Jeff Dunham
17:00 09/12/2017

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Stream my brand new comedy special, #RelativeDisaster on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!

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Brenda Mathews Graves
Just watched this :-) Funny!!
John Glynn
Annabelle and Chucky ain't got nothing on the new baby!! Loved the special Jeff, keep it coming!!
HM Matt
Watched it this morning, very funny stuff. Way to go Jeff!!
Kris Burns
It is too funny laughed until I snorted!
Danny BroHenry Kallick
It was very funny. Best of all the specials!
Beth Hassevoort
I just watched it and was in tears a few times I laughed so hard!!! Excellent special!
Alice Lauver Wood
Can't wait.. I think we could all use a laugh after the last few weeks.
Joel Fredriksson
Have just seen the show and it was as fun as usual. You're the best Jeff. Greetings from Sweden
Vj Swift
Saw this morning, great show, loved it
Ruthie Roberts
Watched it first thing this morning and laughed so hard and not an easy thing to do after surgery
Catherine Manning
Gonna watch it in a minute flip d housework 😃
Beth Stillion
Can't wait to get home from work and watch this!!!!
Eric Johansen
As usual, Peanut steals the show!
Amanda Herman
It was amazing and funny go Jeff go lol
Ashden Stark
I've been waiting for this since we saw you live in Savannah!

Other newsfeed from Jeff Dunham

Achmed reveals the reasons he’s been so exhausted lately in my Netflix Special, Relative Disaster. I’m afraid he may not be equipped to handle the situation. Watch now to find out why!

2.0k reactions 52 comments
Tim Lebans poor guy! he's just bone weary!
Earl Sutherland I want to drive the bus 🚌
Richard Shurson He's anemic!
Ricky Obermeyer Awesome
Ksenija Von Romstein Ahahaha

Baking on the bus! Wait, what??

531 reactions 93 comments
Lynnburger Morris Loved the show in McAllen & thank Achmed for his help with my hubby.. 🤪🧐🤩
Joseph Skiba Hey Jeff can you reply to my comment to help me feel better. Im kinda sad right now
Tami Cox Too bad it wasn't
Fiona Rockwell I love riding the bus high.
Yvonne Greene Loved it! You should have Achmed to assist, especially with border

Baking on the bus! Wait, what??

7.3k reactions 2115 comments
Amanda Castillo First of all you have the 1st amendment. So, yes they have to let you tape. But, the fact you are famous they would be dumb not to let you.
Korina Adame Garcia Just recently went to see your show in El Paso.Tx!! Laughed the entire time..nonstop !! Had a wonderful time!! Thanks so much!! Have a blessed tour!!! 😉🤗🤗🤗
Jeremy Durivage good thing Bubba J wasn't around, in sure he would've had some choice comments for this officers. better yet Achmed!! although that would've bee HILARIOUS
Adeline Smith You are awesome Jeff. My 3yr old daughter loves to watch you. Her teachers at the school aren’t to sure about some of the things she has picked up from watching you. Safe travels.
Alfonso Vazquez Jee Jeff!!! That was your chance to prank the border control!! You could’ve played Jose jalapeño!! “Are they gone señor??” Shhht!! No they’re not! Be quiet Jose!!!

Getting cookie making supplies at Walmart!!

5.9k reactions 1159 comments
Kerry Piazza Hey go through me and my Pampered Chef website!!!! You won't have to go cheap and the products last a lifetime!!!!!
Scott Wilson Hey Jeff hope the cookies are good. Wish I could see you 1/12 here in Madison but I can't afford it this. Maybe next time.
Dee Hill Jeff Dunham needs to come to Deltona Florida we all love you we love peanut we love every character you have created come see you soon
Crystal Williams one i like is one box of cake mix any kind one ege and one box of cool whip back for no more than 10-15 mins depends on the over you use
Billie McAleer There should be a law against one individual having this much talent and imagination ! !!! Mr. Mc.

In my latest Netflix special, Relative Disaster, Bubba J and I discussed his employment status. How did it go? Let’s just say the conversation with Bubba J took a few left turns. See for yourself!

1.7k reactions 64 comments
Joe Martin WHAT ??
Hawley Lepine That’s Hilarious
Brad Lee Cole Bubba J for president.
Paula Anderson Love it
Judy Slater Love Jeff and his friends.

In my new Netflix special, Relative Disaster, Peanut lets me know EXACTLY what he thinks about my decision to be a father at my age... As you might guess, he has a few opinions!

1.3k reactions 64 comments
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That's funny I Like the video of Jeff Dunham & Peanut Peanut is my Favorite I Like Jeff Dunham He is a funny Guy
Victoria Haddon I hope theres going to be a clip going up of the new character that you introduced during the UK tour
Debra Miller-Mullis Mansfield Love love Peanut and Jalapeno on a stick.... my favorite
Benny Mainka Crystal Lee Mainka look its already on netflix lol
Jeanette Anderson I watched it and it was so funny!

After our Halloween costume photo shoot, there’s only one way to get the Batmobile back to the bat cave!

7.6k reactions 168 comments
Keith Scott You could have Batman giving Robin driving lessons. :D
Gabriel Temple Wow it's have the temp here in Indiana! It was low 40s earlier. :-/
Lori Pendleton Is that your Bat Car? Very cool either way ~ love ya Jeff !! You & your friends are too much fun ! ; )
Amber Gracie My son was Robin for Halloween too!
Allan Marcotte I had a similar cowl one Halloween back around '66 or '67!

Happy Halloween! How could we NOT do this!? My real-life Wonder Woman alongside our crazy little Batmen!... Oh and I’m Robin. #firsttimeintights #i-swear!

54.1k reactions 1087 comments
Linda Hoff How totally cute is that! So glad you have such a wonderful family! You make so many others happy and now you are happy too! Yea!
Amy Wilson Is it only me or is pants buggling a bit to much... Next time id skip the tights .... The boys however cutest thing alive hope they got to drive the car as a special treat :)
Kara Melvin Oh my goodness those costumes are PERFECTION. Love it Dunham's and James and Jack.....I can't even stand all the cuteness in this picture😋😋😋 NAILED IT!!!!
Elizabeth Hall Well Jeff , since you got your wife to dress as Wonder Woman , are you going to get her to tie you up with the golden lasso and force you to tell the truth ? lol
Sharon Stebner Prowal Great action hero themed family costumes to go with your car...when you've got it most definitely flaunt it...boys, gorgeous wife & Batmobile...

Halloween is tomorrow, so it¹s only fitting that today is #MonstersMonday! Check out these treats from my Halloween special Minding the Monsters to put you in the mood!

1.6k reactions 38 comments
Joe Martin WHAT ??
Larry Wade I GOT THE DVD
Earl Sutherland I want to drive the bus
Tristan Mundree Ahmed*
Tristan Mundree Ohh, kids. They blow up so fast!

Check out this fun teaser for the SCARY Halloween video the little guys and I made with AGT winner Darci Lynne! Be sure to head over to Youtube to see the entire video... if you dare!!!!!

12.4k reactions 211 comments
Jeanne Carroll Loved it all. They are all so great. Thanks for sharing. :)
Sandra Libby I'm so glad that she's hooked up with Jeff!! She's amazing.
Eric Sims These two need to tour together. I'd pay to see that.
Chauve Souris Darci Lynne is so grandios. Please send the Show at German TV too.
Bob Donohue Darci is just adorable, hope nothing but the BEST for her throughout life!

Halloween is here again and America’s Got Talent winner Darci Lynne and her friends, Petunia, Oscar, and Edna, are stopping by my neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Watch what happens as Bubba J, Peanut, Walter, Achmed and I celebrate one of our favorite holidays of the year with Darci and her friends!

17.6k reactions 390 comments
Kelli McClung She brings talent to a WHOLE other level. Love the partnering of you both!
Anna Howard Randolph He will have to do less cursing and a cleaner show with her
Wanda Blair brilliant love it think it would be awesome to do a full length show with you and Darci Lynne x
Rose Flores My fav part was the end where the old lady puppet talked and walter got scared. 😂
John Lennon Nice job, Jeff. Great to see you and Marci getting together.

It’s apple pickin’ time! Took our little fellers out fer some yummy fun! #JackAndJames

5.1k reactions 92 comments
Blaine Jackson Ah hell you can make the apples talk. And right before Halloween? YOU GO JEFF FA FA
Christine Pashley They are getting so big!!
Sheryn Davis Thanks for sharing your family (yes the entire extended family🙃)
Mary Krohn That's adorable thanks for sharing. Cute
Teresa Bawa Cute boys. you were my husband's favorite comedian. Love your characters so relatable to everyone.

Halloween is only a week away. Last year the guys had a blast trick-or-treating! Who do you think had the best costume?

6.1k reactions 537 comments
Christy Lenore Foster Peanut or Bubba J..then again..I'm such a Walter these days!!
Stevie Roder Can u come back to San Diego plz. Would love to learn ventriloquism from u and joke writing.
Misty Martin Loved it. Achmed is the best. I think you should make a girl puppet.
John Pittman To funny love this show for sure my favorited of all time keep up,the grestvwork thanks
Tommy Lolley Oh and the pepper on a stick sould be on a fork with a bite taken out of him

I like it when Audrey lets me be in charge of getting the Halloween decorations! #couldbethelasttime

15.9k reactions 648 comments
Jessica Rodriguez My son who is almost a year old already really likes dinosaurs. I'm tempted to get one just to leave in his room...
Andi Hall I saw that at Home Depot!! I wanted it for my living room, but it was out if my price range! So cool!
Michael Neely Oh Jeff buddy. I challenge you to add that to your show. Will glue that blue ray into the player no doubt.
Tony Clemons I'm curious what he would sound like if you made him talk, hmmm you could even use him as a tax deduction then,,smiles
Angela Valasek I think you pretty much nailed it! Just put Achmed on the top of its neck like its riding a horse lol.

Walter decided to share his “thoughts” on my family and marriage during our Netflix comedy special, RELATIVE DISASTER.... THIS is just the tip of the iceberg! To see the rest, be sure to stream our special now! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

1.2k reactions 53 comments
Gina Schurr Haines Getting a little raunchy, Jeff. Lol
Carol Puckett Hathaway Yesenko Wish I had Netflix
Ken Hornak Sr. funny clean hummor.
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That was funny I like the Video of Jeff Dunham & Walter I like Jeff Dunham He is a Funny Guy
Ann Marie Moloney James Geraghty this the one we were at🤔

Brace yourselves! Jeff Dunham’s RELATIVE DISASTER is streaming on Netflix! Watch it now!

1.7k reactions 87 comments
Bianca Meijer I saw it a couple of weeks ago....hilarious! LOVED Seamus the Irish baby.
Francine Ball I guess the braves didn't work lol
Colleen Skippar Very disappointed it's the worse one
Bobby Wade Shrum Wow last show and it wasn’t even good new doll sucks it’s not been going well!!!
Maryann Papi I was a bit disappointed in it.

Silence! I text you! New DunhamMoji app available NOW! In the App Store.

1.1k reactions 346 comments
Jean-Philippe L'py Coté Search your feeling jeffafafaa!! Android exist tooo
Sarah Mousseau Hoffman disappointed, not everyone has an iphone.
Chris Hill Please oh please include android in this.
David Winslow Too bad it’s not available for iPhone
David Shurtleff When will it be available for android

Dude, Jeff Dunham’s RELATIVE DISASTER is streaming on Netflix now! It’s gnarly!

1.5k reactions 67 comments
Tiffany Baker Will it be on dvd?
Joseph Barnes Not impressed. Major let down.
Charlotte Vaughan Amy Bacon look what on Netflix 😁😁😁
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That's Funny I like the Picture of Peanut He is Funny Peanut is my Favorite Dat's Good Dat's Good Dat's Good I like Jeff Dunham He is ba Funny Guy
Tancy D. Stewardson I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

Put the kids to bed early! Jeff Dunham’s RELATIVE DISASTER is streaming now on Netflix!

2.6k reactions 131 comments
Jennifer Cox Didn't enjoy peanut as I usually do and where was Jose jalapeno on a stick ?
Tiffany N Mike Wapniewski We laughed so hard when we watched it.
Jeff Cain brilliant show , we were sat in 8th row and had a great view , roll on the next show :)
Rey Auditore Vazquez Peanut almost made me die of laughter
Christymar Rivera Awesome except Jose Jalapeño wasn't there 😡

Watch my brand new comedy special #RelativeDisaster on Netflix now

594 reactions 314 comments
Ahna Dill Tyler Dill, can you imagine Luna seeing this thing?
Sharon Collins Have really enjoyed Jeff and co. till this latest one. Too many f-bombs for my liking.
Roger Gregory can't run faster than a bullet
Zach Irving I keep a gun next to the bed. Now it's called Target.
Joey DeCarlo Does it come with a hammer to shut it off ?

All the guys in the trunk and I will be coming to Texas in November!

3.6k reactions 341 comments
Kayla LaRochelle Ha! Krysta Lynn - you were just talking about this at our STPT
Lauren Killion Sarah hahahaha I can vouch for this
Jeremy Robert Morris Well the only good an open one😂
Midell Tamez Don't forget the sweet tea.
Duane McNeil If they don't have good salsa or chips I won't go hahaha

Is Throw Back Tuesday a thing? Here are all three of my girls, @kennadunham, @ashlyndunham, and @breehemphill one year ago Disneyland for Jack & James 1st birthday!

2.7k reactions 71 comments
Lisa Ratliff Beautiful family
Kathleen Davis Beautiful girls.
Dianne G Rock Beautiful family.
Beverly Sladky Beautiful picture of your kids 💖💖💖💙💙
Richie Mattes Beautiful family picture need's you and your wife in it though

Apparently my hair is the best way for Jack to hang on when the Car Tree Monster is about to get you at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure Park!

6.6k reactions 93 comments
Jenny Hall I did the same thing to my grandpa and he accused me of causing him to go bald. LOL
Amelia Marie Is it still raining ashes over there?
沈定宇 Jeffafa, you need this piggyback helmet.
Susan Isbell Hope the fires aren't too close.

🎃Happy Halloween!!👻Awesome couple of days with the family at Disneyland! A place that couldn’t look cooler this time of year!

7.7k reactions 112 comments
Roger Shoemaker Beautiful family jeff dunham your awesome
Bernadette Siravo Wait where r the boys?😊😀
Dale Dietrich The sky looks weird. Is that from the fires there?
Maria Ann Smith Especially with all that smoke and destruction in the background.
Jason Holland Laura Walker I can't wait to we go am going to love it lol xxx

Haunted Mansion Holiday... how did the kids do?

4.0k reactions 276 comments
Stevie Ramey Hello Jeff looks like you and the family are having a great time on vacation have lots of fun
Savanna Emanuel Jeff you should take your kids to Tomorrowland
Ruth Wheeler You should do a Halloween show again
Janet Weitz Your kids are gonna be so well rounded!!!❤️🎂🎂
Yvonne Pryor Love the videos, cute family thanks for sharing. Love you Jeff

It’s Halloween at Disneyland... Taking the Boys into the Haunted Mansion Holiday for the first time!

4.7k reactions 531 comments
Larry Salas Happy birthday to the boys...have fun
Paul Bauer I drive the floats there for the Parades,,, SEA-YA Backstage.... have a Magical Day.... my Father was the First C.E.O. there, I had the pleasure of being the first one on every ride when it opened.. took my whole class there for my b-day year after ...
Sue Livingston Seward loves Jeff and family. Halloween is our favorite.
Debbie Prentice Have a great time at Disneyland. Say hi to Ariel for me!
Cindy Chow Rumph Awesome trip in Disneyland. Can't go wrong.

Live at Disneyland with Jack and James for their 2nd birthday!

16.1k reactions 1698 comments
Kimberly Talley Eazell Happy Birthday Jack and James and Jeff Dunham how did you end up going to Disneyland on Gay Day's weekend. LOL!
Linda Negrete Happy Birthday to your boys 🎂 have a great time 😃
Christine Phillips I Like the Live Video of Jeff Dunham with his twin Sons at Disneyland his twin sons are cute & getting Big Happy early Birthday Jack & James
James Teague Ahhhhh. Mickeys fun wheel. Aka mickeys wheel of death as my wife calls it after riding in a slider car.
Rhonda Johnson Lott They won't remember a thing..take them back when they're 6! We took our boys ages 4 1/2 & 3..they remember nothing.

Havin’ loads of fun at #Disneyland for Jack & James b-days! Stay tuned for pics and FBLives tonight & tomorrow for some firsts on their 2nd!

19.9k reactions 350 comments
Paula Kilgore-Evans Fran Boller-Hadaway look Jeff Dunham and his family have matching shirts on too. See Tim Bell and Charles Stevens III Fran is not the only family there with matching clothes!
Paul Aschenbrener If i was jeff, peanut would have been there too!! After all, i do believe that peanut was his first actual kid!
Cheri Janson Love the shades,cannot believe they're going to be 2,already! Praying for Mom and Dad!! Terrible 2's doubled!!!
Scott Mc Alexander Ok Jeff the kids and wife can sport the Mickey shirts, but as Walter would say, you look like a dumb a$&. Lol have fun
Susan Isbell Happy birthday boys.🎈🎂🎉🎈🎂🎉. Today is a popular day for birthdays. My sister, best friend and in law all have birthdays today also.🎂💋🎉🎈💋🎉

No words to describe my sadness or disbelief for the senseless and terrible violence in Vegas last night. Prayers for all families & victims.

10.5k reactions 129 comments
Andrew Baker My condolences from Australia to the families of the victims we send all our love
Nanette Harkey My thoughts and prayers for everyone in Las Vegas.
Nathan Priano Sad I think peanut should cheer everyone up
Mary Bigda L.V. Blvd is still shut down. We're all in so much shock! I know you love our city Jeff Dunham!
Kenneth William Weinbrandt Even Achmed shakes his head at this violence and he's a dead terrorist
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