Hope Solo
19:05 10/11/2017

How I stayed in shape in Colombia. Mount Monserrate kicked our ass!

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Gerald Leatham
Stay in the game Hope. We need you.
Aung Min Soe
Let’s Hopes -Up
Raymond Sturgess
You rock Hope
Shé Bonilla
Tobi Zindler
high altitude training ⛰️
Sara Ramos
María Paula Madiedo Parra yo iría para ver si me la encuentro corriendo 😂
Andres Alonzo
My Country!!!!
Billy Avila Sanchez
Larawan Ko
The US Men just let us down. The US needs hope that is why you need to come back in time for the 2019 WWC Hope Solo! I still have our pic as my FB profile pic!
Lina Acosta Pradilla
Juan Felipe Acosta Pradilla MIRAAAAA quien esta colombia ?
Scott Welch
How is the "ream and run" recovery? Scheduled to see Dr. Mattsen soon.
Luz Helena Yepez
Hope, enjoy Bogota, you are the best.
Jhon De Leon Aparantedelrio
Next time go to Cartagena Colombia thanks for the visit!!
Jc Young
Wondering if you can run for Sunil Gulati's seat/position.
Kildery Cassin
and us soccer football team are out of the WC 2018 hahahaaha

Other newsfeed from Hope Solo

Why I’m Running for President of U.S. Soccer

5.3k reactions 375 comments
Todd Pipitone Please Hope Solo, even if you don't win the USSF presidency, please please, please continue fighting against "Pay-to-Play" and inequality at all levels!
Bradley Bunch Nope. To me she seems more intent on this whole “equal pay” BS rather than trying to progress the team that actually matters, the men’s team. I know, pay equally is a big deal but so is our success and that would be just one obstacle getting in the ...
Jim Burton I believe you will do an awesome job in bringing the necessary changes that are needed to move US soccer forward and reach it's potential. I love that you are not just giving lip service to an unfair situation but are willing to take action. This is ...
Adam Garrett This might be the toughest battle you’ve ever found yourself in, but I wish you the best of luck!! If there’s one person I would expect actual change from after being elected it would be you. Especially for women in soccer. Sincerely, good luck!!
Dan Dees The USWNT is a national treasure and their herculean triumphs have brought us national pride. The USMNT is an embarrassment and the laughing stock of the international community. Cut all the mens teams players, yes puley too for a while, and let the ...

Serious 🧀 from me & Jerramy during the holidays🌲🎁. Help us get Street Soccer USA some more 🧀⚽️💰. Merry Kickmas and happy whatever you celebrate! https://represent.com/kickmas

656 reactions 20 comments
Rich Burgarella Your are right Solo, screw whitey, get rid of white people in the sport like you said...that’s the spirit!
Soupa D. Day Jamie Jamie Dominic Jacob I’m not saying anything
Janice J. Odell Aww lovely 😊🧡
Chanchai Salbua 3-5
Rainer Busse Very nice Hope..

Merry Kickmas! Help support the nonprofit organization Street Soccer USA with my new holiday sweatshirt from Represent. Only available for 4 days with US shipping guaranteed by Christmas: https://represent.com/kickmas

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Uwe Mundt Merry Christmas Hope 🎅🏻🤶⚽️
Justin Corella Luv her... So beautiful. 😸🍺👍❤
Remy Lemina Come to Olympique de Marseille please 😭
Hussein Adel Chahrour Im in love whit you #Hopesolo 😻
Meo Thor Thorn Would you Merry me? Hope you were my future wife. :D

‪"Let us be enraged by injustice, but let us not be destroyed by it!" ‬ ‪@romanjisraelesq is one of the most powerful movies I have seen lately. Too few people have the strength and fortitude to hold on to their beliefs. I left the theater both heartbroken and inspired!‬ 🎥👍

298 reactions 12 comments
Brian Turnbull Your butthole is pretty.
Mona Safwat I love you solo 💜💜💜
Matt Smialek Very good movie
Ibrahim ALyamam Radi Je t'aime i love you #Hope
Trond Dlafev #supportforhope

Remember, keepers: It's your ball 💪

1.4k reactions 69 comments
Christopher Meaney Love you, Thunder!
Fermin Carriel Millan Linda mi Hope!
Gladys Amaya Te extrañamos hope
Jean-claude Turnier Oh yeah !
Cindy Viverette Best of the best!!! Miss you!!!

Bow Down To @uw_football 😱#littlebrotheralwaysloses

291 reactions 7 comments
Ibrahim ALyamam Radi Je t'aime i love you #Hope
João Filipe I have a doubt Solo.. Cristiano Ronaldo or Leonel Messy ?
Thales Lima \õ/ This football seems so cool, but I can not understand it. :( :\ I feel so dumb, lol :V 😂😂😂 Someday you two could explain to me how it works.😝🤣

Bow Down @wsucougarfootball @uw_football @uwathletics #littlebro

386 reactions 6 comments
Rivera Moncada Jose En que estado es??
Gerin Duben oh yeah - super bowl Hope Solo ;-)
Tim Lee I work on Monday. Do you? #gainfullyemployedcougar
Tanisha Smith have fun Hope and company tailgating never gets old #huskypride #wollawollawolla #purpleandgold

Good luck to Kamiakin Braves @xy01z Xavier at the takedown wrestling tournament today! "X" has dedication and heart that every athlete wishes they had because it can't be taught! I have no doubt that the next time I see you will be at the T-Dome! Keep inspiring others with your focus and your passion! Get it done today! #Training4TheDome

523 reactions 7 comments
Ahmed Mannschaft #💜
Javier Betancourth Come to Yakima, Lotus room
Marty Paramore Curious hope how do you know Xavier?
Shannon O'Lena Wrestling's one of the greatest sports
Paulina Zavala Thank you for being a amazing person!! We love you!

One of my favorite things about coming back home to Richland? The Columbia river! Thank you Gerardo Reyes @ #flatoutfishing Coolest Captain on the Columbia!

461 reactions 13 comments
Eric Martinez You're chillin with Mexicans and you went fishing? Its thanksgiving weekend, ask for the hookup with Tamales
Jamie Meshew #FreeHopeSolo
Gka Asbl hope one day see you
Ibrahim ALyamam Radi I'love you je t'aime احبك #Hope
Casey Metz Hope happy thanksgiving . You guys should come say hi. Hope all is good! If you in town hit me up 509-221-0104

Wishing all of you a Happy 🦃 Day! #HappyThanksgiving

798 reactions 52 comments
Carlos Arian Guerra Igually Hope.
Dee Gonzalez Thank You Hope Solo😊
Ami Sanou Jolie mon idole Solo hope
TJ Jones You as Well Enjoy ! then Sleep LOL
Al Krekeler Hope Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

Thank you @virginamerica flight crew #1236! Great piloting! Arrived safely on the ground in Chi-town! Ready to get a 🌭

2.0k reactions 46 comments
ديغو ميليتو ♥️
Makelele Koumalo Soma La star
Rexho Memeti Hallo bela liebe Solo grüs von Rexho 💯🌹
Diego Jose Ramirez Cute....
Jari Kälviäinen Great goalkeeper (y)

You can take the kid out of the country...

2.7k reactions 37 comments
Josias Garcia Fantastico
Michael Pottinger You rock wherever you are 😆
Georg Nezzer So beautyfull
Amber Perry Looking good Solo!
Francesco Pincioni Bellissima

#TBT When it rained on the reigning Seattle @ReignFC 😆☔️⚽️💜

668 reactions 36 comments
ديغو ميليتو 💙
Adilson Antunes Antunes Beautiful
Chandra Brynn http://www.chandrabrynn.com/solo-a-memoir-of-hate-part-2/
Manuel Diaz So cute honey
Patri Amat Se te echa de menos Hope! 😘😘

Wine, hair, friends and foil! #dtla @dtla_gallery101

1.1k reactions 20 comments
Spy Boy Delgado <31
Omar Perez Vargas Gato 👅👅👅👅👅
Karin Medina Lindaaa hope te quieroooooo😘
Octavio Cabrera Who hit it that night????
Raymond Sturgess Nice

Great meeting @julialandauer NASCAR driver, STEM advocate and fellow North Carolinian @fortunemag #mpwnextgen

2.2k reactions 45 comments
Marcus Rudolph 👍🏾👍🏾
ديغو ميليتو 😍
Gino Penge nice looks
Sal Ripegno Love hope solo... you are a star!!!!! 🇺🇸❤️
Horacio Melgarejo Diosa from uruguay !!!!

‪Thank you to our veterans for all that they’ve done and sacrificed so that we can be free. 🇺🇸 #VeteransDay ‬

433 reactions 28 comments
Paul Verwimp Hope solo you call that sexual intimidation??????????dont forget to take your meds today the world is not ready for more bulshit like this..by the way are you transgender?
Kristin Rose 🇨🇦
Matthew Delaney Awesome comment hope!! :)
Rexho Memeti Hello Hope Solo❤️💋
Claudio Francis Callahan Tortillera de mierda

That time when the game's best save was made by @meghankling #NoGoal #ThrowbackThursday

1.5k reactions 44 comments
Leonard Nice Hope solo i love ...
Megan Valdez Legends only
Jose Remedios Solis Mora M Good time
Charlize Brown Yes!!!
Elle Brown I was at that game!

Hell yeah, Triple-Fucking-H!! #wwenext #websummit2017

4.7k reactions 120 comments
Chris Howe Language, madame...😐
Trond Dlafev the best Hope ever ! #SupportForHope :)
Dennis Sheeran what the heck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????????????
Octavio Cabrera Did he hit it
Karlos Kizomba Can i meet you at websummit lisboa? Im your huge fan

Thank you SJPF, the Portuguese Players Union for the warm welcome and sharing the successes and challenges of building the women’s game in Portugal. We are at a tipping point and its players and leaders like you who will help prove quality, talent and value of women’s football worldwide. #FIFPRO #FIFA

659 reactions 12 comments
Spy Boy Delgado My love 1
Sanjay Gordhan You are my mentor. You beauty is supplement
Ruben Torres I believe in you!!
Wiliane Wili Espero ver vc em ação em breve 😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙
Shanti Energy & Protein Bars Keep spreading the hope!! 🙌🙌❤️

“We fight for that inch! That's going to be the difference between winning and losing!” (Name that 🎥)

736 reactions 38 comments
Pantera Iz Por eso eres mi motivo a ser la mejor, se q yo también puedo 💪🏼
Stephen Sterr Did you even touch it?
Natel Gallo Awai
Mary Pelloni wow
Zihan Sikder thts true .. u r genius lady

‪Happy Halloween! 🎃 ‬

1.1k reactions 39 comments
Manuel Diaz To you too bb
Jorge Alberto likewise
Moshi Call Happy !happy!😍
Dee Gonzalez Thank you Hope!!
Eugenio Vidal Happy Halloween

That #FridayFeeling! (Can you name the game? 🤔)

1.2k reactions 57 comments
Rachel Lambert-Jolley 2011 quarters 🙌 #GOAT
Lucreta Ta 2011 Women's World Cup Quarterfinal!!!🌝🌝
Paige Ramsey 2011 WWC Quarterfinal vs. Brazil in stoppage time of extra time! ❤
Yaritza Arroyo Rivera Usa vs Brazil!!!!! 2011... EPIC GAME and epic turn out!!!!
Romario Farfan Word cup 2014 against Brazil?

Good luck to Columbia Falls Wildcat Soccer O'Brien Byrd and Melanie Byrd in the Montana State Semifinals this weekend! And a special shoutout to the goalkeeper! 🚫🥅💪⚽

338 reactions 8 comments
Rexho Memeti 💐🌹♥️💋
Marisol Alvidrez Te amo hope solo saludos desde cd juarez
Jake Moser Good luck my Montana peeps‼️
Brenden Byrd Heck ya!!!!! Family represent!!!
Jared Portnell How about the Belgrade Panther boys!

Timeline Photos

7.9k reactions 706 comments
Jeff Pattison Well time to unfollow another moronic mouthpiece criminal athlete. Have another drink Hope, just don’t attack any family members this time.
Joe Howard Calling this classless and disrespectful is saying that there is a higher standard for her behaviour than for Trump. What is truly disrespectful to the office is electing someone who is not the least bit respectable.
David Bocock Very disappointed in her. Yes she has a right to voice her opinion. However, I think she has pretty much sealed any future in soccer. I'm sure her fan base has dropped quite a bit as well.
Allanna Junck President Trump has gotten flack from name calling. Are you being any better by doing the same? I have zero issue with people saying they disagree with what he has said and done, but how will calling him names fix any of the problems you have with him ...
Mark Jancze Most former athletes eventually dwindle away to live their lives and nobody gives a rip about them, a side affect of social media is they can stoke the flames whenever they want and seek relevance by telling half the country to F off

The fight for women’s rights is global and players like 🇮🇪 superstar Aine O’Gorman give us power in numbers. #badass #dublin. @fifpro_official

2.3k reactions 83 comments
Spencer Perdriau Nice One, Hope :)...............................
Tim Crawford The shirt is garbage, Hope, be better than that.
Gonzalez Jojo C-los Manda is that salome on the right lol
Arash Sotoodeh Thats Not the way to Change the world.
Steve Strope Love you Hope. Wish you were back in goal

See you soon, Dublin! 🇮🇪 #onezerodublin

2.4k reactions 41 comments
John Hughes Hope Solo is Dublin down! :)
Fuat Sinan 🖒Solo
Jincky Nibrija I love you hope solo your my idol
Roger De La Rosa Hello Hope... Looking beautiful dear!!!!
Manuel Diaz Hi do you are so pretty honey

How I stayed in shape in Colombia. Mount Monserrate kicked our ass!

1.1k reactions 49 comments
Gerald Leatham Stay in the game Hope. We need you.
Aung Min Soe Let’s Hopes -Up
Raymond Sturgess You rock Hope
Shé Bonilla wowww!!!
Tobi Zindler high altitude training ⛰️

If you need hope and inspiration, meet Hyppolite Ntigurirwa, a young man from Rwanda who lived through unspeakable atrocities during the genocide. He is filled with courage and love and his story brings hope to us all. I was honored to introduce him at the last session of #OYW2017.

1.2k reactions 19 comments
Martin Contreras I need Hope. . . Solo !!😀
Raymond Sturgess That is awesome
Luz Hernandez Idiota metase solo a opinar sobre el tema de fútbol mente de pollo
David Silva I want to see soles home made porno
Sheikh Amanullah Khan great

It takes courage and sacrifice to stand up for what's right. Mad #respect @crisrozeira , Marcia Tafarel, Sissi Do Amor Lima, Juliana Ribeiro Cabral, Miraildes Maciel Mota (aka Formiga), Fran Manoel Alberto, Rosana dos Santos Augusto and Andréia Rosa

100 reactions 14 comments
Leonardo Da Fonseca Robson Costa da Silva
Shanti Energy & Protein Bars We're tired, too!
Anthony Cifuentes #disrespect for non-babymakers
Jamie Meshew #FreeHopeSolo
Ana Rodriguez THAT TRUE HOPE
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