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19:00 11/13/2017

KerryAnn's slow cooked tomato soup recipe has such intense flavours you’ll never buy soup in a can again! 🍅

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Ashleigh Carrington-Porter
This looks so yummy. Currently suffering from HG so nothing is really staying down but when I can eat properly again I will be making this. Cannot beat a good tomato soup!!
Michelle Holland
Kerry Ann you are a rock star . Followed you on the show. Amazing how far youve come well done. Thanks for recipie cant wait to try x
Rosemary Williams
Well done Kerry Ann will try this one my fave 2 soups tomato and pea and ham any recipes for those x
Jeanne Oht
It's on paper now here in Denmark Europe. I really miss a good tomato soup recipe and I think I got one now 😍
Sarah Baker
Watched this video in the early hours breast feeding, and have just made it! Dead easy recipe when you have a 6 week old baby boy 👶🏻🍅🚀
Nojoud Saadeddin
love it! the only thing I'd do is remove the skin and flip the garlic to give it a bit more color and caramelisation there to intensify the flavours and finish it with a few drops of cream.... definitely doing that tomorrow 😍😍😋
Denize Halfpenny
Wow! KerryAnn I remember her from the programme many years ago. She was so enthusiastic back then and obviously Jamie saw a fabulous future ahead of her. Good luck KerryAnn hope to see you cook on our tvs soon x
Maricel Mendoza Lomboy
Wow look so good.. . I will definitely try this.. thanks for sharing. Just ignore those haters I'm sure they have a beautiful hairs but doesn't know how to cook. I'm just saying 😂😂😜😜
Gail Butler Shourds
You would certainly have to plan ahead as it takes over an hour to do but it looks delicious. Can any variety tomato be used? I usually put a dollop of milk in mine to cream it up a bit and I would have to double the recipe! I cook for nine people
LizEric Green
Jamie Oliver - is there an alternative herb to basil, that you can recommend to give the piquancy that leaving it out would miss? I can't eat basil. Also, can the same effect be achieved if the tomatoes are deseeded first? Silly questions, but for a really good reason! I'm trying to think of a way to get the flavour from roasting the seeds, but still be able to jettison them before blending!
Claire Meaden
This looks super scrummy! Homemade soup is such wonderful comfort food. Plus I have to say, bloody hell Kerry-Ann, look at you! You've come so far since starting out as the original 15 team. Wonderful to see you doing so brilliantly. Massive credit to Jamie for encouraging and helping youngsters to learn how to cook and make a living from it. I bet this makes him super proud! ❤️
Bronwyn Kaye
Thank you. Here on the Gold Coast in Australia our tomatoes are just coming on and I wanted to make a soup. I hadn't thought of roasting them first. Looking forward to trying this. Many thanks!
Huey Husted
Wow that looks great. When I do mine mine I seat a mirepoix of onion carrot and celery in the pot than add the roasted tomato's and stock then blend. I find that the starch in the carrots will help thicken it and give it some sweetness. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
Emily Lowe Rutledge
I love tomato basil soup! I add cream to mine at the very end, and serve with shredded mozzarella on top :) I will definitely try roasting my tomatoes first though next time, this looks amazing
Emilie Bosc-Besse
It's not a time for tomatoes any more, we're in november ! I'm so surprised Jamie's team don't think about local and seasonal products...

Other newsfeed from Jamie Oliver

Jamie and the one and only Gennaro Contaldo created this awesome burger recipe for Jamie's Italian UK. Here are their secrets as to how you can recreate this beauty at home.

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Kirsty Noble Gary Noble I think this is your speciality to try and cook at the weekend!!
Marianna Cafeo Cory Gennaro eating is all. 😆
Swasti Behari MarkMaxJoe one to help the blood pressure 😜😋
Aurélie De Sousa Ghislain Vb C'est ça que j'ai envie de manger 😍😍 T'as vu sa poêle elle est top 😮
Neil Fisher Aaaaah - what's in the secret bl***y sauce !!!!!

Simple, quality ingredients make Gennaro Contaldo's sausage risotto. The sweetness of the onions alongside bitter radicchio and rich sausage meat makes for a perfect partnership.

3.6k reactions 337 comments
Keya Kamat Did anyone notice there was no seasoning whatsoever? Is that on purpose?
RobnDonna Davenport Love Gennaro makes me laugh 😂 every time.
Irena Cree Me too Linda...he makes it sound so tasty...🤑
Tameson O'Brien He's such a weirdo,I love it
Arno Ctr Oriane Je ne sais pas combien il y a de calories officiellement mais ça n'a semble pas être une plaisanterie ce petit risotto :)

#Thanksgiving is just around the corner guys! 🇺🇸 Who's hosting this year? If you've got any food prep questions, or still unsure what to cook, leave me a comment below & join me on Monday afternoon where I'll be answering some of your questions LIVE!

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Ruth Turner Vegetarian Nut Roast with Mushroom Gravy
Ju Nassar-Schalda Send us a nice home-made stuffing recipe, please Jamie? Love you
Claudia Kropf A good, easy recipe for our first swiss stuffed turkey?
Felipe Gatjens My question is: Could you come here and cook for me? Costa Rica is beautiful at this time of the year. 😁
Ana Rita Areosa Guerreiro This pie 😍😍😍😍 looks yummi. A fan from Portugal 😊

Bit of inspiration for the weekend ahead. Whip up these amazing treats in less than 30 minutes with Jamie's super-fast bakes from #QuickAndEasyFood.

744 reactions 9 comments
Zeenat Sarker 😰 love jamies cooking 😌
Nishtman Huseen yammy😍👍
Swastika Kesharwani delicious
Veroniq Svitla Pineha Jamie thank you for lots propositions!!! We love cookies yummy!!! God bless you!!!
Hans-Ulrich Linn What do you think of teh thermomix?

Jamie’s delicious, sweet, nutty squash ravioli! Make it from scratch...

746 reactions 15 comments
Lisa Tate Jennifer Tate looks so yummy
Robert John Brooker http://waterbrothers.co.za
Veroniq Svitla Pineha Jamie thank you for presentations wish you success!!! God bless you!!!
Swastika Kesharwani i love ravioli
Marta Alves de Oliveira Delícia!

Vegetarian friends, we've got you covered this Christmas at Jamie's Italian UK​. We've got a wonderful Porcini Soup with black truffles and focaccia freshly baked in-house, Pumpkin Arancini served with spiced fonduta, not to mention our famous Nut Roast. You're in for a treat! Check out all these and more on our festive menus: jamieol.com/JIVeggieXmas

4.1k reactions 317 comments
Manuel Álvarez Lobo My biggest thanks Jamie for your genial and delicious foods.
Sarah Buhren Hey jamie what about the Jamie's Italian you wanted to open in Düsseldorf? 😭❤
Hala Mahmood Happy Christmas 🎄 to u and ur lovely family
Micaela Donovan Amy Hespe was this the restaurant you went to?
Shirley Ahmed I need a chef to cook for me all the time I neva kno what to cook nowadays why..... Sweetie Hollie

KerryAnn's slow cooked tomato soup recipe has such intense flavours you’ll never buy soup in a can again! 🍅

5.1k reactions 730 comments
Ashleigh Carrington-Porter This looks so yummy. Currently suffering from HG so nothing is really staying down but when I can eat properly again I will be making this. Cannot beat a good tomato soup!!
Michelle Holland Kerry Ann you are a rock star . Followed you on the show. Amazing how far youve come well done. Thanks for recipie cant wait to try x
Rosemary Williams Well done Kerry Ann will try this one my fave 2 soups tomato and pea and ham any recipes for those x
Jeanne Oht It's on paper now here in Denmark Europe. I really miss a good tomato soup recipe and I think I got one now 😍
Sarah Baker Watched this video in the early hours breast feeding, and have just made it! Dead easy recipe when you have a 6 week old baby boy 👶🏻🍅🚀

Look who's joined me in the kitchen... Arron Crascall! jamieol.com/8Q451I

1.4k reactions 78 comments
Eleonore Opdenberg cook gluten free
Eleonore Opdenberg clean teh floor
Saiko Taste look at that lool
Kathryn Hansen Davis make some mac and cheese
Vicky Bowman Good on you Jamie and ginaro x

Jamie's freezer-friendly batch cooking recipes, prep for the week ahead and reduce waste with these family-friendly ideas!

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Kristin Lawrence Ally
Julien Gerardin Today it s carrots
Swastika Kesharwani it's looking perfecr
Margot Illinois 😍 👍 😘
Parker Bill Believe God's rules, he will help you, He will give you a direction.

Jamie let's you in on his secret of how to cook the perfect steak... That's Sunday night sorted!

How to Cook Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver
How to Cook Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver

Jamie shows you his way to cook the perfect beef steak and let's you in on the secret of how to get the best from your butcher.

1.8k reactions 38 comments
Annette Whiteford Don Whiteford Megan Neary
Laura Vance Ybbor Kcalb
Corey Finn Mike Clarke
Rohan Dangerfield Rebekah
Ruth Quinn Sarah Murphy

Slow-cooked free-range pork belly stuffed with cranberry, apricot and sage... just a taste of Christmas at Jamie's Italian UK this year. Book now to avoid missing out: jamieol.com/JIChristmasMenu

4.9k reactions 436 comments
Juliette Rossi Looks perfectly cooked and very yummmmmyyy
Jordana Roughan Lindy-Anne you know we all don’t like pork but this looks next level good
Matt Pendlebury People should make me this ;)
Sofie Van Linthout Kenny Weytens mijn god kerstmis in nen jamies italian 😳❤️
Fiona Rowe Dylan Rowe can you whip this up on Xmas day please 😊

Oozy chocolate fondants 😍 This step-by-step guide will help you perfect that irresistible molten centre. Plus some of our favourite flavour twists you have to try!

2.2k reactions 47 comments
Xanne Nanuru Sjors Hendriks voor kerst 🎄
Sandra Taylor Ooh Mark Taylor
Susi Santa Sonni De Matt 😱😭😭
Agnes Dalgard Ingrid Kveim Skarholt lage den i morgen feks,
Coliene Serna Christopher Serna joue afdeling

Crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, Jamie has 3 recipes to guarantee the perfect roast potato!

27.0k reactions 3171 comments
Valerie Bizzoni I have made your Best Roast Potatoes twice. They are absolutely my favourite (and everyone else's!!!) I will set aside 2 hours to have these done anytime. Brilliant.
Jennine Swartz Picked up 2 things I wasn't doing - parboiling and the flattening. Gonna try it for sure. (I'm just mastering these bad boys after years !). Love em. I baste mine with the fats, lots of pampering but worth it. Thanks for sharing Jo! Xo
Gabriele Sancarlo Jamie, i challenge you for The Supreme Battle of The Ultimate Roasted Potato, be my guest in Sicily !!
Jessica Macleod Why do restaurants that serve Sunday roasts serving proper roast potatoes!!!??? We need to teach them!!! Xx
Juliette Rossi Absolutely love roasters, used to be my fav thing at Christmas. Going to a friends for Thanksgiving and he does a mean roast potato just superb. thanks for the hints

Spice up your weekend with Jamie's ULTIMATE sriracha recipe! 🌶 jamieol.com/Sriracha

1.1k reactions 1133 comments
Debby Satya We called SAMBAL. I think that was to much vinegar.
Russell Thomas Owen Don't rub your eyes after making that 😕
Paola Matarazzo Luca do it!
Patrick Kim Svane Vennekilde Mahir, Muqadas og Suyankan.. en andre opskrift til afprøvning? 😜
Gail Butler Shourds The color is pretty however I couldn’t touch it because I cannot eat anything hot

Simple, quality ingredients make Gennaro Contaldo's Sausage Risotto the ideal teatime dish!

8.5k reactions 692 comments
Rebecca Du Preez Viv Dibs this looks yum with pork and fennel
Theresa Vassallo Gennaro... You Cook with Such PASSION 💋❤❤❤ IT 💋
Lukas Hemberger Sabrina Schau guad hin und bereit mei Einladung vor 😜😁
Marcos Schaefer Armando impossível não lembrar de você, amigo. Vou treinar essa receita
Kelly Döbel Cécile Ma beautiful radicchio...sweet and sourrrrr 😂😂😂😂 simply gennaro 😍

Who better to show you how to make the PERFECT pizza than the Italian Stallion himself, Gennaro Contaldo?! 🍕

How to Make Perfect Pizza | Gennaro Contaldo
How to Make Perfect Pizza | Gennaro Contaldo

Using his family recipe, Gennaro guides you through every step to making the classic margherita topping.

3.6k reactions 117 comments
Zaheera Dhanani-Saju Gennaro, kindly visit Toronto 😋
Stefan von Naumann Er ist der Beste 👌
Patrick Mac Lovec Obdobnú napečie Jozef & Kikuška Kika Tothová si dovolím tvrdiť !!!
Kikuška Kika Tothová Siciliana 😜
Glen Luff Best recipe I’ve tried. Use this always. 🍕🍕🍕

This is a beautiful scene that we shot for Two Greedy Italians that I think says a lot. Rest in peace Antonio Carluccio. X

3.4k reactions 500 comments
Diana Amalia He will truly me missed, a true gentleman. Thanks Jamie for a beautiful memory. My heart goes out to all who had the privilege to work with such a legend.
Jenny Papadimitriou My thoughts to the family his colleagues and I give thanks to everybody involved for enabling such a treasure to entertain us feed us and really teach us the value of tradition
Una Murphy Always a pleasure to look at on their shows! And a good all rounder who left his mark on his passion. RIP. And go in peace
Isabella Nilan Another passionate man lost to the world but not his love of nature and its blessings...i will cherish your cooking book 'simple cooking'..God bless you...Antonio ⚘
Alfie Gibbs Very sad news, an absolutely master, loved cooking his recipes and watching him on TV. Rest in peace Antonio.

Hi guys with great sadness I’ve heard that Antonio Carluccio passed away this morning. He was my first London Boss at the Neal Street restaurant 25 years ago which was an institution and Mecca of wild mushrooms where I had the pleasure of working for him. He was such a charismatic charming don of all things Italian!! Always hanging out the front door of the restaurant with a big fat Cigar a glass of something splendid and his amazing fuzzy white hair . The imagine here is from his great cook book that first got me hooked on Pasta which I found so very inspirational and drove me to work fo him. I also had the pleasure of making and producing his TV show the “Two Greedy Italians “ with his life long best friend and partner in crime @gennarocontaldo who were hilarious together !! he was an amazing food ambassador that will be sorely missed. My love goes out to his partner Sabina his family and his dear and close friends on this very sad day. Viva Antonio Carluccio @cookcarluccio Cook a feast up there mate 🙏xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12.6k reactions 1490 comments
Jean Graves A cook from the heart. I still have an old signed copy recipe book of his, my daughter bought me. RIP, Antonio.
Carolina Augusta ...and he helped you celebrate your 30th birthday in Italy! May he be at the best dinner party surrounded by all of the souls he had been longing to see/feed. Mangia!
Gail Dendy De Santos I loved watching him and Gennaro. Neal Street was one of my favourite haunts 20 odd years ago. He’s left us a fabulous legacy to feast on.
Caroline Horne I can remember him near his restaurant and deli, Loved the Two Greedy Italians, he will be so missed. xx
Penny Ashton So so sad..had the lovely pleasure of meeting him at woking town food festuval few wks ago..and got some lovely photos of him xxx

Crispy skinned salmon served on a bed of pesto veg. Colourful, full of flavour and healthy! That's dinner sorted then.

6.8k reactions 845 comments
Krystal Hall Jamie - I’d love to see a series promoting easy, healthy made ahead work lunches
Selma Malek Grown up watching u...Jamie do u still have your vespa? Love ur new reciepes
Marie Joof Delicious thanks Jamie for the beautiful food
Helena Burnett Stream Veges don’t boil
Mandy McAllorum Eimile McAllorum cud do this w cod instead of salmon

Guys, today is a beautiful in Britain as today is the The Pride of Britain Awards!! One of the best days on TV, it's a chance to hear about and celebrate so many incredible people. A year ago today, I was honoured to award inspirational Nikki Christou with the Child of Courage Award and I promised we would do a cook-up together... AND we did. Have a watch we changed up the flavours a bit cooking some speedy pudding pots. So much fun, easy to make and so delicious!! Don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel. Well worth a watch and don't forget the Pride of Britain Awards 2017 is on ITV tonight.

2.6k reactions 78 comments
Melissa Nobrega Two gorgeous inspiring people xx
Mpampis Spatharopoulos Welldone jamie to provide such a sensitive theme.
Vera Rok Vjollca Çetta,we shall experiment :D
Martin Pulkrábek One day I would like to have enough money to create things like you! Respect...... and awsome! :)
Louisa Santafianos Demetri My wonderful friends Tanya George and Nikki we love them and Nikki astounds us and makes us proud every day 😘x

Healthy comfort food?! There is such a thing! 😲 Get your full 5 a day in with Jamie's sweet potato & white bean chilli.

4.3k reactions 515 comments
Christian Rizzalli Soph Kubler we should do this... but less capsicum...
Kait Russell Eddie - this looks soooo good!
Fabio Kuriyama If you want to eat “comfort food” by Jamie in Brazil just go for any grocery and buy his prepackaged frozen meal. 😂😂
Eelke Hasselo Marianne Mengerink kom je een keertje eten ;-) Dan maak ik deze want kwijl wat ziet dat er lekker uit!!
Anna Van Rijnswou Thanks for this amazing veggie recipe 👍

Take a look at Jamie's Italian UK Christmas feasting menu! Marinated chicken, roasted to perfection & served with pigs in blankets, bread sauce & gravy. Tag a mate who'd love this! jamieol.com/JIHerbyChicken

3.2k reactions 168 comments
Jacqueline Besterveld Mark Besterveld alvast ideetjes op doen 😉
Tom Gabriel Is that all?
Stevie O'Driscoll Clare Watsham I need this in my life
Georgie Holman Rachel Sykes think we need this in our lives x
Linda Jensen Please do a vegetarian/vegan Christmassy dinner too :-)

Scrambled eggs? English, French or American?! 🤔 Jamie shows you all 3...

How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs - 3 ways
How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs - 3 ways

Scrambled eggs can be hard to get right so Jamie's done a little video to give you a helping hand.

3.3k reactions 211 comments
Lou Piper Steven I need to watch this later!
Ana Raquel Barbosa American scrambled eggs 🍳 thank you, Jamie!
Mariah Cohen Love 🥚 eggs any way I can get them. Delicious 😋
Romain Lepage Am i french?to me, The best way in France to Cook eggs, is thé chef Constant " omelette blanche ", but it's a high technical difficulty... U can sée hère but in french: https://www.6play....
Jira Panmanee Now I've come to realize I was cooking it American style all along now I will try the English version.

4 warming stews to turn your Sunday blues into a special occasion!

1.4k reactions 27 comments
Dave Jones Louisa Thompson Jones
Alexandre Foisy Hélène Foisy Martin Foisy
Ann Angert Ron Angert
Monika Weber Nadja Spakin
Kyle Rowland Irsah Tahir Amy Frame

Bonfire Night dinner inspiration! 🎆🔥 Try this beautifully autumnal dish of rich squash and bean ragu with sausage Catherine wheels.

11.2k reactions 608 comments
Amy Hardy Logan for trying in the pizza oven!?
Andrea Burgess Oh and this one too!!!
Jolene Van Der Berg Brandon Shaw They dont know about boerewors that side :) This looks so good
Heide Ist Schönschlau Nikola Gerrit .. das sieht doch nach einem 1 a Upgrade für die nächsten Medister Pølser aus!!🤔
Jonathan Pino jeje always chilli, do you like it? i don t think so¡ i love paprika yeaah

You've prepped your Sunday lunch, but what are you serving for dessert? That's where #QuickAndEasyFood comes in. Each recipe uses just 5 ingredients. Take your pick!

213 reactions 5 comments
May Lu
Silvia Jaggi Ich freu mich hab das Buch kochen mit 5 Zutaten bestellt👍
Amaobidike Chukwuma Nweke From your website 😀
Swastika Kesharwani looks super delicious
Carlotta Barnes His five ingredient book from Waterstones is a souvenir of London from last week’s trip. Looking forward to using it.

Jamie's super easy delicious fish pie with a twist - it's a winner of a family meal!

Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver
Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver

This quick and delicious fish pie is full of flavour and lighter than traditional recipes.

2.7k reactions 33 comments
Alison Brown Tony Elves x
Dianna Smith Annie 😂😂😂
Yvonne Lane Melissa Kirby 🤤
Margot Illinois 😍

Ridiculously good chilli con carne cooked low and slow with brisket of beef. Melt in your mouth gorgeousness for these darker, winter nights.

4.7k reactions 2915 comments
Demitra Paramecwari I guess your house a lot of wood material yeah. . So it can be emergency chooping board he hehe.. lovely 😊
Vicko de Vigogabelah With all due respect, clueless about what TEXMEX food is ... the flour tortilla is served raw, just to mention one point...
Chiharu Kanda I always love his cooking and this one looks exceptionally good, but I think the camera is always a little too close.
Ian Corteil Em, Kevin this is a good use of brisket and it made me think of you, wonder why?
Madeleine Jones Love your winter's night chilli from your comfort food book. Everyone who has tried it absolutely loves it!

Quick dinner inspiration for you... Jamie's pan-fried salmon and pesto-dressed veg - it's healthy, too! Comment below who you want to share this with tonight.

Pan-fried Salmon & Pesto Veg | Jamie Oliver
Pan-fried Salmon & Pesto Veg | Jamie Oliver

If you’re after a quick and healthy recipe Jamie’s simple, delicious pan-fried salmon dish will really hit the spot.

1.0k reactions 31 comments
TC Nilüfer Oguz https://youtu.be/ccZ9oNJHqPQ
SO Ña Jan Trska
Deanna Norris Ian Norris
Natalie Blanch Natika Trow
Adam Aves Leila Mathieson

Keep warm this week with our pick of the best recipes for Bonfire Night! 🔥

1.0k reactions 16 comments
TC Nilüfer Oguz https://youtu.be/ccZ9oNJHqPQ
Sarah Versick Tobias Beck😋😋😋😋
May Lu 🍽
Margot Illinois 😍
Ángyán Lászlóné Jamie Oliver gusztusos ez a tál :)
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