Hines Ward
14:31 04/20/2017

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

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Heidi Shakespeare
Love that smile so glad to be able to see it again
Mel Feldman
Hine, What a great smile.
Lorri Day
LOVE that smile!!!
Kathy Watson
There is that smile!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Casey Holguin
Sarah Alvarez
Patti Reuter Posti
Beautuful smile😁😁😁
Sarah Alvarez
So handsome and a beautifulsmile
Marilyn Lindy
love the smile
Carol Kudrick
Such a great smile❀
Deena Marruffo
Love that smile πŸ’–
Marion Badyrka Kukaitis
Hines, your smile just makes me happy
Cynthia Mills
Can you just catch one more pass for me with that smile.
David Brangard
One of the best and one of my favorite Steeler! Love me some Hines!
Carla Hubbard
One of the best smiles of anyone I know... and I dont even know you!!

Other newsfeed from Hines Ward

CONGRATS TJ Watt Welcome to the Family#SteelerNation

1.8k reactions 30 comments
Jacob Brock Defense!
Connie DeSantis Amen
Nicholas Crescenzo Tj watt welcome to Pittsburgh
Timithy Walters Welcome to the nfl
Sini Klan Only one Nation!

Who's going to be in Pittsburgh on May 11th? I'd love to meet you! Plus we are helping a great cause! See you there!

26 reactions 2 comments
Bill Walko III Courtney M Evans ?
Cynthia Price Thomas Ricky Thomas you want to go


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Ahhhhh! #memories. I can remember sitting at home with no Cable TV, waiting on a call. All my friends were calling me and I had to hang up on them to keep the line open. Didn't even have call waiting. I'll never forget that day. #steeler4life

1.8k reactions 88 comments
Lester Lamson And so glad we had you sir. Much Respect.
Patti Mayhue So happy for that day, Hines! Loved watching you play.....😊
Rick Trimper A blind squirrel even finds a nut! πŸ˜‚ just busting on ya Hines
Anthony Angelo Di Gioia One of the best wide receiver picks ever. Top 15 for sure
Jim Pierce And SteelerNation was waiting for your name to be called. And no regrets whatsoever that it was called.

Work hard, play hard.

421 reactions 7 comments
Gary Cutshall Right attitude, right altitude!!!
Anne Parks Love that man and his infectious smile!
Brandon Coleman See you at Apple blossom!
Sharleen Shaffer Miss watching you on the field!!🏈🏈
Kathy Watson Always!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘


1.2k reactions 10 comments
Bryan Barton Jme Trop
Annette Moore Amen
Roland Reickert Amen
Tina Golyer Trying.....
Sharon Milton Amen

We made it.

415 reactions 6 comments
Kathy Eastham McClain πŸ’›
Deborah Hutt Hines Ward, it's good seeing you again. Nice Picture.
Douglas N Susan Mette Great shades! Where can we buy a pair?
Bobby Johnson Annyeong-haseyo
Casey Holguin #SmileForMeDaddy

Don't forget to live a little

755 reactions 11 comments
David Miller Why is he not in the hall of fame
Lita Bradley Miss you❀️🏈🍺
Johnnie Louann Vanlake He is just a spirit
Gary Cutshall Hall of Famer in waiting!!!
Scott Thomas Great player and attitude

Timeline Photos

1.4k reactions 764 comments
Stephen Chapko why can't he be both? He is to me. He was largely influential for peacefully protesting an issue of importance but, at the same time, His skill as a professional quarterback isn't equal to the waves he can cause to a franchise.
Thomas Miller He influenced millions, including myself, to stop watching NFL football. He influenced me to realize the ingratitude of prima donnas who get millions of dollars to play a game which they then think allows them to disrespect our flag and those who died ...
Dan Myers Keep in mind, TIME doesn't represent me, the fan base or the franchises. At the end of the day all he did was cost people alot of revenue unnecessarily. He singlehandedly affected a lot of people's bottom line including his. And for what? Pride....
Neal Barnes I didn't agree with his actions but respected his right to make a statement and his effort to stand by his convictions( so to speak) . Of course, then he gave in and abandoned his convictions to try to find a job. Now he's out of work and has no ...
Mitch Mestling This guy is not a model, nor an influence to youth. He is an attention grabbing punk, with zero interest in the problem, cause or solution. If the media will cover it he is all about it. Bs. Hope no one picks him up

Be grateful.

1.6k reactions 31 comments
Colleen Gallagher Joey Huff
Ryan D Church Michael Krocsko
Melvin Scott Amen
Eddie Gino Within this planet? Mole people 😱
Kelly Micknis Fact!


828 reactions 22 comments
OcotlΓ‘n David MVP
Coyha Brown Hines Ward is beast
George Vines Tru greatness same category as Jerry Rice
Daniel Lara The Best :D
Jessica Smith Yes You AreπŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ’•

Timeline Photos

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Liza Jonczak https://www.gofundme.com/dimas-strong can you help a fan?
Rhett Kendrick River Richins
Hannah Garlick Kallie Jones
Ross Langer Natalia Likhatcheva
Christian Sewell Katelyn Soubosky litterally


1.3k reactions 39 comments
Cathy Riddle Miss Hines
Tammie Lamberty Definitely miss you on the field
Dot Bartels Miss ya guy!
Brenda Franklin THE BEST OF THE BEST
Rhonda Hicks No.1 WR

May 11th, two timeframes - I will be there for both! Hope to see as many of you as possible! 7:30pm tickets available below!

68 reactions 2 comments
Selma Coury Gonna try to make but if I don't drink a glass of Chardonnay for me!!! (My Favorite Wine)!!!

May 11th, two timeframes - I will be there for both! Hope to see as many of you as possible! 5pm tickets available below!

23 reactions 1 comments
Deleesha Gullii Only wish I was closer. Residing in TX for the moment. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

If you have ever played Jenga, you know how tough this is! Via Caters TV

26 reactions 14 comments
Annie Hernandez Angel Hernandez
Dian Smith Mark Smith
Juan Carlos Alvarez Cristina Fabian
Wesley August Tommy Doherty Brian Doherty
Shea Ireland Alaina Clifton Emma Dylan Paige

Timeline Photos

606 reactions 13 comments
Steel Detaling Jessica L Delacruz
Brad Gombos Laura Messer
Heather Mago Donald Fragale
DebDeb Sue πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
King Wooten You know what to say

Timeline Photos

562 reactions 16 comments
Dean Weislogel How old is he???
Gilbert Smith One of the best
Carolyn Evancho Olsakovsky That smile...
Janet Falbo Miss you Hines!!!
Vickie Callahan We miss you Hines Ward!! Still wear your jersey!!

Please Share! As promised, Here is the link for 7:30-9:30! Come on out and hang with me! Table 86 by Hines Ward

55 reactions 3 comments
Leslie Stanczyk Hines, if you read this --- here in Central Pennsylvania, about 4 hours from you, there's a beautiful winery "Spyglass Ridge Winery" with a HUGE following here. They do "backyard concerts" where they get pretty big artists (Heart, Foreigner, Joan Jett, ...
Becky Boughner Vicki Loveday we going lol
Tommy Hughes Hines ward you are @ I con @ famous in munhall garden s since you went to steel valley high on 18 street now it is called tac I work there keeping your old school clean when you are in munhall please stop by to visit I think that the tac guys would like ...

Who's coming? Please Share! I would love to see you there - Below are the details for the 5pm-7pm tasting time. I will send another post out shortly with the link for 7:30p-9:30p. These are a blast as I get to hang out with my fans! Table 86 by Hines Ward

58 reactions 8 comments
Mike Cicchitto Rachel Closky
Wendy Feight Edmonds Kasey Jeffrey
Kaitlin Bledsoe Wish this was in Pittsburgh city limits!
Tania J Williams Wish we could.. we did eat there when we came.. excellent!
Mary Reep What is going on in late July early August when we will travel to pa?

Timeline Photos

713 reactions 4 comments
Erica Anne Muse Katie Sue
Susan Arnett TRUTH!
Diane Earnest Now you tell me!!!! πŸ˜€
Selma Coury So very true!!! Make yourself happy and then you can be happy with anyone!!! Get words!!!

Oh dear!!

Daughter Vanishes From Home, 6 Months Later Mom Sees This Photo On Facebook
Daughter Vanishes From Home, 6 Months Later Mom Sees This Photo On Facebook

A teenager disappeared from her home. When her mom saw her pictures popping up online, she suspected the worst.

5 reactions 3 comments
AnnaMarie Sanchez Makes no sense?
Chuck Dumanski More questions, than answers in this one. LOL
JoAnn Jeffcoat Why was she put into foster care and then joined by her siblings in foster care?

Timeline Photos

134 reactions 17 comments
Heidi Shakespeare Love that smile so glad to be able to see it again
Mel Feldman Hine, What a great smile.
Lorri Day LOVE that smile!!!
Kathy Watson There is that smile!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Timeline Photos

1.1k reactions 10 comments
Sandra Canizales 😑 GGerardo Cardona
Brenda Brinegar Joshua Cornett
Kyle Harris Love it
Mike Miller I have your jersey. How do I get it autographed lol
Alex Gaathje Go Steelers

Timeline Photos

850 reactions 14 comments
Dylan Tevlin Brittany Nicole Unger
Guy Guest Kammie Guest
Jacqueline Henry How True!!!
Rhonda Mcdonough That's right
Tony Lee Hawbaker For sure

Steelers Nation!!

1.5k reactions 34 comments
Vanity Fer Forever black and gold!
Jonathan Helm Yes
Brandy Freeman Amen!😘
Carolyn Evancho Olsakovsky Always! ❀❀❀
AbbeattaWellik Wellik I bleed black and gold!!!!!

Change is healthy.

542 reactions 9 comments
Sara Wightman Alex Clark Tavis Hamer Natasa Zupancic
Holly Elborne Galeza Carolyn Bassin - sound familiar?
Rick Vanhorn Change is good for the soul!!!
Selma Coury Great words!!! They are perfect!!! Love your post!!!
Jack Farris No wonder I can't stay the same. 😜

This breaks my heart

"Goodbye, My Darling Daughter" Heartbroken Father Gives Last Kiss To Daughter Killed By Mom
"Goodbye, My Darling Daughter" Heartbroken Father Gives Last Kiss To Daughter Killed By Mom

This man suffered probably one of the worst tragedies of any father. He had to lay his child down after she died at the hands of someone totally unexpected. This happened in Slovenia and...

59 reactions 0 comments

Timeline Photos

352 reactions 9 comments
Beth Meade Excellent!
Christy Trueb Haha
Sandra Porter I think that's probably correct.
Tom Walton Everyday at my age! I pretend what day it is! Haha!
Scottie Lyons Real talk

Wow! Via Demic

1.1k reactions 75 comments
Jeremie Gagnon Sam Gagnon bruh thats cool
Larnell Loudpacklegit Downes Awee boy they done change the game πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Gregory Rainey )ΓΆ
Will Russell In the desert
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