23:20 03/19/2017

Neal Schon live solo shot from Eugene, OR last night! 🎸 #JourneyTour2017

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Neal Schon live solo shot from Eugene, OR last night! 🎸 #JourneyTour2017

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Kent Allen
Terry Ferrante
July 5th Snowden Grove make an even dozen times.
Simone Coccia Colaiuta
Katsuhiko Minoura
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become.
"You must believe you can. You must find the place inside yourself where anything is possible. It starts with a dream. Add confidence, and it becomes a belief. Add commitment, and it becomes a goal in sight. Add action, and it becomes a part of your life. Add determination and time, and your dream becomes a reality..When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, Never Give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.!!"
Pamela Kabana
I love this picture, it's so cool and awsome
Joyce Carr Klika
Tomorrow evening, Boise, idaho, can't wait !
Steve Miller
Amazing show last night! Mahalo and Aloha!!!
Shiela Terrenal De Lara
Fantastic...the best band....i love it.
Tim Zeppetella
June 21 Rochester
Rob Ware
Great shot see ya next week Monday
Angel Torres
The man. Best band ever.
Bryan Shrock
Please give an honest review of Asia with Billy Sherwood.
Shannon Curtis Friesen
I was there! Fabulous concert!!!!!!
Pamela Kabana
Thank you for the like. Journey the best band ever been a hard core fan since the 70 s. Don't Stop Believing

Other newsfeed from Journey

We had a blast playing The Classic West! See you at Citi Field in one week NYC. Get your tickets here:

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Debbie Kosak-Ryan Lead singer sucked! Lip sync most of the songs! 👎👎👎
Laurie Carter Not Journey without " Steve "
Steve Crofford It's not the same.
Sonny Kwakman That's a lot of people😱
Scott Gwen Ortman Journey ✌👍 👍

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Brian Bries Neal Schon - Long time Journey fan and fellow musician. Would really enjoy a full instrumental album of your improvised solo spots. Any plans for something like that in the future?
Matt Salerno You say orb...i say butterfly. You're famous though, so I'm sure your opinion prevails over logic.
Marilyn McCausland And what would Journey's music be without Neal's fingers magically dancing upon those strings?
Tracey Meyer Mullins You were amazing in Southaven, MS on July 5th! Thanks for the awesome show!
Mari Blade The Orb has been always with you. Your talent is beautiful. 😎

We're having a great time on the road playing for you all! See you tomorrow Pelham, AL.

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Frank Sarabia See you guys next week in Laredo, Tx!
Eddie Alford How did Arnel get up there?!
Amber Pennington love the music
Jill Lindvall Any trips to Florida coming up????????
Rhonda Mullins Gura You blew us away in Bham!! Thanks for the show!

Instagram post by Mike Rucker • Jun 29, 2017 at 11:58am UTC

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Barry Sears Awesome show last night!!
Janice Mcmahon Would love to see this.One of my favorite groups.
Brenda Pennington Great show at Louisville! I first saw you there in 1978, Louisville Jam!
Cheri Dishman They are killing it on this 2017 Tour. Saw them on the 7th. Can't wait to go again. 😎🖒❤😊
Andy Secora Looks like a hellova show i can't wait to see you guy's. ..🎸🎸🎸🎸🍻👍

Last night in Toledo OH Improv solo in front of Wheel with a little help from Hey Jude 👆🏾

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Joe Murphy
Juldean Jones Hope Lejeune
Robin Barfield That was awesome!
Peggy Van Meer My home town!!!
Andy Secora You rock neal peace n a shout out to Steve!!!

Some great shots from Windsor! 🎸 Photo credit: Marta Giannotti

1.4k reactions 42 comments
Jeff Bowers Come back to pa! The show at PPL Center was awesome
Thomas Stepan Next Saturday!!!! Can't wait!
Beverly Ginestra Lake Tahoe!! We all wanna go again for the third time!!
Debbi Coluzzi I can't believe we missed Journey this year!!!
Traci Ann Smith Awesome!!!

Thanks for coming out, Rochester! See you tonight in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

581 reactions 53 comments
Eileen Godios Francescone Great concert in Rochester, NY.
James Budd Yeah if you want to watch a lip singer.
Robin Ferguson Garcia When r u coming to Atlanta?
Carol Fingar Great show! Thank YOU!
Chris Waynick Can't wait til Wednesday night in Louisville, KY

2.8k reactions 98 comments
Penny Black one month to Noblesville....
Anton Cabunigan Taburnal When the lights go down in the city:)
Arlette Wilkinson Amazing Talent....LOVE!!
Mary-Lou Driedger Love ❤️ the concert lastnight at casino in Windsor
Cyndy Whitburn Jennings Counting down the days until i see you at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre July 8 th.

Arena rock roars back to Worcester with Journey, Asia - Worcester Mag
Arena rock roars back to Worcester with Journey, Asia - Worcester Mag

For the '80's diehard, maybe it wasn't quite complete, but something about seeing Asia and Journey on the same stage together also seemed right. Neither ba

326 reactions 18 comments
Stephanie Simolari Kelly O'Donnell
Luis Arturo Araya Hidalgo When for Chile please.
Rick Anderson Great Rochester show last night!!!
Shiela Terrenal De Lara Great...
Colleen Mcdonald Cool

Neal's solo before Wheel in the Sky 🌌

1.8k reactions 51 comments
Sarah Bourke Bass Looks like that was in Greensboro NC!! Awesome show!!
Lisa Baxter Been rockin' for so long and you are still amazing !! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.
David Hill Terrible audio
Cheri Dishman Well..ill say it again..Tupelo, Miss...A.AWESOME SHOW.. NEAL. An awesome talent God blessed you with. 🖒😊
Kathie Reilly I'll be in Novato waiting to see you in a show that I can afford! Where is the tip jar of the '80's?!! 🐞

Arnel and Neal connecting on stage last night Worcester MA Thank you All for coming out !

886 reactions 23 comments
Marilyn Kelsey Ashley Nickles
Amarely Cooper Cool! :)
Anita Perez Guray When are going to have a concert in Southern Cal?
Felipe Tidalgo Hanip....idol♪♫♬♭♮♯
Robert Rice DVD Release?

Thank you for having us, Uncasville, CT! 🎸

2.0k reactions 63 comments
Laurie Eschberger What happened to Deen the drummer
Joni Castro You lucky dogs!
Julia Kaynas Did they go to MSG already I think I missed it?
Danise Hall I was there and I thought you all sounded amazing! 🎶
Assunta Franca Dell'Anno Lanphier i like to see them at the casino

Journey has fans believin' at Mohegan Sun Casino (review)

Journey has fans believin
Journey has fans believin' at Mohegan Sun Casino (review)

Journey treated concertgoers to a 16-song set stretching nearly two hours in length, mixing up a career-spanning greatest hits compilation with refreshing takes on familiar rock concert cliches.

185 reactions 37 comments
Joanne Fayle Merritt Rob Fayle
Frank Dutton Come back to Australia please
Kara Wilkey Darn it will I ever see my fave band
Darlene Merrell I have MS I want to see you guys it's on my bucket list
Don Lumpkins The band is awesome......sound guy sucked!

Thank you to all fans for being so amazingly supportive With much love and appreciation. - Neal Schon

2.8k reactions 72 comments
Diana Salazar Garcia Waiting for you in Tucson AZ!!!! Can't wait!
Deborah Stea Journey rocks!! At Borgata in NJ Saturday night! Awesome show!
Andrew Vebenstad Jr. See you next Sunday in Toledo.
Lynda Segler Walker I'll see you front and center on Thursday! I can hardly breathe from the excitement! ❤❤JFF Journey Fan Forever!

Woody Guthrie Center Honoring Journey Founder, Native Oklahoman

Woody Guthrie Center Honoring Journey Founder, Native Oklahoman
Woody Guthrie Center Honoring Journey Founder, Native Oklahoman

Journey plays the BOK Center Monday night, but before that, a native Oklahoman and founder of the band was honored.

823 reactions 16 comments
Todd Kirby Doug Walker
Jonathan Kaplan Congratulations neal
T.l. Keller only two tbi gs from jk.good job
Mauro Tosello Thanks for all your music!!!!
Joni Castro You rock Journey!

655 reactions 32 comments
Rockin Sergi
Nina Malone Vargas Amanda Vargas
Mario Humberto Espinoza Andrade Grande Journey
Mika Nisikawa Hi!
Tammy Reeks Can't be Journey all by yourself Neal. You would like that would you not.

Timeline Photos

254 reactions 9 comments
Leslie Boesl Lisa Peckham
Heather Rose Hoover Diana
Patricia Joseph Carole Weber
Stella Hurst Will journey perform Kenny Williams
Doreen Schmoegner ..

See a full list of residency dates:

3.2k reactions 119 comments
Mary Ann Lovett Will be seeing you June 9th for the first time at age 67!
Joe Moore Does anyone know if you buy the VIP package do you get to meet the band?
Brenda Thompson Wow, fantastic photos. Yay JOURNEY!!! Keep on making that fantabulous music!!! Thank you for the great music that you have given to your fans. 😊😎
James Holloway Thank you Journey! Doesnt matter what you play, just keep on playing!! 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵📻
Phil Jefferson Hey Neal can I get a pic with you in front of your display there at the Hard Rock?

We had a blast playing @TheJointLV this month! Big thanks to everyone who came out. 🎸 Photo Credit: Erik

1.6k reactions 41 comments
Cindy Hampton Topolinski Great show last night guys.....
Dawn Pryor Nelson Why didn't Ross speak at the a Hall of Fame?
Laurie Bramley Saw y'all on the 17th. As always awesome awesome time. Faithfully!
Edzel Jereza Was there May 17, as expected you all delivered!
Chantel Matusiak Can't wait to I feel like a teenager seeing journey live in Greenville SC fan since 13

Journey's cover photo

25.7k reactions 346 comments
Pam Quick I'm soooooo PROUD to be a JOURNEY FAN! L😍VE YA ARNEL💋
Fofy VT Journey the best best band in the world i love youuuu!!! Come Chile please!
Helmut Daenen Beautiful Been a Journey fan since the mid-'70s. Never Saw them in real life
David Savala The intro to "Mother, Father" is my ring tone.
Charlie Huth Wheel in the sky keeps on turning!

Journey members tell LVA students ‘Don’t Stop Believin” in musical dreams — VIDEO

Journey members tell LVA students ‘Don’t Stop Believin” in musical dreams — VIDEO
Journey members tell LVA students ‘Don’t Stop Believin” in musical dreams — VIDEO

Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory — members of the legendary rock band Journey — inspired students to pursue their musical dreams and played the well-known hit “Don’t Stop Belie…

1.3k reactions 22 comments
Nick Hart
Nick Hart
Anthony Alberto Kris Kevin
Carl Marajay No new album Journey?
Catherine Adams That's some awesome motivation! Love how they give back

Photo credit: Erik Kabik

2.7k reactions 83 comments
Kalina Pekarski Why in the world wouldn't you let Steve Perth play one song with you at the Hall of Fame? Sooo 😡
Rodney Ninow We saw the show Sat, May 6. You guys were simply amazing! Thanks for coming out for us fans!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Journey
Antonio Tono Zuniga Se pasaron en todas las fotos PINEDA NO EXCISTE.SIN EL NO SERIAN NADA.
Joseph Dandrea You know Neal only Big Rock Dogs lift their legs like that!!!!.😀

Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band

Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band
Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band

Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band

462 reactions 7 comments
Mark Herauf Very disappointed 😔
Shiela Terrenal De Lara Love you all...specially to arnel...go go go rock
Paola Andrea Yañez Come to Chile please! ..🙏🙏
Melanie Pollhaus The price is very expensive
Antonio Lobosco Olha isso Davi Teixeira... Foda hein...

See a full list of residency dates:

1.3k reactions 45 comments
Evette Uribe Be there on the 20th!! Can't wait!
Gregory Jay Noble Sorry Deen Castronovo!
Kate Freem I should be there.
Michael Stein Don't forget the brains of the organization who got the record deal. Jazz infusion created the evolution.
Steve Moreno Hope you come to Fresno again I miss the last one!

Raised needed funds for Make-A-Wish in Las Vegas with folks from Runaway Tours at Hard Rock Cafe auctioning off Journey signed PRS SE guitars and playing tail gate toss!

1.2k reactions 17 comments
Shiela Terrenal De Lara journey...go go rock....
Stella Louise Cole That's awesome piece to have!
Katsuhiko Minoura シェアさせて頂きます!
Angelina Hendriks I hope to see you next wendsday😃
John Walling Love journey where do u bid

Neal Schon & Journey, honored by legends & stars for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

1.1k reactions 55 comments
Mike Delabar Heart and soul of journey will never die
Kris McArthur awesome‼️‼️‼️ the Best❤️❤️❤️ well deserved👏👏👏🌹🌷
Connie M Porter My lifetime favorite band 😍👏🏼👍🏼🎤🎼🎹🎤🎸
Mickey Gilbert !!!
Milan Nickaloff Sing Steve. Sing. Please

539 reactions 14 comments
Jenny Flory Murray Michelle Brummet Brunner
BA Sti AN Ola von Matterhorn Max Ima Michael Menzel
Lois Beauchaine I've been to this Hard Rock!
Lorena Wolter Lo mejor del 🌎 mundial
Nancy Loth Journey the best band ever! Love ❤️ them.

Timeline Photos

1.3k reactions 22 comments
Chad A. Steeve
Michael Beecher Congratulations! Well deserved! Keep Rocking on
Alfredvp Gladkoff Congratulations ! Long overdue keep rocking GOD BLESS
Sherri Mooney Firefall.
Mike Scibilia Now that is a nice jacket Neal!

We’re taking over the iHeartRadio Facebook as we go live during “Journey Las Vegas Day” and unveil our memorabilia cases at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. Make sure to like them and tune in at 1:15PM PT! See you soon.

1.5k reactions 39 comments
Scott Frisanco Lisa Gillis-Frisanco
Tabby Mae Wildman James Stokes
Erin Grubb Matt Poole
Michael Barba Mickey Barba
Rodolfo Pacheco Vamos Velia Aguilera 🎸
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