mi pans verde Angela Michel

My topknot tips!

4.1k reactions 57 comments
Alecsandru Bulfan Super
Melissa Chesley Beautiful
Sammy Dias Courtney... Go go
Dolores Rivera Yea fucken right. Your charging fot this bullshit. SHAME ON YOU
Lonnie Setentasiete Not bad. But, it's a good design that you made. #ICantComplain

This is my current workout for upper arms: http://bit.ly/2w6OOXB

2.4k reactions 52 comments
Jerhico Jones Still got a flabby moose knuckle though...
Ilyas Mirza Nice
Eduardo Mendes Foi assim ontem Loreanne Gomes?
Patrick Kelly KOURTNEY, I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS FUN SONG FOR DOG LOVERS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZVaYO2ji-M … … ALL THE BEST, PAT
Damien Alston nice


My Everyday Lipstick Color
My Everyday Lipstick Color

The perfect shade.

6.3k reactions 131 comments
Rezart Ademi :):D:*8-)
Greg George I'm Melting Boss...
Raul Melchor Ermosa nena
Joe Mark Maestas God i miss you ............
India Morrow You look really good in red

not in Calabasas

13.2k reactions 200 comments
Stephen Trapp 😎✌
Greg George <3
Michelle Simoneau Santa Barbara Bacara resort
Cleide Borras Cute🌷🌷
Vanesa Otaiza Muy linda ojala algún día mi hijo pueda conocerte aunque estando Venezuela como esta no lo creo bendiciones 💙

You won’t believe this is gluten- & dairy-free!

Healthy Chickpea Fritters
Healthy Chickpea Fritters

Simple and delicious.

976 reactions 36 comments
Rita Fernando https://youtu.be/FwLGatsSn5U
Renee Allan Kim Allan
Chantelle Singh Stephanie Kaur Kular google them
Vinicius Rosa <3
John Gustin <3 <3 <3

on my app

43.7k reactions 712 comments
Paula Cristina Natália Valduga sobre essa foto só tenho uma coisa a dizer: 3 filhos
Rachel Hudson Kasey Horwood us when we almost 40 x
Sarah Jaja Cassandra Jimmy Liam je la trouve magnifique cette fille
Angela Rosa Mayorie Mateo la vi rápido y pensé que eras tú. 😮
Larissa Baudraz 3 filhos, só p lembrar Nathany Isis

My Koko is such a genius!

8.0k reactions 94 comments
Dalaney Jackson Dont loss them!!
Robin Doolittle Khloe you are my favorite of the bunch....
Jewel Inspiron Good job
Brendan Gt Restorations Trying Too Profit Off Your Sister You Mutt
Shirley Herman Why pay for tips?? That's a cheek

Take this fun hair quiz!

What Should Your Summer Hairstyle Be?
What Should Your Summer Hairstyle Be?

Take this quiz to find out.

3.0k reactions 49 comments
Oscar Loyola Te amo
Chicky Jones Pretty Lady
Fatou Betty Diop Beautiful
Derek Myers You are Gorgeous
Meghan Mckissack I'll rock the fade this year

Less is more.

The Exact Makeup I Use on My Face
The Exact Makeup I Use on My Face

Three products I love.

5.7k reactions 99 comments
Greg George 💋 I Know You are a good Sport I Couldn't Resist... <3 U
Erik James Should use none
Kenneth Smart Prettiest without any makeup on your pretty face at all
Sarah Lograda 🤔la chirurgie est flagrante sur son visage
Joanie Stone Always out to make a buck

Nantucket, I love you. Bikini from DASH: https://shopdashonline.com/products/jupiter-bikini

39.4k reactions 502 comments
Greg George Boss, Just Curious.. Have You Told Your Boyfriend We have been Fu*king with Each other for the Past 8 Years and it Hasn't Stopped ... ????
Vincent Francis Have you ever went to Santorini Greece??? Amazing location... The most beautiful spot in the world for lovers......
Bob May Great island one of my favorites!! Enjoy!!
Dan Luzzi I once knew a man from Nantucket who lived in a bucket actually!
Αγαμέμνων Κιουταχίδης Να σε πάω στα Μαγγανα να σε κανω το γκροβερ σαν βουλγάρικο φλυτζάνι γαμω το σπιτακι σου ξεκωλιαρα. Χωρισες τον μπεκρη και ψοφησες στον λουτσο παλιογαμιολα!
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