Irina Shayk
01:23 03/20/2017

Happy bday to this sexy Russian bum💙💛 @annev can't wait for more vacations together😎😘💋

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Happy bday to this sexy Russian bum💙💛 @annev can't wait for more vacations together😎😘💋

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Karl Zitterkopf
Sexy Picture.
صلاح الازهري
يا بنات كدة مايصح لكن تقول لمين ومين يسمغ معليش يا ناس الفيس ازعكتم بتعليقي الكثير لأني شايف الدنيا ماشية بلمقلوب
Roberto Lopez
" HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🍰 " Beautiful 😍Lady!
Jawad Djaballah
Happy birthday.
Iftekhar Ifti
with ronaldo superstar, without ronaldo pornstar 😂
Matteo Bertoletti
È un po' che non ci sentiamo Zuccherofino Stefano, buon lunedì 😱
Miguel Gomes Sousa
Happy birthday....Angel
Tedros Wedi Jebrin
Happy birthday beautiful Lady
Alan Kachmazov
Во вот это я понимаю по больше такого выстовляй ...! А то взять то публику больше и не чем..! Ладно не грузись просто желаю тебе только лучшего 💏
Adam Blackwelder
Happy Birthday!
Sengu GgMu
No Ronaldo no like
Utku Karaca
No Ronaldo no like Gizem Keskin
Corentin Thouëment
Clément Prud'homme Andréa Sainato Johan CG elle a 65 ans elle aura encore des "no ronaldo no like " mdrrrr
Salys Henderson
Happy birthday gorgeous
Tuzita Lb
Lupita Barrios se me habia olvidado mandarte la foto de cuando fuimos a la playa.

Other newsfeed from Irina Shayk

So much fun at the #BritishFashionAwards❣️💚 Special thx to @donatella_versace @versace_official 💎✨

11.4k reactions 177 comments
CRonlado CRonaldo No Ronaldo No Like 😑 😕
Amir Galili ronaldo !!!!!
Julio Mateus No Dolores You are much beautiful and sexy all time <3 xoxo
Talal Bin Mohammed with RONALDO super star without RONALDO poor star
Masood Ravi No Rolando No fun 😫

Table of champions💥💥 #BritishFashionAwards

20.5k reactions 393 comments
Chris Hector Gianluca Danay wer durfte sie böllern gestern? #McGregor #Hamilton
Tanishq Kandhari Arul Nema Rohit Jain Weren't CR and Conor supposed to have a match ? Or was CR just training with him ? Or was it just a pic ?
Nik Jaccobs Paul wie die therapiert wird , unter jedem post cr kommis 😂😂😂
Amelia Rose Hart lol people still talking about Ronaldo. get a life
Lh Khawlhring With cr7=super star Without cr7=pornstar

It has been a dream of mine to appear on the Cover of @vogueitalia since I started modeling. I am beyond excited to reveal our cover and so greatful to everyone who believed in me on this journey, and to the incredibly talented @mertalas & @macpiggott for always bringing out the absolute best in me❤️ Lastly to my agent @alikavoussi for always believing in me no matter what. I love you guys xx Iri #TheNewVogueItalia #TheCelebrationIssue

8.6k reactions 209 comments
Ibaad Khan No ronaldo no like
Isidore Nteturuye CR7 made you super star that's why without Ronaldo nothing you are
Gerardo Muñoz Todo logro y meta cumplida, tiene su mérito y lo da logrado, FELICIDADES...👍👍👍👍
Pravin Devsekar I am happy for you you have smile on your face. Thank you
Glen Watkins Irina you have class and beautiful skin that run deep!!! Wow😎

Happy birthday to the ultimate #GianniVersace 🙏🏼💛✨

1.7k reactions 60 comments
Mou-ssa Saifi Yacine Belhachemi mhoch 3ardek versace lyoum laniversair ta3o
Fredy Alberto Valverde Ronaldo,Cr7
Ogail Abdel Gadir Whiz Ronaldo astar wihaut Ronaldo burn star☺
Salys Henderson Happy birthday to you, R.I.P..
Lidka Mikolajczak Happy Birthday Gianni ❤️🎂

Good morning🌤

16.5k reactions 926 comments
Diogo Graça No Ronaldo, no beautiful eyes that you have
Raed Al Doon No morning for you without the best is cristiano ronaldo
Diego Santos Morning, lets a drink a garapa, when comes to brazil, xoxo!
Pingo Lepe Irina you are beatiful the best un the worl
Namo Jaf Plz Someone Tagging Cristiano Ronoaldo Tell Him Irina Shayk She Ready For Tonight for Bed 😂😂

#Friendsgiving 🦃💖🍽

12.1k reactions 204 comments
Samia Chahid Happy Thanksgiving beautiful Irina Shayk 😍💋💕🌹
Prashant Kumar Sharma Waaoo the r just looking awesome
Abebe Bayu Who is married me?,I'M the last ugly man...,But i have a love end of life...!
Eugenia Degtiarova Irina, Happy Thanksgiving ! All the Best wishes to you , the warmest kisses & hugs 😍
Steven Mark Sanders Irina which 1 of your friends is single or a widow & looking for a husband letting your biological dad off the leash including the 1 daughter off Galesbury lane south of here knowing the grandson can see me walking the that area.....

@therealpeterlindbergh happy bday 🖤🖤🖤 Talented, kind and always a dream to work with.. kisses to u 🎁🎉💋💋

2.6k reactions 103 comments
Mohamed Mezer No ronaldo no happy birthday 😑🐸
Rajendra Pandit Irina Happy Birthday
Hassan Kaafi Abdallah Ronaldo u dont need 😂😂
Liz Quiling Lovely Irina!!!!
Gaurav Wable No ronaldo no happy birthday

Azzedine always made me feel beautiful, empowered and celebrated. It was an honor to wear his creations, work with him and know his kind, genius soul🙏🏼 Rest in peace Mr. #AzzedineAlaia 💔❤

1.9k reactions 71 comments
Rajendran Cp All the best
Gonova Anna you are beautiful krasivaja IRINKA
Omar Sarakpi Mhmd Mhmd Alasod شو يا قال عز الدين علايا أيامكن 😂
Martine Cochard Trop triste
NaÝem Ñil no Ronald no party

Happy bday to my sweet Lily💋🎁🎊 Love u.. sending u kisses and hugs today❤❤❤

10.0k reactions 217 comments
Mgosii Mussa Ronaldooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! hey irina do you know dat we have a forth child can you please help me to congrats cr7.???
Eobe Medker We want marriage of Ronaldo and katy perry.
Moussa Premier JOUYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE Lyli.#Irina,trop belle !et trés jolie en noir....#
Mohsin Kharafi No Cristiano, No birthday, No kiss, No hugs, No you
Phursonam Thongmen Come to suck my banana I will give you pleasantly

Wool Silk pieces launch today, part of @intimissimiofficial's new #EveryWear collection👌🏼❤ Soft, breathable, winter essentials.. 😍📸 @rowanpapier

28.6k reactions 447 comments
Moussa Premier Casual -ity must be considered once again.U are beautiful Irina !Have a good day!
Furgel Wee Wee I see the tears in her eyes ,...and yeah the movement no Ronaldo no like
Conney William Joa Even more beautiful in person, Irina nice & friendly too...
Yacine Yaya Please i want see you video live in facebook for all your fans in the world please queen irina😊
Sailfric Odenia You know am windy season Savannah Africa do I qualify to wear it

Support a #Moustache this month with @movember and @lorealmakeup ❤💪🏼Thx everyone for raising funds & awareness about men’s health issues☝🏼✨ #movemberxloreal #lorealista #movember

2.7k reactions 239 comments
Jehad Abu Mohana As usual No Ronaldo No Moustache
Junaid Tariq Nauman Nasir with ronaldo superstar...
Enrico Sanguin You are very beautiful with that baffonis
Antonio Hurtado Estas cambiando y lo sabes irina yo no soy nadie para decirtelo pero si quieres te puedo dar un consejo sabes donde y cuando?
Ganesha Naveen Brooke Wallis i’m not shaving cause she told me not to

The cat is out and about.. 🐱🖤 #HappyHalloween

5.6k reactions 377 comments
Orlando Hernandez Sordo Wow, gorgeous look 👀. Stunning as always, happy Halloween 🎃 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.
Douglo Forgi I'd drink your sweat and makeup water on a scorching hot humid day
Rosalina Aguiar That is where the cat should stay OUT.
Saimir Qose The must beautyful cat i ever see
Liz Valdez A ella no le importa Ronaldo. Ella también tiene su hermosa familia. Hermosa gatita

Happy birthday @mariotestino ‼️ Sending love to u today.. Iri💋❤❤

22.5k reactions 289 comments
Victory Kiev А на этой странице ты не замужем и не беременна.Хм,я че-то не understand
Victory Kiev С возможностями рональдо и всего лишь 4-й ребёнок?Минимум 13 деток ,ок!
Taylor Sam Oh wow looking so beautiful and so hot I love you so much IS
Junaid Tariq Nauman Nasir please check comments Icki zindagi haram kardi ha 😂
Muhammad Qasim Panhwer Happy Happy Birth day to my dear Irina .love you So much .Take Care Lovely

Happiest birthday to this iconic, kind, genius 🎁🎉 ..mario_sorrenti! ❤❤❤u Iri xx

13.1k reactions 214 comments
Kostas Pappas lovely as always...u r boring wonderfull
Malk Fouad We born in the same date 😍😍😍 Happy Birthday Irina 😍😍😍
Aasif Sayed The sexiest part of a woman is her mind !
Pravin Devsekar Happy birthday to you from london your friend pravin
Awia Hawel I love you in big ways, I love you in small ways. I love you this minute, I love you always.

Visit to join the adoption movement and help shelter dogs around the country! #FindYourFido @aspca

1.5k reactions 66 comments
Sergio Gimenez , Good night🎼🎵🐝🎵
Ramzi Ka No ronaldo no dogs
Mirhebib Talibov I've never seen such kind of Irina ))
Rajendran Cp good work you are doing?
Hussain Dempélé اول تعليق عربي ئمنورة بنت گحبة

#Sunday🖤 @luigiandiango

9.7k reactions 160 comments
Deyvid Yumer Cok dertlisin irina hayirdir 😬
Karim Toum No ronaldo no sunday
Hüseyin Yumak yes CR7
Vishal Barman No Ronaldo Many Likes
Yazid Ouazzani Chahdi Come to me i'm better than Ronaldo

Timeline Photos

21.8k reactions 239 comments
Mona Cortez You look beautiful as always.
Elijah Nwalozie No Ronaldo no boobs
Frank Khastro Cristiano's garbage😂😂😂
شيراز ميسان No ronaldo no like

@Intimissimiofficial 🖤🎉 #IntimissimiOn5th

25.1k reactions 322 comments
EL Don With Ronaldo star without Ronaldo pornstar
Antonio Ragusa lei potrebbe usare anche i mutandoni di mia bisnonna......è stupenda
Anjum Sajid Smiley face like a bright suny morning
Jose Ignacio Palacio González Gorgeous, Irina Shayk, beautiful face and nice lingerie💟💟💟👄👄👄👸👸👸
Malal Abdul IRINA SHAYK is very gorgeous,very adorable,very sensual,very superbe,very fantastic,very marvelous and more.

Congrats to my @intimissimiofficial family on the opening of their new store in NY!🖤 #IntimissimiOn5th

9.8k reactions 132 comments
Emmanuel Egbunonu Go Girl, U rock with class
Natia Jei Irina ! ❤❤❤
Qaderdan Yama No ronaldo no celebration 🤷🏽‍♂️😎😂
Gian Marco Asnelli Gorgeous very beautiful


28.8k reactions 352 comments
Richard Welsh Wow there's something very very very beautiful and that pumpkin patch
Amit Wanjare Not many times in life one wishes to be pumpkin 😍
Michele Somma Fabiano Rega quando anche una zucca ha più vita della nostra ......
Muhammad Usama No messi no retirement no penalty and no crying ...sorry i Just got it wrong No ronaldo no pumpkin 😂😂😂
Rodney Turner Waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

#RT way🌟🇺🇸 #NikeRT #NikeBasketball

58.7k reactions 568 comments
Mohammad Ali Mokdad Lara Mokdad hayde l official page l irina <3 Foote w mbeste bkl sowara :p
Mohamed Ashraf Cristiano Ronaldo you are lose this boobs 😂✌️
Sunny Das No ronaldo no basketball
Mohanad M Elborky Christano's decorations in the world❤️
Joky Hunter With cr7 no like without cr7 i like No cr7 i like😍😍


28.9k reactions 393 comments
Hala Madrid Without ronaldo ur just black & white 😞😞
Giacomo Prince Forcione You are more perfect than perfection
Izal Omari Attention Claudia I bought one of your t shirts "bathtub tee" & it was faulty & of poor quality, I asked for help from your store but I received no reply can you help me resolve this case ?🍌🍌
Mostafa Ezzddien no ronaldo no like
Hardy Z A Rahman With ronaldo you ar superstar without ronalo you are pornstar

Will forever love the new #Everywear apparel book launching worldwide today.. Thank u @rowanpapier and @intimissimiofficial for this beautiful project❤

12.2k reactions 218 comments
Satyam Mayur Pandey am from madhyapradesh in india !! I am unmarried . I want serious relationship so I wanna life partner. . If you know anyone, please tell me. I am 30 years old. I will decide by looking at the front, I have no other condition. I am small business man . ...
Jaime Ruiz I would like to: seek you, find you and embrace you with my pleasure.
اوس عبابنه Cristiano Ronaldo شايف يا منيك كان ضليت على هالفيراري بدال ما جبت الفوكس هذيك🐸
Othmane Madridi No ronaldo just not famous
Julio Mateus бренд нижнего белья intimissimi вносит значительный вклад в то, что мужчины постоянно двигаются, царапая помидоры, и даже больше, когда у intimissimi есть в своих рядах эта огромная русская красота, которая, кстати, очень темная и чувственная, и ...

Details.. ✨

3.8k reactions 111 comments
Farouk Azouz Mahmoud Salah التفاصيل يابو صلاااااااااااااح
Andrea Riedemann Stunning!
Cristiano Ronaldo : He Just Cant Stop Scoring No Ronaldo NO Like :D
Arunesh Barua No Ronaldo no details😂
Satyam Mayur Pandey I am from madhyapradesh in india !! I am unmarried . I want serious relationship so I wanna life partner. . If you know anyone, please tell me. I am 30 years old. I will decide by looking at the front, I have no other condition. I am small business ...

A beautiful evening in Verona with the @intimissimiofficial family 💎❄️ #IntimissimiOnIce

23.7k reactions 304 comments
Eric Adler The material isn't as nice but the shoulders definitely look better on that one.
Sahil Gill No ronaldo no beautiful evening
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Irina Shayk
Malal Abdul IRINA SHAYK is really absolutely ouah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very élégant,very gorgeous,very glamour,very marvelous,very fantastic and more.
Taylor Sam Oh wow looking so beautiful and so hot I love you so much IS

Ma and I in Verona✨Thanks for having us at #IntimissimiOnIce and to @alexandrevauthier for my emerald dress💚😘 .. 📸 by @ingarubenstein

11.0k reactions 190 comments
Akaash Neel Chanda No more bra panty - Kachha Baniyar ✌️
Ali Biser No ronaldo no real emeralds
Redouane Maestro Au Piano You are very beautiful, attractive and exciting
Ellis Sanchez no ronaldo no like :D
Jimo Oscar Cristiano Ronaldo

So happy to be In Verona 🇮🇹❤ Just arrived for #IntimissimiOnIce @intimissimiofficial .. me and mama can't wait! 😍❄️

1.8k reactions 63 comments
Chris Bianchi Vengo pure io.....
Nayla Kitouni 💖💖💖
Fernando Peña IRINA ❤💕💖💗🌹
Lasha Minashvili mere ar mitxra ar manebivrebo sulelo 😂😂🌓🌸
Danilo Maini MariaSole sono in partenza, calcola 😍

Sistas in Paris ..⛲️🇫🇷

12.0k reactions 152 comments
Carlos Alberto Paris e Paris. Enjoy la vie. La vie est belle
Marko Raičević No Ronaldo No like
Guram Nikolashvili No Ronaldo no Sistas in Paris
Justin Jose No Ronaldo no like 😏😏😏
Christian Vous Pourriez No Ronaldo no like no sistas in paris

L'Oréalista's take Paris.. 🇫🇷💙✨ Love being back with the @lorealmakeup team again😘 #PFW #LorealPFW #WorthIt

2.9k reactions 77 comments
Arthur Raynaud Pauline c’est pour toi ;)
Sengu GgMu No ronaldo no like
Cláudio Miguel Silva No Ronaldo no like!
Bono Marilu sak is now a matrioska.
Selma Maria Fernandes ai que saco tudo e o Ronaldo,nao so ele como ela esta em outra...

@lorealmakeup's runway show is happening tomorrow 3.30pm on the Champs Elysees❗️Access is free to everyone ❤🙏🏻 #lorealpfw #PFW

16.7k reactions 215 comments
Kunal Singh No Ronaldo No show
Abdo Elhatab No Ronaldo. No like
Pirlo Papito رونالدو بثلاث أولاد نتي تجياحي في فايسبوك
MouhyBoy Said No ronaldo no champs elysee
Jason Gutierrez cristiano ronaldo the best <3
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