Herman Cain
18:48 11/13/2017

Even SNL is mocking this. But don't laugh, maybe Hillary could be his VP! VIDEOS!

Joe Biden - The Democrats

Joe Biden - The Democrats' young, fresh, face for 2020?

Crazy Uncle Joe. After their 2016 failure, you'd think the Democrats would be wary of worn-out, over-exposed, elderly retread candidates. After all, the fact that Hillary was a known quantity f

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Curtis Botsford
I've had to deal with 8 years of Oppression from the Obama Administration I am not going to vote for 4 more years of the same. You have to ask yourself one question how come they couldn't accomplish anything like this that Trump is doing in 8 years, and Trump has accomplished more in one year than they have done in eight years combined
Tom Kratochvil
Biden has been a swamp creature in Washington for 40 years. Let the sexual harassment sorority come out of the woodwork. How many Joe? Some are on video and not even secrets. Good move DNC! Biden could never do as much good as Trump has so far. More jobs, increased military, stronger stock market, higher economy, etc. Biden/Obama never came close... but could have had they wanted to. Instead, the focus was on political correctness, making sure Russia had enough uranium, secretly paying the Iranians millions, ensuring a third bathroom, making African-Americans worse off than they were before, allowing Crimea to fall, and letting North Korea hoodwink themselves into advanced nuclear power. But, as they say after every guffaw, “Oh, it’s only Joe!”
Nancy Smith-Polisky
"Old Kissy-Poo. Can't keep my hands off of you" Biden! There are ample photos out there that could be made into a movie of his inappropriateness with females...including quite YOUNG ones. Include all the gaffes he's made and it should make for a hit "tragic comedy"!!
Sue Harkless McLay
Democrats are doing the same thing now that they did when Obama ran the 1st time, don't fall for it. America was focused on Hillary running, it was talk, talk, talk. Then Obama entered the picture, the media only reported the good stuff about him. They didn't ask those meaty questions, they threw him the "what's your favorite flower" questions. Obama was elected. This time all the talk will be on Biden, some one will pop up, the media will only report the good stuff and boom.
Sabrina Whitney
I saw him on the Today show saying that, at the moment, he is not interested in running, and he followed that by saying he could change his mind. Even if does run, he won't win.
Stephen Holben
Thought the exact same thing this morning when they were flashing him all over the babble shows for 2 hours.
Gail Milazzo
Lol! Is that because he was kept in the closet away from people for 8 yrs? Eveytime he was out he was on the prowl for women or children to maul over and kiss! Everyone needs to look into his Liberal, dysfunctional family! Not good folks!
Arlene Brown
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, who is a communist not a democrat, both said the Democrat party needs to change. But neither explained "change". Without asking what their definition is it leaves the word open to the imagination of the listerner. Remember hope and change. Obama's hope was to change America into the old USSR but we forgot to ask.
Jo Anne Withers
Young, fresh face, huh? Ha ha!! About as young as Hillary. Dems and libs are not too bright. They should have know that people, especially young people, were not going to stand in line to vote for a washed-out, white-haired, sore-footed old woman for President. Even when she handed out free tickets to the JAY Z concert and free food they still didn't vote for her. Instead of going across the street when the concert was over and standing in that voting line, they went home and slept it off. NOT smart.
Arlene Keller
I think we've had enough Democratic ways to last a life time. You all ruined it for yourselves. The liberals will vote for you maybe and NO voter fraud either.
Frank Cliggett
Uncle Joe...Please go away. The Ray Ban's don't make you look smarter. Your a life long Washington swamp rat and phony. Also, what's with your hand's dude ? You're creepy too.
Rosetroy Stevenson
Creepy, crazy Uncle Joe...just what the DNC needs as their candidate with Hilary as his VP lol. Watch your back Joe...she'll be prez one way or another.
Davina Smith Taff
Where are all the sexual complaints against Joe Biden? We've all seen the videos with the little girls, the wives and biker women. How does he get away with "cop-a-feel?" This ain't right!
Vicky Borges
Biden, Clintons, McCain, Bush's = Political cadavers stinking up their parties and stirring up feces.... these dinosaurs need to go away. Make way for new faces. They are dinosaurs and they need to go retire and play golf or something. Joe Biden, PULEEZE!
Carol Goble
...and his opponent could be John McCain. NOT! NO WAY!!! come on, people. there are some wonderful potential candidates out there. but not these old duffers!

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

Religion of peace update.

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Alice S M Lantz Someone should slap the crap out of that seventh century goat humper! 🙄😡😡
Lee Hanson NRA has a surprise for this goat humper.
Greg Perez What kind of drugs is this guy on?
Shirley Lyons UK has turned into a S**THOLE, bomb the Mosques and destroy the brood of vipers!
Chris Kirby Imagine if a white Brit said this to a group of Muslim children on the street.

Still too good for them, but we'll take it!

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Dave Hards Brutal plan? How about just, poooooof...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alvin Crofts Prisoners only encourage kidnappers
Andy DiMare Obama....Jesus Christ.....is he still breathing? He shouldn't be...
Hugh Stevenson Don't allow them to surrender

Maybe after eight years of Obama's economic policies he didn't have any money left to pay.

"Obama Gas Station" Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes
"Obama Gas Station" Owner Arrested for Skipping Out on Paying Taxes

When Barack Obama became president of the United States, people were practically fainting while he was giving speeches, fawning over his charm and oratory skills. One fanboy took it to another level, however, when he decided to brand his entire gas station business with Obama logos. See below: The o...

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Lee Hanson Obama strangled the economy with huge taxes and regulations.
Yineth Lippman Ask ex-president bobama to pay his taxes!!!!
Carmine Giannattasio He'll probably leave the country and run to some "SHITHOLE" country to hide out in.
Kim Allison Robison That is one gas station I would have passed right by!!
Brenda Balch OMG, this is a prime setting for LivePD! What will we do???

I think she didn't really think this through. Because if she did, hoo boy . . .

Singer Publicly Defends Islamist Rape Gangs
Singer Publicly Defends Islamist Rape Gangs

British pop star Lily Allen has come under fire after a statement that seemed to defend the overwhelmingly Muslim members of so-called “grooming gangs,” groups that have shocked the United Kingdom in recent years by sexually abusing young women and girls after plying them with alcohol and drugs....

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E Susan Richards Another air head that doesn't know what she talking about. Imbicile
Paul Huber Obviously, she hasn't been "groomed" yet ....
Michelle Sledzianowski The stupid is strong with this moron.
Donald McNeill She has a point. Put yourself in stupid and dangerous situations bad things happen.
Jackie Piercey Morgan Good God, these are the people from another planet that Obama is talking about!

Did she know? He seems to think so.

Singer Seal Trashes Oprah
Singer Seal Trashes Oprah's Hypocritical Golden Globes Speech

“When you have been part of the problem for decades..."

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Brian Cregar Oprah didn't give a s*** until Weinstein got busted now all of a sudden she's moral and gives a s***
Ann Hawkins Good for you Seal....Don't even waste your breath on info about her...
Timothy Fair How else did she get to the top # Harvey and the couch
Rhea Brock Roberts What did she do to get where she is?
Guy Wolf thank you seal she do just like all the rest did Hypocritical on Golden Globes

She's impaired every day by an affliction known as San Francisco Liberalism.

Feinstein Admits to Being Impaired During Fusion GPS Decision
Feinstein Admits to Being Impaired During Fusion GPS Decision

Something's definitely wrong with her.

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Carrie Beth Buzzelli I love herman Cain. I'm so mad they moved him from 9 AM to 8 PM on WHIO. Now I'm stuck listening to Brian Killmeade for 3 hours, who is so busy on a book tour that he puts in Bimbos to subhost.
Sharon Lovelace You just can't make this behaviour up. They are all impaired mentally, physically and emotionally. Stress from lying, backstabbing being a hypocrite will take its toll. Enter self- medication.
Donna Lynn Nelson Bat$hit crazy!! How she and others of her mindset are still serving boggles the mind. But consider the source....
Dennis M. Curtis They disgrace themselves more as they age. Attempting to appear vital, relevant because they've squandered their time in positions of authority and responsibility. They've let the Nation down by serving themselves. No shame either because, after all, ...
James Smith When 1 of these political says that they were in paired at a very important meeting, they should be made to resign admittedly, she is a danger to our security and our well being

Because the job isn't worth that much, so no one is actually going to get it. How many times do we have to say this?

After Min Wage Hike, Huge Restaurant Eliminates Key Position in 570 Locations
After Min Wage Hike, Huge Restaurant Eliminates Key Position in 570 Locations

Minimum wage hikes are nothing but good news for the low-wage American worker, right? If Elizabeth Warren says it, it’s pretty much gospel — just like her Native American forbears in the Sac and Fib Nation that she used to talk about, who were obviously completely real. Unfortunately, those dast...

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Frank Woodman Jr Make the minimum wage 50 bucks an hour. At least if you don't get paid you will know it's a living wage you can't get paid. LOL
Sheila McCue Thacker Employers will get rid of the loafers ,because the ones who want to work will apply, due to the higher wage .Six workers can be more productive than eight loafers. .
Barb Moore Duh. What did we think was going to happen? Doesn't money simply float down from the clouds just to make everyone happy?
Jackie Kelley Peale Yes...THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS....so the next time "the silly people" in our society think they are being abused....just ask yourself...what is it really worth???
Brian Gagne It ain't the first and won't be the last of folks losing jobs for hiking min wage. They are called entry level positions for a reason.

If he somehow made it, hopefully the results would be a little better than the last famous Republican actor who got the job.

Massive: Grassroots Movement Springs Up to Make James Woods Calif.
Massive: Grassroots Movement Springs Up to Make James Woods Calif.'s Next Governor

Conservative actors have always had a pretty good record of getting into the governor’s mansion in California, albeit with mixed results when they get there. Sure, you have Ronald Reagan, but you also have Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. However, the point is that they got there, which is more than...

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Leslie Neeley Don’t worry James. I’m renting some buses and I am gathering thousands and we r on our way to vote. !!! We r gonna help u out!
Jean Langer He's a very smart guy and fearless given he speaks his conservative mind in Hollywood. They need him there!
Daniel F Stinson James do you have property in any other state? If so move there long enough to run for office there. California is to far gone.
Lynne Martin Well he sure couldn't do any worse than Jerry. Jerry has run it into the ocean. Taking all those illegals almost burned down the whole State.
Jerry Blades Everyone remember that Gavin Newsom is pelosis , mindless Nancy’s nephew , that’s enough to keep anyone voting for him .

Ha. I bet this guy's administration can't fix a pothole that fast.

Dem. Governor Literally Says We
Dem. Governor Literally Says We've Got Just 59 Days to Save Children from Global Warming

Democrat Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state told his Twitter followers that we only have 59 days left to save future generations from climate change, a.k.a. global warming. In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the governor railed about the devastating effects of climate change and did his part to�...

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Bert McCollum Bet they would love a bit of warming right now! I am sorry if you really believe in global warming you have been sucked into a lib conspiracy to take your money and your future!
Wayne Wienholz This clown is an obummer type progressive baffoon. He is destroying our once great state with the help of Seattle and King County corrupt and moronic politicians
Susie Flaherty That's my governor, unfortunately. He's a moron, but Seattle is where all these pinheads get elected.... I live I. A more conservative area of wa. State.
Sherri Novosel Maetozo Al Gore predicted that the state of Florida would be underwater by 2017 too! Well we are still here! Unseasonably cold here too! Just had a week of freezing weather! Snow flurries even! Maybe we are entering an ice age!!??
Kenny Henderson Demonic governor. Stupidity on a level that should put him in a rubber room. Whites coats hurry and put him in there fast

To not have a mind is extremely wasteful.

MSNBC Host Loses His Mind After Reading One Ivanka Trump Tweet
MSNBC Host Loses His Mind After Reading One Ivanka Trump Tweet

"...her father’s self-confessed lifetime of sexual assault and abuse.”

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Mark Parsons Lawrence O'Donnell is a lime 🧠 #LameStreamMedia 💩 “news” #Shill If you ever feel down in the dumps, and wanna pick yourself up, do yourself a favor and Youtube this schmuck.... There are a myriad of pre-election “rants” that are just laughable. I know ...
Mike Connors He didn't lose his mind he never had one you liberal wackadoo
Kent Robinson Anything from a guy who gets a "THRILL UP HIS LEG" every time he sees OBAMA is somebody I don't want to listen to or watch...I wonder if he has a FULL SIZE POSTER OF OBAMA OVER HIS BED ON THE CEILING
Diane Mowrey These foils are so used to lying and making up completely what they call news that facts and truth send them off the cliff.
Joel Atinsky It won't end until we start charging people for slander and threats, sue them for characters assassination! They are the enemy within, they push an agenda of hate in retaliation for the country not going socialist with Clinton.

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Lee Majors, VIDEOS, Toilets, American Muscle, Schwarzenegger and robots. This article has it all. Read it before it's too late.

Jeff Bezos wants your toilet to be Alexa-enabled . . . because there
Jeff Bezos wants your toilet to be Alexa-enabled . . . because there's just not enough surveillance in that driverless car

Selling your autonomy one wireless screen at a time. Earlier today, Dan told you about that new GM "thing" that doesn't have a steering wheel. I hesitate to call it a car, becau

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Tim List Alexa, flush yourself.
Odilia Iaquinto Not me!
Carolyn C A Rerick Bwahaha
Cindy Ann Gross.
Russell Pearce Is Alexa the new name for HAL 9000

There's a bullet put to good use.

Terrorist Leader Does Israel
Terrorist Leader Does Israel's Job by Shooting Himself

The nation of Israel and the terrorist group Hamas have been archenemies for decades. Now, a senior official of Hamas has done Israel a huge favor. Namely, the senior Hamas official shot himself in the head while he was trying to clean his weapon. Imad al-Alami “checked his own weapons in his own ...

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Ben Breslin Happy ending !
Terence Colligan I love a happy ending!
Bill Farley What a good sport!
Shirley Fraser Todd Karma!!!!!!
Jo Anne Carr Oops!

Don't worry. There is an "array of sensors." You probably won't die.

GM thanks taxpayers for bailout by introducing car with no steering wheel so they can die in it
GM thanks taxpayers for bailout by introducing car with no steering wheel so they can die in it

Something's missing. Trends come and trends go. People jump on completely insane ideas because everyone else is jumping on them. I get it. It's been that way since the dawn of time. Pet roc

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Patty Hanson “Probably” is not at all reassuring. However... Since I own 3 Fords, it’s pretty safe to say I will not be in line at GM to make a purchase. I prefer to do my own driving.
Kathleen Guerrero If you add up all the costs- the car, insurance, regular maintenance, parking, fuel, etc - probably cheaper to use the safer and more reliable method of "not driving" anywhere, A TAXICAB.
Chelsea Rae That takes the fun out of driving.. Also, what happens when something shorts out or stops working... Or even better, someone hijacks your car?! NOPE! Not today Satan!! #aintgonnadoit
Ken Cramer If your this stupid you should be run over by a tractor trailer so you can't breed. How do you change destination on the fly ?, avoid objects too small to detect that would cause a flat ?
Dick DiTullio I'm totally on board because, like, my computer never malfunctions. And I can hear the naysayers "But when your computer dies you don't necessarily die with it." Pshaw! Yeah, like that makes sense.

I know, I know, but if the rest of the media can do what they've been doing, then why not?

New York Post Already Has Anti-Oprah Presidential Campaign Slogan Ready To Go
New York Post Already Has Anti-Oprah Presidential Campaign Slogan Ready To Go

"None of this makes her fit to be leader of the free world."

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Chanel Rains Obama is her best friend. The Obama rules are back. This will be a real CIRCUS.
Shirlee Grooms She’s got to many skeletons in her closet.
Curt Beckner Why is she suddenly wearing horn rimmed glases? Nerd effect? Has zip to offer other than to continue the social welfare discord famous under Obama. I like the left comparison to Donald because of his tiny fraction TV gig. What a croc
Patrick X. John Noprah. She should run for Mayor of Chicago, and see how that works out.
Brent McCarthy Wonder if they will ask her about her statement that white people should be exterminated?

"No word on whether a thousand-dollar bonus is more than the zero-dollar bonus we all received during the Obama years. I'm guessing Pelosi's waiting for the CBO to run those numbers."

Pelosi: Those $1,000 bonuses are
Pelosi: Those $1,000 bonuses are 'pathetic,' 'insignificant,' and 'crumbs'

Old rich white people, am I right? I don't know about you guys, but if I get an extra thousand dollars in my paycheck, I'm ecstatic and grateful. A grand may not buy a car these days -

7.7k reactions 3153 comments
Susan Harwood Nancy, darlin' I am really worried about you----because it is clear you are one ride away from a home. In your final days on this planet---I suggest you give all your millions away (and not to your crazy son), take a vow of silence, move to the Sisters ...
Todd Williams $1000 bonus is crumbs to this hysterical mega rich politician.. She is so out of touch that she doesn't realize it's a large amount of money to many people.
Nakia Hambright Heck an extra $50.00 means I can afford to buy food the last week before I get paid. I'm fine with crumbs, I'm not fine with the people that keep this women in government.
Peter Hameline We have to make this acronym viral folks. She has T.D.S. (Trump Derangement syndrome). T.D.S. is a very serious mental illness. It affects your reasoning skills, logic, and makes you sound and act like a lunatic! Maxine Waters, and Chuck Schumer are big ...
DonnaAnd Rene Steiner A thousand dollar bonus would benefit many and very much needed. Pelosi don't care for the working class. She has money, so she can't relate to those of us who struggle. Don't speak for me Nancy!

No wonder Jorge's been having such a rough time lately. People figure this out, what is he supposed to do?

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Sterling Banks You nailed it to the wall Carlson! Now, how about THE WALL!
Connie Nelson Tucker interviews this idiot all the time and jorge runs all over Tucker.
Penny Scarboro Name calling is all that they've got..
PM Mack The more you smear, the greater the dare.
Sidney Rae Reames ❤️❤️👍👏🗽🇺🇸 Love you Tucker keep up the good fight with you all the way

BUSTED! Nice work, Project Veritas.

Project Veritas undercover video: Twitter employees explain how they censor pro-Trump content
Project Veritas undercover video: Twitter employees explain how they censor pro-Trump content

From the horse's mouth. The thing about Project Veritas is that they don't always know when they embark on one of their hidden-video sting operations if there's really anything to sting

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David Mackiernan They are dumb enough to actually say it?
Tobin Drake I've suspected things like this have been going for a while. I've made a number of posts at washingtonpost.com and other liberal news sites that never seem to be seen or responded to. This is just more evidence that liberals are actively shadow ...
Julie Trotman Abadie Scary times
Carol Marek Interesting sabotage
Janet Griffin Dang he's a good reporter!

Wow. Pray for everyone there.

Massive 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Caribbean
Massive 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Caribbean

...one of the strongest earthquakes to strike the region in modern memory...

1.3k reactions 87 comments
Frank Homen Eva Is the house earthquake and tsunami safe?
Valerie Broughton Whatever day it happened it still is shock to some. Prayers for peace.
Jessica Nelson-Young I'm glad I took that cruise when I did!!!
Chris Taylor Wrath of the Lamb draws near.
Connie Rodriguez Hereim The sunami warnings were cancelled shortly after. The quake was in the ocean. No one was affected.

How long have conservatives been saying welfare recipients should be required to work? Helloooooooo!

Trump to states: For the first time, you can impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients
Trump to states: For the first time, you can impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients

But will they? It's long been part of populist conservative thinking that welfare recipients should be made to work in exchange for their benefits. It's largely based on the not-entirely-tr

3.0k reactions 95 comments
Jim Hubbard I like that it's up to each state to implement or not. Addressing an issue and reinforcing State's Rights, good politics
Cyrina Thurman Keller To be honest, many do work already and do get these benefits. To those that are actively working to get out of that, kudos. It is those that sit on the butts that can work that need the swift kick.
Mickie Gaines Helloooooo ???? F O R E V E R Maybe even graduated assistance. Maybe if they work full time but still find themselves below the poverty line then they would still qualify for partial assistance ... encourage people to work... childcare help ... ...
Tracie Sheppard Too bad my liberal governor Northam will make sure our recipients are still able to lounge around while accepting all the benefits.
Shirley Kavos See Plenty of jobs no need for welfare for lazy healthy people! In the depression if you didn't except a job that was available no matter what the job was you didn't eat no money no food! They need to go back to the rules of the Great Depression, especially ...

I think we can all see what the reality is.

Oprah's "Best Friend" Comes Forward With the Reality Behind an Oprah Presidential Run

Oprah Winfrey is the left’s newly-anointed “savior” — but their enthusiasm over her possible 2020 presidential run might be misplaced. While the media lit up at the prospect of the two moguls Trump and Oprah clashing for the White House, the famous talk show host and billionaire hasn’t giv...

610 reactions 194 comments
Butch Mixon The only reason the Democraps want Oprah is she is Black so they can play the race card just like Obama.
Donald Kane The liberal reptiles are shedding their skins and donning new pristine ones. Look at us...we are shiny and new.......inside tho is the same old vile nasty stinking lies and vileness...
David C. Rushing The reality is someone has to save Obama’s legacy and finish what he started. Who better than his bestie? It’s not about Oprah.
James Terhune Memorial Why do all of these unimportant people think they need to push their boobs up in the air - the look is nasty and doesn't help her at all. We DON'T want to see it.
Sterling Banks More lies, rascism, deception, perverts etc. Oh Im sorry. They are actors, not real people. Gather them up and ship them all off to another country. We would most assuredly better off with them on Obama Island. Thats Fantasy Island for those that ...

Sugar is bad. Check that. Conservative sugar is bad!

Democrats Give Liberal Favorite Starbucks Exception to Huge Sugar Tax
Democrats Give Liberal Favorite Starbucks Exception to Huge Sugar Tax

Seattle’s leftists lawmakers approved an ordinance last year that imposed a tax on all sweetened beverages, save of course for the lattes consumed by the city’s highfalutin, upper-class elites. The new tax, which went into effect Jan. 1, specifically added a tax on “sweetened beverages, syrups...

244 reactions 91 comments
Derek Goodner This is a microcosm of what communism is really all about.
David Graham I went to Starbucks twice on the same visit; The first time, and the last time.
Debra Harrison Alexander That is why they hate conservatives...
Gretchen Gissibl Krane Oh ... but if STARBUCKS uses it in there OVER PRICED coffee ...they don't have to pay that EXTRA TAX?
Patty Hanson All of the sugar on earth cannot 'help' a cup of Starbucks 'anything'!

Imagine the vagrants who would loiter for the free Internet.

Locals Don
Locals Don't Want Obama's Big, Ugly Library

Presidential libraries have been a tradition since 1939, beginning with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, as the Obama Foundation makes preparations for former President Barack Obama’s new library, locals from the University of Chicago are telling them to put it somewhere else. The Washington Ti...

674 reactions 265 comments
Rita Barber DeCook " to create a global destination that will showcase the South Side to the world​.” Need to do something about the crime.
Chris Gleason Playing off the tag line, a lot of us in America didn't want most of his big, ugly ideas. Bugger off. You don't need a monument to your failure. Get out of the way and let us work our way out of the crap you made us wade through.
Em Bailey Design inspiration from North Korea? “You can’t make this stuff up!” ‼️ “14,000 Tons of (white?) Italian Marble” North Korea: 🌀 “Set in Chicago’s historic Jackson Park, the site of the 1893 World’s Fair, the Obama Presidential Center has an estimated ...
Janet Albrecht So suspicious that no real documents will be stored there! So where will we have to pay to have them stored because they're not in the building we have to pay for?
Susan Merry Love your lines Herman Cain! That is perfect! If you haven't read the articles on this, please do. That must have been one difficult kick in the teeth to take, but to me, I was in hysterics for a long time.

The man who saved ObamaCare? Couldn't be.

Report: McCain Was Used as Fusion GPS Secret Operative
Report: McCain Was Used as Fusion GPS Secret Operative

In a stunning op-ed published by the mainstream media last week, Fusion GPS founders Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritch admitted that they helped the researcher who compiled their since-discredited dossier on President Donald Trump share the phony document with Arizona Sen. John McCain. “After the ...

974 reactions 446 comments
Darlene Hendrickson He was and always will be a traitor. His powerful father made sure his son's failures were hidden from the beginning. Another secret hidden from the beginning, so we would believe it, and we did, hook line and sinker , but NO MORE.
David Wright Sorry, McCain couldn't have beat Hillary either. I think he was bitter that Trump had succeeded at something he couldn't and was determined to bring him down even if it meant letting Hillary be President regardless she lied to everyone about her ...
Gladys Wood McCain has turned into a real traitor. I hope he gets prosecuted for this treasonous act against our President!
Mark McNealy I believe the reason John McCain became a Senator is so he wouldn't have to work and it paid well. He's always been a good off, screw off whatever you want to call it and that hasn't changed. He's got a lot to answer for.
Rich Tullo I think there is something more to this then the story. The FBI had Fusion GPS on the payroll why would McCain by providing them a doc they knew about already trigger an investigation? The FBI must have said we cannot do this because we paid for it and ...

Rich will never be booked on Morning Joe again.

NeverTrumper Admits Trump Has Done More for America Than He Ever Thought Possible
NeverTrumper Admits Trump Has Done More for America Than He Ever Thought Possible

NeverTrumper Rich Lowry just blew away the host of "Morning Joe" with the grade he gave Trump for his first year in office.

1.3k reactions 0 comments

I'm pretty sure this isn't how Nick Saban teaches them to behave at Alabama.

405 reactions 361 comments
Judith Rodrigue-Johnson "It's awfully difficult to fit Georgia into a single syllable"? LOLOL I'm from the south, Cajun country, for the life of me I don't know how they do it, but they can do it. I really don't have an opinion except I don't like this team, they are always ...
Teresa Ann Hill DelDuco It was TRUMP and he's too chicken to own it, little sissy, better still he's a POLTROON, belongs on the NFL.
Austin Davis Judging from the late hits, facemasks, fighting their own teammates, and pushing other players heads into the turf after the tackle, I'd say this is exactly what Nick Saban is teaching them. Can't wait to see their arrest records by the time they're 30.
Bob Martin This episode sure tarnished the Alabama football program and the university
Chris Valente Herrera Bo Scarborough is a Jr...eligible for the NFL. Lord knows with that mouth and attitude he is ready to be a "stand up" guy like the rest of them. He can take Mekhi Brown with him for his antics too.

Something will probably pass the Senate, but the House version isn't likely to make it - and the result could be weaker tools in the fight against terrorism.

House reauthorizes Patriot Act
House reauthorizes Patriot Act's Section 702 without privacy amendments

But that's not likely to fly in the Senate. The Patriot Act has been a flashpoint ever since it was first past in the aftermath of 9/11, particularly Section 702. This is the section that autho

95 reactions 34 comments
Jeff Simpson Ban Islam for good. No place for Islam in any western country. Weaking. our selves from fighting terrorism will be what the liberals have in mind. Our government needs stronger roll to stop this acts of violence that follows Islam.
Stu Sendelbach The problem with the Patriot Act is, it's always had the propensity to be used more against innocent Americans, than middle eastern terrorists.
Kevin Grondahl The federal government has proven that they cannot be trusted with these powers. What do we do? I have no idea. Ban Islam in America?
Robb Campbell Unacceptable

No sense trying to be nice to these people. Good Lord.

423 reactions 159 comments
Edward Lupien Sr. Opbama wish old people die,how can you say such a thing an be a president of all people, I don't see it happening.
Don Kennedy For the love of God, who cares what these uneducated buffoons think? Most of them are high school drop outs.
Bob Woods Looks like Rosie was on the sauce again, or maybe something more potent. Or, is this her natural, intelligent self... LOL
Benny Greene Ivanka should've known better. I thought she was smart enough to know she's dealing with people who hates her dad and everything he stands for.
Judy Quinton-Roberts I don't see any that should have upset people. But then again she's a Trump that's all She needs to be

This, folks, is maximum liberalism. The pussyhats are SO politically correct that they've managed to go all the way around the spectrum and become politically incorrect.

Women's March ditches pink 'p***yhats' - because they're exclusionary and racist against brown genitals

No, we're not making this up. There are plenty of good reasons not to wear a pink pussyhat. No one really needs a list of them, because "they look utterly ridiculous" should suffice.&

1.1k reactions 327 comments
Midge W Collins I for one am glad to see them go. That totally offended me more than the marching...the name was disgusting.
Lacy Blackburn Sooooo all the feminist marching last year in their pink gear are officially transphobic and racist this year???? 😂😂😂 I see the price of Etsy stock taking a nose dive 😂😂😂. "um, yes, customer service??? I need to cancel my bulk order of P hats for me and ...
Tim List As a guy, I could not bring myself to say a thing about this when it first happened. But, Alas, I Laugh.
Jessica Nelson-Young I call for green to be the superior colour of these hats on behalf of Mother Nature. It only seems humane and right. The world is coming to an end... seriously. The hats themselves are stupid whatever the colour!!! Imbeciles!
Kathy Rollison Brazell Just really ashamed of this particular segment of women. Glad there are a whole lot more that are sane.

That's what we'd all like to know.

Trey Gowdy Calls out Democrat by Name: Where
Trey Gowdy Calls out Democrat by Name: Where's That Russia Evidence?

"You can't have confidence in an investigation where the ranking Democrat prejudges it before you've interviewed your very first witness."

2.3k reactions 126 comments
Clem Iron Wing The Democrat Politicians know that they are going down,they will soon be 🐀🐀Rating each other Out😈😈😈😈😈
Michael Turner The Russia evidence is still being accumulated by Mueller. Where is his Benghazi evidence? Three years and his committee completely cleared Hillary Clinton. Trump can dish it out but can’t take it.
Ryan J. Lippert What's his definition of "the right decision"? He didn't clarify what he expects to see from Robert Mueller
Vern Hoover They can't stop yet. They only just got to Trump's teen years where he once sat next to a Russian at lunch hall. This could get Huuuuge.
Tom Conkling That's why this investigation is taking so long, they have to invent the evidence and make it seem real to the idiots that believe anything the MSM tells them.

Did Obama really cover up for Hezbollah narcoterrorists? We may be about to find out.

Trump DOJ establishes team to probe Hezbollah narcoterror . . . the stuff Obama ignored to get his Iran deal
Trump DOJ establishes team to probe Hezbollah narcoterror . . . the stuff Obama ignored to get his Iran deal

Reckoning. Radical Islamic terrorists trafficking drugs to raise money to finance their terror activities. It doesn't get much more evil than that. Surely no American president who became aware

1.1k reactions 202 comments
JB Barker In this picture seems like he might be going to Harvey's couch to get a part in that Movie Brokeback Mountain 2
Kevin Mills No question he was involved in all of the scandals he was the head of the snake.
Susan Harwood Don't care a lick about this man....but get that cowboy hat off his head.....there is nothing cowboy about this creature.
Lorri Stamps Give him a hat and he wants to be a cowboy. He is wearing the right color though. In old westerns good guys wore white hats, and bad guys wore black hats.
Susan Romine Can we go back to hanging in the streets, this worthless peice of crap is not good enough to put in GITMO
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