Jeff Dunham
17:00 09/12/2017

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

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Brenda Mathews Graves
Just watched this :-) Funny!!
John Glynn
Annabelle and Chucky ain't got nothing on the new baby!! Loved the special Jeff, keep it coming!!
HM Matt
Watched it this morning, very funny stuff. Way to go Jeff!!
Kris Burns
It is too funny laughed until I snorted!
Danny BroHenry Kallick
It was very funny. Best of all the specials!
Beth Hassevoort
I just watched it and was in tears a few times I laughed so hard!!! Excellent special!
Alice Lauver Wood
Can't wait.. I think we could all use a laugh after the last few weeks.
Joel Fredriksson
Have just seen the show and it was as fun as usual. You're the best Jeff. Greetings from Sweden
Vj Swift
Saw this morning, great show, loved it
Ruthie Roberts
Watched it first thing this morning and laughed so hard and not an easy thing to do after surgery
Catherine Manning
Gonna watch it in a minute flip d housework 😃
Beth Stillion
Can't wait to get home from work and watch this!!!!
Eric Johansen
As usual, Peanut steals the show!
Amanda Herman
It was amazing and funny go Jeff go lol
Ashden Stark
I've been waiting for this since we saw you live in Savannah!

Other newsfeed from Jeff Dunham

Hey Green Bay! It was 20° last night, but you guys were on FIRE! Our 4th sellout at 8400 folks! Thank YOU!! #jeffdunhamlive #jeffdunham

1.3k reactions 147 comments
Loree Mercier Viau Awesome picture and YOU were on fire!! Best show I have ever seen, non stop laughing the entire show!!
Michael Semenas It was an awesome show! I laughed so hard I hurt myself... BTW where should I send the doctor bill? 😂
Corey Ver Haagh Loved the amazing show you put on last night! I was celebrating my 12 yr anniversary. Thanks for the memories 😂
Tracy Sabel This is was our first time to see you. We had an amazing time! Looking forward to you being back in Wisconsin again!
Jesse Lockner My 1st time seeing him live will be tomorrow! Was it a good show?! Did peanut close the show?! Please say yes lol

What do Bitcoin, iPhones, President Donald Trump and the weather all have in common? Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Achmed, José and the rest of the guys included them on their lists of New Year's Resolutions! Check out what they have in store for 2018!

1.9k reactions 59 comments
Gigi Trudel Bubba Jay! 😂😂 Hahaha
Mike Alsteen See ya tonight!
Lynn Lilly Can’t wait to see this guy tomorrow night in Madison!!!
Keith Hansen he could make fun of this stuff tastefully
Coen Berends Looking forward to see you in the Netherlands in May. My daughter got us tickets 👍

Walter decided to share his “thoughts” on my family and marriage during our Netflix comedy special, RELATIVE DISASTER.... THIS is just the tip of the iceberg! To see the rest, be sure to stream our special now!

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William Truman You were amazing in Wichita Falls thank you for coming back! We will always go to your show because you are that great!!
Dave Arnold Absolutely brilliant love your shows on YouTube there’s not a day goes by that when I don’t watch it specially peanut
Ronnie Kind I too was taken aback at the cursing, my 9 yr olds love Jeff Dunham, glad they werent watching with me.
Charity Hodson I just seen a episode of Ellen with you guys on it. One of you have changed over the years and one has not . You can argue on watch one is watch
Bonnie Rhoads Jeff, are from the Chicogo area and used to go to Colon, Michigan for the magic convention by change in the mid to late 60's???

Jack and James may have heard the Batman TV show theme around our house a few times!...

4.4k reactions 170 comments
Karen Walsh Enjoy them as much as you can when they are little. As you know they grow up way too fast... ❤😍Adorable
Teresa Purdham yep I agree time for puppy to eat passy
Clayton Wheeler holy crap that is jeff with blonde hair lmao
Kim Oleson Hohensee I love your son’s version! Way more entertaining and so precious!
Glenda Clark My Amazon Parrot does this too. But your son does it with Class and Dribbles .

Doing their best to escape!... Buddy, Jack and James! #onlythebeginning

11.7k reactions 362 comments
Orson Griffith PLEEZE go back to the characters you have allowed us to enjoy so much. Your new "approach" is disgusting.
Tyler Fan Would love to see you make your boys talk, it’s what to do best 😂. Thanks for the laugh. Happy New Year!
Joanne Powell Dilts They heard about Daddy’s awesome shows and are trying to get themselves some tickets!!! My husband and I were at your Hamilton show.. and Jeff..thanks for the great show!!!😊🇨🇦
Dave Arnold You have two great kids there think about when you’re on the road and try to make a future for them money is not everything
Matt Moniz All the comments on here about kids and parenting...I’m over here like WTF is this kid standing on? Either he has some Chris Angel levitating skills or the Dunham kids focus on upper body workouts.

Up for your viewing fun now! Jay and I talk about my 1970 SuperBird and take it for a ride on the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage!

1.1k reactions 38 comments
Steve Strub Sweet ride!
Adrien Ortone Homologation
Jeff Kendall What was wasters opinion on it???????????????
Kathy Cousineau Schoonveld Awesome car!!!❤️
John Berkemeier One of my dream cars...

What a way to knock 2017 out of the park! Just wrapped up our last show of the year at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA! All 8400 of you were on fire! (Not the Achmed kind of fire.) Our tour is off and ROLLING! Thanks to all of you for coming out the last four nights!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

4.2k reactions 297 comments
Ross Moore Great show Jeff Dunham, GF and I had a great time. In our eyes Bubba J was on fire, of course I’m from the south and can relate. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.
Lorraine Hardy Labonte We saw you in Hamilton Ont Canada on Friday night!! Fantastic show!! Can't wait to see you again here in Canada!! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Cheers!!
Donald Baker Had a great time at the Jeff Dunham show in Hershey PA today. If you ever get a chance to see him live it’s well worth the money. Thanks Jeff, Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Achmed and the newest member of the family Bob.
James N Heather Patrick We was on the 3rd row and you absolutely ROCKED TONIGHT. I don't believe I have ever laughed so hard. Thanks for making our new year one to remember. Happy New year Jeff and the gang.
Dee Haberl Always wanted to see Jeff. Had a chance but it was sold out. Now after 3back surgeries and a knee replace I will never get to. He is so funny just think he is great. HAPPY NEW YEAR JEFF AND FAMILY!

Last night in Wilkes-Barre, PA! 8200+ peeps and rockin’ the house! Thanks you guys!

1.9k reactions 102 comments
Kristine Rowles Pepe Michele, where are you in this picture?!?!
Linda Arthur Oh, wished I could have been there,,maybe next time
Christine Phillips I Like the Picture of Jeff Dunham on Stage with his Fans in Wilkes-Barre I Like Jeff Dunham He is a Funny Guy
Heather Allison Hey Jeff - if I divorce my husband, will Walter marry me? 🤪
Susan Clark Was an awesome show thanks for making the night so enjoyable

A second killer night on my #PassivelyAggressiveTour, this time in the slightly chilly, yet always hot and happening town of Hamilton, Ontario! 8300+ folks and what a night! Thanks you guys!! #jeffdunhamlive

1.9k reactions 168 comments
Linda Blaney 11 days and we will see you in Green Bay!! Can't wait 😝 Jamie Neuman Hope your brother and his fiancé will be joining us. We can celebrate a couple of birthdays too!!
Beata Kozierowska OMG it was so funny my face is still hurting from all that laughter. You're THE BEST Jeff. Thank you 💕😂🤣😂🤣😂
Bill Rumley I had been waiting for last night since my mom got us the tickets in October. It was well worth the wait. Loved every minute of it. Loved the fact that you used new and old material. Worth the wait worth the laughter and I hope yoy come back soon Jeff. ...
Alfons Putzeys Looking forward to see you live again, i couldn't afford to come to vegas :( The end of the world may occur on may 21st but i swear i will be there when you hit Belgium :) (y) hope you enjoy our little country :P there is more to see than only the ...
Sherry Hall Was an excellent show. was first time I had seen him. I hope to see him again. Loved the new character. I am sore today from laughing but oh so worth it.

Kicked off the new arena tour last night in Indy with 8000+ awesome folks! Thanks for making it a blast, you guys! #jeffdunhamlive #passivelyaggressive

5.0k reactions 300 comments
Christy Quesnell Loved the show awesome hope your head is better an hope peanut is good to wonderful night ty for the laughs loved the free time
Fred Chinn I was there with my wife. This was the second time we have seen Jeff live. I hope your forehead is ok. The show was awesome!!!!
Angie Choate I wanted to go so bad but I just couldn't afford it and I asked Santa for the ticket but I guess I was just to naughty. But you Jeff are on my bucket list😊
Robert D Walker Jeff Dunham.. i was there at your show in indy. First time seeing you live and in person. Loved your show cant wait to see you again sometime just loved it. You had me and my two friends busting out lauphing. Keep up the good work
Michael Nadolski That's a great pic! Love to watch you and the guys. You always make me laugh. Need it with the bad 6 months I've had. Thanks always for a lift in spirits.

Merry Christmas, everyone! A Very Special Christmas Special is on Comedy Central today at 3pm ET!

7.3k reactions 375 comments
Herb Skweezins Mason, AhhhhhhhhhhhEeeeeeeeeeee.... boom
Meaghan Leavitt Alex, you guys might want to watch this!
Kathy Boatwright Walston Make some new DVD's for sale in the stores.. LOVE ACHMED!!!!
Ann-Marie Wesson I tried to set it to record on comedy central on sky and I can't find it 😡😡😡😡😡

Gather your family! A Very Special Christmas Special is on Comedy Central tomorrow at 3 pm ET. Set your DVR’s now!

10.6k reactions 604 comments
Alea Rebelos Merry Christmas To You ,Your Family and Your Happy Friends!
Cathy Newman Merry Christmas to you and your family
Ria Colman Chandler It doesnt seem to showing on Comedy Central here in England ????
Nicole Graham Landon Thank you Jeff Dunham! Merry Christmas to you and your family! (both the breathing and in boxes)
Wendy Sager To bad Comedy Central bleeps everything that makes the jokes funny.

Happy Holidays! Walter, Peanut, Achmed, Bubba J, and the rest of the guys wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Here's what happened when I allowed them to record their holiday greetings! Take a look!

6.5k reactions 258 comments
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That was a Good video like Jeff Dunham He is a Funny Guy & Merry Christmas & Happy New year
Natesherry Burns So funny! I've never seen the Baby character before. How long have you had that one?
Brenda O'Donnell-Rojas Merry Christmas to ALL of you and Happy New Year🎄🎅🎉
Beatrice Gevin "Merry Christmas" to you Jeff and your family, and to Walter, Peanut, Achmed, Bubba J. love you all <3
Cindy Mann Merry Christmas you and your family!

Decorating Christmas cookies with Jack & James!

16.0k reactions 6378 comments
Brittany Celeste Biersack Jack and James are cute seen u at the jhq arena in Springfield Missouri in February this year loved it merry Christmas Jeff and family 🙂
Kellie Alessi Too cute! Your coming here the end of the month (Wilkes Barre) and I wish we were able to see you! Our 3 month old LOVES Peanut and has watched it with us since he was like a month old it calms him haha
Tina Lemming Hello from Denmark plz more shows in Denmark the 2 you have are allready sold put and no tickets for Me 😭
Bob Victor Funtime! Thanks for sharing! Do you make all the cookies talk? Love your talent! You make a lot of people happy! It is a wonderful life!
Marty Manko We love you guys Merry Christmas we want to go see you you're coming to northeast pa can't afford the tickets but some day 😍😍😍😍

A long time ago in a video far, far away... All my guys auditioned to be in “Star Wars”... Check out my #TBT before seeing “The Last Jedi” this weekend!

3.1k reactions 133 comments
Brenda Hardesty Sandoval Thats great
Alan Prosowski Love it!
Marilyn Carden Smith Love it!
Fonda Ross Love love love ❤️
Jim Holland Very awesome

Jack in Peanut “too-big” pajama pants! Caption this photo!

10.7k reactions 1544 comments
Alison Clark Lawson Jack to Jeff: The day is fast approaching when you'll be in a home and I'll get to choose the pants that get put on you daddio!
Jody Palaoro "I am making my best Walter face because my dad thinks its cool to make me wear pants that I can fit my siblings in with me."
Annette Rogers "This mash-up of decades isn't working, Daddy.... Bellbottoms from the 70s, parachute pants from the 80s and rolled up jeans from the 90s?
Ben Lyons From poopy pants to droopy pants. But the real caption is: "Dad, why do you make me do this crap? Go back to playing with your dolls."
Danielle Fries nothing little duck tape won't fix..... oh dad really nothing the right size won't fix... use the tape to expand them when I grow out of them :D

After a year-long restoration... we’re taking the bird for a drive!

17.5k reactions 10771 comments
Rachel Wood Jeff you are awesome my father and son love you so much my boyfriend and I took my father to your columbus ohio show at the fair. Just awesome! Keep up the great work! Love the car!
Håkan Olofsson I think Walther just lost his grip of the Wing..... You have to turn around and pick him up, you know his bad moode would not be better if you don´t pick him up...
Dennis Lexa In 69 The Daytona and 70 the Superbird the guys driving them in NASCAR actually would turn the uprights for the wing and it helped them turn and hold corners better!!!!!!
Rick Norton Show me the car puppet man.
Randy Woodward Ford and Chevy were right side up. MOPAR (Dodge Chrysler Plymouth) used the key upside down. Automatic or stick made no difference. Just MOPARS own thing.

During our visit to Ireland to shoot my Netflix special, “Relative Disaster,” Audrey (my wife) and I adopted an Irish infant. Let’s just say that Baby Seamus was a little more than Walter, Peanut, Achmed, or Bubba J bargained for...

2.3k reactions 221 comments
Stephanie Hintz Calvert Did not like seamus at all creepy not funny.
Maureen Grabs I love jeff but adding the Irish infant, hmmmm. Not that funny. Adore the rest.
Kim Benn O'Grady We have been wondering where Baby Seamus has been. We saw him when you were in Delaware, and still developing him.
MariAnn Hupp Don't like the new show or Seamus at all. Just didn't think it was funny. And the f bombs only made it worse
Stuart Craigon Ahmed's accent is creeping in at times. Need to work on that Irish accent Jeff but I love it regardless. 😂

Peanut says, “It’s Purple Monday!” Get the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers at

1.2k reactions 48 comments
Stacey Smith Chris Blake 😍
Lissa Guignon Alicia Ewing-Van Roy
Melanie Mayser Tim Mayser
Jamie Paul Pearce Keilee Pearce
Kelsee Olson Lizbeth Sosa 😁

Introducing the new character in my upcoming tour!... PLUS, we TRY to get Jack & James to decorate a little Christmas tree!

28.8k reactions 4744 comments
Mari Carter Thank you both for sharing us with your family here’s to Jack and James Happy Holidays and to many many more....👵🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄🎄🎄
Chris Madden Thank god the creepy baby isn't making the cut....YIKES!!!!....LOL I thought Peytom Manning had a big five head....That baby had a 10 head!
Brenda Walls we were at your show in Detroit in Jan 2017 my husband laughed so hard cuse he could relate we have an 8 yr old and he just turned 59.
Tim Hite This is awesome my so had a bad car wreck then the next day my step dad was killed in a wreck i really needed some smiles
Debbie Guest Moore Looking forward to Bob in your show.. . Your family is just so cute.. love the sweaters byw.. hope your wife gets a great pic for your Christmas card.. Have a great day guys!

Give your loved ones the gift of laughter this holiday season! Get tickets to my Passively Aggressive Tour, all tour dates on sale now!

2.0k reactions 202 comments
Serge van Dessel whenever u come to belgium....i'll be there....big fan of U and Achmed
Cassy Bignell Is there an age restriction for the shows?
Bill Soutar Always wanted to see you! Going to buy them for the Family for Christmas!
Shauna North I wish you were coming closer in Michigan not just Grand Rapids.
Lindsay Messiaen We are comming in Antwerp Belgium! Bought tickets today! Thanks tot my cousin Kevin Logie

When I asked Walter, Achmed, Peanut, Bubba J and the rest of the guys to give thanks this holiday season, I got more than just "turkey and stuffing!" Here are some of the things that they were thankful for in 2017!

3.7k reactions 98 comments
Cecilia Alvarez A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and the families💜💜💜💜
Brenda Tanner Happy Thanksgiving, to your family also
Jay Houle Enjoy your Thanksgiving! With the whole group! See ya in March !
Rosemarie Barringer Berger Happy Thanksgiving to all and God bless.
Vicki Kerns Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family.

Achmed reveals the reasons he’s been so exhausted lately in my Netflix Special, Relative Disaster. I’m afraid he may not be equipped to handle the situation. Watch now to find out why!

2.0k reactions 52 comments
Tim Lebans poor guy! he's just bone weary!
Earl Sutherland I want to drive the bus 🚌
Richard Shurson He's anemic!
Ricky Obermeyer Awesome
Ksenija Von Romstein Ahahaha

Baking on the bus! Wait, what??

531 reactions 93 comments
Lynnburger Morris Loved the show in McAllen & thank Achmed for his help with my hubby.. 🤪🧐🤩
Joseph Skiba Hey Jeff can you reply to my comment to help me feel better. Im kinda sad right now
Tami Cox Too bad it wasn't
Fiona Rockwell I love riding the bus high.
Yvonne Greene Loved it! You should have Achmed to assist, especially with border

Baking on the bus! Wait, what??

7.3k reactions 2115 comments
Amanda Castillo First of all you have the 1st amendment. So, yes they have to let you tape. But, the fact you are famous they would be dumb not to let you.
Korina Adame Garcia Just recently went to see your show in El Paso.Tx!! Laughed the entire time..nonstop !! Had a wonderful time!! Thanks so much!! Have a blessed tour!!! 😉🤗🤗🤗
Jeremy Durivage good thing Bubba J wasn't around, in sure he would've had some choice comments for this officers. better yet Achmed!! although that would've bee HILARIOUS
Adeline Smith You are awesome Jeff. My 3yr old daughter loves to watch you. Her teachers at the school aren’t to sure about some of the things she has picked up from watching you. Safe travels.
Alfonso Vazquez Jee Jeff!!! That was your chance to prank the border control!! You could’ve played Jose jalapeño!! “Are they gone señor??” Shhht!! No they’re not! Be quiet Jose!!!

Getting cookie making supplies at Walmart!!

5.9k reactions 1159 comments
Kerry Piazza Hey go through me and my Pampered Chef website!!!! You won't have to go cheap and the products last a lifetime!!!!!
Scott Wilson Hey Jeff hope the cookies are good. Wish I could see you 1/12 here in Madison but I can't afford it this. Maybe next time.
Dee Hill Jeff Dunham needs to come to Deltona Florida we all love you we love peanut we love every character you have created come see you soon
Crystal Williams one i like is one box of cake mix any kind one ege and one box of cool whip back for no more than 10-15 mins depends on the over you use
Billie McAleer There should be a law against one individual having this much talent and imagination ! !!! Mr. Mc.

In my latest Netflix special, Relative Disaster, Bubba J and I discussed his employment status. How did it go? Let’s just say the conversation with Bubba J took a few left turns. See for yourself!

1.7k reactions 64 comments
Joe Martin WHAT ??
Hawley Lepine That’s Hilarious
Brad Lee Cole Bubba J for president.
Paula Anderson Love it
Judy Slater Love Jeff and his friends.

In my new Netflix special, Relative Disaster, Peanut lets me know EXACTLY what he thinks about my decision to be a father at my age... As you might guess, he has a few opinions!

1.3k reactions 64 comments
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That's funny I Like the video of Jeff Dunham & Peanut Peanut is my Favorite I Like Jeff Dunham He is a funny Guy
Victoria Haddon I hope theres going to be a clip going up of the new character that you introduced during the UK tour
Debra Miller-Mullis Mansfield Love love Peanut and Jalapeno on a stick.... my favorite
Benny Mainka Crystal Lee Mainka look its already on netflix lol
Jeanette Anderson I watched it and it was so funny!

After our Halloween costume photo shoot, there’s only one way to get the Batmobile back to the bat cave!

7.6k reactions 168 comments
Keith Scott You could have Batman giving Robin driving lessons. :D
Gabriel Temple Wow it's have the temp here in Indiana! It was low 40s earlier. :-/
Lori Pendleton Is that your Bat Car? Very cool either way ~ love ya Jeff !! You & your friends are too much fun ! ; )
Amber Gracie My son was Robin for Halloween too!
Allan Marcotte I had a similar cowl one Halloween back around '66 or '67!

Happy Halloween! How could we NOT do this!? My real-life Wonder Woman alongside our crazy little Batmen!... Oh and I’m Robin. #firsttimeintights #i-swear!

54.1k reactions 1087 comments
Linda Hoff How totally cute is that! So glad you have such a wonderful family! You make so many others happy and now you are happy too! Yea!
Amy Wilson Is it only me or is pants buggling a bit to much... Next time id skip the tights .... The boys however cutest thing alive hope they got to drive the car as a special treat :)
Kara Melvin Oh my goodness those costumes are PERFECTION. Love it Dunham's and James and Jack.....I can't even stand all the cuteness in this picture😋😋😋 NAILED IT!!!!
Elizabeth Hall Well Jeff , since you got your wife to dress as Wonder Woman , are you going to get her to tie you up with the golden lasso and force you to tell the truth ? lol
Sharon Stebner Prowal Great action hero themed family costumes to go with your car...when you've got it most definitely flaunt it...boys, gorgeous wife & Batmobile...
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