Jeff Gordon
15:08 04/20/2017
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JohnandAmanda Mellott
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Chris Pryor Danny Lowe
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Justin Miller this is sweet!
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Lisa Oliver Lindsey
That's great!
Holly Mitchell
Benjamin Logsdon
That is awsome
Jackie Rhodes-Atkins
Love me some Jeff Gordon 24/88/10
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Super cool!
Suzette Meyer Cossey
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Love it.

Other newsfeed from Jeff Gordon


1.9k reactions 86 comments
Cathie Brownell Looks like fun Jeff.
Patty Morse Happy you are enjoying your family
David Trunk Now looks like a blast!!!
Vicki Miller Looks like fun!!!❤️👍👍
Ashley Weaver What a swing ☺

‪Fun! 😳😁‬

1.7k reactions 54 comments
Elena Brownfield What a vacation! How exciting!
Erik Ruth Whiting Looks like fun.
Stella Godbey Love it
Tammy Glenn Fun & scary at the same time 😂
Melissa Ritter Smith GO ELLA!

‪Nothing quite like swinging out over the jungle.‬

3.0k reactions 60 comments
Charlene Sexton Jeff, you are wonderful. Love to your beautiful family.
Vanessa Lehman McCarter That's really cool!!
Vicki Miller Looks like fun!👍👍
Ashley Weaver Your vacation adventure is Awesome 👍☺
Lee Ann Kirkbride Martino Sweet family time. Be careful tho. That looks frightening!

‪Prepping the Bali rice fields is hard work!‬

775 reactions 63 comments
Sandie Diephouse Hard work indeed.
Robert Campbell Wow, I'd certainly say it's hard work and messy. 😳
Ashley Weaver I'd say it is.. Thank you for sharing ☺
Paul LaBonte And he's only qualifying.🏁😎
Sean Vincent Just a big roto tiller used by a foreign Amish style farmer.

‪Morning trek through Bali rice fields. ‬

845 reactions 17 comments
Donna Potvin Dube Good morning !
Mary Bertain Bickford What a great experience for your family
Mary Perry Gee u guys have seen it all, happy travelin!
Amanda Cline And here I am sitting in my cubicle... Sigh
Ashley Weaver Wow you guys are seeing and doing a lot of neat things ☺

Riding elephants in Bali. This is Bali’s largest herd of rescued Sumatran elephants that are staying at the lodge! They are well cared for in a healthy and stimulating environment that caters to all their daily needs.

4.1k reactions 95 comments
Sandy Hough Sooo cool! Thanks so much, Jeff, for sharing your vaca photos & videos. What an experience, especially for the kids. 😀🏁🏁
Ashok Dongre Jeff, Gentle giants with awesome power that have thunderous trumpet akin to deep roar of 24 on the circuit.
Deborah Hill You were on Roxy!! I was there 3 days before and loved that place!!!
Connie Carpenter Jeff your children will remember this trip forever. Your a great dad!
Bert Naquin What fun you'll are having 😜!!! Thanks for sharing 💙💜🏁😂

‪Another adventurous day. ‬ ‪#UbudBali #AyungRiverRafting ‬

837 reactions 89 comments
Patti Craddock Jeff- you are the best dad! Thanks for taking us on these adventures with you.
Linda Hansen Magda Ella, you are so lucky that ur parents are Jeff and Ingrid. They are two awesome parents. Leo too!
Marjorie Godley Wish I had your energy. Would give anything to travel like you and your family are.
Alan Vitelli Jr U r super good dad I'm glad and sad u retired. But what good is the money if u don't enjoy it .
Rosemary Gray These are the priceless moments with family-livin ' the dream! Enjoy! They grow up too fast !

‪Went out early AM to do some fishing before leaving Amanwana Resort.‬

4.2k reactions 304 comments
Donna Logsdon Fantastic, looks like you and the family are having a great time. I enjoy your pictures.
Donna Potvin Dube Wow race car driver , commentator , now fishermen ! Is there anything you can't do ?
Elmer Weitz Nice I would love to go fish with you buddy ,enjoy it it's relaxing
Jodi Hunter Wow great catches!! Glad to see you enjoy your vacation with the family!!

‪🏝‬ Ingrid Vandebosch enjoying the view.

2.2k reactions 80 comments
Irene Gray Pretty as a picture!
Ashley Weaver Beautiful picture
Rosa Salash Just beautiful
Gloria Taylor Mahan Beautiful!!
Vicki Miller Beautiful ❤️

‪Fresh catch of the day!‬

6.0k reactions 141 comments
Mark Trail That's what I'm talkin about.
Jeffrey Lee Jones You still the Man Jeff. Ride on into the sunset. It's great too see that your a Great Dad.
Marvie Yarbrough Your deaf Elon, N.C. fan, nice family and good trip. Hope to meet you....
Linda Hansen Magda Looks like you guys are having a great vacation! Love the pictures, miss you racing!
Lisette Quintana Looks like fun

‪🐒🐒🐒‬ ‪#Indonesia ‬

720 reactions 31 comments
Mark Nörman II Hey look! Democrats!
Leroy Timmermans Waltrip, Hammond, Bestwick? Lol
David Silva Vervet monkeys. Great pic Jeff.
Sandy Shepard how cute
German Dave Vis Monkeys are cool

‪🦌🦌‬ ‪#Amanwana‬

3.1k reactions 84 comments
Jeffrey UZ Jeff Gordon: deer hunter
Vicki Miller That is so awesome!! They came right up to you!❤️❤️
Jan Moreland Nice deer Jeff I thought at first they were reindeer.LOL
Craig Dando Some unusual friends for tea mate they look pretty us to human contact
Patty Durfee Beatty They just wanted some JG wine.


612 reactions 35 comments
Shirley Elliott Cool
Jeff Lattanza Don't let him in
Andy Berman Happy Birthday Jeff!
Judy Bee thats cool
Tanya Haskins Banana.

‪Ella & Leo enjoying a day at the beach. #Amanwana‬

3.7k reactions 81 comments
Patti A. Schiller Great photo, Jeff!
Norma Swanson Thanks for sharing your pictures of a fantastic vacation. 😊
Sandie Diephouse Beautiful and serene.
Cathie Brownell Thank you for sharing your photos with us.
Tanja Fisher Awe...Beautiful relaxing picture !!! :)

‪Leo snorkeling for the 1st time. ‬ ‪#Amanwana ‬

2.6k reactions 59 comments
Jodi Hunter Great time for him!!
Mary Bertain Bickford Very good, Leo. Have a great time
Dean Geer Priceless have fun Jeff
Tracey Yeager-weldy So glad you have this time with your family. ❤️
Mayra Demott Love Leo!♥😘😘

‪Ella and I enjoying the slide at Moyo Waterfalls.‬

3.0k reactions 58 comments
Cassey Rutter Miller So beautiful there
Vicky Lewis How beautiful
Jan Moreland Awesome
Shirley Elliott What a life u have
Cathie Brownell Beautiful!

Congrats Donny Schatz on the win, but also Kyle Larson Racing on his 2nd place finish! #KnoxvilleNationals

746 reactions 15 comments
Taylor Larson Lar2on strikes again
Darcy Kennedy Boo
Dian Rogers YAY, DONNY!!!🏁🏆
Michael White What motor is in that car?
Debbie Leinen Cruz Way to Donny🏁🏁🏁 Congrates🍾🎉🍾🏁🏁. And Mr. Larson # 2 place

‪🌋 Active Sangeang Api Volcano.‬

241 reactions 40 comments
Elizabeth Sissy Sexton Warf Amazing View 🌋
Shirley Morrow Praying you are having a good time!
Deborah Groom Beautiful
Rusty Buchanan Burton Pretty
Vicky Lewis Beautiful

Ella wake boarding.

3.5k reactions 181 comments
Ammie Hansford Ella is fearless! Go Ella!
Tom Maxwell Congratulations Jeff, spending time with family is always awesome you go girl 🏄
Linda Neal Love and talent in that family . keep going Ella , and Leo .
Lisa Ann Bogus Ella is great. Wake boarding is tough. Thank-you for sharing this special time with us...
Marie Badgley Lisle Have enjoyed all your pictures. Traveling the world through your family. Thank you very much <3 <3

Congrats to Wyatt Norman, Kevin Krueger & Todd Zinn! Winners of the recent autograph contest giveaway. Be sure you're on the email list to find out about future giveaways -> #TeamJG

279 reactions 7 comments
Chance Hinrichs I needed that car 😩
Jodi Angell Congrats Wyatt Norman for winning the collecions.
Jodie K Lesh Congrats to you all!!!
Robert Neely Congratulations guys
Elizabeth Sissy Sexton Warf Congratulations!!!!

Spectacular diving on this trip. All of these videos were from one dive! 🐠🐠🐠 #Diving #Indonesia

2.3k reactions 90 comments
Tracey Peters Awesome
Robert D'Orazio You found Nemo. Lol
Paul Doyle Beautiful videos .
Tricia Mink Barnes Gorgeous
Donna Radcliffe Beautiful

Timeline Photos

2.0k reactions 67 comments
Nancy Morra Madore Fantastic photo--
Ashley Weaver Beautiful country
Jackie Walker Wow!!! Enjoy this journey !
Keith Winters looks like a great place to take a pitstop from life for awhile.
Becki Talley Bryson What a beautiful place.... Enjoy

‪🌅‬ ‪#PadarSunrise ‬

861 reactions 48 comments
Alana Reading Beautiful...thanks for sharing!!
John Ortiz Great shot
Chrisy Herzberg-Laterreur Beaitifull!!!!!!
Mary Bertain Bickford Thank you for sharing
Harekrishna J. Bosamia E*X*C*E*L*L*E*N*T

‪Probably the coolest experience we've had on this trip with the Komodo dragons.‬

2.9k reactions 140 comments
Ernest Medina That's incredible! I didn't know they could swim. Thanks for sharing Jeff.
Kelley Gibney Its so cool you are letting us experience this with you because I myself could never do these things. Thankyou
Beth Petschauer I think he had an awesome birthday. He is is having a blast.
Sandy Hough Sooo cool & amazing to watch. Such wonderful experiences & memories for the kids.😀🚘🏁
Brenda Faye Luce Wow !!!!!! Ingrid and Jeff Ella and Leo must be totally amazed to see them !!!!!

This is what brought us half way around the world. Leo's dream. #KomodoDragons #KomodoNationalPark

1.9k reactions 86 comments
Nicole Martin My dream as well. Beautiful and interesting creatures. Hope Leo enjoys.
Cat Hilderbrandt Such good family times. The kids will cherish these memories forever.
Ronnie Florence Fun times with the kidd. Saw this in the newspaper today. Thats just funny.
Jean Oeltjen Happy Birthday Leo!! Would love to hear all about your adventures!!
Shirley Sessoms enjoying all the pics. thanks be careful traveling other countries

Last chance to pre-order the new #16 sprint car vintage distressed tee from Jeff Gordon Store ->! The pre-order window ends today. #TeamJG

182 reactions 6 comments
Amber Leighanne Jeff Fowler
Chris Boger 1 have the sprint car as a 1/64 diecast
Monica Perrin We are going to miss you in Knoxville Jeff! Thanks for letting Tony take the lead on the event 😚🏁☝🏆
Matt Waterman Christy Andorf

Sailing the #Floressea. Our home for the next 5 days. #Amandira

2.3k reactions 98 comments
John Scott Enjoy your trip. Bon voyage..
Patricia LeTourneau Jensen are you drivin it. ? lol
Elaine Burgett Good for you
Donna Pelegrino Caron Wow that's a little scary. Are the kids with you too?
Lucia Mellema A wonderful exciting family adventure! Can't wait to see more pics! Treasure every moment!

Day 1 complete & full of underwater adventure in Indonesia.

4.1k reactions 81 comments
Phyllis Blair Looks like Leo is enjoying his adventure very much!!
Jason Archer My dream is to meet you
Brian McAllister from Talladega nights :Send the weirdo back to Indonesia LMAO
Brandon Deen Rub it in our face Jeffrey. .. Too bad some of us have real jobs
Shirley Dalton Fallis Thanks for sharing your family with us. Jeff . God Bless

Last chance for you to win these three items -> #TeamJG

520 reactions 26 comments
Ashley Matlock Morgan Basham
Lexie Vass Lynn Sullivan Vass Rion Vass
Sean Pickering Favorite driver
Shelly Ray Eric C. Ray
Ruth Patterson Blackburn Is it for sale

‪Celebrating my birthday traditional #BalineseDance style! ‬ ‪🎥 & 📷 ->‬

893 reactions 188 comments
Vee Cautrell Really nice, Jeff. Vacation photos and birthday photos you will remember forever !
Phyllis Blair Glad you are able to spend time with your beautiful family and enjoy your retirement. It is hard earned and well deserved!!!
Doug Bergman Happy B-day sir! Hope you do another race soon NASCAR doesn't interest me at all since your not driving anymore.
Ann Messina Meek Hope you had the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER with your family!! Thank you for all the photos Jeff & Ingrid.
Dianna Castle Boos Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome day! 😎🎉🎂🎁
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