Khloé Kardashian
21:05 08/14/2017

So proud to share that this Thursday we are launching our first ever Good American GOOD SWEATS!! The sexiest,

most comfortable range of sweats EVER— designed to accentuate curves and complement the female shape!! Drops on August 17 at 9am PT in ALL SIZES on #GoodSquad #GoodSweats

So proud to share that this Thursday we are launching our first ever Good American GOOD SWEATS!! The sexiest, most comfortable range of sweats EVER— designed to accentuate curves and complement the female shape!! Drops on August 17 at 9am PT in ALL SIZES on #GoodSquad #GoodSweats

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Lisa Reading
U Need more money....bum injections ...there's homeless . Abused kids &elderly ..animal shelters. ..etc.
Natasha Loveland
Aight who's gonna tag the original designer she stole this from??
Ndifreke Udeng
All cheers to a successful independent luv!
Martha Bertetti
I'm sure these sweats are high dollar the only people who can wear them are the kardShians smh
Maggie Argueta
My 2yr old nephew is in need of hyperbaric Chamber treatments please check out his Go Fund me Jayden Plascencia
Nicole M Scott
Sweats with a corset and heels.... You Kardashians are embarrassing
Bogdan Brownlow B
Put a pic of you next to her: *ding ding* it's a match! Anca Monica Bolboaca
Mohamed Sassi
i think u should change ur family's name to '' the Buttz'' instead of '' the kardashians''
Rikki-Lee Barley
Brooke Hunter now this is something I can get behind haha
Dolores Rivera
I have to pay my rent, buy food and pay daycare. Not affordable. I'm out.
Kaylah Atama-Falaniko
Ok so most clothes are like $200+ paying NZD. So no thanks! Trackies are trackies lol look the same as the $15 ones I've brought from the Chinese shop 😂
Katie Iserson
Mary - are y'all getting these?
Tahnee Flack
Only £10,000 so affordable to!
Darra Jaramillo
only you could get away with wearing sweats and stilletos 😗 if i tried id look like a homeless hooker lol
Angie Smith
And how much for these sweatpants, $500 each?! You're insane

Other newsfeed from Khloé Kardashian

Watch my girl Justine break down how to get my signature look!!! 💁🏼

Watch: How to Get My Signature Messy Waves
Watch: How to Get My Signature Messy Waves

Justine spills all her secrets!

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Paul Medrano Fith element.
Junior Ramos This I like
Tengiz Ejibia Канфетки
Milenko Babic Poljubac za Khloe Kardashian
Seri Fiacre Gohi Kloe ces jolie

Shop items from our closets!

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Cheryl Mmrl Rabe Nice 👍
Paulina Amador No is not I mean it!!!!
Christina Brusatti Nice stuff but can't afford
Yvette van Campenhout Bonjour ☺ ☺ 😻 😻 😻
Jessica Feirman Ahhhb what i like been sold !!! Arrrrdd

So rude of people to say I'm getting fat because I wore baggy clothes to get laser hair removal. It's called being comfortable people.

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Hilde Agergaard Svendsen Svend khloè, listen up. Don't listen to the people, that don't know you. You're beautiful no matter what bodytype u have. You'll always be my fave, remember that. You're the best khlo. Like you're the funny one k. Love u xx
Cindy Haney Nosey people ..let them hate. .Wear those comfy clothes and do what you do....some people don't have anything but nasty in them
Melissa Mentzer Skinner Your problems are small, get over it. And you probably do have at least one or two fat fans. What do you think they feel when you take being called fat as such an insult? So if you can't pay a trainer and stay half naked for a living and happen to gain ...
Lindy Bender People r so jealous of u and ur family its crazy. U r so far from fat I don't I don't know if these nay sayers are even educated. U r a wrong independent woman who takes care of her body by working out by ratting right. People who insult u and ur family ...
Tors Coley Khlo Money 💰 don't worry about the haters your body is banging and your stunning on the outside and inside. Your personality is on point being real and true with people is the best way to live your life!!! My fav Kardashian!!!

This is a GAME CHANGER for sure!!

I Bet You
I Bet You're Not Doing This After a Workout!

How many times have you gone hard in the gym and then were in so much pain, you couldn't work out for days?

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Staid Staind Sunday Sunday My love you know I realy love you
Amelia Burnias P.U.T.A
L-Melly Fidelis Pretty as always
Milenko Babic Carobna
Basséne Bassene Je t souhaite de tout coeur d 'être maman

My cutie pie! 😘

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Ray Carreker Glad, U seeing someone new, an stay beautiful an mega sexy Khloe
Ardo Babans Is so passionate and cute
Amber Wolfe Aww puppy love aww so happy for you YOU deserve it dol
Adam Swanson Paul Jones she loves the big black robs like ha
Shakiera Titus I'm happy dat u happy kloe u deserved a good man

New Good Sweats, bodysuits and denim just dropped at ⭐️

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Joshua Crawford Ajetreo Shoe
Tonya Robinson Love them 😍
Andres Bloom Te amo
Advine Alexander Good morning
Sindiiy Mtumaseli luv u Chloe ur da Best for me!!

I mean..... is this not the cutest picture you've ever seen? Daddy/Daughter time! So cute together! 😍 Rob Kardashian

120.4k reactions 1185 comments
Jaji Khloe Hepworth Hepworth I dont get how yall claim to like this little girl calling her cute while saying all this nasty hateful things abt her mother,y like a product of a hoe tho?
Lla Franca She is so cute do adorable.....too bad one doesnt have a say on who should or shouldnt b your parent...i mean u can have a lunatic/hoe/she devil 4 a mother!!!SAD
Jodie Radebe Omg rob your baby is so cute,too bad i am not in America, i would really appreciate you're baby making juice because i want a baby girl who looks just like yours, inbox me baby, we can make a plan.
Adalind Reed Beautiful! My son is same age, don't u just love this stage! I bet she is doin new things everyday! I take out the batteries from the remote lol.
Pamela Jordan This is just a suggestion Rob.please do whatever it takes and get full custody so your daughter can get a real chance to be productive and happy in life.God put this on my heart.

Ever wondered how many hours a day we shoot?

16 Crazy
16 Crazy 'KUWTK' Facts

You might be surprised by some of these.

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Douglas Lee Thompson cia news:
Ellie Crawfo I think I'm in need of a KUWTK start over... Will never get old and love seeing the changes xx
K.d. Savage That's a good question. A lot of hours I imagine.
Shana Myer see thats way too much work for me honey
Desirée Arribas López Es el mejor reality que veo soy muy fan de ti 😘 Khloé Kardashian

Which positions can burn the most calories?! This is wild!! 😜

Burn Calories in the Bedroom!
Burn Calories in the Bedroom!

Staying fit can be super sexy.

143 reactions 168 comments
Marthe Virginie Yake Bonjour khloé comme tu va ' j aime beaucoup tout ce que tu fais' et j ai une histoire a te raconté mais je sais pas comment rentré en contacte avec toi
Ruby Rodriguez If you get on top but don't face backwards or your butt might smother a brother to death.
Katongole Douglas my dear hw a u today baby ret me hop or fain nyc evening sweet
Khadidiatou Diallo Thé one your mother make you do burn calories and to make many money love you So much
Zachart Robinson So-Dash-On...that Lady got the juice... #Goodgame

These are SO FUNNY!! Who do you think won the best award?!?! I’m going with MJ!

I'm Dishing Out 'Best Performance' Awards to My Family

My family sure knows how to give some good drama!

588 reactions 42 comments
Javier Rosario ❤️❤️❤️
Lopez Go Cool
Becky Brisson Stone Mj
Carina Caputo mj
Celestina Chinenye Nwokocha Correct

⚠️ S L I P P E R Y ⚠️

82.0k reactions 1154 comments
Mustapha Makaveli Hummmmm babi love your bobitana look at the sky can you give me one coup please i very wont tes pouettes pouettes...
Paris Willis Oh Koko is trying to hard to assure us that she is beautiful🤔🤔🤔too much work in ur lips and ur nose, dear👍🏽🙁💍😟☹️😕
Laura Velez Good for her she's always been beautiful so many dam heaters...people need to stop heating it would be a better world
Douglas Lee Thompson "ci" fbi douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 cia link to weblog: https://liamllewellynbadgerwordpresscom.wordpress....
Akkram Shadab You are a true Diva....No Need to find your inner strength and beauty....But like all here I admire you and your Glamour.Existence Loves you,and I love Existence.😍😘

Sort of over Andrew and Hrush in this picture but I got over it and I love them again 😝

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Αγαμέμνων Κιουταχίδης Τι με κοιτάς ρε ταναπού; Πάλι να αρχίσω τις παχιές θες δευτεριάτικα;
Lisa Herrera No chloe no why are u ruining your face doll please no more surgery
Ayoub Thebest Khloé Kardashian so f***ing beautiful and she's so really respect for the world 😍🙏
Shana Myer the mess that you did to urself but thanks because guess wat!
Tebkap Pak Photoshop is very evident in this picture.

❥ Good American Campaign ❥

71.8k reactions 806 comments
Maria King Fucke these hoes! They owe everyone including me some money! They scammed us on their make up line. I have proof to show it too!
Toya Esparza Kinda Sad !! Dont look nothing like Khloe. Couldnt figure it out ROBOT OR MANNIQUIN ? What do u think Eduardo ?
Stevenson Freeman Minute Maid _ lemonade 16 oz styrofoam double cupped filled with ice_ pour .... I would say to self_ that's a nice photo of khloe...
Edwin Taylor The Queen of the kardashian sisters I absolutely admire you khloe
Sandra Mara Gardin Monte Conserteza se eu tivesse todo esse dinheiro eu ficaria linda . Tem mais que se cuidar e ficar mais linda do que você já é. Maravilhosa amo vocês 😘😘


16.5k reactions 500 comments
Cynthia Benga Beauty my baby l love you mouakkk
Trine Grønland Absolutely gorgeous 😙😙 I love you 💖💞🇳🇴🇳🇴
Prince Garison I love this family a so much in the trips that u take pliz get tym have a trip in Uganda we love all of pipo
Craig Smith U r very beautiful and very stunning & u my favourite kardashian
Marycarmen Angeles Does somebody know which designer (brand) are her sunglasses?

Our super sexy Good American lace up GOOD SWEATS are now shipping! How gorgeous is my #goodsquad?! Just dropped on

5.6k reactions 119 comments
David Hanovic Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, incredible and amazing baby!!!! I love Good American baby!!!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P ;) :D :D :) :)
Ashley Rollison Oooooo I like cjs sweater Amanda Rollison
Victoria L. Steele Prices are outrageous for us regular non celebrities🙄🙄
Lea Brook Outrageously expensive sweat pants no thanks
Matt J Durand Quality assured! Fashion blurb! Just to wet the whistle of her saltier sweet and sour spices.

If you’ve been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! for the last 10 years… you should DEF know these!!!

The Complete Kardashian Urban Dictionary
The Complete Kardashian Urban Dictionary

My sisters and I are pretty much pros at peppering our vocab with all kinds of slang flavor.

8.6k reactions 133 comments
Toya Esparza STUPID !!
Zakia Stewart Urban ? Sike. 😑
Dani Ela Bible 😍
Justin Barnett 😭🔥 You will all be home again I mean HOME 💓
Justin Barnett Love is an odd reflection that doesn't describe me at all

Which of my sister’s closet should you shop?! You know it’s prob mine dolls! 😜

Which Sister
Which Sister's Closet Should You Shop?

Find out which sister's closet matches your vibe, and then shop their style below!

7.8k reactions 230 comments
Leon Rodriguez Ninguna la que compraria seria tu corazon de princesa bella como la rosa roja los petalos seria tu hermosura de tu basayo
Deidre Renee Khloe is my favorite but dif kourtney
Chris Cato Khloe, this short video explains your family and you to me: Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (Official Video)
Mustafa Ash-shariff I' d buy the youngest one...
Kaijanante Nkongho Kimmy of cuz ,even her family knws she's gat all.probably I'll go for kimmh

"Ultimately, this is about basic decency.” Barack Obama I stand with the Dreamers

6.6k reactions 146 comments
Melissa Kay Hughes Ultimately, this is about our constitution. And I'll stay with the legality of the constitution. Thank you very much!!!
Grace Gicheru To all this Americans who think its right what if all the countries in the world do the same to you? Come to think of it we should put laws too.
Sebastian Lopez I agree koko protect us from bad ole trump u can fit 20 families in your house and you can hire us lawyers to fight evilness ..after all you. And your future hubby are loaded
Clarissa Reis We all come from imigrants!!! Or are you all Native American? People come to US with the Hope of a better life, a better condition for their kids. Just like our ancestral.
Giuly Thamba This is important i've wanted to cry, it's a small speach but also deep to catch... Straight to you khloe... Continue like this....... This is Giuly Thamba from Kinshasa.

My 4 workout moves to the best BOOTY! 🍑

Watch: My Booty Shaping Routine
Watch: My Booty Shaping Routine

My trainer breaks down the 4 moves that build that a*s.

2.3k reactions 60 comments
Addi Jorfi You are so greedy it's disgusting!!
Nancy Heller Lots of fat injections!
Morticia Loggan Your bottie is not in shape!!
Aliciasmith Ouzman Thanks girl. Ur the best
Prince Adebo Adekunle AM HAPPY TO SHARE THIS TESTIMONY TO YOU ALL, I never knew I can be save this way...,that is why i want you all to join me to thank this man for my relationship with my ex lover who dump me for another girl for 5 months, at first i never believed Prophet ...

This heat wave in LA is 🔥

105.1k reactions 1039 comments
Tyra Lawrence Them chicken legs holding up that big booty. 👈🏽
Tralonia Nichols Khloe looking to cute boo
Ricardo POnce This is what happens when you get plastic surgery and you don't work out on your body
Guylaine Omoyi She look beautiful guys stop hate on her she derseve better from you guys ,get a life people special those who are poor and never has money in their life the are always jealous on people who are rich ,go found a job guys pl.
Krysten Kulch Unfortunately Summer's Over in Boston 😔 no Indian summer for us....Even the Leaves started falling already. Btw ~~> That Outfit's Kîllâ Khlö💲 Fl🔥mes

Fun and festive drinks the whole fam can enjoy together!!! 🍹

4 Healthy Mocktails to Serve This Labor Day Weekend
4 Healthy Mocktails to Serve This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is such a fun holiday to come together with family and friends and enjoy those last few moments of summer.

3.7k reactions 54 comments
Lleimy Del Cid Dios te bendiga☝💪
Stephanie Yount Hi Khloe☺ Hope u have a good day & a great weekend!
Naem Habib Sulaiman Love you koko and Northy
Christa Lindeque ❤ Khloe ❤

Just dropped!! Good American Good Straight Lace Up and more super sexy lace up denim now available on!! #GoodSquad #GoodAmerican

15.7k reactions 215 comments
Prince Adebo Adekunle Let me tell you my story and how I found A Natural Solution... My Husband and I are married for 2 years and even though I had enjoyed every bit of the relationship right till we got married, I began to get frustrated because of one main issue,which is ...
Houssem Simo Khloe ur my favorite person from all sisters i been watching all yall seasons from one I'm at season 9 episode 19 ur smart, intelligent, funny, u have manners and on top big ❤... Love ya.
Mike Goodwin Hey you don't know me but we can make some cash together, my brother works for Citibank he puts money in my account and could do you a favor and put money in your account. He can do any bank it doesn't have to be Citibank like if he put 8,000 in your ...
Jose Caban Go and sell. Or better yet DONATE TO those inflicted by tragedy.. fake biyoch🖕
Pia Moltsen You look a little bit thick. Maybe you eat to much.

🙌🏼🙌🏼 Kim wearing our Good American Good Legs Blue107 denim coming this fall!!

39.1k reactions 376 comments
Alfonso Rios Man kims trash already. Your to old to try n keep up w the jenners .
Prince Adebo Adekunle AM HAPPY TO SHARE THIS TESTIMONY TO YOU ALL, I never knew I can be save this way...,that is why i want you all to join me to thank this man for my relationship with my ex lover who dump me for another girl for 5 months, at first i never believed Prophet ...
Eliza Marquez I love kim pero con ese pelo largo parece bruja como q no le va bien just sayin!
Andrea Brown Julian She looks so good with clothes actually ON 👏 You don't see that often 😂
Steve Dirga Kourtney would of been the better one to model them. She has a much better body over Kim.

Malika and I are like sisters!!! So we’re bound to fight once in awhile!!!

My First: Fight With Malika
My First: Fight With Malika

To be very honest, Malika and I don't really fight a lot.

7.9k reactions 150 comments
Eva Maria Grater she doesn't look very comfortable, how much do you have to pay her for hanging out with trash?
Jossimar Jose Ospino Martinez que hermosa khloe
Tenneh Johnson U 're like sisters, and sisters do fight. U guys will be ok.
Linda Latif Saka C est normal entre soeur sa arrive très souvent. Ke Dieu veille sur vous.bisouuuu
Barry Wyngaard u just fight sumtimes and u right u are like sisters every friendship is sumtime not so perfect

Find out how YOU can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey! #HoustonStrong 💛🙏

Your Help Makes a Difference
Your Help Makes a Difference

My heart truly goes out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

2.5k reactions 106 comments
Anje Maylea Thank you and your family so much for y'alls donation and putting the info out there for others to help to . We love you guys
Denise Strawford There khole and her family donated now shut up about khole
Crystal Frey Thank you Kardashians this is more then what #microsoft gave!!! Or myself for that matter...
June Groenewald Thanks for caring koko don't mind the fools who always have snotty remarks.
Nick Hoxsey How about we think of the animals that were the victims of the hurricane. Like the dogs tied to poles left to drown.

I am so excited my Good American sweats are now available in Nordstrom! Check out your local store and tag me in your GA selfies!! ❣️❣️

21.1k reactions 305 comments
Holley Spears What is the point of this picture? Why do you have to pull down your pants to show your.... Looks silly. Professionals need to help make better poises
Kauilani Castillo Thanks to you and your family for donating to the relief for Houston! God bless ❤
Deena Stevens Gracia Horrible picture!
Alejandra Caballero Cant help in mentioning us Houston residents r flooded!

Did you know these things about me?! I'm sharing some secrets today!!

6 Things You Didn
6 Things You Didn't Know About Me

A lot of you dolls know me pretty well by now, but I want to share six things I'm pretty sure you had no idea about!

249 reactions 182 comments
Jacqueline Foster I know you like your cookies and your sweets a certain way in your house and you don't like people to touch them or criticize them
Pea Ce اعرف انك شخص طيب مظحك تخلق جو من المرح داخل المنزل مع عائلتك محبة للعائلة مقربة لكورتني اكثر من اخواتك الاخرين شخص يثق فيه بقية عائلتك قوية تساعدين من حولك لم تجدي بعد من يستحقك
Isabella Buitrago Porque siendo tan bella, cada vez q te veo te pierdes buscando ser más una muñeca q tu. Me gustaban y con todo respeto cuándo eran más tú sin tanta cirugía. Un abrazo
Deb Saunders Looking good Khloe, you have a glow, what's that about?
Goodnews Onu Iheoma everytime i watch u people program i always feels happi can i have ur contact

Every detail on my Game of Thrones obsession with Tristan Thompson! We are OBSESSED you guys!!!

All You Need to Know About My Latest TV Obsession
All You Need to Know About My Latest TV Obsession

Tristan and I started watching Season 1 on a Saturday after we were done babysitting my nieces and nephews!

3.2k reactions 82 comments
Mayon Saaiman When is the next season of revenge body airing
Lauren Kirshy Lol girl you're late, I love that show!!
Donna Meek Hello. Koko
Sandy Cakes So did you ever find out who's your real dad???
Becci Ellis-clarke Don't get to attached to characters! 😲 x

We just dropped gorgeous new Good American GOOD BODY bodysuits and pearl-embellished denim in a full and inclusive size range! Head to now to shop our newest arrivals!! Shout out to my Good Squad: Symphani Soto, Julia Kelly, Sarina Nowak, Kim Johansson, Audreyana Michelle, Yovanna Ventura #GoodSquad #GoodBody

11.5k reactions 108 comments
Kolby Hawk Lepkowski Love these!! Too bad they are unaffordable to most of us.
Nicole Regis I can't wait to try those pants.
M'eriem El Fthi Love it
Sundari Lenz Too bad her line is not affordable :/
Oluwa Tosin Eleniyan Let me tell you my story and how I found A Natural Solution... My Husband and I are married for 2 years and even though I had enjoyed every bit of the relationship right till we got married, I began to get frustrated because of one main issue,which is ...
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