17:04 09/12/2017

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Waldo Bonardi
The most beautiful beauty!!!😍😘😍
Coutelier Servan
😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗té magnifique 😘😗😗😗
Mauro AndradeWenk
* Inna. < 3 ...! *
Cebrail Doğan
sik beni innnnaaaaa 💗💖💕💔💓❤💘
Alex Lerande
love U
Banu Akgün
very very nice l Love you inna
Kamil Kamil
Someone is meditating here. How is it to see everything in blue ?🙂
Carl Ellving
INNA <3 :) go to mexico.. get a photo copier and POST this everywhere.. TYPE OUT A LIST of MEN and PUT her FACE on it on every lamp post in Mexico City and Cancun.. the REAL TRUTH.. it may cost you a small fortune.. to buy the paper and DO IT INNA CRUSH HER ... INNA USE YOUR POWER and make sure you GET ON IT RIGHT AWAY.. its TOTALLY LEGAL and there is nothing wrong with TELLING THE TRUTH.. so PLEASE do thies and add her media sites to the Posters.. INNA.. I LOVE YOU.. and KATY and BRITNEY.. these TRUE LOVES your one of them and SHE BEGGED ME TO DROP you and SAME WITH Britney and Kendall and MISS UNIVERSE LOVES ME FOR REAL and she begs me to drop her too. as she Breaks my heart and the hearts of A VICTORIAS SECRET model with a FRESH BABY.. poor girls out there some i think commit suicide over what she does and married men .. HER Promise I CAUSED this EARTHQUAKE.. its my POWER.. so USE YOUR POWER and POST sings everywhere.. have one of your friends in mexico get to this right away.. I LOVEYOU.. its not fair what she PROMISES to marry me and GOES ON with her SEWING DARKNESS.. ITS WRONG .. I LOVE YOU INNA
Alejandro Borges
Quien Fuera Cemento Para Sujetar Ese Monumento Kisses :* Love You INNA
Matt Gray
I mean, evil vibes but I suppose it is all good.., after all 🙈🙊🙉
Cristian Ionut Balcan
you don't know how pants are enymore
Vanessa Estefany Cardona Vazquez
Beautiful woman be #INNA I LOVE YOU KISSES from MÉXICO
Fatih Barıtcı
Marco Carvalho
Just love the beach🏖️ beach fun and good times 🌊🌊🌊
Mohit Yadav
My favorite inna you very very beautiful pic and diggy down my favorite song 🎶 😍😍😍😍🤘🤘🤘😉🤘

Other newsfeed from INNA

Heyaaaa! What's up?I'm preparing my outfits for tomorrow's shooting 😜 BUT first, a little puff puff with love P.S some other pictures cominggggg

3.5k reactions 124 comments
Janith Kumara Amazing inna,love you😍😘
Israel Tello Alvarado Ya viste cual es tom ford Karla Márquez
Mustafa Çetin So bad
INNA CHILE Eres única y perfecta bella ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻
Edward Lawrence Bourke GO

Time for a #tbt pic Peace and love ❤️

14.0k reactions 209 comments
Aide Cruz Estas bellisima baby😍
Rajat Parjapati Amazing fabulous
Banu Akgün Very nice l Love you inna and Kiss
Jawad Ahmed inna i am jealous of your beauty specially a dark spot on the lip...makes me craxy

Unul dintre videoclipurile mele preferate de la Smiley este "Dream Girl". De cand l-am vazut prima data, am fost impresionata de efectele speciale, mi-a placut foarte mult piesa, mood-ul, un videoclip artsy care te poarta in universul lui Smiley. Daca vrei sa afli mai multe despre Smiley, descarca aplicatia Music Totally Obsessed si intra pe chat astazi de la ora 18 #MusicTo #SmileyDay

889 reactions 20 comments
Jose Loera El mio es :( .......
Bethany Piotrowski I love that photo!
Emídio Maria Inna kiss from Mozambique í ½í¸�í ½í¸�í ½í¸­í ½í¸�
Uğur Sevie 🌹
Rid Rad inna markus chulze.

Don't forget, stay real! ❤💋 Xoxo

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Abdi Fatah Jebbe Inna I love u like my sister Because of u have more then 2M crush 😬😅
Jesus Morell Daniela Arellano awwwww mi kesote de rueda parece vdd jaja
Deep Singh Rajput I can't forget you because I real love you
Shaik Nomaan Inna darling love ❤you and miss you very much,beauty....lkt.
Shaik Nomaan Inna you tell me ...only....i listen....lkt

Cine vrea tricoul acesta semnat, impreuna cu un poster si 2 invitatii VIP, cu acces in backstage la urmatorul meu concert din Romania?:) Cel care aduna cele mai multe puncte pana diseara in aplicatia #MusicTO primeste acest cadou de la mine. Hai, descarca aplicatia MusicTO si aduna puncte. :) Gasesti link de download in comentarii.

1.8k reactions 55 comments
Tattyana M Ch :( INNA!
DjCarlos Inthemix Vidal Cruz Te amoooooooo inna miamor desde Chiapas mexico
Jafaer Hassoun يعني فيني شوفك ؟
Stoil-siso Dimitrov 😉😊😘😘😘
Bogdan Bâzoc Doamne ❤️

Va dau intalnire maine, 14 noiembrie, pe aplicatia MusicTO, ca sa vorbim live, sa ascultam muzica impreuna si sa va raspund la intrebari. Descarca acum aplicatia si ne vedem acolo! #MusicTO

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Merve Postall Mikail Islekter reg sa veste de rock j adoreeeee 👌😂
Salih Kılıç Muhammed Yasin Inna rumence konusuyo
Sebastian Catalin Olar de ziua mea :X:X
Ivo Zetić I ja tebe inna, aj javi se u inbox
Banu Akgün I Love you inna

Trip in my beautiful country Romania ❤ Whatchadoin'? 🤗

6.6k reactions 157 comments
Mc Ayoub Outchiha U are the best
Remon Emad مش رومانيا بس الي جميله😂😂😂
Angel Muñoz INNA me hubieras llevado contigo. <3
Jona Salazar No Le Heches La Culpa A #INNA Que Ella Solo Vino A Bailar😍😍🎶🎶


31.1k reactions 371 comments
Nahuel Klitschko I love you my love, I want to form a family with you
Colas Dahliz I love you inna and kiss dahliz love you inna seyx
Amrit Raj I want to kiss you inna and you looking hot
Hossein Hosseini I love you so much Inna:😘😘😘😘😘
Osama Rostom I love you inna I'm Egyptian nem Osama Rostom💔💕💖💋👄

Just finished shooting something really nice How is your Friday? ❤

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Inna Te Iubesc THINKING of ur new album
Banu Akgün Very very nice l Love you inna and Kiss
Nahuel Klitschko Today my younger brother vented in tears in front of me, having hit his moto at work
Glìm Dü Sūd C quoi la solution? Ooooo sur ma bite Oooo oooo ooo sur ma bite Cher fils qu'est ce qu'il ya Oooo sur ma bite Cher fils cher fils Ooooo sur ma bite Laisse ma bite stay away from ma bite O gouvernement c quoi la solution? Oooo sur ma bite O tunisie c ...
Janeth Ivonne Chavez Cota Empezando un viernes feliz espero que el tuyo tambien besosss !! 💋💋💋 Te Quiero Guapaa ❤

#tbt ❤

15.9k reactions 213 comments
Kacper Ryszard Marcin Riegel Beauty, Queen 😍☺️.
Ionel Meches te sarut
محمد ياسين فلو انا متبت ابب 😍
Edward Lawrence Bourke LIKE
Fetnaci Walid 3liya Ana Ani Jayek Dkika Hhh #H

Denim vibes ❤

9.2k reactions 126 comments
Kanon Cross My Wife :3
Ionel Meches te sarut
Kacper Ryszard Marcin Riegel U look so cute,Inna . Loves and kisses . 😍😘
Robert Kowalski 💘😍
Jakub Jurga Cudna.

💋 Antonia

5.0k reactions 169 comments
Ionel Meches te sarut
Asiya Türkmen Wow super
Jakub Jurga Gwiazdy.
Jakub Jurga Gwiazdy.
Jakub Jurga Gwiazdy.

Hello Monday 🎉🎉

18.7k reactions 291 comments
Yair Fabrício Farias Cuando bienes a guacamayas??
Jakub Jurga Też Cię Witam.
Jakub Jurga Też cię Witam.
محمد ازنين To you inna
Ismail Sheikh Hellooooo there 😍

Hello from The Voice Kids Romania ❤

17.7k reactions 181 comments
Rachelle H-b Em Alexia regarde ki sa y fé the voice kids Roumanie 😂😂💜
Maged Elshimy Dina Essam The voice kids Romania😮
Bogdan Sandu The voice of kids from Romania* 😊
Manuel Espinosa Ya no eres sexi😕😕😕😕😕😕
Kamil Kamil Sadness of you. Smile, such nice shoes you have. Someone made you big horns 😉

SMS la 8844 cu textul MAGIC #pentruMagicHome

2.3k reactions 804 comments
Manuel Espinosa Inna te amooo desde México saludos😍😍😍😍😍
Elçin Yusifli Inna what happened my love?
Arif Butt I always listen your songs interview
Ionescu Mihaela Nu inteleg ce face ea acolo.

Ready to party? Avon Space #mark

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Ban's Apostoleanu I love You #INNA <3 <3 <3
Abdou Ben Halis Perfect 😍😍😍
Banu Akgün very nice l Love you inna Kiss
Banu Akgün çok çok tatlı güzellik muhteşem sevgiler

Love ❤

4.1k reactions 196 comments
Jonathan INNA eres muy guapa y sexy pero te vistes últimamente muy mal 😧
Banu Akgün very nice l Love you inna Kiss
Omar Enver Malaomer Aiurea moda
Beniamin Barna In ultima perioada atat de haios te îmbraci. Da iti stă bine. Felicitări
Krøõs Mādrïd My love inna

After Halloween 👻

11.8k reactions 156 comments
Danuţ Şi Anişoara Frumoasa ești 😚 😚 😚
Ionel Meches te sarut
Kadir Akgün Tüm gevurların cadılar bayramı mübarek olsun.
Miguel Valenzuela No me gustan sus tenis hahaha
Imam Hussain Lovely

❤💋 Avon Space

16.2k reactions 386 comments
Oskar Ibarra Dianaa de nada 😍
José Luis Leyton you re beauty i love your music I N N A
Imam Hussain Gorgeous
Radosław Niepokój Inna I love you ! <3 <3 <3

Take Me Back to Bali ❤

15.5k reactions 218 comments
Badgalriri Rih I love you Bb
Banu Akgün very nice l Love you
محمد ازنين انا اعشقك اينا 😢❤💔❤💔❤💔❤💔❤💔❤💔❤💔💖
Chiffr Ahmed Yassine It's a fantastic pictures

Kisses! Memories from Bali 💋❤

31.8k reactions 327 comments
Saif Eddine Moujahid buen viaje inna en el bali indonesia
José Luis Leyton you are beautiful INNA
Banu Akgün very nice l Love you inna Kiss
محمد ازنين I love love love love you inna I'm serise 😢😢😢😢💔very say
Fancisco Gonzales Quelinda. Teconfundes. Conel. Cielo. Pero alverelas lindas piernas.Será. Comoestar.Flotando

Ready for the show 💋 Avon Space

6.3k reactions 200 comments
Sinyorita Rita 😘😘😘😘 so pretty
Alejandra Covarrubias Arratia Apostoleanu Pero que guapa, te amo hermosa ❤
Hisham Bouhia merry me <3
محمد ازنين Love you inna
محمد ازنين انا احبك حبيبتي

France, je viens! Je t'aime! ❤

14.6k reactions 269 comments
Pramuka Arachchi Shahi ඊලග පාර හොයනකොට කට ලග ඉන්නෙක් ඉන්න කෙල්ලෙක් ඕනි 😍❤
محمد ياسين فلو حوووووبي
Ebru Erden İnna l love you you are very beatiful:)
Banu Akgün l Love you Kiss
ChàTuzà TaY'LOór Je taime aussi😀 ! Hate de te voir au senegal 👉❤

Kisses from Barcelona! ❤

22.8k reactions 362 comments
Banu Akgün very nice..Kiss
Lanka Raj Any women, girl or bhabhi seeking for a men call me anytime 9737814235 @ rajkot
Ÿöüsëf Mämdöh My lovely
Daniel Rezayat Chloe Nelson I know its a bit weird dress bu t will fit ur face feature
Magomed Elimbaev I love you, my baby :-)


15.5k reactions 280 comments
Monira Minu love u
Glìm Dü Sūd Rayan Akkari ثوف ثاحبي ثوف و اندب على ثعد ذبوبنا الراقد😂😂😂
Carl Ellving INNA... they ARE ASKING ME TO WAIT .. so INNA are you coming to see me.. U PROMISED.. and SO WHEN YOU PROMISE ME .. YOUR PROMISING GOD AND ALL MY ANGELS.. they WILL HUNT YOU DOWN and MAKE YOU WISH U NEVER PROMISED.. so Come See me.. HEy.. the angels are ...
Inna Te Iubesc HELLO beautiful

❤ Photo: Alex Chitu

13.8k reactions 145 comments
Julio Gallegos Inna es una diosa y muy bonita.😍❤❤😍💕💕
Janeth Ivonne Chavez Cota 🌹🌹🌹😘HERMOSAAA !!! 😍❤
Elise Bonnion Agathe son ombre à paupière
Alejandra Covarrubias Arratia Apostoleanu Hermosa 😙😙😙😙😙

Shooting for my favorite TV show #VoceaRomanieiJunior ❤

1.1k reactions 119 comments
محمد ازنين انا احبك انا حزين من دونك كلميني حبيبتي اينا انا احبك بجد حب جاد
Luis Pocomani inna i want your bodyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Miri Maria 😍😍😍😘
محمد ازنين I love you love serious
Banu Akgün very nice l Love you inna

34.7k reactions 337 comments
Estoy Aquí You my love inna
Mouhamed Chérif Mahfoudi Oh M'y GooD INNA ur Kilss me 😫😫😭😭😓
Nisan Kozan Very beatiful anc crazy inna. I love you very very very love innaaaaa😍😍😍
Fernanda Andrea Castro Hormazabal América Villarroel Saravia mira tiene mi mismo pelo 😝 ojo dije solo pelo... jajajakajkaja
Andrew Hibbert Id love to touch!

100 000 000 views for "Gimme Gimme"! Thank you! #ClubRockerPower

6.9k reactions 93 comments
Ryan Florin Bergner (y)
Cristy Flash Felicitari Piti te iub mult de tot
Mariuss All :)
Hamid SHaQiri وبهاد المناسبة ممكن تعطينا نضوقو الحلوى 😂😂😍
Mauro AndradeWenk * #GimmeGimme < 3 ...! *
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