Hines Ward
14:31 04/20/2017

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Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

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Heidi Shakespeare
Love that smile so glad to be able to see it again
Mel Feldman
Hine, What a great smile.
Lorri Day
LOVE that smile!!!
Kathy Watson
There is that smile!!😀😀😀😀
Casey Holguin
Sarah Alvarez
Patti Reuter Posti
Beautuful smile😁😁😁
Sarah Alvarez
So handsome and a beautifulsmile
Marilyn Lindy
love the smile
Carol Kudrick
Such a great smile❤
Deena Marruffo
Love that smile 💖
Marion Badyrka Kukaitis
Hines, your smile just makes me happy
Cynthia Mills
Can you just catch one more pass for me with that smile.
David Brangard
One of the best and one of my favorite Steeler! Love me some Hines!
Carla Hubbard
One of the best smiles of anyone I know... and I dont even know you!!

Other newsfeed from Hines Ward

Limbo on Skates Extremely Flexible

26 reactions 5 comments
Autumn Smith Clayton Tarabori
Donte Montague Sarah Vaughan
Joseph Spence What he hell! Shoes ON the table?!?!
Carlos Javier Colon Cheating limbo*
Samantha Marcinko Doug Jones this is all you

Did you know???

How to Make Your Food Bear Safe When Camping
How to Make Your Food Bear Safe When Camping

Take it from us – your camping trip will be better off without some hungry bears.

3 reactions 0 comments

Will you pass this color blindness test?

Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words
Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words

Only people with perfect color vision can ace this color blindness test. How many of the hidden words can you read without hesitation?

32 reactions 29 comments
Duane Buckley Gott'm all but LOVE was a toughy...
Trace Stewart Charlie Steffen
Joy Peluso-Myers Mia Myers
Candace Ayers Passed easily!
Sean Cooksey I failed that miserably...


424 reactions 14 comments
Ronnie Grant Yes speak it
Francis Pancho So True..
Charles Sonowski Keep it real 😎
Ronald Fenstermaker WORDS OF WISDOM !
ED Johnson Speak it

The Elephant Poopoopaper Park

106 reactions 13 comments
Matthew Mertz Ada Badada
Sandra Rodriguez Maxwell Hibi
Rm-lm Mejia Jacob
Tatiana Montes Cristina Montes
Linzee Schaper Lauren Schaper

Great times!

1.1k reactions 24 comments
John Raymond One of thebest
Ron Reichel Great player!
Jean Sossa We miss you!
Jay Herrick Black and yellow!!!!
Betty Milburn Let's go Steelers


602 reactions 19 comments
Scott Thomas Da man
Linda Bolton Love u 86
Barb Withers Vaughn Miss you
CJ Kowalski Always...
Nick Letta The Man! Awesome!

231 reactions 3 comments
Toni Mitchell Hope so...
Prince Zaddi The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.
Sherrie Lee Thomas My hope is to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers one day! If there is a Will there is a Way!

My wife and I always like bringing a little Christmas to the families at the Salvation Army. This is what Christmas is all about.

875 reactions 21 comments
Cherry Costict Check this out https://youtu.be/OVO5BatI5qE
Mike Richard Beautiful family. God Bless.
Karen Lamb Webb Thank you Hines!
Sheri Zottola Barr such a beautiful family


380 reactions 6 comments
Linda Bolton So true
Genevieve Arnold Good advice
Judy Sells Who is ed
Nutti Thuwirat I want to be Batman.
Toni Mitchell I want to be a Butterfly....

She Decided to Marry a Man She's Never Met

2 reactions 3 comments
Cindy Bedell Stupid
Eric Fields Nuts
Travis Miller Foster What happen to her though??

Throwback Thursday!

185 reactions 8 comments
Hoàng Nương Chúc bạn ngủ ngon❤️
Yvette Ramos I love that smile! Merry Christmas!
Terry Fields Handsome with a wonderful smile
Karen Lamb Webb I love that face and smile!
Karen Walden Solley You are the best and your smile is just the best

Don't block your blessings

318 reactions 6 comments
Sara Walters Chris Mullins
Alton Cohen Amen
Toni Mitchell Wise words....
Steve Reider Amen
James Travis Amen And Amen Again And Your Right

Make it happen!

112 reactions 4 comments
Kathie Cuddyre-Adamek Amen
Daniel Bearer Wise words.
Toni Mitchell Wise words...
Ryan Edwards The beginning of your life can't be rewritten your child hood is over grow up and start a new chapter

1.1k reactions 2 comments
Prince Zaddi This means children.. Btw✌😉
Rich Robinson And I'll never forget when you signed our team shirt for our son with MD on the Steeler Cruise when you sure didn't have to. It was a pleasure to meet you and find you are as great a human as you are a player.

681 reactions 17 comments
Kay Bodey Schwieterman ❤️
Hugh Berndt DGD!
Jocy Travis-Browning That smile tho! ❤❤❤❤
Carol Lincoln We sure miss this guy♡♡♡
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell Miss seeing you play Hines Ward


48 reactions 6 comments
Cindy Lewandowski Raudabaugh Leslie Deutschendorf Coleman
Davia Wender Aiya Brownski
Sandy Lee Douglas Brandi Lewis lol
Loretta Trrude My hubby did that to our 5 kiddos
Georgia Monsam Charles Robinson this made me think of you

Work hard, play harder.

458 reactions 16 comments
Carrie Reed Wright My two favorites!
Richard Eroshevich Coach’em up!!!
Melissa N Martin Hinojos Yes. Learn from the best.
Joel Deering I'd love to see Juju in 86!
Cheryl Wheeler Learning from the BEST !!!!


500 reactions 14 comments
Leslie Salinas Nik Luke Salinas ❤️
Zack Yordy Amber Stokes
Tiffany Jack Jereme Brooks I love you
Meghan Brooks Yup
Kim Allison Sprouse Amen

Another Nail Biter! Go Steelers!

4.1k reactions 116 comments
Keith Wamback Wish we still had you champ
David Lehman That's Pittsburgh Steelers football! Go Steelers!
Debbie Maxian Love you Hines! Yes it was a nail biter, but the W is ours!!!!!
Richard Christian Cooke Tonight they proved they can overcome the odds!

Still, keepin it real. #respect

10 reactions 0 comments

Never ever stop.

875 reactions 9 comments
Steve W Raine Almost terrible towel time
Pam Miller my all time favorite
Martha Altieri Miss watching you ,
Eduardo Eddie J. Amador The Man.
Pat Sommers GO STEELERS !!!! <3

384 reactions 6 comments
William Givens Amen
Marquetta Rucker Amen
Toni Mitchell Wise words....
Brian Mizell Amen. Took ALL my life to realize this.
Lyle Lawson I'm that guy that people run into and they though I was dead

864 reactions 10 comments
Nicole Carr Jared Carr
Emily D'Amato Johnson Gabby Kadunce
Butch Thompson Absolutely true
Brandon Hussing So true!
Pete Giel Amen!!!

38 reactions 3 comments
YungDoe NewCali 💯💯💯💯
Toni Mitchell 💯💯‼️
Jefe Ebk Boomin 💯💯‼️‼️

277 reactions 7 comments
Brady Rowe https://www.facebook.com/45Hats/videos/10154865278797085/
Cindy Rusnak YEA AND NO
Toni Mitchell Yes do it
Marquetta Rucker Agree
Nancy Bracken ABSOLUTELY

496 reactions 14 comments
Christan Quarrell Angela Motta
Susan Seidel I must be Superwoman by now!
Rachel Mowery Amen !
Shaun Holley Amen
Ronald Lehtomaki Amen

1.3k reactions 14 comments
Phil Carr 🗣preach!!
Danny Ray Carrasco Agreed
Jeanette Yencarelli Patience and time
Terri Motte Truer words never spoken!!
Patty Ross-Weinzen And your character.

What do you think?

10 reactions 23 comments
Randall Bair Idiots
Hannah Dadura Emily Dadura
Emily Trimpey Austin Frontera
Dominik Pham Maximilian Wolfmeir
Jessica Marie Chris Rizzo

235 reactions 7 comments
Keith Smith HOF
Darren Swole Plateroti Legit
William Harradine Send Hines to Canton.
Teresa Tribley Hanes I miss that Sexy Smile u have on That cute Face Please come back to play for The Steelers.
Maggie Moyer Brown Sure do miss that smile & spirit on the field!!
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