Hope Solo
19:05 10/11/2017

How I stayed in shape in Colombia. Mount Monserrate kicked our ass!

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Gerald Leatham
Stay in the game Hope. We need you.
Aung Min Soe
Let’s Hopes -Up
Raymond Sturgess
You rock Hope
Shé Bonilla
Tobi Zindler
high altitude training ⛰️
Sara Ramos
María Paula Madiedo Parra yo iría para ver si me la encuentro corriendo 😂
Andres Alonzo
My Country!!!!
Billy Avila Sanchez
Larawan Ko
The US Men just let us down. The US needs hope that is why you need to come back in time for the 2019 WWC Hope Solo! I still have our pic as my FB profile pic!
Lina Acosta Pradilla
Juan Felipe Acosta Pradilla MIRAAAAA quien esta colombia ?
Scott Welch
How is the "ream and run" recovery? Scheduled to see Dr. Mattsen soon.
Luz Helena Yepez
Hope, enjoy Bogota, you are the best.
Jhon De Leon Aparantedelrio
Next time go to Cartagena Colombia thanks for the visit!!
Jc Young
Wondering if you can run for Sunil Gulati's seat/position.
Kildery Cassin
and us soccer football team are out of the WC 2018 hahahaaha

Other newsfeed from Hope Solo

See you soon, Dublin! 🇮🇪 #onezerodublin

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John Hughes Hope Solo is Dublin down! :)
Fuat Sinan 🖒Solo
Jincky Nibrija I love you hope solo your my idol
Roger De La Rosa Hello Hope... Looking beautiful dear!!!!
Manuel Diaz Hi do you are so pretty honey

How I stayed in shape in Colombia. Mount Monserrate kicked our ass!

1.1k reactions 49 comments
Gerald Leatham Stay in the game Hope. We need you.
Aung Min Soe Let’s Hopes -Up
Raymond Sturgess You rock Hope
Shé Bonilla wowww!!!
Tobi Zindler high altitude training ⛰️

If you need hope and inspiration, meet Hyppolite Ntigurirwa, a young man from Rwanda who lived through unspeakable atrocities during the genocide. He is filled with courage and love and his story brings hope to us all. I was honored to introduce him at the last session of #OYW2017.

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Martin Contreras I need Hope. . . Solo !!😀
Raymond Sturgess That is awesome
Luz Hernandez Idiota metase solo a opinar sobre el tema de fútbol mente de pollo
David Silva I want to see soles home made porno
Sheikh Amanullah Khan great

It takes courage and sacrifice to stand up for what's right. Mad #respect @crisrozeira , Marcia Tafarel, Sissi Do Amor Lima, Juliana Ribeiro Cabral, Miraildes Maciel Mota (aka Formiga), Fran Manoel Alberto, Rosana dos Santos Augusto and Andréia Rosa

100 reactions 14 comments
Leonardo Da Fonseca Robson Costa da Silva
Shanti Energy & Protein Bars We're tired, too!
Anthony Cifuentes #disrespect for non-babymakers
Jamie Meshew #FreeHopeSolo
Ana Rodriguez THAT TRUE HOPE

It takes courage and sacrifice to stand up for what's right. Mad #respect Cristiane Rozeira, Marcia Tafarel, Sissi Do Amor Lima, Juliana Ribeiro Cabral, Miraildes Maciel Mota (aka Formiga), Fran Manoel Alberto, Rosana dos Santos Augusto and Andréia Rosa https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/06/sports/soccer/brazil-women-soccer.html?_r=0

Brazil’s Women Soccer Players in Revolt Against Federation
Brazil’s Women Soccer Players in Revolt Against Federation

The firing of the first woman to lead the national team has led to the retirement of five top players, and harsh criticism of the federation by former stars.

460 reactions 25 comments
Victoria Willie Quezada Charlotte Rossiter
Karl McBeath Benjamin Smith
Ashley Dianne Browne Morgan
Ashley Dianne Browne Priscilla
Abby Isaac Elder Patten-Ferreira

I'm considering buying the new book Play Big by Dr. Jen Welter for Cam Newton because -- well, you know. 🙄 Thoughts? https://www.amazon.com/Play-Big-Lessons-Being-Limitless/dp/1580056830

1.1k reactions 36 comments
Peter Hetzel Sean Badua Patrick Ferguson Jonathan Kim
James Antoni Rodriguez She needs to buy
Shelton Jamie Who does she coach?
Luzjimena Hernandez Lopez Reading you book solo
Näsim Ulläh Mäzümdär Excellent body,

Bogota back of the bus crew @alexandremars9 - Sorry @hmitts2 @carlilloyd 😜 #OYW2017

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James Antoni Rodriguez Welcome to México
Zihan Sikder pretty girl
Chris Johnson Have fun!
Jhon De Leon Aparantedelrio Andres carnes de res resturant
Peña Peña aa y barranquilla que

I’m joining a global network of young leaders from around the world as an #OYW Counselor to co-create solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. Follow @oneyoungworld to learn more and watch us live: http://descubre.movistar.co/OYW2017/

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Andres San espero encontrarmela en trasmilenio y que quede justo al frente en hora pico . welcome to the best city in the world☠️
Adrian Rangel I hope one day to see you back in the uswnt playing the sport you love the most like the old days!!!
Helmer Villamarin Jimenez Hermosa hasta como hablas el español...mi amor bendiciones
Ingrid Meza Sisy Quiroz Villaran mirala! Hablando español! Vamos a Bogotá?
Hzyfah Salh Ibrahem شو بتعملي بالشام؟ ترا بليط الارض والمباني بالشام نفسه 😂 بالقدس دايما في بلاطة بتزحلق 😂

Life comes at you pretty fast…so does a shot off Marta’s left foot. #FlashbackFriday

2.9k reactions 77 comments
Greg Mudd DENIED, Marta. DENIED!
Edmund Booth Great look Hope Solo!!!
Josue Primon Como defende bem hope solo e a goleira mejor do mundo a n 1 parabens hope solo love hope solo
Russell Watts You are still amazing Goal Keeper Hope Solo :)
Bob Samuel + She is creatively great!

Forwards beware! (And NFL WRs too... 😂) Going up to get it like Odell Beckham Jr! #FlashbackFriday

2.9k reactions 106 comments
Jamie Meshew #FreeHopeSolo
Douglas Halcro Miss seeing you in the goal Hope......
Mari Garza ❤️hands Solo - lockin the box down. Missin this talent.
Milagros Peña Colque You are fantastic, my idol 👐👐😍
Stephen Villasenor Wait, was this at Stub Hub center in Carson, CA?

#NeverForget #September11 🇺🇸

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Lim Kleb all sympathy with the victims but this is what really happened https://youtu.be/B3a6WR5DUrM?t=30
Shanti Energy & Protein Bars 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Mary Francis Delgado Garcia 911
Juan Padilla Vazquez Amen

‪It’s @Seahawks season again! Was honored to raise the 12s flag in 2008! #TBT #Seahawks 🏈‬

1.9k reactions 17 comments
Jorge Butron Galindo Hope Solo, we miss you, The Sport needs you
Mary Francis Delgado Garcia ⚽️🏈🇺🇸
Ronald Sappington Yeah BABY
Rexho Memeti Hallo Solo💐
Spy Boy Delgado My live for reber

Saying goodbye to summer with a beautiful presentation of our nation's colors. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! 🍗 🍔 🍉

1.2k reactions 15 comments
John Foster Proud to be an American!!!
Dennis Gibbons Love Hope Solo
Vitorino Silva first
Ricardoregodefigueiredomelo Ricardorefodefigueiredomelo Ricardor 01 MAIO DAY WORK BRAZIL USA TODAY DAY WORK ONE NATHION USA BRAZIL TWO NATHION HOPO SOLO RIO 2016 .20.16 HS 04 SET 2017
Tanisha Smith #homeofthebrave #greatHope

Loved meeting @CharlieSheen — someone truly unafraid to be himself! (And yes, I did get a hit off the Wild Thing.) 😏 💪 ⚾ #FOD @MABCelebrity

5.8k reactions 81 comments
Justin Meijer Best of two worlds! "WINNING" at football(soccer)
Josh Thomas Sorry about getting AIDS
Stephen M New but you didn't inhale !
Jesus Cano Cortez I still have Hope in you Solo. Do it up and Live it UP.!!!!
Nial S Williams Holding your hat against the wind #Winning

If you build it.... #FOD Thx 👻 players

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Shanti Energy & Protein Bars ⚾️❤️️👍
Dave Krause Ease his pain
Keith Steiner Stick to soccer
Mohammed El Nashar Hope Solo best goal keeper 😊
Chris Oceans So cool

‪Go the distance... ⚾️ #FOD @mabcelebrity

4.4k reactions 49 comments
Serena Diaz 💖😍😍😍😍la amoooooooo
Jd Pohlman looking good
Ekeocha Ugochukwu Great lady safe hands
Thales Lima Whatever happens, I love you. <3 <3 <3
Steve Brewer Awesome gal!

Missing one bad ass @kerrileewalsh 🏖🏐 #branbran winning big today in Chicago

5.2k reactions 77 comments
Jose Aurelio Sanchez Marin Eres mas bella que la luna, Hope Solo..
Rich Rimkus Whose the guy on the left?
Teshaun Moore So beautiful
Jamie Meshew #FreeHopeSolo
Frank Dahlquist Wish Hope was in a bikini.\

In times of crisis, we come together to overcome. #WednesdayWisdom

812 reactions 20 comments
Chris OLone USA USA USA! Strong!
Romuald Angelier We are with you from Germany,,,,😢😢😢
Fahad Farooq Massive respect for Americans <3
Mohammad Reza Darouei 😥😥😥

When you can't believe it's the last episode this season of #GameOfThrones ...

864 reactions 38 comments
Mary Francis Delgado Garcia 😂😂
Eleni Oliveira Make $450,00+ more cash taking rapid surveys paid ⟶ #MoneyYouSurvey
Gina Aguirre Ahhhhh......🐓
Stephen Bellows Hope lay off the refer ........
James Lucky བཀྲིས་བདེ་ལེགས་ Tashi delek

Just another day at the office... #FlashbackFriday

3.8k reactions 105 comments
Anas Kano هي شير يووول
Rene' Martinez Offside all day long. Hope is the very best.👄
Kelsey McClung Mary Mraovich I'm crying we need this
Salvatore Torregrossa Carsten Goll alter was für eine Frau 😅😍
Renaldo Matadeen Beating the opposition as usual

#TBT to just after the last World Cup. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands... 🎶

9.8k reactions 261 comments
Clyde G Bethea Very Nice Hope, enjoy every and any commendation, award or praise that you receive. It's your achievement, respect!
Evan Bauder Best athlete ever, so happy I got to see you play in Pittsburgh pa
Arak Monk Arak La mejor no se mide por nada ni nadie aún si no estas en la posición de 3 palos sigues de la número uno
Inaldo Melo My darly Hope solo congratulações you mia amore Bella big kiss four you.
Karol Becerra La traducción esta pesima, q pasa Facebook, igual te aplaudo Hope!

Access denied! 🚫 🥅 💪 #FlashbackFriday

3.9k reactions 90 comments
Celeste M Perez I cannot stress this enough we need you back!!!!
Rob Scott #freehope
Dee Gonzalez Best Goalkeeper ever!!!!💋 💋
Aja Bct That lean long body though 😍💓
Luca Filippi Ilaria Giorgi: guarda e impara :)

Have we not learned anything from history? We must stand up to hate before it leads our country down a road we will all be ashamed of.

6.9k reactions 242 comments
Russell Watts Awesome wording Hope Solo thats right we must stand up for our rights :)
Grant Bailey Isn't equal rights respecting the other race which includes letting those who want the statues to stay standing?
Roderick Rey Bustamante that protest fist is the stupid symbol for blank panthers & blm!
Antigone Tzakis Preach, Hope! The amount of trolling on here is ridiculous.
Al Indelicato How about denouncing BLM and ANTIFA by name. They are terrorist that want to destroy cities to prove nothing

Goonies never say die 💪 #FlashbackFriday

3.6k reactions 108 comments
Cosme de Paula Damião de Paula goleira ''monstraaaa''
Erin Carrera You are just amazing!! 🙏🏻
Leandra Weijgertse best goalie in the world 😍
Chris David Need you back out there!
Paula Cerjak You are STILL the best!!! Come back already!!

Look who I ran into at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 🎉

6.4k reactions 86 comments
Than Myint Arsenal
Sal Ripegno Hope!!!! ❤️
Frodi Fitz ❤️
Jimm Saxt Hope get back on the TEAM
Michaud 'Mitch' Jeune Beautiful pic guys

Sharing a nice moment with 🇸🇪's @HedvigLindahl at FIFPro @world11!

1.5k reactions 35 comments
Detlev Noth 👍👍👌🙂
Hutagalungpapalaurie Putra Mustika Hope solo. Iam on you
Necherwan Lega Someone tell me why life is very bad?
Rutkowska Paulina From today, my favourite pic! <3
Sebastien Cloarec Simply the Best Hope Solo

In Holland to receive my award as part of the inaugural FIFPro Women’s World 11. What a true honor!

11.5k reactions 187 comments
Barry Barrymans I wanna see you, im your number one fan, can i get a signature please? I am from holland
Colleen Lanning Jabaut Congratulations Hope!! I hope my daughter can be as great of a keeper as you were or better lol. #Goalkeepermomfor life
Donald Coomes Congrats Hope! You've always been a champion and you always will be. Keep representing for Richland, WA!
George Villegas You are the best Hope Solo and USA TEAM needs you bad!!!!
Paul Amason Wish you were still playing also. Thanks for the autograph in San ANtonio a few years back.
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