Khloé Kardashian
15:05 04/20/2017

When I’m crunched for time, Kendall Jenner has a speedy workout option!


Kendall's 11-Minute Ab Workout

Try all of the moves Kenny does to stay in supermodel shape!

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Gonzalo Jesús Zapata Sarmiento
Tu trasero no lo demuestra!!!
Alain Yetna
Remange body..?
Ilyas Mirza
Amshu Gajurel
Kripa suru hojao
Shahid Rahman
dts motivating
Krista Flanders
Aren't you a supportive sister! Love it!! 😍
Bal Yair
Me encanta esa rutina se ve BUENISIMAAAA.
Lleimy Del Cid
Kiero conocerte
Zainab Danjuma
Gabriel Duran Jr.
mic think's your cool
Mos Kay
💕 Ohh 💕 ♨Self @ BotBoss .Top
Tamàs Mànfai
:-) :)))
Westom Alba Turnoy
Khloe is the best kardasian
Stephanie Iacovelli
Joey Kaston ab workout date soon?
Richard Connett
You need to get Rob doing some of this stuff..

Other newsfeed from Khloé Kardashian


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Darla Finch KoKo love the nails omg! And u look beautiful as always <3
Toya Esparza The lipstick is very pretty.Looks really nice on u.
Carla Corso KHLOE....Please tell me the color red on your nails...its gorgeous...!?!?😘
Joe Wigley I want to come and work for you. Your amazing.
Joanne Trgo Congrats on the baby. We are so glad to have you live with us half of the time in Cleveland.

My 3 major tips!!

My Relationship Advice for Newbies
My Relationship Advice for Newbies

Here's what I've learned along the way. Best of luck to you lovers!

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Gloria Amador go look beautiful together and hope they continue happy tristan looks beautiful next to you are beautiful
Richard Connett And how much do you charge for relationship advice?
Alonzo Lopez If they take advice from you they will be getting divorced
Farren Pietersen Khloe I'm so glad for you... You deserve this <3
Jennifer O'Connell Who would take notice of this thrash family

Enter now dolls!!! 👖

Want a $500 Good American Gift Card?
Want a $500 Good American Gift Card?

Remember you must be a subscriber to win!

4.0k reactions 69 comments
Oud Wood We want good american for men khloe !!
Alicia Phuengsomboonying No just the $500 thanx
Kathryn Jones I would like a K sweatshirt cause my name KATHRYN ❤️
Tonniesha Tkaye Stovall That's 2 body suits sooo nah
Marie Yieh So we can buy 1 1/2 pairs of pants?

❤️ My Love ❤️

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Richard Almazan Khloe sure move on from Lamar Odom to Tristan Thompson. Tristan could be the one for Khloe than when she was married to Lamar Odom. I hope TMZ story news about Khloe and Tristan having an baby is 100% true and be on the show ''Keeping Up With The ...
Linda Lardo I know you don't care what people think about you but I love you n your family. Im so happy to see you happy. They say you kiss frogs before you find your prince so everything is on track. Hope the rumors are true cause you'll make a terrific Mom
Traci Elizabeth Carey Klhoe to be honest I watch all episodes of all your family. I love to watch them all. No shame. I am needing to work out after surgery to my hip. But honestly I just need to work out and watch what I eat. How it looks to others, I'm winning. What is the ...
Lisa Marie Adams If only I could have just one exotic vacation a year. I wonder if they even realized how blessed they are. Life is very unfair. Oh vey
Donna Booker Khole I don't know you personally but I like you. You are a beautiful person and I hope you and Tristan have a wonderful relationship with lots of beautiful babies. Keep being you

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Kaylene Whitworth Better get your experience. Mama to be :)
Lupe Hernandez That child is just too adorable. She's a beauty.
Ann Marie Drouillard-wible You are so pretty Chloe I love you to death you make the Kardashian show what it is and you're so honest and whatever you do I really admire you
Kristen Riddell Awe...cutest baby😍 your beautiful to khloe😊
Dashan Alision Wellington Dream is everything of her dad she a beautiful girl

Don't miss a brand new ep! Tonight at 9/8c on E!

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Pamela Susan Tate I loved it your mom and you are funny as heck
Edder Bañuelos They are so ugly without make up, wow benefits from being fake...nice
Marycarmen Tarazona Tarazona de venezuela nunca me pierdo sus programas me rios mucho todo los dia lo pasa e lunes a domingo
Emelia Blankson Can't wait u guys are amazing#love u guys
Bernadette Boyé À love khole veri goude moi je suis française je t aime bien ma grande très belle

Happy KUWTK Sunday!

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Hana Yukari she used to look like a wonderful woman and now she almost looks like a trans...
Gökhan Özcan Pisces (Tristan Thompson) + Cancer Profi-Horoscope 17.10.2017 = 80 % When the relationship and marriage was really so good for the last time? Both think that due to professional duties private life is a bit too short. Today they should devote to ...
Sally Joan Beautiful....yet classy....stay that way......I love your entire family but you have qualities unlike your are caring....loving.....sincere and honest......just help your brother...he seems a bit lost but with love, he will come around. ...
Kgomotso Molelu Writing poetry can be a joy and a challenge, especially if you have hit a block or feel devoid of inspiration. You can get inspired to write poetry by responding to writing and KUWTK, and by using writing prompts and exercises. Sometimes, a shake up of ...
Carmen Santos I love the kardasian n khloe is my favorite.. but her upper lips have to much injection.. my my myy.

I "tried" all the spring runway looks!! 😂 See them HERE:

9.0k reactions 141 comments
Motaleb Hossain Please help me anyone to learn English
Faith Joy aahahahahhah the flower girl I love it so cute
Tafaj Visar Transformers body real
Gallo Cortez Hernandez Why people always have to hate on something....
Paskal El-Ali Ashira Kerbatieh lmao look she's a bouquet of flowers

The best Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! moments between me and the Lord!!

My Favorite
My Favorite 'KUWTK' Moments with Scott

Never a dull moment with the Lordliest of them all!

7.0k reactions 86 comments
Ginika Anthonia The Lord? Funny
Atta Bograin The lord 😂
Aishatu Adamu Lau Hmmm the lord
Johnathan Michael Cardona I bet you all you all stop 2020 I keep going I get rid of everything in space beleave 3030 30 years before Beleave.
Heather Brennan Jones Does she not have enough money

Sometimes your lady parts need a little TLC!!!

8 Ways to Keep Your Lady Parts Happy
8 Ways to Keep Your Lady Parts Happy

Trust me on this one, dolls!

3.2k reactions 119 comments
Shanise Diamandidis like we need advice from this family about lady parts..
Brian Blair Give me your lady parts and I'll keep them happy.
Henry Delvalle Pinto Hermosa mujer de temple.fuerza decidiones para la vida saludos
Gilberto Ramirez Dam klohe u feel me all though we should feel much better though !!
Paula Brennan Wow read some of the comments! People are awful!

How cute is my baby doll Ming Lee Simmons in her Good American Good Legs Shadow denim?! So chic and flattering for fall! Just dropped on!!

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Sharon Stirling Meade Yes she was one of the daughters :-)
Ainsleigh Karauria-Henry Chahne Karauria-Henry ming from kimoras programme we use to watch way back 😂
Nicole York its a shame we don't have them in israel
Staid Staind Sunday Sunday My dealing tell her to get ready for me
Beth Gilman I think we should meet, I’d love to model for you👍🏻

Major giveaway announcement on my app right now!!! XOXO

October Is Giveaway Month!
October Is Giveaway Month!

I have a surprise for all my loyal subscribers

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Jorge Caballero Hey Hermosa🌹
Mirna Missengue 😍😍😍😘❤❤
Pd Moc yo kiero regalo linda amiga cuidate
Malika Pika Khloé pas mal les photo , tu et bien sa te va bien , cool Salam Sœurs
Lhiyan Simanca di wow

Take a peek INSIDE my fridge!! Khlo-C-D is alive and well dolls!!!

Showing You Guys What
Showing You Guys What's Stocked in My Fridge!!!

There's a method to my madness, dolls!

6.5k reactions 140 comments
Judy-ann Baikauskas I love you Khloe but how much food do you need ?
Laurie Gibson I spy insulin next to the creamer in the door. Lantus and Novalog...wasn't aware she was diabetic.
Kelly Harris I’m the same way love it!!
Pauline Gallagher an she dont eat any of it , not a clear box salad to be seen , an no plastic fork
Gjetts Keyrose Well she suppose to be pregnant. She never has real food. All they eat is Salads and ramen. Wth She got foodstamps??? Ugh

These moves work dolls!!! 🍑🍑🍑

My Trainer Shows You How to Build a Booty
My Trainer Shows You How to Build a Booty

Not gonna lie—these moves are killer, but the pay-off is REAL!!!

7.2k reactions 148 comments
Lisa Arp-Fulton I love your business ethic!! You are doing you girl!!
Mariah Rose Love your booties <3 you will never get a booty like Khloe's, or Kylie's, or Kim's because theirs are fake.
Christine Sarver Are there any directions or address for the surgeon who gave you the booty you have?
Ikram Sabri Hhhhhh absolutely by injection and plastic surgery
Ky'na Teresa Teei we know fat transfers and we know the real deal! Maybe someone believes it still!

💕 I guess this is my favorite filter 💕

44.2k reactions 695 comments
Kathy Melton Please don't damage your beautiful dark hair with all the blonde bleach :( x I'm naturally blonde and I'd give anything for your natural dark hair colours x
Mukasa Anwarl McHumphrey Are you two really pregnant? (Please God I have prayed for this like more than four times.... Please let it be true... At least for Koko)
Elizabeth Foran O'Keeffe Ah kylie huni stop with the lips your going to destroy yourself, no negativity here hun just some advice x you dont need it xx your good enough with out it x
Robin Miller Crump Kylie, honey, please don't ruin the good looks your mom and God gave you!! Your lips are way to big. You are naturally Beautiful!!!
Charlene Joson I'm really sorry. I love you Khloe and Kylie but....why is Kylie's lips...ugh... "pillowy"? Kinda weird but I love the lipstick color 🖒🖒

This is one of the top questions we get for Good American!! We are now officially casting for our 2018 #GOODSQUAD!! Now matter your size, shape or heritage, apply by October 13 on and you could be in our next campaign!! #GoodAmerican

5.6k reactions 143 comments
Sharnaé Williams Shelby Ritchie I think you should apply!
Hayley Collins Doesn't matter your size shape or heritage but you have to be a US citizen to apply 😔😔
Angelina Salcedo Hey khloe could you please help Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Lisa Davis I love you Khole( you're my favorite)
Victoria Palmisano Hope I can apply on time! Just saw this💖

You guys, I’m obsessed with Amazon!!!

See What
See What's In My Amazon Cart

I'm not going to sugarcoat it—I am ADDICTED to Amazon!

3.8k reactions 100 comments
Lenore Rush What's wrong with you people stop bashing her what did she do to u people
Marcus Supa Massey Why did I get a notification for this?
Michelle Totman OMG me too I always have a cart full of if I purchase it all is another question.
Lisa Winter I wonder if she bought her lips off Amazon.
Tracy Daisy Yeah I was too, but had to take a break

Free trial of my app starts right NOW!!

Free Trial of My App Starts NOW
Free Trial of My App Starts NOW

For a limited time only, I'm giving you dolls a 7-day free trial of my app—starting right now!

5.7k reactions 142 comments
Kenny Hagins Ursogorgeous,iwouldhavefoughtforusexy!smile.
Carlos Freddy Preciosa,Bella,no tengo palabras para describirte,KHLOE💐💐💐♥️🌹😎🇦🇷
Melissa Kuskowski Stop the face altering madness!
Craig Smith Khloe u r very beautiful and very stunning
Lisa Dianne Rickit She looks like one of those new Sex dolls.

Happy anniversary to us 🥂! I can't believe that it has been just about a year of launching Good American! This is just the beginning of successes in our business together Emma Grede that will continue for many more years! I am so lucky to have such an incredible team at GA! Thank you to everyone involved in building such a positive brand!

21.5k reactions 202 comments
Christy Maestas I always love seeing smiles refreshing these days
Linda May What stores will carry them?
Jeff Wilson Pretty awesome looking pictures of all you lovely ladies.
Mary Anne Evans-Bauman Congratulations Khloe on your anniversary with Good American jeans! You look gorgeous Khloe!
Hettie Venter Hope toe see some of that jeans in South-Africa soon!😊😘❤ Khloé Kardashian

Kisses 😘

30.3k reactions 403 comments
Charlotte Danais Khloe, I miss watching The Kardashians! When is the new shows coming????
Marissa Mears Love to you and all your family! My bucket list, to be a Kardashian for one day!
Hose Washington Wow two gorgeous ladies!!! Can I have a kiss?!
Betty Jo Crum Michaels Love to meet u Khloe u r awesome lady come to dayton ohio
Karen Elks Yall look like you are stuck to a window 😳

I keep seeing stories online that KUWTK filmed one of the Cavs workouts. Why would we film their workout? Does anyone fact check anymore? Or do you guys just run with bullshit most of the time? Those were NBA TV cameras. Not ours. Please do your research but again "Always remember... Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots."

38.8k reactions 1092 comments
Haley Renee Bradburn Kylie Jenner is pregnant, wow. Can you believe it.. Crazy. Meanwhile. Flint, Michigan has been without water since 2014..
Jacob Sears Which is exactly how you and all your family make their money. Do nothing people isn’t that how Ronda Rousey put it? Your bs lowers IQ and spikes the pregnancy rate.
Gemma Stevens Does it bloody matter who filmed it or whatever , does it matter if they said the camera men off the thundermans done it , I don't get what the big problem is. Who the heck is gonna go fact check about camera men , jesus christ on a boat.
Yvonne Frances Carnes Haters will always hate!!Be true to ur self..u have a beautful soul..i wish you all the happiness this world has to offer u xx
Christina Tayler You see what I don't get is how all kinds of people on here bashing her and her family when she is just as human as the rest of us the only difference is her life is being filmed all day long and celebrity status Hence why she is absolutely entitled to ...

9.2k reactions 99 comments
Madeline Srigopal Lish Lish haha jij bent echt netals kourtney 😂
Nelita April why is kim crying????
Riccarda Ricci La Nadia Nava ich muss wissen wo ich das gucken kann! :D
Giorgi Smith & whys Kim upset ??!!! Explain plz
Laura M. Navarrete Love you khloe ! <3 i love your sister's <3

Tonight #KUWTK

4.8k reactions 150 comments
Kerry Caprino Kayde O'Brien Herrera...this is so you with certain words
Kgomotso Molelu Post-series depression can be a dangerous thing. After your favourite show has ended, it might feel like nothing else will do the trick. Recovering after you've spent so many hours engaged with a show that's ended is not always an easy process. The ...
Jessica Kotevski Monique Kotevski if this isn't mum then I don't know what is 😂
Bojana Ivkov Ex Pivnički Nastasja Nedimovic za nedelju vece sta drugo nego KUWTK pa Khloe 😉
Gonçalo Alves Don´t eat that, help me Kardashians such a good idea

💕a few of my favorite things 💕

7.9k reactions 153 comments
Jade Rowland-Stubbs Haylea Wilcox here are your flowers 😄x
Claire-Tallulah McNevin Adam Griffiths peonies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIRTHDAY PWEEEEEEZ
Victoria Scott I love seeing her flowers 💐
Katongole Douglas its so nyc dear what ins this its afraw ok that ins good my dear gd nyt
Brenda Downs Lavalley It looks like your favorite thing is food

I can not wait to see you at my Nordstroms appearance today for Good American! I'll be there at 4. Happy Saturday to us all 🦄💕🦄 God is GREAT

4.7k reactions 113 comments
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Khloé Kardashian
Rashi Woods Good morning khloe wish yo would bring your price down on those jeans.
Mayra Preciado My Favorite pair of jeans!! 🙌🏼 #lookingoutforyourcurvygirls 🍑
Olivia Peña or that beautiful is still so khloe
Christine Babs I loveee u soo much kloe so happy ur preggars

Find out what’s coming!

This is happening!!!
This is happening!!!

I am so excited!

2.7k reactions 110 comments
Erin Plunkett Is she pregnant ?
Ruth Mayumbu Love koko❤❤💋
Ian Michael Gay Kloe Kardashian was in my dream last night for some reason!Weird
Young Austine I want to join the race of excitment baby
Flowers by Libby LLC Congratulation on your wonderful Baby announcement!!!!!!

My loves!! I am thrilled to celebrate at Nordstrom Century City with the #goodsquad and my Good American cofounder Emma Grede!! We'll be talking body positivity, inclusivity in fashion AND we have some exciting news! 💞💞 I hope to see you there!!

4.1k reactions 42 comments
Angie Carolina Charris ERES TAN BELLA
Romi Shakur Nice viedio
Theresa Glynn Hammer Beautiful
April Briggs Be there Yay!
Suzi Amomcha gang bang gogeygayayaaaa😍😍😍😍

💜 Lord, Thank You for giving me the health and strength I need to overcome every stronghold in my life and for loving me unconditionally in the times that I may fail you. Amen 💜

89.5k reactions 1728 comments
Melody Creighton Andrew Womack Ministries has amazing Gospel teaching it sounds like you would appreciate and are ready to receive. You will be blessed beyond measure.
Karen Willis Keep strong Khloe were all human. I see God in all the most amazing places. Take care...hope your day gets the Beatles song goes ...and💞😇 in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make...
Joshua Abavari If you’re going to live large, you may have to delete some negative things that were spoken over you. People don’t determine your destiny, God does. Don’t let what they said contain you; delete it.
Juanita Escobar Khlo'e with all these fake stiories about you being pregnant , I must say in this picture I see the change in your face . Am very happy for you if it's true . I don't know who would be a better mother then you . You have so much love in you. God has his ...
Jennifer Payne I love ❤️ your prayer that you posted I need to say that everyday you are beautiful fabulous gorgeous beautiful sexy lady and I know god has sent the right guy to you which is Triston he is one amazing guy for you love ❤️ both

Proud that the Good American #goodsquad highlights women from ALL walks of life and these beautiful ladies are no exception!

3.8k reactions 59 comments
Lúcia Martins Belíssimas!! ❤❤
Andrew Stitt Khloe you are a porker.
Sofy Velazquez I need koko
Nahomi Tapia What about us Khloe Gabriella
Rosita Noussi ♥ first

Love my Malika Haqq!!! Watch us dish on style and sharing shoes: 💋

692 reactions 47 comments
Demetrius Barrow which one is black?
Kiara Varga Love you 😙😙😙😙
Nina Pollo UR SO HAPPY
Andrea Eggers Love you guys
Nakis Hamidah Bankz Love yuh both koko n malika
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