Jamie Oliver
19:00 10/11/2017

Gluten-free dinners for the week! What will you try first?! 🤔

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

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Eliza Lorje-de Jong
Caroline Bol, bam! Dinner is sorted!
Barbara Barrow
Pat. FYI.
Linda Bonnema
Mark deze eens uitproberen!
Maxine Gross
Thank you!
Anna Luckel
Alice he has quite a lot of GF stuff
Salomon Heisenberg
Salmon best!
Corryne Keller
Wish Jamie did low FODMAP recipes!!
Renate Verheul Schiphorst
Pauline Vos misschien zit hier nog iets voor jou bij? 😘
Danny White
Great pic?? #urbansleeper on instagram.
Ami Ay
Nick ideas for you...😘
Amanda Rodney
Craig Duke get cooking for Manda x
Veroniq Svitla Pineha
Golden Chicken!!!!! Jamie love you man, wish you much success!!! God bless you!!!
Kristin Opie Simmons
Ayriana— what do you think?
Georgina Kate Hudson
Melissa Hales when you get better these look yum xx
Amy Metcalfe
Jane Metcalfe golden chicken for a request 😉

Other newsfeed from Jamie Oliver

For Jamie, gravy is about blessing your roast. This is Jamie's fail-safe recipe - rich, smooth and a harmony of sweet roasted flavours, perfect for the big day!

6.5k reactions 478 comments
Steffi Sehani Thank you, Jamie! Right on time for my Roastbeef for Christmas ;)
Kirstie Colledge I did for the last couple of years. Amazing!
Amanda Wilson Rodney, try this recipe for Christmas dinner on the 23rd..?
Carmen Kelly Guess it's your job Barry. Just hide some Gravox in your pocket to finish it off
Ante Kore Olujić Daniela Radaš, vidi kako probaje na kraju ovo vrilo, na koga li me to podsjeća :P

Bei wem steht #5ZutatenKüche auf dem Wunschzettel? Tagged Eure Liebsten in den Kommentaren, damit sie das auch wissen. jamieol.com/QEGermany

39 reactions 25 comments
Auxilia Hilgert David Hilgert
Linda Wallace Sean Wallace
Katharina Neiss Marie Neiss 😃🎅
Susan Mayer Gabriel Erlach
Claudi Ja Nett Lieb guck 😉 Volker Nossack

Who's got #QuickAndEasyFood on their Christmas wish list? Tag your nearest & dearest in the comments below to let them know 😉 jamieol.com/StockingIdeas

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Beata Bułakowska Mam ❤️
Iza Kmita Me... I have all your books on my Christmas list.. 🎄❄☃️
Deborah Basso Jamie, I just purchased this book today, for myself!
Karolina Węgrzynowska Dawid Węgrzynowski - ta książka będzie dobrym prezentem na każdą okazję :)
Justine Jazwinski Just bought the Kindle edition. Can't wait to dig in today.

A vegan dish to add to your recipe repertoire, Jamie's Moroccan-inspired m'hanncha! Watch Jamie cook this up with Joanna Lumley on #FridayNightFeast over on All 4: jamieol.com/All4FNF

5.9k reactions 2001 comments
Richard Piercy Trent I found you a vegan dish! Now wondering what meat I would serve it with?
Kirstin Mowry Joss Brown i'll have 500+ pumpkins if you want some for this haha it actually doesnt look half bad
Fara Malcolm Pete...this looks good with the moroccan flavours, going to make it this week :-)
Rosie Barratt Theresa Johnson - hope you don’t mind me tagging you in all these yummy posts I keep seeing??
Lori Jarvis Nick Hulme this was the dish Jamie cooked last week - looked simple and delicious!

Give your winter veg a whole new purpose with our guide to making your own wrapping paper! You can't beat a homemade Christmas.

How to make your own wrapping paper
How to make your own wrapping paper

Give your winter veg a whole new purpose with our guide to making your own gorgeous wrapping paper.

482 reactions 19 comments
Elise Tan Yeeloo Tan
Kelly Uyterlinde Minard Adriana
Veronika Bogumska Java Ceridwen Bere ❤️
Jo Farren Sian Young
Roy Schadron Leonie Schadron Salemink iets voor jou!

What's better than a Christmas yule log? LOTS of mini Christmas yule logs!! 'Yule' be making these every year from now on thanks to Cupcake Jemma...😉

7.1k reactions 433 comments
Shubhalaxmi Singh Shruthi Gowda a lovely variation on the Yule log cake we learnt 🙂
Wendy Jones You lost me at the spices in chocolate. Must be European thing. :-)
Angela Hogg Martha and Rachel here’s another one for you to try 😘
Corné Maritz Lilly these look amazing! You should totally make them 😍😋
Zoe Anne Lloyd This is that lady that started making vids on YouTube now owns multiple shops called crumbs and doilies Sarah Louise Porter

🥃 + 🍐 + 🍫 + 🍨 + 🌰 = Jamie's Boozy Pear & Chocolate! This perfectly simple and full flavoured dessert only uses 5 ingredients and is featured in #QuickAndEasyFood: jamieol.com/BoozyPear

4.9k reactions 261 comments
Tiffany Chandler Ronk This looks really good!
Cassidy Laura Bethany Wigg was this that delicious dessert we had that one time?
Amanda Brouwer Jeremy Brouwer we could make this Christmas even for dessert 🍨
Racheli Kornberg Har Dagan What a mouth watering quickie. You're brilliant.
Anula Meier Radalage As usual watching you Jamie from bed in Zurich with my injured spine. ❤️💜💛🖤💚💙

This week on #FridayNightFeast, Jamie and Jimmy Doherty looked at supermarkets with a difference. These social supermarkets tackle two challenges in one go: by saving surplus food from the bin, they also help people feed themselves and their families for less. Here's what you can do to help!

Social Supermarkets
Social Supermarkets

Every year in the UK, we chuck out enough food to fill the Royal Albert Hall four times over. Yet at the same time, 8 million people are struggling to put food on the table.

641 reactions 10 comments
Siri Dannesboe Renée Henriette Eskildsen
Sharon Griggs Donaghue Excellent concept!
Maria Asuncion Perez Rubio ya era hora......que los que tanto desperdician.....hicieran algo
Abdulsalam Aldabagh Good bless you chef
Shirl Stec I miss your shows in the U S....

Chocolate truffles made 3 ways with the legend Gennaro Contaldo. Who else is making homemade gifts this Christmas? 🍫🎄

14.7k reactions 933 comments
Zanna Nzewi Add little rum & little red chilli mmmmmm
Katie Harrold Instead of Christmas cards, William and Rosa are making gingerbread trees for their class mates!
Felicitas Mergelmeyer I made rumtruffles for the family in the USA, with the easiest and, for me, most delicious recipe from my aunt 😋
Maarit Markkanen Love to see when Gennaro just enjoys chocolate. Will definitely try these truffles. Seems to be easy enough.
Sandra Noordhoek Jan Bedford job with the girls? Oh, and Blake says Santa is real cause he and his mum have his phone number 🤣😁🎅

COMPETITION TIME: Day 9 of #JamiesChristmas Today I want to see your MINCE PIE EYES! Get creative and simply: 1) Take a photo of you with mince pie eyes 2) Attach your image in the comments below and you could win a set of my brilliant bakeware plus a signed copy of #QuickAndEasyFood. T&C's apply, entries after 7pm won't be counted: jamieol.com/JamiesChristmasTCs

231 reactions 67 comments
Katy Bisset I'd love to have mince pie eyes but my husband ate TWELVE mince pies yesterday
Linda Wassenaar Wendy van der Ven we moeten aan het bakken hé !! ;-)
Lakshmi Choudhary Can't get enough of this attire :)
Lucy Stephens Not doing mine yet but your pastry looks abit thick there Jamie! Don’t want uncooked bottoms lol
Sam Tansell ˚͜˚ Haven't had time to make any yet 😭😭😭😭 #jamieschristmas

The most incredible chicken Caesar salad, Jamie's way! It's next level, next galaxy, even. On TONIGHT's #FridayNightFeast Channel 4 8pm.

2.5k reactions 320 comments
Ebru Özel falls du mich überglücklich machen möchtest 🤤 Tayfun Buldu
Gregor Kostanjevec I would eat that in a second
Önelia Rojas Jamie you're the best!! the salad look's delicious!!!!!
Mangesh Patil Always love your fast and perfect cooking style.
Stephanie Dawson Damon Stevenson...truly Jamie it!

Throwing a festive party this weekend? We've got your drink covered - mulled wine with a delicious rum twist! 🍷

10.6k reactions 2492 comments
Iris Chacon Diana MancíaRené RamosEdgardo Barahona esta es la recetaaa.. tenemos que hacerlaaa! vino caliente :,D
Alfonso Javier Mielgo Matilla In León, in the north of Spain, it is typical in Holy Week, with different recipes in each family and in each bar
Roselyn Rivero Villanueva Amiga esto es lo que nos preguntábamos en Alemania si era chocolate caliente y era vino wna. Jajajajajaja ya casi a dos años de eso 😖
Cathy Mitchell Does the alcohol cook off to be non alcoholic? I’ve never heard of this and would prefer non alcoholic if that’s possible
Trish Whitehurst Ben Humber made that and it's very very drinkable finished it off in less than an hour then went to bed lol xx

The forks is strong with this one... #FridayNightFeast TONIGHT Channel 4 8pm.

1.4k reactions 90 comments
Jane Louise Hurley Rebecca Ellen Smith and Kenny Smudger Smith 👍🏻
Suzanne Morton Adam Morton X
Suzanne Drogt Kijk nou Annette van den Beemt. 😂
Jude Lou Alex Ruiz !
Rob Bout Mischa, Ronald, Paul hahaha

Saucy one, you are. #FridayNightFeast tomorrow Channel 4 8pm

894 reactions 36 comments
Viki Perkins Billy Brereton
Kaitlin Buck Artie
David Duffy Cassandra Marie
Matthew Moore Bernadette Louise
Rosa Merlo Andrea Strazzulli

This is what happens when Jamie and Gennaro Contaldo are in a mischievous mood...! 🍿🌶

10.8k reactions 613 comments
Dana Cortese I miss these old ones on food network canada. They were my absolute favourite Christmas tradition
Joanne Masciale I adore you two together!
Vanessa Bonney Made me laugh out loud, such friendship!
Jessica Romano Chantelle Bourne this is what I was telling u about with Jamie Oliver and the hot chilli
Angela Grasso OMG this is so funny have this on one of he's Christmas dvds

8 million people still struggle to put food on the table. #FridayNightFeast tomorrow Channel 4 8pm.

1.4k reactions 32 comments
Barry Newton Michelle Bramer
Debby Bernstein Maria Hatten
Kieran Lingard Sparky Anthony
Kate Ott Chris Britton amazing!
Medi Sarmiento I 💟 Jamie Oliver... 😍

COMPETITION TIME: Day 7 of #JamiesChristmas Who loves a selfie??! Because today guys I want you to get creative at work and send me your best Christmassy selfie with your colleagues. All you have to do is: 1) Take a photo or boomerang of your selfie 2) Attach your selfie in the comments below and you could win a YEAR supply of Kimbo UK coffee, a Cuccuma coffee pot AND a signed copy of #QuickAndEasyFood. Don't forget entries after 7pm won't be counted. T&C's apply: jamieol.com/JamiesChristmasTCs

1.7k reactions 75 comments
Sue Hayes University of York. Campus Services - Derwent College. #JamiesChristmas
Ju Hurst Just me myself & I in the office today.
Wilmari Kleynhans Hi just wanted to find out who won yesterday’s selfie contest x
Stacey M Gahan I'm a stay at home mummy so have no colleagues, this is me and my middle daughter
Elaine Wilkolek Sotko Jamie do you have an Eggnog Recipe? would love

Tip of the day - 1 minute is all it takes to learn how to roast chestnuts in an oven! 🌰

607 reactions 800 comments
Rachel Atkinson Gillian Atkinson Can I roast chestnuts in your oven again? 😂
Beth Rickinson Emma Wells - get roasting your chestnuts 🌰 xxx
Carlinha Primavera Try to cut a cross (X) in the flat part. The skins come of easier. And salt! Lots of salt! 😆
Denise Field Barnatt Weirdly I prefer them uncooked
Paula Ferreira You have to eat them in Lisbon! Best ever!

Here are our favourite recipes to celebrate the fantastic ingredients of December...

720 reactions 13 comments
Roland Stoeger Raymond John Palmer :-)
Pam Easton Andy Easton - pheasant stew
Insaf Kosters yum
May Lu 🍊
Sara Erickson Love lemon curd, serve over ginger bread

Day 4 of my Epic Christmas Giveaway. I’m announcing today’s winner LIVE! Get watching. #JamiesChristmas

2.8k reactions 659 comments
Canada Bette I can not wait until he does a shirtless show!
Berli Lepik Oh i wish i had even one book
Ray Rafael Equiza This jokes so bad HAHAHAHA
Ruth Jacobs Hansen When were these challenges?
Kath Coulthard Love your bow tie. Please can I have your mince pie recipe. xx

Clever tips for replacing dairy in your desserts this Christmas and vegan canapés the whole party will love!

Impressive Christmas vegan recipes
Impressive Christmas vegan recipes

Make this Christmas extra special with our gorgeous collection of Christmas vegan puds and party dishes, packed full of flavour

7.3k reactions 2856 comments
Tabea Weber Liz lueg au da 😏 sogar de jamie macht uf vegan
Tanja Keydel Thank you very much for these vegan recipes. 😊
Marina Balog Thank you, Jamie, for posting vegan and vegetarian options!
Rachel V Hoyt THANK YOU.. THANK YOU.. THANK YOU JAMIE! for these Christmas vegan recipes!!!! ✌️👍❤️
Rachel V Hoyt WOWWWWWWW !!!!!... All that tagging to others is amazing!!!! THERE ARE MANY VEGANS!!!...😀😀😀😀😀

COMPETITION TIME: Day 4 of #JamiesChristmas Get ready to groan with laughter because for today's challenge, I want you to send me your WORST Christmas cracker jokes. The cheesiest joker will win a dinnerware set, a bundle of my food products PLUS a signed copy of #QuickAndEasyFood. All you have to do is: 1) Upload your joke in the comments below! I'll be going LIVE on Facebook today at 4pm (GMT) to read out some of my favourites and pick a WINNER. See you there! T&C's apply. Entries after 3pm won't be counted. http://jamieol.com/JamiesChristmasTCs

2.1k reactions 681 comments
Caroline Rigby What's the difference between a brussel sprout & a bogey? Have you ever tried getting a kid to eat a brussel sprout 😂 #jamieschristmas
Linda Winter Mctaggart Jamie, you're a joke. What's this Christmas lock in about? Who do you think you are, Jules Holland. Go back to the old Jamie who was likeable. Now you just appear to be high all the time and some of these 25 minute meals you do are just rubbish, while ...
Jaslin Yeo A bookseller conducting a market survey asked a woman ;_ *“Which book has helped you most in your life?”* *The woman replied , “My husband’s cheque book!”*
Maddalena Biagio When You knoW your turkey is done?when your husband eats half of iT before the guests arrive....🤦🏽‍♀️He ate so much there didnt came a normal word out his mouth ,walking wobbling around looking Like a turkey🦃(I guess you are what you eat ehh🦃👀)glu glu ...
Caroline Donnison What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas Quacker Thanks Jamie...this is a brilliant idea....a bit of laughter at this time of year! Hope it's the best yet for you and yours xxx

Polish Masterchef winner, Damian Kordas, got in touch with Jamie on Instagram for the ultimate cook up, and we only went and made it happen! Watch them create some stunning Polish Pierogis, the perfect Polish festive treat.

19.5k reactions 2222 comments
Yeyi Vonnel I was surprised to see a polish worker when i was in Poznan, came in a fast food, order a bowl of soup and pour vodka in it at 12 noon 😉😉😉😏 well that was one winter time!
Carrie Hedderson Smith Wow, Baba didn’t leave any mention of the cranberry jam in the recipe she left to me. I will definitely give it a try.
Kuba Cetnarowski To be honest, there is a lot of styles of Pierogi, ive never tried them with cranberry jam 😉 in my family, traditional pierogi at Xmass ar with sauekraut and mushrooms.
Florence Kontos Never heard of this filling and have been making Pierogi for more than 30 years. Recipe from my Polish mother - filling is with shredded green cabbage cooked on onions and melted butter..lots of butter, salt and pepper to taste. Then chilled overnight. ...
Amanda O'Brien OMG I’m salivating! I remember when Mrs Prus made them when I was a kid (about 30+ yrs ago!) and I loved them. I’ve never had them since but always remembered how delicious they were....and yes I LOVE gyoza 🥟 too 😋 Sue, Rachael, Karen, Aleksandra ❤️

COMPETITION TIME: Day 3 of #JamiesChristmas 🎅🏼🎁 Does your little one LOVE cooking? Today I'm on the hunt for a Junior Jamie. All you have to do is: 1) Take a photo of your Junior Jamie in action 2) Upload your picture in the comments below and you could win yourself some Tefal kit, a TEDDY and a signed copy of my new book #QuickAndEasyFood! Entries after 7pm tonight will not be counted, T&C's apply jamieol.com/JamiesChristmasTCs

6.0k reactions 1000 comments
Stine Als Green My little ones favourite thing to help make is banana muffins. In the past week we have started practicing knife skills
Sid McDonald Hello from New Zealand 🖐🏼This is our 3 year old :) enjoying the chocolate cake mix off the mixing spoon. We don’t make a lot of sweet treats, so they really are a treat for him. One of his favorite things in the world (since he was 1 years old) is to ...
Natasha Power This is my 18 month old daughter Faye, helping to make our Christmas Cake. She stood on the chair helping to weigh, mix, sieve and her favourite crack eggs for 45 mins.... she wasn’t done till it was in the oven. She loves helping in the kitchen 💗
Laura Maycock This is my little Whizz in the kitchen alanna, although not a kitchen cooking shot she can turn her hand to A bit of prep wherever she is! We where At Heathrow airport here in a hotel room and she decided to start ‘cooking’ with the in room tea and ...
Laura Quinn This is Hollie, age 10. Currently cooking pancakes and singing Ed Sheeran. This girl loves to cook and nothing makes me happier - the most underrated skill at the minute. She has been saving up for your Quick and Easy book (I keep trying to put her off ...

Who else is putting up their Christmas tree this weekend? 😉🎄 #QuickAndEasyFood jamieol.com/QETree

841 reactions 76 comments
Maryanne Ahern All done now on to Jamie’s Christmas book for my recipes
Galina Dimitrova Already did it last weekend as the kids were super , over , extra exited!!!!
Breda Hynes Need quick & easy gingerbread house recipe please
Craig Hare Given heeps to charity you people do notice
Lisa Dick I’m thinking about it. Also thinking about making the pineapple mess from family super foods. 😜

A spectacular spiral Morrocan-inspired veggie feast, Jamie's Butternut Squash M'Hanncha. On #FridayNightFeast TONIGHT Channel 4 8pm.

7.2k reactions 619 comments
Enlesia Siesta Nida Zahoor Umair cook this and surprised HAJAR :p
Alex Davis I'll cook you this when we come down to yours Lyn Carpenter
Katy Dymond Elley we should make this!
Basil Darwiche Rae wanna make this?
Imane Doulkifle Just stay away from moroccan kitchen thats not the real M'hanncha at all 😑😑😑😑

You can always fit in a kiss with Leo💋 #FridayNightFeast TONIGHT on Channel 4, 8pm.

368 reactions 17 comments
Don't frig with my food So glad the shows back =)
Michelle Dower Adam Dower
Bhupender Kumar Ken Kriti
Peter Nilsson Djoeke Kroonbergs
Line H Johansen Sebastian Rørstrøm ❤️😂

COMPETITION TIME...And so #JamiesChristmas BEGINS! 🎄🎅🎁 For the next 12 days, I'm giving away loads of EPIC prizes. I've gone a bit nuts, have a watch, get sharing, there are some T&Cs but have fun, get involved and let's spread the Christmas cheer!! jamieol.com/JamiesChristmasTCs

3.0k reactions 241 comments
Rachel O'Dwyer Merry Christmas to u, Jamie and family! Xx 🎄🎁🎋🎀🎊🎉
Katie Gosling Fiona Small...only for UK residents. Get practicing that turkey face! 🦃
Jomana Watfa Zeidan Sorry Jamie Oliver, I don’t post any pics online. I’ll check out your other giveaways for sure!! THANKYOU from Sydney, Australia ❤️
Ana Cojocariu Felicitari Jamie, pentru munca ta, pentru faptul ca ai ridicat aceasta profesie la nivel de "Arta! "
Nataly Muranaka Denise Priscila Carol cooking lesson with Jamie Oliverrrrr

If it's an easy, tasty and affordable recipe you're after, Gennaro Contaldo has a winner with this Spaghetti Frittata! 🍝🍳

10.2k reactions 943 comments
Amy Maguire Mark this looks easy and yummy!
Jenny Matthews Lyons Oh dear lord I'm sorry I love his food usually but this just looks so wrong
Joe Colella Daniel Motta it’s like they were listening into our conversation.
Stefania Raimondi I'm so sorry Mr. Contaldo, this is only for English. ..
Vesna Milek Recko Gannaro You Are The King.

Planning a roast for the weekend ahead? Don't forget to check out Jamie's meat roasting guide to ensure you cook it spot on. It's got all the big hitters covered including lamb, beef, chicken, duck, goose, turkey and pork.

949 reactions 20 comments
Paloma Carroza Celedon Andrés Gallardo
Tersha Morrison Csejteiova Kel Mackay
Jeannette van Tongelen-Jongkind Walter
Monique Mannaert Domingo Cortinas
Valdis Gulbis Tastyyyy...
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