Herman Cain
19:20 11/13/2017

This is pretty freaky.

Man Meets Widow of Man Who

Man Meets Widow of Man Who's Face He Received During 56-Hour Transplant Surgery

Instead of seeing the husband she lost, Lily saw a man whose life was drastically improved.

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Brad Leone
Carol Masaitis Bates
Michael Gauthreaux
Not freakey just very special..
Judy Moore Barnette
sorry, I find it creepy...
Doug Slater
Thank god
Diana Marie
Truly amazing story!
Kristine S Neff
Melissa Kelly Keita
Rhonda L Espinoza
Allison Peeples
Jinnee T Parr
Wow! Now that is news and so amazing.
Karen Ray
Not freaky the face before the transplant was freaky.
David Roberts
Both amazing and creepy at the same time.
Rachel Jordan
Not freaky at all, its a medical miracle. Organ donation is truly a gift.
Donna Conte
I thought it was freaky too.

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

Stay on the plantation! Yep, I get it all the time too from these people.

Video Shows Arrogant Dem. Rep Telling Black Pro-Lifer She
Video Shows Arrogant Dem. Rep Telling Black Pro-Lifer She's Ignorant, Disrespectful

Democrats frequently act as if they are the great defenders of black lives, but what happens when an African-American woman points out just how terrible liberal policies are for people of color? During a recent House Judiciary subcommittee hearing discussing a bill that would protect unborn children...

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Linda Crispell We watch as the Dem party unravels, the finger pointing and back stabbing rampant. These people who live in glass houses are in trouble. Stones are being thrown. I hope they all shatter and fall. We will see who is left standing. Arrogance lost them the ...
Frank J. Sparzo We must remember that Dems concentrate on two things: (1) name-calling, as in this clip, and (2) pandering, including vast amounts of negative propaganda. That’s mostly it.
Wayne Mathis Yep ! Those democrats view, and treat, Black voters as their "Wholly Owned Livestock" on their Urban Plantations, whose role in the dem's Great Scheme of Things is to subsist on the "Benefits" provided by the democrat "Masters" and to turn out in a ...
Brenda Walker Meister Endorsed by Obama, said Obama cared deeply for Isreal, wants to impeach Trump, one reason being that Trump fired Comey when he, himself, was demanding that Comey resign not long ago. My guess is, anyone who protests so much must be buried knee deep in ...
Laurel Roberts Brown Except the Democrats are the "new plantation owners", with all the "free" government handouts, all designed to keep the black community beholden to, poor and voting Democrat! Watch CL Bryant's video "Runaway Slave", it's quite enlightening!

They're welcome to try. I suspect they'll fair about as well as Hillary did.

Developing: Unhinged Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
Developing: Unhinged Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

After months of hints and veiled threats, Democrats in the House of Representatives have officially filed five articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, liberal lawmakers introduced measures that called out Trump for an array allegations, including petty claims like being...

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Mary Erwin I am tired of hearing the hate from democrats, have they not learned they are making matters worse and pushing people away from Democratic Party, unless for some reason that is what they want.
Reesy Lundquist The man has done nothing wrong that would warrant impeachment. These lefty imbeciles need to start doing something FOR their country and not against it. I'm fed up with all of them.
Kenny Walker more proof of liberal ignorance proving they dont know american laws nor the constitution that they took an oath to uphold.....ignorance on the idiots in congress simply amazes me how the american people keep allowing the same morons in over and over,...
Julian Reginato Hate has no end! These people want to impeached 69 million America voters. Who do they think they are. I say, convert and atone that the gates of hell are wide open in front of you. At the end you will be impeached by the great only Judge! Lost souls!
Bill Kohl Supreme Court needs to put these people that bring up false charges on trial. Pure slander and lies about any person should result in intentional criminal convictions where the false accusers serve prison time, are removed from federal offices, and ...

Are they going to send the Giants and the Browns?

NFL Reeling as Union Announces Plan to Completely Cripple Super Bowl
NFL Reeling as Union Announces Plan to Completely Cripple Super Bowl

As if the NFL doesn’t have enough problems in 2017, the league could face another quandary when it comes to Super Bowl time: namely, getting fans around chilly Minneapolis. According to ESPN, unionized workers for Metro Transit in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul voted by a massive margin to…

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John Pittman Just a way to demand more $..... never gonna happen...
Debra Hosler NFL players will have the Super Bowl ruined by then!!
John Benson So the Minnesota bus drivers want to take a knee during the Super Bowl. LOL
Roger Sirbaugh Don't bother me a bit , will be the first Super Bowl I won't see since they began. Done with it.
Karla Charette #BoycottNFL bunch of spoiled rich good for nothing scammers.

They'd had it too easy while he was gone.

Trump's 1st Move After Returning to US: Tell Off CNN in Front of Entire Country

Upon his return from his trip to Asia, President Donald Trump wasted no time doing what might be one of his favorite things to do — calling out CNN in front of the whole country. On Twitter, the president wrote that while he was in the Philippines, he watched CNN, and realized just how fake…

2.3k reactions 91 comments
Judy Foust Wicker I totally agree that Fox News is the only station where you get unbiased news.
Sal Waggoner Libs pay millions to keep c n n flushing but the poop never goes down.
Vickie Bragg Oh DO IT AGAIN! It wonderful when CNN gets taught a lesson.
Joe Irby Ok, that’s good, but did I really need to sit through a 1:15 commercial before I could watch your :40 video?

Geez. What isn't?

After Rioting for Police Body Cams, Liberals Now Say They
After Rioting for Police Body Cams, Liberals Now Say They're Racist

After rioting in the streets, demanding that police wear body cameras, liberals are now saying that body cameras are racist and can alter a police officer’s memory. According to a new study by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights called “The Illusion of Accuracy: How Body-Worn Camera…

2.7k reactions 383 comments
Dianne Cardenas Everything is racist, didn’t you know that? Even when it’s something they initiate, (well actually, especially when they initiate it), it’s racist. What further evidence do people need to realize that being a liberal is equivalent to being mentally ill?
Cindy Tappan Anderson This whole articles is absurd and complete BS. We've known for years eye witnesses and "memory" are unreliable
Allen Gregory There's more flip flopping with liberals than in an IHOP. I wonder if the real reason is because body cams actually record thugs and criminals being thugs and criminals leaving no wiggle room for "he said/she said" arguments.
Cathy Bernice Everything is racist with these fools. It is getting old and tiresome. Body cams tell the truth and we know how liberals hate the truth.
Ken Graves What they really mean is that they can't cry that they were wronged or abused by the officer when the whole interaction is on tape. When there is no evidence, someone can accuse the officer of whatever they want.

Gulp. Can you imagine being her?

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VM Freebird No... saddens me.
Paulette Tarabrella he stabbed someone and the judge let him out on bail wtf and they knew he had guns and they didn't go to his home and confiscate them wtf??
Leonard Anderson Must be in the air.....or the water...people are going crazier than ever...and that is my opinion...not SPAM you idiots....
Valerie Smith I hate the news Herman. Depressing. Time to start creating a news channel with only good news
Connie Latham What happened to the Las Vegas shooter investigation? It has dropped completely out of the news.

Do you know the real story behind this?

Mattel Honors Anti-Israel Olympian by Creating a Hijab-Wearing Barbie
Mattel Honors Anti-Israel Olympian by Creating a Hijab-Wearing Barbie

Ibtihaj is an inspiration to countless girls who never saw themselves represented.

732 reactions 304 comments
Christy Stevenson Sipes Well, lets see.. did Mattel REALLY NEED to develop a Hijaab wearing Barbie?? Doesnt this fky in thevface of all Barbie is supposed to be??? Sexy, independant, doing it on her own????
John M Sisk So far as I know she was a American Olympian who wore a ethno-traditional garment while competing. Mattel chose to honor her with a doll showing her in that garb; not a controversy.
Kevin Beeler So, a muslim woman wearing the hijab (in order to show modesty), while at the same time, having the entire contents of the Mabeline counter on her face is ok? I’m no expert, but I don’t think it is...
Delores Sultzer Buck Hijab should be against the law to wear in United States!! This is part of the sharia law that we do not embrace here in our country.
Diane Brown Good bye Mattel, I'll NEVER purchase another toy for my family and friends again from you!!! Political suggestions are lost on children who simply want to play. So targeting me as a consumer, who's purchased toys over the last 50 years, this has gone ...

The margin was 227-205. This is an important first step. But we do have some Republicans who wouldn't get on board.

House passes tax reform; most New York and New Jersey Republicans vote no
House passes tax reform; most New York and New Jersey Republicans vote no

All politics is local. The House just passed what it calls the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. All the yes votes came from Republicans. In addition to all the Democrats, at least 13 Republicans vote

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John Nyman If they're supposedly so concerned about the SALT issue, then why don't they work on reforms in their home states?!
Dick Clark What makes these morons think that all of America should subsidize their liberal tax havens?? Even the republican from those areas, like King are BRAIN DEAD!
Paula Sturgess Of course not you see how much you are taxed there! And yet their infrastructure is a mess, what do they do with all of the tax money they collect from people? I for one think the property taxes there are insane, I don't know how people can afford to ...
LaVon Walker No way will any "income tax reform bill" be passed and no solutions to the Obamacare mess that is financially in the toilet ! Voters & Middle Class & Working Class are being "financially screwed"!
Tom Kratochvil Democrats in California, New York, and Illinois have raised the taxes on their constituents over and over again, banking that a federal tax deduction would ease the pain on the state’s citizens. However, states that don’t over tax their residents do ...

What a good idea this turned out to be. :)

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Bruce Krygowski I like Public Broadcasting System for opera and classical music, and a Prairie Home Companion. When it becomes political, it is nothing more than leftist pulp, and it debases itself severely. Taxpayers have no interest in subsidizing one party’s ...
Suzanne Serratore I guess they haven't given out much awards that they chose the most crooked woman of the year and holds the decades long running title.!!! She is a disgrace to womanhood.
Paul Lambert Sorry but I like PBS because of their different programing. I hope they will improve their programing because their news and reporters lean left. Wish they would reflect American ideals and leave the liberal left leaning reports and comments. Listen to ...
Rj Hubbard-Gillespie She is a criminal and deserves no acknowledgement as being a hero! She lies, cheats, murders and aids our enemies! Wake up liberals! She is NOT what real Americans deem worthy of praise!
Amber Lenore Weaver She is a horrible example of a woman. She's lost every shred of her dignity during her attempt to claw to the top...

Pray, everybody.

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Valori Cralley November 14th.....
Barry McCollum Take down this post Herman! Behind the times
Leesa Smith King Not new, did not happen today.
Bill Pike Three days ago.
Michael Daniels Gun control seems to really work huh?

Who exactly does he think has power over the climate?

Noted climate scientist who sometimes claims to speak for God called global warming skeptics
Noted climate scientist who sometimes claims to speak for God called global warming skeptics 'perverse'

Apparently it never occurred to him that God is sovereign over the climate. This is the sort of thing that ultimately drove me to Protestantism, which I say with complete affection for my many Cath

767 reactions 327 comments
Pat Baker I just wish this socialist Pope would just keep his mouth shut. He is aloways going against God and the Bible. He should have never been elected. God is in control of everthing and will be until the end of time.
Ma Eden Ok, Pope Francis. Not being sarcastic or whatever, don’t you think it’s time to use the power of prayer to avert whatever is yet to come? There’s a lot of suffering already be it man-made or by Nature. Pls,on behalf of mankind, talk to God.🙏🏼
Aric Sanders For people interested in a NON fear mongering view of our weather i suggest Suspicious Observers. They have a great daily forcast of both Earthly and Solar weather and always covering the changing face of the "consensus".
Gordon Calmeyer The Pope PBUH has perverse logic, stick with the Bible you are supposed to be the vicariously of Christ not of the climate change frauds
William Coe He was a radical priest preaching communism in South America and now he's a communist mouth piece for the world. The catholic church is such a farce.

Before you write the picture off as "just a joke," you should read her story. It's not just the picture, folks. When will liberals denounce Al Franken? When will they demand Al Franken step down?

7.3k reactions 1070 comments
Mary Jo Hood I hope all those weasels making accusations against conservatives are held accountable for their own sick assaults on women.
Sherry Holcomb I honestly watched channel 2 news tonight, who briefly mentioned the Al Franken incident that Leann Tweeden came out with publicly today along with photos he actually took, and it literally changed over to the Roy Moore incidents and his allegations. ...
Robert Gobar Franken was a mediocre Comic, who decided to try Politics. The Libtard Left voted for him, for some stupid reasons I suppose. He's one of them. They see him as their normal, just like Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein, along with the rest of their Asylum.
Paolo A. Belzoni They won't because there's a complete double-standard. Actual incidents involving Democrats are meaningless and the media laughs at them. Unsubstantiated accusations against conservatives are enough to ruin his/her career. It's all about politics and ...
Jinnee T Parr I don’t care how tired you are… Unless you’re on drugs, there’s no way anybody could grope me and me not know it. I cannot stand Al Franken. But it is hard for me to believe you can be groped and not know it. That’s got to be a hard sleep.

Hillary still thinks she's above the law....

Hillary: Investigating me would be a symptom of a
Hillary: Investigating me would be a symptom of a 'dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime'

She just doesn't get it. If there's one thing the Clintons have always been able to count on, it's that they're above the law. The rules that apply to the little people Hillar

3.8k reactions 1382 comments
Sandy Adams she HAS been above the law for years will be hard for her to believe otherwise as it is for me also...believe it when I really see it
Rachael Riner She must be working on an insanity plea, what an insult to our intelligence? She sucks her books sucks all she does is lie and make up the dumbest bullsh*** so incompetent and to think she thought she was so entitled to be President, wonder if the ...
Gene Lee Investigating Hillary would be a symptom of a legal system working as it should...showing no favoritism to the wealthy!!!!
Edward Garland 🤣🤣🤣What’s truly sad and pathetic is that millions of otherwise intelligent Citizens STILL believe a single, solitary word Hillary Clinton says and her many accomplices in the Lyin’ Lib Chorus repeat. Because they’re “smart” and they “care.” 🙄 Truth is ...
Maddie Craft Hawley If I had the power to investigate her, I'd grab onto her like a shark. I wouldn't stop til I committed suicide by 2 shots in the back of my head.

The Hammer will be pounding again soon.

Charles Krauthammer Releases Statement About His Future Following Surgery
Charles Krauthammer Releases Statement About His Future Following Surgery

I am still recovering from major surgery 12 weeks ago.

743 reactions 53 comments
Elizabeth Turner God speed Sir Charles
Thomas Methot Can't wait for his return.
Joe Lawrence Pounding what is the question
Mary Romero Lantis We will be glad when you are back..
Steve McDowell Hope he gets well but he is a Liberal... Some say ex?

VIDEO: That's right, friends, you're not dealing with weaklings Obama and Kerry any longer.

Trump on return from Asia:
Trump on return from Asia: 'The days of the United States of America being taken advantage of are over'

Fair and reciprocal trade is the new standard. I don't like protectionist trade policies, and when Donald Trump sounds like a protectionist, I feel least positive about having voted for him.

1.7k reactions 47 comments
Chris Soule Until the morons of the country elect another liberal president
Alex Wilson Feels good to have a president again
Linda Lou Garcia-wall A fearless POTUS who keeps on defending The USA & his Citizens.
Janice Elaine Murray Payung I am so thankful for this man!!
James Harris Nor the hamburgaler either. Hillary rooodham.

I guess CNN forgot to cover this. We'll just remind them.

Liberal Arrested After Promising Anti-Trump Mass Shooting
Liberal Arrested After Promising Anti-Trump Mass Shooting

It’s starting to look like a trend: Yet another unhinged leftist has promoted violence against conservatives. Earlier this month, a California man was arrested and a cache of weapons was seized after he posted several bizarre videos bashing President Donald Trump, and suggesting that people should g...

5.4k reactions 373 comments
Detra Borner Plenty more nut cases like him out there being fed hate by the media. A media that uses people like this to promote gun control.
Bill Garness It's always liberals... We need to take guns away from liberals... They should support that because they want gun control and stop mass shootings.
Luis Montilla Not surprised lol, theyve completely lost it, theyre sui/homicidal because reality has set in. Theyre not verbalizing it but theyre seeing that Don not only will not be removed BUT will instead be the lib's pres until 2024 and they cant process it 😂😅😀😃😆
John Thomas This guy might have gone on a murder spree, we can’t afford to take any more chances. Look at this dude, he is one goofy looking dude if I ever saw one.
Toni Donahue las vegas, orlando, san bernadino, nyc, all mass shooters, all registered democrats, and all were claimed by ISIS....and the left instantly called for gun control right after shooting us all up.... that would be convenient, now wouldn't it.

From the "Everything Is Wrong With This Story" file:

Trans Woman Learns Hard Lesson, Hollywood Libs Hate the MAGA Hat
Trans Woman Learns Hard Lesson, Hollywood Libs Hate the MAGA Hat

The liberal left has made it abundantly clear over the past few years that transgender people are at the top of their hierarchy of oppression, and must be at all times defended and protected against those who would lash out at them. Women, who used to occupy the top spot, have slipped a bit in the…

746 reactions 91 comments
Gordon Calmeyer Always carry your tazer with you and taze them
John Sands Liberals...the most dangerous hate group in America
Tanya Wolf So much for the whole "Love trumps hate" huh.. again..
Meg Cranford This man learned a lesson ok?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 it's a man!
Cait Grigsby Ok I have a problem with your description of the video. Her name is Blair White. She is very outspoken in her views that I’m sure all Trump supporters would agree with. I urge everyone to look her up. She makes a lot of sense and she is by far way more ...

We thought of some things to say too, but none better than this.

Mike Huckabee Destroys Colin Kaepernick After GQ Made Him "Citizen of the Year"
Mike Huckabee Destroys Colin Kaepernick After GQ Made Him "Citizen of the Year"

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had the perfect comeback for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick after learning that GQ magazine named the unemployed football player “Citizen of the Year.” In a post to Twitter, the former Republican presidential nominee was quick to point out that the honor w...

2.6k reactions 116 comments
Lindy Stearns Carroll So stupid! Shows how warped this mag is.
Brenda Payne I thought GQ was out of business. Who cares!
Janice Poirier All these awards and nominations are a complete joke😠
Katherine Gascon Weaver What the heck is wrong with GQ? Evidently an unpatriotic publication! Hmmm BOYCOTT THEM!!!!
Angela Silvia Jimenez Barefoot I nominate him for MONKEY of the year!

You lose, atheists. Today and for all eternity.

400 Students Take Matters Into Own Hands After Atheists Tell Coach Not to Pray
400 Students Take Matters Into Own Hands After Atheists Tell Coach Not to Pray

When the atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to Georgia’s East Coweta High School warning them that a tradition of coaches leading or participating in prayer with student athletes was impermissible, they probably thought they had already won the battle. In a way, they did: T...

7.8k reactions 202 comments
Lisa Henderson So they can praise and promote the disrespectful kneeling and twist the 1st Amendment but heaven forbid you should pray!
Freddy Denstel if the NFL players have this big of a voice,, then we need to see more movement like this also,, take a stand for RIGHTINESS
Gary A. VanRiper Outstanding - Atheist to me is not a Religion - I wish it was because it OFFENDS me, and want them to STOP pushing their idea down my family's & my throats
Rose Nave If no one would believe there’s no God look all around you the Earth Stars faces of your children what more else do these people need Peace
Flora Corbin This school is close to where I lived in Georgia. I know a lot of the kids and teachers at this school. Great school keep up the good work.

In fairness to Uncle Joe, he has other ways he likes to use his hands.

As Biden Sat in Tent on Vets Day, Pence Grabbed Supplies and Cleaned Memorial
As Biden Sat in Tent on Vets Day, Pence Grabbed Supplies and Cleaned Memorial

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, joined volunteer groups on Veterans Day and helped wash the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. The Pences joined Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and a number of volunteers on Saturday cleaning the face of the 247-foot wall, which is engraved with th...

5.7k reactions 195 comments
Serena Gar Thus we see the difference in a real man (Pence) and a sniveling pervert (Biden).
Karen Britt Hardin You know it but not a word will be said!
Richard Jones Joey...put your hands on the memorial and keep them off the little girls.
Colleen Beaupre That image of the VP washing that wall makes me cry. What thoughts must go through ones mind...
Bogdan Udubasa Well the Vietnam memorial is too flat for him

That Vlad, such a helpful guy.

Comrades: Russians try to rescue collapsing Venezuela by restructuring $3.15 billion in debt
Comrades: Russians try to rescue collapsing Venezuela by restructuring $3.15 billion in debt

It doesn't change how fundamentally bad the situation is, but it buys the socialist Maduro regime some time to try to stave off default. What kind of communist would you be if you didn't he

160 reactions 36 comments
James Allison Crash and burn
Richard Jones Lost cause...they're done.
Shari Hulshof Birds of a feather......
Shirley Fraser Todd Sure!! Snowflakes need to move there.
Pam Bess Osicka Wants that oil!! Yeah!!

One of the swamp's worst creatures quit today. This is good news, and it could lead to even better news if Donald J. Trump takes advantage of the opportunity it creates.

Obama's favorite abuser of deep state power quits agency Elizabeth Warren created

Trump should have fired him months ago, but what he can do now is dismantle the awful CFPB. You've been hearing from the media all day that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a he

3.0k reactions 111 comments
Esther Whatley Good news and President Trump should dismantle this worthless agency.
Tammie Hartmann One of Satan’s children gone but we have a lot more to go!!
Tonya Hanson Fusco This is great news. "...And do not for one second believe the media spin about what a hero Cordray supposedly was to consumers. Cordray may have been a hero to self-proclaimed consumer advocacy groups tied to trial lawyers, but he did nothing for ...
Mary Clark Good, shut it down and go after Warren too!
Stephen Danson Another win! Are we tired of winning yet? Nope keep it coming

This is how you do Veterans Day.

Applebee's Manager Approaches Veteran's Table, Says $300 Bill Has Been Paid For

For serving and protecting our nation, military service members are definitely deserving of these small acts of kindness.

1.1k reactions 15 comments
Fred DesCombes Awesome !!!!!!!!
Richard Burnworth Awesome
Lynn Jackson Harrell Thank you!
Bob Berry Way to go
Max Miller Congrats

So sad, and yet this was such a wonderful thing they did.

Texas Church Reopens Doors as Memorial Site to Victims after Mass Shooting
Texas Church Reopens Doors as Memorial Site to Victims after Mass Shooting

A construction team of 30 people spent 72 hours to make sure the building looked nothing like a crime scene anymore.

1.1k reactions 18 comments
Rebecca Rice 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jean Cox Kohut 💔💔
Dwight Porter God bless all✝️
Sharon Makoski Eggert heartbreakingly beautiful
Linda C. Jones Beautiful!

Seriously? This is what they're focused on? We weep for the future....

College snowflakes outraged over appropriation and racism found in ...Steve Martin
College snowflakes outraged over appropriation and racism found in ...Steve Martin's 1978 'King Tut' song?

Got a grievance made a stone-a We write a lot about how liberal college kids are desperately searching for something to be outraged about. Without that constant sense of self-righteous superiority,

3.9k reactions 879 comments
James R. Braddy Loved the song and Martian’s acting. Tell these crybabies searching for meaning to get a job, get a life , or just go away.....far away.
Karen Stowe Rusk If we stop giving them attention over this, they’ll stop. But right now, the 15 minutes of fame is worth the embarrassment...
Roger Jackson I wonder if any of these protesters were wearing sneakers, not something I envision coming from Africa. Do they ever eat Pizza, not Italians. Drive cars, none I know of developed in Africa. Mac and Cheese, KFC, Taco Bell. You get the point? For God sake ...
David Carroll What is the difference in Martin performing as an Egyptian, and the cast of Jefferson performing as white founding fathers?
Pat Stewart Cultural appropriation is that woman passing for black when she wasn't. A better word for that was fraud. It is obvious that some people have way too much time on their hands. When I was in college, I had to work 2 jobs - no time for nonsense.

So it would appear.

Bryan Cranston: Kevin Spacey ‘Not a Very Good Person’
Bryan Cranston: Kevin Spacey ‘Not a Very Good Person’

The pillars of what was are falling. Everything is being exposed.

446 reactions 65 comments
Clay Matthew Layton Yanno, now I don't feel so bad about his character getting murdered in L.A. Confidential.
Denise Howard Well there’s an understatement!
Jason C Mathews Spacey graduated top of his class from al Franken university
Yvonne Williams The Bible said this would happen but folks didn't believe it would happen like this.
Chuck McBrayer Lol so this is supposed to be new news? Anyone who has ever watched him knows he is

Why bother having an election? We'll all be dead inside of four days anyway.

2.2k reactions 258 comments
Jackie Portz Is there no one in their party with at least half a brain?
Jackqiueeliynee Poston and we thought we had smart DEM people in government...pedophiles, tax evaders, murderers, traitors...dss
Melanie Philip Best he state what his intentions are prior to running and we can all do the math on the reasons why he won't win. It will save time if all Democrats would do the same.
Judith Rodrigue-Johnson Remember when the libs were making fun of 19 candidates on the GOP side? How many have come out saying they may be a candidate on the dem side in 2020? Like a THOUSAND?LOLOLOL
Sandra Adams I want to see these guns who are able to rule the world.It takes a fool to make a statement like that. People are the problem not guns knives or fertilizer.Wake up America !

Oh no! Bowl Cut Jr. doesn't like being called a fatty!

North Korea sentences Trump to death ...for calling Kim Jong Un
North Korea sentences Trump to death ...for calling Kim Jong Un 'fat'

He 'maligned the dignity' of Bowl Cut Jr. &nbs

3.9k reactions 1196 comments
Katie Atases Dewalt Margaret N. Herman - We love our POTUS, Maggie! But we don't like Lib-ish Trollers...so you had better pop a RED PILL asap, or you're going down with the rest of the Lunatic Left.
Kevin Froggatte Fat Cut your demigod statues means nothing to us in the U.S.A. your just a spoiled little boy who was handed a sand pile to call your own .
Deb Dearth-Kirkendall Starves his nation as he eats like pig at a trough
Linda Fredrickson All of Kim's mirrors are those carnival ones that distort the true image. If he was naked, all his minions would say he was dressed very well.
Ray Munoz Like that will ever happen! With our excellent gun laws courtesy of the association of NRA there is no one more locked and loaded fatso! And our border wall is super impenetrable to you illegals! Contrary to what you might have heard no entry from the ...

All so they can claim the tax cuts are (mostly) "paid for." Hey, GOP, say it with me: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO "PAY" FOR TAX CUTS!!!!

Revised Senate tax plan: Most corporate tax cuts permanent - virtually ALL individual tax cuts temporary
Revised Senate tax plan: Most corporate tax cuts permanent - virtually ALL individual tax cuts temporary

Cowards playing the Democrats' game. Yesterday, I discussed how the GOP was playing "small ball" when it came to tax cuts. There's no discussion of flat taxes, fair taxes, 9-9-9 p

1.1k reactions 262 comments
Kevin McMillin I say cut their spending. The rest of us have to live within our budgets. When I still lived in Reno, Nevada our resident Secret Service agent drove a $90,000 dollar Land Rover for his government ride. Most the FBI and ATF agents had $70,000 ...
Eric Ball This is the garbage leadership being exhibited by people who claim to be at least somewhat conservative. Smh. The elitist mindset that this is “their money” is foundationally wrong. This is where change must begin. Govt can develop an atmosphere ...
Thomas Collins With all the democrat complaining about tax breaks for corporations, the one thing that would make them even more hysterical would be to suggest that the personal income tax be eliminated, and that corporations pay ALL the taxes. You'd think listening ...
BJ Davis McCain needs to be removed. His bitterness and hate make him an enemy of the State. He works for himself and his croonies not his state voters.
Thomas Overton I said this yesterday, neither of these plans is worth the time and effort being put forth and both are a major disaster. Swiss-cheese doesn't have as many holes as these creepy bills have. Just look at the faces in this picture and you'll figure out ...

It's nice to finally have a president who respects what these people have given us.

Vietnam War Vet Breaks Down and Cries in Touching Moment With President Trump
Vietnam War Vet Breaks Down and Cries in Touching Moment With President Trump

President Donald Trump has been touring Asia for several days during his first trip to the region as president. On Saturday, Trump gave an important speech in Da Nang, Vietnam. Trump’s speech, commemorating Veterans Day, honored our nation’s great veterans. Trump also signed a proclamation, “Commemo...

1.6k reactions 24 comments
Cindy Loraas Dan Fuka
Barbara Hall Finally an American President
Jackqiueeliynee Poston very touching
Chris Wayne Tritt My president and my hero hug
MacDonald Sharon ❤️💕❤️
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