10:37 07/16/2017

LOVE my sister Saundra Williams who sang with me on the Woman track and kicks ass in the video...

Saundra's work with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings as well as her solo work has been such an inspiration to me - she is truly a Motherfuckin' WOMAN❤️❤️❤️

LOVE my sister Saundra Williams who sang with me on the Woman track and kicks ass in the video... Saundra's work with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings as well as her solo work has been such an inspiration to me - she is truly a Motherfuckin' WOMAN❤️❤️❤️

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Anne Cochran
Beaming Beautiful Blessings
Jamilson Damazio
Joyce Miranda
Zachary Jake
אריאל גולני
Md Raju
Luigi Levi
Jhoni Sarat
Queen's 🎶🎶🎶🎶✊
Mohmaed Suliman
So weird 😂😂😂😂😂👍
Mart Stone
I love you kesha ....marry me
Nawab Khan
Luv u kesha
Amir Gholamy
Two Awesome #Woman To Make Every Animals Proud To Both Of You And Going Listening To Your Latest Hit Another Time To Having Rocking Out Day With Your Song, All The Best From me To Have The Best Day Ever Full Of Fun And Joy With Endless Beautiful Wide Smiles
Salah Eddine Kharbouch
I'm the first one omg I love you Kesha
Esther Kudron
To the two people who pride reacted: HOW?!
Stefano Greco
Only 26 days til RAINBOW <3

Other newsfeed from Kesha

Animals, my dream came true!! I'm finally becoming a cat on the new SoulPancake Show, KAT, streaming now on Prime Video! 😻😻💕🌟

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Jeff Ijeff Love #Kesha👏🎶🎶🎤🎶🎶
Zeta Rebecca toni cuzzy lmao
Chilly S. Gone What?
Kacper Zoń Natalia jakie slodkie
Alexy Lefebvre Taryn Flebbe ?!?!? Did you write this??

Patiently awaiting for ⚡️The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour ⚡️ can't fucking wait to boogie with my animals all summer long✨🌙

4.4k reactions 83 comments
Maicon Douglas Maravilha
Léo Silva Linda
Dakota Skouby Got mine c ya in kc
Samir Zin beautiful love u
Asif Imtiaz Rimon I just love your eyes👌💜

i can't believe this is my life. i still feel like i'm just a little kid running around with dinosaurs on my shirts. thank you to my fans for making my dreams come true on this record, i love you all so so much 💕✨🦄🐻🦁🐶✨💕

3.3k reactions 86 comments
Shawntá Santacruz We love you too!!! ❤🔥💛💚💙💜
Alex Hernandez TE AMOOOI
Matt Spitzer So cute! ❤️
Jessica DeHaemer Perez Love you too, Kesha💖
Angela Consuelo López Araya Dr Luke like this. Queen of RAPE 💙

Animals! I'm so honored and excited that the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs asked me to perform at the #GRAMMYs on Jan 28!! ♥🦊♥🦁♥

5.5k reactions 139 comments
Lindi Smith You go girl! I am so happy to see you succeeding!! You've been so brave through so much!
Jermaine Abrahim Andy Zuk she’s trying to kill me this year 😍
Maicon Douglas Rainha linda e maravilhosa Tenho certeza que será a melhor performance da noite Vc merece todo sucesso do mundo Eu te amo. Guerreira ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Roger Jaén I met your mom here in Panama she is such a sweetheart! Bummer you did not comeee! Love you.
Juvany Mosatalla Samson "Godzilla", "Spaceship", "rainbow", "learn to let go"

Preach Oprah!!! “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have!!!" 💪👸

3.0k reactions 52 comments
Donizete Santos Ícone
Matthew Brenneis Yasss!! #teamOprah2020 ❤️🖤
Nicolò Nargiso I love you❤
Yever Soliven presidentiable #2020
Cody James Weinrich 🤮🤢

Preach Oprah!!! “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have!!!" 💪👸

Oprah & Kesha mashup
Oprah & Kesha mashup

Kesha's brand new song Woman, with Oprah's Golden Globes speech

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‪I'm a rainbow 🌈🌈🌈‬

4.0k reactions 73 comments
Heidi Cameron Hugs Kesha!!!
Anthony Moura love u 🖤
Sebastián Sackler 🌈 Be a Rainbow
Sarah J Moll Beautiful rainbow at that!!
Bruno-Sebastien Mallet youre the purple in the rainbow..

Who's excited to boogie with us at The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour?? ✨💖✨

3.3k reactions 89 comments
Laura Hayward See you in Toronto!
Alexandre Soares Meus amores
Brooks Hardy Me! 🙋‍♀️
Johnathan Meredith I'm 2009-10 I might have cared
Parker Elizabeth 🙋🏼‍♀️ see you in toronto!! 💖

Boogie to my Dope Chicks playlist on Spotify 💕🌟💕

464 reactions 19 comments
Greg Marchand Mia Montini
Katie George Hayden Saliou-Thomas
Felicia Davis Kimberly Archer
Hannah Rishel Alyssa Meadows
Katy Rubel Mari Birgit this seems right up your alley!

i love a good tattoo, animals, these are sick🦉👽🌙

2.9k reactions 58 comments
Samir Zin beautiful love u
Lindsey Skidmore Omg those are amazing!!!❤
Heidi Cameron Awesome!!
Lucie Dery Got mine done yesterday ❤️❤️❤️
Diane Brown My Manchester bee x

Throwback to my hangout session at Spotify 🌟🌈💖🌈🌟 Listen to Praying here

3.2k reactions 39 comments
Brenda Arielle Pereira Kesha❤ i Love you
Mike Brown Yah on tv.
Jeff Ijeff Love #Kesha🎶🎤🎶👍
Clinton Hattingh LoVe your new song Praying. :)
Donizete Santos I love Kesha

Come see us at The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour 💕✨💕

14.5k reactions 240 comments
Lisa Kelly Seeing you in AZ. It was one of my gifts to my 10 year old for Christmas.
Maranda Hallstrom Navarro im just sAYINNNN dont foRGET
Ryan Bayne I love this picture of you guys. Happy New Year.
Kieffer Bain ••• hugs & kisses from Franklin, Tennessee...
Skiye Nadeau I like their videos he seems to be positive force in her life (:

happy new years animals, here's to a beautiful, peaceful, positive & fucking awesome year👻i hope you rang in the new year smooching a cat, or something or someone you love dearly bc lord knows cats rule 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

488 reactions 170 comments
Elizabeth Beck Heather Loll is Kesha's cat a sibling of ze one and only chubchub?! 😙
Emily Nardone Ian this could have been u and Mowg
Caitlin Jade Wilkins Colette Walkington Harper and Taylor were my New Years kiss🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Nicole Wiederholt Happy new thanks for giving us life “praying” is amazing.
Lindsey Skidmore Happy New Year Kesha!!! And yes, cats do rule!🐱🐱🐱 Love u!🌈❤

love my baby 💕🐱💕

7.2k reactions 150 comments
Milenko Babic Kiss for you
Dennis Rowe happy new year many blessings in the new year
Cody Barry Zoë this is you
Schweineingeinmeineindorf Dion Cats kissed by you. Hail.
Pedro Henrique Pezzi Omg it is huge

Who's going to boogie to my album Rainbow for New Year's Eve?? 💃✨💕

6.1k reactions 152 comments
Erin Camalari All day everyday! Can finally make it through the whole album without crying. 💜
Tia Mariano Ryder "Woman" was playing when I got to my boyfriend's parents' house last night!
Rod Lewis Howson Vmy playlist is mainly tupac hole and 90s hits
Sean Kawasaki I most certainly am. Thank you for this album. Greatly appreciated
Charlotte Bassett Boogie Feet is one of my favourite songs—makes me think of B52s!!!!!!!

Don't miss Rainbow on the iTunes Chart Toppers sale here ✨🌈✨

2.1k reactions 72 comments
Rose Carter Dat ass gurl. Yum
Noe Rodriguez Ya lo tengo mi amore
Mike Brown Cool.
Sopia Zaira Naeki Queen 😍
Chris Ovrid Nice ass

Thank you my animals, I love you 💖💖

3.6k reactions 87 comments
Anthony Joseph Kellermann seriously, thank you Kesha
Anthony Moura congrats 💙
Maycon Dhoni Eu te amo ♡
Milenko Babic My Sun.
Welton Amorim love u more

merry merry 💕🌟💕

3.7k reactions 41 comments
Deva Sri Rahayu Diniati love you
Mike Brown Nice.
Joseph Reid Happy Hols..XXX
Bruno-Sebastien Mallet Christmas Christmas <3
Prince Indrajit Law <3 Beautiful :* !

Throwback to me singing Learn To Let Go at BBC Radio 1 ✨💖✨

1.9k reactions 26 comments
Joah Chun Brendan Jux Smith
Moira Bradley Kristin Hernandez
Prince Indrajit Law <3!

Listen to the 'This Is Me' from The Greatest Showman movie on Spotify 💖💖

2.3k reactions 78 comments
Matt Penfold I just. Saw it today! Was amazing 😍
Martha Dineen Camp Rock
Christian D Hattaway This song slays, Kesha!! Loved the movie! ❤️🎶
Jose Cardenas Love it and bought it
Dennis Rowe rock it woot woot

Can’t wait to sing and boogie with my animals next year 💜💕💜

3.1k reactions 58 comments
Joseph Reid XXX
Thomaz Nogueira Amanda Amorim seria o nosso sonho?
Syed Jalal Haider damn
Vinny Majid Where to book?
Spencer Clough Push out the pussy from the baby

#tb merry merry and i 🙏🏽santa brings you some love and glitter tonight ☃️❄️🎁🎅🏽🤶🏽#alliwantforchristmas #equality #worldpeace #happiness #bangs?

5.0k reactions 109 comments
Millicent White Merry Christmas lovely I'm soo glad you had a great year god bless you
Jackie Russo Merry Christmas love ❤️
Johnny Powell Help me kesha I'm trying to get police to investigate all these girls getting abused here including my girlfriend Lucy
Lee Ann Wolfe Hi Cassie I love you babe
Lee Ann Wolfe Hi Casa I love you babe

Get your tickets to see me and Macklemore on our tour 💕💜💕

4.2k reactions 108 comments
Rachel 'Jones' Hakel Sara Friend... I am buying tickets!!!!
Mike Ngu ❤️ U Both!!!
Sneyder Garcia You are the best Kesha <3
Jacob Salinas Got them!! Im so excited to see you!!!!!
Ashley Riggs Dont go you will regret it when you wake up with bruises and the guys touching you.

Rainbow is on iTunes Chart Toppers sale until 1/12! Get yours here 💖💖

648 reactions 11 comments
Jacob Dart Andrew Collins
Joseph Reid XXX
Alia Bhatt Pop queen
Sean Beggans Great album !! ❤️
Lindsey Skidmore Amazing!!! Love u Kesha!!!❤🌈✨😁

“This Is Me” from the movie @GreatestShowman is out now! I hope this song inspires all my animals to embrace everything that you are. You all are magical and I love you. 🦁🦊♥ Listen now at

1.9k reactions 66 comments
Claire Nash Omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jake C. Barber AWESOME
Graziano D'Ovidio THIS SONG IS GREAT.
Mikayla Stadler Uff this song...this movie! ❤️
Aya Zekriti La perfection ❤❤

Can't wait to shower my animals with glitter next year ✨✨

2.3k reactions 73 comments
Johanna Vuorinen Queen 🙏👑
Stephanie McCown Ahhhh
Louisa Barajas Come to WA STATE!!!!! 😭😭😭
John Sinick Very nice
Welton Amorim and spit

Throwback to Good Old Days 💕✨💕

3.3k reactions 50 comments
Lindsey Skidmore Best song of 2017... And... Like, ever!!! Love u Kesha!
Gerald David Piñas Orihuela i love you
Kirsten C Sfaction Is kesha back
Vitor Silva Rainbow Deluxe we want 😭❤
Douglas Nascimento This song... ❤️

The Holidays Are Hard If You Struggle With Mental Illness. Don't Blame Yourself

4.6k reactions 137 comments
Larry Faulkner Thank you, Kesha. You've become such a beacon of light in this messed up world.
Anthony Moura Thanks for sharing this 💙
David Mikael Wow no wonder why I always have a rough time up through mid January 😪
Heidi Cameron Kimberley I feel overwhelmed sometimes too.
Borana Dollomaja Kesha you have such a kind soul I love you girl 💟💟

‪Animals! Hear me sing "This Is Me" from the movie Greatest Showman. This song means a lot to me as I hope to inspire my animals to accept and love yourselves. You are all special, my animals!! 💕🌟🦄🌟💕 #GreatestShowman #ThisIsMe ‬

2.7k reactions 94 comments
Aaron Daves Kesha, where??
Ashley Peterson Rachael okay now we HAVE to go
Hallee Regal Anthony now we def have to see it
Emilie Thomas Andrew Gifford now we really have to go see this movie
Jaz Alkadi Rania Alkadi this is the song x
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