Kevin Rudd
06:23 11/20/2017

谢谢大家的热情参与。到现在为止,觉得最满意的是:“勇者不惧:我的前半生 —— 对生活,政治和人生意义的思考”。
“勇者不惧”来自《论语·子罕》,是Not for the Faint-hearted的积极说法。这样看来,@Sabrina Chen的建议最接近了。

谢谢大家的热情参与。到现在为止,觉得最满意的是:“勇者不惧:我的前半生 —— 对生活,政治和人生意义的思考”。
“勇者不惧”来自《论语·子罕》,是Not for the Faint-hearted的积极说法。这样看来,@Sabrina Chen的建议最接近了。

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Steve Simmonds
Daisy Zhen want a copy 😛
Cody Xie
Linxiao Zhu
Aziz Hussaini
Good luck
Arch Cummings
Ruddy good show. 👌🙂
Valerie Dee
oh no hope mine was signed ?
Sit Tsang Ben Yuen
Dear me Rudd, That is not fair , 勇者無惧,this is my first time to mention that , lol
Sit Tsang Ben Yuen
Anyways, always been supporting you since 2006
Lancer R. S. Cheung
LOL but sir 我的前半生 is the name of the autobiography of China's last emperor Puyi
HaoFeng Wang
Can you please send me a copy as well? I do want to have a read but...
Han-wei Lin
Here’s the traditional Chinese version for you, dear Mr Rudd:) 「勇者不懼:我的前半生 — 對生活、政治和人生意義的思考」
Carla Graf
Love you Kevin 07 that's on my Xmas pressie list xxx
Len Clark
No wonder he can't sell it,it is in written in Chinese
Dougey Whipps
Hey Kevin , is there a possibility I could buy a signed copy of your book ?
SunnyMay Wang
I can help u to translate the next time.

Other newsfeed from Kevin Rudd

Abby the Wonderdog has found my book " Not for the Faint-Hearted" excellent holiday reading. It had plot, character development, Qld country setting - and is excellent for burying in the backyard:) Was signing copies at Mary Ryan's bookstore at Noosa yesterday. Also at a bookstore near you. All royalties going to the National Apology Foundation.

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Lizzie Allan A Merry Christmas & the best in the New Year
Leonie Simmonds I have an official copy of The Apology, i'd love a real signature on it.
Mary Kernaghan Only because he has nothing to lose, haha
Robert Smith Lend her a couple of bucks to buy one Kev 😊
Seon Ferguson My mum loves her copy I got her for Xmas.

I interviewed Abby the Wonderdog on her predictions for 2018. Not entirely responsive with her insights. A happy new year from Abby, and her sidekicks Kevin and Therese, to all our friends around the world.

1.8k reactions 244 comments
Lilamani Benjamin Best wishes to Abby , the cats, and all your family Hon Mr Kevin Rudd
Peter Taaffe Happy new year to the Rudd family from my family
Russell Coffey Happy New Year to you and the family Kevin..blessings 🌺
Toby Hansen Abby says- sitting on a beach is an activity sufficient unto itself.
Maree Jones Happy New Year Kevin & Therese & all the family, may it be a better one for all...🎆🎊🎉

Great to catch up with all these guys in Boxing Day at the BP Roadhouse at Morayfield. Best coffee! Sunny Coast now beckons:) :) :)

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Jaime-Lee Lindfield Nikita Stockinger Robert Clifford!!!
Scott Russell Robert mad dog
Perez Mamajen Wow amazing
Simon J. Mahulae Selamat Natal for Mr. Kevin Rudd.
Hans Munk Merry Christmas keV

Thoughts of Mei Mei Volume 15. With five days to go to Christmas, I've been contemplating the state of the world. The US. Brexit. Germany. The Middle East. North Korea. The state of Oz politics. Some of my friends gently rock backwards and forwards crouched in foetal position sitting in the corner. I find this approach much more therapeutic..

690 reactions 92 comments
Jennifer Walsh Bourke Kardol How about thinking of Australians doing it hard
Tony Thorneycroft Kevin what is Happening to Australia, and our politicians, very bad
Carrie Oct Yes l feel like that indeed
Margaret Veselovsky She is beautiful and contented. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Len Clark You will save the world Kevin,that ego will do it

Proud to support The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security. Climate change is one of the greatest security challenges we face. We need new ways to address it. #PSC2017

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Tony Clarke
Nick Jelicic Tony Friend
John Fisher i asked you to help me with my inventions and you and garrate 2 weeks after my letter you put up bric bats that killed 4 teenagers and my inventions still need backing and could still do better, plus i can power up jobs and renewable energy invetion ut ...
Linda Smith Well said
Tony Friend Cc's best mate

Given China affects everybody these days, I argue in this speech that we need a new approach to the teaching of Chinese language and culture in our schools and our universities. Full text here:

223 reactions 24 comments
Andrew Caratzas Chinese is a challenging language teach em when they're young
Andrew Wilson Why the hell do we need the Chinese they need us more then we need them but then again you and other people like you Mr Rudd have let them buy out our country anyway.
James Anderson No Kevin English is the Universal language most chinks speak it anyway!
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke

Beyond the rolling North Korea crisis, we at the Asia Society Policy Institute are promoting a policy idea on how to protect the "long peace" that has been enjoyed since the Vietnam War. Full speech and video here:

41 reactions 10 comments
Hamzah Simmonds long peace... Muslims in Burma might have a deferent opinion on that 'long peace'.. and those people in the south of the Philippines...
Len Clark Our Saviour
Jordo Powers Lol are these clowns still going on
Issy Stewart Kevin only PM.we loved.
De Kay South China Sea Construction P/L might be a threat as well.

Everyone around the world is anxious about North Korea. Here are my thoughts (delivered in Seoul) on where the diplomacy could land:

57 reactions 8 comments
Issy Stewart Thanks Kevin
Coral McBride Huge worry
Len Clark Oh Kevin the world is listening,save us all with your recommendations
Kerry Wright Very important update. Thank you once again Kevin.
Kathy Gould Thanks Kevin for your update and a Merry Christmas to you and your family

So what's the essential difference between a Labor and a Conservative Government? We reform for the many. They abolish reforms to protect the few. Here's my 10th anniversary speech.

Kevin Rudd: On the Nature of Labor and Conservative Governments – Kevin Rudd

On the Nature of Labor and Conservative Governments Address by the Honourable Kevin Rudd 26th Prime Minister of Australia Le Montage, Sydney 1 December 2017. My name is Kevin. I’m still from Queensland. And one decade on I’m still here to help.

265 reactions 12 comments
Tony Clarke
Pola Lekstan Paris Dean
Kathleen Beck So why us Labor kicking Medina and East Kimberley cashless welfare card holders in the guts again? #stoptheCDC #jobsnotcards
Wallis Kamp pensioners miss you so do i you saw us as people to help thank you for that we barely survive now
Sharon Peisley The liberal government have no social conscience bring back labor for the people

When it comes to global environmental policy, China has a crucial role to play. Had an interesting chat with Climate Home News about some of the challenges facing climate change action.”

Kevin Rudd:
Kevin Rudd: 'I don't know how Malcolm Turnbull faces his grandkids'

Australia's former prime minister talks about the failure of his country's climate policy, the rise of China and the Carmichael coal mine

101 reactions 32 comments
Brett Tester so does india
Bodie Spark Keegan Peace
Jono Stankowski Nathan Davis Ruddy’s on fire
Josh Rowan Connor Sharp savage
Aaron Luu lol

It may be 11 years ago - but when writing my book, it wasn't easy to re-live the day I challenged Kim Beazley. My eye was on defeating John Howard - but the cartoonists saw more. #kudelka #notforthefaintedhearted Pan Macmillan

275 reactions 35 comments
Olivia Kerr Joe Hatch 👀
James Rowe Michael Francis savage Kev
David Pink Christopher Warren wow
Louis Devine Joshua Bruni Jamie McDonald Isa Pendragon the salt is too real
Pierson Parslow Ethan Leotrix Wright Kevin 07 straight up willin

Have you had a listen to 10 Questions with Adam Zwar? He caught up with me while I was in London to ask when I was most happy, when I last cried, and even what I'd like my last words to be.

181 reactions 21 comments
Len Clark Zzzzzz
Cody Xie 哎!岁月是把杀猪刀啊!他年轻时跟我姑父一样帅!
Laetitia Encarta Lookin good Kev <3
Jacqui Toohey Nice pic.
Rahimullah Rahimullah Very nice picture sir

10 years ago Australia ratified the Kyoto Protocol as the first official act of my Government. Here I am handing over our instrument of ratification on 12 December 2007, the same day the #ParisAgreement was born eight years on. Climate change is still the greatest challenge we face.

162 reactions 9 comments
Jacinta Splinter Excellent effort👍
Ant Berrill America is the greatest challenge that climate change is facing.
Benedict Carey Good on you mr Rudd and Labor. This vision should not be so easily cast aside.
Val Power Great vision, sad those that follow do not share your vision.
Len Clark No the greatest challenge we face is moving you on

When one Kevin is not enough... This weekend marks the 10 year anniversary of the swearing in of my first government. Great celebrating last night with Anthony Albanese MP.

836 reactions 107 comments
James Chuang The real one looks younger than the cupboard cut off
Katherine Wilson Where can I get a lifesize cut out of my own? #superfan
Shaun Monk And thanks to you mate they serve more chicken dishes on airlines, cheers
Colleen Gobbe You should never have left politics is a man eat dog profession 🙁
Nana-leonie Trevanion He would have been our greatest PM ever if he had been allowed to stay the course

Chasing a signed copy of 'Not for the Faint-hearted'? Abbey's Bookshop in Sydney now has a few - so get in quick.

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Rhys Thompson Kathy Thompson
Evan AH Jenny Hill
Lloyd Greenhill Lawson Job
Clinton O'Farrell Alicia Saric kk?
Seon Ferguson Already have mine.

We need an urgent diplomatic solution to #NorthKorea. There is a possible way through this crisis, but the options are narrowing. Here's part of my address last night to the The Cambridge Union.

132 reactions 26 comments
Ben Styles There is no way out of this either we let them have their nukes ..or we dont ..either way equals a bad situation
Daniel Trainer Luke kevin07
Daniel Sebastian Corrado There is no diplomatic solution for North Korea. The only option is war at this point, sadly. They don't understand diplomacy. Otherwise they wouldn't be testing nukes and intimidating the U.S and Australia.
Aaron Wairon Thomas Connery
Taryn McDonald Bill Clinton

Great result for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Despite the consistent, outrageous anti-Labor bias of Murdoch media.

695 reactions 27 comments
Jan Wilson Only people that read Murdochs dribble are the libs and the idiot sheep..
Debbie Lee Andrews
Les Cooper It isn't Labor any more you idiots, it is now called the New China Party with so many back handers going on and a Chinese City being built in your State why don't you just give the place to them, I guess you wouldn't have any Muslim problems after that ...
Shan Ro Under your watch no less
Judy Harris No sorry Kev. Not the best result

My book, 'Not for the Faint-hearted' is now also online at Big W - so if you can't find one in store - try online :

Not For The Faint-Hearted
Not For The Faint-Hearted

In 2007, Kevin Rudd became only the third Labor prime minister since the Second World War, after Whitlam and Hawke, to win government from opposition. In doing so he also defeated, and unseated, John Howard, the longest-serving conservative prime minister since Menzies.

104 reactions 18 comments
Boris Ka 😳😜
Janelle Begg Will it ve a signed copy Kevin
Maree Vincent I love the book
Nicola Sanchez Going to get it today!
Jennifer Wells I’m going to get it👍

Celebrating 10 years since the Kevin07 campaign and the election of my government. These guys printed their own shirts here in Oxford. That's serious dedication!

1.2k reactions 113 comments
Lynda Mitchel My son was born the day Kevin Rudd got in it was a good day for all
Lachlan Coman Nothing but respect for MY prime minister
Maggy McGuire Can we see you at the next election in replacement of Bill Shorten?
Scott Taylor It could've worked out so different if those panicky idiots from that night in 2010 had've just did nothing.
JM Atkin-Walm Bring back kevin 07. We the people didnt vote you out! We wanted you. Start another party!!!!

Yes I am back at school. In fact my new address is @jesus which has caused a few laughs.

106 reactions 13 comments
George Psihoyios I think The Times have been watching these classics: Alex Galitsky
Nicholas Horgan Joshua Ciappara hang out with him!!
Janet C. Stockley Hard Case as...
Nic Wright Ah the Messiah !
Carla Graf Love ya kevin

Always great to see the Murdoch Press exercising their customary practice of fair and balanced reporting 🙄 - this time in the Queensland election. The Labor Party facing the usual coalition : the Liberal Party, the National Party and the Murdoch Party. How do these guys manage to keep a straight face?

372 reactions 104 comments
Jack Delfs It’s cause it’s a still image Kev, their faces won’t change making a straight one super simple. Hogwarts isn’t real
Cindy Dixon Tim Nichols has a fake smile he has hidden agendas on his mine. Its taken Labor 3yrs to fix the damage him and Newman did last time. Labor for me
Patty Egan They never back the winner so my way of thinking it’s good for Labor , just check out previous editorials
Judy Hodder You are so right Kevin. I shouldn’t be surprised but that front page yesterday was the most bias reporting I’v seen yet. Go Anastasia!!
Douglas Rouse That murdoch consortium (deluded scumbags) also support trump through the fox network. They spread false news all surprise a good dose is applied in australia. DOWN WITH THE LNP !

This week's climate talks in Bonn showed the world is more committed to the #ParisAgreement than ever before. But it's still not enough to turn the tide. Our window is quickly closing. Here's my joint op-ed with President Heine of the Marshall Islands. #COP23

Capitalizing on Climate Unity by Hilda Heine & Kevin Rudd - Project Syndicate
Capitalizing on Climate Unity by Hilda Heine & Kevin Rudd - Project Syndicate

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States – the world’s largest historical carbon dioxide emitter – from the Paris agreement dealt the accord a major blow. But it is hard not to take heart from the resolve Trump’s decision has unleashed, both globally and within the US itself.

65 reactions 6 comments
Damien Kresinger James
Len Clark Keep your nose out,you had your chance
John Boom You're beating the wrong drum if you wnat to make any difference Kev.
Kay Ross Australia's lack of representation at COP 23 shows how serious about climate change . Zero. For Australia to participate we need to have a change of government. Trump will not do so because to him coal is king.
Dave Kearney Yeah....our crack dwellers...fed gov....are too busy for to represent Australia, in stemming severe global pollution, by residing in a place where the sun don't shine, fossil fools portal!

Readings have a few signed copies of Not for the Faint-hearted still left for sale. If you want to buy one online - be quick - and put in the comments section of the checkout that you want a signed copy. Otherwise if you are in Melbourne you can head in store and grab one.

Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd
Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd

Ten years after Kevin 07, Kevin Rudd gives the first volume of his memoir of political survival and public service.

69 reactions 6 comments
Rachel Evony Sorry to poor to buy your book!
一懿 陈 Guess I will want one when I get to the other side.
Kelvin Hampson I just Brought your book Kevin from Big w last week thanks should be a good Read
Peter Woods Reading an unsigned copy now. Inspiring and illuminating!
John Boom You can do better for Australia and yourself than just a book Kev. Unfortunately supporting the corrupt political system we have doesn't help your credability. Say NO to all donations and outside interest control. Honest up Kev and give Australia a new ...

In my maiden speech in 1998 I said "I believe that ideas are important". Jon and I wrestled with all sorts of ideas during the Conversation Hour - some of them even covered in my book.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd

The former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister has released the first volume of his memoir, Not for the Feint-hearted.

38 reactions 3 comments
Damian Sullivan Andrew
Seri Hegame Thank you Mr Kevin Rudd for recognizing indigenous people as they have aboriginal rights that are inherent. I am also seeking your help if at all possible with Papua in terms of Crown affiliation and also being convinced to seek a de jure government ...
Ayse Goknur Shanal You are the one who created the situation with offshore processing in Manus and Nauru. I'll save the profanities to one day, when I see you in person. Repugnant human being.

Got to join Sunrise recently to talk about 'Not for The Faint-hearted'. There's a whole section about the show in the book. Not least walking the Kokoda Track (and my trench foot), and of course the debacle of the ANZAC day ceremony at Long Tan in Vietnam

Kevin Rudd on Sunrise: Discussing his book ‘Not for the Faint-hearted’ – Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd on Sunrise: Discussing his book ‘Not for the Faint-hearted’ – Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd is the President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former Prime Minister of Australia. He also leads Sanitation and Water for All, a global partnership working to improve access to clean water for everyone, and Chairs the Independent Commission on Multilateralism.

47 reactions 1 comments
Colleen Gobbe Lol😂😂

澳大利亚的华人朋友们,大家可能知道了,我刚刚出版了自传:Not for the Faint-hearted: 在澳大利亚的书店里都很买到。 朋友们都提到,这个题目是比较难以翻译成合适的中文的。 所以,我在这里向大家求助,请大家帮忙翻译。 翻译得最好的,我会寄一本签名版,做答谢礼。 老陆

299 reactions 67 comments
Judith Baker Sexy kev
Scott MacRae 凯文有海绵手,他一生中从来没有工作过,当我握手时,我无言以对
Lawrence Hobart Where can I get a signed copy Mr Rudd?
Jacko Summers Fair shake of the sauce bottle Kev
Vivien Leung 不可或缺的心志

Was almost like old times to find myself interviewed by Kerry O'Brien. If you missed the Melbourne launch of Not for the Faint-hearted you can watch Kerry and me in conversation here : We cover the book - and a lot more.

Watch – Kevin Rudd and Kerry O
Watch – Kevin Rudd and Kerry O'Brien

Kevin Rudd’s time as Prime Minister was short, tumultuous and, at times, momentous. Rising to power in 2007 on a wave of popular optimism, Rudd defeated a formidable opponent in John Howard and ushered in an era of Labor rule and extensive reform. Perhaps the most globally ambitious of recent Austra...

127 reactions 9 comments
Anne-Maree Pearce Refugees on Manus could do with your help right now, considering your role in abusing their plight. You've moved on but they haven't and their situation is dire! You must do whatever you can for these refugees. don't make any more excuses.
Maryann Bird ❤️
Inwalomhe Donald You are great
Len Clark You forgot to say disasterous
Kristen Seow I cant get the actual book online at overseas because i'm not an aussie... :(

Great to catch up with Brian Bennion in Brisbane, and share tales from the trenches of local campaigning - from being bitten by dogs while out doorknocking through to hammering in corflutes not long after heart surgery. To borrow from Tip O'Neill - one thing is certainly clear in 'Not for the Faint-hearted' - all politics is local.

Rudd reflects on career highs
Rudd reflects on career highs

TWO drawn-out legal battles are at the centre of Kevin Rudd’s political legacy.

75 reactions 9 comments
Laetitia Encarta Kev2020
Kathy Gould Please come back
Melissa Gillian Sparrow Please come to Adelaide
Joshua Gyngell Menon Its a nice photo of are still good looking.luvnlight Joshua Gyngell Menon
Meg Coulter Ice cream.
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