Jeff Gordon
18:27 11/13/2017




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Beverly Lipps
Beautiful pics
Gayle Nahorodny
Jeff York
you two look great
Shirley Elliott
Love u picture pictures
Joyce Keeler Lutz
Miss you on the track!
Vicki Miller
Very beautiful family❤️❤️
Patty Pinson
What a beautiful picture
Katie Paith
Nice pictures of a nice family!
Jeni Honeycutt
Missing you JG always
Lavelva Tucker
Very beautiful family.
Caroline Thompson
Lucy Arruda
Wow beautiful photo😘
Terry Brinkley
Beautiful family .. nothing but class
Frank Barajas
Miss you on the track my 4 Times champ, 😂
Lisa Milburn
You was always my favorite NASCAR driver looking good

Other newsfeed from Jeff Gordon

I’m ready! 👍🏻

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Derek Gates Wade Craswell
Greg Wickham Brett McKane
Leslie P Domler Richard Domler lol!
Jimmy Miller Just not the same
Frank Garcia Si si sí si si Daytona 500

F1 teams will never truly embrace an American driver unless they establish them & train them in Europe themselves from age 9 or 10. Plenty of great talent in America that given the right opportunity & quality equipment could be successful, but don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Haas team says no American drivers are ready for F1
Haas team says no American drivers are ready for F1

Gunther Steiner says Haas wants to place an American driver in one of its Formula 1 race seats but does not feel there is anyone currently ready to step in

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Preston Hintz Lots of truth to this. I wish there was an American driver in a competitive car in F1. It would give American fans a chance to further embrace F1 racing.
Dan Wright Then we should only let American drivers drive at Indy.I remember that's all you saw with the exception of the Andretti's,now your lucky if you get a quarter or the drivers that's American.
Allen C F Greene F1 racing is more boring than stage racing...and thats saying something..... you watch an F1 Race and the commentators are super hype with two cars 10 car lengths apart
Jeremy M Hartman The reason why F1 is not popular in the United States is because there is no American drivers that want to race an F1 car. That and F1 racing is also so boring to watch.... Just saying.
Steven Elliott I think there are quite a few drivers who could succeed given some time, but they want to be in Nascar. If given the choice of F1 or Nascar's top level, who would want F1?

All-New #JeffGordon24EverVIP Experience In 2018 For Select Weekends: This year, you’ll meet not one #24 driver, but two (William Byron)! Extremely limited spots available for 10-race schedule. Full details here -> #TeamJG

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Scott Hendrickson Chelsea Hendrickson
Joshua Josh Dennis Mitton
Joe Granieri Krissy Longi Granieriri
Andreas Hamann Mario Schlimper Jenny U Martin Eckert Vighogyel Zoltan Sebastian Böhmer
Tomek Węglarz 600 100 100 Jeef Pożyczki to jest TO!!!!!!!!!!

Sprint car days. More throwback photos -> #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #TeamJG

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Wes Scott Kyle Richardson
Dallas Meffley Hi😀
Tomek Węglarz 600 100 100 Jeef pożyczki to jest to!
Douglas Wiggin Volusia?
John Winters Come race at port royal pa

‪2018 fan club memberships are now open until January 31st here -> ‬ ‪Includes member exclusive Axalta Racing 1:24 scale Lionel Racing ARC fantasy die cast, keychain & Hendrick Motorsports engine race used piston wrist pin with certificate of authenticity. #TeamJG ‬

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Mark Piccininno Ericka Miranda wow
Kayla Murphy Jennifer Drake-Murphy
Maggie Ellis Lynn Couture Giordano
Jason Morespeed Roxanne More i want!!!!1
Christopher Dale Francis Dolinski How much is shipping to canada?

Wow, how things have changed since my “first day of school” at Hendrick Motorsports preparing for the 1993 season, William Byron! 😂 Mine probably looked more like this. 😃✏️🗒

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Joshua Josh Dennis Mitton
W Yvette Pena they should bring them back you van get phone cases that look like peechee folders
Lucia Mellema Hilarious Jeff
Linda Sheffield Getting old. Ha, ha.
Piotr Cudziło 600 100 100 jeff pożyczki to jest to!

😂 Oh my goodness. I think I should thank you Rico Abreu Racing, but I’m not quite sure. 😅

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רוגר דלגאדו מורה רוגר Do never 4get 2 b humble as well :3 ( I'm not the right person to say that xD )
Jamie Stinnett I can approve of the mullet but not of the Ford.
Michael Snock Come on Jeff, you got him by at least 2 inches!
Steve Young I tried to attach a picture to your page not sure it worked
Lucinda Cyr-Rodgers That was just yesterday, right, Jeff Gordon?

‪Stuck the landing! 🤸🏻‍♂️🥇‬

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Jerry Jr Allec Looks like level 4 or so.🤩
Susan Macartney Congratulations Ella. Nice job.🎉🎊
Josette Tancredi Awesome job Ella! Papa is proud! 😀😀
Vivian Scott Much like your early driving days! Just hope it doesn't fizzle.

‪Couldn’t be more proud of our little girl! Ella’s first gymnastics competition. 🏆‬

3.0k reactions 173 comments
John Ortiz Awesome, congratulations
Brenda Cross Congratulations Ella!!!
Vicki Miller Congratulations Ella!! She is such a beautiful young lady. You have a proud parents!!❤️
Anita Kress-Wolf congratulations to Ella!
Patty Pinson Congratulations Ella your parents are so proud of you there is sweet girl

Big thanks to everyone at the Axalta Customer Experience Center for showing me the ropes. I’ve driven a lot of cars painted with Axalta, but today was the first time I was able to actually do the painting.

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Piotr Cudziło Tomek Węglarz
Brian Liljedahl It's fun
Piotr Cudziło 600 100 100 jeff pożyczki to jest to!!!
Piotr Cudziło 600 100 100 jeff pożyczki to jest to!!!
Richard Garcia Happy New Year

Had a great time learning how to spray paint at Axalta’s Customer Experience Center today. An amazing facility located on Hendrick Motorsports’ campus.

932 reactions 35 comments
Fred Gilbert Nice space suit
Piotr Cudziło 600 100 100 jeff pożyczki to jest to!!!
Nan McCarthy You have the most fun
Craig Sweet Stick to racing lol
Frank Garcia Jeff super

New Release: Dual autographed #24Ever Axalta Racing William Byron fantasy Lionel Racing ELITE die cast available exclusively in the Jeff Gordon Store here ->! Limited to 324. #TeamJG

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Tony Gerenda Jesse Gerenda
Thomas Richer Kim Dranschak-Richer
Cathy Sturgill Carol Alderson
Corey Lee Boerman Travis Boerman
Jeremy Hall Steven Romero

See you soon! #Daytona500. February 18. NASCAR on FOX.

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George David Chick Nascrap !
Kenny Burris Hope we can watch more of them on regular channels. 😎😈😈😠
Wayne Newhouse No Earnhardts, or Kenseth, or Danica. I'm pulling for Chase, & Martin Truex.
Jerry Dunn Nascar is dead.Pro football dead.Whos next.Hollywood dead.
Rob Peck Used to love watching Nascar , b4 it came Nascrap!

‪Here’s the view from inside #ThunderballGrotto drop. Can’t believe I actually did this. 😬‬

2.8k reactions 225 comments
Terry Bowlby D'Avella Thanks for sharing with your fans! You go!
Jim Engle Guess you miss the danger of racing at 200 mph. That is awesome. Where is this at?
Frank Wenrich Next you will be extreme skiing off of cliffs
Lori Krou You're braver than me!!😀😀😀🏁🏁
Louise James Wow that was brave of you

‪One of the most frightening leaps of faith I’ve ever taken! Stay tuned for the view from inside. #ThunderballGrotto ‬

282 reactions 50 comments
Linda Sheffield Braver than I,am.
Steve Martin So want to visit there in April!
Marie Trammell Awesomeness !!! No Fear
Marianne Ayala What are u thinking
Johnny Bandy Now you are having some fun buddy

‪Happy New Year! 🎊🎉#2018‬

3.1k reactions 358 comments
Rachel Leger Happy new year from New Brunswick, Canada 🇨🇦
Beth Cox Happy New Year Jeff, Ingrid and family. Jeff....your still my favorite driver and forever will be!
Stephen Purcell Happy New Year Mr.Gordon to you and ur family... 7 more Sundays
Louise James Happy New Year to you and your family
Kathy Simms Happy New Year to you and your family.

I’ve enjoyed being in this conversation! Thanks to all that voted and NASCAR on FOX for creating the #NASCARGOAT poll.

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AJ Doonan With the way the point system got changed on Gordon it cut his championship runs short. For the first couple years of the chase system he was leading the points going into the chase. He would have gone on to win at least 2 more championships if not ...
Jeff York why do you advertise this,there is only one king of nascar,richard petty,and yes i like jeff and dale too,but be real,lol. i have tho follow jeff sense back before he join nascar,now dale i hope was right with god cause of the way he race before he died,...
Robert Foulk All due respect to Jeff Gordon. Jeff you are a class act no question about it. When you tied Dale for wins and drove a lap with that black #3 flag out your window you proved just what a class act you are. You will defiantly go down in Nascar history as ...
Bobby Bailey Danica Patrick...I mean all the discrimination against her, the cars that were inferior and weren't able to run the same packages as the men so that she wouldn't win, the guinea pig team she had that gathered data for Stewart, Harvick, Bowyer and Busch. ...
Debbie Nissen Asmus Their careers over lapped, 2 different drivers, both the greatest of their time . How would they have done on equal careers same time frame ? We all would have enjoyed that , but something never meant to happen . When nascar started changing ...

1.4k reactions 56 comments
Darlene Bright Enjoy a safe and bright Happy New Year! 💕
Drake Barker Hi Jeff from British Columbia Canada.
Justine Blankenbeckler 24 ever
Joe Marek 0 degrees in Stafford springs, CT
Cindy Logan Watson Absolutely stunning!!!

‪#Sunset‬ ‪#Exumas ‬

2.1k reactions 84 comments
Michael Malanson Warmth
Cherry Yadni Happy New Year to you Jeff and family. Beautiful view.
William Tudor Very beautiful, Happy New year.
Richard Milligan Where is Exuma?
Jim Holbach Happy New Year to you and your family!!

2.1k reactions 51 comments
Tammy Glenn Merry Christmas Gordon Family ❤️🎄
Mary Szalay so cute
Susan Macartney Nice picture.🎅
Linda Sheffield Little Jeff.

Merry Christmas!

3.3k reactions 120 comments
Lucia Mellema Merry Christmas you cities and your mom,dad too
Ruth Nelson Merry Christmas to you all, including your cute pup.
Beverly Field Merry Christmas to a beautiful family.
Nan McCarthy You always are having fun looking. Forward to feb
Daniel Lamb Marry Christmas to you and your family

6.2k reactions 217 comments
Mark Preston Woohoo I’m all jacked up on Sun Drop!! Yeah if your not first you’re last😂😂😂 Merry Christmas dude!!!
Patte Kline That's cute!! Ree Drummond has her kids with those same looking jams. So Fun!!
Jackie King Merry Christmas to the Gordon's family. The picture is to cute.
Patricia Parks Merry Christmas to you and your family
Keith Wright Jeff, that's kind of a racing suit right? Merry Christmas to you and your family and God bless

Big Sky, Montana

1.8k reactions 231 comments
Pamela Jobb Merry Christmas Jeff & Ingrid, and Family🎄🎄🎄
Tony Buccola Cmon down to Billings a d say hi!
Pat Smith Looks like a great vacation!! Marry Christmas to the Gordon's!!!
Cher Pelt Merry Christmas to u n ur family.. N God bless..
Lori-Lynne Amos Webb Merry Merry Christmas! <3 Enjoy your holiday.

633 reactions 53 comments
Mike Stenson Where’s Leo?
Mike Stenson Jeff & family
Charlie Vanessa Brown Merry Christmas
Ben Schielack Jeff, but U could not keep up with her . . . . .
Patsy Droke McGehee Elmore Really getting GOOD!!!!

666 reactions 25 comments
Sharon Oliver Great pic
Julie Duchesne-Langlois With attitude!!
Marie Trammell Great picture Jeff 😍
Yzaack Conztante Leo ?????
Dan Brown Justa flying downhill were ya?


842 reactions 39 comments
Patte Kline Awesome!! Merry Christmas 🎄
Darlene Bright Merry Christmas Jeff.
Steve Utgaard Awesome video
Anthony Nelson Gettin it!! Love it
Gwen Ballard Looking good Jeff, as always 🏂❤😘

Did you miss the interview with Joe Buck on #UndeniableShow that aired on Audience Sports, DIRECTV Ch. 239? Here's info on where you can watch the full show. #TeamJG

867 reactions 54 comments
Jackie C Johnson The Odler he gets the better he looks. Omg.
Tonya D Chesley Davis I enjoyed the interview! Love you Jeff!!
Joann Lueken Watched it and enjoyed every minute of it!!
Mark Fernandes I love the interviewmy Jeff Gordon is a great guy
Margaret Pugh Great interview. Wish it had been longer. Lots of info to cram into an hour.


858 reactions 29 comments
Connie Woodruff Brrrrr!!!
Lesia Horton Those eyes.....😍
Linda Sheffield Having fun yet?..
Darren Ferrell Telluride?
Steve Utgaard Awesome picture


934 reactions 41 comments
Linda Braglin Merry Christmas Gordon family.
Christopher H Dewaele To be a kid again. Merry christmas.
Shirley Sessoms Merry Christmas to you & your family
Louise Freedle Looks like fun!
GloriaWayne Vaughn Looks like such fun....enjoy

‪Great powder day.‬

696 reactions 43 comments
Dawn R. Fox Looks like fun enjoy
Sandy Veno Merry Christmas Gordon family!🎄🎄🎄
Richard Butler Good life
Charlotte Martin Loving those snow suits.
Linda Sheffield Great kids.
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