Herman Cain
18:19 11/13/2017

Meanwhile, this probably won't end well.

Saudi Arabia and Iran Drift Toward War Following Ballistic Missile Strike at Riyadh

Saudi Arabia and Iran Drift Toward War Following Ballistic Missile Strike at Riyadh

“The involvement of Iran in supplying missiles to the Houthis is a direct military aggression by the Iranian regime."

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Brad Albright
What's new this what they do It will never change
Bruce Haynes
On the bright side, maybe good business for American oil companies.
Jim Harris
Can we make sure CNN is there to cover it cause I’ve got plenty of popcorn
Tim List
Should have taken care of them when they captured our embassy.
Read Albert
We will be drawn into another war if this happens.
Kenny Milligan
As long as it stays out of Israel it really should not involve the USA.
Steve Shea
When your two worst enemies are about to strike each other, get the heck out of the way. :)
Tamara Lynne Straub Collazzo
So very sad ... I'm sorry that people can't just wake up, live, love and go back to bed safely.
Eileen Keating
Hopefully we stay the hell out of it.
Mary Eileen Gardner
Thank you Barak Obama for financing Iran and its nuclear ambitions.
Charlie Payne
SA will kick the crap out of Iran!
Shari Duval
We need to stay out of it.
Jamie Tucker
All of this is leading up to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39!
Orson Griffith
It will bec0ome necessary to destroy Iran. Thank the OBAMA for WWIII.
Tom Amstutz
Well, Iran does have has pleanty of cash on hand thanks to Obama!

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

Believe it or not, this is actually good news.

Trey Gowdy Abruptly Resigns From Powerful US House Committee
Trey Gowdy Abruptly Resigns From Powerful US House Committee

Gowdy is the first congressman to serve on four committees simultaneously.

1.7k reactions 120 comments
Carol Marek Yes he simply cannot do everything! Go Gowdy
Marilyn Waidelich Gowdy, the pit bull with the bite of a chihuahua.
John Keys Yup, now he can focus on the swamp.
Sandy McGhee Howery there was too much on his plate
Bill Colburn If Nobody Else on the Ethics Committee, besides Mr Gowdy, is Really interested in Ethics, why waste the Time.

At least Damore didn't have to get stuck in this idiotic nonsense.

Attorney: Google Has "Re-Education" Camps for Its Conservative Employees
Attorney: Google Has "Re-Education" Camps for Its Conservative Employees

It’s a sure sign of a totalitarian system. Those who don’t toe the party line on any politically sensitive topic tend not to last very long – they’re either removed or forced to change their way of thinking to match the prevailing power until diversity of thought is a thing of the past. And ...

1.6k reactions 202 comments
Andrew Morrison Google is the Ministry of Truth...
Bill S Skinner There is some real evil in our world. And it had all of our information and I guarantee they sell it to criminals
Jeremy Paris Conservatives in work place needs reducation but liberals in workplace can freely express there own views without getting debated sounds like they dont like the other point of view at goggle. So if you want to monetized your videos at YouTube better ...
Steven E. Roberts I've recently read that Google doesn't create anything new, it just acquires new tech. It's not really that good of a company.
Jon Sullivan When an invading force makes it's way to another's shores, one of the first thing they do is, seize it's media and tela- communications and information. We are already seeing this with the media, the thought gestapo police are trying to limit internet ...

Well ************!

Graham Scolded Trump Over "S**thole" Comment, Forgot What He Said 5 Yrs Ago
Graham Scolded Trump Over "S**thole" Comment, Forgot What He Said 5 Yrs Ago

If you want to go after President Trump for calling certain nations “s***holes” during a closed door meeting, well, take a number. Washington these past few days has taken on the form of a kind of media-run deli counter, where politicians rip one of those paper strips from the dispenser and wait...

2.1k reactions 451 comments
Connie Spoon Well well well. Graham should have checked his own record before throwing stones at President Trump.
Terri Jo Not suprised the RINOs and Democrats have wonderful selective memories. Too bad they don't love our country more than they hate our President.
L.b. Brinson On behalf of South Carolina... yeah sorry he sucks. In our defense, it was either him or Thomas Ravenel (known as T-Rav here in SC and is from that Southern Charmed reality show) or Democratic State Senator Brad Hutto. Yeah, I didn't vote for any!!
Michael M Noyes Lindsey Graham is a closet democrat, and that probably ain't the only thing he's in the closet about either! It's time for Lindsey, and his closet dwelling to go! Say goodbye in 2020 Lindsey!!!
Lou Ann Terry seems like there's no end to this accusing and then unveiling of the pot calling the kettle black....I'm gonna jump right out there and say no scolding here.... Mr President.... as I speak fluent sarcasm and say shithole and all the other holes and cuss ...

Tough to convince people to hate the police when they see videos like this one.

Race Baiter Shaun King Loses It After Seeing Video Proving Cop
Race Baiter Shaun King Loses It After Seeing Video Proving Cop's Innocence

In the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, liberal activists demanded that cops begin using as many cameras as possible to record what officers were doing. Never mind, of course, that every reliable eyewitness account and piece of forensic e...

1.5k reactions 113 comments
Kathleen Brooks Bet in a few months it will be Trumps fault.
Cyndi Mather Transracial fool. Talcum X.
Sue Blazina They just don't care about truth . Their mission is to spread hate .
Rick Iorio The dnc gift that keeps on giving... stupidity and racism... on a single digit IQ.
Elliot Irwin He goes by Talcum X now. Shaun was his slave name...

Wait. The government *wants* raccoons?

Gov't Confiscates Family Pet to Use as "Educational Animal"

A raccoon may be an unusual pet, but for the Greer family of West Seattle, Washington, Mae the raccoon was part of their family. In fact, the Greers were licensed to have her and kept her as a pet for seven years, all with a permit from an animal rehabilitation center. However, when the center…

342 reactions 72 comments
Melissa Caton As many raccoons that are in the wild and they confiscate somebody's pet...oh good grief.
Chris Turner This in a nutshell is why I despise big government....
Clifford Pepper The family didn't get a permit to keep it, so wdfw did their job and took a wild animal from them.
Pops Watson Just shoot the Greer family and free "Willie"...... Crap the government has to screw up everything.
James Springer This is just about the same as DHS a clown show

Then she has to know what this was all about.

FBI Documents Reveal New Details on Las Vegas Gunman
FBI Documents Reveal New Details on Las Vegas Gunman's Girlfriend

"Paddock planned the attack meticulously and took many methodical steps to avoid detection of his plot and to thwart the eventual law enforcement investigation that would follow."

366 reactions 37 comments
Robin Dague She’s always known
Marguerite Kennedy Stinks on ice.
John T. Van Warrebey Jail her till she talks
Steve Zimmerman Democrats fault.
Carol Ramsey Collins She did it

Er . . . may the best man win.

Chelsea Manning To Run For US Senate
Chelsea Manning To Run For US Senate

"My initial thought quite literally was, 'Donald Trump is president, Oprah Winfrey is the leading contender for Democrats in 2020, why the h--- not Chelsea Manning in the U.S. Senate?"

1.9k reactions 921 comments
Milan Drevo Wow my dog is gonna run too 😆 nothing against weirdos they have the right to live too but what examples does it make for the whole human nature if they can rule majorities. Just wondering
Claudia Hurst What a freakshow! Of course, Libtards will be more than happy to vote for anything that promotes their agenda. On another topic - it is absolutely outrageous and shameful that the government pays for sex-change procedures and support, yet they refuse to ...
Larry Hurst Manning is a traitor to the U.S.. His efforts to give secrets off to a foreign agency calls for death, not life in prison. obama had no right to free him, and definitely should not be able to run for a state senate seat. However, Maryland being one ...
Ruben Rivera Was convicted of leaking classified U.S. documents to Wikileaks in 2013 and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Forgiven by Obama..... Now people would even consider voting for him and giving him access to intel again???? 🤨🤨 Im speechless at this ...
John Pittman Democrat Poster Boy. Now that the democrats have convinced us all that no countries are shitholes...there should no reason for DACA, Refugees, or Illegal Immigrants not to return to their homelands.

We especially want to hear from black readers on this one.

USA Today wants Raiders fined $1 million for hiring a white head coach
USA Today wants Raiders fined $1 million for hiring a white head coach

Even though they went through the NFL's mandatory, insulting charade of pretending to consider minority candidates when everyone knew they had already made their choice. This is one of tho

3.1k reactions 646 comments
Marguerite Coscia Isn’t it possible that they chose the most qualified candidate, that they thought would make the best fit? And aren’t they entitled to do just that? Or don’t we live in a free America anymore?
John Arena If you are an organization, and you know who you want, why waste peoples time.... does a team interview all quarterback candidates before hiring one, NO you pick who you want, now if they didn't know and wanted to hold and open interview, by all means ...
Michael Johannes Rule should apply to all coaching and player positions that a person be interviewed from all ethnic, religious, sexual identification, political persuasion, and physical fitness categories.
David Pruitt They hired a white coach,,, because of Diversity. Way too many black players,, so they need white coaches to balance it out.
Paul Dhaliwal I don’t see how hard it is to see that sometimes a person knows who they want. Not for racial reasons but because the guy coached for you before, you spent years trying to get him, and now you have a chance. Should the owner just hire a poc to appease ...

Oh yes, Hillary, this is a real case and people are really being charged. You *should* have that look on your face.

Find the Handcuffs: Trump
Find the Handcuffs: Trump's DOJ Issues First Indictment of Uranium One Scandal

On Friday, the Justice Department filed an 11-count indictment against a Maryland businessman who bribed Russian officials in order to secure business contracts to transport uranium to the United States from a Russian entity linked to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The businessman, Mark�...

3.1k reactions 211 comments
Patricia Hurd Nobody in the Justice Dept. has enough guts.
Helene Leach Hope this guy talks and has 24 hour protection. Hillary's goons will get him
Kenny Henderson Clintons and foundation will be gone this year.
Joe AndJanice Smith Don't stop now, take it all the way to the top.....
Ronnie Van Humphries Maybe Mueller will eventually get Trump.

He's a Clinton goon so what else would you expect?

Governor May Be Getting Visit from Men in Black After Physically Threatening Trump
Governor May Be Getting Visit from Men in Black After Physically Threatening Trump

Outgoing Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who in related news reportedly pardoned a slew of armed robbers this week in advance of his term in office expiring Saturday, vividly described on national television this Thursday his fantasy of beating up President Donald Trump. “You would have to pick him...

2.0k reactions 540 comments
Patricia Wilson He's an example of why I will never vote Democrat again. I was a life Dem. until this last election. I voted Trump, and so glad I did.
Carol Price You call us violent. How about Trump doesn't waste his time getting near a has been wanna be. Now you want some of this? I'm a 69 year old female. I think you might be sorry to get in my space.
Deborah Inman-Savage I did watch the debate and even on the video Shown by Chris Matthews you can plainly see it is Hillary that moved over in Trumps space because he is clearly standing by his podium. The MSM can
Rosetroy Stevenson Anyone who presents a serious threat to any president in office should be dealt with immediately regardless of who they are. This wouldnt have been allowed when obama was in office, it shouldn't be allowed now.
Jacqueline Madden Fields You'd think that threatening the President of the United States, would be worth more than a simple visit from the Secret Service; Just because he's a Governor, this shouldn't preclude him from prosecution.

Dick Durbin is no stranger to race-baiting, but this? This is absolutely, utterly, unbelievably SHAMELESS. VIDEO

1.9k reactions 866 comments
Dolores Matthews Durbin doesn't make any graft if people are getting along with one another. He only makes street cred and cash if he's appearing to blow up the narrative and calm it down. He'll be coming out soon and saying how if anything gets done, it's all because ...
Arch Kalfus Durbin, according to numerous people who live in the state he represents, is known to "lie" and fabricate things. I do NOT believe he is trustworthy nor do I believe what he said about the President is accurate.
Bill Chamblee Durbin has a history of telling lies about republican administrations. You need someone that is not a proven lair to confirm what Liar Dick is saying.
Jim Bounds Dick Durbin's Chicago he helped turn Chicago into the largest outdoor shooting range in the world. You show me a Ghetto and I'll show you a city run by a democRat.
Kay Skeens What l am sure is Durban is a liar. He twisted what was said to fit the Democrats agenda of lying/cheating to get what they want. The democrats are so eat up with hate.

It seems ironic, but it's really not. One president thinks a lot more like MLK than the other.

After spending the Obama years on hold, Dr. King
After spending the Obama years on hold, Dr. King's Dream breathes again

Not that they'll ever acknowledge who's made it happen. Two years ago, I wrote that the Dream was on hold: The economy is stalled. Business expansion is stalled. There are fewer doors of

3.6k reactions 92 comments
Sonja McGuire When people work together they learn to become a team.
Greg Lock So true. MLK Jr was a real hero and a true lover of all people, never mind their color.
Kenneth Varney My heart is heavy ! Semper Fi God country corps!
Doreen Ahern Very valid point. Former President destroyer divided rather than unite.
Gerald Ell The last 8 years of leadership allowed for Divide and family destruction.

Trump hates the people of Haiti so much that he was donating piles of personal cash to restore their eyesight. VIDEO

Rand Paul: Hey, if Trump
Rand Paul: Hey, if Trump's such Haiti-hating racist, why was he funding my medical missions there?

Maybe because he's not a Haiti-hating racist. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. As good as he is at playing the media, he also

18.4k reactions 516 comments
Lisa Clymer So, just because he used his own money to send people to Haiti, and pay for medical junk, you think he is not a racist? No, I don't. Well, you're wrong!
Angela D. Bush Thank you, Rand Paul. Actions speak louder than words. If he's such a racist, why do Alveda King and Ben Carson not speak out?
Javonne Frentzel Thank you Rand Paul for giving the Americans the Truth about President Trump!!! He is a wealthy compassionate man and Cares about people who have less then he does. He ran for President because he cares about America and what the Liberals are doing to ...
Alice Khanyile It's not all of a sudden they say he is racist. They have been saying he is racist from day one. It really does not matter what he says, they will always find a way to twist it. This was a closed door meeting, he is not allowed to be straight forward? ...
Billy Nunnelee But that was his own money,I guess to show how much you care you must donate someone else's money are better yet tax payers money

Tell me again what you're mad about?

Trump called Haiti a shithole; the Clintons bilked millions out of it
Trump called Haiti a shithole; the Clintons bilked millions out of it

One is unpleasant but accurate. The other is stunningly corrupt. You decide which one to be upset about. Here's a perfect capsule of our political class, circa 2018. Donald says a bad word when

2.9k reactions 207 comments
Marcia Lynne You don't hear any moral outrage from the media about the real racist act committed by the Clinton. It took a heart with title disregard for the people suffering in Haiti to steel millions of dollars directed for their relief. Shameful and hypocritical.
Carl R Scott Please help! Please disclose who exactly heard Trump say it? A room full of people, behind closed doors. and a newspaper that wasn't in the room sprayed the world. Multiple people in the room said it did not happen. Who in the room said it did?
Doris Garrison Maybe if the Clinton's had not taken all of the donations that were donated for the disaster in Haiti, depriving that country of the much needed help, the country would not be in such sad shape.
Richard Wisniach Clintons helped create it. Chelsea needs to hide her lack of education, intelligence and awareness .... by keeping her mouth closed. What a little Chihuahua barking at the grown ups ankles.
Tom Oberweiser Except that Trump DIDN'T use that word according to those in the room and Duck Durbin has the credibility of a Clinton.

Wait...people are moving AWAY from the progressive utopia of the American Northeast!? Why, I just can't believe it!

Shocker: People moving away from high-tax states
Shocker: People moving away from high-tax states

Taxation, as my dyed-in-the-wool libertarian friends like to say, is theft. State-sponsored theft, legalized theft, tolerated theft, and possibly even necessary theft, but theft just the sam

2.7k reactions 298 comments
Donna Howland They need to take DC and NOVA and create the Liberalism state and all of them need to go there and leave the rest of us alone.
Linda G. Dahl North Carolina while considered a purple state, is welcoming overall to conservative ideas especially if you choose a quieter lifestyle in more rural areas. Our legislative arm is Republican whereas right now we have a Democrat Govenor, yuck. Big ...
Janet Albrecht I live in Illinois my property taxes keep going up and up. Every time you turn around a Democrat wants to put another tax on something. Half of my property taxes go to the schools! We are 17th in education in the world now and cost 10 times more than ...
Marion Reeves Might want to help get the voters out this year and help get this country back under control of the laws we have written. Get out and encourage them to see what is going on and to seriously consider the way the country is going when the left is willing ...
Betty Woods Stay and fight the good fight, run for office, drive the progressives out instead of vise versa. The same with illegal immagrants, you have been educated now go home and change your country.

Apparently this is now an offense deserving of termination. I don't think they're going to take Mike Rowe down, though.

A Woman is Calling for Mike Rowe to Be Fired for Being an ‘Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’
A Woman is Calling for Mike Rowe to Be Fired for Being an ‘Ultra-Right Wing Conservative’

"But if you’re trying to get me fired simply because you don’t like my worldview, well then, I’m going to fight back."

3.1k reactions 401 comments
Jackie Piercey Morgan This is the way the liberal world is moving, seems like they don’t even really know half the time why or what they are fighting for! You got my vote Mike to stay right where you are, we can’t let these keep getting away with this nonsense.
Brian Farris Which science? The one that says there are 2 genders or the science that says there is 63? Or the ones that says it’s global warming or the one saying climate change? Or the difference claimed in economic science?
Mary Ellen Hurrell For every snowflake offended by Mike Rowe, there is a Conservative cheering him on. Stalemate. Your screeching does not Trump my cheering.
Tom Kratochvil This is what happens when common sense, ethical people stay silent. They did not take pathetic, progressive, social/Communist actions and rhetoric as a viable threat to American life. The result of that apathy, and thinking “it’s just going to go away,...
Tobin Drake The loonie left is emboldened with all their witch hunts lately. Next they'll demand you be fired because they don't like your favorite color.

If it happens, it will be a hat-trick we haven't seen in quite a while.

Atlanta Fed estimating 3.3 percent GDP growth for fourth quarter of 2017
Atlanta Fed estimating 3.3 percent GDP growth for fourth quarter of 2017

Three straight quarters of 3 percent or better hasn't happened in a very long time. It hasn't happened yet. It's only a prediction by one outfit whose predictions change frequently. So

512 reactions 8 comments
Dave Junge but Obama said this was impossible the libs say
Melanie Philip This is only President Trump's first year...predictions do not always come true but by the end of his two terms he will have succeeded where Obama failed.
Greg Morris Man that would be EPIC.... Reduction in Government will always produce positive numbers.
Todd Carter They won't report it. May take time away from their 24 hour a day smear campaign..
Randy LeBlanc Let the haters keep hating and President Trump keep winning!

Truth hurts.

Libs Freak Over Trump "S***hole" Comment, African Sociologist Says He
Libs Freak Over Trump "S***hole" Comment, African Sociologist Says He's Right

Though the entire left responded with exasperation to a report that President Donald Trump allegedly used the term “s**thole” to describe some of the poorest, crime-ridden nations on Earth this week, one African social scientist made it clear he agreed with the president’s alleged viewpoint. �...

3.2k reactions 190 comments
Bob Keppler It's not, a "Trump comment," It's a Durbin comment! Other than the word of a kniwn liar, there is no proof Trump ever used the phrase.
Marlene Fahey Yep, a dump is a dump i s a dump ! Case closed ...the libtards live in a perpetual sewer so they see it as their same kind of environment !!
Roy Woods Have they been listening to their own language since trump was elected? Whiners
Maur Flo Can we please just talk about what happened in Racine Wisconsin and Illinois today was that a tragedy or know what happened there is a crisis what happened
Keith Frazer Once again comments which were allegedly made 6 months ago and reported by a unnamed source and unsubstantiated by other who were there. Yep, that seems to be the way the news media puts out information. How many liberals believed the fake Hawaii Alarms ...

Although Yeltsin was already leaning toward capitalism. That's why he was there.

Soviet Leader Abandoned Communism After Walking Into a US Grocery Store
Soviet Leader Abandoned Communism After Walking Into a US Grocery Store

Very few people know this, but one of the most famous Soviet officials in Russian history originally learned of the many advantages of capitalism at a regular ol’ Randalls grocery store nearly three decades ago. In 1989, then-Communist Party of the Soviet Union member Boris Yeltsin traveled to the...

3.0k reactions 89 comments
Meschelle Sahli Dolak Gene Simmons of KISS, speaks of emmigrating from Israel to the US as a teen, and having this type of grocery store experience. He said he openly wept, and didn't know WHAT to do while there. He's spoken on this topic during many interviews, and should ...
Rebecca Fizell God has blessed this country, everything we have is from God. If this country continues to turn it's back on Him we will end up like Russia.
Teresa Blaisdell A dear friend , born in Turkey to Russian parents, a nationalized American , told me what it was like as a kid there- he loves to go grocery shopping still, and has warned everyone he knows about the deception of Islam, the fear and control over people, ...
Kenneth Postell Communism gets a culture in a position of no forward movement and if a standstill is in place then war is the only alternative to a decision.
Dianne Rosenbaum I met a woman two years ago who takes the bus provided by her Assisted Living facility to the Supermarket once a week. Her meals are provided for her. But, her family in Venezuela is starving. She buys them canned goods, flour and other dried ...

Maybe Chrysler figured that when they need their next bailout they're not likely to get it from Mexico.

MAGA: Mexico Loses Chrysler Car Plant and Jobs to Americans
MAGA: Mexico Loses Chrysler Car Plant and Jobs to Americans

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the latest company to announce good news resulting from the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The company said it plans to invest more than $1 billion in the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan, as well as relocate the production of its Ram Heavy Duty truck in 2020, which i...

4.2k reactions 131 comments
Rusty Kaylor Mexico just started paying for the Wall!
Geoffrey Munsell Great. Bring everything back. The heck with making those other countries rich.
Lee Kerr III Looks like they just started to pay for the wall!
Eric Newell Liberals will find a way to say this is a bad thing.
Franjav Mendez Yep! Mexico is starting to pay for that wall!!

Maybe he really did say it (and if so, so what?). Or maybe a guy who's been known to run to the media with lies isn't the most trustworthy source.

Durbin Says Trump Repeatedly Said "S***hole," He
Durbin Says Trump Repeatedly Said "S***hole," He's Also Known to be a Liar

It was all anyone could talk about on Friday — President Trump’s alleged comment about “s***hole” countries. Now, it has come out that one of the main leftists claiming Trump made that comment has been show to lie in the past, especially regarding closed door meetings. Enter Democrat Senator...

3.5k reactions 769 comments
Colette Fortin He's from New York for golly sakes. They speak often in foul language. Wth so have many other POTIS' he's no different. Why All of a suddden so thin skinned.. If he said it was raining outside on a clear day they would have something to say negative ...
John Albritton With a straight face he claims Trump said it How come nobody else in the room says he did? Would not Feinstien have been right straddle this in a heart beat? Not one other Democrat and curiously no Republicans back this up? Really odd!!!!!
William Komar One democrat says he said it. Two republicans say he did not. The democrat is a known liar. I an M inclined to believe the republicans. Durbin just killed any more private mertings with the president.
Michael L. Poutous Just a reminder since history is constantly being rewritten. LBJ used a word to refer to the civil rights bill. Does anyone know what he called it?
Steve Petach Perhaps Durbin *thought*, or *wanted* Trump to say "s%!thole", and whatever Durbin thinks he hears *must* be true...because he is a democrat; and we all know democrats are incapable of lying....right?

This was perfectly fine until January 20, 2017.

Double Standard: Media Silent When Obama Called Libya a "S***" Show
Double Standard: Media Silent When Obama Called Libya a "S***" Show

It was the expletive heard round the world: President Trump’s alleged decision to call certain nations “s***hole countries” — including Haiti and Guatemala — during a bipartisan Oval Office conference on immigration reform. It didn’t take long for the liberal media to pounce. “This is ...

6.1k reactions 379 comments
Victoria Spirit No one ever dared say anything about Obama. To do so would label you a racist. I didn’t vote for Obama ,but I wanted to vote for Herman Cain and was denied the opportunity. I so wish you had run for President.
James Cole A lot of people work very hard every day to be model citizens. To show the next generations of this country that there is a respectful and dignified way to approach situations.
Michelle Webb I remember, Where was The Outrage? Oh thats right he is obama, he is their g-d who does no wrong. The double standards are mind boggling!
Brooklyn N. Gal I'm so sick of this story, and very, very sick of looking at these 2. He did everything he could to "fundamentally change this country", and is now sitting back, laughing up his sleeve at us as this country implodes. POTUS Donald Trump is your legacy, ...
Martha Alldreadge Only Obama traitor could do these things and get away with. And that was only possible because he was black. This country pays special attention to that. After all it only counts if you are white. Is there some reason that it should be a color thing? ...

I'm sure they'll take the deal, right? :)

1.3k reactions 97 comments
Thomas Tate Kellyann should not go on the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, it tends to give the fake news network a small amount of undeserved legitimacy 1
Jackie Piercey Morgan I don’t watch CNN, I used to try to give them some time, but no moe.
Michael Rutherford The hell with CNN, who in there right mind watches that propaganda station anyways
Karen Burke What a strong brilliant woman you are Kelly Ann. Keep up the great work you do.
Sheryl Smith CNN had an original awesome concept. It’s been squandered due to unbridled hatred. Oh well.

Tax cut for the rich update.

Walmart applies tax savings to raise minimum wage from $9 to $11
Walmart applies tax savings to raise minimum wage from $9 to $11

Business self-interest is often yours too. Last Sunday I talked about why it's actually a good thing for the economy if businesses use their tax savings for stock buybacks, because it puts more

2.1k reactions 97 comments
Terry Hendy Recall the miserable days of the Obama years where they were actually selling the no growth enemic economy of low to no growth as the new norm. Than Trump is elected and things immediately started changing for the better. GDP in Trump 1st year will ...
Kathryn Taylor I'm 79, I'd love to get a job at Walmart. 11 buck an hour. Never made that in all the years I worked.
Carl White They implemented this a few years ago and meanwhile they're still cutting thousands of jobs quit with your fake news
Billy Horton They are still laying of thousands of associates and my wife was one of them. Now she has to work two jobs just to make bill money.
Ernie Wyrick I think if you check the records the 60 sams were already slated to be closed and replaced by newer storys in better locations

Deep state vs. man with brains.

Trump's Secretary of the Interior Has an Innovative Plan to Reform His Agencies

“If you look at the way we’re presently organized, all the bureaus under Interior have different regions … and are not aligned geographically.”

1.5k reactions 49 comments
Terry Bergstrom Just common sense, on the dole politicians can't have that.
Sandra Payne Moving land management makes sense!
David Masoner Move them out of the swamp. Get rid of the senior civil service.
Pamela Frostick Cox But he wants to slaughter the wild horses.
Daniel Johnson This is brilliant! I wonder how long before Mr. Trump is crucified over it.

The tax cut ruins your life, you know.

6.7k reactions 202 comments
Stephen Andrew Kollenborn Absolutely no one should be forced to pay more taxes it should be Something that's agreed to if people disagree then don't even bother raising tax rates
Phil Silvios The only thing NOT being reduced is OBAMACARE, would be great were at least 20% reduction to it to make it "affordable" like it NEVER was ...
Babie Wstmrlnd cutting my taxes will help us/me save tons of money in our pocket. that's great news if and when the utility company starts to cut rates and that will help us extra more money in our pocket. can you not see that people?
Bill Wilkinson except A P S in Arizona they want a 60% rate increase does anybody else get charged to be a customer A P S does yep it is really a fee in there billing
Patience Marie Kates I wonder if they will cut back to the amount they hiked them 4 years ago? My electric bill tripled in two months after 0 got done with new regulations.

Everything inherently belongs to the state and its high-ranking officials, or so she seems to think.

6.4k reactions 600 comments
Jim Shuff Seems to be a dem trait, hillary steals from the haiti relief fund, this woman steals from victims of hurricane sandy and the rep from Jacksonville Fl steals from her own charity that was supposed to benefit the underpriviledged in her district.
Colette Tadi I realized with many other patriots that all the thefts and stealing are being performed by Democrats
Connie Steward So sad that the people who desperately needed it didn't get it, because of this person's greed, so often the case.
Kay Baker Chandler I am glad they caught her but she is a small fish. They have to pretend to be paying attention every once in a while to settle the masses.
Marc A. Ouellette Any one who holds office is a welfare participant on steroids Section 8 housing Perdiem (food stamps) Autos (free trans) Their whole job is to see what they can get for free off the working class. You are a politician you are the lowest form of ...

Religion of peace update.

879 reactions 206 comments
Alice S M Lantz Someone should slap the crap out of that seventh century goat humper! 🙄😡😡
Lee Hanson NRA has a surprise for this goat humper.
Greg Perez What kind of drugs is this guy on?
Shirley Lyons UK has turned into a S**THOLE, bomb the Mosques and destroy the brood of vipers!
Chris Kirby Imagine if a white Brit said this to a group of Muslim children on the street.

Still too good for them, but we'll take it!

1.6k reactions 89 comments
Dave Hards Brutal plan? How about just, poooooof...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alvin Crofts Prisoners only encourage kidnappers
Andy DiMare Obama....Jesus Christ.....is he still breathing? He shouldn't be...
Hugh Stevenson Don't allow them to surrender

Maybe after eight years of Obama's economic policies he didn't have any money left to pay.

"Obama Gas Station" Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes
"Obama Gas Station" Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

When Barack Obama became president of the United States, people were practically fainting while he was giving speeches, fawning over his charm and oratory skills. One fanboy took it to another level, however, when he decided to brand his entire gas station business with Obama logos. See below: The o...

2.3k reactions 157 comments
Lee Hanson Obama strangled the economy with huge taxes and regulations.
Yineth Lippman Ask ex-president bobama to pay his taxes!!!!
Carmine Giannattasio He'll probably leave the country and run to some "SHITHOLE" country to hide out in.
Kim Allison Robison That is one gas station I would have passed right by!!
Brenda Balch OMG, this is a prime setting for LivePD! What will we do???
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