Jeff Gordon
15:08 04/20/2017
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JohnandAmanda Mellott
Ken Brown
Justin Patino Sayers
Scott Lowe
Chris Pryor Danny Lowe
Adam Huck
Randall Thier
Danilo Borba
Marcelo Zanatta
Yuric Paquette
Thomas Kemp
Mike F. Meier
Justin Miller this is sweet!
Евгений Нейтман
Lisa Oliver Lindsey
That's great!
Holly Mitchell
Benjamin Logsdon
That is awsome
Jackie Rhodes-Atkins
Love me some Jeff Gordon 24/88/10
Nina Eisenhower
Super cool!
Suzette Meyer Cossey
Kellie Foster Kirkdoffer
Love it.

Other newsfeed from Jeff Gordon

Penelope, Ella & Leo. To check out more family photos, visit -> To join the email list, visit -> #TeamJG

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Susan Littlefield Love this photo!!
Patsy Droke McGehee Elmore How beautiful they ALL are!!! ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊🎄🎁⭐️❄️
Ashley Weaver Beautiful photo.
Synthia Vollertsen Beautiful photo!!!!!
Toni Bone These children are so beautiful!!

‪Extremely limited availability at Jeff Gordon Store ➡️ #TeamJG ‬

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Buzz Brian Callinan Garry Shoe Smith
Patrick Scott Scotty Scott
Kristin Remington Manes Jim Manes
Scott Morse Bill Morse
Jay Garvin Bucky Birt

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Glen McAllister Cool jefff
David Eisenman Right on. 93 wins good luck kid.
Edith Stockman Jeff is Axalta 's global business advisor and on the board of directors
Jason Pfeiffer I still think of them as DuPont.
Ann Rowland Don't look so stiff guys....I know its cooperate but relax and enjoy meeting each other. Man he made DuPont and XALTA famous!

These are finished & ready to be mounted to the 1:18 scale Wayne Taylor Racing 24 Hours Cadillac. Can’t wait to see the final product! Very cool to be alongside Jordan Taylor, Ricky Taylor & #MaxTheAx. Going to be an awesome collectible for the folks that pre-ordered.

443 reactions 17 comments
Dian Rogers ❤️❤️❤️
Steve Utgaard Sweet racecar
Cody Adkins Can I still pre order?
David Silva Dean Mozingo maybe I will need one for my collection.
James Estevez Are u racing in the 24 hr race this year?

Great times with family. More 📷 ➡️ #TeamJG

5.3k reactions 160 comments
Dawn S Hawley Great pics, glad to see your happy !! You have a beautiful family !!!❤️ Thank you for sharing your life and photos, Miss ya on the track !!#24 for ever ......
Tommie Caudill Johnson Great pic!! Is Ella doing commercials? If not I saw her twin a few days ago.
David Marquis Family time a beautiful family Jeff you are a blessed man.
David Trunk Great family photo! Did you get a real tree?
Ray West Nice to enjoy life a little stay safe god bless you all from Calgary Alberta Canada

Evening out with Ingrid Vandebosch. 📸 -> #TeamJG

2.1k reactions 69 comments
Kathy Trott Nice pic merry christmas
Ruby Smith Looking good Jeff merry Christmas to you and your family
Stephen DelBene Sport sucks without you..come on back...
Dianne Johnson Love the picture of you and your wife so sweet keep it going and merry christmas to you and your family.
Jean Gates Looks like you are having a full and happy life

Katlyn takes a stroll!

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Dennis Harvell Woooooo
David Trunk Awesome!!
Cathy Wegner That's awesome
Barbara Rogers That's awesome.
Jim Higginbotham Thank you Jeff for helping, it means a lot to a lot of people. Merry Christmas

Nice job Leo!

6.0k reactions 265 comments
Stephanie DeArmond I’m so glad to see him race! Love my Jeff Gordon ❤️💛💙 Go Leo!
George VanZandbergen Leo already has a fan here in Tennessee GO LEO!😀😉
Allen Davis Hope he’s the next Gordon in racing Jeff
Chris Pelletier Keep practicing Leo, someday maybe you can be seated in the #24!
Tim Hannon Maybe one day driving the #24!!!

‪Leo’s 1st day driving a quarter midget. #ProudPapa‬

20.4k reactions 1117 comments
Dustin J Noll I have a picture of you years ago next to your sprint car. Looks to be early teens and is signed.. I'll get it out and pist it to your page..
Richelle Hemendinger He did great! Glad to see him in the car - he wanted nothing to do with it when Ella tried it out. Can’t wait to see him do more!
Vanessa Burke Jeff Gordon, I might just let him drive Grandmas Corvette you gave us (or she won)!! I think he drives better than me already!
Jim Engle No matter how good you do yourself in any sport, you will NEVER be as excited as you are for your child when he starts to compete. You are in for some really cool times Jeff..
Michael Russell Men this is cool he going like this daddy if he drive for NASCAR win he get older put him in that 24 I am going be fan I am big fan of 24 for life

Excited to have you on the team, Regan Smith!

157 reactions 10 comments
Kelsey Sasse Katie Sasse
Adam Winters FOX Sports > ESPN
Carol McDaniel Great choice!
Laurie Schley Nordman Congrats Regan! You'll do great!
Karen Ray Congratulations Regan!

‪Ella wakesurfing in Bakers Bay.‬ ‪New family photos & videos posted from the recent trip to the Bahamas here ->‬ ‪#TeamJG ‬

594 reactions 27 comments
Jeff Carnes Beach Boys - Surfin Usa Live, 14 March 1964
Dominick A. DiPascal Do your kids go to school?
Toni Lee Spangleralfrey great you all forgot me
Judy White She has no fear
Steve Utgaard Awesome video Jeff Gordon

5 things you need to know about giving back on #GivingTuesday

5 things you need to know about giving back on #GivingTuesday
5 things you need to know about giving back on #GivingTuesday

It’s a celebration of giving! On #GivingTuesday, you're encouraged to help others by volunteering at a charity or donating money to a cause.

325 reactions 3 comments
Cooper Clay Eric Chartier
Kellie Alderman Is there anyway of directly contacting jeff? My partners dad used to race sprint cars in Australia and met Jeff and has a photo of him when he was about 15-16 years old. I would love to share it with him
Stephen Conley Timmy has such incredible maturity for his age. So much fun to follow over the last few years. Hope to meet the young man some time.

Don't Wait Until It's Yours

132 reactions 2 comments
Martha Washington Hello Ethen....You are beautiful.

‪Last day to lock in your pre-order for this new retro tee based on one of the most popular designs of 1998!‬ ‪Available at Jeff Gordon Store as a tee, long sleeve or sweatshirt.‬ ‪➡️ ⬅️‬ ‪#TeamJG‬

118 reactions 6 comments
Scott Derosett Jeff can I please have your autograph.
Colleen Rawson Shawn C Posthumus Christmas Idea! <3
Tanya Haskins Yes.
Marie Payne Already ordered mine
Brad Lewis My first Jeff Gordon shirt I bought in 98,a few holes but yes I still have it

‪Wakesurfing. 🌊‬

2.0k reactions 98 comments
Drew Mullen The need 4 speed.
Jared Tanner Bet Jr. can't wakesurf, Nick!
Fernando Veiga Just like driving the 24....except a little slower
Fred Mason Is there anything Jeff can't do? Great athlete!
Michelle N TC Now that’s what I call retirement. Good for you. Jeff

Timeline Photos

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June King Signed up and shared
Todd Daugherty take note cnn-heres a hero of the year.bless mr gordon🙏🏻
Evelyn Thorne Jones Johns Shared
Janet Butcher Signed up and shared
JoAnn Voletti Signed up and shared.

4.9k reactions 202 comments
Clarence Willard Where are the quarter midget pictures of him racing or has that gone south ? Please reply Jeff so I'm not writing on your post for nothing! I met you at the New quarter midget tracks grand opening in New Smyrna beach Fl. back in 2001 and asked you if ...
Antonio Nevarez Real awesome pic Jeff Gordon. So inspirational to so many of us! I strive to always take pictures like that myself! God Bless you and your family today, tomorrow and forever. #Family
Laura Devlin Pic brought tears to my eyes. My son, Doug, and his late Dad had a pic just like that it's my favorite. His dad passed away at age 49 when Doug was 15.
Jane Cochran Chosewood Your son looks just like you Hope you and your family have Happy Holidays Sure miss seeing my favorite driver race but glad you are spending time with family
Gary Ramsey Really hated to see you quit driving Jeff but I'm always feel good when I see you enjoying so much time with your family because that's what it's all about.

‪On a winning roll! New retro tee based on one of the most popular designs from 1998.‬ ‪The pre-sale window closes tomorrow. Available at Jeff Gordon Store as a tee, long sleeve or sweatshirt.‬ ‪➡️ ⬅️‬ ‪#TeamJG‬

379 reactions 30 comments
Christian Hanes Think you could this for a retro tee as well? That'd be cool!
Joe-Diane Polomski Ol 7 time will never see 13 wins in a season
Logan Collins Matthew Holloman
Brad Lewis My first Jeff Gordon T Shirt,bought back in 98 and yes I still have it
Ulrik Hansen Unfortunately, NASCAR is too far away for me. Wish I could go and see just one race LIVE, and meet the MAN. #24ever.

‪Ella feeding a sea turtle in the Bahamas.‬

1.7k reactions 36 comments
Derek Cramer I bet it's fun being retired
Tanya Haskins Happy. Holidays. Jeff. Gordon.
Dink Stevens Too cool
Sandy Hilton So cool
Candice Banks Clair Lucky girl!!

‪Fishing off the dock in the Bahamas.‬

4.6k reactions 99 comments
Steve Young thats awesome you will never regret spending this time with your kids till they start out fishing you
Sandie Diephouse Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Judith Jennings What kind of fish did you catch
Becky Gonzalez Zebco goes either way right or left handed which I am,and they are easy to use!
Becky Gonzalez I agree with Doug, Jeff get him a Zebco for starters please.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends! 🍁🦃

5.5k reactions 547 comments
Jody Daugherty Happy Thanksgiving Jeff and your family
Addie Doran Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!
Scott Bennett Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff and to your family ❤
Cathy Eli Davis Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jeff. Hope your day was filled with memories.
Martha Morris Happy Thanksgiving I hope y’all have a bless day.From:Morris Family Lake City,S.C.

Love these Radioactive videos! Nice job by the NASCAR on FOX team & a great close to the 2017 season. Appreciate everyone’s hard work throughout the year and really enjoy being part of the FOX Sports team.

586 reactions 21 comments
Chris White Kathy Branson
Francisco J. Rivera ❤️Sofia M. Rivera Andrea M. Rivera ❤️
Jose Pablo Jimenez Karen Cecilia Ruiz
Francisco J. Rivera 💪🏼One for the Ages👍🏼 Corey Pogue Francisco Pagan
Robert Hubbs Awesome video. Nice job

For the love of racing. Great fan spotlight video by Auto Club Speedway. Thank you, Art Ramos, for being such an awesome supporter of the #24, track & NASCAR. Cool to hear how 24 has always been a special number for you.

245 reactions 8 comments
Michael Henderson Awesome story
Ashley Weaver That's Awesome ☺
Tanya Haskins Yes. 24. Ever. Jeff. Gordon.
Richard Casey Art is right, nothing like the racetrack. Our home track is Chicago 24EVER
Jeffrey Lee Jones #24EVER you need too sign the #24EVER Guitar. Hello McFly.. lol

‪Surprised and congratulated some Jeff Gordon Chevrolet customers during recent visit. 😃🤝‬ ‪‬ ‪#TeamJG ‬

740 reactions 24 comments
Marie Trammell Wow awesome Jeff Gordon
Freddie Hamilton Happy Thanksgiving Jeff!!!
Katie Paith So nice. Classy guy.
Sandi Hess Snider Can't get the link to play. :(
Linda Neal Happy Thanksgiving ! Jeff Gordon , and Family

This is Katlyn's story.

123 reactions 6 comments
Patty Pinson Amen
Tanya Haskins Happy. Thanksgiving. Day.
Rosa Salash We all love Jeff #24 for all you do. God Bless
Mikey Kenrick On and off the track you are many peoples hero. We love you Jeff. #24Ever
Stephanie Ward Jeff gordon is a super person,he's my hero I guess u could say!!

Thank you, Dale.

2.2k reactions 39 comments
Dana Childers Will miss you Dale :(
Kitty Haugh Awesome!
Claudia Sierra Kuhn He will be miss in NASCAR as is JG!
Lesa Wigal All the best to Jr. and Amy.
Ann Hammond He will be missed by so many

Congrats William Byron, JR Motorsports & Axalta Racing! What a great race and battle to win the championship!

1.2k reactions 36 comments
Kenneth Alvis He did a fine job
Brenda Randy Ratliff Awesome congrats William
Ashley Rutkowski congratulations William Byron
Georgia Sasscer Congrats but dang it Elliott!
Tyler White I'm just as proud as you are Jeff😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁2️⃣4️⃣

Will you be at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday? Come on out to the 📚 book signing 🖊scheduled for 10:30am on 11/19 at Fanatics’ Trackside Shop. #TeamJG

336 reactions 32 comments
Melissa Aubel Rob Murray
Miguel Jay Rick
Robert Farmer Regina Gina Huff
Carly Glanert Uggggb I wish!!!!
Sandy Hough Will be watching.🏁🏁

‪Had a great visit to Jeff Gordon Chevrolet today in Wilmington, NC. This team does an amazing job serving our customers. Very proud of everyone there & to be part of Hendrick Automotive Group.‬ ‪ ✈️➡️🚗➡️🏠 ->

1.3k reactions 32 comments
Chris M Mitchell He has his own Chevy dealership?
Linda Sheffield Hi cutie .
Lisa Gimblett Miss you every race day!
Doug Bergman Jeff Gordon for president!
Kevin D. Toretto Rusty wanna road trip out? Daddy needs a new Duramax
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