Jeff Gordon
18:27 11/13/2017




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Beverly Lipps
Beautiful pics
Gayle Nahorodny
Jeff York
you two look great
Shirley Elliott
Love u picture pictures
Joyce Keeler Lutz
Miss you on the track!
Vicki Miller
Very beautiful family❤️❤️
Patty Pinson
What a beautiful picture
Katie Paith
Nice pictures of a nice family!
Jeni Honeycutt
Missing you JG always
Lavelva Tucker
Very beautiful family.
Caroline Thompson
Lucy Arruda
Wow beautiful photo😘
Terry Brinkley
Beautiful family .. nothing but class
Frank Barajas
Miss you on the track my 4 Times champ, 😂
Lisa Milburn
You was always my favorite NASCAR driver looking good

Other newsfeed from Jeff Gordon

‪Had a great visit to Jeff Gordon Chevrolet today in Wilmington, NC. This team does an amazing job serving our customers. Very proud of everyone there & to be part of Hendrick Automotive Group.‬ ‪ ✈️➡️🚗➡️🏠 ->

1.3k reactions 32 comments
Chris M Mitchell He has his own Chevy dealership?
Linda Sheffield Hi cutie .
Lisa Gimblett Miss you every race day!
Doug Bergman Jeff Gordon for president!
Kevin D. Toretto Rusty wanna road trip out? Daddy needs a new Duramax

Hard to believe that was 25 years ago.

2.0k reactions 123 comments
Dan Hamm I remember that race...another sign I'm getting old.
Sue Hall I remember this day! From that day on I was a die hard Jeff Gordon fan.
Ray Terry Alan and Davey Allison both were taken from us long before their time...still miss Alan driving the polish victory lap although some of the drivers honor him by doing the same
Jeff Howard I was there ! First Cup race I ever attended. What a great day in NASCAR history. Miserably cold day too.
Janice Nuckols Not one driver is left racing now who raced then. I'm old. The underbird won the championship. Alan was a class act.

Jeff Gordon and Levine Children's Hospital Need You

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Deborah Knudson Gilliard Awsome ,😇😇
Sue Hellwig God bless Jeff Gordon 24 forever
Lillian Ledbetter 🙏🏼🙏🏼⭐️⭐️💙💕🇺🇸🇺🇸
Nancy Elliott Awesome!!
Steve Pryor Thank you Jeff

2017 Wayne Taylor Racing 24 Hours 1:18 Scale Replica

2017 Wayne Taylor Racing 24 Hours 1:18 Scale Replica
2017 Wayne Taylor Racing 24 Hours 1:18 Scale Replica

Extremely limited! After months of work behind-the-scenes, the Jeff Gordon Store is excited to provide you the opportunity to commemorate this amazing car and win with an incredible, highly-detailed 1:18 scale replica.

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‪📸📸‬ ‪‬ ‪#TeamJG ‬

1.9k reactions 49 comments
Beverly Lipps Beautiful pics
Gayle Nahorodny Awesome
Jeff York you two look great
Shirley Elliott Love u picture pictures
Joyce Keeler Lutz Miss you on the track!

What a thrill it was to drive this Cadillac & win the 24 Hours of Daytona International Speedway with Wayne Taylor Racing. Really appreciate everyone involved with replicating this car. Look forward to displaying one in my office.

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Tanya Haskins Happy. Veterans. Day.
Wes Polston The cars cool but it needs a 24 on the side of it lol
Derek Sizemore Me space reserved!
Steve Stremba That was a bada$$ looking ride.

What a beautiful & exciting journey you have been on. We love you mama. Happy Birthday, Ingrid Vandebosch!

2.3k reactions 340 comments
Patricia Sabatino Bykowski Happy Birthday Ingrid!! Have a wonderful day, pretty lady!
Shirley Parker Happy Birthday to a very special lady!🎈🎉🎊🎂💖💖
Kellie Foster Kirkdoffer Such a beautiful women. Happy Birthday Ingrid. Hope you have an awesome Birthday
Linda Goodman Happy Wonderful Birthday Ingrid Vandebosch.

Less than 1 week remains to pre-order your Wayne Taylor Racing 24 Hours Cadillac 1:18 scale replica from the Jeff Gordon Store. There are three different options available here -> #TeamJG

247 reactions 9 comments
Anthony Keith I still need to read your book
Horatio Needlemeyer That thing is sweet
Medeiros Ernest Dylan Lot of detail
Ashley Weaver Nice looking car 👍☺
Al Terra Jr. Just pre-ordered mine!!!!

Giving away an Autographed Axalta Racing Radiant Red Color Chrome Team Chevy Pre-Production 1:24 Scale Die Cast. Enter here for your chance to win -> #TeamJG

425 reactions 44 comments
Dawn R. Fox Sweet
Darin Adamczyk Done and done Jeff! :)
Gloria Taylor Mahan Love this car
Jessica Nease Entered. Me and my husband Love Jeff Gordon
Craig Sweet This would go great with my T. rex autograph car and Winston million dollar car

Just like pre race grid at F1 race right Daniel Ricciardo? 😁. Cool to see you at NASCAR race. 👍🏻

298 reactions 9 comments
Brad Lovejoy Jeremiah WazaBullfrog Chong
Frans Heijhoff Jeroen Bronkhorst
Frans Heijhoff Mark Van den Berg
Diane Sargent 😊
Caryl Barday Nice !!

Disco rollerskating party #Halloween2017 🎃. 📷 ->

1.5k reactions 91 comments
Joshua Lafayette All that's missing is the Jeff Gordon mustache.
Danen Gallant Hey jeff Found this the other day
Patte Kline Great pictures! Thanks for sharing Gordon's!!
Dianne Johnson Oh guys that is so cool love the earrings.
Angie Bryars Allen Awesome the costumes

ChevySEMA Live Stream

181 reactions 4 comments
John Ison Awesome. Jordan Smith.
Patrick Moran Jeff Gordon,How are you ?
Diane Straight-Hunt Awesome job hosting Jeff! Always happy to see the neat, cool, new Chevy’s. I’m GM Family as my father in law worked for GM 30+ years. Lovin’ the new Camaro’s. Thanks for sharing!

I'm excited to be on stage with Team Chevy for their reveal at The SEMA Show. You can watch the live stream here ->

1.8k reactions 51 comments
Mary Jane Billings Lucky you
Debbie Mazrim Lucky duck!!
Mary LaGesse Winfield Jeff Gordon, You Are The Man! 24ever!
Karen Jones Neeb I have friends attending this !!!

Photos from Jeff Gordon's post

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Jeremy Tyler Jaymz NASCAR driver: "I'd wreck my own mother if it meant winning a race" NASCAR fans: "Hell yeah we need more drivers with attitude willing to stick their nose in to get the job done!" NASCAR driver: *wrecks someone going for a win* NASCAR fans: "BOOOOO ...
Steve Kersey Denny new he was wrong an as long as one of jgr won in that group he didn’t care if he wrecked him are not its all about the W
Cody Moore Jeff Gordon I was so ready to see the 24 back in victory lane. Loved watching it and you since I was born in 98
Dick Starr Ya, that bastard Hamlin wrecked Chase and spoiled his chance for a win. worst of all it let creepy crawler Busch win
Richard Loftin Lol then he denny drove blaney into the wall pissed off u can see from The over shot his wheels turned to the left

Sitting in a Mexico City airport and followed the Martinsville Speedway race from my phone. Exciting (& crazy!) finish!

1.3k reactions 166 comments
Susan Strahm-Paleczny Chase was robbed, but such a gentleman. Win the next one.
Samuel Addison Saw you in the Mercedes garage in the F1 Mexican GP on tv and was super happy! Favorite Nascar driver in my favorite sport somehow! Very cool!
Kyle Groulx Hey jeff I've seen you at multiple f1 Races with mercedes lately....are you going to get to test drive one of those beasts?
Steve Williams I was looking for Clint Bowyer to make it 3 wide on the restart, but that apparently only happens when Jeff and Jimmy are on the front row....
Rainee Marie Kane Kyle Bush is the biggest cry baby out there that's why he wins he Cry's his way to victory and they feel sorry for him so the other drivers let him win

Congrats to my friend & 4-Time F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton.

777 reactions 24 comments
Eric Willardson Travis James Rob Gillespie
Kari Ayres Eoff Congratulations
Aaron Halcomb I'd rather be driving the sls amg
Peter Gorter And what about "Mad" Max? 💪
Yami Lefebvre juste like you!!!!! 4 time champ ftw!!!

Photos from Jeff Gordon Store's post

264 reactions 8 comments
Judy Farnsworth That's awesome!!!
Staci Unklesbay Just ordered mine! Can’t wait!
Andy Lineberry Been looking every now and then really wanting this to be made and now its a reality. Hell yes.
Curtis DuPont Where will you sign on it? I'm just curios I'm interested in ordering one
Aaron Moy Does it include the rear end body damage from early in the race?

After months of work behind-the-scenes to make these replicas a reality, they're now available from the Jeff Gordon Store and they look amazing -> #TeamJG

339 reactions 42 comments
Linda Sheffield Nice. Thanks
Andreas Hamann Norbert Schuermann bekommst du den in dein Shop ? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Andreas
Randy Nichols Greg Nichols *cough Christmas gift *cough
Joseph Lehet I love that car! Can't wait to order it!
Zach Vandenbosch Wow, these are expensive!

New family photos -> #TeamJG

2.4k reactions 82 comments
Jo Todd Love you guys so glad y all share your journey with us all
Betty Bellucci Miller Keep the pictures coming they bring us closer together your family is great
Erin Maureen That pup is too sweet and wow that dress looks gorgeous wonder where they were headed?
Judy Hooper Cute pictures and adorable puppy. Thanks for sharing.
Carol Banuelos Aw where’s Leo great pics thanks for sharing 😍

‪#AngelBall2017 #AfterParty #1OakNYC ‬

587 reactions 27 comments
Steve Kersey Wow
Jodi Hunter Gorgeous!!
Freddie Hamilton I’m still miss Jeff.
Maralyn Mckinney Lovely Lady
Marie Martinez Love the dress

Date night & a great cause. Perfect evening! #AngelBall #CuringCancer

3.3k reactions 120 comments
Pat Phillips Absolutely beautiful picture. A beautiful couple.
Raymond Nixon Jeff that is a great picture of you and wife
Marlene DeRoberts Bohn-Pickney Beautiful loving couple. Proud of you for all the causes you support. Hugs
Doug White Great picture.the both of you are the best.
Jamie Walker Gorgeous, you two! Hope the evening was a hit.

Interested to see who advances and who doesn’t today at Kansas Speedway. I think stage points will play a big role again. #NASCARPlayoffs

38 reactions 68 comments
Ellen Puglisi I am not a big fan of the stage points
Monika Kirk Hope you are rooting for the 24, lol
Linda Gulledge dont watch anymore...not the same without you
Mike Hammers Rooting for the chevy guys
Brenda Flores I don't care for the stage races either.

These are the best serial numbers... -> #TeamJG

398 reactions 13 comments
Shawna Clark Mark Brown so you
Anna Stern Sandy
Tanya Haskins Yes. 24.
Dawn R. Fox Lovem all
이준범 To 24 for 24 👍👍🚖

Take a Tour of Axalta's Customer Experience Center

197 reactions 4 comments
Anne Joe wow!!!
Tom Nelson Must be nice to have so much money.
Jeffrey Lee Jones I would like to get all the colors of William Byron's Axalta Flames car. Starting with the blue. My next 24 guitar
Jeff L Houpt I work for GroupDelphi in Indiana. We are the ones that made the display kiosk in the lobby and other items throughout the building. They look great in your facility! Glad to be a part of the Axalta experience!

‪#OneWheel‬ ‪#Sunset 🌅‬

313 reactions 6 comments
Lisa Pridgen Awesome
Callie Choat That’s cool!
Joe Piraino In the groove!
Dawn R. Fox Love it
Debbie Leinen Cruz Cute Jeff !!

‪Great to have my nephew Mattiece Hansen visiting from Belgium. Digging the hat.‬ Hendrick Motorsports New Era Cap

1.2k reactions 31 comments
Donna Goins Talbert Welcome to the US. My mom is from Belgium.
Casey Rush Like that hat.
Gringito Zuniga Nop
Diane Smith Cool
Lorita CarrNelson Welcome, have fun! :)

Today’s Talladega Superspeedway race has the makings to be spectacular. #NASCARPlayoffs, stage & playoff points mixed with chaos. 👍🏻👍🏻 2pm EST.

723 reactions 38 comments
Sue Cooper Waskowski Do you really read this ? Long time fan
Barbara Gill Schoonover We are so excited!!
Nicholas Shinners Yeah 10 years ago:(
Anne Lowery Goooo Dale Jr
JohnandAmanda Mellott lol, Playoffs

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is that a JG/24 shirt & hat I see? I always pictured Martin Truex Jr. as a Earnhardt Sr. or Mark Martin fan!

1.3k reactions 40 comments
Robby Anschuetz He still has the same haircut. Lol
Joe Piraino Epic!
Jesse Baeten And yet drives a Toyota
Brenda Arnold He also got #3 on selve
Julie Duchesne-Langlois Hahahahahahaha!! So funny!! Nice pics!!

152 reactions 15 comments
Ingmar Pots Robert Klein Nagelvoort
Marlon Maronesi Giovani Maronesi Jackson Maronesi
Cody Johnson Bird Scott Bird
Tanya Haskins I. Glad. You. Please. Come. Back. A. 24. Narcar. Track.
Gary Ruff Wow!!
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