Khloé Kardashian
20:29 05/18/2017

We’re your Dreamgirls! LOL! 🎤

What Would A Broadway Musical About The Kardashians Sound Like?

What Would A Broadway Musical About The Kardashians Sound Like?

In a recent episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race" the ladies lip-synced to a version of what is called "Kardashian: The Musical."

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Michael Archibong
Hmm lol
Wacey Hudson
i love all my friends! 😂
Irene Morales Pacheco😄
Tiahh J. Osbourne
Who's dream girls exactly ?
Hawa Sidibe
Tu es Ma star prevere je t aime khloè
Bernetta Butler
I think they'll sound like CANCELLED!!😂😂😂
Maria Milic
Aaahhh yous but no!
Diane Mary Hernandez Roman
Like literally bible seriously like so rude
Bobby Daulton
the same as a porn would.
June van Leeuwen
omg teamuitje?😂❤ MMila Bresser
Bobby Daulton
they wouldn't be a dream of any American.
Artak Zarobyan
Haye Bonjur comment save princess vous Veris gut forem
Maree Elgar
Thered be a song called bible and one called bye felisha!
Cookie Clister Wortham
How about we're your Fake, Plastic girls! #HowAboutThat 😠
Jennifer O'Connell
U must be joking

Other newsfeed from Khloé Kardashian

Dreamy Dream 😍😍

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Debbi Annette McSpadden She is beautiful...sorry she has parents that don't get along..every family has them Khloe. Love you girl. Thanks for sharing..
Denise Marie Sorensen She is such a beautiful baby Rob makes beautiful baby If I was rob.. I would make him so happy. I seen what he had been threw for yearssssss.. he needs a good women that truly loves him for him :) buy I am so far away. :( Seattle. ... I love her she ...
Sheila Jeffers Ford Beautiful 💞. Rob Kardashian makes beautiful babies. Why would an adult say he makes ugly kids. How would Cristal Caron like it if someone said that about her children/nieces/nephews. That's just rude.
Hayley Castle Nawwe she is beautiful! Looking more like her mumma bear in this photo! As long as she is loved and protected she will be fine!! Cant help who you parents are (both as bad as each other- but we all are with our partners or ex's) but as long as she ...
L'thia Odaat she's adorable...but with all the nasty mess with her parents there shouldn't be pics of her online.too much negativity just don't want this precious angel caught in the crossfires.......smh

My baby Bella Hadid looking gorgeous rocking her Good American Good Legs Crop jeans in NYC!! #GoodSquad #GoodLegs 📸:

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Kyrah Robyn 💙💙
Natasha Hutchison Cute as always like your friend kendall, bella
Vanessa Ornella Essomba Very beautiful
Zoe Duran I love
Jerrod Green AWW!!!

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Dante Reyes Jr. Trash
Lauren Dowsett LOVE YOU GAL❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cherae Reeves 😂😂Dash is still a thing? Oh lord.
Tye Merricks Ugly b*.lol. I don't want nobody jockin me tho.
Cassie Lynn Suit Her nose is missing


My Sauna Suit Secret!
My Sauna Suit Secret!

Everyone's been asking, so here's my sauna suit testimonial.

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Jose Araujo Cantarero Feliz dia
Nedline Oreste Thank You. Love u
Elaine Latham Have a great day many blessings.
Denise Frescas Crroookks
Dusan Radman Vujovic Idiot!

Our Good American limited edition Zodiac Sweater JUST DROPPED on in all 12 star signs!! #GoodSquad #GoodAmerican

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Emmanuel Burgess Looking very beautiful nice lady great Wear nice out fit she looks good I think she is very sweet person
Natassja Francis $200 for a pullover I saw at Urban Planet on the discount rack for 5.95??
Jeimy Arana HOLA!!!! Khloé Kardashian bendiciones saludos desde #Honduras un beso y un abrazo 😘😘😘
Stacey Gilbert Girl they done let your daddy out and your mom's old boo get get
Andrew Bolduc are you excited your dads getting out of jail?

Loved this sweet date night look with TT 😘😘😘

Shop My Date Night Look
Shop My Date Night Look

Such a fun night out with Tristan!

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Margaret Albert Beautiful koko
Britt Fice Beauty!
Jessica Andrea Domínguez The best ❤
Oleliva Johnson I like her she looks sexy
Karim Bouchrit Karimo Your photos are very beautiful

I seriously cannot get enough of DIFF you guys!!!! Check them out at #DIFFpromotion

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Judy Mulholland Newton Omg so fake. You never acted or talked like this. Stop trying to be Kim. She is annoying! Be the real Khloe that America fell in love with. Real down to earth with a little tude.
Anthony J Maiorano My one question is why are you constantly figiting with your hair. Always. What type of OCD is that. Some Howard Hughes stuff right there. Except he was in like 3 plane crashes and had some brain trama. Your excuse? Just curious.
Wanda White Hi Khloe I need your prayers and support with medical expenses while I await a liver donor please donate whatever you can. Wish I could afford a pair of those lovely glasses unfortunately I'm fighting for my life keep me in your prayers anyone who reads ...
Elizabeth Broussard your lips looked better before the massive were really pretty before and didn't need that..
Melissa Manchester 😳 wow people!!! Did you not ever learn when you were little, if you don't have something nice to say!! DONT say anything at all. Khloe, your beautiful! Negative comments are just people with Negative Attitudes,Negative Minds, and even Bigger-Negative ...

Who did you get???

Are You a Kardashian or a Jenner?
Are You a Kardashian or a Jenner?

It's one or the other, honey!

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Mary J Goodwin All of you girls I feel I know you all 🤘definitely love your Mother. 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Kathleen Ferrell $$ I got money HAHA.. making the kkk girls rich..
Kristi Emerson If I have to pay forget it Jesus
Jaime Martinez Both, you'r amaizing girls, i want be you'r brother, jajajaaa!!
Javier Caballero Kardashian ❤️

SO excited to reveal our limited edition Good American Zodiac Sweater in all 12 signs!! Who’s going to get theirs this Thursday at 9am PT on!?! Tag your astrology-obsessed ladies!! #GoodSquad #GoodAmerican

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Karina Dahl Whelan Would LOVE a Leo one but living in Denmark it will be too expensive...😥
Liz Cason Hardly original 😂 wherever did you come up with such a unique idea😂😂😂😂😂
Gloria Phillips It's just a basic white sweatshirt there's nothing fancy or stylish to the logo 👎🏽
Kasey Hockmuth I love these but they're probably expensive. I got a cute Aquarius sweater for only 30 bucks 👌🏼
Erici Karun Khloe dear,do you know Mariah Carey said i dont know her either?


My Most Random Tweets - Khloe
My Most Random Tweets - Khloe

What was I thinking?! 😂

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Sylvia De Campos Nogueira You' re beautiful. ! Congrats from Brazil
Kenia Elizabeth Luciano Inoa AGREGAME Y HABLAMOS RICO 👿
Enoc Ruiz Hola kim
Mireille Minougou J t aime khoe
Eva Sanchez Dela Losa Agrégame gusta faabook x me tienes que dar consejos y hablamos gracias te digo serie que está ahora españa

TT makes the BEST workout buddy!! 😘

KoKo + TT = Heating Up the Gym
KoKo + TT = Heating Up the Gym

When Kourt's away, Tristan will play!

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Maria Arriaga Lucky you!
Missy Karooz Aaaw, you guys look great together love you koko😘😘
Richard Solomon That's not going to last for long
Timber Leah Goals AF! 😍
Nedline Oreste Respect privacy. Love u all. Miss sis

Happy birthday to one of the most special souls I've ever known- my cousin @cicibussey 💕 I love you so much!! Thank you for being so strong and even more inspiring! I'm so thankful to be blessed with you in my life! Moon children for life my Donna! 🎂🥂✨🌙 you are Magic! ✨💫🌙

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Bruno Turyatunga McWorthy Khloe looks cool with black hair.
Denise Frescas Your real face was so pretty.
Jonathan Y Sandra motor club of america is awesome you can make money online promoting this opportunity starting today if you choose to take action. They pay out over 200% commission when most companies out there only pay you 10 to 50 percent that is a fact. You can ...
Stephanie Finlay Megan Finlay she looks like u on this one
Natasha Van Es Happy birthday from Thailand ❤️❤️

Just dropped!! How beautiful my squad’s Chantel Jeffries and YoVenturain the newest Good American fit GOOD STRAIGHT? Finally a straight leg jean that lifts your booty and balances a curvaceous shape perfectly…now available on!! #GoodSquad #GoodStraight

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Tiffiny Barany What if I'm short?
Anthony House Yummy! 😛😁
Roxanne Cole Me don't like 😒
Cesar Nava U both look very beautiful
Clarise Hallowanger Chicomommi Beautiful ladies

To the gorgeous Queen- thank you for loving us as you do! Thank you for being the most incredible mommy anyone could ask for! I love you mommy!!! You shine from the inside out! You being happy makes us happy!! 💋 cheers to the Queen 🍾 you deserve to love your life!!

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Benjamin Hay If you are reading this you may be suffering from stupidity, these type of people survive and stay in the spot light because of your stupidity. Help keep losers in the light by continuing to be stupid! Have a great day 😊
Joanne Mignogna If it wasn't for their mom they wouldn't be here or where they are at today. She's a good mother and looks fantastic at her age. Hot momma and grandma too.
Erica Blakeman Love watching Kris on tv. Very funny especially when the girls give her a hard time.
Annette Secilmis Inte så konstigt när man har pengar att fixa till sig, hade jag med haft de pengarna absolut med tyvärr, jag är i eran mamma ålder men levt med en mage i 39 år jag har aldrig varit på en badstrand, badhuset med mina barnbarn min mage är som en degklump. ...
Matshidiso Faith Langa I just wish to live the life that you're living.. my life is full of misfortune,i'm struggling to make ends meet almost everyday.. but i knw God will one day see me through.. its really hard to some of us here in S.A! Always appreciate what you have,...

You guys have to see this video of my hair evolution—it's so fun!!! It’s changed so much! 😂 Watch HERE:

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David Hanovic Gorgeous and beautiful baby!!!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
David Hanovic Stunning baby!!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
TeeTee Wood Along with your surgeries
Roy Ramzi Its paradise
Carla Douglas Pimenta Loveeee youuuu

Because we got taco 🌮 Tuesday tonight! Follow my snap for more: khloekardashian

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Aashia Gardner Thousands of dollars and a bit of a work out. This is how to be beautiful ladies. Pay for what you want removed then tone up so the saline packages don't droop. Remeber!! There is no such thing as natural beauty✊✊😀...
Ryan Milton Ms. Kardashian, I am a Small Business owner and I am trying to launch our original T-Shirt design. Would you be willing to endorse our brand in exchange for the complete line of apparel? Please reply on what it would take for your support. Thank you! ...
Melissa Lynn Shepler I wish I had the time to work out and the money to work out with a personal trainer. But, no.... I am trying to make it big by going to school and finishing my ph d. and everyday I have to work 8-12 hours treating cancer patients. Must be nice to have ...
Rosana Diniz Adricia Morato ....olhe isso amiga...e seja fitinesss
Bev Trefry You can work out if you had 2 jobs.You don't need a trainer,it's all about self motivation and discipline. Quit being a hater and use this time you have to cut her down , and do some squats.

Um seriously?! Kourtney is BADASS!!! Her workout is insane!

Kourt's Tips for Getting a Toned Butt!

So tight you could bounce a quarter off it.

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Hannah Julia Kourtney doesn't have implants. Her and Kendall are the only ones left. I'd listen to her tips.
Anson Law Luca Hidaka Webb I bet you will read this article with your brother tonight 😂
Frankie Kates Lamar was bustin Cocain nuts in that one
Jennifer Carl Alexander Toned butt, really!?!? It's fake, all these workouts for what, 🤔
Donald Spry This is better and is available for free

Those last 5 are so stubborn!!!

4 Tips for Losing Those Last 5 Pounds
4 Tips for Losing Those Last 5 Pounds

While I prefer to focus on feeling healthy and energized rather than tracking numbers on a scale, I totally get that weight loss is an important goal for many, so stalling on the last few pounds is a very real and frustrating thing.

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Hawa Dicko Nice kloé
José Antonio Antonio Tá linda
Sidibe Amadou canon
Jim Boroff Jimbo
Laura Blair Lol.

95.3k reactions 628 comments
Imran Ahmad i want to know y you loat your virginity y you don't wait for me ?... I ask this to all females of 21st century y you don't wait for me ? because I have cum which came like rain
Pop Tomi Your lips are like a different size at each event but seem to finally, finally be back to normal. I think and thank Tristan for stopping that non sense.
Libertad Brownie Not that am hating but since the hollywood medium talked about her next boyfried, those that mean tristan will be like other guys who left?
Eric Nichols Peace be with those who come into contact with this God sent little girl.I wish for you brother and your wife to be that God will bless you with His divine light so that it will shine on your wife to be and your future children
Leann Forche Khloe I love that smile!! True happiness !! That's the smile I'm waiting for! You to have your own baby!! I pray for you and my daughter !! Too get prego !! I'll keep praying ! 😃

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Natasha Hutchison Khloe and Kris😀
Alexandra Lina Love koko and mama Kris😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Robert Henderson To my ko ko,keep looking out for mom,I know she can be a handful but that's mom lol. Don't let here get
Saleha Nauman Butt Price ?
Rose Gallano Ombrog I love you koko!

💪 💪 💪

4 Workouts You Can Do With a Buddy
4 Workouts You Can Do With a Buddy

Double the motivation, double the sweat sesh!

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Merveille Queendoll I'm French; 16yo please U need me i need U plse
Tye Merricks Memory lane.
Abdelrahman Emad كسم طيازك
Mabinty Saïbou Kourouma I love you madame lamar
Chicky Jones I wish you were my gym buddy1 Looking good My Khloe

Ice Cream🍦Please!!!

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Alicia Virga Hi! Coco, you look great but right now get all you dash girls together and help the only brother you have out he really needs some support and strong parent figures around lots of love....
Holly Ess Becky Schwan robs have a meltdown on twitter and khloe is posting pics of ice cream 😂😂 she's so funny Man, she did warn him
Sonia-Chanel Aranki Hey imagine what the skin will look like when the big butt faze is over and she and everyone else removes the butt implants. It will look worse than saggy grandma tits that have lost all their volume. Think before doing this I say. My opinion. Feel ...
Sorea Noor Tez Guys just because Rob is having issues doesn't mean khloe should b miserable she has her own life plus Rob is a Kid no more let mi act like a man 😡just saying
Analu Shamassedyn Baby u dont need all this face tune, you're just SO beautiful! I know you have a long way to people dismissing you for how you looks like, but right now its on the past! Show all this strong you talk about, you're amazing. Accept, you win girl ❤️

Sometimes nothing feels better than clicking that unfollow button 😜

5 Tips to Clean Up Your Social Media
5 Tips to Clean Up Your Social Media

Go ahead, click that unfollow button!

7.8k reactions 139 comments
Colleen Hernandez Hitting the block button feels pretty darn good sometimes too.
Dolores Rivera Follow all the basketball players. Which one is next?
Adídí Martinéz I love this 💋
Rahsaan Wright The facial expression and the caption match lovely
Annalise Todorovski Monica Lopresti does this sound familiar?? 😂

Just dropped…our Good American Good Mix is the most flattering skinny boyfriend jean!

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Jannah Gray Julie Ann Gray just me or is this outfit awful
Jeani Girard these look huge on you, it's the line the line does it to me also
Karla Joy Jeans are so ugly
Clever Uhunoma Obaretin Why dont she ever where pant and bra in her photoshoot. She still fat or what
Jackie Rollins Just really unaffordable to most good Americans 😔

You can never go wrong with any kind of braid! Get the tutorial for this look!!!

The Easy Summer Hairstyle You Need in Your Life
The Easy Summer Hairstyle You Need in Your Life

I'm all about the braids, dolls!

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Kellie Terry Bascom So preety
Tina Goode So look sick, with a big head
Kerly Bertholdo Linda
Helene Gouba Tres belle koko
Sheila Sissy Khloe has been through a lot of stuff she looks dam good

Tomorrow we launch one of my favorite ever Good American styles Good Mix!! Seriously the cutest off-duty jean that still makes your booty look amazing! Drops at 9am PT tomorrow

12.4k reactions 177 comments
Sheila Sissy Khloe is beautiful
Jose Menendez Amazing
Vieux Traoré Je suis en Afrique comment faire pour trouver ce modèle là
Dani Ivey Your so perfect!!
Jessica Shanell That jacket 💪

My birthday was incredible! Dream like almost! It's actually hard to put into words how special I feel and it's mainly because of this man right here! Thank you baby for treating me like a Queen every single day! Thank you to all of my friends and family for helping surprise me and for being the best anyone could ask for!!

148.5k reactions 2069 comments
Jillianne Randall-Balthazar I wish I had some markers or color pencils , her dress looks like a fun coloring page for adults ! I love it though! 😂😀❤
Jown Linda Khloe you look so shapely and happy....Nice although I don't know who you are with but I'm sure I will. Watching the last of KUWTK this week. Loves your family.
Angela Hensley Jones Happy birthday beautiful...only took a couple looks to see you have too many haters! Looking good for your birthday! Hit us up if you ever need extra security! We got u boo! 💖 Lock Tight Inc. 😉😉
Daniel Angel Gamboa Happy Birthday to you and I hope you are filled with endless joy! Enjoy another year and continue to be an amazing woman that you are!
Mady PaOla I can't understand way all of your sister included you going out with black men's ??? They didn't die yet , withe men's !!!

My King

92.0k reactions 538 comments
Océane Ln Je veux un truc comme sa aussi pour mon anniversaire avec mon prénom mdr Kimberley Ortega
Donna Young Beautiful happy birthday and many blessings to you alway koko and many blessing on your relationship 💪🏾
Margaret Feliciano You deserve the happiness don't listen to what people say they are haters
Elizabeth Cortez Happy birthday my love ....I love you you are the best.... enyoy your day doll.
Sitisarah Ajib Hey babe u know what u my idol.. and what up ur next after the kardashian television show? U knw what i never miss that season.. it so cool.. now i already knw 6 your sibling name.. about family and all of us story..💕 hopefully get a new one.. haha😅 ...

About last night...

25.0k reactions 603 comments
Aaron Johnson Why are you all so mean ,leave her alone ,she looks amazing go girl 😍
Julieta Medrano Super linda mi khloe? Te admiro mucho? BESOS desde Guatemala.
Jibril Bakare Let me tell you my story and how I found A Natural Solution... My Husband and I are married for 2 years and even though I had enjoyed every bit of the relationship right till we got married, I began to get frustrated because of one main issue,which is ...
Amadou Maïga Quelle beauté j'admire beaucoup votre beauté et élégance khloe je vous trouve très belle j'adore poupée
Jayboy Martinez One wish one dream but no chance just wanna say your really gorgeous 😉 and successful

Timeline Photos

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Pamela Susan Tate I told my granddaughter look here's my sister and she said oh my God she is beautiful singing it in a pretty voice
Michelle Chavez Torres Just beautiful!!! Don't trip on them blazza asss Haters!!!! Work it girl 😙😙
Samantha Colvett Marks When is ur fitness show coming back inspirational
Klaudia Kukiełka Kargol Khloè, I need your help . Realy. Immediately 😓 please, write to me [email protected] Please. Live oraz not to live
Princess Skye It's clear Khloe doesn't care about the puffy lip comments 'cause she won't stop posting them... so either unfollow or deal with the freak show...I follow to see the next freakish surgery or filler she has undergone so I can go 😳
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