Jeff Dunham
17:00 09/12/2017

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

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Brenda Mathews Graves
Just watched this :-) Funny!!
John Glynn
Annabelle and Chucky ain't got nothing on the new baby!! Loved the special Jeff, keep it coming!!
HM Matt
Watched it this morning, very funny stuff. Way to go Jeff!!
Kris Burns
It is too funny laughed until I snorted!
Danny BroHenry Kallick
It was very funny. Best of all the specials!
Beth Hassevoort
I just watched it and was in tears a few times I laughed so hard!!! Excellent special!
Alice Lauver Wood
Can't wait.. I think we could all use a laugh after the last few weeks.
Joel Fredriksson
Have just seen the show and it was as fun as usual. You're the best Jeff. Greetings from Sweden
Vj Swift
Saw this morning, great show, loved it
Ruthie Roberts
Watched it first thing this morning and laughed so hard and not an easy thing to do after surgery
Catherine Manning
Gonna watch it in a minute flip d housework 😃
Beth Stillion
Can't wait to get home from work and watch this!!!!
Eric Johansen
As usual, Peanut steals the show!
Amanda Herman
It was amazing and funny go Jeff go lol
Ashden Stark
I've been waiting for this since we saw you live in Savannah!

Other newsfeed from Jeff Dunham

We shouldn't have been there.

4.7k reactions 916 comments
Ramona Tew Congratulations. You and my dear boys deserve that star. Totally enjoy all of you. Enjoyed 2 concerts. Introduced my brother to you. Oh do I have fun with him saying lines from the boys at inappropriate times. LU
Kathleen Tantillo I love you Jeff n your guys in the suitcase would love to see you .. I'm very sick n you r my favorite person
Donna Bodenreider LePage Congratulations! You (and the little guys in the trunk) definitely deserve it!
Bob Schlechty Jeff , would you please , please , please come to Montgomery , AL. Sometime so we can come to your show . We love you guys so much .
Timothy Rico Make sure you keep peanut away from you star he's one crazy nut lol love you Jeff you help me throw some bad times and a show where you have Walter's wife come on there

Should we really be here yet?

3.5k reactions 1658 comments
Leonard DarkRaven Phipps Jr. Congratulations Jeff Dunham!!!! On ur star walk of fame.. Me and my daughter Rebecca love ur shows.
Susan Watts Hey Jeff love your comedy. You are so funny. Love all of your little people too. Walter is my favorite.
Barbara Quinn When you come to Jacksonville you should give some free tickets I love you but food is more important
Sandra Witpaard Congratulations. Love your shows. When are you coming back to Europe? Lots of love from the Netherlands
Sheryl Lawrence Hello from Utah! Love your shows except for the vulgar swear words. You deserve the star. You are very talented

Check out my new Netflix special

7.0k reactions 166 comments
Koen Lieckens Instead of the one "Bla" i would write "Yow" or " Hmm" ^_^
Emily Kowal Omg I was crying laughing at the new special
Philip Cm Heinzl Should be the other way round .....women are always right !
Christine Hawes-Loertscher Stevan we forgot about this again
Doug White But which one is for Jeff?

My new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster is out now

605 reactions 181 comments
Dyann Carroll Loved it, as usual. Just wish Peanut could have had a little more time...he still is my fave! ❤️
Alyna Giczewska This is generally how I pick friends
Lynn Sweetman-Cochran Well, aside from Peanut, this is correctly named.
Julio Francisco Varela thats what me and my GF say to each other all the time lol
Kyle Fulbrook When's the new showing being released on UK Netflix had a look today couldn't find it

I’m on TMZ LIVE today! Check your local listings for airtime!

TMZ Live - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News |

Breaking the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news. Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only TMZ can.

100 reactions 14 comments
Dustin Willingham Yall check out my funny YouTube video
Christopher Ludwig H3h3productions
Kelly Watson What did you do? Lol
Linda Fair Gargus Just seen it
Andrea Claire Loved the segment 🐍 charmer

Live from Caesars

2.8k reactions 569 comments
Jose Gee Ginorio It was hilarious say hi to your dad.....Walter..🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rochelle King I loved it when I saw you in March!
Mary Meeks I'll be seeing you nov 5th. 3 days after my bday.
John Anthony When you coming to Delaware

Pretty great seeing this #RelativeDisaster billboard in LA on Melrose Ave just a day after the release! Who’s already watched my newest special on Netflix?

4.1k reactions 654 comments
Sylvia Scheller Watching it now with my 12 year old. I'm comfortable enough with my parental guidance that I know my son can enjoy your comedy without going to school and dropping F-bombs and inappropriate jokes. He gets the punchlines but knows better than to repeat ...
Angelo Williams It was pretty good. Baby Sheamus was okay at best. The rest were awesome as usual despite the seemingly increase in f bombs (which doesn't bother me, just an observation).
Megan Rhodes So many people are complaining but I loved it. I was watching it on my iPad and my 1 year old walked over, saw Peanut and grinned so big! Then he started kissing the screen! I guess I need to get him a Peanut doll for Christmas now.
Barbara Paulsen A bunch of dirty words and no comedy. We are half way through it and will try again tonight. If it's this bad all the way through it might not be worth it to try to see sometime in person or even try to watch any other specials. NOT FUNNY, Jeff.
Brandon Burley Pretty good show overall, and Peanut knocked it out of the park! Way too many over-ly sensitive people complaining about "foul language". Get a grip! They are words! Sticks and stones people! "But the kids"... These shows have never been for kids! Even ...

Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW!

865 reactions 549 comments
Nancy Wolf Where abouts is your show on Netflix
Mike Falderoff This is better than a powder blue Prius.....
Marjolijn Putman This is a breastcancer awareness truck. I would be HONOURED to drive it!
Alex Waitforit Clay ive seen them all and this was by far my least favorite. sure i laughed through the whole thing. but it just felt like alot of old man jokes and twins talk.
Warren Falcon Forget about tagging someone else I'd drive it, for all my friends and family that are cancer fighters and surviveors

Live at the Hand in Hand telethon, a benefit for hurricane relief...

3.8k reactions 555 comments
Sally Ann Blosser Thanks for helping out would love to see you in tampa
Christopher William Where's the money going to ?
Judy Handley- Oldiges Worried that someone won't "follow the money". I'd like to see an accounting later. Watched your new show on Netflix. Loved that the babies think the puppets are real. Didn't like so much political talk in another country.
Shawn Taylor Come back to Pensacola!
Sherry Wright Hitchingham Thank you Jeff. What a wonderful caring man you are. I love your comedy and your heart. That is awesome how much money was raised. $44 million. Wowza That is AWESOME. May God Bless you and all that helped with this.

Netflix, but more importantly...

2.4k reactions 1126 comments
Barbara Tompkins Hey about you and Peanut ...please do a duet with Darci... Farmer OMGoodness she is just so awesome plzzz :)...I am sure you have heard about her......<3 miss you on late night tv.. :(...
Shane Petersen jeff please do some research into the "charities" that are asking to get donations such as aspca find out where the money really goes to
Robert Pope Watched your new special it as always very funny. Especially the baby. I can imagine the baby and Walter on stage together funny
Jolene Betancourt Hey Jeff !! Hurricane Harvey survivor here checking in and saying Thank You so much for the laughter !!! Much needed !!! #prayforTexas
Jan White Hi. If a couple is with another couple, it's nice when the men sit next to each other, chatting & the ladies together chatting because our conversations differ. Its all good.

Join us tonight at 8pm ET on just about every major broadcast TV network, for the “#HandInHand” benefit for hurricane relief!

462 reactions 24 comments
Dawn C Hipler Eldeftar looking forward to watching
Maurice Loco Pendejo Wesley Den Bree HAND JN HAND KAMERADEN NU OOK IN AMERIKA😂🔴⚪
Lovette Hall I'm watching it prayers to all affected from it
Rebecca Thomsen Koskey I will watch but the first person to make it political and I'm done.
Sam Zacofsky Jeff Dunham are you going to be in Florida? How long will you be there?

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

3.9k reactions 383 comments
Brenda Mathews Graves Just watched this :-) Funny!!
John Glynn Annabelle and Chucky ain't got nothing on the new baby!! Loved the special Jeff, keep it coming!!
HM Matt Watched it this morning, very funny stuff. Way to go Jeff!!
Kris Burns It is too funny laughed until I snorted!
Danny BroHenry Kallick It was very funny. Best of all the specials!

Tomorrow, 9/12 is the day! Add my new Netflix special, #RelativeDisaster to your queue now!

9.5k reactions 872 comments
Simon Van Liew Is there anyone between the ages of 12-50 that enjoy Jeff Dunham? I havr never met one.
Kayla Ann Cox Nick we are watching this tomorrow night questions
Lettie Massey Elizabeth Resendez here's one to check out if you have netflix
Jane Kennedy Bill Donahue Jr do you still get Netflix ???? Can you tape it????
Karen Boone Sweet ! Nice to be on Netflix I have Roku and that all I get to watch on ! Thank you Nice B-Day present to me .

1.3k reactions 127 comments
Summer Mosmüller Anne de Cort als je je verveeld heb je altijd Netflix 😂
Debbie Baker Am waiting patiently
Carla Bartow Patterson excitedly waiting!!!!!!!!
Emma Haslam Peter Haslam don't let me forget
Shell Colley Andy Colley as you have my netflix lol. Xxxx

All the guys in the trunk and I are coming to Las Vegas on September 13th!

3.3k reactions 188 comments
Summer Hernandez #5 is fantastic but I love how this covered the whole spectrum of vagueness.
John Verbash so tired of this what atime for equa;itybout when a man is mad
Urias Gonzalez Bernal As I read this I could hear Walters voice 😂😂😂
Richard Slatten LOVE me some Walter. The older I get the more I'm like him, sorry........
Anthony Ruvalcaba You need to watch americas got talent that girl darci lynne is really good . You need to get in contact with her

Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Peanut, Bubba J, José, Walter and I are performing in Las Vegas on September 13th!

1.0k reactions 151 comments
Katrina Aileen Eleanor Catlin Matthew March this is you someday
Quentin Bradford Is there any place in Vegas where you CAN't get married now???
Todd Jackson For that I should get a lifetime supply.
Nathan Roach You get a 12 pk of tacos and a sauce packet garter and a sauce packet bouquet.
Oksanna Scheidt Jake Normandeau 😍😍😍 babeeeeeeee dreams do come true!

4.0k reactions 229 comments
Beth R May i dont have netflix so i have to wait for comedy channel
Kirsten Martin Is it only going to be on US Netflix's?
Christopher Blydenburgh After this weekend, the release is timed perfectly, we will all need a good laugh next week in FL.
Leah Blake David Blake need to look out for this xx
Marie Elizabeth Symmes September 12th can't get here soon enough

Helping those affected by the hurricanes

16.8k reactions 1603 comments
David Malone There are so many places that would use a bigger percentage of that money than the Red Cross, but thanks for your incredible generosity. God Bless you both!
JoAnn Hughes Simmons Give to Salvation Army, Mennonite Church for their work, any church group has different kinds of disaster help. The Red Cross seems (in my opinion,) to pad their official pockets more than help.
Sue McGallagher Foster Thank you Jeff please give to something where it really gets to the victims noooooooooooooooooooo not red crosssssss just heard as I was typing no no no no no no
Jeanne Corrigan research the organization you choose to donate to. Many organizations waste $$. There is a website that actually tells you what $ of your donation actually goes directly to the cause.
Wayne Hummer Just like donating blood to donate your blood and they sell it. Yep, get hurt and go to the hospital and need blood....comes from the Red Cross and YOU pay dearly for it

The countdown is on! Check out the trailer for my new Netflix special, #RelativeDisaster. Stream 9/12.

10.8k reactions 900 comments
Jasmine Magby Jennifer Magby, we will definitely have to sit down and watch this. 😂😂
Joanne Kraybill Omg I love love these guys!! Funny stuff
Teralyn Moore Vicki Lynn Moore another reason for y'all to get Netflix 😁
Susan Isbell Are you trying to tell us something? 1 empty car seat on the back.😱🙄
Sarah Papizzo Susan Summers he has a new one coming on Netflix! 😍😍😍

Here’s the Trailer for Jeff Dunham’s Netflix Special ‘Relative Disaster’

Here’s the Trailer for Jeff Dunham’s Netflix Special ‘Relative Disaster’
Here’s the Trailer for Jeff Dunham’s Netflix Special ‘Relative Disaster’

Jeff Dunham is set to make his Netflix standup special debut next month. Titled Relative Disaster, the special was filmed at the Bord Gais Energy Theater in Dublin and features Dunham and his “demented posse of dummies” in a “gleeful skewering of family and politics.” Dunham's last special, Unhinged...

11.6k reactions 981 comments
Keith Graves Marie Graves Jenna Stevens we are gonna have to get together and watch this when it's released
Meg Leadbetter Bethany Boo Waters yaa im goin to have to use ur netflix then :D xxx
Robin Van Mulders Alan - be prepared to hear all the horrible jokes loud in the flat 😎
Judy Chope Crystal Ferguson I need to come over to your house September 12th and watch this special!
Nathalie Wilborts Is this only what was filmed in Dublin? When I was at the show in Belfast, it was filmed too...

Audrey and Bree's Birthday

3.4k reactions 86 comments
Cynthia Ann Nash Happy Bday to Audrey and Bree. Hope they have a great one
Maureen Smith Happy birthday! Cheers!
Kris Saluga Happy birthday Audrey and Bree!!
Pat Carrillo Happy Birthday Aubrey and Bree, beautiful ladies for sure
Jeffrey J Orrell The women! How much for the women! Lol. Beautiful family.

All the guys-in-the-trunk and I will be in Las Vegas August – September… One night every week, all summer long! Check out the dates:

571 reactions 94 comments
Magali Varne I'm driving it myself forget my friend
Debra Clément I tag myself, lol
Derek Kristofor Overhauser Um Myself and probably # my entire friends list.
Jerry Wayne Dalrymple Bubba j
Michael Scott Me me me meeee !

2.2k reactions 605 comments
Christine Phillips I like the Picture of the car I wouldn't drive it & I like Jeff Dunham He is a Funny Guy
Roxanne Bocwinski My husband, but he's 60 and he will never see that day!!!!!
Sandy Droske Oh my God! That's a definite beauty!! And my favorite blind of car!!
Jason Urich Can I tag myself? 😎 Awesome car, but I'd change the wheels.
Suzie Perry Tag a friend? Give me the keys, I'll drive. Friend is in the passenger seat and better stay quiet ;-)

All the guys-in-the-trunk and I will be in Las Vegas August – September… One night every week, all summer long! Check out the dates:

208 reactions 117 comments
Ezra Adair yea i wouldnt have any problems driving this car
Eleazar Laggui Now I'd have to tag myself.
Claude Clark Only if I could tweak the engine!
Richard Potter I take it for a nice Cruise
Jan Harvey McGaughy I could never drive that, hell I made my corvette a pug nose

2.8k reactions 132 comments
Wayne Alberts AND---make me a sandwich------
Nadine Marcus That is what is called "selective hearing"
Bonnie Cripps Yea. That's right BUBU.
Vickie Farley This is too true!
Shannon Kemp That's funny

"BORING." -Walter All the guys-in-the-trunk and I are coming to Las Vegas in August & September! Check out the dates:

435 reactions 20 comments
Mark Williamson Yep !...Ya mean like this Mr Dunham ?...
Christopher Ludwig H3h3productions
Dustin Johnston Teia Camper
Jordyn Lynn Needs guitar guy
Ron Haggith But, what about "Guitar Guy?" Will he be there?

All the guys-in-the-trunk and I will be in Las Vegas August – September… One night every week, all summer long! Check out the dates:

1.1k reactions 131 comments
Terry D. Hunt friend hell give it to me
Mike-Michel Dusseault I would
Erica Swenson I would in a new york minute!!!
Selwyn Andrews
Patricia Nelson Hell I would!! Grandma on the go!!!

14.3k reactions 194 comments
Christian Jensen Trine that's how advertising works
Louis Verdeur Jeff Moran - New promo for Crooked Eye?
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That's Funny I Like the Picture of Bubba J & I like Jeff Dunham He is a Funny Guy
John Clark Taste free beer fat dude bartenders with no shirts on and political ads
Robert Loeb Laverna Urben this would be fun at the bar.....

"That's how Jeff communicates with us when we're in the trunk." -Peanut All the guys-in-the-trunk and I are coming to Las Vegas in August & September! Check out the dates:

2.1k reactions 46 comments
Jill Rolf Marie 😂
Rhonda Humbert Amber Gravitt
Peggy Rusch Kim Boren
Jill Scull McKenna Chicks and their (sh)ell phones...
Gabriela Alfaro Klebs Awe!! I didn't know that about chickens ❤️❤️❤️❤️

2.3k reactions 536 comments
Juan Cruz Julia Cruz this the kind of truck i want
Cedric Kommeren Dit is dik Iris van Hamersveld wanneer rondje rijden? Haha
Maxie Alyne Sanford Michael Sanford, Rosetta McGee
Justin James Zach, Frank, Pat, John
Kevin Walker I drove a 69 Stepside just like that with a 396 big block 4 speed trans. 8 inch lift painted 72 Corvette yellow
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