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Polenta - who else loves it? 👌 This beef shin ragu makes a delicious bowl of rich,

rib-sticking goodness that just works perfectly served with a dollop of buttery polenta.

Polenta - who else loves it? 👌
This beef shin ragu makes a delicious bowl of rich, rib-sticking goodness that just works perfectly served with a dollop of buttery polenta.

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Tati Hartati Shipard
My seafood creamy polenta
Paulo Roberto de Sá
My polenta and ossobuco
Malachy Ohara
Happymore Mutyoro
Roxy Hoffman
Anamaria Mitoi-Tiron polenta and fish or some stew is out Thursday meal 🙂 I add raw cheese, butter and milk to it
Donna Petricca
Anthony Gregorek you gotta make this !!!
Sarah Hammond
Maria Garland this looks 👌🏼
Toni Cassis
Looks great! I'm going to have to learn your measurements.
Bernadetta Magdalena Zborowska
Laura Annoual loves it! :D ❤
Era Aquinnah
Oh the lovely polenta! Jamie, from the moment I made "meatballs alla norma" I was hooked 😀👍
Qako Kita
Altin Lura, Idelin Pllumbi sa te ftofi pak koha, e keni prej meje ket gjone ktu
Elsa Page
Now that is comfort food,delicious. Also nice fried with a load of butter from the left over.
Guilherme Balisa
U dont make polenta like my grandma... Tasteless.. but delicious.. we call It "angu' in Brazil
PaulandHeidy Ó'Cléirigh
Jamie Oliver your chips are the best polenta recipe EVER!
Suzanne Olsen
yeah love the stuff. If you don't have potatoes and want to make a shepherd's pie you could use polenta for that.
Erika Mizun
I like with brinza (salty sheep cheese)....and also when it's hot with cold milk....😊🤔

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Kristen von Loesecke Alice can we make this when I'm at home!? 🙂
Jane Macdougall There should be a yumm button
Steve Silva Johan Rundqvist thanks We're going to try this one.
Irma Kendra Lune Lui alors il donne toujours envie Hans Mounguengui
Marieke Vuurens Monica Etman dit is t betere werk 5 ingrediënten 😂

Sweet, crumbly shortcrust pastry - what will you fill yours with? It is #AfternoonTeaWeek after all. 🤗

9.0k reactions 324 comments
Betty Kreher Great dad! I love that your showing your little boy to cook💝
Lisa Maline Jensigne Christensen Could not concentrate over Buddy's sleeves in the dough 😆 but nice he is in on the fun in the kitchen.
Poppy Elizabeth Carla Chandler...shortcrust!!!
Ana Mafalda Silva Love the little boy he is so cute and your recepies are awesome
Chantal Pirmez Custard. Old fashioned custard tart. Serve with fresh fruit of the season.

Sweet, smooth, zingy...lemon curd on toast is definitely one of our favourite guilty pleasures. All it takes is 5 simple ingredients plus 10 minutes of your time to make. 🍋👌 jamieol.com/19xZau

1.6k reactions 83 comments
Tanya Theron Love it!!
Gillian Pace Make mine in microwave in 4 mins. Fantastic
Louise K. Manship will have to try this with my girl.
Kiri Florence looks great, but the video is terrible
Cassie Fussell Rita yummm

The early bird catches the worm...especially at the weekend! Wake up the rest of your household with the delicious smell of freshly baked chocolate-chip soda bread 😍 jamieol.com/pD5saq

2.4k reactions 56 comments
Mori Kurogawa Yes, soda bread! So easy to make, yet so aromatic and tasty!
Jochen Schönfeld But the second mouse will get the cheese 😂
Dani Anderson Sounds like it's worth a try 😘
Marie Dumas Jennings Love it, I've got the same cups in this photo
Jenny Gray Glad to see the tea ☕️ is a decent shade 😂

Friday night = FAJITA NIGHT! You've got to give these sizzling chicken fajitas a go. Go all out with homemade salsa, rice and beans. Just another of Jamie's classic 15 minute meals 🙌 jamieol.com/HpixNH

2.4k reactions 48 comments
Susan Ferry Elizabeth Godfrey
Lee Vaneveld Jack Harkins
Mag Gy Johannes Müller !!!!
Claire Sunter Robert 😋😋
Angela Michael Costello Shannon Costello Ciaran Costello Daniel Phillips...

The legend Gennaro Contaldo is back in his garden cooking up a delicious calzone pizza with pancetta and mushroom 😍🍕 Gennaro - why you cooking sooooo goooood?! 🙌

19.3k reactions 1130 comments
Nathalie Schumann Gennaro is the best! Lovely recipe again! I was surprised not to find garlic or oregano in the filling. But I bet it's delicious as it is. 👌🏼💪🏼
Susan Bosma Joost en Marije denk dat we een keer moeten afspreken... krijg er honger van 😛😛
Raquel Harbour This man is 100% 24ct LEGEND!!! If he hosted Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 on a Saturday, the ratings would go off the Richter scale I ❤️❤️ Gennaro & his very yummy grub xx
Lauren Bradburn Gennaro ...its him. Ok he talks about being from the Amalfi Coast I love his passion. Jamie has loved the man and him in return for many years. I love that
Rikki-Lee Doobie Francis Loved this video this bloke gave me a good giggle and i really enjoyed watching this 😁 feel like a proper calzone pizza now

It's chocolate cake, but with a (purple) twist. Beetroot. Don't worry it's still a tasty winner with the kids. Plus involving them in the baking stage will keep them occupied for at least an hour 😉 Who will be using homegrown beetroot? 🙌 jamieol.com/0FEbWw

3.7k reactions 106 comments
Sharon Enlighten I would but it's band while sy is here 🤣🤣🤣
Sue Roxburgh Nicholas Ro Ro Nicholas maybe will try this and invite Flossy for a taste test!!!
Andrew Foster We've got the home grown beetroot but I'll be lucky if I get the cake 😕
Katherine Thomson Love chocolate and beetroot cake, a good excuse for getting one of your five a day 😁
Cathy Grigg What's with granny's traycloth? Hey Jamie, your styling is usually much cooler!

Who's tried Nigerian suya before? 😋 These sizzling beef skewers are a popular Nigerian street food snack and it's easy to see why. The flavour combo of the marinade is gorgeously spicy - a mix of paprika, scotch bonnet, ginger, cayenne pepper and more! jamieol.com/yNMzJd

2.1k reactions 68 comments
Chev Will-c Great with jallof rice!
Julie Harper Looks delicious! will have to try some☺
Elin Essam Always offer everything delicious
Abby Quezada Ohhh plsss let me have it for my dinner??👍
Violet Nguyen I would love to try this recipe with shrimp!

Thai green curry Jamie-style 🙌🇹🇭 Ready in the time it takes to cook the rice!

24.8k reactions 1969 comments
Ruba Halaoui Roula Nada can you make this for meeeee???
Douglas Brown Suzy Glover Inform willll what chicken he's using. Just for a mental note. Hey, what do I know??
Armida Bonilla Malai Soriya Reyes está comida me recordó a ud, saludos 😙
Maria Abdilla Ghigo don't you need to wet the rice beforehand?
Jane Russell Jamie. I wish I wasn't a multi published author, TV show host, owner of a chain of restaurants, advocate for charity. Then I could complain you put a mushroom in your curry! GET a GRIP you keyboard warriors

The countdown is on...Jamie's NEW 5 Ingredients #QuickAndEasyFood cookbook is out a week today! 🙌 Hit the link to be one of the first people to get your hands on a copy by pre-ordering it now. And don't forget to tune into the new TV series that goes with it, Monday 8pm Channel 4. jamieol.com/1weekQE

809 reactions 35 comments
Alison Baker Simon Wellock can't wait xx
Cesi Nandlal Dev Nandlal yo quiero 😁
Jon Charman Gemma Charman
Kim Spencer Chrissie Spencer
Jackie Moimenta When is it being released in Spain please.

The summer holiday weather we all dreamed of may not be going to plan, but we've got a way to keep the kids entertained for at least the next hour... get them involved making lunch! Here's 5 simple recipes to start with: jamieol.com/j6vU31

1.6k reactions 12 comments
Tracey Allorto Blyth Tracey Allorto Blyth
Christina Denter Daniel Denter ✌😉
Gavin Seabrook Iza Seabrook x
Jeison Kun Thanks Gordon Ramsay
حہۣۗۗہبہۣۗۗہكہۣۗۗہ يہۣۗۗہا عہۣۗۗہلہۣۗۗہيہۣۗۗہ جہۣۗۗہنہۣۗۗہهہۣۗۗہ Yes

Up early to collect exam results today? 😬 Settle those nerves with a hearty, nutritious bowl of porridge. We love ours topped with apple and pecan. How do you serve your porridge? jamieol.com/rHHxZg

468 reactions 103 comments
Lisa Griffin I'm a mum of twins going to collect exam results, I can't eat let alone them! Although this does look yummy x
Alex Bravo Extra creamy, fresh raspberries and organic brown sugar.
Mashie Abdullah Yuummm
Anouk van der Laan Banana & peanut butter 😍
Gwenaelle Becker Yummy!

Throwback to this easy classic from Jamie's At Home cookbook - potato and chorizo omelette that can be served up in 45 mins. What are you waiting for?! Top tip: finish in the oven for a lovely puffed-up texture 😋 jamieol.com/0q6GDc

2.4k reactions 71 comments
Kat Gaudette Oh how gorgeous!
Loraine Armstrong Delish mmm nearly as good as my man looks..🤔☺️😘
Brian Shedden Bring it over Jamie, we'll set a spot for you!
Rob Nicholls Now is that 45 Jamie Oliver's mins or everyone else's 45 mins
Carole Darlington Car A Murr Ay I reckon your boys would like this.

We know what you're thinking...what makes Jamie's new recipes so quick and easy? Is this book for everyday of the week? The man himself answers your questions. 5 DAYS until the first episode of #QuickAndEasyFood hits our screens on Channel 4 8pm. Pre-order your copy of the book here: jamieol.com/QE5Days

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李宜倫 You make it excellent
Sarah McClaren When does this series air in Australia?
Bev Devenny Can't wait😀
Teresa Capp Ordered mine :)
Nicky Morris Can't wait ❤️💙❤️💙

Make the most of your fresh veggies in the garden or those in the shops with our pea & watercress soup. Seasonal and fresh, it's even better topped with a spoonful of soured cream and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. jamieol.com/rKTIGu

984 reactions 17 comments
Masooma Maqsood Islam Mobina Qureshi
Nadege MH Joel GH
Maria Michels Fernanda Michels
Leyla Barrios Sopa de verduras delicioso ahora que hace frio cae muy bien
حہۣۗۗہبہۣۗۗہكہۣۗۗہ يہۣۗۗہا عہۣۗۗہلہۣۗۗہيہۣۗۗہ جہۣۗۗہنہۣۗۗہهہۣۗۗہ Nice

5 days to go until 5 ingredients on Channel 4! Hear what #QuickAndEasyFood is all about... jamieol.com/JamieIntroduces 🤗

2.0k reactions 54 comments
Anna Maria Slevin Thank you Jamie
Jane Bean Can't wait! 😁
Gennie Effinger Scrivens Any way we can see it here in the U.S. ?
Isabelle Ann Love so many of your recipes already! Assuming they are generally healthy?
Rhonda Murrin Woooohooooo can't wait 😊👍

This simple pasta salad is a bit of a hero. Packed with mackerel, green beans, cherry tomatoes and more, not only is it good for you, it will also leave you feeling satisfied 😋 jamieol.com/7eUqpV

3.7k reactions 72 comments
Tessa Taybear YUM! Jamie!
Ditte Sofie Hylander Poulsen Allan, vi kunne lave det her med makrellerne 😀
Janet Shorter That looks lovely
Eunice Warren Such a pretty dish ♡
Angela Pascazio Sei bravissimo! !

The magic ingredient to this dish is togarashi seasoning, a common Japanese spice. Made up of chilli, orange peel, ginger, sesame seeds, sichuan pepper and seaweed. It really complements the salmon and gives it a 'wow' factor. jamieol.com/qYchz7

1.8k reactions 25 comments
Kirsty Harlow Steven Gambrill
Mike Waka Jensen Kim Damgaard Hansen
Kim Damgaard Hansen Mikkel Gerken
Jess Parsons Aaron Smith
Mieke Pijnenburg Yannick God

What are your plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? 🤔 It's all about The Big Feastival! Jamie will be doing a demo on Friday evening so get you and your family down there for fantastic food, brilliant drinks and an epic line-up. Book now: jamieol.com/bigfeastival

1.2k reactions 13 comments
حہۣۗۗہبہۣۗۗہكہۣۗۗہ يہۣۗۗہا عہۣۗۗہلہۣۗۗہيہۣۗۗہ جہۣۗۗہنہۣۗۗہهہۣۗۗہ Jamiehi
Sima Gozidehpour I wish i could be there ❤️
Julie Colin What is the holiday?
Gail Butler Shourds It's back to school here in the states!! Hooray
Loraine Armstrong Jamie turned rock star..Dancing on the table.. follow up to dancing on the ceiling :) 😊😘

How do you get your kids excited about eating fruit and veg? 🤔 You could have a go at food art with some of the weird and wonderful produce we have in season at the moment, like these delicious and fun takes of a kale, squash and ricotta omelettes from Jacob's FOOD Diaries: jamieol.com/TVMYvH

837 reactions 41 comments
Ana Marroco ;)
Don't frig with my food Lol these are brilliant!
Barbara Sherman Why would you feed any poor soul kale?
Jayne Horsley You can't like every single veg ? I like veg but I don't like Kale.
Tania Holl Try gluten free food it might help.

Freezing fruit is a genius way to save time and cut waste in your kitchen - create a compote, smoothie, citrus slices or a 45-second ice cream! These ideas are a great place to start, but get creative – what do you love to make with frozen fruit? 🍓🍉🍒 jamieol.com/7ZEnDQ

1.7k reactions 53 comments
Katherine Mcx The Milbona 10 % yoghurt is DELICIOUS! You can use it for desserts as well.
Mary Shannon Love Raspberries! Used to get half a flat and freeze most and put it in our waffles and our oatmeal.
Michelle Elliott I freeze my home grown strawberries and make milkshakes or pop them in my pimms!
Luigia Alessandrini Io l'ho imparato da te e sono anni che lo preparo, un gelato semplice e buono. Ho sempre frutta pronta in congelatore
Robert Clark Heat with a smidgen of maple syrup...... Porridge and toast topping.

These puff pastry vegetable tartlets can be topped with whatever seasonal veg you fancy. This recipe goes in with cherry tomatoes, courgettes, asparagus and more! 😋 jamieol.com/1zf1RR

0 reactions 107 comments
Carol McDermott Dean Ooo I like those Must try
Laurie Rosario Rogers Those look lovely.
Carmen Virginia Mercedes Febles ummmm lecker
Jason Ruwan Perera Similar concept to my FILO idea Natalie Katie
Tuula Inglesias Tolv upea Retro kuva kuin 70 - 80 luvun makea! maustein sinulla?

Only 1 week to go until the first episode of #QuickAndEasyFood - Aug 21st Channel 4 8pm 🙌 Think simple recipes made up of beautiful combinations each only consisting of 5 ingredients! Pre-order your copy of 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food here: jamieol.com/QE1Week

1.4k reactions 121 comments
Jamine Bernet Niklas Vck in love with his passion for food 🙈 ..and his accent
Ria Brookes Steve Brookes just in fine for my birthday x
Helena Rydfjord Not chili? 😳
Emma McBain Jon Sugg are you counting down the hours?? 😂😂
Isabelle Deconinck Il faut manger des bon produits simple repas mes naturel j ai était élevé avec simplicité des bon produits et ç est se que j ai appris à mes enfants mes les enfants adultes devient responsable de leurs enfants et il nous écoutent plus dans un monde ...

We're full of praise for allotments. They are a valuable resource - a source of low-cost, healthy fresh fruit and veg as well as bringing people together. Who else is feeling inspired by Jamie and Buddy to grow their own? 🍆🍅🍠🌽🍓🍏

5.9k reactions 235 comments
Les Elias We do!
Lazarr Lee We grow our veggies at home yum o
Mark Stevens Zucchini is looking really good this year
Linda Van Laarhoven-Meijers Love it! We have all kinds of herbs, potatoes, jalapeño and tomatoes. Our daughter loves it. Knowing where it all comes from is very important❤️
Jacqui Fenner Dixon We wouldn't be without our allotment. It feeds the heart, soul and body.

5 Ingredients - #QuickAndEasyFood out NEXT THURSDAY 24th! Pre-order your copy here: jamieol.com/OrderQE

338 reactions 8 comments
Amy Monks Rob Stanley
Aaron Welch Amanda Welch?
Rachel Jane Geach Michael David Geach just saying xxx
Arunas Dimitrovas I pre-ordered! Can't wait! 😁❤️👨🏼‍🍳
Lea Tschuor I pre-ordered it. Can't wait to cook 👩🏼‍🍳

Colourful and packed with juicy flavour, this box grater fruit salad makes a great breakfast for the kids. Get the kids to grate the fruit, minding little fingers. A deliciously fruity start to the week! 🍌🍏🍓🍊 jamieol.com/G1mI0Q

908 reactions 8 comments
Anastasia Vakkas James Mortimer 2nd comment!
Sara Tobal sounds delicious 😍😍😍
Tanya Theron Well, good for him that his children eat such healthy food. My daughter...don't think that's happening anytime soon ;)!
Sebastian Louis “minding little fingers“ yup. The remaining starks better watch out
Lin Oupsie I wouldn't bother with a grater. So easy to do with a knife. Grate a banana? I don't think so! Same with a ripe pear! LOL... I also would not heat the honey. Ruins the health benefits of the honey. I would also not put the mint leaves on it. Personal ...

These broad bean, garlic and feta bruschettas make a super speedy lunch or a great snack to crack those mid-afternoon munchies. jamieol.com/bNTfh1

2.9k reactions 117 comments
Kevin Brooks Chilis on the feta, mate! Get the afternoon zinging!
梁兆芝 Light and nutricious.Good stuff.
Jim Smith Hmmmm.
Sophie Zych Tedesco I was just mentioning this 😲 Domenic Tedesco
June Bartlett Ive had these before . Utterly divine!!!!!!

It's Sunday. It's 7pm. It's time to snuggle in on the sofa with the best steak and onion sandwich your tastebuds have ever tasted. A cheeky guilty pleasure 👌 jamieol.com/KQEBRj

4.1k reactions 93 comments
Chris Masters 60 mins with socks
Kev Bear-Foot Mason Looks good apart from the bread 🤗
Michelle Muir It's Monday and it's 7am😂
Trevor Grismer You're KILLING me with this picture......
Meyer Siggi Steve Katharina Andrzejxzyk

Who's going in with roast pork today? 😋 If you don't know your pork belly from your pork shoulder, or the difference between a rib chop and a loin chop, take a look at our handy guide. jamieol.com/oiLDuM

729 reactions 53 comments
Corina Erickson making one now for my husbands birthday lunch ☺️
Leyla Barrios Hoy domingo desde temprano prepare enrollado de cerdo con guindones , jamon y queso edam delicioso !!!!
Jo Belium Cancerigen type 2 bro
Sofia Sopiadou i like the fat:p <3
Leanne Brown Yummy...love pork. Thanks Jaimie x

Popping corks this evening? Pimp up your prosecco with Jamie's favourite fruits, juices and flavour combos 🍾 Cheers! jamieol.com/ZchqA1

2.0k reactions 38 comments
Hayley Weston Ely Rose
Delph Rgd Julia Delgado 😍😍😍
Claudia Hambling Chelsea Hambling
Joanie Callaghan Molly Florence Katie Callaghan Lily Wilcock 👍🏻❤️
Claire Parsons Sara Tunstall Vicky Cook Elizabeth Frost
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