Khloé Kardashian
20:29 05/18/2017

We’re your Dreamgirls! LOL! 🎤

What Would A Broadway Musical About The Kardashians Sound Like?

What Would A Broadway Musical About The Kardashians Sound Like?

In a recent episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race" the ladies lip-synced to a version of what is called "Kardashian: The Musical."

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Michael Archibong
Hmm lol
Wacey Hudson
i love all my friends! 😂
Irene Morales Pacheco😄
Tiahh J. Osbourne
Who's dream girls exactly ?
Hawa Sidibe
Tu es Ma star prevere je t aime khloè
Bernetta Butler
I think they'll sound like CANCELLED!!😂😂😂
Maria Milic
Aaahhh yous but no!
Diane Mary Hernandez Roman
Like literally bible seriously like so rude
Bobby Daulton
the same as a porn would.
June van Leeuwen
omg teamuitje?😂❤ MMila Bresser
Bobby Daulton
they wouldn't be a dream of any American.
Artak Zarobyan
Haye Bonjur comment save princess vous Veris gut forem
Maree Elgar
Thered be a song called bible and one called bye felisha!
Cookie Clister Wortham
How about we're your Fake, Plastic girls! #HowAboutThat 😠
Jennifer O'Connell
U must be joking

Other newsfeed from Khloé Kardashian

I mean..... I can't stand how cute they are!!!! Auntie KoKo LOVES you!!

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Rach Andrews Jess Dunmore straight up she has the most amazing looking children
Haley Pouliezos Katie Jane they're so cute, and even cuter holding those doughnuts 🤤😍
Holly Frick Reign is gonna be so hot when he's older Alessia Augello
Cynthia Jimenez Yes they are God bless them, all your niece and nephews are cute , Dream is a doll
Rhi Smith Marlee Elyse baby gal will one day bring her Aunty a box of donuts 😂😂

Timeline Photos

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Myesha MyLyfe 😍😍😍💖💖💖💯💯💯💁🙌
Pratishtha Chaudhary Love you Khloé! You look pretty! :-) <3
Milada Kesmer Beautiful :)
Shanna Cooper Love you to pieces
Allyson Cote Fire!


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Kenia Melo Adriana De Leon umm what's wrong with Khloe's face? 😱🤔🤔
Victoria Scott This seems a little incestuous. I love them, but... 😉
Renan Assis As definições de lacre, foram atualizadas.. Leonardo Leal
La Mella Dolores Khole looks like the guy in the movie white chicks!!
Martha Pebbles Cox They're so stupid, period ,,they do anything for money,

My mom loved dressing us alike when we were little! See my fave pics!

Matching With My Sisters
Matching With My Sisters

The outfits my mom used to put us in—I just can't. 😂

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Desiree Hernandez Kim has always been beautiful
Amadou Maïga Khloe c'est toi à droite de l'écran où bien
Stephanie Eric Edwards Back when Kim's beauty was real
Robert Gonzales was this the beginning of the plastic surgery?
Mari Na My mum used too that too

Just dropped!! Good Legs Stars + Stripes jeans and shorts and my new favorite, the Good Legs Triangle Split jeans! GOODAMERICAN.COM

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Mike Goodwin Hey you don't know me but we can make some cash together, my brother works for Citibank he puts money in my account and could do you a favor and put money in your account. He can do any bank it doesn't have to be Citibank like if he put 8,000 in your ...
Karrington T. Williams She wants to be a black woman so bad. Lol #fakebutt
Eva Otapa Arciniega Donde puedo comprarlos en cancun alguien sabe y cuanto cuestan
Rafael Avalos La chica tiene lo suyo el linda simpática buen cuerpo y sobre todo rubia
Jesus Solis Khloé khloé khloé...! Jeans look great especially the cuff on the right. #nohomo

Can someone invite me to an English wedding so that I can wear a cool hat?!

The most stunning fashion moments at Pippa Middleton
The most stunning fashion moments at Pippa Middleton's wedding

While their wedding might, in some ways, seem like typical extravagant wedding fare, one thing set their nuptials apart — high fashion.

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Chloe Flow Bow Jameson Cathryn khloe wants to come to an English wedding 👰🏼 I think she should come to urs if she can make it sat lol xx 😘
Dawne Williams Helena Morgan shame I can't invite her to the wedding ceremony I've used up all 50 seats 😂
Annabel Gibson Yasmin Wells khloe k wants an invite to an English wedding, I'll bring her as my plus one?? 😂😂
Kat Martin Sophie Dickens will invite you to her English wedding for sure! You can come with me instead of my husband 🙋🏼
Amanda Jane Clarke forget a wedding Khloe get yourself to the St Leger Festival in September (horse racing) lots of hats there lol

Kisses from P, Northy and Koko 😘

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Becky Martinez Gatica My little darlings💞
Jessica Feirman Ahhhh thank you thank you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
David Hanovic Kisses my darling and sweet Angels!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
Sharon Williams Beautiful
Chaabna MFifi Mmmmmmmmmah j'adore ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Um, Kylie! 😛

Kylie Jenner’s New NSFW Instagram Pics - New Trend?
Kylie Jenner’s New NSFW Instagram Pics - New Trend?

Kylie is busting out the underboob on Instagram.

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Charly Garcia Q le pasa a mi bonita la beo triste mi niña linda la puedo ayudar para lo q sea
Nicki Robertson We don't want to see your tits. Cover up and start being a good role model for young girls. Teach them to use their brains and their hearts, not their bodies
Teresa Maria Catalina We are well aware that they have butts, breasts and vaginas, just like every other female in the world. We don't all need to see it.
Sam Summers Alisha Summers talking about the bikini top this morning!😂xx

I love resistance bands and I love working out with my main babe Kourt! Watch now!

Watch My Resistance Band Workout With Kourtney
Watch My Resistance Band Workout With Kourtney

I love resistance bands because you can bring them ANYWHERE. I'm sharing this video Kourt posted of us getting our arms and legs in tiptop shape for summer using resistance bands. Watch and learn, dolls!

7.1k reactions 48 comments
Vinicius Rosa Very creative! Little girls 🌹🌹🌹💙💙💙💙
Tacita Morgan NICE CUTE ♥
Kgomotso Molelu "receptive, susceptible" BAND WORKOUT!
Dante Reyes Jr. Drop dead.
Staid Staind Sunday Sunday I like your body so much

How cute are our Good American Stars & Stripes jeans?? So perfect for summer These new jeans and our equally cute stars & stripes cut-off shorts drop TOMORROW at 9am PST on

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Akkram Shadab I can't stop staring, there's so much pink, i mean love.LOVE you my love😘😘
Jill Callahan Chanelle McLaughlin you should buy those jeans! Dwayne would love it lol
Ariel Ojeda Cada día más preciosa divina me volvéis loco diosa hay mi amooooooooooooooor
SNACKABLETV Episode One of our new show MODE has been released! Join us as we follow stylist Jana Bartolo through the thrills and challenges in the lead up to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Watch now at
Consuelo Lagos Hola soy de Colombia Bogotá las admiro y adoro muchísimo y me encantaría poder tener sus prendas pero no se en mi país como conseguirlas besos gracias

See me and my sisters in ALL our best matching fashion moments!! Who wore them better?! 😜

Sister Style Face-Off: Me, Kim or Kourt?
Sister Style Face-Off: Me, Kim or Kourt?

A little healthy competition never hurt anybody!

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Artak Zarobyan Le aporte veri gut forem princesse manifique
Fayvoor Michael Kim
Komolafe Oreoluwa Ayomide Koko nd khloe
Breana Jones Both of you all
Stephen Wehrheim KoKo you got it going on boo!

Cannes fashion is 🔥🔥🔥

Cannes isn
Cannes isn't just about the movies — here's the side of the film festival you don't see

From Nicole Kidman's tutu dress to Rihanna shutting down the red carpet, a lot has happened at Cannes.

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Cintia Luján 😍😍😍🔥❤💋👏
Salys Henderson Fire
Blake James Hollywood illuminati 👌
Kgomotso Molelu Golden girl 👧 Palme d'Or. RIGHT 👉🌿
Rangi Perewi At least you sing.

Timeline Photos

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Laila M Heidenstrøm Heidenstrøm Vakkeringer 💖
Sharon Williams Beautiful
Manda Lynnie That baby is a mix song of Kanye and Kylie lol
Cynthia Jimenez Why does he have a hat, he's cute
Santina Lucia Kizzy Doyle she's amazing 😞😢😭

LOL! Every body is a swimsuit body!

The Internet LOVES These Two Moms Hilariously Shredding Swimsuit Season
The Internet LOVES These Two Moms Hilariously Shredding Swimsuit Season

“I don’t care until ten minutes before I have to put it on, and then all of a sudden I’m like, ‘Oh man, I shoulda done crunches or something.'” 100% RELATE. 😂

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Savannah Longson Jesse Salomonson
Mary Carmen Hernández URGENT APPEAL OF JESUS ​​THE GOOD SHEPHERD TO HUMANITY: My flock, war is knocking at the door and with it comes desolation and death. Humanity will suffer groaning and grief and the Rider of Death and Famine will make his appearance. The son of ...
Leslie Bell Stephanie Hargrove
Taylor McClintic Ashleigh Seastrand
Gina Weston I love Khloe Erin Piez

All my love to Manchester 😥

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Dlanor Reigan Mastermind of this act might be very proud of himself. Rest In Peace poor souls 🕇🕯⚘ Whos flag is next in facebook profile? Smh
Alex Ralley I watch it on the new 19 people are dead one of them 50 are injured that's sad
Hannah Chauhan It's only cuz Ariana waas there, if she wasn't, then she wouldn't be giving her love...
Nadia Johnson Omg what is this, what is God's world coming to, so much hatred in the world smh
Mely C Mojito No words can explain the pain i'm feeling. Cowards...just cowards. Rip all the victims of this wild attack😢💔

God bless everyone who was at Ariana's concert! My prayers are with you all and poor sweet Ariana! This is heartbreaking 💔

53.0k reactions 489 comments
Gemma Lane Here in Manchester we are all pulling together. Donating blood. Food for parents of the very poorly children in local hospitals. I wasnt there but its still very scary that its happend in my hometown. For all that was there young older or famous it must ...
Amanda Gallacher Guuuuuuys calm down. Khloe said poor Ariana because she was the reason those people were in the Manchester Arena last night. The guilt she will be feeling about that may not ever leave her but it wasn't her fault. That's what Khloe meant. The only thing ...
April Johnson "Poor sweet Ariana"?? What about the 22 people killed and the 59 others injured? What about the families torn apart who have lost their children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends including an 8 year old child? ... no forget about them ...
David Hanovic This is such a heartbreaking tragedy Koko. Sending all my love and prayers of healing to my dear sweet Ariana Grande and everyone in Manchester. May God grant them the strength to get through this devastating tragedy. :( :(
Nicol Victoria My home city!!! 😢 all this is happening 10 mins away from me and I feel totally helpless. It's 2.36am here and I can't sleep. Sick with hurt and pain. Cowards

Love these looks!

The Kardashian And Jenner
The Kardashian And Jenner's Best Beauty Moments

The Kardashian/Jenner ladies are gorgeous. Although they could go natural 24/7, they choose to experiment with their beauty looks, & it always pays off.

6.8k reactions 84 comments
Sene Mbaye Me too
Manuel Peredo A mi me facinan me vuelven loco
Aby Sagna Je vous j'aime beaucoup
Canarito Lkssq Me gustó mucho la mirada de KENDALL 🌻🌺🌹🌼👑💐😉
Charly Garcia Mis tres ricas

Get that metabolism working for you baby!!!

5.0k reactions 78 comments
Nath Segalen Thank you darling
Bedy A Eugene Bowl of fast food will not boost your lism Khlo'.
Débora Madeiro Sempre linda!
Melissa Chesley Beautiful
Kathy Davis Doesn't look like Khloe

Starting the week reminded of everything I have to be thankful for! This video puts is all in perspective!

Parents gift colorblind boy special glasses. When he puts them on, he bursts into tears of joy
Parents gift colorblind boy special glasses. When he puts them on, he bursts into tears of joy

Imagine what your world would be like if you had to live without color. You couldn’t see the beauty in the bright green leaves on the trees, the golden yellow petals of sunflowers, or the clear blue sky. Living in a world with a monotone pallet isn’t ideal, but it is a reality for those …

1.9k reactions 32 comments
Suarez Sandra saludos cucuta colombiA
Laura Cate Sophia Anne 😍
Kirsty Freeman Samantha McCook
Suarez Sandra saludos cucuta colombiA
Sarah Digges Jackie Lopez for Brenda!!!

Tonight! #KUWTK

12.7k reactions 128 comments
Maria Lillian Verdugo Ana Lucia Obeso lo del carro nos pasaria a nosotras😂
Artak Zarobyan Compagne veri gut forem
Artak Zarobyan Haye Bonjur comment save vouz belle manifique Biean
Audrey Mc Namara Cant wait to see this, ye just bring tje fun to everything
Frank Conway Them their butts are on the double cheese side.

PalmSprings Girls Trip on Keeping Up tonight!! #E

13.9k reactions 434 comments
Nicole Grundy Omg! Effn funniest episode I have seen in a while!! Well done girlz bahahaha
Hollie Milligan Shanon Adams i actually thought this was a picture of you when i first looked at it!
Annmarie Martin Kourtney shorts and top was so unflattering on her lol 😂
Ronald Chase Ok girls move so I can see the car. Smiles to you all but love that car sisters. Blessings nice photo pic
LaVeta Kay-Nana V Jordan There is nothing like a road trip with your bestie's/sister's. Enjoy your trip ladies.


2.3k reactions 84 comments
Andrid Simons This is the cutest thing ever. Khloe 💖
Bernadette Kennedy 😍❤️👏🏻 koko
Maria Elena Nungaray G Bendiciones eres una gran mujer 😘😘😘
Tokarahi Maria-Ao Puroku You're awesome Koko ♥️
Vanya Yvette Johnson Lmao! ♡ love ya!

Have you guys met Cornelius?

21.9k reactions 2670 comments
Melody Soto Amore Monet...once you are back "on your feet" this cut is very necessary
Grace Louise Cribb Andrew Fifita is Cornelius coming to your leaving party? haven't seen him in ages...
Nisha A. M. Leftrict Jade Marshall they are being completely deadass!!!😂😂😂😂
Emma Malcolm Ami Henderson Lauren McGill .. "I know but his wife died" 😂😂😂 he's so serious
Emily Klein Sofia J. Ramos Luz Garcia 😂😂😂. My imaginary friend Juan Pablo says hello.

I can’t even handle the sweetness!

Woman With Alzheimer’s Forgets Son Most of the Time…Except When They Sing Together
Woman With Alzheimer’s Forgets Son Most of the Time…Except When They Sing Together

‘Most days I miss her, but she always comes back to me when we sing.’

2.0k reactions 48 comments
Candance Foster So sweet.
Agnes Mgeta Agnes So sweet
Amadou Maïga Khloe qui est cette personne qui joue à la guitare
Miranda Osborne Ah pain
Meghan Mckissack That's the definition of bitter sweet.

They are living their full life!

This Internet Famous Couple Earns Six-Figure Salaries While Traveling The World
This Internet Famous Couple Earns Six-Figure Salaries While Traveling The World

At only 26 and 24 years old, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are earning six-figure salaries while traveling across the globe. They perfectly fit the "I Quit My Job To Travel The World" trope, and th...

3.1k reactions 52 comments
Olimpia Zygoń Ed Mills
Sarah Jaye Rachel Turner
Charlotte Marie Eric Wanamaker Felicia Julia Wanamaker this is what i was talking about
Bronté Smith Shawnee Tremayne urgh.
Laura Hannigan Aleigh Kennedy your dream XxX

Who doesn’t love cute puppy and kitty pics?!!

Keeping Up With The Kardashian
Keeping Up With The Kardashian's Pets

Through the years, the Kardashian-Jenner family has given much love to various animals. All of these pets are super-cute and (mostly) cuddly. We also threw in a couple of surprises as well!

8.8k reactions 94 comments
Irma Nelums Lol I don't see a cat. So you got 2 dogs and the Pussy​ is Kylie?
Ally Glass Joanna Gibson. Boxers and Dachsys!
Mark Flynn the real world......
Sophie Faichney Gabanna 🐶😀
Candace Kyle Where are most of these now though?

Loving my Good American Good Waist Crop jeans!!! Available here:

90.8k reactions 831 comments
Courtney James Alizaye Cocoa she better not go out in the night turn out like acid wash 😂😂😂
Emma Darcy You and i have the same style (when I was skinny) lol. Now just put outfits together in my head and wish one day 😂
Katie Bouley Agreed...that and crop tops. I swear I couldn't even find a regular length shirt the other day
Jill Cohen Why does she always look like her jeans are 2 sizes too small? #tootight #notcute!
Antonio Green Nice jeans Klhoe , may God continue to bless and keep you. Have great weekend

I get that sometimes fast-food is the only option, but you DON’T need to make horrible choices!

My Fast-Food Survival Guide
My Fast-Food Survival Guide

I'm looking at you, desert road trips and never-ending airport delays! But don't panic, dolls.

7.9k reactions 96 comments
Yinka Lawal Watch ur weight Angel
Mamadou Kalifa Dembele Thank you Khloe
Donaldo Arzac Las karshashians se la pasan tragando
Damon Renaul Williams I am happy to have stumbled upon this marvellous post!
LoRie WatSon Love, Love Taco Pizza, Salad on a pizza, The only way to go. 🐯

Not that you need proof, but...

Proof The Kylie Jenner Reality Show Will Be Epic
Proof The Kylie Jenner Reality Show Will Be Epic

Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous girls in the world, so it's about time that she got her own reality show. Life of Kylie premiers on E! July 6th.

10.7k reactions 169 comments
Belinda Mulholland It's no ones business what she spends her money on just haters # lots of jealous people
Cecilia Viruet I need proof because I cannot believe people are so interested in this little girl....
Stephanie Buchanan Another show I think we should add to our viewing list! Brooke Elizabeth Jamieson
Clo Francesca Bradley I think her and Kendall are the most down to earth and it'll show a lot more of Tiger and king her step son maybe China but doubt it
Elin Brodie Renée Fairhurst come over when it comes out? I'll have to On Hayu I think!!

I still can’t believe my baby sis is a real life super model!

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner's Best Runway Moments

Kendall Jenner is part of the new generation of supermodels, and it's no surprise why. Just look at some of her best runway moments. She kills it.

11.7k reactions 128 comments
Be The Best The 3 Week Diet is to lose weight quickly and have a perfect body just in 3 weeks — all body fat — faster than anything else you’ve ever tried...please Visit our page and learn more <3
Ajay Sharma please send me friend request or inbox me. If interested in Love and a Relationship. Waiting for your reply :)
Anny Christelle Faucet Waousheer!!! The middle one kick a bunch!!!! Brillant!!!!😘😍💋
Jon Hill Super model😂😂😂 hey Khloezilla shoes only where she is Cuz ur skanky and in ray-js own words god awful smelly coochie sister made a low budget porn.. Gieselle and tyra are super models
Samantha Ipanema I can't still believe Bruce want be like his. dougherty
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