Kevin Rudd
01:30 08/12/2017

What would a “grand bargain” look like between China and the US on the future of the Korean Peninsula? I spoke with CNBC Squawk Box earlier: https:


Kevin Rudd: How to defuse the Korean crisis

Kevin Rudd: How to defuse the Korean crisis

Kevin Rudd, Asia Society Policy Institute president and former Australia prime minister, discusses the ways to diplomatically deal with North Korea.

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Karin Peagam
Grand bargain... let the chinese take it over on condition they wipe out the leadership and support the country to become economically self sufficient within a 10 time limit.
Judy Harris
Come back Kev. Can't believe Trump is still in power.
Michael Thomas Carlucci
too late. This kind of stuff should have been done a long time ago.
Peter Dunn
War is not a good thing. Diplomacy the go. Plus China and Russia on the North Korean border trump have to deal with them as well. I don't think this war is going to happen unless fathead loses the plot and fires directly with intent fat head hasn't a chance against the US and he should know it
Barbara Gill
And Donald Trump isn't making threats Christopher Stephens.
David Walker
China are watching how the world reacts. More incursions into the south China sea. Pretend they don't control north korea
Peter King
good observation Kev - sensible discussion ..good perspective // thanks //
Kay Ross
Again you have read this situation so well. I wish they ask you to mediate between North Korea and Trump . Sanction dont work, China helps North Korea to them beat this. The reason is that pro Chinese on their border not pro US. The Chinese consider that Trump is bluffing. Paper Tiger is the label that the Chinese applies to anything or anybody that seems threatening but is ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge. Mao Zedong (1946) stated that all reactionaries are Paper Tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are terrifying but in reality is not so powerful.North Korea is after security! US wants to winding up of Nuclear Program. So Carrot is provide security to North Korea and the stick to get this North Korea must stop their nuclear program The Chinese needs to have a creative bargaining the Us and North Korea . This is 1. A treaty with US and North Korea, 2. Diplomatic recognition of North Korea Regime , 3. A tri/security by US, China and Russia . 4. This is the most important and diplomatic challenging is removal of US forces from South Korea Peninsula . Mr Rudd I urge you to go and use this knowledge . What you need to do is rein in the Paper Tiger , Provide the security that North Korea craves. Most importantly using your diplomatic skill to show how the intervention that Chinese provides will be for their interest.
Baron Holstein
Easiest way to deal with NK is the same way China was dealt with. Remove the sanctions let the people prosper and the government will slowly change.
Richard Holliday
A well delivered narrative on the risk associated by increasing the rhetoric against North Korea and a possible outcome for the USA and China.
Richard Newcombe
At times of crisis real leaders stand up and deliver diplomacy , well spoken Mr Rudd
Maralynne Nowland
Kevin Rudd always speaks so we can understand.The voice of reason every time.Well said Mr Rudd.
Ralph Walton
You have got to be kidding. This bloke couldn't keep his cool running a chook raffle. He is a loose canon and could not be seriously considered to provide answers to any serious questions.
Warwick Lynch
Anyone that doesn't heel to the military/industrial might of the US get sent to the bad boys tent, where big brothers orders to his trembling lap dogs are forbidden to talk to them, like Cuba, whose biggest export is probably doctors.
Yonas Maekele
The more Un is squeezed with sunctions it will more likely feed into is his megalomaniac personality and continue give the threat rhetoric towards the west. Find a way to emanicipate his people from the utter grip and let them fight him off. This is giving power back to the people.

Other newsfeed from Kevin Rudd

My friend Xie Zhenhua says China will meet & beat the 2020 climate target. We now need every country to do more under Paris.

Xie Zhenhua: China will meet 2020 carbon reduction target
Xie Zhenhua: China will meet 2020 carbon reduction target

China’s chief negotiator at the Paris Agreement speaks in Hong Kong after receiving Lui Che Wo prize for efforts to tackle climate change

66 reactions 14 comments
Stephen Tremblay Good luck telling Turnbull that.
Janne Berg /Mauri Berg. Meanwhile in tRump's US...
Nick Scott Kevin it's too little, too late. I hope you enjoy warm days :/
Lizzie Allan & every country should be involved as we only got one planet
Nilda Mane Well Done China We Know Better We Need to Act Better, Hope More Countries Will Follow

I changed my view on same sex marriage in 2013. As a Christian, it was the right thing to do. Here’s me at The Oxford Union explaining why. And if you want to read about why I changed my view back then, here’s the original blog post: #VoteYes

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Craig Mercer You want a medal dickhead?
Daniel Date *It was the politically expedient thing to do.
Michael Bart mr rudd, I am 62 years old and am behind in all my bills and cant asfford to buy food becaus i refuse to stop smoking...why have you done this to old people? you dont have to stop but why have you stopped peoploe who want to keep smoking but now cant ...
Josh Mauer Gazz Ward you wanna fight?
Carzy James Your views changed when you were shunted into opposition. Coincidence?

Climate change remains the greatest threat to us all, as Achim Steiner, Patricia Espinosa and Robert Glasser remind us on this International Day for Disaster Reduction. #IDDR2017

Climate change is a threat to rich and poor alike
Climate change is a threat to rich and poor alike

Is this year's string of hurricanes a sign of things to come?

126 reactions 27 comments
Tony Clarke
Jeremy Strang Your an idiot
Rosco James Get help.
Jennifer Wells Thnx Kevin for your honesty
Val Power Thank you, Kevin.

Flashback Friday. I've been blessed in my life by the love and support of strong women. My mum. Therese. My daughter Jess. Not for the Faint-hearted, my autobiography out Oct 24, is also the story of a dad, and a husband and a son - and is a thankyou to the women who have stood with me and by me. Pan Macmillan Australia

1.0k reactions 59 comments
Lizzie Allan We with you Ruddy & want you back as our PM as you were the only man for that job.
Patrick Henderson Will your autobiography be available in Ireland Kevin?
Wayne Cameron I am asking for this as a Christmas Present, for sure.
Linda Hadson Looking forward to reading your book Kev.
Warren Mundy we are looking foward to seeing you in CBR soon

Thanks to The Oxford Union for having me tonight. Many challenges ahead for the world. Good to see so many bright Aussies here too. Photo credit: The Oxford Union

176 reactions 10 comments
Cameron Saligari
Tony Clarke
Lawrence Hobart Go Kevin!!!!
Cameron Milne “Bring me some lemon sherbet!”
Elaine Atkins Excellent work Kevin!

This should be fun! Sydney Writers' Festival is hosting my book launch on Monday 23rd October. My first event discussing Not for the Faint-hearted. Pan Macmillan Australia Jennifer Hewett

66 reactions 7 comments
Joshua Goener David
Kirt J Anthony ORR'HELL000 THERE & GOOD M000RNNING MATE. I MADE A YOUUU MOVIE........ 🤒|🇦🇺🤕|🇦🇺
Laurie Woods Writing a book on how to be a failure
Gutierezz M H Emilia Whoa I would be back to Qld.
Rebecca Amy Hey Kevin I would love to attend!

Spoke at the Harvard Kennedy School JFK forum last night with Graham Allison on China, North Korea and his book, ‘Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?’.

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Hugo Ottesen Niels Riisager
Marina Ann Makepeace Great voyage tough subject :)
Jane Knox Great conversation with insight and historical perspective. Congratulations
Ron Bower Your mouth never stops, can’t believe you are paid for your verbal poop.
William Taylor best book launch I've seen for a while

Flashback Friday Hey Girl. OK own up.... I know I was not the only one with a cheesecloth shirt in the 70s. So groovy. Less groovy were the piles of Hansard. 😂 And yes, this photo makes it into my autobiography. See, there’s a reason I called it Not For the Faint-hearted. #alwaysanerd @panmacmillanaustralia

1.0k reactions 181 comments
Emily Rose Mary Vance what a heart breaker hahahah <3
Sam James Grace Hutson can anyone possibly beat this bloke
Judith Rudd No Kevin Rudd you wern't the only one!
Anjali Mukherjee I had a cheese cloth top or two or three in the 70s. Bring them back!
Andrew Scott I would date that man.

Thursday 26th October I will be interviewed by Kerry O'Brien about my autobiography, Not for the Faint-hearted. Getting close to launch Pan Macmillan Australia

Kevin Rudd and Kerry O’Brien
Kevin Rudd and Kerry O’Brien

Kevin Rudd’s time as Prime Minister was short, tumultuous and, at times, momentous. Rising to power in 2007 on a wave of popular optimism, Rudd defeated a formidable opponent in John Howard and ushered in an era of Labor rule and extensive reform. Perhaps the most outward-looking and globally ambiti...

413 reactions 49 comments
Julie Henderson Kevin 17 😀
Nic Wright Come back home one day Kevin !
Ben Muir Big dog still pullin punches, unbelievable stamina
John Steer Good on you Kevin hope it goes well for you mate
Rosalind Farmer Carew I was very disappointed when you were knifed, glad to have you back in touch .

As someone now living in the US, this is insanity. The President and Congress must start by banning automatic weapons.

1.3k reactions 194 comments
Jeffrey L Williams The big shame and possibly the bigger tragedy here is that he killed himself, now no one will ever know why he did it and can learn nothing about stopping it happening again and again. Tragedy that so many died and were wounded, but because he turned ...
Sandra Lang STFU Rudd and mind your business. People kill people not guns. Americans have it in their constitution they have the right to bare arms and if they need to have guns to protect their property and families, someo ne like you have no right ti tell them ...
Nick Judge It pains me people think you can buy a fully automatic weapon in the United States since they were banned in 1986 under the Hughes Amendment. You cannot buy one.
Chris Galvin Background checks and no guns for mentally impaired people would solve a lot of issues without banning them. Look at canada they have plenty of guns but also do background checks etc and have a lot less shootings
Chris Gibson This says it all about Kevin Rudd. Opens his mouth without checking his facts. Automatic weapons are banned in the US, The weapons used are illegal, unless he meant semi-automatic in which case he opened his mouth without understanding what he was ...

If you’re interested in a pretty free-wheeling discussion on China, the US and North Korea, you might want to have a look at this one with Ian Bremmer.

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Tom Giuretis Mir Tom Caroline Hayley get around him
Tilley Travis Even at 25% there is still room for diplomacy
Kay Ross The Elites of this world have hijacked the prosperity for themselves! Their idea that the rest of the populations would receive the trickle down effect. . Their greed has got so bad that even this is not occurring hence the unrest in Spain, and other ...
Myo Wai Saudi Arabia invested in China for economic game and spent 100 billion dollars for brought a military equipment or weapons from US. China and US tug of war on the world stage to gain a power. North Korea needed international attention, especially ...

Interviewed Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop MP, on the United Nations, North Korea, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the terrorist threat in the Philippines here at the Asia Society Policy Institute.

90 reactions 17 comments
Jordo Powers She is disgusting
Beau S Glover 🇺🇸 🚀 🚀 🌏 💀 💀 🇰🇵
RO MJ Most #Rohingya villages were completely burned and some were destroyed by #Burmese military and Rakhine extremists in MDW, BTD and RTD.#Burma has "2 PARALLEL GOVERNMENTS ". Military govern. commits #Genocide against #Rohingya,​& civilian govern. denies ...
RO MJ These are the collateral damages done to Rohingya since August 25: - More than 430,000 Rohingya become refugees in Bangladesh, which is expected to cross over 500,000 - more than 200 Rohingya villagers were partially or completely burned down - ...
Ron Dent What wld she no

Ran into Ivana today as part of my Aussies abroad series. Ivana is working as an intern at the World Health Organization (WHO) here at their meetings at #UNGA in New York. I'm always stunned by how many Australians I see working in or with UN institutions.

228 reactions 10 comments
Ivana Santic Maeve Lu it's me!!!!!!
John Harding Mr. Rudd - you are a champion.
Lloyd Greenhill I was gonna post some memes for you but I can't even post them in the comments :-(
Len Clark I bet she had to be told who the little Nerd was hehe
Kay Ross Good to see you that are engaing with the travelling Aussies! Your encouragement helps !

A busy time for us all here during #UNGA week in New York. Here's a quick snapshot.

295 reactions 39 comments
Lloyd Greenhill Memes?
Lily Cowan Good on you, Mr Rudd.
Craig Gee Kev. Please stop WWIII. THANKS!
Matt Buchanan Can you speak out about the USA's global aggression and tyarnny before they get us all nuked, ffs?!
Vaughan Casey Why do you still hove your snout in the trough

On the #Rohingya crisis, the international community should do two things: fund urgent relief work through Bangladesh; and focus political pressure on the Burmese military, who are running this operation. My thoughts in today's edition of The New York Times.®ion=opinion-c-col-right-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-right-region&_r=0

Opinion | Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis Meets Reality
Opinion | Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis Meets Reality

Aung San Suu Kyi is no saint. But no political leader is.

229 reactions 52 comments
Muditha Jayasinghe Best is for Australia to take them and settle them in Tasmania
Rudi Rhein We don't need comments from the West. Burma could have told the West 80 years ago not to go to war, not to wipe out our jewish minority, not to have 80 millions dead...and still the West would have gone to war regardless ...despite it could have been ...
Cody Xie And what are the Anglo-saxons doing NOW?
Nyo Nyo The voice of the mother of newborn twins- the people had to run away from their villages to a little seemingly safer place by traveling two nights. There are a lot of indigenous people who have to stay at 7 monasteries as refugees.( before the military ...
Artur Kuhn A Leader of a Country with no Face and no Voice, a Puppet!!!!

Spoke with BBC Newsnight re #NorthKorea and President Trump's speech to the UN #UNGA

133 reactions 13 comments
Lersay Wai Daymu George, Reema Faith 23rd.
Julie MacLean Thankyou Mr Rudd
Gina Bednarski KRUDD - 4PM
Patricia Ludwig Kevin Rudd is a very astute politician and far more intelligent and diplomatic than all Western leaders at the moment.
Linda Bryant Trump scares the hell out of me

Great opportunity today to discuss possible approaches to the North Korean nuclear crisis with President Moon of South Korea. #UNGA

235 reactions 46 comments
Tony Smith Where is Team America when you need them they would take out the little fat pig 😉😁😂
Tom Skonieczka What is there to discuss? There were plenty of discussion with hitler in 1939.
Lloyd Greenhill This is my second time asking k rudd. Where the memes at man
Angelos Ashes Can't we send a team in. To kill Kim and free the poor people?
Ken Wood So having a chat with Kimm Jong Un is off the table then?

I spoke at the United Nations today on bringing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty into force and on #NorthKorea #UNGA

381 reactions 75 comments
Shari Brown Why the hell does he get to speak?
Baron Holstein Except the best way to solve North Korea is to remove all sanctions.
Robert Vonk How the hell did we go from a well-spoken, intelligent person as PM, to a onion-eating, incoherent populist, to a completely ineffectual milquetoast?
Chris Hepple I wish we could wind the clock back to when you was PM Kevin.
Murray Roberts Peace on earth would be quite peaceful

Turnbull should provide major levels of humanitarian aid to Bangladesh to support #Rohingya refugees. My interview re the Myanmar crisis and the North Korean nuclear challenge on ABC 7.30:

242 reactions 70 comments
James Leyshan Kevin you owe me $9 for the sausage roll and coke at the Melbourne convention, I haven't forgotten mate lol.
Mark Mighell When does the Myanmar process start here ? Abandon the book of Barbaric Ideology! It's Not Buddhists Killing Muslims In Myanmar, Its Rohingya Muslims Killing Buddhists From 1947
Dylan Ramm They're the bad guys, but we should totally give a population keen on invasion and domination a beachhead somewhere they have never thought of, like here!
Shelley James And what about those on Manus? Shouldn't the ALP be calling for the Rohingya be brought to Australia?
Matt Buchanan Calling out and condemning Myanmar is massively hypocritical seeing as we're doing the same thing but on a far larger scale in the Mideast.

It is time for #marriageequality. In 2008 my Government extended the definition of de facto to include same sex relationships. We made changes to superannuation so that same-sex couples could leave entitlements to their partner or their children. We ended discrimination against same-sex couples and their children in taxation, health insurance, social security, aged care and child support, immigration, citizenship and veterans affairs. As Foreign Minister, I made it easier for sex and gender diverse people to get a passport in their preferred gender. And of course I fought the 2013 election on marriage equality All of this was important. All of this paved the way. #voteyes

Laws amended by the same-sex reforms

A full list of the 85 Commonwealth laws amended is set out below. The laws amended fall within the responsibility of various Australian Government Departments.

801 reactions 81 comments
Daz Ecee Steve Ibbotson This may have the answers you were seeking
Nastya Burrllin Kevin, mate, stop eating lemons!
Sean Weatherly I thought it was Gillard that changed super laws. Well done Kevin!
Mark Henderson Kevin Rudd King of the Hypocrites. Blocked gay marriage when he was PM. What a fraud
Len Clark I thought you were concentrating on saving the Planet

All the focus is on the North Korea crisis. We also need to focus on the long-term stability of the wider region. Join us tonight at 18.30 NY time/08.30 Sydney time (Tuesday) for the launch of the Asia Society Policy Institute's latest report: I'll be in conversation with former US National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and Singaporean Ambassador to the US Ashok Mirpuri.

Preserving the Long Peace in Asia
Preserving the Long Peace in Asia

ASPI report on how to strengthen regional institutions in the Asia-Pacific to manage peace and security in increasingly turbulent times.

29 reactions 4 comments
Simon J. Mahulae Good morning, Mr. Rudd. Have a very nice day, sir.
Hamzah Simmonds What long peace do they preserve? People are dying every day and yet no one does anything. Try 'Preserving our power and wealth'...
John Boom There’ll never be peace in those regions until war brokers like the USA don’t bend and accept others like NK and allow them to take away those political borders they’ve placed between them. This has always been of the USA’s making. War should be used ...

After the Liberals voted down #marriageequality in the 2013 elections, it's now time to get the vote out & vote YES.

548 reactions 71 comments
Monte Bovill Didn't you vote against SSM in 2012 when 42 others in the House of Reps voted for it? 🤔
Mark Smith Or you can just vote no that's OK too
Tim Lilley If only you'd done something when you were in government Kevin.
Gabe Saliadarre Don't forget to use a biro pen when you vote NO .
Warren Gardiner I voting no because gay marriage is wrong to women your even kissing it makes me sick

There may still be a way through the #NorthKorea crisis. I spoke with Bloomberg Television earlier today:

Ex-Australian PM Says Diplomacy Might Work With N. Korea
Ex-Australian PM Says Diplomacy Might Work With N. Korea

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society, discusses the possible U.S. responses to the rising tensions with North Korea. He speaks with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Joe Weisenthal and Abigail Doolittle on "What'd You Miss?" (Source: Bloomberg)

140 reactions 44 comments
MN Donnie He's not suicidal. He's trying to force talks on his terms.
Alan Edward Thorley The little FAT boy wants to rule the world just like a few others in history that have tried & failed
Ronny Bryson I don't think the USA understands what real diplomacy is. Have they ever tried it?
Darren Quinn Where there is hope there is a path way.
Yasmin McQuade I think Mei Mei would agree!

‪On the #NorthKorea question and what to do about it, here are some thoughts I penned in The Sydney Morning Herald today:‬

Three possible scenarios as chances of Korean War rise to over 20 per cent
Three possible scenarios as chances of Korean War rise to over 20 per cent

The reality is that it has now become an increasing possibility, but not a probability.

131 reactions 40 comments
JD Sang Go the K Rudd
Christopher Weston North korea makes first move. America retaliates and we all defend. Russia takes the chance to attack america while they are distracted and weak. China attacks russia after russia sustains massive casualties. China becomes top power.
Adiss Charbel try peace its better than war
Cody Xie Whether you like it or not, this guy is smart.
Rolf Browne The problem is America she has been it bombing innocent countries under pretext of liars . Notice there is no more cry that Assad MUST GO. WHY cannot we talk and negotiate after all we that is the powers to be have an education . Or are we still in dim ...

These days I'm Chair of the Global Partnership on Sanitation and Water for All. There are still nearly a billion people lacking the most basic sanitation, water and hygiene around the world (more at Here I am speaking at the opening of World Water Week, hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). (Credit: SIWI)

156 reactions 24 comments
Diddles Eveiveneg Jaya Myler
Pat Assheton Good onya Kev!
Glen Phillips Global ?
Mickey Flannery Love your work KR
Ashley Ryan Power Kevin, I need to tell you something. In September, Norway and Germany will be voting Erna Solberg Conservative of Norway and Angela Merkel Christian Democratic Union the two far-right out in the next election because they're not making their countries ...

Don't you love the Murdoch boys? Read the headline. Then read the actual facts buried in paragraph 3 of the story: In fact if the Murdoch media had bothered to actually read the original report from Essential Media on preferred governments over the last decade, the picture is totally different to their headline—which is 100% false: And this is the same Murdoch empire that Turnbull and co. were supporting to take over Channel Ten—presumably to extend the reach of New Limited's long-standing tradition of "fair and balanced" reporting. Give us a break!

Turnbull Government rated best in ten years
Turnbull Government rated best in ten years

The latest Essential poll has rated the current government the best of the last 10 years.

711 reactions 198 comments
Phillip Donoghue 25 percent rated the Turnbull government the best in 10 years, ? Another way of putting it is that 75 percent didn't
Marlene Sarroff Turnbull Govt just gave 30 million to Fox Sports and apparently no paper work or discussion.
Perez Mamajen hahahaha plenty of homeless jobless struggling family everyday wtf are they doing
Benny Li Yea Yea so GREAT!!! O wait, only citizens can vote, not PR Wait a second, why does it suddenly require so much to be a resident?? Ahh That's why, I can't vote, very smart Turnbull, very smart
Jake Neville Oh ho wow... what a cracker of a headline. Blatantly false. I thought another poll had put Turnbull at the top, but nope. Same Essential poll.

This is a first. Disturbing escalation. Time for calm & cool heads on North Korea. And a 'grand bargain' with China. I wrote about this in a recent op-ed in the Financial Times titled "Creative diplomacy is vital to defuse Korean crisis". You can read it here: Latest news on North Korean missile launch over Japan:

286 reactions 62 comments
David Underdown Savour life and live each day, Dr Strangelove's on his way!
Jason Beek Even in the report the say it's rare, not NEVER done before.
Lawrence Hobart Krudd trumps and Trump is crud. Talk some Mandarin to the powers that be please Kev. We love ya. Kind Regards rational people
Peter Proctor Time for Kim jong dickheads brains to be splattered all over the wall . sniper time
Sara Fryer We should tell Russia that, "North Korea said - I did inappropriate things with yo mumma". Problem solved.
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