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09:10 01/11/2017

Give it some beans!!!!

Broad beans are packed with protein and folic acid and this gorgeous little recipe is perfect for midweek- whip it up with some pesto and you’ve got a treat for your tastebuds. Recipe out now in this month’s issue of Jamie magazine don’t miss out and get your copy! x

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Give it some beans!!!! Broad beans are packed with protein and folic acid and this gorgeous little recipe is perfect for midweek- whip it up with some pesto and you’ve got a treat for your tastebuds. Recipe out now in this month’s issue of Jamie magazine don’t miss out and get your copy! x

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Sophie Luton
Yianni Paz
Emma Bainbridge
Breton Towler x
Anna-Marie de Wit-Buijs
Danielle Peek💪🏻
Paula Smid-Zwaanenburg
Danny Zweintjes 😋😋
Melanie Wright
Wendy Packham 😷 you'll love this
Soham Prince
您做的菜我很喜歡 目前學習中
Joanne Brianti
Rob Brianti this looks lush 😍😍
Ian Carpenter
hungry now lol
Metil Mary
What a beautiful dish!
Meg Nowik
Beautiful plate
Brigitte Borret
looks njammie ❤
Julien Gerardin
Aaaah i'm melting ! The acid ! Aaaah !
Eloise Hawkins
Nom nom nom. 😁

Other newsfeed from Jamie Oliver

Can’t shout about mums enough so a great way to say thanks is to get them round for a special home cooked lunch and here’s loads of ideas to inspire you this #mothersday!

Ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day lunch
Ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day lunch

Make mum feel special tomorrow by treating her to lunch with all the trimmings !!

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Narelle Holland Jayden Holland
Gabrielle Putt Kirsten Putt
Isabel Oconnell Kevin O' Connell
Penny Harder Mark Harder
Jo Englefield Jerry Hope

Ultimate bakes for #mothersday gang get baking and surprise your mum with an awesome cake !!

1.5k reactions 42 comments
Libby Levett Plenty of time to practice Georgie Levett Tom Levett Sophie Levett
Rasha Hassan RaMa Ibrahim Hassan please give it a try😉
Jacco Kuiper Audrey De Pouwdrey zoek er 1 uit schatje
Lisbeth Tengelsen Mmmmmmmm❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Margot Illinois 😍 👍

Flavour packed fishcakes from my Jamie magazine team new issue out now- beautiful smoked mackerel and red quinoa I just love this with a poached egg and salad such a good fancy brunch or lunch get the recipe jamieol.com/9bCnIR

4.3k reactions 66 comments
Deb Ashton Definitely making these 😋 😋😋😋😋
Wàndérer Sohiny Ghosh aahhh... how can one resist!! yum <3
Ricky Sykes Mmmmm, sounds good Vicky. One to try ☺️
Ruth Slack yummy
Deborah Budri Ferreira Derek Rowe make for me please.

Remembering what an AMAZING day the #UKCEOCookoff was with UKHarvest & Food Revolution Community!! jamieol.com/DonateCookOff

2.3k reactions 30 comments
Fernando Froy Jose Luis Albanese
Louise Brooks Milly Brooks
غزلان غزلان Hi 👋
Ingrid Banchòn Felicitaciones Jamie desde 🇪🇨 Ecuador
Margot Illinois 💕👍🍀👏

A super tasty breakfast treat for the weekend griddle pan waffles - no need to buy a waffle iron for these bad boy they are made straight in a griddle pan. Mum would love these tomo morning wink wink haha jamieol.com/8LHRqn x x

4.8k reactions 117 comments
Rachelle Thompsett Rob Thompsett reckon you would be good at these x
Annabel Bendle Joshua Pyndiah make me these tomorrow pleeeeaseeee
Mat Edlinger Simon, das nächste mal statt nix
Cata Florescu Ce sunt scovercile astea,imi trebuie 10 portii.
Tamara Kroone Ohhhhh yum! Goed idee zondag brunch 😍

Here’s a good dish when you fancy something different sesame butterflied chicken from my #FamilySuperFood book- with a loverly crunch from the slaw and peanut sauce on the side certainly makes your chicken so much more tasty. Have a go jamieol.com/xLtNNO

3.3k reactions 44 comments
Nadina Toblerone Michael Horkan 😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Zabawa w gotowanie <3
Debbie Baker Lauren Baker go to try this 😍
Jörg Auerbach Hab ich selbst schon gekocht! Sehr lecker !
Alketa Skura Hysa τελειο!!!

Happy Red Nose Day guys!!! if you want a cooking lesson of a life time with me then click jamieol.com/RND and help raise money for an incredibly important charity go go guys love jamie o

2.6k reactions 16 comments
Amine Azzouz Amel ML makla
Birky Ray nice
Lisbeth Tengelsen 😎
Margot Illinois 👍🍀😍
Stefan Petersson What is Red Nose Day? I never heard about it.

Really proud of my bakeware range and its sure to be a great gift for all the mums out there who love to bake or those who want to get more adventurous in the kitchen- if last min #mothersday gift ideas are what you are after then have a look at these loads of beautiful tools and goods to get your hands on... jamieol.com/Bakeware Big love Jamie o x x x

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Ina Racel Roland Liu
Jörg Auerbach Keine Angst, ich komme wieder!!!
Jörg Auerbach Absolut genial. Genau wie Dein Gericht vor 3 Jahren in London
Luise Rümmler What kind of cake is that on the picture? ☺️
Annette Dypping Hindse-Nielsen Looks fab⛱

Specials board looking good today at Jamie's Italian UK big love jox. Xx

4.8k reactions 32 comments
Giraldo Valpoort Destiny Tjoen Tak Seu
Benjamin Bartsma Lisette Meereboer
Kristy Lee Brendan James yum!!
Claire Collins Jimy Dorrigan
Becky Braim Adan Laffey Erica Cooper 😘

This delicious asian style salmon and sweet potato traybake is great when you want to bung everything into one pan perfect when you're rushed for time jamieol.com/ox75AO

7.6k reactions 354 comments
Jasmin Rpunkt Heidi Reiter a ned schlecht 🤔
Jayne Frost Magwood This looks nice Anna Wood xx
Jess Gibbs Claire N Mook another way to have Salmon 😘
Clair Hunt Sonya Monteiro - not for me or Shayna though.
Kathrin Vatter Marisa Hoffmann wir brauchen mal wieder nen Kochabend!

Fancy winning a cooking lesson with me?? You can this Comic Relief: Red Nose Day with their best auction ever and prize draw just £5 to enter such a great cause guys jamieol.com/RND xxjo x x #RedNoseDay

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Holly Baker :O Can you imagine?!
Soraya Abdullah Help baby Charlie www.facebook.com/Charliegardsfight
Leoni Henry Amber Wynn!
Elizabeth Chapman Mathew Chapman
Louise Chalmers Richard Chalmers

Love how super creative you lot are! Just been sent this by Zach Lower. Do you make your own little foodie videos? i'd love to see them drop me a link in the comments!! x x x

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Lucas Steglich Roberta, ❤
Katja Backt https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1724609811188593&id=1635840350065540
La Family Our "true" Carbonara by LaFamily.eu from Brussels https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y6PHBBBLG4
Nikola Staňko https://instagram.com/p/BKjFFE1DO9b/ 🙂🥑🍝 My quick and easy and yummy pasta :) check my insta 😇 ČR
Tom Bray Just made this from my asado masterclass last week 🔥https://youtu.be/KjDlBaJopes

Gorgeous pici pasta made by the brilliant Tim from Padella Pasta he's one of my ex apprentices- so much love put into the #UKCEOCookOff food for all the amazing everyday heroes last night! X xx jo

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Amelia Jane Shippey Georgia Bruce 👌🏻
Linda Kirkpatrick https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HdTqCUfNSZ0
Loredana Oliveri Conti Mari Elena
Lizz Puckett Yum! Jimmy Puckett
Rozanne Fretz Natasha Worsnop Michael Antonievich pici ❤❤❤

Again can't say thanks enough to Duchess of Cornwall- patron of UKHarvest coming down to see #UKCEOcookoff and Food Revolution Community. Half a million pound raised and still going guys work still to do x x x jo xxx

6.2k reactions 68 comments
Levin Derin Great Job 👍 but I don't like her 🤢
Geraldine Cruz Great guy
Raji Mol MN Hai jameee I like ur program and all dishes...am frm kerala
Melody Brooks Great photo :) :)
Susannah Titcomb You are doing a great job..... good on you....x

Great night guys loads going on all over the place and more to share from #ukceocookoff. Much love @foodrev and @ukharvest for putting it all on x x x x JO

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Evelyn Cairns Gillian Kelly looks fabulous
Richardson Nicola Emma looks pregnant
ام غيث Gorgeous 😍
Margot Illinois 😉👍🍀
Isaac Heffernan Super sam

ClerkenwellBoy on the camera at #UKCEOcookoff!! Loads of top chefs teaming up with big CEOs who've raised nearly half a million ££ for my foundation and UK Harvest - all cooking for six hundred everyday food heroes doing amazing things in their communities. Check it and donate yourself if you like - jamieol.com/DonateCookOff

6.6k reactions 1519 comments
Mumma Bear Doing an amazing job Mr O! Love your work, love to you and your beautiful family. Love from Australia
Anna Fernandes Hello Jamie Oliver!!! :-) Great Evening of Food get together! Great to see You doing Great work! A BIG Hello from Toronto city Canada!!! :-)
Oksana Hove Jamie is the best my little kids learned a lot from you about healthy food , thank you ! You are making a difference without just talking but bringing ideas to life !!! Fantastic , best wishes to you and to your wonderful family
Theresa Gordon Hi Jaime from South Africa. Thanks for teaching us to cook healthy meals even on a budget. You are great!!
Krisztian Tian All I can say is that you are the everyday Hero Jamie

I'M SO EXCITED!! I've got a new book coming all about simple cooking with big flavours using 5 ingredients !! More to come jamieol.com/JamiesQuickEasy Big lovexx

9.9k reactions 507 comments
Chantal Worsdell Looking forward to this - perfect for me & especially my kids who are currently working their way through 15 Minute Meals. Here's my Jamie (he's 8) making Thai Chicken Laksa last weekend. They are so excited about cooking & eating your food! We're kinda ...
Christine Skeer All your food is now full of chillys or spice we can't all eat that how about some different flavours or are you just like the rest of the celebrity chefs and just cook what is fashionable to eat i.e. Bloody 🌶 chiles
Pamela Bevis I'm sure it will do well, keep your enthusiasm going its wonder ful to see, well done and seeing your family getting involved in your pictures is wonderful as it is getting the youngsters involved maybe do a cookery book for kids?xxx
Jenny Wood I love the idea of 5 ingredients. I am hoping the ingredient list & cooking steps are simple and easy to follow. My daughter has Down syndrome and we are currently putting together her very own recipe book of her favourite things to cook. There is a ...
Christine Spence Jaimie, can you do a vegetarian / vegan cookbook? I have family members who are vegetarian / vegan, and I have recipes collected from here there and everywhere, but would love to see you do a book on meat free and animal product free recipes. :-) Good ...

Down under @jamiesitalianparramatta 🇦🇺great job on the cook off today👌🏻 @stuarttoon @thomasgodfrey1991 @scott_greve @joeygoldman81 not long till may !!👍😎

2.0k reactions 16 comments
Chris Carroll Jessica Duncan
Anne O'Neill Joseph O'Neill May?!
Claire Vidgen Wanker
Abhishek Gupta How about this ??
Abhishek Gupta Thanks TO like ☺

Guys have you tried our brand new pizzas at Jamie's Italian UK??? Get snapping & tag in #JamiesPizza to win a spot on our pizza & prosecco class from The Jamie Oliver Cookery School WOO HOO!! The loverly Sy catching me in action!!

277 reactions 25 comments
Hieke de Jong van der Zee Sydo de Jong
Alan Bonzo Bonn Ray Allen
Chris Shorrock Scott Holliday
Rebecca June Brett Hannah Sherwood mmmmmmm
Akm Shahriar Alam Lol.smart phn.with smart chef 😀

New kitchen - New Show - New Me - and the camra men are playing it safe-👩🏻‍🚒

4.1k reactions 139 comments
Rosanna Rosanna Sei fantastico Jamie!!!!
Gio Giovanna Ferrara Qui in Italia sei già in onda 🔝🔝🔝🔝sei lo chef numero 1
Teresa-Iche Iche Woop woop...exciting!
Karena Newland They need protection from those dance moves! 😄
Danielle Beer I miss the old one!! I'll try to adjust 😞

Cheeky behind the scenes look at one of our book shoots with the team -the basics are often the most gorgeous. My wonderful team see the beauty in everything!! Keep an eye out for whats to come

867 reactions 10 comments
Irina Andreeva Jolie <3
Andrea Magazzu Rabena So talented!
Ambs Khan Happy Noroz!!
Monica Jordan Eggs and garlic. Could be something great
Koby Lee Sota Always gorgeous xx

We need to be aware of the amount of salt in our diets its so so important. This week is #SaltAwarenessWeek and nows the time to think a bit more about what it is you are eating. Read your food labels, cut back on really salty ingredients, ready meals, fast food and takeaways!! The best way to beat too much salt is to simply cook from fresh!

3.8k reactions 468 comments
Kathleen Pook Just don't forget to put salt in the water when cooking pasta.. It has no taste otherwise
Terry Esselstyn Salt is a necessary nutrient....the best way to eat the right amount is to not eat processed foods and salt your food to taste.
Mirela Kondic I never really liked salty food. For example, if someone adds salt to eggs, I can't eat them. My main problem is sugar. Need to remove that perma from my life.
Annie Bergeron Or time to read the latest research: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/its-time-to-end-the-war-on-salt/
Michelle Muir My kid has to have loads of it..not everyone should cut it out and it was because we were using Himalayan that made her worse so back to iodised😆

Feel good food to start off your week Moroccan style carrot salad with loads of spices seeds yoghurt the mighty avo and a delicious citrusy dressing- a real Monday winner in my eyes! Grab the recipe jamieol.com/Ilmkxj JOx

5.5k reactions 109 comments
Debbie Lemm Hayleigh Jackson this is the salad I had in Brisbane
Georgia De Castella Sarah Wainewright how good does this sound!!
Aga Rowlands Anita Owen different one for you x
Samantha Jones Lotte Kaeller-Cox feel free to make this for me ;)
Lisa Bedingfield Ann O'Donnell you would love this xx

Something you can batch up for the week ahead- gorgeous recipe from my brand new makeover issue of Jamie magazine out now lamb and chickpea hand pies love it! My tip here go old school and use your hands this gives you a much lighter crumbly pastry...recipe here jamieol.com/gwU5WX

3.7k reactions 107 comments
Colette Lamb Rob Lamb make me these 👍
Katie Chan O'Donnell These sound delicious Sean O'Donnell 😋
Cindi Pickering In Turkey they're called borek.
Ponmalar Veera Wow delicious 😊😋🙌
Shelby Simons T.j. Watts

Not just a smoothie this easy recipe can be turned into beautiful ice lollies great for batching up for the week ahead give it a go jamieol.com/ryjzrs the kids will love it!! xxjo

1.2k reactions 25 comments
Martin Frøland Irena Frøland
Francesca Wicker Tom Forster
Paul Viljoen Riëtte-Louise Hayward
Tan Stott Caitlin Stott
Winnie Keung Artic Chan

This is what I’m talking about fish pie with a twist from my #FamilySuperFood book so simple comforting and great for sunday with all the family around the table have a go jamieol.com/FamilySuperFood

10.1k reactions 565 comments
Nanette Middendorp Thanks for sharing Jamie one beautiful dinner to make soon.
Leander Shilling Yumm. Done a smoked tuna curry fish pie lastnight with salad
Maitane Pastor Garbi La ha cagado con el brócoli y los guisantes congelados... Beatriz Cerdá Cuenca!!jajajajajajajja
Malea Ann McKenzie Powerthis looks like something your family might like.
BeeKat Kromo Johnny Jammerizer Looking so good! What do you think?

We all love a good sunday roast but now that its feeling like spring I’m all about making it lighter brighter and having a bit of fun experimenting with it so heres some great variations from my great Britain book big love JOx x

1.8k reactions 12 comments
Amanda Small Emily Small
Natalie Louise Scott Paul Jerome Scott Paul
Petar Nikoleskiy'cx Filip Grdanoski 🍗
Leanne van der Linde Jarad Ceely
Jonno van der Eng Suzie-Ann Bakker

Have your very own Italian style night in with all the pizza and pasta risotto you name it !! all these beauties from my italy book still one my fave go tos

1.7k reactions 24 comments
Ramona Ranucci-Bissell Sausage carbonara???? WTF
Emanuela Manganaro Sausage carbonara is not an Italian dish..
Jessica Pritchard Tuan Tran
Fiona Lau Lau Danny
Beau Turner Kat Turner

Loving that the sun is coming out- lets get some spring summer fever into your cooking!! Some sizzling inspiration in my free app download it now.

1.1k reactions 13 comments
Phelippe Sans ...! http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/saopaulo/2016/07/1789488-parceria-com-a-sadia-e-forma-de-promover-mudancas-diz-jamie-oliver.shtml
Francisco Futi #CulinaryTalents #ChefFrancisco
Veroniq Svitla Pinega Love beans!!!!!
Margot Illinois 😍
Iara Perim Conhece a Sadia? Já ouviu falar?

Throwback to #FridayNightFeast with the awesome Alesha Dixon and her gorgeous spicy prawns such a great saturday night dish with your mates over...fresh fragrant and downright delicious still one of my fave recipes from the series go get the recipe here jamieol.com/4Te26c happy Saturday!

2.9k reactions 30 comments
Robson Alexandre Argento hurry Jamie https://noticias.uol.com.br/ultimas-noticias/bbc/2017/03/18/carne-vencida-e-mascarada-com-produtos-cancerigenos-o-que-se-sabe-sobre-o-escandalo-que-atinge-as-maiores-empresas-de-carne-do-brasil.htm
Vinicius Azambuja http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/18/brazilian-firms-bribed-inspectors-keep-rotten-meat-market-plants/
Joel Waterman Robyn Waterman-Harris
Stanley Beth Em Taylor
Nicola Hoyle Phil Hoyle....... x
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