Jamie Oliver
09:10 01/11/2017

Give it some beans!!!!

Broad beans are packed with protein and folic acid and this gorgeous little recipe is perfect for midweek- whip it up with some pesto and you’ve got a treat for your tastebuds. Recipe out now in this month’s issue of Jamie magazine don’t miss out and get your copy! x

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Give it some beans!!!! Broad beans are packed with protein and folic acid and this gorgeous little recipe is perfect for midweek- whip it up with some pesto and you’ve got a treat for your tastebuds. Recipe out now in this month’s issue of Jamie magazine don’t miss out and get your copy! x

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Sophie Luton
Yianni Paz
Emma Bainbridge
Breton Towler x
Anna-Marie de Wit-Buijs
Danielle Peek💪🏻
Paula Smid-Zwaanenburg
Danny Zweintjes 😋😋
Melanie Wright
Wendy Packham 😷 you'll love this
Soham Prince
您做的菜我很喜歡 目前學習中
Joanne Brianti
Rob Brianti this looks lush 😍😍
Ian Carpenter
hungry now lol
Metil Mary
What a beautiful dish!
Meg Nowik
Beautiful plate
Brigitte Borret
looks njammie ❤
Julien Gerardin
Aaaah i'm melting ! The acid ! Aaaah !
Eloise Hawkins
Nom nom nom. 😁

Other newsfeed from Jamie Oliver

It's the boss man's birthday today! Here's a nice little throwback to when we made him cry on his 40th at Jamie Oliver HQ. Happy birthday, Jamie! 🎂🎉🎈

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Kevin Liboon Inoceto Happy Birthday Jamie! I still remember when you were that young lad in a kitchen with the hair. The Naked Chef <3. Look at you! Surrounded by so many people who share and support your vision. Congratulations!
Ruth Angus Happy Birthday Jamie! So grateful for all you have done to promote real food and health, just made your chickpea, spinach and sweet potato curry last night, one of our family favourites 😜
Irene Stock Happy 40th Birthday Jamie!! Thank you for the passion with which you have fought for improving our eating habits, especially our children's, over the years! Much love to you on your special day! xx 🍰🎉🎈🍾💖
Roxanne Chee Happy birthday Jamie Oliver! 🎉 You're an inspiration! Have followed you since Naked Chef and continue to love what you do. So much love 💕 in that video for you! Enjoy your special day!
Loraine Armstrong <3<3 Happy Birthday Jamie Oliver ,Great stuff keep up the good work.. your a very kind good man makes great tv..loves all your cookery programmes.. you don't look a day over 21 :)

Get outdoors with the family this #BankHoliday weekend! I always loved a good picnic as a kid. Jazz up your spread with these fresh dips - do you dip or scoop?! 🤔

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陳 惠 君 金 嗓 ~ 天 才 + 舞 林 ~ 高 手 = K R I S ( SOUND : C H R I S T _ IN _ G E R M A N ) = H U E 惠 - J U I N 君 , C H E R N 陳 ( GRACE 恩 惠 ~ K I N G 君 王 ) - G O L D - V O C A L ~ G E N I U S + D A N C E ~ C L E V E R ...
Geremias Bibbo Agustin Paz
Katie Hawes Bobby Irving
Matt Jankowski Marli Sharp
Masooma Maqsood Islam Mobina Qureshi Fatimah Salman Ali Islam Khan

Guys we are LIVE to talk you through the new Jamie Oliver's Fifteen cocktail menu!! Get involved and check it out here: http://jamieol.com/FifteenCocktails

6.0k reactions 1617 comments
Tejasvi Malkar Namaste from INDIA. I love your restaurant in mumbai...your pizzas are the most amazing in town.
Rim Trabelsi Hi from Swtitzerland ...so where is tis bar? and what is the name of that similar bloody merry with asian glass deco or whatever
Anne Françoise Hélène Hay When are you going to make vegan meals Jamie? S'il te plaît? Merci!
Gonzalo Castilla Hellow, I like your way cook. It's wonderfull . From Spain, congratulations.
Georgia Haniotaki-Zenetzi Hello from Greece!!! You must come to Greece and open a restaurant

Guys I'm going LIVE at 6pm BST tonight talking about the brand new bad boys on the cocktail menu at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen be sure to tune in!!! big love x x x

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Marcel Miller Antonio Zafiro
Beth Edwards Eleanor Davies
Amanda Green Tracey Baker 🍹
Jane Bestford Holly Lydon
Sussie Grønfeldt Jeanette😗😋

make sure you stay hydrated in this warmer weather guys - so so important!! water doesn't need to be boring. Big love JO X x X

Drink water & thrive | Jamie Oliver
Drink water & thrive | Jamie Oliver

If you want to be the very best you can be, staying hydrated is absolutely key.

4.6k reactions 87 comments
Nicole Ruggeri-Schreiber Yummy
Patrizia McIntyre Lina Floridia nice ways to flavour water naturally
Sangita Lama Wow looks very good 👍
Lorraine Le Ceve They all look yummy thanks
Teresa Cancilleri Potresti rispondere ogni tanto ciao Jamie grazie

Utterly shocked and saddened...?!?! My thoughts are with those effected in last nights horrible attack. So sad ..love jo x x x

17.9k reactions 265 comments
Marnie Bell Our world is broken, and I don't think anyone knows how to fix it. 😭
Heidi Lange Solche Aktionen sind einfach nur feige und saudoof!!!!!!!!! So etwas hat auch mit keiner Religion oder Glaubensrichtung zu tun, ist einfach nur feige und doof!!!!!!
Jan Simms L o v e to all the family's and friends of everyone who died and who were injured and to just everyone else too. Heartbreaking. Just too sad for words
Maryam Najafi Sr. I'm too sad, angry and heart broken to find the right words to express my feelings. Sending love to all from U.S to UK 😔😡😰😥💔
Portia Fielies How saddened by this atrocity, wht have become of the human race, .....my thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and families, the country and all its.ppl...

Jersey royal potatoes are in season this month so make the most of them!! This potato salad is a real joy what will you serve yours with?? x x jamieol.com/JerseySalad

1.9k reactions 47 comments
Ahmad Zeabi Better with Souvlaki.
Ingrid Banchòn Ñami..........ñami......
Helen Zhang Beautiful picture
Ingrid Banchòn 🇪🇨👍🏻
Sa Ri ⭐️❤️

FOCACCIA!! Brings back so many food memories of mine when I first started out cooking! Tell me yours using #myfoodmemories x x #ad jamieol.com/FocacciaMem

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Francis Hayashi Pao De Queijo. Teach us how to make this delicious Brazilian Cheese Bread.
Anja Birster I can´t use regular flour, what kind of gluten free flour can I use?
Susan Reil Bria Any recommendation for a great gluten-free focaccia? Much appreciated if so!
Vicki Stokes How funny David ...now I can do homemade focaccia with isabel xxx
Andrea Simpson I can remember you making this way back Mark Gopsill it was lush 😊

In case you missed it guys - my interview with Channel 4 News last night x https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/10154855485621939/

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Judith Petersen I'm with Jamie on many issues, but not this one. A policy that provides free lunches for the children of the better off is flawed. What is more, free lunches do not ensure that the children will eat; schools produce mountains of wasted food. At a time ...
Juli Jaa Lack of nutrition creates unconcentrated pupils, who don't learn anywhere as effective as they could do! So, basically investing in food for the kids is investing into their education and into OUR future. #statingtheobvious
Jeff Nevz In the Netherlands we don't have any free lunches at school and the obesity levels are one of the lowest in Europe. So it is not that obviously connected, I guess. But regarding a support to poor families and giving those underprivileged children some ...
Tisha Colandrea-Paige Thank you for all the work you do Jamie. Many schools in OUR country DO get free lunch (not all) but as you know....look what our kids are eating. Worse yet....it starts at home. And SO many adults are poorly, or incorrectly educated about food and ...
Mary Ann Haverly So will Jamie Oliver, with all his money, expect free lunches for his younger children when they go to school? Children can still have the healthy meals as he puts, it but parents pay for it, their children and their responsibility to feed their own ...

I just love a proper sarnie!! what’s your ultimate sandwich combo guys?? i love a bacon one! Happy #BritishSandwichWeek x

1.3k reactions 58 comments
Janet Forrest Cheese and pickle!
Claire McMahon Chicken, avo, aioli and chopped , roasted walnuts.
Sean Mangani Dryed tomato, prosciutto and mozzarella
Sandra McRitchie Fish Fingers on a piece - canni beat it xox
Veroniq Svitla Pineha Enjoy sandwiches)) thank you Jamie!!! Many kisses!!!

Gorgeous Italian spring bean salad - also works as a light soup just add more broth! jamieol.com/ItalianSalad x x

3.1k reactions 35 comments
Kersteen Scudder Flora Ryce
Dawie Theron Pertunia Thembi Rosenberg
Nikki Costa Christine Caicedo
Barb Jones Phil Goodwin
Mike Krause Stephanie Goodluick 😍

Theres only one person that could be behind that big red door - my dear friend Antonio Carluccio! Love it!! Jamie magazine team visited in this month’s issue x x jamieol.com/IssueMay

2.2k reactions 35 comments
Jo Vujnovich Virginia Jeeves ☺️☺️
Joanna Khalil Chaza Akik :)
Michael Valerie Mellor Antonio Carluccio wonderful
Alaoui So i really love him❤️❤️
Ding Dang Ding ❤️🌹

guys what is with this weather!!! 🌧🌧🌧 look forward to hearing from you JO x X

3.0k reactions 837 comments
Polly Wells Panacalty !! From Yorkshire ( where it is often wet but fabulous !) now feed it to my family in Sunny Somerset .my ex pat hubby loves it . And loves the rain he is a gardener 😀
Golara Zaifnejad Hey Jamie, same weather here is Vancouver, Canada... dying for a tiny bit of sun...stay dry my friend...I will try to make a soup from your 15 minutes recipe cook book tonight :)
Lumi Zi Love ❤️ you Jamie! Now we know why the British people loved India soooooo much ! For a ☔️ day I love anything you want to cook 👨‍🍳 Al your recipes are truly amazing!!
Sarah Mowlam Love a Good BBQ in summer time , when we get one. In winter its stews, casseroles and roast dinners, they always make me feel better plus the smell of them around the house you can't beat x
Sarah Gilley It's miserable here hasn't stopped raining all day. Nice comfort food like Pies, Sausage and Mash, Meatballs. 🙂 but when summer eventually arrives. Nice to have a BBQ. Lovely marinaded streaks, chicken etc. Fresh Thai curries, chickpea curry

by marinating, grilling or roasting veggies that are in season you can make something truly special this #NationalVegetarianWeek. you just need a few staple ingredients on your shopping list jamieol.com/VegShopping JOx x

1.2k reactions 31 comments
Sarah D'Sa Peter Lucas
Masooma Maqsood Islam Mobina Qureshi Fatimah Salman
Sam Knock Hollie Knock
Jack Finn Sophie Farren
Trish Johnstone Camille Johnstone

Packed full of flavour my pork and spring green stir-fry is a throw-it-all-in dish that makes a great weekday supper X x jamieol.com/PorkStirFry

3.6k reactions 57 comments
Cecily Tam Hk people have this for dinner everyday
Archie Murray More animal murder promotion !!!
Lupita Martinez Yummy 😋 yummy 😋!
Krishna Kirk Manson is that bean curd
Celeyda Santos That looks so good😀😁😀😁

Fresh homemade pasta is easier to make than you think and my friends at the brilliant Lunch Lady share their top tips - such gorgeous pics! jamieol.com/HomemadePasta

3.2k reactions 109 comments
Kathy Quinn Lesley Lynch you could show us how to do this 😊
Kevin's Beach Is it possible without tattoos?
Shauna Galvin Can you recommend a pasta maker? Preferably one on amazon?
Josh Vallentine Daniele S. Sartori
Janet Ann Timms lol Jamie I thought it was playdough xx !!!!

Check out these awesome hydroponic lettuces guys!!! Amazingly grown without soil they still have optimum water, temperature, light and nutrients. So cool

5.5k reactions 179 comments
Kelly Preddy-Santos I prefer vegetables that have seen sunlight! This is not natural!!! Very disappointed Jamie 😢😢😢
John Richard Pendergast 16-5-2017. Hi Jamie, I'm just trying to HELP by trying to spread the word about my 3R's Waste Plastic Container Gardening ideas. To HELP FEED millions of people and HELP to reduce millions of tonnes of WASTE PLASTIC containers and wood going to ...
Kala Kelly Call me old fashioned but I'd rather eat vegetables that have seen sunlight
Damon James I guarantee that a very large percentage of people complaining about the taste of hydroponics would not be able to tell the difference if exposed to a blind test.
Angheloiu Catalin BS,BS and again BS.....why, in God name, we want to choose this chemicals water grow lettuces instead of classic one? And why do you promote this? Weird!!!!!

Veggie kebabs with halloumi for #MeatFreeMonday!! So so simple and so so good get stuck in guys x x jamieol.com/KebabsVeggie

4.0k reactions 116 comments
Julia Santarelli Yummy!!
Growing Home Great photo, so much colour!
黃淑貞 I got you
Praya Dilts Yum my dinner tonight
Heather Caldecourt Can't wait to try

Listen guys, I've just launched this amazing new campaign with Hotpoint called #myfoodmemories - we want you to share yours so make sure you get involved!! jo x #ad

2.0k reactions 57 comments
Suzie Wilkinson Coming home from school to my Grandmothers cooked lunch. Leftovers from the night before!
Annmarie Rice I cant open link...#myfoodmemories pilsbury dough boy apple turn overs..i was about8/9....loved them
Freyja Lee My favourite food memory was when my sister bought your cookbook, I have been having these memories ever since
Vivienne Graham fan fried whole flounder with a crisp coating finished with a squeeze of lemon, silverbeet sprinkled with soy sauce................yum
Barbara Walker this is one of my favourite :) Christmas 2015 with my beloved family and friends <3 i made my first filled turkey and it tasted awesome #myfoodmemories greetings from austria <3

It's #NationalVegetarianWeek this week so let's big up all those delicious, colourful veggies and get stuck in with some of these gorgeous recipes x x

907 reactions 109 comments
Jane Healey Tiana Healey. Go Jamie!!!
Hilary Candler Viv Johnson Victoria Johnson some more ideas for you xx
Chris Currie Maybe worth checking out Red Jotter Christopher Watson 😉 x x
Saqib Honey ♪-----» SELF-BOT.ML «-----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 💠 HULASH BARUPAL 💠
Yvonne Hooper fantastic thankyou :-)

You can't beat fresh scones on a Sunday afternoon! Happy Sunday guys big love x x x

3.8k reactions 97 comments
Kristy Navin Me to plain though x
Quentin Hq Delphine : huuuum des scones !
Alan J Taylor Clotted cream, and jam 😜
Rosemary Wilkinson Overcooked!
Lydia Toll greg langley

Love Afternoon Tea here at Barbecoa Piccadilly - there is so much heart & soul in these menus!

4.8k reactions 388 comments
Gillian Coles Looks great, can we have this in your Jamie's restaurant in Canberra, ACT Australia please?
Susann Gallion Can we have afternoon tea there for my birthday Michael Gallion 😉😉😜☺
Dan Ginger Taylor Had high tea with my Irish grandmother all the time. Strong black tea and scones.
Nubia Alvarado It reminds me of when be I went there several years ago!!!
Ruth Thomas John Thomas makes the best brownies. Jacqui and I still remember them.

Sunday roasts wouldn’t be complete without Yorkshire puddings !! These beauties are gluten free too jamieol.com/QNijsH

7.2k reactions 586 comments
Rachel Kelly Tara Leneghan any chance in you coming back and cooking me a roast
Clare Brown Doesn't show them from the side being 1cm tall lol xx #flatasapancake xx
Viviana Vega Quirós Dear Jamie could you please raise awareness about Costa Rica's pineapple fields? Look at this please
Alli Hogan Salivating just thinking about one of your Sunday roasts Ella Lunn Rachel Ives 🤤
Paul Disspain Made these last Friday night and they looked just like Jamie's. I'll have to make twice as many next time though.

Saturday night is curry night in the Oliver household!! Try my cracking chicken tikka masala jamieol.com/R5d7fE

15.5k reactions 432 comments
Sherry Fishlock I have just finished making this OMG it is delicious great how there is paste left to make another
Ali Armstrong Is there a recipe for the roti bread as well?
Shirley Halliday Which recipe book is ot that has all of Jamie's curries in it? They look amazing!!!
Claudia O'Connor yea just got the book it in the library but thinking getting my own its really good
Amy Carr Tia do you think anyone at gmas would eat this other than us?

Less than 6 weeks till summer guys!! Time to get you BBQ ready - if you want incredible meat I swear by this tip!

1.1k reactions 27 comments
Megan Edwards Liam Edwards
Ellen Woods Suzanne Manning
Sinead Duncan Fiona
Catherine Griffin David Costello
Paddy Conway Barry Flood

As it's #NationalApplePieDay for my friends in the USA 🇺🇸 what better excuse to get a pie in the oven today with my sweet pastry recipe jamieol.com/3fOb9x

1.8k reactions 45 comments
Lidia Gombos Camelia Cami
Jasmine Shah Jaaved Khatree.......🙊
Alison Stevenson James Stevenson!!!! 😀
Stacey Simms Desert Jeanette
Catherine Karapuda Mollie Vera Grace perfect!

Had such a great week in Australia!!! 🇦🇺 Thanks for having me guys can't wait to be back soon. Big Love Jamie O xX

3.4k reactions 169 comments
Lisa RK Um right so you go all the way there and don't bother flying the extra 3 hours to new Zealand?? Pfft
Shakes Cheney Always good to have you visit Mr O. Come back anytime. By the way sorry about Mark Latham. No one cared about him or his opinions .
Growing GREEN Thumbs We were honoured to attend the business chicks breakfast with you and listen to the passion ooze from you, could have listened to you all day long. THANKYOU for everything you do and not giving up - come see us in the garden sometime! @bpsgreenthumbs ...
Margaret Hodges Love his style and also his theories on food, it can still be yummie and healthy at the same time.
Leah Setford You're welcome to visit NZ. We have a spare outside studio you can stay in. You may have to cook dinner in exchange.

Who's already got their copy of this month's Jamie magazine Italian special?? Viva Italia!! jo x x

990 reactions 18 comments
Kathy Warland Ethan Smart
Rasmus Grønbæk Yep, just got it today.
Margaret Murphy Me x
Georgina Carcary Me 🌟
Mymakeup from AVON I didn't even know there was a Jamie magazine!

At Barbecoa Piccadilly we are blessed with the most incredible bartenders and cocktails

916 reactions 71 comments
Christopher Summers I watched it twice.
Catherine Cl Et ?
Luciana Albertin I am thirsty!
Mymakeup from AVON Nice!
Sarah Rolfe Kristy Patterson really fancy going here 😁

One for the weekend!! Sticky, sweet and oh so delicious chicken wings baby x x x jamieol.com/pkVYg8

3.5k reactions 74 comments
Alirene Noriega Soria wooooww
Michael Menezes Very cool man
Shane Furey OMG
Kat Gaudette I LOVE chicken wings...thanks! :)
Mymakeup from AVON Yummy
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